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Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + Sexy model interviews at the beginning of each clip.
+ Full intercourse worked in between blowjobs.
+ Consistently attractive models.
+ Good download speeds/download manager friendly.
Cons: - A little pricey, especially considering the amount of content.
- Only one update a week.
- The Web site isn't intuitive.
- Scenes are repetitive. (It is a blowjob site so somewhat expected.)
- Girls in a state of full or partial dress during sex scenes.
Bottom Line: Amateur Allure delivers on the blowjob niche. If you want to see hot girls happily sucking cock, that's what you get!

The new video updates are published in 1080p. Slightly older videos are in 720p. If you really dig into the archive the clips are lower resolution/bit rate. The production quality is consistent throughout.

The monthly rate is a negative for this site. Considering the amount of content, number of updates (currently once a week) and lack of any network access make $36 a month a little pricey compared to the competition.

09-16-12  07:26am

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Visit X-Art


Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Strikingly beautiful models. (Tend to be young/natural looking)
+ Sex scenes are well produced/shot.
+ 3 content updates a week. (Mix of video/galleries)
+ Good monthly rate. $19.95 without a TBP discount.
+ Content appears to be exclusive.
+ A large portion of the video content is hardcore, boy/girl.
+ Good mix of Euro and American girls.
Cons: - videos start with music and credits rolling before the action starts.
- Struggled with using the download manager on this site.
- While the models are beautiful, they tend to have favorite girls that show up frequently in the updates. A little more variety would be nice.
Bottom Line: I enjoy the young, natural models and have become bored with the handful of European sites using the same models, doing the same old sex scenes. X-Art is a refreshing change.

X-Art delivers on their tag line "Beautiful erotica". Many sites choose beautiful models, as X-Art has done. They take it a step further using creativity in setting up sensual sex scenes and know how to use the camera to accentuate the models and the sex.

If you prefer rougher sex (slapping, spitting, anal, etc.) you may be a little bored with this site. Aside from that, the sex is definitely not softcore. Most of the boy/girl sex scenes have some combination of blowjobs, handjobs and intercourse from every angle. I'd say about two out of every three videos is boy/girl. The rest are a combination of lesbian and solo.

The Web site is intuitive and easy to navigate. Videos can be sorted by update or most popular. The models can be sorted by popularity, newest model or model age. There doesn't seem to be a way to sort/filter picture galleries accept seeing them as they come in on the update tab or by finding a model and accessing the gallery through her page.

Overall a great site. Definitely a new favorite.

09-15-12  07:59am

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Visit Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Fantastic monthly rate if you include the TBP discount.
+ Beautiful women of various shades, colors and races. (Asian heavily represented but not exclusively.)
+ 3 network sites included. All sites in the massage category. (Soapy Massage, All Girl Massage and Massage Parlor)
+ Creative take on the massage/hardcore sex scene
Cons: - I'm a fan of massage with the oils but the goop they were using on this site was a little off-putting at times.
- A few too many fake boobs for my tastes.
- Scenes can get repetitive.
Bottom Line: Reading TBP's primary niche for this site made me laugh, "Wet N Messy Fetish". I saw it while writing this review and wanted to point it out.

On to the bottom line. Nuru Massage is a solid, hardcore porn site in the massage niche. If you enjoy the site of glistening, naked bodies rubbing together, this site is for you!

Nuru provides everything I'd expect from a porn site in 2012. Each video is streamed in a high quality Flash video. The videos are offered for download in wmv and mp4 format in 1080p HD quality. The download speed is acceptable. I'm not a picture guy but I assume they are of similar quality.

The content is broken up into the standard sorts. You can see them in update order. There is also the option to see the highest rated or most viewed. The user can also view the models and drill down to the content that way.

Overall Nuru Massage is a good site. As I mentioned above the goopy massage lube they used turned me off at times. Other than that I appreciated the novelty of lubed up naked bodies. Since the guy takes up some of the spotlight, I also appreciated they chose male models that were fit and not a distraction from the ladies.

09-15-12  07:02am

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Visit Club Sapphic

Club Sapphic

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: + A storyline is incorporated into the scenes that is easy to buy into and sexy.
+ Decent video quality: 720 x 408/4mbps
+ TBP discount
+ Some great regular models that appear in scenes with varying themes.
Cons: - Somewhat misleading depiction of the content from the non-member Home page and tour pages
- Older video content of poorer quality.
- Some of the models looking a little ragged.
Bottom Line: This is my second time back to Club Sapphic. My previous subscription was about ten months ago. At the time I gave them a fairly positive review. Unfortunately my return to the site hasnít been as positive.

