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Visit ATK Exotics

ATK Exotics

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A re-review that I didn't think was needed until I used the new format of the site some more, one of the biggest collections of exotic women on the internet and the new format of the website makes the site work much better than before.
- Newer videos have a 1280x720 HD option, a small (.mp4) version, a standard .mp4 version and a standard .wmv version. Older videos have standard DVD resolution with .wmv and .mov files.
- New site formatting and layout is really nice. This may be hard for some to appreciate unless you were a member back in say 2007-2009. BL will expand on this.
- Newer picture sets are 3000 high end and come zipped, also has a custom zip option. Most of all the photo sets are at least 1500 long end, outside of the random very old sets.
- Search engine has improved greatly.
- Pictures, retain an amateur feel...done professionally.
- This one will also show up in cons, about 75% of the time, site is giving me 100% max download speed, very impressive.
Cons: - The biggest con is one I don't think I had ran into on here before, but the improved search engine could be making it easier to find these by accident. I understand that exotic means "different" to some, but women with hairy armpits and hairy arms and hairy legs have a place on ATK Hairy. I will go into it more in BL.
- I am still impressed by the update schedule that I talked about in my previous comment on this site, but it may be a little different than it first appeared to me, one of the day's updates, each week, looks to be from ATK Archives and while I listed 10 videos each week in the previous comment, it then dropped to 8 the very next week, then went up to 9 this past week. It's not a big con, but I did want to note the change.
- Only other one, sometimes the site is painfully slow. I do think 80% fast, 20% slow is pretty accurate. When it's in the slow speed state, I have to download 4 files at once to reach 75% of my max download speed.
Bottom Line: The majority of my feelings towards this new version or format of ATK Exotics are very positive. I don't remember how many updates they used to have, but it definitely seems like they are updating more than I remember and the addition of HD .mp4 files on the videos is nice though I have never looked to the ATK sites for videos, preferring their photo sets. The videos are improving too though.

I want to go into the one big con since it's purely subjective. I had noticed messmer's comments on ATK Hairy, about how some of the sets were going with too much hairy. I'm not against pubic hair and do prefer some pubic hair. I don't really care for the full bush, but if the model is hot enough, the full bush won't even completely turn me away. What's the deal with the women with more underarm hair than me? A few even have the outline of mustaches. I understand that it is natural for some women to have more body hair than others, but lets have them with their arm up in their thumbnail.

Seriously, it's a very big turn-off. I noticed one of the hairy underarm ones has her arm up in her thumbnail. That's not too bad to see since it's a small picture. I think the re-review score would have been a little higher if I hadn't started running into these extremely hairy models.

It's not a big con on the updates including a day of Archive content, but I did want to mention it as well as the movies going from 10 a week for 2-3 weeks straight then dropping to 8 then up a little to 9. Neither of these would stop me from recommending or re-joining the site since I think the site does most everything right.

Onto the good, I really can't say enough for the positive changes in the site. I don't know when these changes went into effect, but they weren't completely there the last time I was member which was in January 2011. The search engine is much better as well though they still have the tags I don't see as very useful, but the ethnicity tags seem to be working perfectly and it's a multiple tier search so you can easily search for "Latina" then specify the year "2011" and it works.

Also am very happy to see them doing more sets of black women. They did some in the past, but now, at least for this month, the black models are getting as much coverage as any of the other ethnic groups.

Glad also to see the HD videos. I also don't think ATK's sites need to go to 1920x1080. Even though I download the videos of the models I like, I prefer ATK's pictures of them and the videos are just like icing on the cake at their sites so 1280x720 is plenty good for me, they also are not the overly huge files, most of the HD ones are running in the 500 MB range.

I tried the custom zip feature out. I don't think I remember a site having this that I have been on or I may have missed it in the past. You click to create a custom zip and it lets you pick what resolution you want, though this changes based on if there is a higher resolution available. You then see the images in the set and click each one you want added to the zip. Pretty nifty feature. It reminds me of Videobox's old "make your own clip" feature.

One thing I noticed that the new format has improved. I am finding models from 2006 that I did not have in my collection that I wanted. I do think this is because of the much easier to use site and search engine, but it's just as much showing how bad the old format and search engine were too.

It's hard to believe in this day and age of porn sites refusing change, that just 3 years ago this site's navigation was terrible, they only offered photo zips in parts and more times than not, I would visit it daily for the first week then wouldn't go back until near the end of the membership. This time, I have visited daily and allowed it to recur because there have been so many models that I have missed in the past that I can now find. They deserve the praise for that. Do something with the hairy models, like keep them on ATK Hairy or even slap a "Hairy armpits" icon on them. I don't mind that others like that, but I doubt those who do and join a site like ATK Hairy would want to see quite a few perfectly shaven models either on it.

In closing, the speed of the site and speed of downloads is seemingly the best I have seen when it's going good. I hadn't seen my download speed go that high on any site, but it does have its slow time which could just be peak hours. It's a fair enough trade off since the fast time is more frequent than the slow.

On recommending it, I would recommend it over all exotic/ethnic model photo sites now and even to those who have been a member in the past because it does come off as a whole new site. They also do have a few free cam shows each month, but they're never on when I have access to the computer.

01-16-12  05:08pm

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Visit ATK Exotics

ATK Exotics

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Amount of content of ethnic/exotic women is most likely unmatched. Tons of content.
- Site finally has full photo set zip downloads instead of the sectioned zips it had for years.
- Photos range in technical quality, newest updates are in the 2000 long end range. Also seems to vary based on photographer.
- Navigation has improved, but also has cons. Pros, the model search allows multi-step searches, will explain more in BL.
- Can't really nail down when the video quality improved, looks to be the last 2-3 years, still not HD, but the videos are at least in full scenes, DVD quality now instead of parts. See cons for the other side.
- The site is working to improve and listening to the members.
- Models still are some of the best exotic/ethnic models on the internet, especially on the black models.
Cons: - Older videos are still split into small (20 MB) parts. I guess I'm at the point where I won't even download those anymore.
- Navigation has improved a lot, but I still don't like the way it lists models by whatever classification you put in. Will explain in BL.
- Probably not a site for video only fans as the photos are generally better than the videos.
- And with most amateur/early porn career sites, there are some really bad looking models. To each his own there, but it could be a con for some. The good looking ones far outweigh the bad ones though.
Bottom Line: I hadn't been to this site in over 2 years. I was hoping when I joined this time there would be some positive changes and there are. The full photo set zips is worth 5 points to me. ATK sites, to me, are very good sites for photo fans because they have nice, crisp and clear photos so the full scene zip is greatly appreciated.

Navigation has been an issue in the past with this site. They have a search now that I think is on the right track. For example you can do these steps.

Select letter for the first letter in the name, I'll use A. Once you do this, you can start refining the search by then choosing age, build, height, race, breast size, pubic hair style and photographer. You don't have to pick a choice in all. If you just want Latinas and don't care about the other choices you can just search for Latinas with the letter A starting their name or you can get downright picky and pick Latinas, 21 years old, hairy, etc...

To show how this works. If I go with the letter A to start my search and click, "build" it gives me these options large, medium, thin, very thin. In comparison if I start the search with models with Z as the first letter in their name, my build choices are only medium and very slim. So it really works in that sense.

And when you pick say "medium" in Z's, it removes the models in Z's that are not medium build. This is really nice search engine, but lets say you're not real patient or don't want to go through all those steps and just want Latinas by using the quick jump feature. It takes you to a page of names with no thumbnails and it's titled like this.

Volume 194, (model names). That's not of much use at all. I'm not even for sure how the volumes are classified or if there is a method they list them in. I'm guessing it has to do with newest released sets, but it makes the quick jump pretty much useless. It's okay for me since I don't mind digging through with the search engine to find the specific type of models I like, but I still think there has to be a better way to list the models than the "Volume 194" way.

Still, as a whole, the navigation has improved a great deal. Some of the quick jump options also seem pointless though like "dime pieces" what qualifies as a dime piece?

The models will surely satisfy most fans of exotic/ethnic models, Latinas, black, Indian, Asian, Islanders, they got it covered on the models part.

Movies, while some are good, most aren't. Many of the good ones are the older ones cut into parts. I don't see me keeping a lot of these movies. The photos on the other hand will nearly all be kept. It's not often you find this many beautiful ethnic models in one place in really nice photo sets.

Overall, the site impressed me much more than I expected it to since I had become so frustrated with the part scene zips for the photos. With that fixed, improvement in the navigation and the continuing generally good looking ethnic models, I'm back to recommending it highly.

01-13-11  12:24am

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Visit ATK Exotics

ATK Exotics

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - As with all ATK sites, tons of material on here. Gives a sometimes needed turn of the nose to the blondes.
- Pics are not high resolution which also is normal for ATK sites, but they are downloadable in zips, and very clear.
- The movies are pretty good, but they do have faults, the overall quality is nice though 600+x near 500, good bitrate also.
- There are literally dozens of models, I've never seen
- Download speeds are slightly above average
Cons: - Videos are in parts just like ATK Galleria.
- ATK sites come off as being done by formula, if you've been a member on Galleria, you know exactly what Exotics looks like and how it works.
- This is sort of one that I may just have. I don't know a lot of these models by name. I'm more into Euro models usually, so I spend a lot of time just scanning the thumbnails
- I think like Galleria that the price is too high considering the piece together video clips.
Bottom Line: I always feel strange reviewing an ATK site. Great quanity, well above average quality, steep price since most of what you are getting are photos, but there is something that always keeps me coming back to them.

This is hard to believe, my first time being on ATK Exotics, I had looked at the preview and like with many things in porn, we each have our own definitions of what is something and what isn't. Like with what is hardcore. Or in this case, what equals an exotic.

