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Visit Ann Angel XXX

Ann Angel XXX

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Well known, established web model, now doing hardcore
- Lots of outdoors scenes in risqué outfits in very public places
- Billing by CCBill with no pre-checked cross-sells
- Discounts on softcore site ($15.95 recurring instead of $34.57)
- Good interaction via website comments system, Twitter etc
- All content is downloadable
Cons: Points marked * don’t personally bother me:

- The amount of content doesn't currently justify the price
- Hardcore scenes in a minority and seem incomplete
- Sure that a lot of content is recycled from her old site
- Preview section shows 'live' webcam... this is fake
- Slow download speeds compared to other sites
- Navigation is not very refined and rather inconsistent
- Most galleries don’t have downloadable zip files
- Some galleries you have to download the zip to get all pics
- Lack of download options on videos (one format, one size)
- Large watermarks on images
- Excessive Photoshop filters on images
- Automatically generated username/password*
Bottom Line: I’ve followed Ann since before she even went topless, so to say I was excited by the prospect of her going hardcore would be an understatement. Sadly, at the moment her website is currently pretty disappointing.

Joining is simple. They warn you to make sure your phone number is correct as they will call to verify you’re a ‘real person’ with the call possibly coming from Ann herself. At no stage is there even the option to provide your phone number, nor (of course) do you get any call.


Unlike her old site, navigation is inconsistent and cluttered. It uses a Wordpress template, and the member’s homepage has the most recent updates featured. You can view photo updates by clicking ‘gallery’ at the top, but to view video updates you have to go and find them – easiest way is clicking ‘updates’ then clicking the ‘videos’ tag on the right.

Other options at the top include news (not updated since November 2012), contacts (web form), webcam (LiveCamNetwork video chat) and her Amazon wish list. Updates are tagged with keywords such as blowjob, toys, video, etc, but the layout isn’t as intuitive or straight-forward as you’d expect. To give a few examples of inconsistency:

Not all galleries have zips. Those that do are only ‘preview galleries’ meaning you have to download the zip. To get into galleries on some pages you can click the thumbnail, but on others this pops up with a preview of the gallery, and you have to click the gallery title instead.

Also, some galleries clicking the photo thumbnail doesn’t take you to the high-res picture, you have to click the thumbnail, then a slightly larger thumbnail to get into the full-size image. So that’s two clicks per photo just to get the high-res image.

It just seems quite cluttered, a problem that will surely get worse as the amount of content increases.


Currently, there are 44 galleries of around 100 pictures. They’re arranged 12-to-a-page with a thumbnail and gallery number. Photos are downloadable and are 2048px on their longest side and are good quality. Some seem to have been overly Photoshoppedd, and there’s a pretty big (1000px wide) watermark in the bottom right of images regardless of whether it covers anything.

Content-wise, many galleries are shot outside, but the lighting is good and I love the sense of danger this gives. Ann has always been amazing in this aspect, and galleries are shot in broad daylight in extremely racy outfits in public (albeit quiet) parks.

Ann is a confident, charismatic and engaging performer. She has a great body, and her solo stuff is still her strength as her webmaster/photographer/videographer can do her justice in this respect as he’s also the stunt dick which limits his ability to film the action.

Videos are shot from multiple angles, normally from a single fixed camera angle, and then a POV. Although the POV angle is shot with an iPhone, I have to say the quality isn’t too bad.

All are downloadable, and the video is embedded onto the download page as a Flash video which you can skip to any point in while it still loads. The only downloadable format is M4V, and there’s no options for quality which is a bitter pill to swallow when some are over 1.5gb and download speeds are slow at best (150kbps)


Obviously, the selling point of this site is the fact it’s Ann’s gone hardcore.

At the moment, the ratio of hardcore content is pretty disappointing. Gallery-wise, around 10% features hardcore, and there’s three videos on top of this. More disappointing than this is that the hardcore content even in the hardcore galleries is pretty minimal.

Most start off pretty conventionally with her posing, before a few dick-in-mouth style pictures towards the end. The most recent hardcore gallery, for example, has 109 pictures, only 5 feature a dick, then 11 of a few spots of cum on her stomach.

The hardcore aspect seems a bit half-hearted at best. Most of the videos don’t ever really end in a money shot or really any conclusion at all, they just peter out. It’s not even really a case of them teasing us, it just all feels a bit rushed and lackadaisical, although I have to say the most recent video, Street Walker, is a definite stride in the right direction. But one good hardcore video does not a hardcore site make.


There doesn’t appear to be a published update schedule. In the main, updates are pretty regular and reliable, but at times it can be flaky. All updates are dated, and you’ll normally get at least one or two updates a week, although there have been periods where there haven’t any updates for a ten-or-so day period, and promised updates have been late by several days.


Beyond the excitement of Ann going hardcore, the site is bit of a letdown. Recent updates hints that things might get better, but the hardcore content is largely disappointing and makes up a tiny percentage of content. The cluttered navigation and limited download options also frustrate.

03-09-13  09:51am

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Visit Anna Angel

Anna Angel

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Anna is incredibly hot with a fantastic body
- Large archive of content and videos
Cons: - Unable to save pictures as they're sliced up into mosaics - essentially you cannot save ANY pictures or ANY videos
- No 'new' content being added
- Anna has gone to ground - no updates or interaction from her now
Bottom Line: This website has had a high fall from grace. It was once one of the best at looking after members, constantly updating - it was a masterclass in amateur websites.

Sadly you are no longer able to save ANY content (not even photos) and Anna and the webmaster no longer seem to care about their members. A real shame.

