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Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Incredible amount of material, soft, hard and even machines
- Nice variety with a brutally hardcore section, blowjob/facial section, solo section and lesbian section
- Most of the best Euro models are here for collectors, Eve Angel, Sophie Moone (over 40 sets of the gorgeous blonde alone), Angel Dark, Sandra Shine, DDF has them all
- Denys is an excellent photographer and the pictures show it. He brings the best out in the models.
Cons: - Older videos are average quality at the very best
- Older videos also are only downloadable in smaller clips which can make downloading frustrating if you have a fast internet connection since the clips are only 12 megs each on average and each set can have up to 10 clips
- I wish the pictures were bigger.
Bottom Line: I've been a member on 1byday on three different occasions over the years. I really like the site, especially the different variety of genres. My only real problem with the overall site is the quality on some videos that are older and the smaller picture sizes. The biggest pictures are in the 1.6 range. I like seeing the big Euro stars named above and throw in Anetta Keys, most of their sets on 1by-Day are earlier in their careers which can be hard to find. The Machines section is a nice addition, but it doesn't stand on its own like the original Machines site does. Which it doesn't need to with the other sections of videos added in.

My favorite part is that pretty much every picture set also has a video set as well. So you don't find yourself seeing a picture set and thinking, "I wish there was a video of this set" because there usually is on 1by-day. None of the complaints are that major. There could be a deeper search engine, instead, you browse the hundreds, maybe thousands of women alphabetically or by using a drop down menu. I would like to see all of these sites that has this much material to use a search engine that allows filters for hair color, ethnicity, and so on. Especially seeing that a lot of the women don't use the same name on different sites.

Overall, I would recommend it, the newer videos are HD quality and with the hardcore, machines, solo, lesbian sections it is unlikely that you will find much to complain about.

Improvement in quality and two HD updates per day has pushed 1byday up into a class by itself!

04-11-07  02:24pm

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Visit 21Sextury.com


Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Fights a close battle with Twistys as my top site for quality, quantity and value.
- Descending price per month going from $20, $15 to staying at $10 from there out.
- The numbers are staggering, 2,216 models, near 10,000 scenes and the majority are exclusive.
- Videos range from 640x480 to 1920x1080, going to try and list in reply.
- Photos are zipped and stayed at 1280 high end up until the last year, then the 4300 high end photo zips option showed up on the exclusive sites.
- I would go as far as saying there are at least 10 sites in this network that would be worth joining just for that one site for the $20 price. The value is very high.
- I have found the navigation to be very good for a network of this size.
- Ability to "stay" a member after membership runs out so you can check out all the new updates.
- Quite a few niches covered even with the split of the extreme sites to their own network.
- Can't say much more than it's the best of its kind.
Cons: - Well there isn't much outside of the few technical glitches I had mentioned in the previous comment.
- Nitpicking, as another member here pointed out, the file names. I don't run into this problem most of the time since I rename the scenes to whatever the title of the set is, but that's going to be the 1 point I take off since I could download more if not for having to rename the files! Little bit of joking there since I'm already crossing bandwith limits.
Bottom Line: This is sort of a hard network to review as a whole. Of the sites available in the first month, these to me are exclusive and would be able to stand on their own, Pix and Video, Club Sandy, Lez Cuties, Anal Teen Angels, Asshole Fever, Blue Angel Live, Aletta Ocean Empire, Cuties Galore, DP Fanatics, Footsie Babes, Nude Fight Club and Sweet Sophie Moone. So, that's 12 and all except Blue Angel, Aletta Ocean and Nude Fight Club have hundreds of scenes on each, all exclusive.

Maybe it's a change in the porn world, but there was a time that I joined some of these sites for $30 each or $45 for two. Those listed above aren't the only exclusive sites either. Those are just the ones that I personally would have joined at least once or have joined as one site.

The updates for the network average around 6 per day. That's around 200 updates a month. We can do the math, stay for 3 months, 600 updates, 3 month price $45 total, with the majority of those updates being exclusive. That's serious value. The navigation added points to the score just because I've never been on a network that had accurate search by model results. This one does.

For someone new to their sites, I suggest a couple of new external hard drives. As example, say you just discovered Sophie Moone, she has 449 scenes on here. Sandy has 356. Eve Angel has 125. Cindy Hope around 100. These numbers are combined with the other 2,000+ models. Even Regina Ice, who I think is a very underrated model, she has 24. You could spend probably 4-5 months here downloading and still be discovering new models.

A few things to add here. To show the amount of new models, they have 697 new models listed in the last year. It's like they've got a model factory and just keep churning out new favorites to combine with the older favorites.

I know 99 is a high score, but I could break this down in cost per exclusive scene, amount of models and make a case for it that way. That wouldn't even include the fact that the new videos are 1920x1080 and new pictures are 4300 long end. It wouldn't include the near perfect navigation once you get used to it. In terms of price + quality + quantity = value, they are as near to perfect as I've found. The amount of updates keeps you busy too. If there is any problem with the site it is just that. It's overwhelming. Just when I find a model that I want to download all of the content by her, I discover another one and this creates a problem of being overwhelmed.

I joked in the comment about hitting my monthly bandwith limit with my internet provider and that is probably the best compliment I can pay a site. I especially want to add to be sure to check out Lez Cuties and Anal Teen Angels, lots of new, young models on those sites that I was not familiar with. If I were to break these sites down, I could realistically see rating at least those 12 I listed above from 82-92 each, getting them all for the price they offer makes it the best value in porn to me.

03-31-11  07:29pm

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Visit 899 Movies

899 Movies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Do you miss seeing porn that has actors and actresses you've never heard of? If so, this site is for you.
- Cheap in price $8.99 per month, no gimmicks.
- Updates faster than any site I've ever seen, not for sure about their claim of 10 new DVDs per day, but the number of total DVDs, on the main page, has gone up nearly 200 since I joined about 3 weeks ago.
- Download speeds, surprisingly, aren't bad, slightly below average, but for $9 a month, what more can you expect?
- Though they don't talk about being exclusive, I have no idea where you could find most of these besides the bargain bin, but that isn't always a bad thing. You will find a few scenes here and there that may interest you.
Cons: - Besides being cheap priced, it is cheap everything else as well.
- Quality is nearing bad levels, 440 high end max, 840 is the fastest bitrate I've seen.
- Can't keep up with updates, which include videos that automatically screm, "Don't download me" like the series from Holland that looks like it was recorded between 1965-1975
- A whole lot of sifting through DVDs that most wouldn't want. You know that you aren't getting newer higher quality videos when you search Eva Angelina and get 0 results.
- A few broken links and connections as well
Bottom Line: When I join a site under $10, there aren't many, but I know that when it is under $10, that I'm probably going to end up frustrated beyond all ends.

I'm trying to think of the most positive way to go about this. Lets say you go to an adult video store and they have a bag filled with DVDs for $9. That has to be how this site filled its inventory.

