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Visit Peter North DVD

Peter North DVD

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Some very attractive models
-OK to nice quality video clips
-Nice sized thumbnail screenshots that clearly show the action for each video clip
-Thumbnails also clearly show the model(s) in each video clip
-No download limits
-large number of video clips
-no automatic timer cutoff from site
Cons: -watermark: slightly bigger than needed, in bottom right corner of vids
-search engine is pretty basic:
--can only search by 1 of 4 factors: DVD title;category(eg, anal, blowjob);series(from the studio);model name
--there are much more selective search engines at other sites that will search on a combination of factors, and by much more specific factors than the search engine here
-many of the clips have an "intro" section where it sets up the sex action to follow. They are trying to make the clips more than just a straight sex clip, but these are basically
straight sex clips with a tiny story and acting that is really amateurish.
Bottom Line: This site is part of the netFameSolutions network.
Membership in any one site includes access to 19 different sites:
-over 1500 movies
-over 500 full DVDs
-some exclusive content
-daily updates
video specs (approximate, can vary from clip to clip)
bit rate: 2148
dimensions: 720x480
That is ok to good video quality, but not hi-definition quality some PU members want
But the videos are professionally shot: mainly ok to good focus, good editing, ok to good colors for skin of models and sets (except where they get fancy and try for special effects thru color); acting is porno standard amateur acting, but fewer fake moans and groans of passion than many porn clips but still overdone, soundtrack music less jarring than many porn clips but does not add to the clip value
PeterNorth.com and PeterNorthDVD.com are both sites in the same netFameSolutions network.
It appears that the main reason for 2 peter north sites instead of 1 is a marketing decision, because both sites appear to be essentially the same.
Most of the the DVD material of both sites appears to be the same clips.
Both sites have the same site design: same search engine, same way of presenting the different DVD clips, same Guestbook, same Ask A Question, same other features as well.
PeterNorth.com number of movies 2010;number of DVDs 325
PeterNorthDVD.com number of movies 1858;number of DVDs 313
A nice addition to each of the Peter North sites would be a complete model listing where they show a nice-sized thumbnail of each model, with the video clips that feature her, with the basic clip data for each: size(MB) and length of time.
For the network as a whole (all 19 sites), I am giving the network a score of 87. There is a wide variety of niches to see at the different sites, with a large number of attractive models in nicely-shot video clips.
For the PeterNorthDVD.com site by itself, I can't really assign a specific value, because most of the value comes from the network of 19 sites, and not this specific site by itself.

07-08-09  08:12pm

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Visit White Ghetto

White Ghetto

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -no DRM
-no download limits
-search engine: can search by movie title, category, series, or model
-visual quality of the videos is ok to good
-advertises exclusive content
-updates each day with one video scene/clip
-White Ghetto niches:
--curry (models are supposed to be Indians from India)

The site also has videos of older men with young women, lesbians, heavy MILFs, heavy models, older women (I think of MILFs as women in their 30s or 40s, but this site has videos of women in their 50s+), etc.
Cons: -Files download as WMV files only, no other format available
-Personal taste varies, but the models that are supposed to be from India, are not attractive. I've seen gorgeous Indian models, but these models are not good-looking.
-The same for the transsex models: they are mainly on the plain-to-less-than-plain side of looks.
-Actually, I looked at vid caps of every single model at the site, and I did not find a single model that I thought really attractive. The best that could be said for any of them is that some of them are OK looking.
-I did not download a single video clip from this site.
-That is my personal taste. Maybe other PU members might find some of the models attractive, or the action interesting or exciting or whatever.
Bottom Line: White Ghetto is part of the netFameSolutions network of 19 sites. Access to any one site gives you access to all 19 sites. The PU/TBP special price is $14.95/month recurring, which is a nice discount from the $29.95/month recurring regular price. The network has some very nice sites, some sites that have less value, and some sites that have very little value.

"White Ghetto Films was built on one principle; give the fans what they want!" That is a nice idea, but what this site serves is not my cup of tea.
This site is built on non-glamor models, non-glamor sex. If you like a little kink in your sex (like squirting or transsexual) or favor plain-looking models or heavy models or older models, you might enjoy some of the videos at this site.

I'm giving this site a score of 87 for its network value. As a stand-alone site, this site personally has zero value for me. But tastes vary. Some PU members might find it worthwhile to visit.

07-06-09  02:38am

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Visit Cumshot Oasis

Cumshot Oasis

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -This site focuses entirely on facials: girl gives blowjob, guy finishes off shooting onto her face.
-There are a large number of video clips of this content. Currently 822 clips.
-easy logon to site
-no timer cutoff from site
-no DRM
-no download limits
-video clips are short, most from 4-10 minutes
-video clips are ok to nice quality
-sample specs for video clips:
--bit rate: 2115
--dimensions: 720x480
Cons: -Very basic navigation
-What information do they give in the clip listing?:
--sometimes model in clip is listed, sometimes not
--size of clip (MB) is listed
--number of vid caps illustrating clip is listed

That's all the information you get. To search thru these clips, you have to look at the vid caps, or play clip itself

-Do not give title of clip (what porno DVD title clip came from or the scene #)
-Do not give length of clip (playtime for the clip)
-Many times, do not give name of model in the clip
-No date for when clip was made

-Some PU members want high-quality video. Don't get that here.
-No search engine to navigate site
Bottom Line: CONS (continued):
-can not search by name of model, or any other factor. Have to visually look thru the clips, which have 6 sample screen caps each. If you want to examine clip more closely to see if it's worthwhile, then can click thru to examine the additional screen caps, or click thru to see the clip streaming. But to see the click streaming, takes 2 mouse clicks; need 2 mouse clicks to see the additional screen caps. A lot of work and time and effort to try to examine the site contents of short-length video clips.

-It is difficult to organize downloaded clips on your PC because of lack of DVD title and scene #, and for many clips, lack of model name. Most of these clips are short, many about 4-10 minutes, so they are only partial scenes, unlike most DVD clips from other sites which are entire scenes usually lasting approximately 16 minutes.

-A lot of attractive female models, late teens or early 20s, very little tatoos, very little piercings
-the male models that appear with the females are usually nice-looking guys in their late teens or 20s, usually clean-cut.

This is part of the netFameSolutions network, where you get 19 sites for 1 membership price.
There are some member sites that might be worth joining as a stand-alone site:

You get the really nice sites, and the other sites can be considered bonus material, when you join the network.

This site focuses almost entirely on the blowjob that ends in a facial. Even though there are plenty of young, attractive models in the video clips, the action gets repetitious after a while. Personally, I would really enjoy a little variety in the action. Add a nice search engine, add a listing for each clip that includes the name of the model, the DVD title and scene # the clip came from, the time length of the video clip, the date the clip was made, and the site would be much easier to use.

Giving the site a score of 87 for the value of the network. As a solo site, in spite of a large number of short clips that are ok-to-nice quality, with nice-looking models, there's too much work involved in trying to organize or view the clips in a non-random way. As a solo site this would score in the 50s.

07-05-09  10:41pm

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Visit Peter North

Peter North

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: advertises
-tons of DVDs
-some exclusive content
-unlimited downloads
-no DRM
-male porn star who was born for porn. Although a lot of his ability to cum so much is due to genetics, Peter North has worked with doctors to develop a new male enhancement product called Virilix. This is the first porn paysite that I've found that will allow me to increase my ejaculation volume. By studying the cum shots on the peternorth.com site, and taking his Virilix product religiously, fellow PU members will be able to shoot across the room (and hit the opposite wall?) to impress their foxy chicks.
Peter North writes in the style of the old-time barkers in a carnival sideshow. :)
-Peter North also has a FAQ sheet that gives tips on getting girls: "Just be yourself and don't try too hard and don't talk about yourself too much. Also, try to have a sense of humor and don't be intimidated. A girl likes a guy with confidence, but not too much confidence, that he comes across cocky."
Cons: PROS (continued):
-Site has a journal section of the life of this legendary porn star. Shows exciting pictures of Peter North with lots of beautiful women at different sites and events. The heads of many of the women (and some men) are blurred out. But the journal shows that Peter North lives a life of glamor and excitement and meets many beautiful women.
-There are pictures of Peter North's F430 Ferrari, that will thrill any PU member who gets
to see this expensive automobile. "One of the cars I own is the F430 Ferrari which just happens to be my favorite car so of course I had to have it. You probably noticed that I definitely have a passion for cars."
-There are also pics of Peter's Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG that he had modified into a 750+ horsepower beast with high performance brakes.
-You can submit email questions to Peter North. Supposedly, he personally will answer questions every week.
-There is a "guestbook", where adoring fans can leave messages stating their love
Bottom Line: PROS (continued):
and admiration for the fabulous porn star Peter North. Some of the love messages from female fans are quite explicit.
-A membership to PeterNorth.com means you can skip your Playboy fees, and concentrate on adoring this real cocksman who has glamor, style, and an incredible body with the parts and endurance of a superman and the mind-set of a Hollywood hooker.
-Whitney Houston sings, "The greatest love of all is self-love". Peter North discovered this for himself long before he heard Whitney sing about it.

-This is a site for Peter North fans. If you aren't a Peter North fan, some of the written material about this guy's self-promotion might make you gag a little.
-The TBP girls seem to be true Peter North fans. Both TBP female reviewers, Vanessa and Maggie, mention as a negative factor in their reviews that some videos don't feature Peter North. Given the large number of video clips on this site, I personally don't need to see every video featuring this porn star. I am far more interested in the female models than in Peter North.
-TBP reviewer Vanessa wrote in her 10-15-2008 review that Peter's live chat is coming soon. The site itself has a popup baloon that Peter's live chat is coming soon. But it's now July 5, 2009, and the live chat is still "coming soon". So don't hold your breath.
-Search and navigation are basic. Could be easier. This is true for all sites of this network. A simple model index, with a nice-sized thumbnail of each model, alongside a listing of her video clips, would make navigation/search a lot easier.
-Navigation is basic. Would be nice if you could search the DVD clips more easily.
video quality is ok, not high definition:
sample video specs:
bit rate: 2212 kbps
dimensions: 720x480

This is part of the netFameSolutions network, where you get 19 sites for 1 membership price.
The special monthly price of $14.95 offered thru PU/TBP is very attractive for someone who does not have an extensive porn DVD background. The clips at the different sites are mainly good quality, professionally shot DVD porn clips. These are not high quality videos that some PU members want, but ok-to-good quality video clips. There is a very limited amount of photosets available thru this network. The relatively few photosets are ok quality, not high-quality. Most of the photos available are video caps that serve to give you an idea of the action of each video clip.
The video clips at PeterNorth.com and the other sites are straight sex clips, with little to no plot.
There is a large amount of content at the network: over 500 DVDs. Network offers different
niches: teen, lesbian, MILF, Indian, hairy models, granny, individual models (Silvia Saint, Tera Patrick), etc.
Peter North does get a lot of attractive models in his video clips.
I'm giving this site an 87 rating because of the network value. Most of the value is due to the network, and not this single site.