12-31-11  07:32am

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Visit Bella Pass

Bella Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Excellent balance of photos, videos and bonus content
- Consistent quality of content throughout the sites
- Membership to 7 solo sites, 5 of which are regularly updated
- Updates are dated (including recent updates in Preview area)
- Good mix of girls – huge, buxom babes and more petite girls too
- Easy navigation, whether across whole network or by site
- You seem to stay logged in without username/password prompts
- CCBill with no pre-checked cross-sells
- Outstanding softcore content, and Bryci now does hardcore
- Webmaster is very ‘hands on’ and keen to listen to feedback
Cons: Mostly minor. Points marked with * don't personally bother me:

- Video previews are a bit limited
- Regional pricing
- No ZIP files for photo galleries
- Most updates biased towards Bryci, Katie and Talia
- Automatically generated username/password*
- Download limit of 20gb per 24 hour hour period*
- Some might find content a bit samey as mostly softcore*
- 6 of the 7 models appear to have fake boobs*
- Very strict piracy policy that might catch out innocent members
Bottom Line: This is a huge network of high quality solo websites. You can either join via the girls’ individual website, or direct via Bella Pass – either way you get instant access to every site in the network.

Content is all dated and downloadable. The network takes a hard line against piracy – there’s a download limit of 20gb per 24 hour, and they’re clear and transparent about their policies with warnings before and after you join, and in the confirmation email you receive.

Browsing the network, you have the following categories across the top:

Photos, Candids, Videos, Behind the Scenes, Archives, Babechat, Vlogs, Our Sites, Our Models, Wallpapers and Bella Webcams.

There is also a very well designed search function where you can also search by category (eg, masturbation, hardcore etc) and by site. You can also view just a single site using a drop-down menu.


Bella Pass currently has 52,006 photos, and 941 videos, of which:

- Bryci: 18,700 photos, 340 videos
- Katie Banks: 13,935 photos, 289 videos
- Talia Shepard: 8,636 photos, 207 videos
- Lexi Mason: 2,913 photos, 20 videos
- Hunter Leigh: 1,610 photos, 2 videos
- Monroe Lee: 5,722 photos, 43 videos (not updating)
- Ava Dawn: 2,454 photos, 51 videos (not updating)

All sites have categories for photos and videos. In addition to this:

- Bryci, Katie, Talia, Monroe and Ava also have webcam archives
- Bryci, Katie, Talia and Ava have behind the scenes content
- Bryci, Katie and Talia have regularly updated blogs
- Bryci and Katie have in-depth bios and also wallpapers

Video content is downloadable in the following formats:

- 3GP (352x288)
- Flash (900x506)
- MP4 (1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x320 for iPad)
- WMV (1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x320)*

(WMV doesn’t appear to be available for Bryci’s newer hardcore content)

Photos are normally 4000px on their widest side, although 1500px on candid galleries.


BRYCI is the most popular girl on the network on the basis of content alone. She is absolutely stunning and has an incredible body. Her boobs are fake but despite being gigantic don’t appear disproportionately large.

Her site is mainly stripteasing and softcore such as masturbation/toys, but she is making her first moves into hardcore with two videos already posted within the last week. Both have been artistically shot, but it’s the perfect tease as they introduce us to hardcore Bryci, and future videos will show everything, including POV.

In addition to this, there is lots and lots of behind the scenes footage, candids and a regularly updated blog. Bryci’s site on its own is one of the finest solo sites out there.

KATIE BANKS is a curvy but slim big-boobed babe with bags of confidence. Her site is the second-largest on the network with a great mix of videos, photos and bonus content. You can read more about Katie Banks in my review.

TALIA SHEPARD is cast from the same mould as Katie and Bryci. Her site is packed with photos, videos but also candids and behind the scenes footage. Like Katie and Bryci, she has substantial fake boobs, but unlike those two, she got hers mid-way through the site. Approximately 70% of the galleries include her fake boobs, the rest feature her more natural (and rather lovely!) cleavage.

LEXI MASON is, unlike the other models here, petite and all natural. She is an absolute stunner with a gorgeous complexion, perky boobs and is a refreshing change from her less natural colleagues. Unfortunately her site shows up one of the weaknesses with Bella Pass in that it seems a bit overlooked compared to the ‘big three’ – her site is relatively new, and regularly updated (once a week), but not quite with the regularity of the others.

HUNTER LEIGH is also a relatively new model to the network. The content is softer (no toys/masturbation/spreading), but she's stunning,. Her website doesn't have much content yet, and lacks the bonus features from the other sites. You can read more about Hunter Leigh in my review.

MONROE LEE is a pretty blonde with a massively curvy body and fake boobs. Although her site includes pictures and videos, it is no longer being updated and quality isn’t up to the standard of other sites in the network. It’s not bad, but it feels a lot more amateur, and although this is a great bonus site, it’s hard to be too enthusiastic about a model when the site is no longer updating.

AVA DAWN is another big-breasted babe. Her site is no longer updating but there is a good amount of great quality content available, including webcam archives and behind the scenes footage. Like Monroe’s site, this is a great bonus site on top of five that are regularly being updated.

03-10-13  01:30pm

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Visit Bryci


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Perfect balance of video and gallery content
- Well-known, established model with regular updates since 2012
- Bryci’s now doing hardcore, with plenty of updates already
- Extremely pretty with exceptional body and large (if fake) boobs
- Immediate access to Bella Pass network including 6 bonus sites
- Consistent, high quality of content throughout the site
- Content is downloadable, videos have lots of download options
- Regular, dated updates (including recent ones in preview area)
- Tons of bonus content like bio, blog, candids, behind the scenes
- Easy navigation either via Bella Pass or her own site
- You seem to stay logged in without username/password prompts
- CCBill with no pre-checked cross-sells – good value for money

See my Bella Pass review for in-depth thoughts on the network as a whole.
Cons: Points marked with * don't bother me personally:

- No ZIP files for photo galleries
- Video previews are a bit limited
- Regional pricing
- If you want hardcore, might be worth waiting a few months*
- Automatically generated username/password*
- Download limit of 20gb per 24 hour period*
- Bryci has fake boobs*

See my Bella Pass review for in-depth thoughts on the network as a whole.

A note on Bella Network's piracy policy: Bella Network has a very strict piracy policy. They are extremely clear with this when you join. Sometimes legitimate members MIGHT get blocked - Bella have have made improvements to their customer service so that this can easily be investigated and rectified.
Bottom Line: I’ll cut to the chase and say this is one of the best amateur solo model websites I have ever joined.

It has all the benefits of a solo model website (personality, insight into the model etc) while being part of a slick, regularly updated network.