I still don't think that is a big negative, since I know some people like the older porn, complete with the soundtracks intact.

The quality though is pretty bad. The bigger your monitor the worse it looks. I decided to do a few checks on a few of my favorite newer models and here is what I found.

Eva Angelina 0 scenes, Daisy Marie 0 scenes, Jenaveve Jolie 0 scenes, hell they have to have an Audrey Hollander scene, right? Wrong. For the content they have, they do have a decent search system that lets you search by series. Since it is highly unlikely that you will know any of these models by name.

Let me add that I don't think the search feature that you type what you are looking for, really works. I tried a few names that I had seen in their videos, and those didn't show up either. They do have some interesting Holland exhibitionism videos though and they have over 200 DVDs just of Latin porn, so I'm guessing if I had the patience and time that I could find something good there, though the quality would still be bad.

Kind of hard to decide here. If you're on a budget, a $9 per month budget on porn, then try it out. Like I said, patience and time are the keys with this site. Neither of which, I have much of. I did find a few Ice La Fox scenes, so there is a positive.

I just can't recommend it to anyone with the means to join one of the more well-known DVD sites. The exception is for those who may like older porn or the "classic" genre of porn. For those, the $9 is worth a shot at finding a few DVDs that you might enjoy.

For me, I won't be back. They also use Netbilling, which requires patience as well since they never sent me an email with my payment details or how to cancel instructions. Only for those looking for low quality hidden treasures.

08-09-08  03:01pm

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Visit 8th Street Latinas

8th Street Latinas

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - More Latinas than should be allowed on one site!
- The newer videos, looks to be maybe the newest 70 are very good quality and come in parts or full scenes, older aren't quiet as good and come in parts only.
- Comes with network access, but could possibly stand on its own, especially if all of the videos were available in full scenes with high quality.
- Sets all have photos, zipped.
- Everything but the basis of the site is very believable.
Cons: - The aforementioned sectioned older videos
- Sets a very high standard that some of the other sites on the network can't live up to
- Scenes with the man, "Bob" are almost always the same order of action, not really a complaint for me, but it could be for some.
- Videos are quite big and that is a small complaint.
Bottom Line: This was the site I wanted more than any on this network. There are several models that they have that I have wanted to see in video, Margarita, Carmene, just to name a few. The TBP review does list a 1GB DL limit, as of right now, the most I DL in a day was 5.4 GB and my account wasn't suspended, so I have yet to be hit with the limit.

As with most porn featuring Latina women, the sex is very believable. These women are orgasming, they are moaning seriously, not to impress the camera and many of them almost take over the scene just with their sexual aggression.

The basis of the site is kind of humorous, but I'm glad they don't beat it into the ground by having this basis become the main focus. The focus on the site is sex, hardcore, sweaty, tell your neighbors not to call 911 when they hear the screaming, sex. One of the male actors, "Bob" has been around awhile and he really seems to have a serious thing for Latina women and women with built bodies. You have to mention him since he is in a good portion of the clips. For the most part, he isn't annoying and he does a good job on the women.

I get bored when I watch porn where the woman looks to be bored waiting on the man to cum. These women never seem to face that on this site. I think it falls under reality for that reason alone for me. This site is my favorite on the network. Recommended for the real sex or Latina fans, or those who like women who have that classic female form of bam, blam, damn! Great stuff!

10-15-07  12:40am

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Visit abbywinters


Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Really interested, perky, even dare I say sweet models
- Great TBP price, which I'm starting to take as a sign of confidence from the site that gives the discount!
- Some of the models are very cute, and again, they have personalities that show
- The quality on videos and pics are both well above average
- My wife likes it better than I do! Hint there to you men who have wifes that like porn, very normal, down to earth models on here, so wife has no reason to be insecure!
Cons: - Anyone who has read my reviews knows this site is not my usual join, the amateur sites just don't do it for me.
- I feel bad about saying this, but I'm trying to be honest, I only found maybe 35% of the models attractive
Bottom Line: I probably should have let my wife write this review. First of all, if you like amateurs, no overly done beauty makeovers, nothing really extravagent, just your average girls that you could speak to in any city across the world, this is an excellent site!

My wife loves the site. I told her to let it cancel for a month, so I can check out some new sites. I won out, but will be back again in a month or two. Having grown up in a city that is based on glamour, image, I never really knew many just normal girls, so I guess that effects me and my perception of this site. I actually bumped the score up since I'm taking my wife's view of the site into account.

I don't require a woman to be shaven in the pubic area, but I personally can't get into women who don't even trim.

I know this may sound crazy, and probably goes against what the site is about, but I would just like to throw this out there. Is it possible that the site might throw in a really gorgeous woman for one of the average women to maybe seduce? I'd sign up for a year for that! My complaints are just some personal issues with hygeine, I'm one of those over-reacting germ people.

I will recommend it as highly as possible, it really is a great site that I wish the "pro" sites would take notes from. But if you are into glam like I am, I'd still say try it out, it has a charm about it. Just don't expect to see the big name actresses, but don't be surprised that some of these cute girls get your attention!

06-21-07  01:24am

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Visit Adriana Sage

Adriana Sage

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - One of the greatest Latin models of all-time
- Price is fair enough at $19.95
- No joke, most of the content really is exclusive, I guess that is partly because finding solo Adriana content is not very common
- Videos are downloadable in QT with no DRM, and have decent bitrate at 1100+ but see cons
- Webcam appearances are really good, she seems to really enjoy performing for her fans
- Download speeds are fine for me
Cons: - WMV files that are better quality than the QT files are DRM protected, trust me, I tried it! I joined 3-4 months ago and downloaded the files as WMV, they didn't work once the subscription ran out.
- QT files that are downloadable and don't have DRM are only 300 high end
- I still have trouble getting online for scheduled webcam shows, sorry, I find that a con since I can't change my schedule to include cam shows
- Pictures are 1024 at best, and are not available in zips, but see bottom line
Bottom Line: Adriana Sage is without question one of the finest performers in the porn industry. Unlike so many others, that I won't name, that come from Hispanic backgrounds, she has not had her boobs inflated.

The site can be a work in patience though. I miss the webcam shows which is definitely frustrating, but I did find out that you can download the pictures with Free Download Manager, ticking the .jpeg only option, it will download those into a folder you pick.

The videos, while the WMV files are pretty good quality 520 high end, they are DRM protected and the bitrate is actually lower than the QT files. The QT files are smaller resolution, but are NOT protected by DRM. I wanted to make sure to put that since I had been hesitant to join because of the DRM.

The good thing is, you can get over 100 videos of Adriana that you won't see on other sites, except for one or two, I'd call it 90% exclusive content. The bad thing, you won't find b/g sets here that Adriana is known for. This is a solo and g/g site.

Adriana solo is fine, since you don't really see her is solo that much until this site came along, and just like her b/g sets, her performances are worth the money. She is one of the more genuine acting porn stars, that really seems to care about her fans and giving a good performance as well.