I've never been a huge fan of Asian women, no offense, I just don't usually go for slim women. The black and Latina models on ATK Exotics are very good, plenty of curves, but not too many. The pic quality is good, really the "quality" is good, meaning clear pictures that show what we porn fans are wanting to see. Resolution leaves a little to be desired, videos have good enough resolution, but they are cut into parts. So nothing is really outstanding, but nothing is that bad either.

What you do get with ATK Exotics is a whole new porn experience from the normal site. You won't find any surfer girls from California, or any real pale models that look hungry. You get the other side of modeling here. The Latinas, the black girls who if you are into black girls, ATK Exotics has you covered! There are some very pretty black models on this site.

I definitely recommend it for a month if you are into non-blondes. I just think ATK should change the name to ATK Ethnics instead, but that is just me!

08-21-07  12:51am

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Visit ATK Petites

ATK Petites

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Another site in the ATK line of sites, do not take the score as the deadset score. There will be an add +5 or -5 at the end of bottom line.
- As with the other ATK sites there is a lot of content, newer videos are HD, pictures are still the big draw here and are zipped, will explain sizes in BL.
- Really good download speeds, actually reached speeds I hadn't reached before.
- While there is a theme here, "petite" most models in the 18-24 range fit the petite group, so there are a lot of models.
- Going to go out on a limb and will further in BL when I say this site is like joining a best of ATK, since you get content from all their sites except Archives, as long as the model is petite.
- Navigation is pretty basic and easy as long as it's working.
- I couldn't tell you the update schedule since it seems to vary, but there does seem to be daily multiple updates, will further in BL.
Cons: - To me there are two big cons with this site, one will be completely subjective, the other will be more based on your experience with these sites. They are:
#1 Programming nightmare, missing thumbnails by the dozen for the first 3 weeks of my membership. I will give them credit because it looks like they fixed it. There are still other problems, I've seen videos with parse link errors, no clue what that is, just know it means I can't download the video. I have videos that are corrupted and had a few zips that were corrupted too.

#2 Exclusivity. As a collector, exclusivity is one of the most important things to me. There is a high percentage of models here who have no content exclusive to this site. It does however come from one of the ATK sites. That's why this is subjective based on your experience. I joined ATK Exotics in December/January, ATK Premium in January/February, ATK Galleria in February/March and ATK Petites in March/April. I have a lot of Petites content already.
Bottom Line: I'll jump right in where the cons left off since I ran out of characters.

Though I numbered it as #2 con, my biggest con was the amount of overlapping content here on ATK Petites. If I hadn't been to the other ATK sites, I would probably be rating this site in the 90s, but I have, estimating, 60% of the content Petites has that I would want from my memberships to the other ATK sites. This is straightforward enough by them in the videos where you will see ATK Premium watermarks on videos, ATK Galleria, ATK Exotics, etc...

It's not straightforward when I join though. The preview lets me see all the models and # of photos, # of photosets, # of videos. It doesn't tell me that I may already have 50-100% of those from their other sites. I have complained in the past about DDF doing this, so it's only fair that I stay consistent and complain here as well.

It's not to say this site is a ripoff or isn't good. As it is, I give it an 85 because there is a good amount of exclusive content here. The score would have been a little lower if the programming problems hadn't at least shown some improvement, which they did a few days after I posted the comment about the missing thumbnails.

Here is a very small example of how exclusive the content is to this site. From March 25th-March 28th, there have been this many updates.

32 photo sets
16 videos

Those are staggering numbers. That's 48 combined videos and picture sets in 4 days, or 12 per day.

8 of those sets are exclusive to this site, that's pictures and videos. So, 8 of 48 are exclusive to this site. That's roughly 16% exclusive. Having had memberships to 3 of their other sites, it means I have most of this content.

The update schedule is impossible to list because it changes daily, one day they had 12 photosets, another day they had 5 photosets and 6 videos.

Okay, enough bitching. ATK sites are fun sites. You're not going to find much if any airbrushing in their photos, you're going to see newer models and you'll also find old sets of current hardcore stars doing innocent photosets as a newcomers. I do get annoyed by the hairy sets and the even worse, "scary hairy" as they have them tagged, but overall, the girls range from cute to very pretty. It's not close to glam. Nearly all sets start in very normal clothes from jeans, shorts, skirts with some lingerie mixed in.

The newer picture sets have 3 zip sizes, largest is 2000x3000 resolution and vice versa. Petites can be a little confusing here since some of the newer sets from their other sites are not as high resolution, but most of the newer sets are the above number. They do have a custom zip feature that works when I have tried it.

This is an in-between one. The videos are very hit/miss. Most of the girl/girl videos aren't very good. The solo videos are the best ones on the site and usually these are worth a download. The boy/girl videos are borderline poor. I'm not talking about technical quality either. They are poor in the sense that you don't get a believable feeling from the scenes, it's very clinical even. I had the same feeling about Nubiles boy/girl videos too so ATK shouldn't take it too personally. I do get the feeling that a lot of these girls are not comfortable on video, just like I get on Nubiles videos, if they're not comfortable, I would rather see more photosets of them because the photos are really good.

Technical quality on the newer videos is good, at least a year, maybe two years of HD videos, but I really think if you're here for the videos, you're going to be disappointed.

This was my first time as a member on Petites or I would have known that most of the content comes from the other ATK sites. I do think the ATK sites have made big positive strides in their site design, navigation, search options and they continue to get tons of models.

My advice is if you prefer one of the niches like hairy, exotic, to try one of those if you're just starting out with these sites, but if you want a really good overview of all their niches, Petites would be a very good place to start. If you've been on their other sites in the last few months, I can't even recommend Petites because you're going to see a lot of content you have already seen.

As a new, non-biased towards genres, member, I would recommend this site as the one to join. It's like buying a greatest hits album by a band you're new to.

If you're new to the ATK sites or haven't been to them in the last year or two, add 5 to the score for a 90. If you are not new to the sites and have been on the other ATK sites recently, take 5 points off for an 80.

03-27-12  11:23pm

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Visit ATK Premium

ATK Premium

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Very unique site, settings, outfits, everything is just different from what the norm is with Euro girls
- In the 300s now in models, with usually 5+ photo sets and at least 1 video, the more popular models have 10+ photo sets and 5+ videos each.
- Picture resolution is good enough, but could be bigger, on the other hand, the scenery, backdrops, etc is as good as you will see
- See the other side of the models which I like
- Has b/g, g/g/, solo, posing everything you could ask for
Cons: - Little false advertising in the videos. You can download full "parts", but there are multiple parts, if you downloaded them by clips, it would take 10+ clips for one scene. Or in parts, usually 3. So it really isn't full clips that you are downloading.
- It is not a 100% exclusive site, not even close anymore.
Bottom Line: This is still one of my favorite sites, despite the big boo-boo on videos. I enjoy seeing the regular side of the models, but only if they are not one of those tease models that never takes her clothes off. My favorite Eve Angel has a set on here where she is making jewelry, sure enough, that jewelry she is making is the same I've seen her wear in other sets. Which shows a down to earth, non-materialistic side to the models.

I do question the "Premium" part in the name, though I do like this site better than the other ATK sites. I only join this site about once every 6 months, but it is mainly because I know I can pick up everything I have missed in a month or so.

Don't think it is just a site about showing the model's personality or anything like that. For example, the newest video update is of the gorgeous Zafira in a b/g movie. I've followed her career, and that I remember she hasn't done b/g that I have seen, though I do know she had a Killer Grip handjob clip. There is plenty of hardcore here, plenty of girl on girl, and plenty masturbation. Throw in seeing the other side of the models and I think you have one heck of a site.

I think it is a site that you have to give a chance to. Because of the nature of most of the picture sets, some of which have backdrops as beautiful as postcards from European countries, that shows a beautiful woman's shadows in the sunset, then you flip it over and get her hardcore clips! Highly Recommended, 1-2 months max at a time.

Knocked off 4 points for poor customer service. I sent email to ask about a certain model, nothing was returned. It is still recommended, but just don't try and ask the customer service any questions.

06-24-07  01:07am

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Visit Aziani


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Boobs, boobs, and more boobs, it is like being a bra maker
- Nice trial price that I let rebill for one month, and am pleased even with paying for a full month
- Rachel is reason enough to join, then you add Eva Angelina, Jenaveve Jolie, and boobs, boobs and more boobs and you get the picture.
- Videos are good quality, though there is some variation in quality depending on age, newest videos are HD
- Pictures come in zips, but I have ran into a few that came up empty, fixed this problem by using winrar instead of winzip and renamed each file to .rar instead of .zip or the webmaster mistake of .htm
- Download speeds were very fast for me
- Includes access to 3 other sites, though I spent most of my time on this one.
Cons: - Damn independent billing, talk about driving my obsessive compulsiveness up the wall. I checked my email probably 10 times just to make sure I had canceled.
- Kind of more softcore than I was expecting. Most of the women on this site are in very hardcore movies, so I thought this would be the same.
- Boobs, boobs, and more boobs can get boring after awhile.
- Those webmaster mistakes that I mentioned in naming the zip files.
Bottom Line: Rachel Aziani is a beautiful, big boobed model and here she brings along a bunch of her big boobed friends.

One model that I hadn't heard of that I really fell for on here is Mariah Milano, then you throw in all the ones I knew of, and overall, you have to like the overall selection and variety. Though they all have big boobs. Not all are natural though.

The movies look good, even the lower quality ones, and the HD movies look great as expected. Only thing is, I really don't know that I will keep a lot of these HD videos from this site.

The pictures are high resolution and zipped, but you will run into some zips that are named wrong, and if you don't fix it, you won't have any pictures.

The bonus sites weren't that great. Raquel is a little too far up the "older" meter for my tastes. Plus the quality is much lower. Amber is pretty, love her eyes, but again, a drop off in quality and even Rachel's solo site has a drop off in quality from Aziani.com.