Membership includes access to the following bonus sites:

Katie Banks - very similar to Bryci, with content being softcore
Talia Shepard - you’ll probably like Talia if you like Bryci - softcore
Hunter Leigh - beautiful model, relatively new. Nudity but no toys
Lexi Mason - extremely petite, relatively new to Bella
Ava Dawn - site no longer updating but has over 50 videos
Monroe Lee - super-curvy but site no longer updating

If you like Bryci, Talia Shepard and Katie Banks are from the same mould. Bryci’s site is currently the only one with hardcore content, but both Talia and Katie’s sites are comparable size-wise to Bryci’s.

You can browse content from the whole network, or just Bryci’s site using a drop down in the top right. You also have a very good search function where you can search by niche or by site.

Bryci has the usual sections for photos and video content, but in addition to this:

BIO: A hugely comprehensive biography. Features her essential statistics but also a very, very in-depth profile with information about her and her site.

CANDIDS: 71 candid galleries featuring Bryci. Some are her out and about or on holiday, many are self-shot pics featuring her in various states of undress.

BLOG: Regularly updated and from what I can tell, actually written by Bryci. Includes personal updates, previews of forthcoming galleries etc, and various candid photos.

BABECHAT: Video web chat featuring models from Bella Network. Bryci doesn’t seem to be on the schedule, but Talia Shepard and Katie Banks make frequent appearances. She might be just taking a few weeks off, though, as there are plenty of videos of her in the archive.

WALLS: Lots and lots of stylised wallpapers.


Currently 308 galleries, approximately 80 photos each. If you hover over the gallery thumbnails they animate to show a sample of images inside. You can sort galleries by most recent or by name.

All images are downloadable, feature a small, translucent watermark and can either be viewed at 1500px or 4000px. Zips are not available, and batch download programmes are prohibited, which is a big mark against the site as it’s hugely time-consuming to download images. You can’t right-click thumbnails and download link because the high-res images are placed onto a web page, so you’d download this, not the image. It makes the concept of even downloading a sample of images quite a bewildering prospect. The majority of the points deducted from giving the site a perfect score are because of this, and I’m not even a huge photo collector.

Currently there are no hardcore galleries. Most galleries feature Bryci enjoying her own company in the form of strip-tease and/or masturbation with or without toys. She’s extremely charismatic in front of the camera and oozes confidence. Most updates are shot in and around the house in the bedroom, bathroom etc, but any updates outside are well-lit and still very polished.


Currently 341 videos including webchat archives and behind-the-scenes. The video pages again feature animating thumbnails, but the animation generally only shows the first part of the video. Webchat archives and BTS are mixed in with the standard videos which is a minor niggle. You can either stream a Flash video (skipping to any part as it loads) or download the video in a number of sizes/formats:

- 3GP (352x288)
- Flash (900x506)
- MP4 (1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x360 for iPad)
- WMV (1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x360)*

* As of March 2013, WMV is no longer being added, but it is still available on older updates

Videos are excellently shot. The majority are softcore with Bryci stripping and playing with toys or masturbating, recent videos feature hardcore. Currently there are six hardcore videos (since March) so although there’s not too much at the moment, it’s being added frequently so will build up quickly.

The first two were artistically shot (in the dark or behind shower curtain), and although and the next was poorly lit, the others are well shot. Most hardcore has so far been POV, but the most recent had a version shot POV, and one from a second camera. Bryci’s foray into hardcore is confident and assertive, and although already impressive, I’m sure technically the videos will improve in terms of lighting, angles etc as more and more content is added.

Most videos are in the region of 10-15 minutes long. Webcam videos are also mixed in with video updates and are around an hour long.


Bryci is wonderful, and her site does her justice. There’s a lot of bonus content on her site, and plenty of relevant bonus sites you’ll like if you like Bryci. The difficulty of saving images is a big mark against the site, while most other criticisms are minor at best.

04-09-13  01:34pm

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Visit Bryci


Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Bryci is incredible hot with a great body
- Lots of content, good balance of pics and vids
- Good value with lots of other girls too
Cons: Awful webmaster. I had problems with my ADSL and my IP number was blocked. No problem I thought, and emailed the webmaster. He basically called me a liar and a thief and wouldn't humour me at all. I understand the need to protect content, but the way it was dealt with was totally over the top. I explained what happened, even listed the 10-or-so videos I had downloaded to prove only I had been a member but he wouldn't even listen. A huge shame as it's a great site
Bottom Line: An incredible website but let down by an incredibly arrogant webmaster. It was a huge shame because it was definitely the kind of website I could see myself joining and rejoining constantly.

12-31-11  07:10am

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Visit Carmen Cocks

Carmen Cocks

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Carmen is super-hot with a great body
- Good balance of photos and videos
- Nice mix of content, mainly blowjobs and sex
- Two good bonus sites which you'll love if you like Carmen
- Everything is downloadable with no apparent restrictions
Cons: - Trial is limited to just photos (no videos)
- Site is no longer updating
- 'HD' videos aren't HD
- Navigation is pretty basic, not a huge problem because...
- ...Not much content relatively speaking
- Bonus sites also not updating
- No ZIPs of photos, and pics aren't huge
Bottom Line: Carmen looks incredible, but the site is dead and honestly, there's not much to it. It's definitely frozen in time in most respects - quality of content, size of member's area etc.

The preview area claims that she 'posts new HD videos every week' which is a false claim in two respects; the videos aren't HD, and the website is no longer updating.

There's a one-day trial available for $0.95 which is what I chose, and despite what dubya says in his review, it is no longer full access and limits you to just the photo galleries. Clicking onto the video pages will prompt you to upgrade your membership.

To do so is pretty easy, and within 30 minutes, you have full access to Carmen's site.

The two main sections once in the member's area are Pictures and Movies.

There's also links to: Personal Email, Forum (not posted in since 2010), Store (just a link to vivid.com), Friends (just links to Melissa Midwest and Sweet Adri) and Bonus Content.

Bonus Content includes links to feeds/content from: Black on White Adventures, Creampie Virgin, Day in the Hood, Lesbian Hookups, Milf Banged, Parties Exposed, Throat Banged, Munch My Ass, Perfect Round Asses, My Favourite Hand Job, Nice Round Boobs and Booty Like That - frankly, all pretty trashy in my opinion.