Download speeds were very good, and the added benefit of being able to download the pictures in the DL manager made the score go up some.

Definite recommend for Adriana fans!

07-19-08  10:38am

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Visit Adult Movie Club

Adult Movie Club

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Uh-Oh, where'd these guys come from, a pretty big video site that has over 2,000 DVDs and though not exclusive, they have a good amount of the great Combat Zone videos and other studios you don't see a lot on other DVD sites for $14.95!
- Video quality is consistent and high quality with 2,000 bitrate and 720 high end resolution.
- Three new DVDs added daily
- Very fast downloads for me.
- I ended up keeping over 70 Gigs of videos that I downloaded from here! Had never seen them before.
Cons: - Navigation is a little frustrating, but not terribly bad.
- Around 50 or so of the videos are of the gay, male bi-sexual, tranny genres, to each his own, but I wanted to point that out.
- As with all DVD sites, eventually you get bored of searching and searching for that one great clip.
- No DRM that I can see
- Even though they have many DVDs that I haven't seen elsewhere, I didn't find a lot of new scenes of my favorites, Eva Angelina, Jenaveve Jolie, etc..
Bottom Line: This site has a ton of potential. They removed all of their DRM and have the very good $14.95 per month price.

One thing I didn't understand is their wording on their site. It said in the preview that I could unlimited access for $4.95, but that was never an option when joining, and they advertise 8,000 DVDs, which is wrong. They have a little over 2,000, with an average of 4 scenes each, which would be 8,000 scenes, not DVDs.

Also, when you search for a category/genre it will say, "Page 1 of 20" when it should say, "20 DVDs". That is very misleading. 20 pages would be 300 DVDs, when it is really 2 pages, 15 DVDs on one, 5 on the other.

I still really liked this site. The Fifth Element videos are very popular with some, others hate the studio, but I like it and they have a lot of their DVDs, and they also have a good amount of Combat Zone DVDs as well.

The quality is very good, sort of a widescreen 720 high end with 2000+ bitrate, that could possibly make some start to consider this site instead of the bigger named DVD sites.

I would hope they fix the navigation/presentation though. Seeing 20 pages of a genre only to find out it is only 20 DVDs, is a little troublesome.

They do add 3 DVDs daily, so that number will be going up pretty fast, though not as much as Videobox, they do have more videos that I am keeping than VB has in their newest updates.

A few tweaks here and there and this site could seriously challenge VB. I recommend it without question!

06-21-08  12:54am

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Visit Adults Allowed

Adults Allowed

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Probably the largest network of porn on the internet, well over 100 sites!
- Has several dozen sites that are shooting their own material, some come off as solid quality amateur porn movies
- I would imagine that most niches are covered, Latina, BJ, Handjobs, Interracial up to extreme porn
- Navigation is surprisingly very easy to use for such a huge network.
- Will be a con also, some videos are excellent quality 640 on the high end
Cons: - To start with some videos are 340 on the high end.
- Too much content, is that possible?
- Video formats also vary from clip to clip, one will be .avi, next will be .wmv, you have no options on format.
- Some sites I wouldn't have interest in, including gay and tranny.
- Like most networks, could cram 3-4 of these sites together into 1 site. Full sites with 25 videos for example.
Bottom Line: My interest in this network came from my talked about handjob loving wife. They have a an entire handjob network on this network. There is one site that has user submissions of videos that I have never seen and one site is called Rookie Handjobs, never seen any of the clips. The network is overwhelming and it isn't cheap at $29.99. The navigation is very easy for a network, you just click on the main page, it lists niche, you click on which one you like, then the sites come up in that niche, click on the site and you are there. Nothing hard or frustrating about it. It looks to be a well maintained network as well with new updates across the network, I can't keep up with all of them, but they do have a link to show all new updates.

I was happily surprised to see a site I had never heard of that has what looks to be real amateur content. The only star I have seen is Kayla Marie in one video, the rest are all new to me. The video quality is frustrating, when you download one clip that is 10 minutes long but only 20 megs, you know it isn't going to be real good quality, but the next one will be 10 minutes long and 150 megs. Still I consider this network a breath of fresh air, especially if you like handjob porn that also has plenty of oral in it as well. Those sites alone have over 400 handjob clips. Not for sure why TBP hadn't assigned it yet, maybe it is too large to give a fair review to?

I will recommend it if you do the preview first, it is a great preview too!

09-01-07  12:38am

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Visit All Internal

All Internal

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Site from a well-established company, Dev8, that specializes in the highest quality content, you will find
- Newest videos are hitting the very high 1900+ high end resolution with 7000+ bitrates!
- Creampie content is one that I like pretty good, and most of these movies end with one.
- As with other Dev8 sites the videos are very long, some upwards of 45 minutes
- Pictures come zipped in high resolution.
Cons: - As with other Dev8 sites, the price is a lot for the amount of content, $30 a month for less than 250 videos.
- As with any niche site, the content becomes repetitive after a few weeks.
- The bad F word explains their videos, "Formulaic" they almost all start the same way and of course end the same way.
- My download speeds were slow, which is very unusual for me. I was getting 625 kb/s max and my average is around 1000 kb/s or even a little higher.
Bottom Line: My first introduction to the Dev8 sites was Give Me Pink, a site I still really like, so I thought I would try out some more of their sites.

All Internal of course is telling you there are going to be creampies. The quality of the newer content is the best I have seen. With 1,900+ resolution on the videos and the super fast 7000+ bitrates, one could only hope they go back and improve the older videos which are down in the 500s on the high end.

Their picture sets are not really something you are going to be that interested in, but they are high resolution with zipped files, and you have to at least give them credit for that, even if you aren't downloading the pictures.

The problems are mostly small ones that I ran into on Give Me Pink as well. Nearly every video looks like the previous one. Some have 1 guy, some have 2, some have 4, but even with those differences, you still can almost count to the second to predict when the clothes come off, when the blowjob stops, when the penetration starts, when the penetration becomes anal.

Because of this, you will most likely face some boredom. Also, I think this takes away from their value because once you are member once, you really don't have much desire to go back again.

My main complaints would be the speed of the download server, and remastering the older videos.

Fix those things and you could add 5 points to the score. Still, I will recommend it because of the gorgeous models, zip pictures and quality!

05-18-08  10:59pm

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Visit All Over 30

All Over 30

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Really nice niche site that is mostly women not old enough to be considered "old" but not young enough to be considered "teen" either.
- WMV videos are 640 high end and a hair over 1000 on the bitrates while the MPEGs come in at 640 high end with a better 2000 bitrate.
- Pictures are better than average, 1500+ on high end and come in zip files
- Nearly daily updates, and is consistent, even updates at almost the same time everyday.
- Download speeds coming just above average for me
Cons: - Some of the women are a little closer to "old" than I was expecting, but hey, they still look nice, just isn't my thing.
- Maybe sense a true amateur feel with some of the videos as you can tell some of the women are a little shy or nervous, not that isn't nice to know they are real amateurs, but it can be frustrating.
- There is definitely more softcore than hardcore, and I include lesbian scenes in hardcore.
- I know this is a niche style site, but maybe a little more variety would be nice, throw a teen in there with a m/f couple and let the man wear her out or something like that.
Bottom Line: This site was one that I had been meaning to join based on the reviews here at PU. Overall, I really like the site. The complaints I have with it are nitpicking at best. The pros for the site far outweigh those complaints.