The biggest issue I have is a change in the content provided. The site is sold as a general lesbian site with young, attractive models. When I joined previously there was some variation in the model body types -- some were more amateur looking with a few imperfections, some were more modelesque, some were older, some were younger, etc. but generally there seemed to be no theme around bodytype or age.

When I returned to the site recently there appeared to be A LOT of MILF type models in younger/older scenarios. Also, there was generally more women with tattoos and bad boobs jobs (of any age).

With the decision to take the site in the MILF/younger-older direction, They should really consider re-branding the site. I still found some good clips but overall it was a disappointment because it isn't my favorite niche.

I was also a little annoyed because the splash page when you first visit the site displays all younger, pretty models with no mention or reference to the large amount of MILF content coming out in recent updates. (About three pages into the tour you start seeing some screen shots of more recent videos.)

Doing a younger/older site is fine, just sell it that way!

01-26-11  07:20pm

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Visit Sapphic Erotica

Sapphic Erotica

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: + New content released as 1280 x 720 MP4s.
+ Recently updated a large portion of their collection to 1280 x 720 resolution, MP4 format.
+ Video also available as 640 x 480 MP4 and a smaller version for smartphones. All video options can either be downloaded or streamed in a pop-up window.
+ Large amount of content going back to early 00's.
+ Truly beautiful European women.
+ Daily updates (alternating between pics and video updates.)
+ Exclusive content.
+ Good site navigation and filtering options.
Cons: - The site design hasn't been updated in years. It's not horrible, just a peeve.
- Older content of lower quality.
Bottom Line: I usually make an annual visit to this site. Honestly, I was expecting to knock down my previous rating a couple points a few days into my subscription but then I ran into a couple pleasant surprises that inspired me to bump it up five!

Surprise #1 was the talent. During my visit in '09 Sapphic Erotica was still holding a high standard for the models in their lesbian sex scenes but I was finding more average looking girls in not-so exciting sex scenes -- still high quality but not the "wow" factor I had on my previous visit.

During my recent subscription to the site I discovered some great new models, as well as old favorites making new videos. The passion and excitement seemed to be back.

My second surprise was a site upgrade that occurred during my subscription month. (Fortunately, only a few days in.) The Web master upgraded the video downloads, all the way back to about 2005, to 1280 x 720 MP4s. (Previously wmv's of various resolutions.) When you get back to the video in 2005-04, the video is still decent 640 x 480 resolution.

That is a HUGE amount of HD content for any site. I preferred the MP4's to the WMV files that were previously available so I went back and downloaded all my favorites.

Overall this is a great lesbian site. There is a large library of supremely attractive models performing lesbian sex. (No solo or B/G available.) The sex is as "hardcore" as you can get without having a guy involved. They do take the high road with the action. There is no rough sex or extreme kinkiness. There is use of toys on occasion and some fisting.

01-01-11  01:39pm

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Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + Good amount of content -- if you sign up for the individual site or the network
+ 720p HD video
+ Great photography in the galleries.
+ Beautiful Euro babes
+ Good site navigation
Cons: - Difficult to search/browse across network sites.
- Only a few of the network sites regularly updating
- Not much variety across the sites -- pretty much the Euro teen theme across the board.
- Expensive. Access to the network is $34.97
- Some updates not indicated on umbrella site (Diesel Access)
Bottom Line: I've signed up to 18 Only Girls and Young Legal Porn separately in the past. This time I decided to sign up for full network access. Since PU does not list the umbrella site, Diesel Access, I randomly chose this site for the review.

I've enjoyed these sites but I have to say I was a bit disappointed with my latest subscription. Admittedly, my expectations were high with the price I paid but there were other issues as well. Let's start with the network. Typically, I expect some variation when you join a network. These sites were almost identical in theme and even shared some content. Basically 18 Only Girls and Young Legal Porn are the same site. Then there are a handful of solo model sites. These solo models also appear in the above mentioned sites!

Aside from my issues with the network they could also work on producing more original content with a larger number of girls. I only kept 9 video clips which is small considering the price I paid.

On the positive side there are some truly superb ladies on this site. I typically don't collect pics but I downloaded a bunch of them from this site. The site is easy to navigate and I had no issue with downloads or streaming.