07-05-09  12:26pm

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Visit Silvia Saint

Silvia Saint

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -This is one of the few sites in the network that has photosets worth looking at.
-Quality of the photosets not up to hi-quality standards of sites like met-art or femjoy, but these are decent photosets that a fan of silvia saint would probably enjoy.
-Has solo photosets of Silvia Saint, also girl-girl photosets with Silvia Saint, a few sets where there is a guy in the set, but the guy is an afterthought, almost like a dildo
-Uses toys (dildo) in the girl-girl photosets (depending on personal taste, that might be a pro or a con)
-updates: a new video scene every 3 days
-silvia saint is very attractive: great face, great body
-video clips try to add a little story to the sex, but plot is minimal, this is a straight sex clip. The acting is amateur
-video quality is, for newer DVD clips, just ok. Some PU members want high-quality video clips, which you won't get here
-specs for newer DVDs:
-bitrate 2115 kbps
-dimensions 720x480
Cons: PROS (continued):
-easy login. Username and password required. Don't usually require secret word. If a secret word is required, it is easily read, not heavily distorted like some sites that make a real guessing game what the secret word is supposed to be
-no inactivity timeout from site
-updates: every 1-4 days. Very irregular update schedule, but this is part of a nice network, and for a single site as part of a large network, this site is updated with a video scene or photoshoot once every 1-4 days, which is nice.
-clips download as choice of small or big size in one format, WMV
-Network access allows access to 19 sites (this is for network, of which this site is part of):
-1500 movies
-more than 500 full DVDs
-exclusive content
-unlimited download
-updated every day
-DRM: no

-no zips for the photosets
Bottom Line: CONS (continued):
-clips download as WMV files, no other format
-1 size for the photosets, don't have a choice of low, medium and high resolution photos
-watermark. yes. size of watermark: larger than necessary. Placed in bottom right corner
-date video clip made not posted. Many of the video clips were made years ago, but there
is no date posted for when the video clip was made
-older clips can be lower quality, somewhat blurry, out of focus (Sorry, Denner, I see why you are complaining about the video quality of some clips)
-viewing can be a problem even for some of the newly posted video clips, This is the first site of the network where I had a real problem watching some clips. The clip might be slightly out of focus, or worse, and I could feel real eye-strain, almost like my eyes wanted to get cross-eyed, or like I was slightly drunk. I'm not making a joke.
One clip like this is:
titled: "Private Penthouse Greatest Moments #01 Scene: #3"
Posted to site: 2009-06-23

-The main attraction of this site is Silvia Saint, a porn star with a lovely face and lovely body. Not a great actress. Born on February 12, 1976, in Czechoslovakia. She was Penthouse Pet of the Year in 1996 (Czech edition).
-I don't know if she is making any new porn films. She announced her retirement from porn on March 19, 2001, but continued to make girl-girl scenes after 2001.
-For her fans, this is a solid site, with a lot of Silvia Saint material: DVDs and photosets. DVD clips are not high quality, but mainly watchable. Photos are not high quality, but OK to look at, with Silvia in solo and girl-girl sets. I wish the DVD quality was better visually. Wish the photos were higher quality. Wish the DVDs and photos were dated as to when they were actually made. Would really be nice if you could look at the DVDs and photos and sort them by date made
-Navigation is ok, could be improved. Should be easier to scan/glance thru the DVDs and photosets on offer here
-My understanding is that the updates of Silvia Saint video clips are from old DVD material, that there is no new Silvia Saint DVD material being made
-As part of a nice network, I regard this site as bonus material. Give the site 87 for value of the network, not the site itself. I liked Devilsfilm and SilverstoneDVD sites of this network much better

07-03-09  07:23pm

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Visit Silverstone DVD

Silverstone DVD

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -For those looking for variety from European teens, this network offers a number of Brazilian models at SilverstoneDVD, as well as Indian models at Curry Creampie, plus other ethnic types.
-Updates: 1 scene/clip every 5 days
-Watermark. Fairly small, bottom right corner (could be smaller, but somewhat unobtrusive)
-Choice of 2 file sizes for download, small and big
-Can download clip or watch it streaming
-Screen caps give good idea of video clip, but useless as picture to enjoy
-DRM: none
-Download limits: none
-Easy log-on. Usually no secret word to guess, when there is a secret word, it is easily visible
-No automatic timer cutoff from site, even when you are inactive
Cons: -Search engine at silverstonedvd could be a lot better.
-Clips download as WMV files, no other download choices
-There is a page where they show a number of nice-sized thumbnails of some of the models. This is the "models" page in the preview. It would be great if they could show all the models at the site, and not just a few (20 models shown on that page). There is no "models page" inside in the members area to show you what the models look like.
-Stats: people like to know how many models are featured at the site, how many DVDs or DVD clips. I see no listing at the silverstoneDVD site.
From the TBP site: 121+ DVDs (approx. 100 min. each)
-Billing by famebill. No billing by CCBill or Epoch.(But I found the signup process to be quick and easy, with no problems.)
Bottom Line: The netFameSolutions network offers Devilsfilm and SilverstoneDVD, along with 17 other sites,
for a low monthly membership fee ($14.95 thru PU). All the sites I saw have the same basic layout: nice quality DVDs, basic navigation.
You are not getting super high quality clips, but you are getting good quality clips, that are professionally shot: good focus, good lighting, good colors of the models and the sets. The clips are straight sex, no plot or story. Soundtrack ok, usually not as much fake moaning and groaning, background music ok: both moaning/groaning and background music could be improved, but still better than some of the terrible clips I have seen from other sources. Moaning/groaning is supposed to add to the excitement of the clip, but when it's so obviously fake, it doesn't add, it seems stupid. And the background music just gets in the way, so you wonder if it's better to watch the clip with with no sound, or to try to ignore the music.
There are a number of other sites in the network, offering niche products: granny; big-sized models; hairy models; lesbian; milf; etc.
My main complaint about the site (and the other sites in the network) is that a lot of clips don't identify the model(s) in the clips. So how can you search for other clips that particular model might be in if you don't know her name?

In porn, it's easier to find quality photos of beautiful young women, than it is to find quality videos of beautiful young women. There are just too many elements in a video that can detract from the pleasure of looking at a lovely woman.

Do the clips feature attractive girls, is the sex exciting, boring, disgusting, how much distraction is there from fake groans, noisy background music, lousy lighting, etc.

SilverstoneDVD has a number of very good-looking young models, with a number of nice-quality clips.

As a solo site, it would not be worth joining. But as part of a nice network, it's definitely worth a 1-month membership to see all this network has to offer.

I am giving this site a score of 87, based on the network, not as an individual site. I find it difficult/meaningless to grade the site as a solo site, when so much of the value comes from the network's other sites that are included in the membership price.

06-30-09  01:06pm

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Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: PROS:
-Advertise 1000+ movies
-Advertise exclusive content
-Advertise 2400 Gigs
-Advertise daily updates
-No timeout from site
-Vid caps available for video clips-not good as a picture to enjoy, but good for illustrating the
video content of the clip
-the videos are good quality: they are not the very high quality super softcore like you will find at Femjoy, but these are well shot porn videos: good focus, good lighting, good skin colors, a lot of the vids have attractive female models. No story to the video clips, just straight hardcore sex.
These are professionally shot videos (not amateurish videos where they often cut off the model's head from the shot, use a jerky, hand-held camera, etc.)
-videos are clean: no annoying remarks by cameraman/director; no annoying flashes and clicks of a photographer separately photographing the video shoot
-no download limits
-no DRM
-large number of different categories/niches
-easy to use streaming option to watch the video clips
Cons: PROS(cont):
-Can download movies as .wmv files in choice of 2 file sizes: small and large
-personal taste-most of the clips I saw had models with "natural"-appearing breasts. I like
natural, not the huge fake breasts many porn stars have. So this was positive for me. Also, there are a large number of good-looking young models in the vid clips
-search by movie title, category/niche, name of model, devils film series
-easy logon. Don't have to play "Enter the secret letters" game, just username and password
-no simple listing of date video was posted
-no simple listing of model name in video segment(many clips, don't know who the model is)
-most video sites have multiple formats for download, devils film only has .wmv format
-minor quibble-There is some duplication of video clips. Not a lot. Where the same video clip is given a different file name. 2689_07_big.wmv and 0658_03_big.wmv are the same video clip, with different file names.
Bottom Line: CONS(cont):
The title name for the first one is: "18 year Olds Love Cum #02 - Scene 7"
The title name for the second one is: "Eight Teen Tryouts #09 - Scene 3"
Maybe the distribution company put the same video clip on two separate DVD video titles, and that is why the same clip has two different file names and two different titles, but I don't want
duplicate clips on my hard drive with different titles/file names that I don't realize are the same video clip unless I happen to watch them and remember they are the same.
-Quibble-When I find a model I like, then do a search for the rest of her videos, it usually turns out she has very few videos at devils film. Strictly speaking, that's not their fault, because they have a large number of videos, but it is still disappointing
-navigation could be improved. It's not terrible, but it could be a lot easier to find and get to
the video clips/photos you are looking for. In many clips the models are not identified, so that
makes searching for a specific model difficult, when you don't know her name.
-the site layout should have model's name clearly connected to each video clip/photoset, so it's
easy to see name of the model you are looking at
-This is a video site. The useful pix are vid caps, that serve to show you what the vid clip is
-There are photosets of models at devils film. I enjoy the lovely, erotic, enticing photos at met-art, femjoy, mplstudios, domai, justteensite, mypreciousvirgins, etc. These are quality picture
sites. I look at the photosets at devils film, and I think, "garbage". I admit I am spoiled, but I see no value or attractiveness in the photos. This site has hardcore photosets, which many of the picture sites I listed do not, so maybe some people will enjoy the hardcore photos, but they are not "good-looking", erotic, or exciting, as far as I am concerned
I don't have a lot of experience with video sites. So I can't give a good comparison of the value of this site. What I can say is that pornaccess is a video site that I thought had poor quality videos, terrible navigation, terrible search. Devils film has good quality videos, much easier navigation, much better search. There are a lot of good-looking female models in the videos.
Considering that you get 17 different sites in the network along with devils film, I think the site is worth a 1-month membership of $14.95 you get thru PU. It's not the same as a mega-site like VideosZ or VideoBox, but I think the site/network has a lot of value.
edit 1: I logged on today, and was required to enter a "secret word", along with username and password. This was first time I had to enter a secret word, and it was easy to see the letters.