There are 54 galleries, all navigatable from one page with a thumbnail preview for each (and no description).

The pictures are decent quality, normally cataloguing a sex scene, masturbation scene, lesbian posing or a blowjob. Some start off candid style photos of her at an arcade or something, before cutting to a BJ/sex scene etc later with her in the same outfit.

Pictures are 1161 pixels on their longest side and have a medium-sized (about 300x50px) watermark. The quality of photos seems consistent throughout the size.

The galleries are all decent sized, ranging from 100 to (in some cases) over 400 images. Unfortunately there's no ZIP downloads available.


The navigation page for movies is identical to the gallery page in that exactly the same thumbnails are used for the 54 movies available from her site.

The thumbnails are obviously images from the galleries, so although the content is roughly the same, don't rely on that 'money shot' necessarily being part of the video. Likewise, some thumbnails imply the video will be a candid style video but are just a solo video etc of her in the same outfit as in the thumbnail. It's not a huge deal, but it's a bit annoying sometimes to download a video you're not expecting.

All videos are WMV format. There's no way to preview prior to downloading, and all videos are 448x252 pixels in size. The quality is not too bad, and the content is much the same as the photos. She's a pretty good performer, and great to watch.

Bonus Sites:

You also get full membership to Hailey Hardcore and Candy Skye. If you like Carmen, you will like both of these sites too, particularly Hailey Hardcore who's basically a brunette version of Carmen.

Bottom Line:

Overall it's not a bad site so long as you know what you're getting for your money. The content is basic, there are no updates, but Carmen is *hot as*, and Hailey Hardcore is definitely a huge bonus and equally as hot as Carmen.

04-12-12  12:38pm

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Visit Chaturbate


Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Includes hardcore cam shows
- You can enjoy it for free
- Typically cheaper than MFC
- Models can set their own private rate-per-minute
- Easy to see which models you follow are online
- More refined than MFC with things like video/gallery purchases
Cons: - Some models hold back best stuff for ‘crazy ticket’ shows
- Like all cam sites can be expensive/addictive
- Some cams are poor quality
- A few shows seem to be pre-recorded
- Not as respectful community as MFC
- Not all privates can be recorded
Bottom Line: I’ve been on My Free Cams for a couple of years now, but joined Chaturbate to broaden my horizons and really love how it offers something different.

The biggest difference is that it’s not just girls, but guys, transexuals and most importantly COUPLES who can chat.

This is banned on MFC, so on CB you get a lot of live hardcore action ranging from blowjobs to threesomes and everything in between. I have to say some of the models’ talents are incredible and could hold their own against the pros.

The interface is similar to MFC in that you can filter by region, however it doesn’t automatically refresh as it does on MFC, and the thumbnail update frequency isn’t as good. However, one huge advantage over MFC is the ‘followed models’ tab which shows thumbnails for models who are online that you follow. This makes it so much easier to browse than MFC.

Once in the rooms there are a few differences. Models can set chosen members as moderators if they wish. This means they can get on with the show rather than have to moderate too. Another difference is that models have certain plug-ins that help them run a room. These include tools to keep track of targets, tip jars, ‘crazy ticket’ shows where you can buy tokens to see a show when it is hidden etc. Many of these tools mean it can be more expensive than MFC if you aren’t someone who normally tips, but I think the pros outweigh the cons here.

Another difference is that models can set their private cam rates. This is generally a good thing in that most are cheaper-per-minute that MFC. I’ve seen some models charge as little as 18tpm, and typically the most expensive is 60tpm which is the same as MFC. I have seen a couple of models charge more, though.

One big negative is that the model can also choose whether members can record private shows. This leaves one huge benefit of privates in the hands of models. When you go to start a private, it will tell you their rate and whether you can save the show or not.

All models I have encountered are polite and willing. Like MFC there can sometimes be bit of a language barrier, but it’s nothing that use of animated GIF emojis can’t overcome! The members on CB seem a lot less respectful than on MFC, however, and seem a lot more inclined to bark orders/instructions at models - and this is despite moderators who can mute and/or boot members out of rooms.

Overall I think I prefer Chaturbate to My Free Cams, although MFC’s advantage is the sheer number of models. The interface is more refined, the content is more varied as it includes hardcore, the plug-ins models can use really make a difference and overall it is better value than MFC.

Please let me know if you need any model recommendations or have any questions.

08-16-15  09:56am

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Visit Chica's Place

Chica's Place

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Curvy Latina who's easy on the eyes with nice (if fake) boobs
- Excellent BJs, loves swallowing, so great for people who like that niche
- Lots of different genres catered for; handjobs, BJs, sex, footjobs, solo etc
- Very good customer service, they always reply to emails from my experience
- Seems genuinely interested in interacting with members (polls, comments etc)
- Easy to navigate in a blog format with tags so that you can browse by niche
- Good blog that has been consistently updated with candid photos
- Long history of updates
- Videos available in two different sizes (LD and HD), also embedded as a flash video
- Photos downloadable as ZIP files
- Chica has her own Twitter page which is regularly updated
Cons: - Not enough updates - averages out to one update every 10-14 days
- Older updates only have a single thumbnail preview (no gallery/flash video)
- Generally the softer side of HC, but plenty of hardcore sex in the archives
- Pre-checked cross sells on sign-up
Bottom Line: This is a great website with plenty of content, a long history of updates. It has the positive qualities of a smaller website to keep me interested; good interaction from Chica and good customer service.

It also has the qualities of a major website, such as well-shot videos, good quality content, polished navigation etc. It also has years' worth of content.

When I first reviewed this website, it was updated once-a-week, with an apology/explanation if an update was running behind schedule, but while there are still regular updates, it's a bit more erratic - some updates are within a week of each other, but most are within 10 days, and several even longer than that (it's been 12 days at time of writing since last update). I think even an amateur website should aim to update every week.

To their credit, they're not misleading anyone - I don't think they promise weekly updates, and the previews are all dated, but it does mean that it's not as great value now for returning members.