To sum up, I would recommend this site to anyone into the Euro-teen genre. I'd suggest joining either 18 Only Girls or Young Legal Porn but not the network as it's just more of the same.

10-14-10  04:26pm

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Visit Viv Thomas

Viv Thomas

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + Good amount of content at a good price. (2600+ galleries/1200+ vids at $19.95 at time of review.)
+ Video clips offered in various formats - wmv, divx, mov and mp4. (Some formats missing from some videos.)
+ Newer video offered in 720p HD.
+ Many videos include storyline buildup and/or dialogue -- a pleasant change from some of the other Euro porn offered out there.
+ Web site is easy to use. There are various tools to browse and search the content.
+ Good quality streaming video
Cons: - At least some of the content is non-exclusive.
- Older vids/pics of lower quality.
- Some of the movies are broken into small clips -- i.e one sex scene may be 2-3 clips. (Probably limited to older movies.)
Bottom Line: I was looking at some of the older reviews for Viv Thomas and noticed many enjoyed the site for the picture galleries and considered it lacking in the video department. I had the opposite experience! I found I downloaded a decent number of video clips from this site. (That I kept!) I found their lesbian sex selection was superb. I guess you would call it hardcore-lesbian. They also have plenty of b/g and solo.

Technically, the site has good download rates and the newer videos are in HD. After some experimenting with the different formats I'd say go with the wmv or mp4 for the newer, HD movies but stick with the mov format with the older videos.

One topic that has come up various times in PU discussions (forum, comments, etc.) is how Euro porn has gorgeous women yet they are robotic mutes during sex scenes. Viv Thomas has done a good job breaking that model. They've recruited many of the hottest Euro glam models (Peaches, Jo, Nelly, Sophie Moon, etc.) and have them talking, acting and participating in story lines and it doesn't suck at all!

10-12-10  06:39pm

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Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Great price at $19.95/month through TBP.
+ Frequent updates - one video/photo update every other day.
+ Good amount of content (close to 1900 vids at time of review)
+ Access to 16 network sites
+ Recent videos are HD quality: 1280x720/4Mbps
+ Young, slim, petite and beautiful Eastern Euro models.
+ Plenty of hardcore. Some lesbian and variety on network sites.
Cons: - Video sex scenes are formulaic and can get boring.
- Site is a bit hard to navigate.
- Only two of the network sites appear to be currently updating. It's hard to tell though because I've seen evidence some updates are not being posted to the 'updates' page. The sites being updated are Teen Sex Mania and Teen Sex Movs.
- Some video/photo updates not being posted to the 'updates' page!
Bottom Line: Teen Mega World is the bargain basement of the Euro-teen porn industry. You get a ton of content at a reasonable price. Like any bargain basement of course you have to sift through the bins to find those hidden gems. (i.e. need some work on the navigation & updates page.)

Most of the models on this site are real beauties. Unfortunately, some poor directing/acting/production make some of the videos boring and un-sexy. Going back to the bargain store analogy, you do find some quality vid clips if you take the time to browse.

Technically I'll rate this site high. The videos are high resolution/bit rate, there are good download speeds and I had no issues with slowness browsing the site. Streaming is only so-so. They give you a really low resolution video that looks like Pac-man if you blow it up to full screen.

I am extremely happy the creators of this site wised up and included access to all the network sites with one subscription. At one point Teen Sex Mania was a stand alone site and then they played around with other groupings before just making it a one-subscription-for-all-sites model.

There are frequent updates but only the two sites appear to be receiving them: Teen Sex Mania and Teen Sex Movs. The other network site do however have a good amount of content and have only stopped receiving updates earlier this year. (Note: see con on update page.)

TMW is a must-try for any Euro-teen fan.

08-18-10  03:31pm

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Visit Girls Kissing

Girls Kissing

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + A decent amount of content. (350+ videos)
+ Good price at $16.95 a month.
+ Some good kissing scenes with beautiful women.
Cons: - Videos only available in AVI format.
- Low quality video. A random sampling of the files I downloaded shows 704 x 512/0.7 Mbps is close to the norm.
- Looks to be all non-exclusive.
- Odd Web site navigation.
- Some videos extremely short.
- No storyline or build-up in most scenes
- No model index and models not indicated on individual scenes.
Bottom Line: The producers of Girls Kissing are a literal bunch. What they give you is female porn models kissing, and that's it! It appears all the video is non-exclusive lesbian scenes that has been edited to show just the kissing portion of the scene. That means the video could be 1 to 3 minutes but some are closer to 30 seconds.