06-20-09  07:37pm

Replies (2)


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: PROS:
-Over 200.000 poster size photos
-All photo series come in up to 4000 pixels resolution.
-Photo sets available in 3 different sizes: hi res, med res, lo res
-Zips for photo sets, for each res: hi, med, lo
-over 700 models, many are extremely attractive
-over 100 contributing photographers
-830 additions per year
-10 new HDV movies per month
-Tiny watermark
-No download limit
-choice of multiple formats and definitions for downloading videos
-special new low price $29.95(USD) for 60 days/recurring
-billing from CCBill, a reliable outside billing company
Cons: PROS: (continued)
-content 100% exclusive to this site
-updates are dated
-no automatic time-out from site
-Basic navigation, could be a little easier to use. To download a photoset or video, select the model, look at the photosets or videos available, select the photoset or video you want, then (if it's a photoset) select the res you want, and download the zip file. At met-art, it just seems
simpler to download the zip files than at femjoy.
-Searching is easier at met-art than at femjoy.
-Site is strictly soft softcore. No hardcore at all. Girls only. Boys not allowed. If a girl
touches herself, or one girl touches another, it is the lightest brush, not erotic at all.
-Don't always prominently list who the photographer is for each photo set or video. So if you want to know the photographer (to keep a personal, manually created list of the photosets, date of posting, title, photographer, etc.), you have to hunt around to see who the photographer was.
Bottom Line: CONS: (continued)
-Limited to slender white European teen. Site advertises that models are from all over the world, but everything I saw looked to be indistinguishable from teen European. "Our girls come from all over the world - even from Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the US, Scandinavia and not only from Eastern Europe."
Well, from the geography I learned in the Dark Ages (1960s), Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Scandinavia were in Europe. The US might not be in Europe, but how can you tell a US model from a model who is European? Simple answer: Look at her passport. Duh. Everything I saw at Femjoy was European teen, as far as I could tell.
-Most photo sets are solo models
-A small percentage of photo sets and videos are two female models. But there is no erotic contact
between the models, unless you can sense the Vulcan mind-meld auras within the models.
-Model bios: none
This is one of the better/best softcore European teen glamour photo mega-sites.
The site ranks up there with met-art, mplstudios, justteensite, mypreciousvirgins, etc.
The main value is in the photosets. Huge number of models, a large number should appeal to almost
anyone's taste (but almost all models are slender white European teen).
There are a number of short videos, 2-6 minutes long, super softcore, high quality, great focus,
good to very-good color, good lighting, nice soundtrack.
The videos are more interesting than met-art videos, but that is not saying much. You are watching a lovely girl doing very little: she stands up, sits, lies down, smiles, walks. There is no plot to the videos. Another nice factor in the Femjoy videos is how clean they are, in the sense you don't hear a distracting photographer giving directions, you don't have annoying photoflashes going off in the video shoot.

There are a large number of Femjoy member comments inside the site about how great the models look, how wonderful the photography is, how artistic and erotic the photos and videos are, how this is a wonderfully clean site with no dirty, vulgar elements. If you are into super softcore, with models wearing minimal makeup, no tease at all (unless you supply it yourself in your own mind), this is the site for you.
Even though Met-art is very simllar to this site in the softcore approach, I find Met-art photos
much more satisfying: the models at Met-art are better looking because of greater use of make-up,
greater use of costumes, with more effort put into making the photoshoots more individualistic with varied sets and backgrounds.
I think Met-art navigation is simpler and easier to use to search the models available. It is also
easier to download the files at Met-art.
If Femjoy deserves an 87 for its fine photography, then Met-art deserves a 97 for its fine, more erotic photography, plus easier navigation, plus free video cams. There are no free video cams at Femjoy.

06-14-09  09:49pm

Replies (4)
Visit Oye Loca

Oye Loca

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Most of the videos I saw had models who appear to be real latin teens or early twenties.
-This site is part of the Team Skeet network. Access to any site in the network gives you access to all the sites in the network.
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Easy login to site. Once you have logged in, you do not have to re-enter your login information, just click the "members" link to re-enter the site.
-DownThemAll download manager works at this site.
-Good download speeds. I got 1.3MB/sec, which is my max download speed.
-Can stream or download many videos in multiple definitions.
-$17.87/month recurring discounted price through PU.
Cons: -Cons are basically minor.
-Content does not have a posting date.
-In many of the videos the guys are wearing condoms. Doesn't bother me, but some viewers might not like it.
-When you log into the site, the first page you see is a cross-sell to some other porn site. If you click the "No thanks" link, you then enter the members area. This is minor, but it's one of
the few porn paysites I've seen where you have to bypass an advertising screen before you can enter the members area.
But then again, I believe that Amazon sells some e-readers or other branded devices, that come with automatic advertising. And if you pay a one-time fee, you get rid of the automatic advertising.
-Most of the videos are in Spanish. But who cares what the models or stunt cocks are saying? It's probably better if you don't understand, because that gives the videos an exotic flavor. Also, you have to admit, these latina models sure speak a lot more, and more naturally, than the Eastern European porn models.
Bottom Line: This is a teen hardcore site featuring latina models.
The models are late teens or early twenties.
There are a lot of attractive models.
The body types are latin: so you don't get the preponderance of skinny white teens you have at many teen sites. At this site, you get a cross-section of skinny and medium-sized girls. Most of the girls have little or no tattoos. Very little piercing on most girls.
Most of the videos are 1 guy - 1 girl. There are a few 1 guy - 2 girls.

Number of videos: 168+
Runtime: about 20 to 40 minutes.
They have a number of different ways you can view a video.
For streaming, some have a choice of watching in low, medium, or high definition.
You can also choose to watch the entire video, a preview of the video, or break the video into which segment you want to watch.
For a video that run 29 minutes, you can select your starting point to watch at 0 (the start of the video), at 05.55 which means 5 minutes 55 seconds), at 11:54, 17:51, or 23:48.

Or you can choose to download:
1080p MP4; 720p MP4; HI mpg4; LOW mpg4; low WMV; IPod file.

They have a photo gallery for each video.
They also have a screen cap gallery for each video.
I'm not sure why they have both a photo gallery as well as a screen cap gallery. That seems like overkill.
But this site is geared more for videos than photos.
The photo galleries and the screencap galleries, for me, are a waste of resources and site space. I realize that the operators are trying to provide a complete resource for their members. But I appreciate photos from sites like Metart, Erotic Beauty, MPL Studios, Femjoy, etc., where they try to present the models as attractively as possible.
At this site, they are presenting the models in a "natural" way.
So this approach might have fans, but I'm not one of them. If you can put your mind into a frame that the photo sets and the screen caps are like a stop-motion record of a latin guy getting ready to have sex with a latina, and then having the sex, then maybe you would appreciate the photos and screen caps. But I think it's just a waste of time, since you can watch the video directly.

Models have only 1 video at Oye Loca. But a few models might have a second video at another site in the network, and still fewer could have 3 or 4 videos scattered throughout the network.

They do provide a limited amount of data for each model. For example: for the model Sienna West:
Birthday: November 6
Birth Location: Orange County
Measurements: 34DD-24-34
Height: 160 cm - 5 feet and 3 inches
Weight: 55 kg - 121 lbs
Haircolor: Red
Nationality: Uruguay
Ethicity: Caucasian
Tatoos: Stars on both wrist; back of neck
Piercings: Navel, nose, upper lip

If you are into latina girls, or if you are tired of watching the slender young white teens featured at many other sites, then this site could provide a nice change of pace.

And with the other 13 sites that are included with a membership, you also get a nice variety of teen-early twenty models in a variety of settings and situations.

Giving the site a score of 85. That's highly subjective. Some users might rate it higher. Other users could rate it lower.

01-20-13  02:54pm

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Visit Lolly Hardcore

Lolly Hardcore

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Part of the Teen Mega World network.
-PU discount gives you access for $19.95/month through Teen Mega World. If you join lollyhardcore directly, you pay $29.95/month.
-Content is dated.
-No dowload limits.
-No DRM.
-Simple navigation, because the site is small.
-Can stream or download videos.
-Zip files for photosets.
Cons: -This is an archive site. Last update was 2010-08-20.
-Small site. Only 39 videos.
-Photosets are basically a capture of the video shoot. The photos are better quality than a screen capture, but little effort is made to frame them properly.
-Zip files only have one definition. No choice of low, medium or high.
Bottom Line: -This is a single-model site featuring Lolly, a cute teen. She can be found at many different sites, under a number of different names:
Alicia A, Alisa, Jenny, Juli, Katie, Lolli, Lolli A., Lolly A, Loly, Sveta, Yana. A few sites she appears at are Diesel network, Metart, Teen Mega World, Zemani, etc.

As I said, you get this site with the Teen Mega World/Royal Cash network, which gives you access to a large number of sites. Almost all these sites focus on teens, but you also might get access to a few niche sites, such as Boys Love 18 (gay), Latin Shemales, and El Porno Latino.

The Teen Mega World network is one of the best bargains in teen hardcore videos, because it gives you a huge number of quality videos for a very low price. And there are a large number of models, many of them very attractive.