I love BJs and softer stuff like that, and if you're the same as me then this website is really outstanding. If you like what Chica looks like from the previews, then you will love the website.

If you prefer harder stuff, then her website might disappoint, but she seems to listen and respond to requests, and there's so many years' worth of content that for a one-month membership there should be more than enough to whet your appetite.

Navigation-wise, it's very much like a blog. The website preview is good in that it allows you to see how often Chica updates her site, so it's clear even before joining that it's always updated.

Each update will have a short written synopsis about the update, plus an embedded flash video which you can now skip to any point within without it fully loading (much like Youtube). Older updates don't have this functionality so you have to wait for the entire video to load.

The embedded video is good in that you can skip through it to see whether the video is worth downloading.

There are three different options for downloading videos: for the iPad (M4V, approx 125-150mb), Low Def (WMV, approx 75-100mb) and High Def (WMV, approx 300-350mb). File sizes given next to the download link.

For the majority of updates, there's also a thumbnail gallery with anything from 30-100 pictures. Some galleries are a bit small, some are fine, but photography is always top-notch. All galleries are downloadable as a ZIP. If you click the pictures, you get a larger version of the picture (approx 800px), but the full size ones are only available if you download the ZIP.

All updates are navigatable in a blog format with each update essentially being a post. You can click on tags underneath the update to see similar updates, so you can see all Facials, BJs etc.

Older updates unfortunately just have a short text intro and a thumbnail preview of the video. It's not a huge problem (many sites still ONLY have this) but obviously it comes as bit of a shock having been so spoilt elsewhere.

Now and again Chica will have guest videos which are generally the same kind of fayre that Chica offers. There don't seem to be as many of these lately, but you can find them easily when you browse the different genres anyway.

If you want a website that is high quality with an amateur feel, then Chica's Place is hard to beat. The slower update schedule takes the shine off an otherwise extremely polished website. Hopefully it will find its stride in this respect soon.

11-11-12  11:33pm

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Visit Chica's Place

Chica's Place

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Updated: 01-02-12  03:33am  (Update History)
Reason: Changed review on the basis of negative trust rating left on my profile
Pros: - Curvy Latina who's easy on the eyes with nice (if fake) boobs
- Excellent BJs, loves swallowing, so great for people who like that niche
- Lots of different genres catered for; handjobs, BJs, sex, footjobs, solo etc
- Very good customer service, they always reply to emails from my experience
- Seems genuinely interested in interacting with members - lots of polls to establish what people like, always replies to comments left on updates
- Easy to navigate in a blog format with tags so that you can browse by niche, user ratings on each update, thumbnail galleries with each video
- Good blog that has been consistently updated with candid photos from Chica's various trips/nights out
- One update a week which includes video and photos. Very reliable with a long history of updates
- Videos available in two different sizes (LD and HD), also embedded as a flash video on the site. Photos downloadable as ZIP files
Cons: - Older updates only have a single thumbnail preview (as opposed to a gallery of thumbnails plus embedded Flash video)
- If you prefer H/C sex then there's probably other sites. She does do sex scenes, but the majority are BJs
Bottom Line: This is definitely one of my favourite websites to be a member of at the moment.

It has the positive qualities of a smaller website to keep me interested; good interaction from Chica, good customer service, apologies *if* an update is going to be late (can only remember this happening once).

It also has the qualities of a major website, such as well-shot videos, good quality content, polished navigation etc. It also has years' worth of content.

I love BJs and softer stuff like that, and if you're the same as me then this website is really outstanding. If you like what Chica looks like from the previews, then you will love the website.

If you prefer harder stuff, then her website might disappoint, but she seems to listen and respond to requests, and there's so many years' worth of content that for a one-month membership there should be more than enough to whet your appetite.

Navigation-wise, it's very much like a blog. The website preview is good in that it allows you to see how often Chica updates her site, so it's clear even before joining that it's always updated.

Each update will have a short written synopsis about the update, plus an embedded flash video which you can now skip to any point within without it fully loading (much like Youtube). Older updates don't have this functionality so you have to wait for the entire video to load.

The embedded video is good in that you can skip through it to see whether the video is worth downloading.

There are three different options for downloading videos: for the iPad (M4V, approx 125-150mb), Low Def (WMV, approx 75-100mb) and High Def (WMV, approx 300-350mb). File sizes given next to the download link.

For the majority of updates, there's also a thumbnail gallery with anything from 30-100 pictures. Some galleries are a bit small, some are fine, but photography is always top-notch. All galleries are downloadable as a ZIP.

All updates are navigatable in a blog format with each update essentially being a post. You can click on tags underneath the update to see similar updates, so you can see all Facials, BJs etc.

Older updates unfortunately just have a short text intro and a thumbnail preview of the video. It's not a huge problem (many sites still ONLY have this) but obviously it comes as bit of a shock having been so spoilt elsewhere.

Now and again Chica will have guest videos which are generally the same kind of fayre that Chica offers. There don't seem to be as many of these lately, but you can find them easily when you browse the different genres anyway.

So, if you want a website that is high quality with an amateur feel, then Chica's Place is hard to beat. I've yet to find a website that's still updating that comes close to ticking all the right boxes for me.

12-31-11  07:20am

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Visit Fame Girls.net

Fame Girls.net

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Extremely high-quality photography and HD videos
- Already plenty of content despite it being a relatively new site
- Exclusive content and exclusive models
- Regular updates, all dated (3 galleries and at least 1 vid a week)
- All content is downloadable, with ZIPs available for galleries
- Two super, super-sexy models who are both very confident
- No ugly tattoos, fake breasts, lots of piercings etc
- Great quality photography and slickly-edited video
- Lots of variety in terms of shooting locations, gallery themes etc
- Nice, clean (if basic) navigation and previews of future updates
- Well-used comment and gallery/video rating system
- Ability to bookmark your favourite photos/sets
- Both models are outstanding teases without showing too much
- Billing by CCBill with reduced cost rebills
- Simple login with ability to choose own username/password
Cons: Points marked with * don't bother me personally:

- Search system doesn’t seem to work
- Previews are a bit too vague, particularly for video updates
- Videos are a bit too arty-farty and can be slow-moving
- Daily bonus photos aren’t varied enough
- No interaction with/from the models (eg, blog)
- Currently only two models*
- Some might not be happy Katie/Ella aren’t totally nude*
- Pricey compared to some sites*
Bottom Line: I nearly didn’t review this as I know a lot of people don’t ‘get’ non-nude sites, but for me a good tease site can definitely hold its own against even a lot of porn sites as for me the thrill of the chase, and the art of tease can be extremely sexy in my opinion.