Girls Kissing is a disappointment in several other ways. The video quality is circa 2002. Though I yearn to see the cute blond and brunette sucking face up close and personal the AVIs I download are barely acceptable in full screen mode. The streaming is good for a preview but the quality is even worse than the download.

The Web site itself is functional but nothing fancy. You can click on the "Videos" menu and page through them in chronological order. There is also a "Big Videos" menu that seems to be all Japanese girls kissing. Either "big" is some acronym I'm not familiar with or maybe these videos are a larger file size -- who knows.

Updates come about twice a month. (Though they do give you 4-5 videos with the update.)

After the disappointing experience I had with Kiss Me Girl and now Girls Kissing I think I will need to enjoy my appreciation for the female mouth within the context of typical lesbian and hardcore sites.

08-02-10  05:59pm

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Visit Kiss Me Girl

Kiss Me Girl

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Site fully dedicated to beautiful women kissing.
+ Simple site design easy to navigate (for amount of content).
+ Model names included as part of video file name.
Cons: - Lack of variety in scenes.
- Only most recent 20 or so videos are offered as full length download. The remaining videos can only be downloaded in segments.
- No storyline or build up to the kissing scenes.
- Quality of video a bit behind the times. (Most recent videos: 500 x 278/2 Mbps)
- Small amount of content considering the age of the site.
- Infrequent updates -- maybe one video once a week? (There are no date stamps on the site.)
- Expensive considering what you get.
- Insanely long, 45 second credits before video starts.
Bottom Line: A few weeks ago I had the urge to find a really good kissing site. I found this site and I also signed up for another site called Girls Kissing. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a really good kissing site!

Technically speaking, Kiss Me Girl is a bland site at best. It's basically a black and teal column of video updates with sparse navigation.

Fortunately, there isn't much navigation needed. There are only about 80 videos. Of the 80, only about 20 are available in full length wmv files. Even the newest videos are only mediocre in resolution and bit rate (see above). This is a shame because this particular niche really needs those crystal clear close ups.

In a nutshell this site would be a nice addition to a network but as a stand alone site it's a waste of money. A good kissing site really needs the HD quality video. This site does have some hot models but if the picture is grainy or fuzzy it really does take away from the scene.

08-01-10  03:51pm

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Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: + HUGE amount of content (5K+ videos/2500K+ pics)
+ Web site easy to navigate.
+ I didn't actually confirm this fact but all network sites seem to be updating. If not, they all have enough content to at least be worth visiting.
+ Great variety in themes, women, etc.
+ There are common threads between network sites but there is enough difference between the sites so they can stand alone.
+ Some videos start off with a bit of a storyline (May be a con for some but I like it)
+ Great streaming videos quality. (Also, enough bandwidth to handle it.)
Cons: - The biggest negative is the tease of having HD streaming video while the wmv download files are of lesser quality (720 x 404/1.4Mbps)
- I was a big fan of the Mike's Apartment movies a few years ago. Both the beauty of the models and the quality of the directing has gone down.
Bottom Line: Reality Kings does not fail to impress! I joined up with the network when they had the $9.95 special. I didn't expect much but was pleasantly surprised it was such a high quality site with so much content.

RK is one of those networks that has something for everyone. They use North American, South American and Euro models depending on the site you're on. They also focus on some specialty niches like big natural breasts and MILFs.

Though they do have something for everyone I personally enjoyed most of the sites. Those who are not super picky will probably feel the same.

The site navigation is solid. You can browse by site or by model. You can also filter on categories. With so much content an advanced search feature would be helpful but what they have isn't bad.

I understand the marketing strategy of keeping the best quality video to streaming but it is annoying. I'm hoping it is merely a hard drive space issue and they are upgrading to provide the HD in other formats.

07-08-10  10:00am

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Visit ATK Petites

ATK Petites

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: + True HD quality video (New vids are 1280 x 720/3.8 Mbps. Older vids are good at 854 x 480)
+ Good quality streaming video
+ Exclusive content updated regularly.
+ Non exclusive content from network sites available. It's separated out from the exclusive content, which is nice.
+ Plenty of content (over 1500 vids according to the TBP stats)
+ Girl named Kasey -- hot!
+ There is actually a height/weight definition of what they consider "petite" -- 5'4", 110 lbs.
Cons: - No network access included with subscription. (Though there is some bonus content.)
- The site performance was fine when browsing but sometimes the downloads slowed to a crawl.
- I also had sporadic issues with the streaming video.
- Some of the videos got into foot fetish for some reason. (May be a plus for some.) Seemed like a random pairing with a petite site.
Bottom Line: I enjoyed my month with ATK Petites. They have a nice blend of really cute, American and Euro girls. I'm personally not heavy into the petite fetish but if I were I might be a bit disappointed. Though they use height/weight requirements the petite aspect of the models physique isn't always accentuated.