-Site Statistics:
Number of videos: 39
Video runtime: 11 to 20 minutes.
Sexual action: solo girl, boy-girl sex, 1 girl-2 guys, girl-girl, blow job, masturbation, etc.

Vids are offered as downloads in low, medium and high quality. But the high quality vids are 400 MB or less, for runtimes up to 20 minutes. So the definition is far less than what is offered at other Teen Mega World/Royal Cash sites. But the videos are still good, because Lolly is so cute, and she gives an enthusiastic performance.

This is another offering from the Teen Mega World network, and it's worth visiting. Lolly is a cute blonde teen, from Eastern Europe. Her videos show a lovely young teen who really enjoys her sexual encounters. Whether it's acting or not, she comes across as a bubbly, fun-loving girl, and that personality makes her videos more real and believable and exciting.

The only downside would be, if I could find a girl like her in real life, I'd be dead or in a hospital after one or two days. It would take a teenager or someone in their twenties to handle a girl like her.

05-22-12  01:31am

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Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Low membership price with PU discount. $9.95 for first month.
-Easy logon.
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Membership in Devils Film gives you network access to many sites in the netFame Solutions network.
-This one site, not counting other sites in the network, gives you a huge amount of hardcore videos and photosets.
-It updates every day.
Cons: -Make sure to uncheck the pre-checked cross-sell when signing up, or you will automatically be signed up to a different site as well, which will turn into an expensive membership once the trial period ends.

-Little effort is made to make the models attractive. For example, Ashlyn Rae has photosets at other sites where she is really attractive, and hardcore videos as well. At this network, she is plain-looking, and you have to look twice to see it's the same girl.

-Navigation is lousy.
Too much content to search through, with poor search engine.

-Listing of models is poor: you get small thumbnails that don't give you a clear picture of the model. Many thumbnails are missing, so there is no picture of the model. Also, under the name of a model, it can often show videos of the wrong model.

-Many times, the models in the videos are not identified, so you don't know their names, and searching for other videos featuring them is difficult.
Bottom Line: Cons (continued):
-You can download videos as MP4 or WMV files, in 240p or 480p. 480p is much less high definition than the videos at Nubiles or Teen Mega World or many other sites.

-Sometimes have to re-enter your login information (username and password) when changing sites within the network. Other networks can make changing between sites easy.

-When watching streaming videos,even though the resolution is only 480p and my download speed is about 1.3MB/sec, the videos will often start and stop, start and stop. So streaming is a poor option for me.

-The monthly renewal price is $29.95, so be sure to cancel your membership before your first month's membership is renewed at the higher price.

Bottom Line:

Site Statistics:
Movies: 5608
DVDs: 1107
Pornstars: 2826
Pictures: 262010

For $10 the first month, you get a huge amount of hardcore videos. With the network access, you also get a wide variety of different niches. So it's well worth the price.

Some of the main bonus sites include Silverstone DVD, Silvia Saint, Peter North DVD and Rocco Siffredi.

With so much material to browse, I wish the search was easier to use. And I wish the video definition was higher. And that the models were presented more attractively.

Giving the site a score of 85. You get access to a boatload of hardcore gonzo videos in many categories, as well as access to some other very worthwhile network sites.

05-07-12  09:47pm

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Visit AT Movs

AT Movs

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Easy login.
-No download limits.
-No DRM.
-Streaming option.
-Multiple download options: High, medium, low quality WMV file. A low quality MP4 file for portable devices.
-Simple navigation. Could be improved, but fairly easy to examine site contents.
-Nice integration into rest of network. A search on model's name returns all her content at the network, instead of just the single site's content.
Cons: -No model bios.
-Some plot or buildup to the sex would add value to the videos.
-The action becomes predictable after watching a number of videos. These are mainly attractive girls getting fucked, but you need some variety or freshness to give the video meaning.
-The videos and photosets are true to the site theme of amateur teen action. That is both a plus and a minus. I wish the videos had higher production value, because these are attractive young girls. Their freshness and physical attractiveness is not emphasized in the videos and photos.
-Archive site. No updates since 2010-06-15.
Bottom Line: This is part of the Teen Mega World (Royal Cash) network. The site used to be called Amateur Teen Movs, was renamed ATMovs. The site structure was also reformatted to the more easily usable form
found at most of the Teen Mega World sites.
Many models at the nework used to have multiple names. Which made searching for their content harder. Someone put in some good effort and
gave most of the models a single name. Also, a search was added that
searches throughout the network sites for content under a model's name, instead of a search specific to a single site. And the search returns not just the videos for a model, but hot links to those videos.
Not all the models' content has been renamed. Jelena has a video at ATMOVS. She is also the same model named Willa found at Teen Sex Movs,
Teen Sex Mania, Beauty Angels and other sites in this network. But most of the models I checked did have a single name, which makes searching so much easier.
Site content is hardcore teen sex. Mainly boy-girl, with a few 2 boys-1 girl or 1 boy-2 girls or 2 boys 2-girls. This is straight hardcore sex,with no buildup or tease factor or plot. The girls are real teens, Eastern European, many are attractive. There are very few tattoos or piercings.
The site style is a good representation of the site's original name: amateur teen movs. The models are fresh young teens who are captured
fucking on video. The camera-style and setting is amateur, home style.

Site statistics:
Number of videos: 159.
Video runtime: around 25 minutes.

Number of photosets: 159 (Photoset is a photo record of a video shoot).
Number of photos per photoset: 87-200.
Individual photo: 45-70 KB.
Photo width x height: 720 x 576 pixels.
Note: the photos are nice-quality screencaps, but not worth saving.

Multiple download options for video:
High quality WMV, medium quality WMV, low quality WMV, low quality MP4 (for portable devices).

File size for high quality 15 minute clip: 372 MB = 24.8MB/minute.
File size for high quality 21 minute clip: 509 MB = 24.2MB/minute.
File size for high quality 26 minute clip: 631 MB = 24.3MB/minute.

High quality video:
Frame width x height: 720x576.
Total bitrate: 3168kbps.

You can join this site directly or through Teen Mega World. Using the PU/TBP discount link a membership costs $19.95/month. A membership through this site or through Teen Mega World gives you access to most of the network sites.

Most of the network sites are no longer updating. But there are several sites in the network that are updating. So you get access to a large amount of teen content, with a nice update schedule from the sites that are updating.

The network access raises this site's score to 85.

05-31-11  09:39am

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Visit Teen Burg

Teen Burg

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Large amount of videos for a site of this type.
-Site advertises more than 500 videos, more than 300 photosets.
-Note: TBP update 09-20-10 states 296+ videos, 37+photosets.
Why the big difference in the numbers, I don't know.
Looking at the site, without actually counting the separate videos, it seems the site contents is much smaller.
-Site advertises daily updates. The update rate is actually about 1 update every 7 days.
-Free live cams with models. You pay USD $2.95 (EUR 2.30) for 30 days of access to several hours per day of nude public shows. Private chats are optional and cost extra.
-There is also a separate "Models online" service that offers a xxx webcam live show.
-Large number of cute models.
-Search engine: can search by model's name, month and year, video or photoset.
-Content is dated.
-Model's name is clearly listed for each video.
-Zip file for each photoset.
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
Cons: -No streaming.
-A simple text list of the models at this site, with a nice-sized thumbnail of each model, would be very helpful.
-Single size for photos. No choice of low, medium or high resolution.
-No biography. Models identified by name only.
-Basic search. Can search by model's name or when video/photoset was posted. But can't search by description of model, type of sex, or any other factors.
-A faq page would be helpful, listing basic site facts: number of videos, number of photosets, number of photos, total size (GB) of videos, total size of photos, number of male models, number of female models.
-No text on the site identifies which videos are high definition. The HD videos are the ones that are 1 GB+ when you download them.
Bottom Line: Photos are 1643 x 2464 pixels
Videos 720x576 (1100kbps)
File Sizes (HQ):
WMV = 200MB-1GB

This is the town where I should have grown up. Lovely, nubile chicks that fuck at the drop of a hat. Or the glance of an eye.

This is a hardcore teen video site. The videos far outnumber the photosets. Most of the videos are a boy and a girl.
Each video/photoset has a few thumbnails to show what's inside the file. It is difficult to get a clear idea of what the model looks like from the thumbnails that are actually furnished by the site. A much better system would be to have a nice-sized photo of the model that shows her clearly, plus 4 thumbnails that clearly show the model from the video/photoset.
The videos are good quality.
The technical factors are handled well: lighting, focus, action, a lot of good looking teens.
The photos are high quality: the size of a single photo is around 300-500 KB. I was surprised the photo size is so large, because the photos sure don't look high quality to me.I am not talking about the attractiveness of the model, or her makeup or costume. I am talking about the extreme clarity that photos can have, which is not found here. The colors are not brilliant or sharp. I just find the photos at major softcore glamor sites so much more appealing than the photos at this site.
If you are into hardcore teen action, this site has a lot of videos. The videos are good quality. The sex is gentler than the gonzo sites, and the teens actually talk and kiss before getting down to the action. The teens are ok to nice looking, very little tattoos or piercings.
The site is part of the TonyBucks network, which currently has 11 sites. Membership in any one site will normally give you access to some of the other sites. How many bonus sites you get, and what those bonus sites are, varies depending on which site you join through. It definitely pays to check each site for the bonus details. One site will offer 2 bonus sites, a different site might offer 6 bonus sites, another might offer 9 bonus sites.
I joined through Spunky Bee, which charged me the same or lower price for the membership, as joining a different TonyBucks site. And I got access to 9 bonus sites (10 sites total).
I am giving the site a score of 85, because it's part of a network that has a number of attractive models, and a large number of good quality videos.

