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Visit Throated


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Most models are absolutely beautiful, but... (see cons)
- Massive, massive cast of models, but... (see cons)
- Most videos have corresponding photo sets
- Although most (all?) models are American, lots of ethnicities
- Lots of deepthroat action, but not violent or degrading
- Long history of updates with accurate free preview area
- Immediate access to My XXX Pass network
- Content is downloadable, videos have lots of download options
- Well-used rating system for updates and models
- Regular, dated updates
- PU Users discount
- Option to choose own username and password
Cons: - ...ugly tattoos on a lot of the models (continued from pros)
- ...despite lots of models, generally one scene per model
- Uses TrustCharge as a biller - really fiddly cancellation process
- Not as many updates as you'd expect from a network
- A lot of content is pretty samey
- No ZIPs available, and annoying gallery navigation
- A bug meant members' area was inaccessible immediately after rebill was cancelled - support fixed this and gave me access again though
Bottom Line: Only a shortish review. Most of my thoughts are summed up in other PU reviews, below, so here are a few additional opinions.

This is a good website. As you can see there's a lot of 'pros', but the 'cons' for me are pretty major.

Firstly, I cancelled my membership so that it didn't automatically rebill (as I always do), and then I couldn't access the members' area despite having two weeks remaining. I emailed Support and didn't get a reply, but the webmaster saw my complaint on PU and sorted it.

The cancellation process is fiddly. They use TrustCharge as the biller. You have to enter first 4 characters of your card in one box, next 2 in another, last four in yet another, then your email then one of those annoying capcha codes. Then to cancel you have to yet again type in another capcha code. Nowhere near as refined as CCBill.

The models on the site are pretty well known it seems. A lot are absolutely beautiful. I can't overstate that enough. But a little bit of me dies inside when the camera zooms out and I see a lot of them have ugly tattoos.

The content is generally great, if slightly samey. There were a few updates with two guys or two girls which were appreciated, but kind of highlighted the fact most of the content is pretty formulaic.

The bonus sites are good, particularly 1000 Facials and Only Teen Blowjobs, and it's incredibly easy to switch between sites using the drop-down in the top right.

Update-wise there seemed to be one update a week per site. Not really as many as I'd expect from a network with 1500+ models.

PU Staff mentioned the lack of technical detail in my review - I left this out because I didn't want to repeat information from TPB/other reviews, plus it was difficult to go into detail when I didn't have access to the members' area, but:


Current download format (for around ~200 videos): WMV (Small 240p, High 480p), MP4 (Full HD 1080p, HD 720p, High 480p, Small 240p). You can also stream online and download MP4 for mobile devices, including full HD.

Download formats for previous videos: WMV (Low 160p, Medium 360p), MP4 (Low 160p, Medium 360p).

Approximate running time: 30 minutes


Images are 1980px on their longest side and very high quality. You can save the photos, but the navigation is a bit annoying (it's similar in layout to Windows 2000's 'filmstrip' layout in Explorer) and there doesn't seem to be a way to save ZIPs.

You can sort updates by date, most viewed and highest rated. You can also view by pornstar (although like I say, most pornstars only have an update-or-two)

Which brings me onto my final point. The site didn't really 'click' with me. There were lots of models, but normally only one update per model on Throated, and normally only two-or-so if you factor in the bonus sites. It was quite hard to 'get into' the site because each model is spread across the network so thinly.

Ultimately the fact I can't access the members' area despite having two weeks left of my membership term kills any enthusiasm I have for rejoining Throated again.

06-26-13  11:24pm

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Visit Tia Ling

Tia Ling

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Tia is gorgeous with an athletic figure
- Tia many, many, many niches (solo, DP, BJ, gangbang, bondage)
- Dated updates once inside members' area
- Billing via CCBill with no cross-sells
- Mix of photos and video (with a bias towards videos)
- All content downloadable with ZIPs available of galleries
- You can browse by most recent, most popular or by title
- Members can rate and comment on updates
- Mix of male talent which adds variety
Cons: - Not all content is exclusive - many updates from Evil Angel etc
- Content varies wildly in terms of quality
- No choice of quality/format when downloading video
- No indication of quality/file size before downloading video
- Gallery content varies - screenshots mixed with photoshoots
- Navigation needs refining - cannot browse by niche
- Fairly generic preview area with dated updates
- Update schedule can be erratic
- Automatically generated username/password (might annoy some?)
- Some file sizes can be huge (over 1gb)
Bottom Line: Tiaís website is a great example of being a website where you join for the girl, not just for the content.

She's a gorgeous South Korean with a beautiful complexion, athletic figure and large, fake boobs. She covers every fetish I can think of; solo, lesbian, blowjobs, deepthroat, hardcore, DP, gangbangs and bondage.