The newer videos are high quality HD and older material is still good. I did have some issues with slow download times. When playing these videos in the VLC player I had some issues with freezing and pixelating, especially when I used the slider. (I considered putting this in the "cons" section but this may be an issue with the VLC player.)

Overall ATK Petites is a solid site.

07-03-10  01:26pm

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Visit Teen Pink Videos

Teen Pink Videos

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Frequent updates. Looks like they are averaging about 3/4 a week -- both video and photo set updates.
+ Large collection of content. (currently 840 video clips.)
+ Decent price for what you get: $24.95 a month through TBP.
+ Nice mix of hardcore, lesbian and solos.
+ Video offered in wmv & mpeg
+ Newer video is decent quality: 1024 x 576 or 640 x 480 / both at 6 Mbps
+ Really cute to gorgeous teens. A hodgepodge of Euro, American, natural and plastic.
Cons: - I'm not a photo guy but there really isn't a photo set page to browse. (There is a video update page.) It seems the only way you can browse photos is by drilling down from the model page.
- Not many filtering/sorting options for the amount of content.
- Web site not designed for wide screen monitors so you get the narrow column down the middle.
- No Flash vids (or equivalent) for streaming.
Bottom Line: This is my second time joining TPV. I knocked it down a few points just because I feel they could be keeping up with the times a bit better -- especially with the guys from Twistys behind them.

There is some really great content on the site and frequent updates. The varying resolutions of the videos makes me question if they are all exclusive though I have no proof to the contrary.

The Web site could use a redesign, both to update the appearance and to improve functionality. There is no search or filtering. Only basic browsing functionality in update order.

Definitely worth the visit though.

04-22-10  04:29pm

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Visit Club Sapphic

Club Sapphic

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Great lesbian sex. I can't say it's "authentic" as I'm neither a woman nor lesbian but it's good!
+ Videos have a simple storyline and some build up to the main event. (In most cases not too much.)
+ TBP discount.
+ Can browse content in thumbnail or detail view.
+ A few really great regulars in the videos including Elexis Monroe and Samantha Ryan.
+ Models of different ages and varying body types gives some good variety.
+ Videos offered in segments or full download in a few different file types.
Cons: - Awkward and somewhat misleading site design.
- Confusing/non-functional rating system.
- Little used site functionality. (i.e. tags, blog)
- Mediocre video quality compared to the file size.
Bottom Line: With a little fine tuning Club Sapphic could be a really great site. The storyline and passion the models put into the sex scene is something overlooked on many porn sites these days. If you compare the acting to another popular lesbian site like Sapphic Erotica it's like day and night.

The producers of the videos are creative in how they build the sexual tension between the models. There is cheating, straight girls going lesbian for the first time and cat fights as a few examples that I enjoyed.

There are currently around 120 videos that you can browse on a fairly simple page with a detail/thumbnail option. One peeve I have is the release date of the update is not displayed on the thumbnail view. Otherwise it's easy to navigate with some different filtering options.

The site itself has a network feel to it though there really is no network. (Which is a disappointment after you learn the reality.) I'm guessing the webmaster has visions of a network someday but it ain't here yet! I'd suggest removing the network references until there are at least two sites.

Another confusing piece of functionality is the rating system. There is a 5 star user rating for each video, each girl and each site (LOL). There is also an "LN" rating, which I suppose is the webmaster's rating -- i.e. LN = Lesbo Network. When I tried to add my own ratings the mouse over effect over the stars made them fill in or empty as I went back and forth over them but when I clicked on a star it didn't save my rating.

There is also a "Like" rating for each video. I don't know if this is different from the 5 star rating but I basically gave up on rating stuff after a while.

When I started downloading from the site there was always an HD file type label but none of the movies actually had an HD video. (Another tease!) To their credit it appears that label has been removed as of today.