If I were going to complain at all it would be for better quality videos. I know that 640 high end is very good, but, sometime, we are all going to have to move forward to HDV. This site would be an excellent one to move to HDV.

Most of the women are in an age range that I like, say 31-45, or they look younger than they are. There are a few older looking models, but they still at least carry some elegance about them. The video quality as mentioned is good enough, not bad enough to really complain or make it a con.

The pictures are really nice, maybe a little better than the videos. The 1500 high end resolution has been topped by some, but it is much better than what I had expected to see. The women really want to do this. You can tell it, it is very believable, but you do see a little timidness at times.

What you aren't going to find here is much exploration, which I expect from "older" people who enjoy being filmed. You just don't get a lot of threesomes or g/g scenes, which would make the site much more realistic.

I would say I downloaded maybe 120 videos that I plan on keeping, which is very high for me, and I recommend it. Probably 150 picture sets as well that I will keep. Recommended. I've been here for 2 months now, which is rare.

03-23-08  09:53pm

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Visit All Wam

All Wam

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Last one of the sites in the Orgy Max network that I will review and probably the best.
- As is the norm for this network, 640 on high end for videos and they have a ton of these on this site, over 1,000 video clips
- Ok, I didn't know what WAM is. I still don't! This is a food fight fetish site, will explain BL
- Pictures are zipped, but are not as big as the other sites on the network, 1200 max
- Bathing/shower fetish, big deal to some!
Cons: - Price is too high individually or as a whole network.
- Some of these videos on this site aren't as clear as the other sites, could be juice on the camera!
- This food fetish is a turn-off for me, not my thing at all
- Really can't tell who is sexy and who isn't because they are covered with food
Bottom Line: I take it this is the most popular site on the network. I didn't join the network for this site though. I will review it since I know there are people with all kinds of fetishes.

What you get here is a room full of young women, look to be 18-21.

The videos are still not bad at all. The specs are the same, but I believe it is the whole food fight that is making the video look blurry. The girls splatter pies on each other, then lick it off. They dump pudding on each other, then lick it off, lots of touching, mud wrestling. And another fetish that is in this site is clothing, latex suits, uniforms and clothing that I don't understand, maybe it is a European thing?

I personally didn't like the site, but I can see it being a great site for those who have these aforementioned fetishes. You will see a little of everything here including bathing, seriously bathing, not fingering while bathing, but women bathing each other. Still, I can't give it a great score, because the content isn't up my alley. I don't like seeing women soaked with pudding. If you do, then you have no reason to look for another site. This is the one to join! Gooey, messy, mud wrestling, pouring pudding on each other, throwing pies at each other. It is a real fetish freak's dream come true.

Overall, I can't recommend any of the sites in this network unless you have a fetish for the content. Some of this is just a little strange for me. I'm more here for the beauty, not the pudding soaked panties.

09-24-07  02:09am

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Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - The bustier, curvier sister site to ALS Scan
- High quality is the norm here, a discount is available to drop the price to $19.95.
- Picture sets are some of the largest I've seen, expect 3300-3800 on high end and around 200 photos, some have over 300 even! One of the newer picture sets of Angelika Black is 426 MB! That's getting your money's worth.
- Newer videos come in the beautiful 1920x1080 True HD and those are also huge, over 1 GB per movie on some of those.
- Download speeds are very good and using browser's DL manager allows resume if broken or paused.
- Most of the top models are here and some I haven't seen before too.
Cons: - This is a pet peeve con of mine that might not be a big deal to others, the older picture sets are broken into pieces, takes 4-5 separate files just to get one full set. Newer sets have the option to download full set.
- Site can still be a bit confusing, will explain in Bottom Line
- Some videos are just photoshoots, but in their defense, they do list the videos as "masturbation" or "photoshoot".
- Update schedule isn't very clear or consistent
Bottom Line: I had been a member on ALS Scan several times back in 2005, and was one of the ones that sent emails to Alex asking where models like Eve Angel, Sandra Shine and the more curvy models were. As a result of the emails that many sent in, they decided to open this site ALS Angels that is of the more curvy models than ALS Scan would normally have.

Since then, I usually join both at the same time, and really wish they would just make that an option, instead of needing to join each separately.

The picture sets are downright huge. Near 4000 high end on pictures and 300 pictures in the set, you are looking at close to 500 MB for a picture set. The videos might be the most crystal clear I have seen. Technically, very few sites come close.

Now, ALS Angels really is a very select site of top models. Thing is, I really don't know that I've seen all the models. On the main page there are these tiny "covers" that really do me no good, so I end up going to "featured models" which has roughly 100 models in it and each has multiple picture sets and videos. I think it kind of gnaws at me, wondering if I am missing some of them, but these 100 or so feature some of the best, Eve Angel, Sandra Shine, Andi Valentino, Angelika Black, Silvia Saint, Regina Ice, Tea Jul, Stracy, Eufrat, I mean if that isn't Heaven, I don't wanna go!

There also is a feature that they have been running for a while where they offer a DVD of theirs of one of the models to download. Luckily for me, I joined awhile back and they had the Eve Angel DVD as the featured one. I'm not for sure on what schedule this changes. This is a nice bonus to their regular content though.

There is the problem with the update schedule. Just going to read directly from it right now. From February 1st to 20th there was 9 updates, next update is listed as February 27th, so that was an update every other day, now it will be a week. Not for sure what is going on there.

I almost feel bad saying 92 since there are a few questions with the updates and when the DVD changes, but the content is just too good to not score it high. I'm not for sure but some of these models are real knockouts that I have never seen, like this new one Jennifer Love, not the same as the Latina hardcore model of the same name.

Their content of my favorites is some of the best I have. Eve's content with them is some of the best I've seen. Regina Ice's content with them IS the best I've seen of her and they do take these models to more kinkier actions than most do. I personally could do without the speculum play, but that is really the only complaint with the content.

Consistent updates, better interface to find models, and it would be one of my top 2 or 3 sites, maybe even top if the updates followed a normal schedule and the DVD switch was consistent, and full zip downloads on all picture sets. Those aren't unrealistic and would match the already incredible quality! Recommended, especially if you like curvier models!