A quick bit of history first: Famegirls.net replaces Fame-Girls which is now an archive site. Previously there were three models; the famous Sandra, Virginia and Ella. Sandra retired, and recently Virginia also retired. Vlad, Ella’s photographer, decided to start a new site on his own, and introduced Katie, who is new to modelling.

The site is only a few months old, but already it has 36 galleries (5,000 pictures), and 19 videos, and with three galleries (averaging 100-150 photos) and at least one video every week, it’s growing fast.

Both Katie and Ella pose nude, with very little being left to the imagination apart from between the legs. They come very close to showing everything, though, particularly Ella. They are both supreme strip teases, though, and for me, little is sexier than a beautiful girl, slowly, sensually taking her clothes off and having fun as she does.

The galleries are set in number of locations; either in the studio, normally with a plain background and props, or often outside on a deserted road, beautiful meadow or idyllic river. Even on the outside shoots, the image quality and lighting is exceptional.

It’s a lot more sexual than the previous site in terms of poses, the style of photography, the detail and things like the Ella pouring milk over herself in one set, or Katie smothering herself in oil in another – it’s more than just glamour now.

Although sets are generally the same format, each gallery brings something new to the table. There’s always a strong narrative, the costumes vary from bikinis to dresses and everything in between, and both Ella and Katie seem to have a huge variety of poses so it somehow never gets repetitive.

Currently there are 35 galleries and around 4,500 images.

Images are 5760px on their longest side, and have a
translucent simple white logo in the corner. Each gallery is downloadable as a zip file. You can also choose to download the zip file with six different image dimensions from 640px on their longest side all the way up to their original size.

There are also 20 videos available. All are 1280x720, HD, MP4 and are around 5-10 minutes long. They’re beautifully shot, but generally a bit too arty-farty and slow-paced, although there are exceptions (eg, the latest Katie video where she’s in a sauna). At least one video is added every week.

Members can rate and comment on both videos and galleries. These seem like well-used features, and comments aren’t censored or even moderated from what I can tell.

Navigation-wise, you can view Ella’s sets, Katie’s sets, or videos. You can also add sets and photos to your favourites and view just those. There is also a search function, but I’m not sure it actually works – it would be nice if you could search for ‘lingerie’ or ‘bikini’ or some kind of tag, but every search term I tried didn’t return any results. The navigation is fairly simple but definitely fit for purpose.

Another little criticism is the daily bonus photo, which is not included in normal sets, ‘such as pictures from real life, artistic shots, or working moments’ – since I’ve been a member, every day it’s been a picture of Katie from the same shoot, albeit a different picture. It would be nice if these could be more mixed up so one day it might be (for example) Ella at the beach, then Katie on a shoot, then Ella shopping etc... at the moment it’s just like being slowly drip-fed a gallery day-by-day.

At the moment it is only Katie and Ella modelling. I know the webmaster is looking for another model, though. Both Katie and Ella compliment each other with both being extremely svelte, with incredible figures. Ella is blonde, while Katie is raven-haired. Neither have lots of piercings or any tattoos which is good to see. So far, there’s only been one video with the pair in, so fingers crossed for more.

My last criticism, possibly my biggest, is that there’s no interaction from the models in terms of behind the scenes footage or candid photos. I know a lot of people don’t care for this, but on a site like this I think it’s important. I don’t blame them for not getting involved with comments etc, but maybe Vlad (the photographer/webmaster) could consider a blog with more of a behind-the-scenes/off duty look at these gorgeous girls?

This is a great website with great photography and is incredibly sensual. The girls are both gorgeous, Ella is incredibly experienced and Katie is already confident and exciting in front of the camera. At the moment it is on the pricey side, but Vlad has a long history of being extremely reliable with updates, and content is continually being added and I definitely feel like I’ve got value for money compared to a lot of smaller amateur model sites.

08-26-13  07:14am

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Visit GiGi Spice

GiGi Spice

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Gigi is a gorgeous, fun and flirty Latina babe
- Good balance of photos and videos
- Different formats and quality of video available
- ZIPs available for photo galleries
- Lots of behind-the-scenes style videos
- Less 'soft' than some of the Spice websites
- Bonus membership to eight websites
Cons: - No longer updating (last updated November 2011)
- Fairly repetitive, particularly the solo stuff
- The BJs and sex vids are a bit few and far between
- No bonus content or blog (like Karla's site)
- Misleading free tour
- Expensive
Bottom Line: If you are a fan of Karla Spice, then this is a natural progression with Gigi being all natural, but slightly harder in that she's fully nude and does BJs and sex scenes, along with G/G stuff and masturbation, too.

The free tour is pretty misleading in that it says it is updating weekly, while once inside it's clear it's not been updated since November 2011.

Another quibble as you join is the cost. $34 is EXTREMELY expensive for a website that is no longer updating. Yes, there are bonus websites, but they're sold as a 'bonus' websites, so Gigi's site in terms of value for money is pretty disappointing.

Once inside the website is easy to navigate. There's a videos section, photos section, plus downloadable wallpapers which are nicely done (as opposed to just being desktop-sized photos).

The videos section is pretty easy to navigate. There are 16 pages with ten videos on, all presented with a thumbnail, a paragraph about the video, and a button from which to download in a number of formats.

The formats are:

Preview (WMV)
MP4, approx 100mb
Low Speed (WMV), approx 100mb, 364x272
Super HQ (WMV), approx 400mb, 720x540
Ultra HD (WMV), approx 600mb, 1280x720

Ultra HD is only available for a handful of the most recent videos.

Content-wise it's a mix, but at the same time can be quite repetitive. About 5-10 of the videos are sex scenes, normally a mix of her having sex and sucking cock. They're pretty well shot, and she's a good performer.