04-19-10  03:26pm

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Visit Her Sweet Hand

Her Sweet Hand

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Newer vids are near-HD quality.
+ Most models range from cute to gorgeous. A few straggler don't make the cut.
+ Good direction of models in scenes. (Granted, a subjective opinion)
+ In many of the vids the woman is also given oral.
+ Minimal dirty-talk from women giving handjob like on some similar sites. (Again, depends on individual taste)
+ "warm up" interviews.
+ Frequent use of baby oil. Both for handjob and to oil up the woman beforehand.
Cons: - Basic, no-frills site navigation.
- With older content there is a lot of inconstancy. Sometimes the full movie is not offered or one of the formats is not offered.
- I would like to see the jump to full HD.
- Infrequent updates to network sites. As far as I could tell Her Sweet Hand, Sybian World and maybe Perfect D are still updating. HSH has the most frequent updates.
Bottom Line: I almost don't want to like Her Sweet Hand because of it's shabby appearance and inconsistencies but I have to admit G. Picasso turns out some good content. That's what really matters, right?

Some of the models on this site are stunning. G Picasso takes full advantage of the fact and starts off each movie with a short interview, the model undressing (though they usually start off mostly unclothed) and having her rub oil all over herself.

The site is mostly handjobs but blowjobs and full hardcore sex is frequently worked into the scenes.

Overall it's a great site if you are a fan of the niche.

04-06-10  01:17pm

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Visit Fucked Hard 18

Fucked Hard 18

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Stunning models. Euro girls watch out! CA is catching up on you.
+ Great navigation features. Can use calendar to browse by date posted or browse by girl.
+ Good live sex cam page.
+ Weekly content updates
+ Great quality, near HD vids
+ Good quality Flash videos if you choose to watch online.
Cons: - Scenes somewhat repetitive.
- It would be nice to see some ethnic variety in the girls. (All white)
Bottom Line: Wow! Lately I've been feeling like I've seen it all and there is nothing new or exciting out there in the online porn world and then this site comes along and knocks my socks off!

I usually judge a site on how many videos I download and keep. This site comes as close to 100% keep as I've come with any site in recent memory. Really hot, oiled up women being massaged and then fucked. How can you beat that? I did delete a few clips just because the girls were only beautiful versus stunningly beautiful or the scene was hot but not super hot.

My only minor complaint is the video scenes are a bit repetitive. The guy gives the same interview and even seems to repeat the same sexual positions with each girl.

Over all a great site -- loved it!

03-14-10  07:35pm

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Visit Young Legal Porn

Young Legal Porn

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Great site navigation.
+ Plenty of search and browse options.
+ Decent video quality - 852x400/5mbps for new videos
+ Member section that shows top rated vids and photo sets tagged by members.
Cons: - Some repeated content across network sites.
- Saw one case where old vid was served up as a new update. Not sure if it happens more.
- Unable to use download manager.
- Tend to release updates for one model consecutively. Would be nice if they varied it up a bit. (i.e. If you are not fond of a particular model, you might see her in the updates for two weeks before it's the next model's turn.)
Bottom Line: This was my second time as a member of Youngporn.net. After a year and a few months I expected there would be a nice collection of new content for me to download. Unfortunately I only have 7-8 new keepers from the month I was a member. I think this is partly due to content being shared between network sites (I was a member of 18OnlyGirls a few months back) and the reposting of old videos. Because of this I knocked down my score from 83 on my last review to 79.

They have done a nice job updating the site navigation and the look and feel. They have tag clouds you can use for browsing and thumbnails that rotate through a few frames from the video if you hover over them with the mouse.

The women are spectacular. If you haven't been a member of any of these sites it's definitely worth trying a month.

10-18-09  07:50pm

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Visit American Vice

American Vice

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + Plenty of content: 2015 DVDs/12,000+ scenes
+ Good monthly rate at $17.95
+ Content categorized and good filtering options
+ Three video quality levels for downloadable clips
+ A lot of variety
+ Frequent updates
Cons: - OK video quality (680 x 480/2000k)
- Mediocre talent
Bottom Line: Looking at my pros and cons you may think my score is skewed. I didn't have a lot of problems with this site that I could call out but I just found the overall experience a bit bland.

Typically with sites of this size I enjoy spending hours plugging in different search criteria and finding those video treasures. With American Vice I just didn't have that experience. I felt I got through the site fairly quickly and only kept a handful of downloads by the time the month was over.

I also had a beef with the video quality. They use 680 x 480 resolution which is becoming a little dated. Some of the clips were actually wide screen embedded within the 680 x 480 full screen. This made quality even worse if I cropped the video to fit my widescreen monitor.