10-26-10  05:02am

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Visit Teen Sex Fusion

Teen Sex Fusion

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -No DRM.
-Some attractive models.
-Photosets are a visual record of a video shoot.
-Captcha very easy to read, and can be entered in either uppercase or lowercase.
-Site is currently updating.
-Have high quality videos (nice, clear definition, good lighting, etc.)
-Access to public chats, paid private chats
-Planning on making blu-ray DVDs of scenes available
Cons: -Only 1 size picture for the photoset.
-No zip file for photosets.
-No streaming option for videos.
-A small amount of duplicate files from other TonyBucks network sites.
-High quality videos are large, 1-2GB+
Bottom Line: This is a teen hardcore site.
Apparently 1 video a and matching photoset for each session. The photoset is apparently photos taken during a video shoot.
Most of the action is 1 boy-1 girl, or 2 boys-2 girls. But there is also some 2 boys-1 girl.
Video download options:
WMV: high, medium, low quality
WMV high quality: 1440x1080, 8256 kbps
1920x1080, 6256 kbps
The videos are mainly crisp definition, good lighting, good skin tones on the models, little background noise (no music track, not a lot of random noise from the street as sirens or car sounds or whatever). The sets are simple: bedroom or living room. The models are all late teen or very early 20s. Very little tattoos on the female models, very little piercings.

Denner mentioned in a reply there is duplication of video files at different TonyBucks sites. He stated that some of these videos can be also be found at non-TonyBucks sites as well, such as TeenMegaWorld sites. I've seen some videos which were posted at more than one TonyBucks site.
But even though I've been a member of TeenMegaWorld a couple of times, there is material I never bothered to look through, and Denner's hardcore experience is far greater than mine. Does that make him a porn hound? Is that a compliment? Perhaps we should rather call him a connoisseur of hardcore porn. But he seems to slurp it down in large quantities. You only have to look at his PU score (currently 208), and realize his devotion to porn is extremely serious. Denner claims to be Danish, but his enthusiasm seems to be Teutonic. I always thought the Danes were supposed to be laid back and casual, but he is hardcore to the core. (Either I am channeling Wittyguy's PU Forum Awards, or some evil spirit has overcome me momentarily.) :)

As a pro feature, I mentioned there is access to public and private chats. I got away from chats a few years ago. I was spending too much time
watching the girls at Met-art chats. Public chats were free. There were some very attractive, friendly girls at Met-art chats. I was just spending too much time at the public shows. But here is another entry to those chats: some very pretty girls put on softcore shows. It's easy to get addicted to these shows and spend hours watching the girls. Some people find the chats boring, since they are softcore. But I enjoy them too much, and don't want to get hooked again.
There is a current bonus offer that allows you access to differing numbers of bonus sites, depending on which site you join through.

Use the SpunkyBee site to join through:
$29.95 for 30 days membership
10 sites included in your membership (including 18Stream)

Use the 18Stream site to join through:
$34.95/month for 30 days membership
3 sites in your membership

If the site were a solo offering, it would be extemely expensive. But with the current bonus offer of up to 10 of the TonyBucks sites for the price of one, this is a worthwhile network to join.

09-20-10  12:17pm

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Visit Zemani


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -3 sizes for photosets: 800, 1200, 4000 px.
-zip file for each size px for each photoset.
-Online slideshow for photosets.
-Can download the videos or view as streaming.
-Material is exclusive.
-Tiny, unobtrusive watermark bottom right hand corner of photos.
-Vids have a larger watermark than the photos, small but not tiny, placed at bottom right corner of the picture.
-No DRM.
-No timeout from site.
-Can rate the model, photoset, and video. But this is a matter of personal taste, and I don't agree with a lot of the scores.
-Simple site navigation. Easy to get to the sets and videos of each model.
-One update per day (photoset or video).
-Most photosets have 100+ pictures each.
Cons: -Videos download as avi files. No other choice of format.
-Videos download as one file size only (no choice of high, medium, low resolution).
-Downloaded files have no descriptive name. Instead, the download file name is a number with "big", "medium" or "small" attatched, depending on whether you are downloading the big, medium or small px set. Downloaded videos are named with a number and the prefix "zemani-v".
-Search is basic but adequate. Can search by model name, age, or hair color. There is a limited number of models and photosets and videos, so this is not a big con.
Bottom Line: I resisted joining zemani as long as I could. But some of the models at this site are absolutely mouth-watering. I want to sink my teeth and other
body parts into these gorgeous creatures.
Although there are a nice number of photos and photosets for a site that started in 2006, I can't help wishing there were more photosets for my favorite models. Most models only have 1 or 2 photosets.
Site stats (April 4, 2010):
photos 64,806
galleries 471
videos 130
130 videos sounds like a lot of videos. But like many other softcore sites, the videos are short, most less than 10 minutes in runtime. Even
though the videos might have a gorgeous model as the subject, like most softcore sites, the videos are mainly forgettable. The real value lies in the photosets.
The photographic quality of the videos is good to high, but the videos are just ok. I'm much more into softcore than hardcore, but at most softcore
sites, the videos are just plain boring, no matter how attractive the model is. I don't really understand the psychology of why softcore
photosets of a model can be arousing, but a softcore video of the same model is usually boring. That is my reaction to the videos at softcore teen mega-sites.
The TBP review of this site, release date 6 Mar 2010, states the video "content ranges from softcore nude portraits to pussy spreads, girl-girl erotic posing, and more." I saw a number of videos, not all, and the only
content I saw was strictly softcore: no pussy spread, no girl-girl interaction that went beyond two girls that were nude. I found no solitary
or mutual masturbation, no toys, nothing that remotely approached hardcore porn.
There are some videos where the model performs a strip-tease. But you get better, more exciting strip tease at college night at a bar, where the
strippers are non-professional, probably less attractive than the zemani models, but they put on a much better show than the zemani models.
Also, the canned soundtrack on the videos is obtrusive; it adds nothing to the video, and often sounds annoying.
The models are 18 to very early 20s. Almost all Caucasian.
There is a nice mix of different settings/backgrounds for the photoshoots and videos: interior in a house, in a field, a stream, a lake or sea. Most photosets make nice use of colors in the background, the photosets are mainly nicely focused, the model is nicely featured in the shots. Not all shots are perfect, of course, but the photosets are equal to what you find at met-art, mplstudios, high quality glamor-style softcore photosets.
If you are looking for something more explicit than very softcore nudity, go elsewhere. If you are looking for softcore tease or strip tease, you are better off at a different site.

On a value basis, because the softcore teen mega-sites have far greater content, you are better off joining them first. But this is a nice
addition to the category, and the content will build over time. And the site does feature some absolutely yummy girls.

04-04-10  07:31pm

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Visit Sex Asian 18

Sex Asian 18

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -If you get tired of lovely Euro teens, look at Japanese teens for fresh models. I have nothing against Latino and other types, but Japan makes an art form of photographs and videos of lovely young Japanese girls.
-Huge amount of content. Just like Met-art, you get exhausted looking through all the pictures/videos on this site, and know you can't see all the gorgeous girls there are to see. There just isn't enough time, or enough space on your hard drive to download it all, unless your handle is badandy400.

-daily updates. Minimum of 2 movies daily.
-high res DVD quality movies in either AVI or WMV format
-24/7 customer support. All emails answered by a human within 48 hours.
-can search by terms and keywords. Can search by model, photoset, video, censored video, uncensored video, or by category (interracial, amateur, cosplay, popular actress, school girl, mature, etc.).
-no DRM
-easy cancellation
-signup thru CCBill or Verotel
Cons: -Mosaic (a form of censorship for genitalia) takes getting used to.
-Acting/attitude of female models different from American and Euro style, takes getting used to.
-The photosets are high quality: lovely photos, but not enough of them. This is more of a video site than a photo site.
-The model, movie and photoset information is embedded in the page as a photograph, so it can't be copied and pasted manually into a text file on
your PC. Name of file, model(s), title of movie/photoset, etc. have to be manually typed into your personally created database to keep track of what the downloaded movies/photosets are.
-1 file size for zip photosets. No choice of low, medium, high res photos.
-1 file size for video files. No choice of low, medium, high res video.
-No choice of file type for videos. Some video files download as AVI, some download as WMV.
-Only 10 movie captures (screenshots) to illustrate a movie which could be 2-4 hours.
Bottom Line: CONS (continued):
-No online streaming to watch the movie.
-Apparently viewing a photoset online counts against your daily download limit of 12 GB. I sent an email asking for verification of this, got no reply from support.
-The 12 GB daily download limit is a lie:
-Day 1 of my membership, I was banned for rest of the day after downloading less than 3 GB. The site states that if you download more than 1 thread at a time, you are counted for each thread. The site does not state that you are mis-counted for muli-thread downloads.
-Day 3 of my membership, banned again for rest of day after downloading less than 3 GB. The form BAN message stated either I exceeded 12 GB or my account had been hacked. I had been careful to only download 1 file at a time before starting the next download.
-Day 4 of membership banned for rest of day before I reached the 12 GB limit. Again, I had been careful to only download 1 file at a time, but was improperly banned anyway.
-Email support is a lie. The site claims the email support is 24/7, and that a human will respond to each email request within 48 hours. I sent numerous requests to email support. I check my email several times a day, both regular in-box and the spam-box. I never received an email response from support. Since I did not get a response after 3 emails to support, I sent an email requesting help to their accounts email address, explaining my problems and the lack of response from support email. Have not received any reply from accounts email.
-No confirmation email of membership purchase from CCBill.
The photosets and videos are good-to-high quality (dvd quality, not the super high visual quality of specialty sites like Femjoy for photosets and videos)
photos: dimensions 768x1050 to 1200x1800
video:resolution: 640x480
Site ease of use: This is a site with a large number of files (videos and photosets) you will want to download. Using a download manager is the only reasonable way to handle the downloading chores, unless you are willing to spend a massive number of hours at the computer keyboard manually
downloading each separate file.
The form BAN message states you are banned from site for 15 hours because you exceeded bandwidth usage or your account was hacked. You are issued username and password by CCBill, and have no control over them.
I paid for a service, access to a site, and did not receive what I paid for. What does the large amount of good quality site content matter to me, if I can't access the content for large periods of time? I believe my score is fair based on the lousy service I am getting. I was generous only because of the large quality content that it is hard as hell to get to.
Edit 1: Was told in an email that multi-thread counter was fixed, you no longer get early ban for using a download manager.
Also, I was given 10 free days because of my site problems.