02-23-09  02:55pm

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Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Most of the videos are 720x540, the older ones are being remastered if they are lower.
- Content is 100% exclusive
- As of right now, in the video section there are 3 full very high production DVDs, besides the video of clips. The DVDs each focus on one starlet, with masturbation and g/g clips. Also are sold on ALS DVD site for upwards of $25 a piece
- ALS has a micro-thong that most of the women wear in at least one set that looks very nice
- Only the very best of models on here
Cons: - I guess the rotating content could be a con
- The video section looks small, 36 video clips plus 3 full DVDs (8 chapters each), on the other hand, I liked each video clip enough that I have yet to delete any of them.
Bottom Line: I had never heard of ALS Angels, but had heard of ALS Scans. I had always heard of the rotating content, which changes every month or every two months. The thing is, I happened to get in on the content rotation in the right 4-8 weeks. As the 3 DVDs are of Breanne (really pretty), Sandra Shine and Eve Angel. Those 3 alone equal 24 clips that range from 12-25 minutes each. Then there are 36 other clips, a few more of them are of Eve Angel, another of Sandra as well. The rest are almost all major Euro stars, Angelina Crowe, Britney Austin, no skip over clips for me.

Pictures, this can be a little frustrating. The zips are divided into 3 sections 1-30, 31-60, so you have to download 3 separate zips.

I guess the hardest part about reviewing this site is that I have been a member for a little over a month, but the rotating content hasn't changed yet, so I can't guarantee if you go there, say next week, that this same content will be available. Having said that, I still have to think that with the overwhelming quality of pictures and videos, and the impressive list of models, there would be something for everyone.

On those DVDs, each one is cut into 8 chapters, on ALS DVD site $20 at least per DVD. The free ones that come with this site are a lower quality, 1MB+ 720x540, yeah, they consider that a lower quality, same exact clips as the DVDs which go up to 5MB HD. I've really enjoyed it, when the rotation hits, I will post a comment to update what is new. Recommended!

06-17-07  05:49pm

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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - As with both ALS sites, the quality and completeness of the content is as good and high as it gets.
- Newer videos hit to true HD 1920x1080 resolution, even the older ones are 720 high end.
- Picture sets are beyond complete, one picture set, Anita Pearl Scene 2, when downloaded in high resolution is...912 MB! Pictures can go up to 3800 high end and some of the sets near 400 pictures.
- Excellent download speeds, though can't get it to work with DL Manager, will allow resume in Firefox though.
- Some very good old content that features some of porn's biggest names when they were younger, love the old Anetta Keys sets
Cons: - Had a frustrating experience as a member of both ALS Angels, ALS Scan, seems their sign-in page goes through the same server. So, when I clicked members to bring up my saved login information, it would be ALS Angels username and password, even though I was on ALS Scan, never happened before last month.
- See the above one and why this one makes the con list, after signing in to get in members area, have to sign in again when you go to download a video, so the confused server was causing me major headaches in accessing content.
- The models as a whole are beautiful, but they are almost all very, very skinny.
Bottom Line: ALS Scan has been a favorite of mine for awhile now. I can see and agree with some of the complaints like the content is repetitive, but I can get over that for the high quality.

A common complaint that I have with both ALS sites is that the navigation can be confusing. I've signed in before, clicked the button for models, only to click a set and be asked to sign in again, what the hell? I just signed in! They do have what looks to be a separate model page for members, and I guess for whatever reason, I wasn't on it, instead, on the guest's model page, even though I had just signed in. Then there was the confusion with the server giving me my ALS Angels username and password when signing in on ALS Scan and of course, those are different so it rejected my sign-in attempt.

Minor complaints? Sure. But can be a bit of a hassle, especially for the impatient.

Quality wise this site is as good as any. I am not positive on this, but I want to believe the lowest quality videos are 720 high end, and the newer videos are 1920 high end. I might be nitpicking a little, but I do think this could be a negative for some members, a lot of the newer videos have 1280 high end as the LOWEST quality option and if you have a slow connection, you are going to be there awhile just to get the lowest quality ones. Some of the lowest quality videos are 500 MB for some scenes.

On the other hand, if you love the high quality this is a great site. The quantity is also very high. Much higher than sister site ALS Angels.

I'm one of the ones that likes the huge picture sets that have 200-400 photos in each set, so I really like that about ALS, the newer picture sets are almost as big of a file as the videos!

My complaints are minor when compared to the quality and quantity. They do also go back and remaster older content, kind of frustrating, since they take members votes on which sets to remaster and it rarely is the ones I am wanting remastered. This site does have an added bonus for collectors, since there is some older content of Sandy from Club Sandy, Anetta Keys as Alana, the retired and irreplaceable Mia Stone and Sophie Moone.

In general, the ALS staff, photographers, seem to have good relationships/friendships with the models, so you get some natural laughs from the models and smiles that don't look fake. I really can't complain about the skinny models, because they do have the other site with the curvier models, but I do want to add it in case anyone is wondering about the style of models. Put it this way, Sandra Shine, Eve Angel and Eufrat were too curvy for this one and are on the ALS Angels site instead. Starting to wonder about that myself. Not saying ALS is milking two sites by splitting the top models between their sites, but it is starting to look a little suspicious since both sites must be using the same server/different port? to sign in.

Still, I recommend the site for the quality and amount of content.

03-02-09  12:50pm

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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - ALS Scan has been a longtime favorite of mine, great quality content
- Newest pictures are over 3000 on high end
- Videos are 720 high end, plus they have some HD videos that are mixed in at 1280 high end
- Zipped pictures that are now coming in full zip downloads, most of the older sets require 4-5 zips for a full collection
- Site runs very fast for me and download speeds are well above average for me
- Very original content, even the photoshoot videos are worth downloading, as many add another girl to help out and in end up carrying a new kind of eroticism
Cons: - Only nitpicks here, the older picture sets that have to be downloaded in sections
- The member voting for older sets to be updated to bigger resolution, never goes the way I want! I want Mia Stone in huge resolution!
- Wished they offered combo memberships with their other great site ALS Angels!
Bottom Line: One of the few sites that I regularly let rebill for more than one month. I also am a big fan of their other site, ALS Angels and would like to see them come up with a combo deal to join both for a slightly lower price than the two would cost if joined separately.

Something I forgot to mention in the pros are the ALS DVDs that they let you download each month, while not as high of quality as the actual DVD itself, it is a nice bonus to let you see what goes into those. Most are either of one very popular model or occasionally two popular models. That is just icing on the cake.

The pictures are some of my favorites on the internet. Those newest sets are getting huge resolutions, I know I downloaded the newest Meggan Mallone full zip set and it was upwards of 400 MB in size, with the pics being 3300 on high end. Thanks goodness for large hard drives, eh?

The videos are really good quality, I would even say great quality, even on the lower than HD level ones, those are still 720 high end and are very crisp and clear. The HD ones are near perfection!

One of my favorite parts of this site and ALS Angels, the girls seem to be having fun with the photographers, especially in the photoshoots that they have videos of. The interaction to me is very important, happy, laughing models make for better pictures.