Oh and the kink site isn't working for me. "Tickle" fetish? What the hell? I can think of at least 5 other things I want to see a woman do before being tickled, and no, I don't really believe balloons are real fetish, especially when the women have DD boobs.

I would join just for Aziani.com, and did not take anything off the score for the bonus sites. Definitely would recommend the trial for pretty much anyone into porn, 1 month is recommended as well, but the trial could be enough for some to get the top models.

04-19-08  10:39pm

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Visit Babelicious


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Very high quality, pics are huge (biggest I've seen, upwards of 4,000), vids are also very high quality.
- Plenty of sexy Euro models
- Decent nagivation, comment section that webmaster also posts on
- Updated daily + bonus sites!
Cons: - Music in vids, no, no, no!
- Not 100% exclusive
Bottom Line: Overall I was happily surprised with with Babelicious. The bonus sites are much better than most network sites have. My biggest problem was that I had seen some of the material on other sites, but I can at least say Babelicious' duplicate material is of higher quality. Kind of like getting your favorite cd in remastered version.

The bonus sites are bonuses for a reason, none look to have a whole lot of work put into them, but really they aren't bad at all. One thing that was a little frustrating was having to sign in on each site, no big deal to most, but I try to use odd screennames and passwords, and sometimes forget them. That is just minor though.

The quality of the pics will really blow you away. Maybe there are bigger pics out there, but I haven't seen them if there are. The bonus sites will give you the b/g sections if you prefer hardcore which is something that I am glad to see more and more of these model (solo, g/g sites offering) it shows that reviews are being read since that is usually a big complaint of lack of b/g content. Now we need to discuss this music though. I probably saw my first porn in the late 80s/early 90s. It was from my uncles porn stash. I still haven't got that music out of my memory, bom-chi-chi-wa-wa. I much prefer hearing the women's sounds than music. Outside of that, I would call this site a site to watch. It is a little confusing at first, but with time you get used to switching from site to site. I recommend it.

04-30-07  10:35am

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Visit Babes.tv


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Recently realized this is not Sexy Babes website, and joined, is loaded with content that I haven't seen before of some of the world's top models, not just Euros!
- As mentioned, exclusive content and it really is exclusive.
- Videos are good enough quality 640 high end with 1000 bitrate
- Pictures are 1500 high end and in zips.
- Excellent download speeds
- Great selection of tops models, I really thought this was a Euro site, but there are plenty of American models here as well.
Cons: - Not quite as good as the Babelicious network, but a nice diversion for exclusive content
- Price does worry me a little seeing that the Babelicious network has more content and is $10 cheaper, but then again it isn't all exclusive content.
- Older videos and pictures are of lesser quality
Bottom Line: I have noticed this site before, but honestly didn't realize it isn't the sexybabes site that comes with the Babelicious network.

One big plus you will always get with sites from this company, is excellent customer service.

The top models range from some of Euro's finest, a personal favorite Anetta Keys to some of America's finest as well, like Cindy Crawford. There also is a little of something for everyone. Some Hardcore, some g/g, some solo. The quality when combined with exclusivity is impressive.

Picture sets that are newer are 1500 high end, older sets come in at 1000 high end and all are available to download in zips. Movies also vary in quality, but overall, they are good enough. Not excellent or mind-blowing though.

One thing I would like to mention is that I clicked on an old favorite of mine, Taylor Ann, only to get Taylor Rain content, not for sure what happened there, but that was frustrating since Taylor Ann content is hard to find.

You also probably won't have too much trouble with navigation, but it could be made better, without question. It just seems out dated is all.

This site kind of falls into the category for collectors of certain models, since this is exclusive content, but I think it has enough overall content to appeal to the casual porn fan as well.

If Twistys was all exclusive, this would be it. Not as much content, but all original. I recommend it, as I found very few major complaints and the exclusive content seals the deal!

04-19-08  11:29pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - One of the biggest reality American networks on the internet.
- Some really impressive add-on site offers to members, including some sites with full access for as cheap as $1.25 for two days unlimited access.
- New sites are starting to takeover the network and compliment the sites that are no longer updating, will explain in BL.
- Good download speeds, has me in the 95% max range of my max speed.
- Navigation for a network is surprisingly good, site has went through a change or two in navigation and now seems to be settled into an easy to use, minimal mouse click format, explain more in BL.
- Newer videos are 1280x720, which at this point, I prefer since the 1920x1080 videos eat up my hard drives.
- Billing system is not well-known, but I have had two different problems and received a reply in less than 24 hours to both.
- All scenes have at least a screencap zip download of screen capture "pictures" and most have a separate photo download of more posed pictures of the model.
Cons: - As much as I have taken advantage of their upsells to other sites, it could be a con for some.
- Seach design can be frustrating since some of the search results will be for one of the sites you have to subscribe separately to.
- Coding in page has problems with Firefox downloading, had to switch to Chrome and it works fine with Chrome.
Bottom Line: As the other American reality sites have started to slip, Bang Bros, to me has improved. Besides having a newly designed site with much improved navigation, they are now offering some really good deals on upsells. With the price to Bang Bros itself dropping to just $14.95 a month, it does leave you some spending room to add a few of those upsells too.

I admit, I was worried about adding upsell sites because the biller wasn't that well known. All worries were pushed aside when I had a billing problem, sent them an email and in less than 2 hours, they replied and fixed the problem. To my knowledge, they are the only one of the major American networks that can say they have responsive customer service. It made me feel more comfortable with adding upsells.

I won't name the site, but it is an old solo site that has been reviewed here several times by others, that the model retired from. It has over 200 scenes. One day when I signed in, I had a popup that said they wanted to give me a gift as a loyal customer and gave me full access to the solo site for $1.25 for 2 days. They also have a Spanish network that looks really good for $24.95 more. They have the Super Pack which has 4 sites of theirs that used to be stream only, but are now allowing downloads, you can get that whole pack for $24.95 too. They add several sites here and there that are $9.95 to add.

What made me raise the score though was they are adding new sites to their Bang Bros package too. They aren't updating as much as they used to, but they do add, on average, 3 new updates a day. Bang Bros has seemingly always tried to follow the trends in niches in porn and you can see it in their newer sites. It's nice seeing a site keeping their roots strong, while willing to take some chances too.

I'm going to review one of the newer sites separately because I enjoy it so much. I think Bang Bros and Brazzers have nudged Reality Kings and Naughty America out of the top networks because they keep improving.

There are subjective cons that I will go into since these don't bother me too much, but I know they do others. Most of the models are American. There are plenty of natural models on the sites, but you do get a lot of implants and probably even more tattoos. Another is that the guys on the sites can be annoying. I do think they are annoying sometimes, but I also think they're pretty funny usually. Even if in a goofy way.

To me, they do what nearly all networks are trying these days and do it the best. They try to create scenes that look believable with the help of a little imagination or even fantasy. Their newer sites, Latina Rampage, Porn Star Spa, Brown Bunnies, Magical Feet all have a niche covered in them, some even cover multiple niches. Though I should mention Magical Feet hasn't been updated in a few months so it may be going to archive status too.

On sheer numbers, this is what I figured up.
Total sites just in Bang Bros membership: 42
Total scenes available: 5221 as of 5/1/2012

It seems like each time I sign in they have a new site, a few of the very newest ones, Chongas, an excellent Latina site and Dorm Invasion, a run on the "what girls do for fun in their dorms".

Video quality over the last 2 years has a high option at 1280x720 in mp4 format. I prefer these to the other networks high quality ones just because of filesize. The average high quality scene on Bangbros will run between 750 MB to 1 GB, whereas the other networks are posting videos in excess of 2 GB each.

The old "low clickage" navigation rant of mine from the past is very good on the new format of Bang Bros. You can download the video, photos and screencaps with just 5 clicks with no page loads. Unlike a lot of sites where you have to click photos, go to photo page and click, click to go back, click to movie page, click to download preferred format, click to go back to the scene, click screencaps, click to download. Yes it annoys me that much! Bang Bros newest format has all the download options just two clicks away. I think I broke a dozen mice over the years going through this click, click, click process.

Not only are the new sites updating, but some of the old favorites that have been around since the beginning of this network are still updating as well. I like the blend of the old formula with new sites trying to bring in new twists.

I just keep letting my membership recur, being sure to cancel whatever addons I have added and plan to add more of those upsell addons in the future. My only real complaint is that Firefox doesn't recognize something in the coding so you can't click "Do this automatically" in Firefox's download dialog box. Chrome does it handle it well without problems as does IE so that's not too frustrating.

I don't like comparing them and Brazzers or any of these sites, but just like I now really enjoy Brazzers, I also feel like Bang Bros has made the strong similar improvements Brazzers has. I recommend it very highly.

05-01-12  05:44pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round, home of the Bang Bus, multi-cultured models everywhere, booties, boobies and 20+ more sites. Just behind Reality Kings in the network battle.
- I'm not seeing any DL limit whatsoever, downloaded 12.2 GB from Bang Bus and didn't hit any limit.
- Video quality has improved, especially the bitrates that used to be 500, those are now from 1,000-2,000. Resolution is 640 high end.
- One of the few porn networks that actually has some pretty funny content on it, though that can be distracting.
- Pretty good navigation from site to site, doesn't require re-login, new version of the site does seem to run faster with faster download speeds too.
- Good TBP Price
- The Brazilian Grinder Paola Rey is on here! Watch those hips go and be traumatized for life trying to find a woman that can do that!
Cons: - Pictures but no zips, damn it.
- Content can become repetitive
- Humor in porn can be a bad thing.
- More advertisements than a Sunday newspaper. Sadly, some of the advertisements look better than their content.
Bottom Line: I've been with this network for years, all the way back to when it was called "The Ox Pass". The original and best reason to join this network was the Bang Bus site. That is as real as reality porn gets. Man and woman, sometimes two women having sex in the back of a van while someone drives them around on interstates and highways!