07-19-09  05:07pm

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Visit Just Teen Site

Just Teen Site

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: pros:
-a lot of content is exclusive to this site
-multiple downloading formats: divx, windows media player, ipod, quicktime
-The videos are in high definition, mainly clear focus, good lighting, good color
-hi def video is listed as 1280x720
-hi def pics listed as up to 2900x4300
-Very attractive European teen models with lovely faces and slender bodies
-Content quantity- Huge number of pix sets and vids.
models : 620
photos : 101282
HDV films : 179
(The HDV films are really video clips of the models, these are not hardcore or softcore movies with a storyline.)
-No downloading limits
Cons: pros (continued):
-secret word is easy to read.
-small, unobtrusive watermarks.
-updates: a new photoset or vid every 1-2 days.

-expensive. $34.95 (recurring) monthly fee. This gives you membership to 2 sites, justteensite and justeenmovie. But the justteenmovie site has tiny content, that you can download entire site in a few days, if you think any of the content is worth downloading and keeping. There were no updates at justteenmovie in the 30 days that I belonged to that site.
-advertise friendly support, but I sent email asking for help over 30 days ago, never got a response.
-basic site navigation is OK, but could be much easier to use. Met-art has more models and picture sets, but it's easier to find models and picture sets at Met-art than at Justteensite.
The search feature could be improved a great deal.
-jitter in some of the HDV vids. While you get very sharp images, it's annoying to see the images jittering on the screen while you watch the video.
Bottom Line: cons (continued):
-minor annoyance-Timeout disconnected from the site and have to re-login.
-no resume support for zip file downloads of picture sets. These are large zip files, so if you get disconnected, have to restart the download from the start.
-zip files for the high resolution pic sets only. No zip file for the low resolution pics in a photoset.
-model bio data can often have errors or fantasy. Age of model is often given as 18 or 19, because
this is a teen site. But I've seen models who are in their 20s listed as 18 or 19 (these are
models I've seen on other sites or in pornstar databases). Also, country of origin can be wrongly listed. The site is selling youth, so don't let the facts get in the way, as for age. As for country, I've seen Russian girls listed as being from Argentina at 1 site. Porn is fantasy anyway, so why not Argentina?

Bottom line:
This is a major teen softcore site. Huge number of very attractive models, photosets, videos. Well worth a 1-month membership if you've never belonged to it.
Also it's worth revisiting the site after a 6-12 month absence to catch up on the updated photosets and videos.

01-13-09  02:27pm

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Visit Low Art Films

Low Art Films

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -No DRM.
-High definition videos.
-Videos have good camera-work, good lighting, good sound control.
-Content is dated.
-Long time before site timeout.
-Easy login to site.
-Can watch videos streaming or download.
-Member pages are ad free.
-Has a link to "Free Cams" and to "Live Cams".
-List of models, with thumbnail of the model.
Cons: -Last updated on 2012-01-07. So this is an archive site.
-Has links to Rabbit's Porn Reviews. Not really a negative, but why the site has links to a porn review site seems odd.
-Search is OK, but could be improved. You click on a model's name, and it lists the network sites she appears in. But it doesn't list her appearances at each site. And to get to the sites listed, have to manually switch to the specific site (instead of using a simple hot link). And then you can search for the model's appearances at that specific site. The Teen Mega World network, by contrast, makes it easier to switch between sites, and also to find the model's appearances, by using simple hot links.
-Uncheck the pre-checked cross-sale at signup, or you will have subscribed to a trial offer you probably don't want.
-In the categories search, they list 22 videos under college. But out of the 22 videos, all the models looked like porn models. No teens or fresh-faced girls at this site.
Bottom Line: Videos sex scenes: man and woman having sex, lesbian, masturbation, toys, etc.
42 of the 82 videos are lesbian.

Instead of calling the site lowartfilms, they could just as easily called it highartfilms. The sex is raw, but there is an erotic or sensous element in the videos. It goes beyond bread and butter fucking, and tries to make the sex passionate or exciting. They do this by providing unusual settings for the model, and by using costumes that are sensual or erotic. And the sex, while raw, has a buildup with a lot of kissing and touching.

Models are in their twenties or thirties. Medium to large breasts.

Site statistics:
Stopped updating 2012-01-07. So this is an archive site.
Number of videos: 82
80 of the 82 videos have high definition file option available.

Streaming options:
240p, 480p, 540p.

Download options:
WMV 240p, 480p.
MP4 240p, 480p, 540p, 720p.

Video runtimes: from 14 to 27 minutes.

Site is part of the netFameSolutions network. So you get this site along with access to a large number of the network sites. The main sites include:
Devils Film
Peter North
Rocco Siffredi
Silverstone DVD
Silvia Saint

The main sites include a boatload of hardcore videos.
And the secondary and niche sites, while smaller, have a variety of videos that will give you plenty of videos to browse through.

So for $9.95 for the first month (with the PU discount), you get a massive amount of hardcore videos.

06-04-12  01:49pm

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Visit Nylons X

Nylons X

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -No DRM.
-Content is dated.
-Because it's a small site, easy to navigate.
-The nylons the girls wear add dash of color to their costumes.
-Member pages are relatively ad free.
-Can watch videos streaming or download.
-Download speeds are good. I regularly get 1.3 MB/sec, which is my maximum download speed.
-Zip files for the photosets.
-Has a link to "free" live cam shows. But these are mainly a waste of time.
Cons: -Small site. Only 25 videos.
-No regular updates. Last update was 2012-04-05. So it's more like a small archive site.
-Needs more stunt cocks. Only 3 or 4 stunt cocks featured.
-Videos can be streamed, but only one definition: no choice of high, medium or low quality.
-Videos can be downloaded, in high or medium quality. No low quality option. Also, judging from the file size of the download videos, the
quality of the "high quality" files is really more like a medium quality video at other sites. And the file size of the "medium quality" videos is more like a low quality video at other sites.
For example, a video with a run time of 15 minutes has a high quality file size of 558 MB. And the medium quality file size is 170 MB.
-Only one file size for the photos. And since the photosets are a record of the video shoot, the photos themselves have little artistic or erotic
value. But if all you want is photos of naked girls, the pics will do the job.
Bottom Line: CONS (continued):

-Photos have a medium-sized watermark on lower right side.
-No biograhical data on the models except for age. But the age given is not tied to any date or video the model appears in.


-Theme is girls wearing nylons having sex.
-Small site catering to people with a fetish for nylons.

There is the normal variety of sex shown: masturbation, boy-girl vaginal and anal sex, blowjobs.

Site stats:
Videos: 25
Photosets: 25
The photosets are a record of the video shoot.

Most of the sites in the Teen Mega World network are integrated. So can search for a single model, and the results will include her appearances at all the network sites. Can also search by top rated scenes, your personal favorite scenes, type of sex scene (lesbian, anal, group, squirting, toys, etc.).

Join through the Teen Mega World site for $19.95/month, with the PU discount, which gives access to the NylonsX site.

Joining directly through the NylonsX site costs $29.95/month, and does not give you anything more than the Teen Mega World membership.

-Most valuable feature is that access to this site is included with a Teen Mega World membership. Teen Mega World, with a PU discount of 19.95/month, recurring, offers a huge network of hardcore teen videos. Many of the videos are good quality, and the network has hundreds of Eastern European teen models, many of which are very attractive.

Giving this site a score of 83. Site deserves that score because it's part of the Teen Mega World network. If the site was a standalone site, the score would be much lower, maybe 70 or less.

06-02-12  11:14pm

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Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Videos: Small watermark appears briefly at different times in a video.
Not obtrusive.
-Photos: Small watermark.
-No DRM.
-Videos and photosets have posting date.
-Site has a models list, which is a an alphabetical list/pages of the models, with a nice-sized thumbnail of each model, with the number of photosets and videos for each model.
-Very long period before site timeout.
-Can watch videos streaming or download. The streaming option is not very good. You get a small window to watch the video. Much better to download the video and watch it on your PC. Streaming option is OK to watch briefly to see if the video will be of interest. But trying to fast-forward the streaming video does not work well: the video stops playing, and it's hard to get it to resume at the place you want to try next.
-Zip file for photosets.
-Large number of models (320+).
Cons: -The software for viewing individual photos is clunky. There should be an easier way to view individual photos.

-Navigation is basic. It should be easier to browse through the photosets and videos. The videos and photosets are split into two separate sections, but it should be easier to browse through the site contents.

-The search is basic, and could be improved by being able to search for the title of a photoset or video, or being able to search for a specific
type of content such as type of sex action, etc.

-No model bio or information on the model is offered.

-One size only for each photoset. No choice of low, medium, high quality photosets.
Bottom Line: There are a number of attractive models at this site. The site theme is young teen girls who are amateurs. These are not girls being naughty, but
attractive young girls who are filmed on camera enjoying their sexuality: by themselves (masturbation), with their female friends (lesbian), less often with a boy. It's good clean enjoyment and fun, not dirty, not abusive, not rough.
-Large number of models (320+). The models are teen or early twenties, white Eastern European girls. Mainly slender, mainly small-breasted.
Number of models at this site: 320
Number of photos per photoset: 40 - 100 photos.
number: 800+
runtime: 15-20 minutes
size: 200 MB - 1 GB+, depending on which quality you choose.
Format: WMV
Definition/quality: medium, high, HD (the best, highest quality)
number: 1,000+
Photo dimensions: 1000 x 1500 pixels width x height.
Photo size: about 200 KB.
-Update rate:
1 photoset per day, average.
1 video every 2 days, average.

I don't know why the the photosets at 18 Only Girls are so unsatisfying.
The quality of the photosets is far below what you find at a glamor-style site like Met-art or MPL Studios, in terms of definition, appeal, etc. The style of the photosets is like what is shown at sites like Teen Stars Magazine (an archive site) or My Precious Virgins. Except that what
is shown at Teen Stars Magazine and My Precious Virgins is done much better. The photosets at 18 Only Girls are like a pale imitation of the
much better photosets at the other two sites. And compared to glamor photo sites like Met-art or MPL Studios, the photosets at 18 Only Girls are
almost worthless. The photosets are like snapshots from the 1960s or 1970s. Even though they are nude photosets, the 18 Only Girls photosets lack sexiness. My guess is that the lack of sexual appeal is due to the washed-out appearance of the colors in the photos.