ALS Scan is one of the few sites that I could make my porn craving happy with. I always come back to it and somehow, had forgotten to review it. Highly recommended!

05-05-08  10:39pm

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Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Some of the most beautiful models I have seen on the internet
- Quality on videos is good enough, 600 on high end, but a nice near 2000 bitrate helps out
- The site as a whole has a pretty classy feel for the most part, it has almost what I would call, playful curiousity from the girls.
- The pictures look nice, but see cons
- Download speeds are blazing for me, nearly 1,400kb/s
- Original models, or at least most are for me. Some are known porn stars, but I'm guessing maybe 25% are amateurs.
- Funny comments from Thomas, though he does get boring after awhile, reminds me a lot of Dream Stash in that sense.
Cons: - Price, $33 is just too much, it should be at most $24.95.
- Pictures are barely reaching 1000 on high end and cannot be downloaded in zip files.
- Thomas, as funny as he is at times, he seems to be stuck on the same joke from clip to clip.
- Sex is like Sex by Numbers, nearly every scene follows the exact same pattern, and combined with Thomas' repetitive humor, the site itself becomes repetitive
- The big one, split movie scenes on older videos. I am at the point that I won't even download these unless it is a favorite actress of mine.
Bottom Line: This site wowed me right off the bat with the gorgeous models. The site also has a modern look to it, and overall, has a classy look and feel to it.

Then there is the content. Sex, blowjobs, and cum in mouth which is swallowed. Everytime. No body cumshots, just right in the mouth and on the face. I'm not a big fan of facials, so this becomes repetitive very fast. Still, the models are gorgeous and they will keep you coming back.

The pictures are disappointing, such gorgeous women, but no hi-res and no downloadable zips? It makes the pictures virtually useless. The video quality is good enough at 600 high end, near 2000 bitrate, but then there are those split scenes, which are also all but useless to me. I have a strange time with the videos as well. For some reason they are letterboxing on my monitor, not for sure why, but that looks odd and makes me click on the letterbox hoping it will go away.

The site still has some models that make it worth joining. It kind of makes you feel like you are on a date with a woman that is out of your league, but you keep spending money on her. The only real cons are the repititive nature of the videos. By the 3rd one, I knew what was going to happen and when. I keep coming back to how beautiful the models are though, and that should be stressed as the #1 Pro that outweighs all of cons. The preview is pretty good, check it out and see if the models catch your eyes like mine, then for one month only it is highly recommended.

01-21-08  06:56am

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Visit Amateurs Gone Bad

Amateurs Gone Bad

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - DVD quality videos
- Tons of pictures, over 2,000 sets
- Comes as a bundle of sites with Glamour Models Gone Bad, Crissy Moran, Natalia Cruze and Lonnie Waters.
- Considering the $24.95 price, the sites combined make for a seriously great value
- Has some older content that most haven't seen before of now famous starlets
Cons: - Some of these girls aren't amateurs, not for sure if the content was created before they became professionals or not.
- Not much difference from video to video, positions are similar, even the sequence of positions.
Bottom Line: Let me start off by saying that Crissy Moran's site and Glamour Models Gone Bad are good enough together for $24.95, that does not mean the company should stop offering these others though!

I had posted awhile back about searching DVD sites for Eva Angelina and Nautica Thorn content, as I like curvy women. There is Nautica content on here, and it is very good. Really, you don't see a lot of Nautica pictures since she is more known for her videos, so these were a nice surprise.

I also recognized Pavlina, who I've seen on many Euro sites and another nice surprise, a Hispanic model named Ramona. She has been on FTV as well, really pretty, nice hips and butt. It was good to see some hardcore of her. Each of the sites that come together in this package, have decent to above average navigation, though you wonder how long these sites have been up without an update to the look of the sites. I add that simply because if I wasn't a TBP user, and just happened upon the site, it would look outdated.

The content is fairly repetitive, but then again, as I have said before, it isn't like there are that many positions or settings that we can expect. I'm really nitpicking here because the site really does feel like a "bonus" site since I would have joined for Crissy's site and Glamour Models Gone Bad, I guess you could say this site is just the gravy on top of my steak.

Good site, I recommend joining through Crissy's site and enjoying all the bonus content!

06-12-07  12:33am

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Visit American Vice

American Vice

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - The standard DVD quality resolution on the movies 640 x 480.
- Has probably the most unique search engine I've used for porn, is excellent once you figure out (will explain in bottom line)
- Also has a unique pricing plan where you pay $9.95 per month for unlimited or buy tokens for $.99 each. One token buys a full scene, 3 tokens buys a full movie
- Nice trial with 5 free tokens, no obligation
- Starting to see some DVDs that I haven't seen!
Cons: - Site is still relatively new, 865 DVDs as of right now.
- Sort of a con, will send emails after you join via trial, but the emails are actually nice with update information about once a month.
- Site doesn't work in Firefox
Bottom Line: You have to give them credit for trying something different. The payment system alone is one of the first I've seen like this one. Say you go by and see one particular DVD you have been looking for. You can pay $2.99 to get 3 tokens and download just it without a monthly recurring payment. Or you can pay the $9.99 and get unlimited downloads for a month.

The search engine may be used on some sites, but I've never seen one like it. You pick a type of female like Asian/Euro/Black, it brings all of those up. You then can browse the selections you picked, then you can search within say Euro females with attributes of scene, lesbian/boy and girl/blowjob, say you select Euro on the first, then boy/girl on the second, then you can go to next step in the search which is scene type, some options Orgy/Cumshot etc..

The video quality is right along the lines of the "DVD quality" on Videobox and there are some movies I haven't seen on other sites which is what made me decide to try a month membership out.

It wouldn't surprise me if this site ends up being a top site in a year or so. They are adding around 75 DVDs per month, a little over 2 per day on average, and the unique/easy search will surely help as will the free trial that is better than any trial I've seen. It was enough from 2 months ago, to get me to come back and pay $10 for a month, and I will be back a few months from now to re-join at the $10 price to see what new content they have. Recommended!

07-10-07  05:02pm

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Visit Amour Angels

Amour Angels

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Some very pretty models...
- Video resolution is very solid 740 on high end...
- Pictures are hi-res and downloadable in zips and look very nice...
- The site makes many incredible promises...
- Very artsy site if that is your thing...
- Download speeds are at least above average...
- Site has a little wow factor when you first join with the big pictures, the top tier models...
Cons: - Some very bad looking models
- Video quality is nice, but the videos are few and far between (more exp in BL)
- While the pictures res, beautiful models and quality is high, the poses, the "look at me, I'm a statue" crap is annoying.
- It doesn't keep any of its promises at all
- The level of artsy makes me think more of painting a picture than having sex
- DL speeds are likely high because there really isn't much to download
- Site becomes very boring within a week
Bottom Line: This was a on the spot rushed decision to join. My wife loves this art crap posing as porn.