I can remember chuckling at their old demand of the women, "Sing Wheels on the Bus while blowing me". The girls, for the most part, thought it was hilarious too. Very good-natured porn. The site is a bit repetitive now, but it is still people having sex in a van as they pass other cars.

My favorite site though is Ball Honeys. The models are rarely skinny, have plenty of curves and they earn their money!

There are five sites that stand out to me.
Ball Honeys, Bang Bus, Tug Jobs, Ass Parade and Big Tits Round Asses. The other sites are hit or miss. Some updates on those are pretty good, but some are reaching the "boring and dull" point.

You get more than 20 sites, I'm counting 29. I think most are still updating. They have added some amateur sites to their network,and look to be true amateur content as none of the girls are familiar. The site Facial Fest is another favorite. I've seen only a few of these girls, still updating too. They have the Penny Show, if you remember that. They also have the very small 2003 content from Spring Break Spycam.

A few sites of note: Newbie Black, mostly amateur black girls shooting their first scenes. This is a newer site, it has around 60 videos and updates weekly. I've enjoyed this site so far.

Can He Score: Serious humor going on here. There used to be a dating show on tv where little balloons popped up with the girl's perceived thoughts of her date. Can He Score is the XXX version of it. The humor can be too much at times. Beautiful model in doggystyle on top of a table and out from her head pops a bubble, "Wonder if he has a brother" then "....A sister?"

It is pretty entertaining though. Kind of like watching Mystery Science Theater for porn.

The technical quality is the only real issue with the network. Videos do range in quality from site to site and older ones are bad quality. The thing I never understood, they have pictures, as many as 400 per video and 400 screencaps too, but no zips! I think pictures are important to reality porn since you can look at the surroundings, the passing people and see that it is really isn't set on a porn stage. They really are walking down the streets you've been on.

Reality Kings tops them on that one and in overall video quality. Site design is similar, models are similar, and both are, dare I say, fun networks. You won't find many slim models on this network. You also won't find a lot of fake boobs either. Lots of natural curves, some would even say chubby/fat, but I like their models as good as any sites.

Definite recommend, just be ready for some cheesy humor and all out goofiness.

08-04-09  04:15am

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Visit BangBus


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - More goodness from the crazy Bang Brothers network
- Price is good for what all you get, $24 for 15 sites
- Movie quality is a still nice 640 on high end
- One of the few sites that actually does humor right in their porn
- Download speeds are in the average to above range, getting 900kb/s on 10M connection
- If you enjoy the basis of the site, the repititive quality of it is a good thing!
Cons: - Repititive content could bother some
- Not for sure if I consider this a con, but everyone seems to be going to HD or at least close to HD. As long as these clips are, that would be a huge file to download
- Tries a little too hard to be funny all the time, humor should be in moderation
- The basis of the site seems a little less dangerous as did a few years ago, maybe add something new like parking the bus in a parking lot?
Bottom Line: Bang Bus was my first exposure to reality porn. I guess it was 3 years ago or so. Since I have a voyeur fetish, this site really pulled me in.

The humor will bother some people, so be warned ahead of time. The guys running the camera and driving act more like a bunch of 30 year olds trying to be frat boys than serious porn makers. I would imagine this humor goes over better with the American members, not for sure why, but there is very little on this site that would be considered classy.

What you do get is a funny, terribly acted script that these guys pick up a girl, pay her to expose herself, then keep paying her until she goes from innocent girl walking down the street, to hardcore nympho from hell in the back of a bus. I still like it. Just not as much as I used to.

Most networks these days, this one included, look the same as they did when they started out. Please update look!

The movies are very good quality. There are pictures, but the pictures are not high res and they are not downloadable in zips. I use them just to see what the girl looks like, sort of a preview if you will. This site is still the best in the reality niche. Mainly because you can't pay traffic to just appear and drive by the bus. This is very real. I've seen videos on here where the other cars beep their horns. Some of the girls seem to be shy, since they end up in the floor instead of in the seat. Still, recommended for those who are into voyeurism and/or hardcore sex.

12-10-07  09:04pm

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Visit Bella Pass

Bella Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Fairly large network of 6 solo model sites and 1 multi-model site.
- High quality on nearly all sites.
- Network is an even better value if you like the models that have a high amount of content. I will list amounts of content for each site in the BL.
- Seems to be quite a bit of interaction with the models.
- Download speeds will vary from site to site, but never drops to a bad level.
- Navigation is excellent for a network, it includes and easy to use drop-down box that allows you to move from site to site without the hassle of signing in on each.
- I personally find all of the models attractive.
- No cross-sales on registration and ads are non-existent in members area as well. It's one of those sites that should get some bonus points for clean site design without annoyances.
- There is some, though not a lot, more hardcore scenes on the sites. So it's not all just softcore or just masturbation.
Cons: - The webmaster explained in replies of my Bryci review. There are no photo zips. If nothing else, I feel like it should be mentioned since photo collectors will see that as a dealbreaker.
- Download limit has been raised to 12 GB per day and I really don't see it as that bad unless you download the 1920x1080 files. I've somehow found moderation in my downloading over the years and am having no trouble with the download limit.
Bottom Line: I did a separate review for the Bryci site which is included in this network. I felt like it was quite a bit better than the other sites and deserved it's own standalone review. First thing I'm going to do is list the numbers for each site. I will count these numbers by using a manual method of X amount of scenes per page multiplied by number of pages. I will use this method of describing them (standard video = masturbation/tease. BTS = Behind the Scenes. Webcam = webcam archive)

Ava Dawn - 32 standard videos, 15 BTS, 4 Webcam, 42 photo sets.
Bella Girlfriends - 7 standard videos, 61 photo sets
Bryci - See my separate review. This is by far the largest site in the network. The numbers are for combined types of videos (329) and photo sets (280) candid photo sets (62)
Hunter Leigh - 24 photo sets, 0 videos.
Katie Banks - standard videos (112), Webcam (127), photo sets (172), candid photo sets (131)
Lexi Mason - standard videos (16), photo sets (28)
Monroe Lee - standard videos (18), webcam (25), photo sets (111). candid photo sets (5)
Talia Shepard - standard videos (49), BTS (19), Webcam (112), Photo sets (118), candid photo sets (38).

If you notice one model missing, Renna Ryan, the content was up the first few days I was a member, now the site is giving me a "content not available" message when I sign in. She also is no longer listed in the BellaGirls, so I guess that was just bad timing since it was there just a few days ago.

I bring this up because Renna was an extra selling point for me since I have always liked her. On the other hand, the site was relatively small and the last 6-8 videos were during her pregnancy. Overall, her site was a disappointment so I don't think you're going to miss it much.

If you will also notice, several of the models have more webcam archived videos than anything else. I do like these, but there's no way, short of watching everyone of them to say what percentage is just talking or teasing or masturbation.

I was not familiar with any of these models except the aforementioned Renna Ryan and Talia Shepard. Talia's site is above average, so if you like her it's worth noting that it's one of the bigger sites on the network. I even found a new one I'll be watching for more content of, Ava Dawn, who I wasn't the least bit familiar with.

I went to the oldest videos on each site and it looks like all standard videos have the full selection of video options. I'll list them again:
MP4 - 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x360
WMV - 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x360
Flash - 900x506
3GP - 352x288

As I mentioned in the Bryci review, I prefer the Flash ones for the combination of good quality and the files are not overly large. If anyone has trouble playing Flash videos, I use either VLC or Windows Media Classic Home Cinema.

The content mostly follows the same path from site to site. It's mostly softcore teasing and masturbation. I'm not for sure if the hardcore number is high since several of the hardcore scenes I had seen on here were on the Renna Ryan site.

Picture sets have a viewing option of 1500x933 or vice versa and 4000x26xx or vice versa. These pictures are very good, look to be professional shot so without zips, you're going to need to be ready to right click, save as on the ones you like.

The webcam videos are decent quality, look to be in the 360-480p range and are entertaining.

It's worth noting that several of these models, Bryci, Talia especially, have very good personalities and can pull off these 40ish minute webcam shows without a hitch. I still haven't seen a live webcam show, but it's more based on me never having a chance to sit down and watch one, so these archived ones are a nice addition.

As a whole, the network averages over 1 update per day. In the most recent months, there are these numbers.
January 1-28: 39 updates.
December 2012: 47 updates.
November 2012: 39 updates.

So it's an active network as you can see. I will touch on the no zips one last time since I think the Hunter Leigh site shows the downside of no zips. It has no videos, 24 photo sets and no zip downloads. She's a very pretty/cute model, but without anything to download, I probably won't visit it for more than a few views of pictures with nothing left to show for the membership to it.

I do think this network as a whole is good though. It helps that I really like Bryci and Talia Shepard. Having their videos in a high number like the network has offsets the cons. I don't think Renna's site would have helped or hurt the score any since it did look to be relatively small. If memory serves me right it only had 2 pages of videos, 2 of photos and maybe with her pregnancy she didn't want the content posted anymore.

I'm going a bit high on the score based on liking the Bryci site so much. The network is worth a join if you like solo models and especially if you prefer videos.