Content appears to be shared between the 18 Only Girls site and the Young Legal Porn site. This is true of photosets and videos. I am looking at a
recent photoset at 18 Only Girls, titled
"Horny_coed_girl_striping_and_toying_her_snatch_1295819441_only_674", with the model named Drew. But even though the photoset is posted at 18 Only
Girls, each photo has a YoungPorn.net watermark.
There seems to be some confusion in naming The Young Legal Porn site: The Young Legal Porn site is called both Young Legal Porn and is also called Young Porn. The site is advertised as Young Legal Porn, but the address bar of the site itself uses YoungPorn instead, and the watermarks on the photosets show YoungPorn.net.

The videos, unlike the photosets, have value. The videos are professionally shot, and are very high quality: Good to excellent lighting, focus, definition, camera-work. There are a large number of videos at this site worth watching, as long as
you are satisfied with a softcore approach to pretty young teens: the sex is solo, or lesbian, or some boy-girl, but it's not hard-edged or abusive.

01-23-11  06:51pm

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Visit Teenamite


Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Multiple download formats:
--WMV: low, medium, high quality.
-Streaming: low, medium, high quality.
-Videos and photosets are paired.
-Content is dated.
-Screenshots and a photoset to illustrate each video.
-Zip files for photosets.
-No site timeout. Edit: there is a site timeout, but it takes hours of inactivity before you have to re-login.
-Videos are very high definition: Size 1GB+. But you get high clarity.
Cons: -Last update is dated 05 September, 2010. That's 2 months ago. Before that, they were updating about every 5 days with a video or photoset.
-Only 1 size for photos.
-Slow-loading system for viewing photos.
-The members page listing the site contents is cluttered with advertising for other sites.
-Models not listed for some videos and photosets.
-No model bios.
-Very basic search. Can search by name of model. Other search parameters are fairly useless (date added, title, top rated, most viewed).
Bottom Line: This site is part of the TonyBucks network, which currently has 11 sites. About a year ago I posted a comment that joining this site made little economic sense because you only gained access to this single site, and not to any of the other sites in this network, for a price of $29.95/month. And the contents of this site, by itself, did not justify a price of $29.95/month. A year later, for the same price, you can get access to up to 10 of the sites in this network, depending on which site you join through.
The TonyBucks network is teen sites. What makes this site different from the other sites in the network? I don't know. Many of the sites are interchangeable. But as a marketing ploy, they put some videos in this site, some in a different site, and each site is supposed to have a different theme. You could put most of the TonyBucks videos into one giant site, but then it would be much harder to search through all the videos. So separating the videos into different sites makes good consumer sense, except when they rename a video clip and put it into more than one site. But the duplicated videos are not very common.

There are around 73 videos and 73 photosets at this site.

Sample data for a high definition video:
runtime: 25 minutes 14 seconds
size: 1.12 GB
frame width x height: 1600 x 900
total bitrate: 6336 kbps
frame rate: 25 frames/sec

Type of content:
Sex in most normal varieties: vaginal, anal, bj, cunnilingus.
Mainly boy-girl. Some scenes where you have "group" sex, but it's not very groupy: you have a boy-girl having sex, and maybe 1 or more other people watching them, or maybe the other people are having boy-girl sex. A limited amount of 2 guys on a single girl. A few scenes of solo female masturbation or 2-girl lesbian action. But the basic theme is one couple (boy-girl) sex.

The sex is not rough or abusive. It's friendly sex between two horny teens.

The site is your basic hardcore teen site, with high definition videos that are professionally shot: good lighting, good focus, good colors.

The photosets are basically a record of the video shoot. But the photos are high quality, not screencaps, and worth viewing for themselves. This site has the best quality photos of the entire network. I don't know who the photographer is, but he should have been hired to do all the photos at this network. The photos are large size (about 400-1,000 KB each).

You are not getting the glamor-style videos of X-art or the glamor photos of Met-Art. But the quality is very good at this site.
On the other hand, the sex action is your basic sex, with less roughness than at many hardcore sites, but it doesn't grab your interest, or impress you.
I'm giving this site a score of 83, for the value of the site contents, and the network contents. The site would be very expensive to join if it didn't include network access.

11-09-10  01:22am

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Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Easy login. Enter username and password, which can be saved.
-Updates with new series and older series. Offering parodies of Mad Men, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Twilight, etc.
-Huge amount of content. 1722 Gb.
-Wide variety of content. 4637 movies, with wide variation of sexual activity.
-Can stream or download videos:
--Stream in high or low definition. Many videos can be streamed in HD (supposed to be higher than the regular "high definition" used at their site).
--Can download as high or low definition WMV file.
-No download limits.
-No site timeout.
Cons: -Uncheck the pre-checked agreement to join another site on signup, or you will be charged for a trial membership to another site.
-Poor search engine.
-Video quality (definition) could be improved. This is basic DVD quality video. Many PU members want better quality videos to watch, and will
complain about much of the video content at this site. But the newer material is higher definition.
-The only download format is WMV.
-No zip file for photosets.
Bottom Line: This is a major site in the netFameSolutions network. There are about 5 sites in the network that update consistently. The other sites have few to no updates. Many of the updates at the smaller sites are older clips from one of the 5 main sites.
The 5 main sites in this network:
Devils Film
Peter North
Rocco Siffredi
Silvia Saint
Silverstone DVD

The other sites in the network are niche sites.
Each of the 5 main sites is large, with a large number of DVD quality video clips. These are professionally shot videos, with good basic
technical features: good lighting, good focus, etc. There are a number of attractive models at each of the main sites.
The video quality is good, not great. Don't expect high-quality definition, because you will be seriously disappointed if you have that
expectation. Most of the video content is from 5-10 years ago or more. The videos have not been remastered to today's higher quality standards. But if you are familiar with the DVDs from 5-10 years ago, you will have a huge selection of video clips that cater to a wide range of sexual
preferences: mainly boy-girl, but also group sex (meaning 3 or more people in a sex scene); and there are niche sites that offer tranny, granny,
lesbian, MILF, Indian, etc. The quality of the newer videos is better than for the older videos. You do not get the HD quality of some sites, but the newer videos are nice quality.

The high quality clips are about
-400 MB for a 27 minute clip.
-total bitrate of about 2100 kbps.
-frame width x height: 720 x 400

Devils Film itself, like the other 4 main sites, has a wide variety of content. The content is mainly separated by category or series.
There are photosets, but they are useful for illustrating what the model looks like, and what the video action is. The site uses a software system where you can view each photo. But the system is really clunky and slow. You slowly load each photo as a thumbnail separately. You are supposed to be able to enlarge the thumbnail by clicking an icon, which might or might not work to enlarge the thumbnail. And to get to the next thumbnail, you click an icon, and wait for the thumbnail to load. A really stupid and slow system.
No zip file for the photosets, but most of the models in the photosets are not attractive anyway.
Search is basic and could be vastly improved. You can search by series, by name of model. The results for searching by name of model bring up clips at the Devils Film site plus other sites in the network the model is featured. But you have to know the name of the model for this to work. Not all models are listed for every clip. And there are other problems with the search. The model named Barbara at DevilsFilm is supposed to be in a clip at RoccoSiffredi, but the model named Barbara at RoccoSiffredi is a different model.
The price to join the network is $9.95/month, through PU/TBP. That gives you access to a huge amount of content of wide variety.

11-02-10  09:28am

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Visit Daring Sex

Daring Sex

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Content is dated.
-Currently updating. One new scene/video per week.
-The home page and inside pages are clean, with nice thumbnails illustrating the scenes/videos on offer.
-No ads to clutter up the member pages.
-No DRM.
-Long time before site timeout.
-Special PU discount for the first month of $9.95.
-The models are listed for each scene.
-The categories are listed for each scene. For example, one scene shows the following categories: Lesbian, Hardcore, Natural tits, Big Breast, Public nudity & voyeur. So you know who the models are, and what the action in the scene is about.
-Can watch the videos streaming, or download.
-There is a listing of the models. The listing has a nice thumbnail to show you what the model looks like.
-Click on the thumbnail of the model in the listing, you get a bigger-sized picture of the same thumbnail, plus the sites in the netFameSolutionsnetwork the model appears.
Cons: -The next step in integrating the model listing would be to not just list the sites a model appears in, but to have a hot link for each video the model is in, at all the network sites. Teen Mega World does this, and it makes search/navigation so much easier. But with netFameSolutions network (this network), you first have to login to your signup site, then switch to the site you want to examine (because you found a listing appearance of your model), and then go to the model listing at that site, click on her name, and that will bring up links to her videos at that site.
-Sometimes a streaming video will pause or stop. Not sure why. Streaming is only 240p or 540p, my download speed is about 1.3 MB/sec, so I should
be able to stream with no problem.
But I prefer downloading over streaming, and the download options have higher definitions than the streaming.
-Uncheck the pre-checked cross-sell at signup, or you will be charged for a trial subscription to a different site.
Bottom Line: CONS (Continued):

-Did not see a zip option for the photosets.
-If you save the photos, apparently there is only one definition offered.
No choice of low, medium or high.

You can view the photosets online. You can see each photo as a thumbnail or enlarged to a full-sized image. Then you can switch to the next photo in the series by using an arrow link.

-You can use DownThemAll (a download manager) or some other program to download the photosets. But zip files would be more convenient.


Site statistics:
Movies: 297
Average length of movies: 5 - 14 - minutes
DVDs: 54
Pornstars: 263
Hours: 92
Total Size: 81 Gb

Picture sets: 283
Pictures per set: 9 - 460
Zip sets: No
High Res: No

Streaming has 2 or 3 choices:
540p (their version of high definition)

Download in WMV or MP4 files:
240p (low)
480p (high)

240p (low)
480p (high)
540p (Web hd)
720p (hd)
1080p (full hd)

Videos can run 5 - 30 minutes.

A very nice addition to the netFameSolutions network. This site emphasizes artsy, sophisticated hardcore. Not gonzo. The lighting can be dark, to add atmosphere. They aim for erotic, seductive scenes.