Let me start by saying there are plenty of really beautiful models on here. I really liked Danya, Katya, Lisa and Vikroria is a stunner. The rest that I took time to look at were of no interest to me. Several of these women have much smaller boobs than I have.

Don't get me wrong, most have very pretty faces, but a big amount do not have bodies that make most men think, I would love to see her naked, instead, maybe you should just stand there and smile.

I feel bad about saying those things, but there comes a point that someone has to slow this whole art-porn movement down. Many women in porn look hotter dressed than these women look nude. The site makes the promises that others on here have noted. More videos, but there was a total of 3 uploaded to the site while I was a member. The videos are art. Girls spinning around in circles, dancing slowly and gracefully. Then, they did the perfect set, a woman in a beret. How Art is that? The picture quality is great, some up to 4,400 on the high end, but damn the poses!

You've seen the poses, I'm a statue and so sad. It is like they hired mimes to be models. The picture quality is the only positive. The few really gorgeous models are worth looking into. The videos, there are 33, and I kept zero. Total disappointment on those. Only if you like the models, is this worth joining, even then, I can't recommend it for the price!

12-24-07  10:47am

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Visit Anetta Keys

Anetta Keys

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - A New Sensations network of several small sites, includes solo sites for the lovely Anetta Keys, Susanna Spears, Evelyn Lory and several others.
- The videos the sites have are 720 high end, so they are pretty good.
- While not all exclusive as advertised, I found several sets of Anetta that I don't have, and I have around 100 GB of her, so I think some of it is exclusive
- Trial works, $10 for full access, but I forgot to cancel and ended up on it for a month
- Navigation is pretty good for a multi-site network, which is rare and even more rare for a NS site.
- Some of the sites, Evelyn Lory's is the most notable of these, have zip files.
Cons: - Anetta's site's biggest pictures are 1080 high end and NO zips
- There are a total of 13 of these solo model sites, with a grand total of 46 videos, that is about an average of 3 videos per model.
- Sites are inconsistent, some have 1240+ on high end and zip files, others are 1080 on high end with no zips
- Price for a month is too high, the regular price should be the trial price or it should be no more than $14.95 for a month
Bottom Line: Another of those mixed bag reviews. Anetta Keys, Susanna Spears, Evelyn Lory, Sylvia Saint, Crissy Moran, Kyla Cole, Veronika Zemanova, how could this possibly get screwed up? Those first 3 models are enough to get my attention.

Well, you get varied quality from site to site, you get zips on some sites, but not on other sites. Some of the sites have videos, others don't and none have more than 8 videos. They have 3 of Anetta, who was my attraction for joining, and I honestly haven't seen any of them, two are b/g and are pretty good with good 720 high end video, but it could be so much more. Just give me zips for the Anetta pictures and I would be happy!

But I should know better, this is one of those sites that a red flag should fly up and smack me across the head.

I really can't say anything that bad, except for the lack of zips. I can live with 1080 high end if it is a set that I don't have or haven't seen in higher quality.

As noted in the pros, the trial does work and I had everything I wanted, but the cancellation date fell on a weekend, and I forgot about it. I still stuck around for the month to watch for updates, but saw none. The only site that updated was Evelyn Lory's with a new picture set.

I give this site a 77 for the models. If you collect any of these models, you might find sets you don't have. I found I think 7 or 8 Anetta sets that I didn't have and the same amount of Susanna as well. So, I can't really recommend it unless you are a collector.

05-06-08  12:15am

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Visit Anetta Keys Live

Anetta Keys Live

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Anetta Keys is probably the most underrated of the top 10 Euro models. Goes from "too" cute to gorgeous.
- Content is 100% exclusive
- Has some very rare amateur content, I had seen some of this in smaller sets, 8-10 pics, but it looks like they have all of it here
- Gives you Anetta's email address, but my guess is that you won't get an email back
- Site navigates pretty well, everything is easy to find
Cons: - Pictures are not high res, no zips either
- Videos are few and far between 10 total, low resolution and choppy bitrates make them even worse
- Site almost tries to sell Anetta as a celebrity more than a porn model. It spends more time telling about how she was discovered while rollerblading than anything that would interest a porn fan.
- The b/g/g video is terrible, Anetta pretty much doesn't touch the guy except to push him back a little when he gets in her way.
Bottom Line: I would have never joined this site if not for a special offer for $10 access. That was for a month too. My understanding is that the site really took off when it first opened, Anetta changed her mind about doing a solo site and the site stopped updating. What you are going to get is what looks to have been the start of an excellent site that went downhill and is still going downhill.

All isn't lost, Anetta when "on" is one of the best nude models in the world. I never really knew her ethnicity, I've heard black, mixed, Latin, white with tan, but either way, she is gorgeous...when she wants to be. Other times she comes off as one of the cutest models on the internet. I prefer her in glamour style pictures because it shows a more mature gorgeous look at her.

This site does have more of the glamour style pictures of her. The majority are on beaches, and Anetta is no tease so don't think of Met-Art style sets, she shows it all. The pictures if in zip files and high res would make the site a recommended pick just because they are 100% exclusive.

The videos though are just bad. Resolution is a tiny 320x240, bitrate is an even worse 400k. The pictures are the biggest positive next to Anetta herself. If you are a big Anetta fan and have the patience to go through and save each picture to your own zip file then I recommend the site just for those exclusive pics. Don't do it for the videos though. Sadly, I can't recommend it except to huge Anetta fans, like myself.

08-11-07  10:36am

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Visit Anette Dawn

Anette Dawn

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Anette Dawn has one of the most charming personalties in porn and easily one of the best bodies as well.
- Pictures are 1240 on high end, come in zips as well and look great, similar to the newer content on sister site, twistys.
- Videos are 720x404, widescreen monitor makes them look even better, over 2000 bitrate
- Content is exclusive, will explain in BL.
- Navigation, visual appeal of the site, are both top-notch.
Cons: - Amount of content may be a problem for some, as of October 1st, 27 picture sets and 18 videos.
- Going to be a little nitpicky here and say the candid, non-nude pictures should just be in one set together.
- All content is of Anette only, no g/g, no b/g and no friends, not that I have a problem with that, but could be a con for some.
Bottom Line: I have been wanting to join this site since back in May. Anette just has "that something" that people talk about when trying to separate beautiful people from each other.

Her personality shines through on this site more than any content I have seen of her. She comes off as more confident, she actually looks a little shy in her older content on other sites. Her masturbation has never been a strong point. I've seen videos of her where she barely even moans, but not here, she is into it and getting the job done, thank you very much!

Videos are new, not the ones on Twistys. Also picture sets look to be new, but I can't say 100% exclusive since the outfits look similar. Only problem there, a couple of non-nude candid sets are in the 30 picture range, which is why I believe those sets could be combined as a best of candids. But I understand the business and the more picture sets you can advertise the better.

The thing is, I don't think out of all sites that have Anette on them, have this much content when combined! The 18 videos at 12 to 15 minutes would make 2, maybe 3 DVDs of just Anette.