01-28-13  01:00pm

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Visit Black Ice Pass

Black Ice Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Nearly all black porn, some stretching the truth exists as some of the darker Hispanic models are being listed as black, but it's one of the bigger collections of black models on the internet.
- 210 DVDs, 1,100 scenes, 466 of the scenes are listed as having the 1920x1080 resolution option.
- Has more photo sets than ZTOD, nearly 750 photo sets are available though to my eye, they are most likely just screencaps, but are at least zipped.
- Has over 20 scenes with some of the top black female stars, a real rarity in my opinion, since finding 3 or 4 scenes of some of these beautiful models is hard to do.
- Comes with access to ZTOD and 3rd Movies
- TBP discount of $19.95 makes it a good join for all of these rare scenes.
- ZTOD hasn't updated in nearly 3 weeks, but Black Ice Pass has updated in the last week, so maybe they will continue to update it.
Cons: - Download speed is a pain on this site. Seems to download even slower than ZTOD. I downloaded two HD scenes over 1 GB each and had to wait nearly an hour for them to download.
- May not be the most popular thing to say, but black male pornstars are available in nearly all mainstream porn, interracial porn, too many of these DVDs are black men with white women. I'm still waiting for some site to deliver a black woman site, with white men, black men, Asian men, etc...
- One of the most disappointing things for me, one series I was looking forward to downloading, The Big Ass Slumber Party series is here, 7 or 8 volumes of it. I've found these scenes in the past to be some of the best lesbian porn I've seen. I go to download a couple of the older scenes and received broken link messages that the videos were not found. This happened on all but 2 scenes in volume 2.
Bottom Line: The main thing you're going to get here is some truly beautiful black women in hardcore sex. The problem is the site itself. DVDs titled, "My wife was robbed" featuring black men with white women. Blah, blah, blah, it's redundant after the 1,000th scene based on bad black man taking advantage of sweet, innocent white housewife. The site does sell itself on its black female models. If you go to the main page that's all you'll see. So, why they are pushing typical interracial DVDs out is beyond my comprehension.

I can't complain about the quality. Nearly half of the scenes are available in 1920x1080 resolution, the pictures are nice, though small and they are zipped.

Broken links plagued many of the older videos they have on here and if not broken links, then half the video options they usually have are not working and you end up downloading a low quality DIVX file. I think someone's tech crew took an extended break.

If you're familiar with Pinky, they do have a few of her videos and even a couple of her DVDs. These usually are lesbian DVDs, as I do believe Pinky is a real lesbian, not just a for pay lesbian. You end up getting some of the most believable and realistic lesbian porn on the internet with her DVDs.

Download speeds, just tested while typing out this review, on one of the newer scenes, 1.15 MB/s. I top out in the 3.0-3.2 MB/s range so you can see, I'm maybe getting 1/3 my best speed and less than half my average speed. Important to note that some of these scenes are well over 2 GB each. You're going to be here for awhile if you want the HD versions.

It's still hard to completely slam the site for its technical problems because you're going to get a very nice collection of black models if you stick with it. A couple of favorites with large amounts of scenes include:

Cherokee Dass - 25 scenes, Delotta Brown - 13 scenes, Tia Sweets - 10 scenes, Angel Eyes - 10 scenes. Tia seems to be more widely available, but Delotta doesn't have nearly enough content on most sites, but the 13 scenes here make this site worth joining for me just for her scenes. Also 16 scenes of Candice Nicole.

The questionable use of Latina models as black can be seen easily with 11 scenes of Ice La Fox. I usually favor Latina models, so I'm not really complaining as much as I am saying, if you're going to sell your site as a black model site, have black models.

On its own, I would probably still join it one time. Once combined with ZTOD and 3rd Movies, it is still a very good deal again, the archived movies are worth a month membership. My only way I've found to combat the slow download speed is to download 4 scenes at one time. Even then, the combined speed is still only around 1.7 MB/s. Recommended, especially if you're having trouble finding black models, but I can't say it would be worth more than a one month join.

05-31-10  11:58pm

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Visit Blue Angel Live

Blue Angel Live

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Blue Angel has seemingly came a long way from her earliest shoots. A beautiful blonde with a great personality.
- 78 scenes as of July 20, 2010. (scene breakdown in BL)
- Exclusive content, but not completely exclusive from the other 21st Sextury sites. At a quick glance, roughly 10 of the 78 scenes are available on Club Sandy as well. Though most are just backstage sets.
- Pictures are zipped, the maximum size continues to be 1280x852 or vice versa. Eventually this size photos will become a con. The zips and nice photography keep them here for now.
- The oldest 22 videos on the site have a "high" option to download that is 1280x720, the other 56 videos have the "ultra high" option that is 1920x1080 with 8000 bitrate. Will go into this more in BL.
- Nice mixture of solo, g/g and b/g content.
- Navigation is quite simple since there are only 3 pages of content.
- Probably the best place to start at if you want to collect Blue Angel content.
- Fast downloads, 95% of max DL speed
Cons: - To start with, the site only updates once a week. In the last few months, every other new update is a backstage or "fun" set, so if you only join for a month, you're only get probably 2 actual porn updates in a month though a few of the fun ones are tease, so if you're into the tease sets those could be positives.
- The overlapping content with Club Sandy. Some isn't that noticeable since they are the backstage sets like, "Blue Angel and Sandy cooking" and you may not have even noticed those on Club Sandy, but a few are easily noticeable like the 3 part Sex Bunnies set that has been on Club Sandy for awhile now.
- Backstage and fun sets either have no pictures or 20-30. For some reason, I've always liked backstage and fun photos more than videos.
Bottom Line: Since this site doesn't have a member review, I thought I would throw one in. First, Blue Angel is one of the better "newer" models. She reminds me very much of a mixture of Sandy from Club Sandy and maybe a touch of Sophie Moone with more of a kinky, hardcore side. To me, there is a lot of appeal there since she looks quite innocent until you see her fisting herself or sticking a huge dildo up her butt or having a threesome with two guys.

I understand the ideal 21st Sextury has here with this site, but honestly, they could just remove the content of all their models, slap each on a main page up and say they have 900 solo sites. The content in this site is not any different than Blue Angel's content on the other 21st Sextury sites.

Here are some breakdowns that I found interesting.
Boy/Girl sets - 7 including two b/b/g sets
Girl/Girl sets - 20 including several with more than 2 girls.
Solo - 22 sets
Fun/backstage - 29

In the site's defense, a couple of the "fun" videos are solo sets of Blue Angel, listed as "private sex tapes" that are her masturbating without all the gloss and glam. A few are also sexually playful with other female models and I really like the tease videos. Especially the one showing her flexibility in skin-tight white pants. Oh and interesting note if you've ever been to California or lived in California. She has one backstage set at Los Angeles' restaurant Madeo, which I think most people who have been to California have been to at least once. Also a set with Sandy in San Diego. My only real problem with these backstage/fun sets is that some of them are more focused on Sandy than Blue Angel. No offense meant to Sandy, but if it's on Blue Angel's site, I expect her to be the focus.

The technical quality of the videos is very good. These are the options for the newest 56 videos.
H.264 (low) 640x360
WMV & H.264 (medium) 960x540
WMV & H.264 (high) 1280x720
WMV & H.264 (ultra high) 1920x1080

No joke, the low H.264 is not bad at all if you're pressed for hard drive space. The ultra high is crystal clear and most are well over 1.0 GB for each full scene.

The oldest 22 sets have the H.264 low option and the medium and high options are only available in WMV.

I do think they need to consider upping the size of the pictures. They've made big steps with their video technical quality, but the picture resolution is the same as it was 4 years ago.

The site is good, but it could not stand on its own, in my opinion. It's very similar in that sense to Twisty's Anette Dawn site. It works nice as a bonus site, but unless you're a huge Blue Angel fan, it just wouldn't cut it. I would like to see them do more with her, especially in the really glam sets like the one titled "A Lonely Afternoon". She's really a gorgeous woman in that set. She also has good energy in all of her sets and seems to enjoy the action, bordering on nympho in the b/b/g sets. Wouldn't recommend it as a standalone site, but it's good as a bonus site.

07-20-10  01:07am

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Visit Blue Fantasies

Blue Fantasies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Really nice site layout and navigation
- Great price at $20 for nearly 600 pic sets and 350 or so videos
- Pics come in at a nice high resolution, zip format available as well
- Vids are upwards of 700 on high end 2000 on the bitrate
- Models, models and more models, there are very few that aren't on here. Eve, Aria, Amy Reid, Veronika Simon, and who is soon to be a favorite of mine as soon as I find more content of her Ayanna.
Cons: - Going to have to play pick on something that is great, how about if the videos weren't as softcore as they are. Could be a con for some.
- Music in the videos, I'm hoping that Shap and the other webmasters pick up on this complaint, the music on these aren't as bad as some I've heard. You can still hear the moans so I can deal with it.
- Bump the pics up in resolution and the videos up to HD, and I'm out of nitpicks
Bottom Line: Blue Fantasies for me is what Twistys would be if Twistys went to a higher quality format. It could be called Twistys Premium and the name would fit the bill. The shots are a little more of the glamourous side, videos are softer, but it is still full of high quality, beautiful models.

This is a hard site to complain about. It doesn't sell itself as hardcore, so I know that I can't complain about that, but to give those reading this an idea, I mentioned it in case they were wondering. It is a much bigger site than I had anticipated. I was expecting maybe 1/4th the content that they have. The navigation is really good, site works similar to Twistys in that sense. When a site turns me on to a model there has to be something high quality about it. Ayanna is gorgeous, and I seriously have never seen her before.

The content is exclusive, I'm guessing to the Twistys' sites. I love the Anetta Keys content on this site, they do good work with her. Videos are good quality, downloads are about average speed for me. I have used a download manager so that is a plus. The site puts you in mind of a classy glamour site that has a naughty side to it, which is a good thing in today's porn world of 300 cumshots to the face in one scene.

Overall, I plan now to re-visit 3 or 4 months from now and give it another go around, which means I definitely liked the site. I wish other sites would take a nod from these guys on how to deliver what the customer is paying for. Highly recommended!