I don't regret joining. It was worth it for the price but I'm not supper anxious to re-join.

06-21-09  08:48am

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Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Good Web site navigation
+ Filtering/sorting tools to help you find photosets & vids
+ High quality streaming videos that start almost instantly and look decent on full screen
+ Daily updates (alternates between photosets and videos)
+ Good blend of BG, GG, masturbation and solo/striptease content. Solo is the largest category if you break it down.
+ Decent quality video: 852x480 / 2.4 Mbps
+ User comments on vids/photos
Cons: - Could use a little more variety in the model list
- Kind of weird filter tags (i.e. Jerker!, Toying, Close-up)
- Some of the older stuff looks familiar so may not be exclusive.
- Access to network sites either costs more money or requires you stay a member for a couple months.
Bottom Line: The 18 Only Girls Web site is a joy to use. They have taken advantage of many of the cool new technologies you see on cutting edge Web sites. They have "skins" that allow you to change the color scheme, tag clouds to help you search and a neat mouse-over effect on the thumbnails that creates a mini-slide show so you can see more of the video/photos without clicking the link to the download page.

Beyond the bells and whistles this site has a solid foundation. 500+ videos and 600+ photosets make it worth the money even without network access. I really enjoyed the novelty of streaming videos that worked well! There is also robust search tools and navigation.

To top it off there are truly beautiful women on this site. It is rare I skip a video because of the appearance of the model.

There is a decent amount of hardcore but it would be nice if they evened it out with the solos. The freebie network site Policemen.net is a throw away.

18 Only Girls is a hidden gem. I recommend it!

06-16-09  08:13pm

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Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + Beautiful, young and slender "nubiles" for your viewing pleasure
+ Large amount of content (2000+ videos). Hardcore & solo
+ Movies offered in divx, mpeg & wmv formats.
+ wmv movies HD quality.
+ Sufficient site navigation for amount of content.
+ Model profiles
+ Download manager friendly
Cons: - Site design needs an update.
- What's up with the girl in the ski hat?
- 2 network sites are a tease. Not much there worth seeing.
Bottom Line: Nubiles lives up to the hype. If you enjoy the young and perky niche this site is for you! It's not limited to the solo, artsy-fartsy photo shoots either. Nubiles have some great galleries but there is also some good hardcore, lesbian and masturbation videos to download and enjoy. (Check out the hardcore vids with Emy, Sage and Tiacox!)

Technically Nubiles is a solid site. It has adequate navigation for the amount of content and good download speeds. Flash videos are available so you can get a quick preview of a movie before downloading. The Web site should be updated for modern monitor resolutions.

The bottom line is Nubiles is well worth the $24.31!

04-30-09  07:23pm

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Visit Tiny Ass

Tiny Ass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Clean, easy to use site design
+ Part of Brain Pass network (51 sites included in membership
+ Site focused on underrated niche
+ Good quality video (720 x 480 2000kb)
+ Low monthly price
+ Consistently beautiful girls with cute tushes
+ Video offered as full movie or segments
Cons: - No hardcore sex
- Infrequent updates
Bottom Line: I gained access to Tiny Ass through my access to the Brain Pass network of sites. I thought this site was worth reviewing on it's own because it is a much-overlooked niche (in my opinion).

Typically if you see an ass or anal related site the trend is to go with the plump porn stars. I don't begrudge anyone of their booty but I have a hard time understanding why no one else has shown an interest in the tight, little asses on some of the more petite girls. Is it just me or do others find this a sexy niche?

Tiny Ass offers up some of the best European and American girls. All of the girls are thin, some athletic and all sporting a perfect little behind. There is no hardcore or lesbian sex going on (the main reason I didn't go higher than 79 on this review) but the girls are usually dressed in sexy outfits and using toys to tease and masturbate.

If you are a member of the Brain Pass network and enjoy the petite girls I recommend Tiny Ass.

03-22-09  08:36pm

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Visit Brain Pass

Brain Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Endless ways to navigate content. (i.e. Category, pornstar, studio, latest updates, etc.)
+ Insane amount of content
+ Some infrequently seen niches such as "Petite" and "Public Nudity". Some of the network sites also cater to less popular niches such as "Tiny Ass".
+ Videos offered in different sizes and either full scenes or segmented. Wmv & mpg formats
+ Ability to cross between sites without being reprompted for sign in.
+ Daily updates of 6-8 videos.
+ "Upcoming updates" feature
+ Good quality video (720 x 480 2000kb)
+ Low monthly price
Cons: - No HD quality/widescreen movies
- Web site design a bit crude (though functional)
Bottom Line: One thing that's baffled me about Brain Pass is once you enter the member area, you never see the brand, "Brain Pass" again! The umbrella site is called Pornstar Network and there are no sites in the network called Brain Pass.