The majority are G/G scenes, or solo strip and masturbation scenes. Some of the G/G scenes use strap-ons, and most masturbation scenes are her posing and then stripping before masturbating. A lot of the videos are split into two halves, so you'll generally get a strip video, then a masturbation video.

If you watch several masturbation videos you'll probably get the feeling of deja-vu, likewise with her B/G videos, they're pretty samey. Once you've seen one, you've seen them all really.

There are also a lot of candid videos. This is definitely one of the website's strengths in that you get a real taste of what Gigi's like. Whether she's posing in a lingerie store trying on different bras or rollerskating in public wearing tiny shorts and a tight vest while chatting with people in Spanish, it's definitely one of my favourite aspects of the website and gives it real personality. Obviously she keeps her clothes on in these videos, but you get an idea of her confidence and personality, and to me that counts for a lot.

For the expensive membership cost, there's a lot missing. Unlike Karla Spice's website, there's no journal/blog. Karla's website also has a Vlog which is missing from Gigi's. There's nothing like webcams, either.

Bonus content is good. Karla and Gigi are obviously La Zona's 'flagship models' as Karla isn't included with Gigi's membership and vice-versa.

Websites include several solo models (Cierra Spice, Pamela Spice, Maria Spice, Selena Spice and Bella Spice) along with Spice Teens, La Zona and Pacino's World*.

(* Pacino's World includes a lot of duplicated Gigi content, so bear that in mind before joining one or the other)

If you like Gigi, then you should like the other models too. La Zona definitely has a hot line-up of girls, even if sadly a few aren't updating any more.

Photo-wise, it's always welcome that you can download ZIPs, and photos are 1590px along their longest side. There are small watermarks but very unintrusive. Photo quality is very good with the beautiful Gigi against normally idyllic, tropical backgrounds.

Most of the photo sets compliment the videos and are around 100 photos. The videos and photos are shot at different times, so although photos go with the sets, you don't see Gigi posing for photos in the videos and the photos are properly posed-for.

The bottom line is that Gigi's site is very expensive, but pretty enjoyable. The videos and photos are all good, typical girl-next-door type of stuff, and the candid videos are a real asset. Quality-wise it impresses, however, the site is no longer updating, and beyond photos and videos, there's not much for your money.

01-10-12  12:59pm

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Visit Hunter Leigh

Hunter Leigh

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Hunter is stunning with a great figure and beautiful complexion
- Immediate access to Bella Pass including six solo sites
- Decent quality content, consistent throughout the site
- Regular, reliable updates with previews of forthcoming updates
- Updates are dated (including recent updates in Preview area)
- Easy navigation either via Bella Pass or her own site
- You seem to stay logged in without username/password prompts
- CCBill with no pre-checked cross-sells

See my Bella Pass review for in-depth thoughts on the network as a whole.
Cons: Points marked with * don't bother me personally:

- Not much content at the moment, particularly videos

- Updates not as frequent as other Bella Pass sites
- Regional pricing
- Content not as high quality as other Bella Pass sites
- Misses features such as candids, blog, behind the scenes etc
- No ZIP files for photo galleries
- Movies are currently just videos of photo sessions
- Automatically generated username/password*
- Download limit of 20gb per 24 hour hour period*
- Hunter has fake boobs*

See my Bella Pass review for in-depth thoughts on the network as a whole.
Bottom Line: After Bryci, Katie Banks and Talia Shepard, Hunter Leigh’s website might come as bit of a disappointment. Her site is a bit cast in the shadows of the holy trinity of those three and although her site has regular updates, the lion’s share of updates across the network are for Bryci, Katie Banks and Talia Shepard, so the gulf of difference looks to increase over time rather than decrease.

Navigation-wise it is identical to all the other Bella Pass sites, which is to say it’s excellent and very refined. With your membership you get access to the whole Bella Pass which includes:

Bryci - biggest site on the network, now featuring HC content
Katie Banks - looks fairly similar to Bryci, 2nd largest in network
Talia Shepard - similar to Katie again, frequent updates
Lexi Mason - extremely petite, relatively new to Bella
Ava Dawn - site no longer updating but has over 50 videos
Monroe Lee - super-curvy but site no longer updating

I think Hunter is actually one of the most beautiful on Bella Pass. She is slim, and although she has fake boobs, they're pretty natural looking.

Currently there are 1,683 photos across 28 galleries, and 3 videos. Out of all the Bella Pass websites (updating and not), her site is the smallest. Updates are approximately weekly.

When you log in, you land on the Bella Pass member’s homepage which displays updates from across all sites. At the top there’s a drop-down you can select to go directly to Hunter Leigh’s membership area, or any of the other models/sites in the network.

You can view updates by type (photos, videos, etc), or search by category and/or site. The navigation is incredibly refined, particularly when you factor in the amount of content across the entire network.

Currently there’s three videos. The run time ranges from around 2- to 4-minutes which, again, doesn't compare favourably to other sites in the network (normally around 10-minutes). From the video homepage, you can hover over the thumbnails and they’ll show a slideshow of frames from the video by means of a preview.

Movies are basically videos of photo sessions, with her moving from pose-to-pose with the camera flash going off. Hopefully now that Hunter has made the move to Bella Pass, the video content will improve. Quality is decent, all videos are downloadable and there is a Flash video embedded onto the site which you can skip to any point in while it loads.

Downloadable formats include:

- 3GP (352x288)
- Flash (900x506)
- MP4 (1280x720 and 640x360)
- WMV* (1280x720 and 640x360)

* WMV videos are likely not to be added to future updates in line with other Bella Pass sites.

Gallery-wise, there’s currently 28 galleries. From the gallery homepage, like the videos, you can hover over the thumbnail and it'll animate to show a general gist of what's inside.

Galleries are around 80 to 100 pictures large, but zips aren't available. Most galleries have the option to view/save images as 1500px and 4000px on their longest side, but a few (presumably older ones) only have the 1500px option – they're in the minority, though.