The site is updating regularly from what I can see. Four pic sets and two videos per month. She could be one of the top 3 Euros in the world if she had more material coming out. Still, I won't complain, I'm very happy with what I downloaded and would recommend it to any Anette fan. For me, it will be a once every 6 months site until the content gets built up. Recommended!

10-01-07  09:16pm

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Visit Anilos


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - The mature site by the same folks that run Nubiles, women range in age from 29 to 50. Would say the average age is right around 40.
- Newer movies come in at 1280 high end, 3500 bitrate, older ones still a good 640 high end 1500 bitrate.
- Picture sets come in small are large zips, large are 1600x2400 or vice versa, excellent quality on those.
- Very good DL speeds, about 98% of my max speed
- Navigation is simple, though it can look cluttered.
- Daily updates, plus one new model per week.
Cons: - Price could be a factor for some, as of 1/31/09 there are 60 models total.
- Will go into the cluttered look in BL
- Not for sure if they really hit the "mature" niche since probably 20 or so of the models are late 20s/early 30s. Not a problem for me as it was that late 20s/early 30s group they have that interested me the most.
Bottom Line: Reviewing this site is kind of hard. It is going to be a great site if they keep updating like they are right now. But as of today, the amount of content will keep from rating it as high as it will be in maybe 6 months, so keep that in mind if you are reading this.

It is one of those sites that has "tremendous upside". I would go as far as saying it can at least catch their teen site Nubiles, maybe even surpass it. They do have a forum also that the webmaster posts on, takes feedback/criticism, etc...

I noticed one thread in their forum was by the Webmaster, and he was talking about he couldn't understand why anyone would say their navigation was confusing. Believe was a TBP review that said it in the first place. The navigation to me once on a model's page is cluttered. Maybe some horizontal lines to separate sets? It has all the separate parts to the movie files, one I'm looking at right now has 8 parts, then just below those 8 links are the full scene links. All content of each model is on one page, so if the model has 3 videos as the one I'm looking at now has (Teya) there are a total of 33 video links for 3 videos.

Do understand though that they have full scene downloads too, but with all the parts for people with slow connections, that does look a bit confusing, little box around each movie's links maybe would work.

That is really the only complaint about it that I can feel justified in talking about since they are daily updating, that collection will grow nicely over the months.

Quality is very good, some of the older movies have a 640x480 1500 bitrate as the highest option. The newer ones have 1280x720 3500 bitrate option.

The picture quality is just as good with 2400 high end, full zips, easy to navigate, click and download zips. Here are the numbers for January 2009 in updates to give you an idea of how their schedule works.

In January 2009: 20 new videos and 19 new picture sets. So that is a major positive for a newer site like this one.

Model wise, my main reason for joining was the Cameron Cruz/Mona Lisa content as she is one of my favorite models. There are more that I ended up really liking, like Vannah Sterling, Dorothy Black, Nicole Moore, Megan, and also opened my mind enough to check out the over 40 yrs old models like Berkley, Fallon and was very pleased with those as well. I would say there was only maybe 2-3 models that I didn't even look at, so the vast majority were attractive.

Considering that I rarely go for models much over 30, this was a risky site for me to join. I'm happy I did though, this will become a site that I will go back to in the future months. I also like that "new model per week" feature too. You kind of get the anticipation factor there to be sure to check out who the next new model is. All of the content is 100% exclusive from what I can tell and with the very good quality this is definitely a site that I will recommend for all, especially for those into the more mature models!

01-31-09  09:21pm

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Visit Aria Giovanni

Aria Giovanni

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Aria, nothing else needs to be said about her.
- Tons of pictures, some videos that are probably more "sexual" than you would expect.
- Amateur content is probably the closest you will see to almost hardcore
- Candid pictures let you see the regular Aria
Cons: - Ok Aria, enough is enough, everybody knows with that body you are not a good girl all the time!
- No hardcore (insert curse word)
- Picture quality could be better, I've seen most of the pictures on free sites or even in google searches, same quality as here.
- Maybe it is just me but I feel weird that my credit card statement says, paid to Aria Giovanni, that could be a con for you discrete ones
Bottom Line: Aria Giovanni first got my attention when she was first starting out on another site. It was a little more hardcorish than what we now get from her.

Aria according to my wife is an acquired taste. You know it, I made a joke when she said that, but seriously, I can understand what she means. If you like big natural breasts, join. If you like exotic looking women with more curves than should be legal, join. If you like a woman who is drop dead gorgeous and near perfect (according to standards that most women judge themselves by) maybe think about it a little longer. She isn't the prettiest woman you will see. She even has a little extra jiggle in her wiggle than some men would like. For me, it is a join without question.

I find her very attractive, the picture sets while not great resolution can always be zoomed in on. She really seems like a nice woman and maybe that is why she doesn't do hardcore, but are we here to see nice women? Some are and if you want to see a near perfect figure when looking at art or sculptures of a perfect woman, then Aria might just inspire you to join a sculpture class. She is that traditional perfect curvy woman.

My complaints are the quality, lack of hardcore, not even much masturbation. If her looks are enough for you, then you should have joined already. She really has a nice variety of picture sets, Amateur, Glamour, Candid, etc.. and each has thousands and thousands of pictures. She shows everything if you wonder. I recommend it!

04-22-07  02:54am

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Visit AT Kingdom

AT Kingdom

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - One of the biggest picture collection on the internet
- Large daily updates
- Videos are decent quality, but there are many of them
- Some exclusive content
- Just about any model you can name from Europe is on this site
Cons: - Despite the many updates, the site still looks the same from a couple of years ago.
- Videos only come in parts, so you get to download 4-5 clips to get a full scene
- I think the price could be lower, site is fairly similar to Twistys, which is $10 less per month.
Bottom Line: Here is an old favorite of mine that I recently joined again to see how things have changed. Well, they haven't changed. There is still a whole lot of guessing and scrolling. Click on each letter of the alphabet, then start scrolling to find the models you are looking for.

The pictures are nice size, up to 1500, and can be downloaded in zips. On a side note there, the zips are split into parts, usually 4 or 5 tiny files, 2-4 megs each. Which shows that they need to update their site. Downloading 4 files that are 3 megs each with a 10M connection seems like a waste since as soon as I click save as, the file is finished.

Another complaint with the pictures is the way they are labeled by the model's name only, so you get to re-name them while realizing the sets are already finished downloading.

Don't get me wrong, it is one of the all-time great sites for those who collect pictures. The movies are good enough and if you have certain models you like, they are at least can be reached from the picture page instead of trying to find them in the movie gallery.

This is an especially good site if you like Euro models who are now in the elite Euro model group, most of them have older sets on this site that you won't find anywhere but here. You will even see some of those models that you knew as solo or g/g only doing b/g sets. If you've never been a member, bump the score up to a 95. If you've been a member, things haven't changed much, but I still recommend it!

06-25-07  05:13pm

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