The scenes/videos/movies are taken from DVDs the studio, Daring Media, puts out. There is a wide variety of sex on display: blowjobs, pussy licking, fucking by couples, group sex, masturbation, lesbian, voyeur, bondage, There is variety in the settings as well: nightclub, beach, in ancient Rome. There are many attractive models in the vids, in their twenties or early thirties.

I especially enjoyed the Roma series, set in the days of ancient Rome. It teaches you the proper way to live your life. The series starts out with a noble Roman commander, who says his daughter just died giving birth, and now he needs some distraction. So he and a male companion turn to a lovely brunette, who just happens to be lying on a couch in the same tent, and the two men fuck the brunette's brains out. At the same time, a third Roman, also in the tent, starts fucking a second woman lying on a different couch. You would think the commander, being in charge, would have a woman all to himself. But I guess that Romans/Italians think a second guy is helpful in getting the woman aroused, and in finishing her off.

The acting on the videos is not always entirely realistic, but it can be interesting to watch, at times. And it gives you an idea of how large the
Roman tents were, to hold all those women on their couches, when the Romans needed some distraction from the fighting and whatnot.

You get this site with access to the netFameSolutions network. And it makes a nice change of pace from their gonzo offerings. From earlier comments and reviews, this site will appeal to some people, while others will think it's a waste of time.

05-13-12  11:25am

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Visit Rocco Siffredi

Rocco Siffredi

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Can stream or download videos.
-They have links to porn review sites, including TheBestPorn.
-They have a short bio for Rocco Siffredi, the male star of the site. It lists his favorite drink (Vodka Martini, just like James Bond), and other facts that his fans might find interesting.
-There is an online store, where you can buy the latest DVDs featuring Rocco Siffredi, the Italian stallion (he was born in Italy, but now resides in Hungary).
-Easy login. Just need username and password, which can be saved. No captcha required.
-Can easily switch between sites in the network. Do not have to re-enter your username and password.
-PU discounted price of $14.95/month recurring.
-No DRM.
-Long time before site timeout.
-Part of the netFameSolutions network. You get over 20 sites included with membership.
Some of the bonus sites are small, niche sites.
But there are at least 5 major sites with a lot of good content. By good, I mean OK DVD quality videos, that are much lower in quality than videos at X-Art or 18 Only Girls or Young Legal Porn.
-Good download speeds. I regularly get about 1.3MB/sec, which is my max download speed.
-DownThemAll download manager works at this site.
-Can search for a model across all their sites. But the search will return the sites that the model's name appears at, whether that name represents a single model, or different models using that same name.
-The videos and photosets have the date they were posted to the site.
-Get a wide range of videos Rocco Siffredi has appeared in during his career, which spans more than 20 years. You don't get all of his work, but this guy has been in more than 450 porn films.
-Site updates with 1, 2, or 3 videos per week, along with matching photosets.
-Many times they don't list some or all of the models in a video.
Bottom Line: CONS (CONTINUED):
-Many models don't have a thumbnail to show what they look like.
-For many videos, only choice is 240p or 480p. Some videos have a 720p or 1080p option.
-The video lighting and colors and camera work are just OK, but far below what you can get at sites like X-Art.
-The prices for videos at the online store, whether you purchase the DVD, or download to own, are expensive: DVDs cost about $60; a download of the DVD is about $50 (you own the file for your own personal playback).
A much cheaper alternative would be to join a pay site, and download the DVDs at that site.
-Watermark at bottom right corner of videos is large and very visible.
-They appear to rotate content. I've been a member at this site several times before, and there are videos that I used to see here that are no longer posted. They were Rocco videos, so there shouldn't have been any problem with the ownership. I guess they just drop some videos over time. I wish they wouldn't.
-They have a photoset accompanying each video. But the photos in many of the sets are screencaps.


Site Stats:
Movies: 1373
DVDs: 266
Pornstars: 1318
Pictures: 8214
HD movies: 413 (out of 1373 total movies)

Videos can be downloaded in 240p and 480p. Choice of MP4 or WMV download. Most videos do not have a higher definition download choice available. Some videos have a 720p and 1080p choice for download.

They have a photoset accompanying each video. But many of the sets are screencaps. I see little value in most photos, because they are not posed or framed by a professional photographer, not lighted by a professional photographer, the colors (skin tones, background sets) are ok to tell what is happening, but nothing to appreciate or respond to in an erotic way.

Some photosets at Rocco Siffredi are better than screen caps. An actual photographer took the photos. The photos are framed, they have good lighting, good colors, etc. They aren't the high quality you would find at a photo site like Met-Art or MPL Studios, but they are definitely better than screencaps. If you are a fan of Rocco
Siffredi, these photosets could have value for you as an addition to the video of the same shoot.

But again, I think the photosets based on videos posted at sites like X-Art, 18 Only Girls, or Young Legal Porn have higher quality, actual eroticism, much greater appeal, than any of the photos posted at Rocco Siffredi. The photosets posted at the other sites could be collected. But only a fan would appreciate or collect even the better photos posted at Rocco Siffredi.

There are tranny/she-male videos at Rocco Siffredi.I don't remember seeing them before at this site.

The WMV file is 30%+ or more larger than the MP4 version of the same video. I can't tell if the increased size gives a better definition or increased clarity. Both versions are supposed to be the same definition. So download the MP4 version, because it takes less space.

As I already mentioned, the videos are just OK in quality. These are taken from DVDs. The lighting and colors and camera work are OK, but far below what you can get at sites like the 18 Only Girls or Young Legal Porn or X-Art. You look at videos from 18 Only Girls from the last few years, and even the 480p videos just look so much better (better camera work, better focus, better lighting, better colors, etc.) than the videos at Rocco Siffredi.

Maybe some of the sloppiness is deliberate: maybe they are trying to create an effect that you are viewing scenes that are unscripted. But I much prefer videos that show they are professionally shot, that look sharp and well-lit with good to excellent skin tones.

The main sites in the netFameSolutions network include:
Devils Film
Peter North DVD
Rocco Siffredi
Silverstone DVD
Silvia Saint

Each of those sites contain a massive number of videos. A large portion of those videos are hot. The videos are OK in quality, but below what you will find at sites like X-Art. The videos are more like the quality you will find at Teen Mega World. Except that at Teen Mega World, I believe that camera work (focus, lighting, steadiness of camera, framing, skin tones, etc.) is actually slightly better than the videos at Rocco Siffredi.

In addition to the massive number of videos in many different categories you find at the 5 main sites, you also get access to a large number of videos in niche categories at other sites: including: lesbian, creampie, tranny, hairy, etc.

I'm giving the site a score of 80, because of the massive amount of video content and the wide range of categories you get access to. If they improved the video quality, improved the search to make the site easier to use, and put nice-sized thumbnails of all the models so you know what the models look like, and listed the
models in all their videos so you can tell what models appear in what videos, and did a few other upgrades to make the site easier to use, then the score would improve.

11-20-12  03:54am

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Visit Try Teens

Try Teens

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -A nice number of fresh-faced girls (Eastern European). Many of the girls I have not seen before. Almost all the girls are ok to nice looking.
-No DRM.
-Long time before site timeout.
-Professionally shot videos.
-Choice of streaming, or can download the video.
-Each video has an accompanying photoshoot.
Cons: -Navigation is clunky and very basic. Each page has 2 videos with thumbnails of the model. That's the layout.
-No zip file for the photosets.
-Slow update rate.
-All videos download with the same name of i01.wmv, so you have to manually rename each video, and keep a manual listing of what each video is (model name + whatever information you want).
-Videos have no title or posting date.
-Videos are straight hardcore sex with same basic script.
-No search.
-Download speed varies widely. On a single file download, using a download manager, not downloading more than 1 file, the speed can slow to 20-50 KB/s, so a 874 MB video file can take 4-10 hours or more, which is absolutely ridiculous.
-Only 1 resolution for video downloads. No choice of hi, medium or low quality.
Bottom Line: Each video follows the same script:a guy walks into the small bedroom of a cute young girl, she smiles and waves, and strips, the guy makes stupid-sounding noises indicating juvenile enjoyment of what he's going to do to that luscious piece of teen meat, girl gives a blowjob, they fuck vaginal, fuck anal, more blowjob, guy shoots over girl's face and makes more noises expressing satisfaction.
The girl poses with cum over her face, smiles, waves goodbye, and leaves the room. End of video.

The videos are well lit, good lighting means good colors for skin tones, good colors for foreground and background (which is just a bed in a small
bedroom). The video is professionally shot: no jittery jumping around, clear view of the entire action, good close-up action, good shots of the
girl's face and body so you clearly see what the girl looks like. The sex is straight-forward fucking, the stunt cock seems to be enjoying himself (with all the grunts he makes), and the girl usually keeps a happy smile on her
face throughout the entire sex. The video ends with the girl smiling, waving goodbye, and leaving the room, while the guy makes happy grunting noises (which translate better in different languages than if he was speaking Russian).

The videos are high quality, the models are all teens and mainly attractive to very attractive. I wish the stunt cock didn't make all those stupid noises trying to show what a good time he was having. I wish there was more variety to the sex. These are luscious young girls, and they are
putting on a good show, but there is little variety and the sex gets to be boring in spite of the crystal clear videos and teen girls with cute or pretty faces and tight young bodies.

I can't empasize enough how clean and fresh-looking and cute these girls are: They are absolutely adorable, and they are as good as anything you will find on the cute-teen level. The girls look like they are the daughter of your next-door-neighbor, or the girls you can see at the mall or in church.

Number of videos at site: 185
Video runtime between 20-35 minutes.
Video file size about 575-790 MB.
Frame width x height: 960x540.
Total bitrate: 3145 kbps.

Each video has an accompanying photoset.
Number of photos per shoot: 140-450.
Only 1 size for each photo (no hi, medium, low).
Size of individual photos: 290 KB; 853x1280 pixels.
The photos are well-shot, much better than screen caps, but simple style, not glamor style photos.

Bottom line:
There are a large number of really cute girls. But the stupid sounds the stunt cock makes, the by-the-numbers-sex, the same setting of a small
bedroom, make the sex repetitive and less meaningful, almost boring. The videos are professionally shot, but some thought should have been given to what the guy does to the girl instead of following the same script time and
time again.

07-26-11  04:39pm

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