08-13-07  01:41am

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Visit Brain Pass

Brain Pass

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Most everything is of average or better quality
- You get dozens of sites in this network that cover most niches
- Good value overall with clips that go back over 10 years since release to new material
- Updates daily
- Decent navigation for so much content
Cons: - Enough with Peter North and Lex Steele! Five or six of the sites are of these two.
- Picture quality is average, very average 800 is the largest I have seen.
- Eventually, you will get lost, trying to navigate from one site to the next.
- Older videos, notably some of the best content on Sliverstone Video are cut into parts, no full scene downloads on those.
Bottom Line: Last year, I would have gave this network a 90. I joined last month to see if things have changed any. My answer was "no". The site feels old. It is almost a mechanical like site, nothing ever that new or fresh comes along. There are some really great sites here, Silverstone Video is my personal favorite of the site, but there are over a dozen that I will rarely if ever even look at.

Too many similar sites, "Load my Mouth", "Sperm Cocktail", "Swallow Me POV", "Deep in Cream", "Cover my Face", "Peter's Cumshots". That is six sites that are all based around cumshots, put them on one site!

I understand that there is a crowd for gay and nude male porn, but those sites are not going to be any use to me, check it out, "Boys Casting", "Fuck that Twink", "Crotch Buffett", "More than a Girl" (shemale), "Barely Twinks" and "Handy Stud". That makes 6 sites that are no use to me or I would think 75% or more of their members.

Then we have Peter and Lex, "Club Peter North", "Lex on Blondes", "Lex POV", "Peter's Cumshots", "Lex Big Cock Movies" and "Lex Interracial". You combine these 3 groups and right there is 1/3 of their 50+ sites.

They are guilty of wanting that, "Our network has 50+ sites with it" tag. The score is still better than average because of Doghouse Digital and Silverstone. Eve Angel fans, there are 2 videos of Eve b/g on here, and they aren't bad since the guy is Lesley Taylor, who she is comfortable with. Overall though, it is not worth the money for me.

05-14-07  12:36am

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Visit Brazzers


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 06-06-11  02:57pm  (Update History)
Reason: Gave credit for a site that's on another network I'm currently on too, removed that part, sorry about the confusion if anyone saw it.
Pros: - A re-review that sees a +15 points change from previous review. A big network that focuses mainly on big boobs, many that are implants, but not all and some fun niches have been added or have grown since I was last here.
- Going to be impossible for me to figure out where the 720p and 1080p videos started, but I do know as far back as September 2009, from browsing, so about two years of those HD and true HD videos. 5 points added to score for this since it was required to stay a member 6 months when I was last on it to get HD downloads.
- Newer HQ pictures, not screenshots, go up to 2500 high end, which are real studio shot photo sets with each movie. Screenshot packs are also available and both are zipped.
- Download speeds hit right at my maximum I can receive, though at times, I do notice a slight 15% dip in speed.
- Navigation is good enough for a network.
- Network updates on average twice per day, 14 since last Monday.
- Doing better with the ethnic models too!
Cons: - The obvious big con here is the amount of implants. I did a estimation once before of 50% of models on here having implants. I am seeing newer more natural models like Abella Anderson, also seeing more Latina, bi-racial models. So this is still a con, since if someone doesn't like implants, tattoos, it's not the best site to jump right into, but there are some really nice, natural models starting to show up.
- I won't beat this to death, but they still have my favorite hardcore exhibitionist site, Asses In Public, but it hasn't been updated in nearly 3 years. I'm sure there is good reason for it.
- I think like with the other networks, if you get bored easily, join for a month, come back for a month 6 months later and so on. The niche/story heavy sites will get boring to most of us after a month or so.
Bottom Line: I guess you could say Brazzers took a little blue pill on their score. Though I should mention on my original review of Brazzers, I gave them a 90, first re-review dropped to 77, now up to 92.

The previous time I joined Brazzers it was to download the Asses in Public content since the external hard drive I had it on had crashed and I loved the AIP content. Once done with downloading those again, I downloaded exactly one scene from the rest of the site in a month. After that frustration I then went through the 8 page cancellation process that annoyed the hell out of me. Good news on that too.

Now when you cancel, it makes you one offer, which is the same as the price you get going through TBP, if you pass the offer up, it confirms your screenname/password, you click ok and it's canceled and received a cancellation email within seconds. Much better.

I've been able to access the HD and true HD files since the start of my membership, so they've removed the 6 month recurring member rule to receive access to these. I do think these more honest, professional changes warrant 5 points added back to the score.

On the content, I really don't remember Brazzers having the Doctor Adventures site, but they may have and my past frustration led me not to look at them. More ethnic models have helped offset the blonde implant bimbo Barbie look I had complained about previously. I also think being away for two years has helped since I've forgotten most of the niches and can see that they are as original as any of the other networks out there.

Besides the improved video quality, there are the improved HQ photo sets with each scene that have some nice 2500 long end photos of the model by herself even if it is a hardcore scene. Everything works smoothly, clear links for zip downloads, click to download a video and all the options/formats show up.

In total you get 29 sites, including what looks to be a short trip to Budapest, for a site called ZZ Series, only has 16 scenes in it, but it has some of the top tier Euro models like Cindy Hope, another favorite Aleska (Diamond) and Blue Angel. Got some rougher niche/light dom sites like Hot and Mean, Pornstar Punishment, so there is a sign of Brazzers trying to develop some new niches for their network instead of how it used to be with nearly every site having "Big Tits in/at..." or "...Like it Big".

To me, it's a marked improvement all-around. The shady business practices are gone, the focus on nothing but boobs mentality is gone, asses in public content is still there if you don't have it and the addition of more brunettes, at least some less implants, added to the improvement in the video quality without the wait and improvement in pictures, it has earned that 15 point boost from the previous review and has made its way back into my network rotation. Definite recommend for anyone, especially boob lovers.

06-06-11  02:51pm

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Visit Brazzers


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - More boobs than a bra fitting sale, big boobs too, more content than the majority of networks.
- I'm not giving points for those DRM HD videos, the videos are 640-720 high end, decent quality and they do look nice on my computer.
- Pictures aren't very big less than 1280, but do come zipped, which is a plus.
- Some niches that I like, schoolgirl, public sex, and big boobs, big boobs, big boobs.
- Good download speeds.
- I actually got through to their customer service and they were helpful.
- Good TBP price
Cons: - Those boobs, they're rarely real and many are very large on a small framed woman. Eva Angelina, Anette Dawn, and probably 20 more have pulled the big implants off well because their frames are more thick. Some of these girls look like if the wind blew right they would tip over.
- In some ways, I don't want to count this as a con, but am going to. The content becomes very repetitive, which is a problem with any site that focuses on certain niches.
- Not for sure what they're pulling with the 6 straight months earns HD video access, but we're putting DRM on those for now. Come on Brazzers, you really are better than that.
- My biggest complaint of all, why in the hell do they shut down or not update the two best sites they had going, Asses in Public and HQ Honeys? It makes it look like the repetitive niche sites are much easier to produce and much cheaper.
Bottom Line: I scored this network a 90 a few years ago. I will say this, if you're new to porn and never have been a member on this network, it will be good to you. The thing is, the content has not changed one bit since 2007. I've always said that any site or network with niche (schoolgirl) outfits and storylines will become repetitive very fast. They've been doing it for years now.

Don't get me wrong though, they do have some very attractive models and at one time (2007), I really enjoyed their content and praised the niche content.

That big complaint that I had. I still have every episode from Asses in Public. This had girls flashing in public, full-on hardcore sex in public, in parking lots, at bus stops, in warehouses where people were working, behind the freaking man-made flood runoffs in Southern California. I grew up walking those runoffs! I loved that site, but no updates since 2008. HQ Honeys had started with a handful of Euro models, but it never updated.

I will give them credit for adding some Euro models to their network. Love the Black Angelica videos. But what else is there for me?

The video quality is pretty much average at 640 high end, 2000ish bitrate. The pictures are below average, like most networks are, but at least they do give you zip downloads.

I made the comment that the models overall remind me of Hollywood about 20 years ago, no emotion, plastic and blonde. Add big sunglasses, bright dresses and we're shooting west coast Miami Vice.

Here are the sites that I have liked, but tired of.

Big Tits At Work - I liked this one. Kind of an office setting with large breasted women in professional clothes, but how many times is this scenario believable? Probably the best site though in the network.

Baby Got Boobs - The site that brought me to the network, I wanted the Eva Angelina videos from it. Pretty much big boob hardcore.

Big Tits in Sports - Has a ton of potential, but most of the girls are about as athletic as a statue.

Big Tits at School - Schoolgirl uniform being seduced by teacher.

Busty and Real - Solid site with natural boobed women.

Asses in Public - One of the best exhibitionist/voyeuristic sites I've been on. Girl giving a handjob in the office of a car repair shop, makes the poor normal guy, non-porn star cum in 50 seconds or so. Very real action, cars beeping the horn, this is America! Probably should say this is California!

These all had their moments, but are now nothing more than mockery of their own archive.

Bring Asses in Public back, that site alone would add 10 points to my score. I'm just not satisfied with what looks to be a site that is content with their content being repetitive and dull.

I will still recommend it to first time members, but if you've been here before nothing has changed and if anything things have dropped way off in the last year or so. Last, and I mean this, "You're better than this". I would know, I used to love this network.

08-04-09  03:11am

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Visit Brazzers


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Big butts, big boobs and low price!
- Videos vary in quality, down to 340 up to 640 with bitrates varying between 700 and 2200
- 18 sites for $20
- Good fetish content though I suspect none of the ladies will be becoming real actresses anytime soon
- Very good download speeds, 1150kb/s on 10M connection
- Pictures, though not hi-res, are available in zip downloads
- Definitly full of professional stars, not so much on the amateurs, which is a pro for me on this type of network.
Cons: - Not quite as funny as the Bang Brothers, which is my way of saying some of the content can really become repetitive and boring.
- Some of the sites haven't updated since summer, when I was a member before.
- Older quality needs to be improved
- Maybe there is such thing as too many big boobs? If you're not into big boobs, you probably won't like this network. I'm not really, but can find a trade-off since Brazzers also has plenty of nice plump butts too.
Bottom Line: The price for this network is excellent, anytime you are getting 18 sites for $20, and the quality for the most part is above average, it is hard to pass it up.