There's currently 197 videos (including webcams), and 234 galleries of varying size and quality (to the extreme) but probably averaging around 100-150 pictures. In addition thereís a webcam archive (35 videos, approximately an hour long, but these also appear along with video updates), an online store, short bio, Tiaís wishlist, Diary and VOD from AEBN.

In addition to Tiaís content, you also get access to: 88Square, All Asians, Asian Sex Club, Cherry Girl, Filipino Fuck, Keira Lee, Naked and Live, Pink Affairs, and Tera Lee. The solo sites are good with a comparable amount of content to Tia, but IMHO none of the models hold a candle to Tia.

Content is separated into three main categories; Photos, Movies and Recorded Webcam Shows. In each category you can sort by date, popularity or by title. There is a mixture of talent both male and female. There's also a few Fan Fucks which appear to be genuine.

There are 20 updates per page with a thumbnail, the title, running time, and when the update was added. When you hover over the thumbnail, it animates as a slideshow previewing the update Ė the problem with this is that if itís a long video, only the first half of the video appears in what is presumably an automatically generated preview so it often doesnít really give much of a taster of what the videoís like. All content is watermarked, often twice with Tia Lingís watermark, and the watermark of the site the video was shot for (eg, Evil Angel). On lower-quality content this is quite intrusive.

Clicking into the update, you get the option to rate out of five, leave a comment, add to favourites or suggest category keyword tags. Not many people rate or comment, and Iím not sure what the Ďsuggest category keyword tagsí feature is, but this too doesnít seem to be utilised.

On video updates, you can watch a Flash version on the site, or download an MP4. The Flash video doesnít allow you to skip to any point while the video is loading (as Youtube would). This is a bit annoying as you canít really use the Flash video as a preview prior to downloading. MP4 is the only format available on the site, which of all the formats is probably the best. There are no other formats available, and there is no indication of file size.

Be warned; some videos have a huge file size. The latest update had a 790mb file size with no option to download lower quality videos. Download speeds seem good, though, and thereís no apparent download limit. The average file size is probably around 400mb, though, but the trend lately does seem to be weighted towards larger file sizes.

Tech specs for the videos vary as most are not exclusive to Tia, but newer updates are 1280x720 and older ones being 720x480. Cam shows, which although appear archived on a separate page, are also mixed in with the other videos. The file size for these is around 40mb, and are 320x236 with the video being very juddery.

Like the video content, the quality of galleries varies dramatically. The average gallery size is probably around 100, but thereís galleries with fewer than 20 images, and others with over 300.

The biggest complaint I have, and itís quite a big one, is that galleries comprising of screenshots are mixed in with photoshoots resulting in a huge gulf of difference in terms of quality. Ranging from 640px on the longest side to 1280px, nothing blew me away quality-wise, and frankly the majority was disappointing. This is definitely a video site, although there are nice galleries if you look hard enough.

Navigation is generally OK, although it definitely can do with refining. There is a search box at the top of each page, with a category drop-down. The only category listed is Ďstockingsí. Itís a shame you canít leave the search box blank and select a category (eg, Blowjobs) to see all blowjob videos. I suspect the functionality is there, it just hasnít been set up.

The update schedule is generally once a week. All content is dated and forthcoming updates are displayed on the homepage with screenshot and when it will be appearing on the site. Although the site has a history of regular updates and all content is updating, there havenít been any updates since the end of November, with the next update due in early January.

Tia Ling is a natural talent and Iím a huge fan. She is confident, exciting and is incredible versatile. None of her content is formulaic - for example her BJs range from slow and sensual to a full-on face fuck. Her site is a dumping ground for her content, so although many of the videos are incredible, the content is a huge mix. Some exclusive, while a lot of it isn't.

01-03-13  01:04pm

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Visit Tia Ling

Tia Ling

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 01-02-12  07:33am  (Update History)
Reason: Changed review on the basis of negative trust rating left on my profile
Pros: - Tia is very hot with athletic body, large (fake) boobs and a very pretty face
- Good mix of content - movies and pictures
- Lots of niches and fetishes catered for - B/G, G/G, blowjobs to anal with anything in between, gangbangs and orgies
- Fairly good update schedule for Tia, and also updates for other sites in the network including Asian Sex Club, Tera Lee, All Asians, Filipino Fuck etc
- Navigation is pretty good and you can sort updates in different orders (by date, title etc)
- Members can now rate updates and leave comments
Cons: - Not all exclusive content which means quality is inconsistent, ranging from good quality photos to screengrabs from movies
- Video quality also varies, and you can't tell filesize until you download (it does have running time on the update though)
- Not much in the way of introduction for videos/updates, but not a big problem as you can view a Flash video before downloading
Bottom Line: This is a pretty large, comprehensive website, and caters for possibly the largest range of niches and fetishes that I know of from a solo website.