Mystery name aside it is a great site, especially for the price! Brain Pass is one of those sites you can get lost in. You start browsing and you find a site or category that appeals to you and the movies in that one little slice of the site seem to go on forever.

With the the large amount of content and the great site navigation there truly is something for everyone -- and you can find it! They have solo girls, themed sites, fetishes, hardcore, softcore, Euro, American, you name it.

One feature I find useful is the "Featured site" on the Home page. It offers up one of network sites with a short description and the number of videos and photo sets. It changes with every page refresh.

To sum it up, Brain Pass is a great site!

03-15-09  08:45pm

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Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Huge amount of content
+ Some realistic sex/masturbation scenes in some of the movies.
+ Site broken up into categories to make for easy browsing
+ Frequent updates (5 per week)
Cons: - Some lower quality vids when you start getting to the older content
- Some movies only available as segments -- no full version available
- Seems to be a lot of so-so girls you need to browse through to pick out the gems
- Too much soft core (for me)
- Site design a little clunky
Bottom Line: Karup's Hometown Amateurs is a lot like the Batman movies to me. They never live up to all the hype!

Don't get me wrong, Hometown Amateurs is a good site. There is an insane amount of content so there is something for everybody. The video quality is decent and there are some attractive women and good sex scenes on the site.

On the flip side KHA could use a little work on the navigation so the users can find the movies/girls that are to their liking easier. The video options are also leave more to be desired.

This is a personal preference but I do prefer more hardcore sex on a site. If you're a softcore/amateur guy that won't be a problem!

03-14-09  08:38pm

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Visit Teen Sex Mania

Teen Sex Mania

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Thin, tall and beautiful European girls.
+ Great hetero hardcore sex
+ Male models similar age/physical shape (versus the fat, hairy middle age guy seen in too many of these "teen" movies.)
+ Clean looking site. Easy to use.
+ Good quality 1280 x 720 movies
Cons: - The price should be lower until they accumulate more content.
- No free preview/sample movies before joining the site.
- No network access or bonus content
Bottom Line: Teen Sex Videos was a refreshing surprise. I hadn't heard much about the site before I joined. One annoying aspect of the site is inability to see sample videos. All the teaser links go to the sign up screen.

Despite the teasing I took the risk and wasn't disappointed. Considering they only had about 60 videos when I joined I downloaded and kept more movies than I do with some sites that have videos numbering in the hundreds.

The women on this site are as-advertised. Sometimes you'll see the cutest girls on a site's home page to lure you in -- and sometimes you don't even find the content containing those girls! Teen Sex Mania uses the Home page beauties and more in some great, hardcore sex.

Technically Teen Sex Mania is clean, simple and easy to use.

03-14-09  08:12pm

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Visit Sapphic Erotica

Sapphic Erotica

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Good quality video (1280 x 720)
+ Great price for quality & quantity of content
+ Daily Updates
+ Extremely attractive European models
+ Good navigation, sorting & filtering options
+ Streaming Flash version of videos
Cons: - Some of the sex is robotic, repetitive and less genuine, especially in more recent videos
- Seems to be more use of dildos and toys in recent content
- Web site could use a redesign
- Older videos are poorer quality. (Though compared to it's peers, SA has had consistently above average video quality over the years)
Bottom Line: Sapphic Erotica was the first paysite I joined and I've been a member three times since. It was a pioneer in the Euro babe arena and still has some of the best sex scenes with the most beautiful ladies of Eastern Europe.

Since my first subscription to the site in Jan '08 they've made several improvements. The newer videos are now being published in 1280 x 720 resolution and streaming Flash video has been added if you want a quick preview or if you want to skip the download all together. There is also a more robust search feature.

The quality of the women and the sex is superior to many sites. On my most recent visit I've notice a decline in both the beauty of the women and the sex has become more robotic. Sapphic Erotica also has more competition these days so they need to keep it fresh.

Overall Sapphic Erotica is a great site. As a whole it is still one of the best porn sites out there.

03-11-09  07:41pm

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