One of my favorite parts about Brazzers is that it has easy navigation to be a network. Most networks have you going from one screen to another trying to figure out what you are doing, but Brazzers is very smooth in navigation, and that really adds to the network in my opinion.

My favorite sites in the network are Baby Got Boobs, Big Tits at Work, Big Tits at School, Doctor Adventures and unlike some others, HQ Honey's. Work, school and Doctor are all good solid fetish sites, that sometimes forget the fetish, but at least they are dressed the part.

HQ Honey's while it adds some value since it is rare to see Euro models on a network, especially ones like Anetta Keys, it also takes away because it has only a dozen or so sets and videos.

The quality overall is just above average with some old quality issues that really should be fixed if they want to continue to be a top network. Their models are selling the network right now. It is always nice to see pictures on a network, and even moreso to see them in zip files.

Don't expect this to be a network that only has 30 or so videos per site. Baby Got Boobs alone has nearly 150, so you are going to easily get your money's worth, plus some fetish content, and those aforementioned Euro models too. The positives far outweigh the negatives, and I recommend it!

01-21-08  06:15am

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Visit Brazzers


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Network access, plays several fetishes (In school, at work, etc..) all for the most part are centered around big breasts.
- Above average video quality, available in WMV or MPEG, WMV 640x480.
- No download limits, I mention this because another network with similar content had a 2GB download limit the last time I was on it.
- Pic sets are much nicer than most networks, huge zips with over 250 pics in each.
- Exclusive content
Cons: - Eh, they call these models amateurs, but you will see Eva Angelina, Chavon Taylor, Carmella Bing and put it this way, there are many more non-amateurs than amateurs.
- I may get a little flack for this, but a good portion of the big boobs are fake.
- Like most networks they could squeeze some of these sites together.
Bottom Line: I really liked Brazzers, I'm not even a big boob man. But they do have a couple of big ass sites, and that is more up my alley. My only real complaint is that most of the scenes feel like I've seen them before. I know I haven't, but like the Eva Angelina school scene, she has been in probably 3-4 scenes in school, with a little short plaid skirt and her cute glasses. Don't get me wrong, I could look at her like that all day, but my point being, though the content is exclusive and new, it isn't near being original.

Overall, the network has probably 7 sites that I really liked, the rest were mostly focusing on the big boobage. Though I do find Chavon Taylor very sexy. It has more potential, I believe, than the other reality networks do, because they don't go all out and try to convince you it is real.

I am pleased with the quality, 640x480 on the WMV, nice download speeds, probably reaches about 90% of my max download speed. I was surprised by the pictures coming in zips of 250 or more pictures. Sometimes looking at the pictures right before viewing a clip, it will help you notice something you might not pay attention to otherwise.

The price is good, $24.99, they seem like a group of fun loving guys, kind of like on Ox Pass. Which matters some since I will flip if I see another male pornstar spit on a female pornstar. Eva's scenes are excellent, some of her best work, and from what I know she does the best when having fun. I recommend, especially for boobs fans!

07-03-07  02:50am

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Visit Brooke Skye

Brooke Skye

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Very high quality HD level videos.
- Great price with the TBP discount
- Pretty good amount of content, around 200 videos, 150 pic sets, give or take 20
- Brooke is a very pretty model. She might not catch my eye as much as some of the reviewers though. Looks very young.
- Diary, cam, etc..
- Downloads seem to be pretty fast, 800kb/s with 10M connection
Cons: - May still be a little too innocent/playful.
- All of the sites in the network have the same feel to them and same features, seem to focus as much on cam shows as videos and pic sets
Bottom Line: This is the best site on the Mayor Network, but it still doesn't blow me away. The emphasis on the cam shows isn't a plus for me. I could probably never make it to see one live.

Brooke doesn't seem as innocent acting as the other models on this network. The "low" quality vids which I use to decide whether to download the HD are 300x200, some older sites have that as their standard. Brooke's has, low, medium, high, Super HD, the HD are beautiful in quality. Really, the High is very nice, DVD quality.

I'm just not for sure these teen type sites are for me. I have a real lack of interest in cam shows since the few I have seen are a bunch of men saying, "Show your tits!" and a bunch of women saying, "Do you do women?" Well, of course she is going to say yes to keep you as a customer.

You can tell she really puts her all into her videos, and does seem to be a sweet girl. One thing I would change about all of their sites on this network is to put the pics in a separate section than the videos. As it is, you click on a thumbnail and it says, "# of chapters, # of pictures" many don't have pictures, then you still have to click the picture to get a good sized pic. I mainly use the pics with models that I'm not familiar with.

I would almost recommend this site on it's own for the HD and Brooke herself, and will recommend the network mainly because of Brooke's site. She needs a little B/G since she has done hardcore before. Take the month membership.

05-26-07  09:20pm

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Visit Bryci


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Bryci is a sensual, brunette model who excels at posing, teasing and may be the best solo masturbation model I've seen in a few years.
- The site itself is pretty big, but not all scenes are masturbation, quite a few BTS, non-nude talking, will list the numbers in BL.
- Archive has webcam archived videos.
- From what I can see, all videos on the site are available in 1980x1080. Multiple video download options on all videos except webcam archives.
- Download speed is relatively good, but you will occasionally run into a slower moving file. I can max out at 3.8 MB/s, most will download around 3.0 MB/s, but a few were in the 1.6-1.9 MB/s range.
- Pictures are nice, but I had a few problems with them which will be in cons.
- Comes with 7 other similarly themed sites, the size of each greatly varies and I will do a review of the overall network separately to get all the numbers in.
- Price isn't too bad for the quality and especially if you like the models.
Cons: - Pictures aren't zipped. This could be a major con to picture lovers since they have very high quality pictures 2662x4000.
- Download limit. Normally this would annoy the hell out of me, but I don't download near as much as I used to. It's listed as 9 GB per day, Webmaster says 10 GB, the most I've downloaded in a day is 5 GB, so I've had no problems with it. And since the terms say no scripts are allowed, I'm guessing you can't use a bulk image downloader for the pictures. It isn't being a problem for me though I thought it should be mentioned. One workaround without breaking the rules is to download the smaller quality videos, which I will get to in the BL.
Bottom Line: Bryci has to be considered a serious contender for top solo model. The one negative some will find is she has implants, but I've never minded those either unless they are badly out of proportion. Hers aren't. The site is full of high quality content as well. I'm going to focus this next part on the numbers and qualities available since there is a download limit.

I'm counting 329 video scenes as of 1/27/13. There are 5 types of video scenes. Standard masturbation, Behind the Scenes, teasing, talking, webcam archive. The BTS and talking ones aren't something I'm going to download since there is a download limit, so those can be taken out of the equation. Her teasing scenes are short in length, 4-6 minutes usually, but if the attire she has on it is your thing, these are worth downloading. She has one scene in a white thin dress, in the shower, that is great as well as a workout tease scene that I loved.

The scenes I downloaded were masturbation, some teasing and the webcam archive. There's roughly 110 masturbation and/or tease scenes, it's hard to put a number on the webcam scenes that involve masturbation or nudity without watching them all, but several I've watched do have masturbation in them. It almost looks like Bryci may have started out as a tease type model. The videos date back to January 2009, so that's 4 years of content and plenty of time for her to have evolved from tease to masturbation. Most of the first year of updates are of the tease and BTS variety.

I know there are people who like the talking videos, but I'm sticking with my standard on those, I don't want to pay for a video of a woman answering questions. It seems to be a whole section of "Ask Bryci" videos. There also is an Amazon button so you can buy presents for Bryci, which I've laughed at dating back to Raven Riley. One more time, I pay to see your porn, not to have an option to pay for your gifts.

The video download options do vary since 1/5, maybe 1/4 are webcam, these are in Flash only, but you can download them.

The other videos have:
MP4 1920x1080, 1280x720 and 640x360.
WMV 1920x1080, 1280x720 and 640x360.
Flash 900x506
3GP 352x288

As you can see, the downloading options are very good and I personally download the Flash ones since it limits the size of the file, while giving me still good quality. From what I see in the members area you have all these options on all videos except the webcam archives.

The pictures are overall a disappointment. I've always removed points for no zip files and have removed 5 points from this review for it since I think the pictures add a lot to a solo site. I guess it's okay to download one at a time if you want to make you own set, but I would much prefer a zip option to download the whole set. It seems to go into a hollow debate of why have 4000 high end pictures if the members can't download the whole set. While I'm sure there are some who wouldn't want to download an entire set of photos at that high of quality since it would be a fairly big file. I like the option of having the option to download if I want them though.

Navigation is very easy, site design is nice and clean. There also are webcam shows, but I haven't watched any. Each thing you would need from navigation is in a toolbar towards the top of the screen, the only thing I would add is an option to filter out BTS scenes and separate webcam archive, but those are minor complaints since the title of each video says, "BTS" or "Webcam" so you don't have to guess at them.

Where Bryci earns the high score is in her performances. She's quite confident, seems to love teasing and works the camera as well as dare I say, a young Eve Angel. The eye contact with the camera, the "I know you're watching" expressions, is the best I've seen since 2006 Eve Angel. That alone keeps me interested in her content. She also seems to be pretty natural in her poses unlike a lot of Euro glam models. She shows a fun and playful side as well.

You do get access to Bella Pass Network which includes 6 other solo models and one other site that is a multi-model site. I won't go into those since I want to review the network as a whole, separately, but Bryci does seem to be the star of the network.

Bryci's site itself seems to update with video or photos 10 times a month. There also is a blog if you're interested in that and it is very active from what I saw of it. In January alone, there were 11 new entries in the blog.