Tia Ling seems to try her hand at pretty much anything. There's inter-racial, blowjobs, footjobs, handjobs, masturbation, orgies, gang bangs (one of which she gets 10 facials), anal and also domination if that's your thing.

This is Tia's website so she appears in pretty much all updates, but there's a few guest stars, plus daily updates from the network her site is a member of. Honestly not many were particularly of interest to me as I'm generally a fan of solo sites, but if you like Asians, Filipinos etc, then this is obviously a huge selling point.

Tia is a constant in updates (obviously), but there's a lot of different male talent (and female talent too, of course). There are a few solo videos of Tia, also 'fan fucks' which frankly I'm always a bit cynical about, but it's obviously a different guy and adds to the variety. I know a lot of people don't like seeing the same guy in every video, so the fact there's a lot of guys at Tia's disposal is obviously a big plus point in that respect.

Navigation is pretty much as you'd expect. It has vastly improved since I was a member 4 months ago, and all content is downloadable. You can download WMV files (most seemed to be in the region of 100-500mb) and ZIPs of photos. I am normally only a member of one website at a time, and I cannot afford to stay a member of every website that doesn't let you save content, so it's really good this has been changed.

The updates are displayed as simple thumbnails with the title of the update, a 5-star rating which you can contribute to, and how long the video is/how many photos there are. Future updates also appear at the top of the page to give you an idea of what's to come.

If you hover over the thumbnail, it scrolls through 5-or-so different screenshots/images to give you an idea of what is in the update. The only problem I've found is that if the video is long, it only shows scenes from the first half of the video, so it doesn't necessarily give an accurate representation of what's in the video. But there's a Flash version of the video online, so no big issue.

When you click on the thumbnail you have the choice of playing a Flash version of the video or downloading a WMV (in the case of videos), or browse through thumbnails or downloading a ZIP (in the case of photos).

The Flash version of the video is good in that you can click anywhere on the timeline while it's loading and it will skip to that point. It's like Youtube in that you don't have to wait for the entire video to load before being able to skip to the middle and end to see what the video's like.

Most of the recent videos are excellent quality, with older videos being more inconsistent as I think some are from other websites that Tia's done shoots for.

Photo-wise, you can browse thumbnails, view them in a slideshow or download a zip. There are watermarks, but generally not too intrusive on the larger images, but obviously are proportionally larger on the poorer quality images.

Image-wise it's a mix. The proper photos are really good quality, very sharp and very clear. These are very good. Gallery size ranges from 40-200 photos.

But there are a fair few galleries comprising of screenshots - these range from adequate to poor in quality. I personally think updates like this could do with being separated from the main photo updates and maybe clumped with the actual video updates. It's not a huge issue to me as the good quality photos are there, and the good quality videos are there, it's just the screenshots kinda dilute the photo offerings somehow.

Other features include the ability to sort updates by Most Recent, Most Popular (as scored by members) and by Title Name. You can also add tags to updates, but I'm not sure if this means you can then view by tags.

There is a search box at the top where you can type in the name of an update etc, but also select the category (Lesbian, BJ etc), and the site (network-wide or Tia's site). Unfortunately leaving this blank and selecting 'Blowjobs' and 'Tia Ling' doesn't seem to display all Tia's blowjobs, but admittedly this could be a work in progress (hope it is, as it will really improve navigation).

Finally, there's a basic bio with her vital stats plus turn ons/offs, store (autographed photos of Tia etc), Tia's wishlist (from suitcases to lingerie!) and FAQs which touches on the essential things like how to cancel membership etc.

'Live Webcam Shows' is currently unclickable and coming soon, so hopefully that will be live soon (will update if it does become available).

Tia's website is really good. It has a huge mix of niches, lots of large videos and lots of photos. Navigation is FAR improved but could be slightly more refined here-and-there, plus I think keeping the poor quality screenshots separate would be another positive step to take. Well worth joining!

01-01-12  08:39am

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Visit Verunka's Dreams

Verunka's Dreams

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - High quality content (videos and pictures)
- Glamour-style photography and videos with nice settings
- Lovely, skinny girl
- Lots of different download options - different video/picture resolutions, different video formats, ZIPs etc
Cons: - Not much content
- No longer updates
- Some of the videos are a bit over-edited, but might just be down to personal taste
Bottom Line: Definitely not a bad website, but certainly a 'join once, download what you like, then never join again' website due to no longer updating - I do love the glamour-photography style, you know, a nude girl in a beautiful lagoon. That kind of simplicity and natural beauty really appeals to me.

Content-wise it all seems very good quality. Nice videos and great photography, lots of different formats and all easy to download and keep.

Overall, factoring the amount of content and lack of updates, it's quite poor value, but quality-wise it's pretty good.

01-01-12  09:04am

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