One last part on the download limit. Downloading Flash files, I downloaded 12 videos earlier for a total of 2 GB. So considering I don't want the BTS or talking videos, I should be able to get most of the scenes I want without breaking the download limit.

Overall, download limits and no picture zips, notwithstanding, I would highly recommend it to solo fans.

01-27-13  01:46pm

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Visit Cathy's Craving

Cathy's Craving

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - If you're looking for mature amateur content in high quanities, this is a great site
- You get the $14.95 discount thru TBP
- Creampie fans will love this site
- Has a high value for interracial fans as well
- Pictures though not hi resolution are available in zip files and look pretty good
Cons: - Videos highest quality is barely average, 512x384, and are only available in segments
- No offense is meant, but unless you like mature models, you probably won't like Cathy, though many of the women who appear on the site with her are quite young and attractive.
- The videos seem to follow a laid-out formula, becomes boring after awhile
- Cathy's inconsistency in her own performance (will explain in BL)
- Older videos really need to be improved
Bottom Line: I came away from this site with a mixed bag of feelings. Cathy loves sex, no doubt about that, but you kind of feel like she has bored herself with so much sex. The site becomes a contradiction of itself. Her almost uncontrollable desire for sex in the older videos is only hampered by the low quality videos, while her newer videos that are average quality, she doesn't seem to have near the energy or enthusiasm.

Several of the other women in her newer videos are full of energy and really outshine Cathy, which again makes the site a contradiction of itself. As Cathy's Craving doesn't look to be any stronger than the girls on her site.

The video quality on the newer clips is "doable" at full screen it looks blurry, but is still watchable without too many problems. The next contradiction in the site is that Cathy is an amateur. This site has been online for 9 years. I know that there aren't any real pornstars in this, but when you do something for 9 years, you are hardly an amateur, no matter what the field.

Still, if you are into mature/interracial, very hardcore sex, I would recommend it. I don't think Cathy is much more than average looking, but most mature models are just average looking.

If you are into younger models, I would tell you to take the tour and decide for yourself if the other models in her videos are worth joining the site for, those other models were the reason that I joined. Overall though, to the average porn fan, not recommended!

07-22-07  02:50pm

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Visit Chubby Fetish

Chubby Fetish

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Gives you access to more content than expected
- $9.95 per month thru TBP!
- Videos are pretty nice, 640 on high end, and are full scenes
- Good download speeds, about 20% higher than my average speed
- Nice collection of "chubby" girls, we are talking women maybe 20 pounds overweight
- I've never seen any of the content, so I'm guessing it is exclusive
Cons: - The worst thing about sites that are ran by this company, they give you way more than you pay for, that is a bad thing, I couldn't find the actual content I was looking for, for nearly a week.
- Navigation is horrible, maybe the worst I have seen. You click on a picture, and can only go back to the first page of the set and start over.
- The picture are not hi-resolution, no zips and many are just pictures from the actual movies
- They must have decided to add the much more chubby women too, with obese sections, which goes back to stopping me from finding the content I paid for.
- Login is frustrating, it stores your login name and password, but you have to enter your email address and a security code, so why store the other information?
Bottom Line: TBP should look into the sites this company runs. This is the second one that I have been on that is nothing like the review on TBP says. It actually is a lot more than the review says, but I was mainly looking for the 49 photo sets and 49 videos, ended up with 1,000+ videos and 1,000+ photo sets from each of those movies.

The quality on the videos is not bad at all, 640 on high end, and the downloads are good and quick. I say that because nothing else on this site does what it says. You click on a picture, click "back to thumbs" and it takes you back to the first page, not the one you were viewing.

Also, if you do join this site for the cute chubbies, they are here, somewhere between the obese matures and the gigantic grannies. I really don't need to see a 75 year old woman that weighs 300 pounds naked.

The girls that the site is named after fit the name. Most of these girls are comparable to Kayla Marie, just a little heavy here, a little there, and here and there are usually the spots where thicker is appreciated. They also come across as very cute, but you can't download the pictures in zips, and if you do it one at a time, be prepared to go back to page 1 after each picture.

The login is frustrating. It is the whole, security code crap nonsense that doesn't always show up in Firefox. Overall, I ended up liking the site for the cheap price and the cute chubbies, but I won't be back again. Recommended only if you like the cute chubbies, for one month!

02-08-08  02:41am

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Visit Club Regan Reese

Club Regan Reese

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Regan Reese, one of the very few heavily tattooed models I really like. She's the big pro with this site for me.
- Comes with access to four other sites, Jessica Jaymes, XXX Capri, First Class POV and Tanya James.
- There are some nice quality photo sets of Regan, one goes up to 4000 long end on the pictures and all photo sets have zips.
- Video quality is okay at best, but I haven't seen much solo Regan so that's a pro since they have some solo videos.
- The other four bonus sites are pretty good sites. Especially if you like Jessica Jaymes as her site is still updating and has quite a bit of content.
- Webcam archive of Regan's webcam shows
- Surprised me, but there's been a new update listed as 8/7/11, maybe the cons will explain this since in the TBP stats, it hadn't been updating since 2009.
Cons: - Going to need a lot of these, will fill the details in in the bottom line.
- Price, $29.95, bonus sites are good, but I joined for Regan's site and have to say $29.95 is about $24.95 too much.
- Photo content numbers have dropped drastically from the TBP stats update and even from Monty222's review in 2009.
- Video quality is not that bad if you don't mind downloading the flash video versions. The resolution is plenty good enough, it's an odd one on most 842 long end. Some are not that good and some drop down in the 468 long end area.
- Possibly removed and recycling content, TBP facts noted that no updates had came since 2009, with decreasing content count and new updates showing up in 2011, it's at least a reason to question if it's being recycled.
- No consistency at all, photo resolutions vary nearly from set to set, same with videos.
- Audio in webcam archive sets comes and goes, which is a big part of webcam sets, especially with a dirty talker like Regan.
Bottom Line: (See my comment for updated information)

Regan Reese is the type of model I normally wouldn't be that interested in. While I've said many times that I don't mind tattoos or implants, she has a ton of tattoos and implants. Something about her though that I really liked on a few sets I got of her from Naughty America, maybe it's her curves, her lips. I just found her very attractive.

So I find this site of her. Read Monty222's expired review and combined it with the later updated TBP stats and was more than happy to pay the $30 to get, listed by TBP on 1-5-11 as 75 videos, 83 photo galleries. That's a good amount of content for one model plus the site comes with 4 bonus sites including at least one, Jessica Jaymes that is still updating and has nearly double the content Regan's was listed as having.

In Monty222's review he listed 29 videos and 51 photo sets, and the site was still updating at that time. I trust Monty222 and the TBP stats. The reason I am so trusting there is because this is what the site now has.

41 videos, 22 photo sets. Ahem. How does a site go from 51 photo sets in Monty222's review in 2009 to 83 photo sets in the January 2011 stats update from TBP to 22 in August 2011? I'm not going to accuse them of recycling content, but I think they're recycling.

The reason I think this is the TBP stats update in January 2011 says the site hadn't been updated since 12-2009. Lo and behold, there's a new picture set in August 2011. I'm sorry, but content amount dropping that much, no updates in a year, then new updates start showing up is usually a sign of a site that's removing old content then recycling it as new content. I've been here before with a few other sites.

How is the content that's there? It's good. I would have been very pleased with the content if the number hadn't dropped so much. I'm not real picky about video quality unless it's just impossible to watch. My focus has always been the quality of the model(s). You can give me 10 1920x1080 videos of models I'm not interested in and I'll trade them for 10 640x480 videos of models I am interested in.

The case here though is the content is just not there. Just put the content you removed back up and call it an archive bonus site instead of trying to fool new members into thinking they are getting new updates. I would imagine most people that join this network of solo models join for Jessica Jaymes since it's still updating and even has new webcam episodes. So this site of Regan's is probably just a nice bonus to it.

Where this gets worse. This site is really nice. The filenames are named by the title of the set on the site, how many times have I asked for that? It has probably the best navigation I've seen on a solo model site. It allows one click, by situation, finding of content. Makes it very easy for me to post exactly what is up.

Boy/Girl photosets: 1
Girl/Girl photosets: 6
Group photosets: 4
Solo photosets: 11
Total photosets: 22
Boy/Girl videos: 3
Girl/Girl videos: 4
Group videos: 8
Solo videos: 9
Webcam archive videos: 16
Total videos: 41

To put this in perspective, the total combined content of videos and pictures is 63. In January 2011, it was 158. Maybe someone is confused at the site and thought update meant taking sets down?

I normally will not post a review of a site that I would score below 70 since if it's below 70, it's not likely I'm going to be on it long enough to have a fair view of it. I don't need the time here. Took me 2 hours to download the whole site. The site folder is 7.6 GB. Content itself is very good to great even. If there was 158 total sets, I probably would have went into the mid-80s with my score. I don't care about if a site like this is updating or not. Give me the 158 sets without updates over 63 sets with recycled updates any day of the week.

On a positive note, they do offer three different video formats, wmv, mp4 and flv. In most cases, the FLV files are the highest quality, but I have noticed on the webcam videos the sound will suddenly just stop. I can see her lips moving, but hear nothing. These webcam videos, poor quality and all, are still very good.

Still, take this as a warning to others considering this site. In my 200+ reviews I've only scored one site lower than this one. The webmaster needs to put those other sets back up. If there's a legal reason then I could understand it, but we know it's not an age issue. Seeing that the content on all these sites is "exclusive" I can't see how it could be a copyright issue with possibly another site. It instead looks like the typical remove old, put it back as new, recycle move. If I'm wrong and those sets suddenly re-appear, I'll reconsider my score. Unless you're a huge Regan fan or fan of great navigation, I wouldn't recommend this site.

08-22-11  02:09pm

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