Photos are definitely this site’s strength with the galleries being fantastically well shot, and Hunter looking effortlessly beautiful in front of the camera. Sets are shot in a variety of locations ranging from bedrooms to bathrooms, and also venturing outside, but not in public. All are well lit and great quality, with images watermarked in colour with the site logo (approximately 350-400px wide, but non-intrusively placed). Her site is a lot softer than Bryci or Katie's sites and focuses on strip-tease (no toys/masturbation/spreading) but she is fully nude and shows everything.

Beyond photos and videos, there’s currently not much else in the way of content. If you are joining Hunter’s site as a solo site, you will miss features like behind the scenes, candids and webcam archives as features like this to me make an amateur site an amateur site as you get to know the model – currently there’s not much opportunity to do this on Hunter’s site.

Although Hunter herself can more than hold her own against the other models in the network, currently her site can’t. My review probably sounds a bit negative, but as she’s new to the network, my score and opinion will go up as the amount of content does. I just hope her site isn't overlooked in favour of other Bella Pass sites.

Currently, there’s not as much content, fewer updates and less features.

I think in a few months her site will become more self-sufficient in terms of updates because it is regularly being updated. I think once this happens, the score will climb by at least 5.

Add some ‘personality’ to the site by means of more natural videos, candids (if she’s comfortable with this) or behind-the-scenes footage, and the score will probably climb by another 5.

At the moment Hunter’s site is a great bonus site, but if you’re joining for just Hunter, her site will probably leave you wanting more

03-26-13  03:06pm

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Visit I Love Lupe

I Love Lupe

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Super-hot Latina babe. Although she has fake boobs, I think she still looks incredible
- Lots of different tastes catered for - solo, G/G, B/G, BJs etc
- Great quality video, very good quality photos
- No intrusive watermarks as on previous website
Cons: - No zips of galleries
- Very inconsistent updates when I was a member
- Not enough new content unfortunately
Bottom Line: Lupe I think is sensational. I preferred her all natural but there's definitely still something about her. Some really enjoyable scenes, and the content is very high quality. The previous website was AWFUL with wrong videos linked to the wrong thumbnails and watermarks IN THE MIDDLE of photos, so glad to see this has been fixed.

It's a shame there's not much new content, but it's definitely worth joining this website, and Lupe really is a great performer with a hot, petite body.

01-01-12  08:27am

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Visit Ivana Fukalot

Ivana Fukalot

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Access to 8 bonus sites (6 solo models, 2 multi-model sites)
- Slick navigation – easy to filter by girl/site/keyword etc
- All content downloadable with no download limits/DRM
- Lots of download options for video (by size/format/scene)
- Photos downloadable as zips with lots of different options
- Extremely high quality content covering a lot of different genres
- Ivana is an absolutely fantastic performer
- Long history of updates, all of which are dated
- CCBill – with non-recurring option, no pre-checked cross-sells
- You seem to stay logged in without username/password prompts
- Great value for the amount of content available
- Active Diesel Access forum and visible member support
- Webcams available on bonus sites to suit various timezones
Cons: Mostly minor. Points marked with * don't personally bother me:

- Ivana is no longer posting hardcore boy/girl updates
- Ivana hasn’t done a webcam since February 2013
- Out of the 8 bonus sites, 4 are no longer updating
- Automatically generated password*
- She's bulked out a little bit – still slim but looks quite different*
Bottom Line: An incredibly slick website, part of a very polished network. You can join with recurring membership (pre-checked), but also a non-recurring, and also a 5 month membership to all 13 of the network sites.

CCBill confirmation and username/password arrive in separate emails. Inside, you can see updates for all the Diesel member sites that you have access to. These are:

- Ivana Fukalot (300 galleries, 202 videos)
- Young Legal Porn (1375 galleries, 1184 videos)
- 18 Only Girls (1482 galleries, 1202 videos)
- Beata Porn (271 galleries, 96 videos)
- Skinny Super Girl (116 galleries, 87 videos)
- Vika Nymph (196 galleries, 182 videos – not updating)
- Alice Wonder Bang (228 galleries, 167 videos – not updating)
- Natasha Shy (348 galleries, 263 videos – not updating)
- Sasha Blonde (529 galleries, 431 videos – not updating)

You can click on any of the above to be taken to that specific member’s area, and once inside you see all updates (video and photo) chronologically presented as thumbnails with the title, date, keywords, and who the video stars.

You can also view just galleries or videos by clicking the option on the navigation bar at the top. Pages have two views; ‘Normal’ which displays just the updates, or ‘Advanced’ which allows you to sort by date, rating, most popular or most commented. You can also filter by site, or by keyword (eg, anal, blowjob, cum in mouth, cum on face etc). A good feature is that you can select multiple tags (eg, ‘blowjob’ and ‘outdoors’ for all outdoor blowjobs).


Content across the site is high quality with older updates having fewer options and are lower quality.

Formats available include MP4 at 1080p (since around May 2012), 720p (since around February 2009), 480p (since the site began), and 360p (throughout most of the archives). A WMV of the largest video size at the time is also available with each movie update.

You can also view the video embedded as a Flash file which you can skip to any point in while it still loads, and even on the Flash video you can select the video quality.

You can also select scenes in a video to play or download. You simply toggle the scenes you want, then can play the selection, or download in various different qualities – I’ve never seen this amount of versatility and customisation on any other website. This is available on all videos.


Almost infinite amount of customisation options. On the majority of galleries you can view a slideshow, change the size of thumbnails (with a slider), download as 1000px resolution or the original sized images. In the last week or so, new galleries have the option of downloading images as 1000px, 2000px, 4000px or the original 6000px resolution.

The best feature is customisable zips – you select the photos you want to download (or click the link to select all images) and you can download them in a zip. It suits literally everyone.


Ivana is versatile and caters for lots of niches. Earlier content was mainly sex and masturbation. Her sex scenes were all with the same guy, but together they put on a great performance with a perfect balance of sex being hard but romantic. Scenes have her contorted in excitement before ending with a passionate embrace.

Her masturbation scenes are something to behold – Ivana puts everything into each scene and writhes around in excitement.

Later scenes include anal, and there is also a lot of lesbian content too. However, since May 2011 there is no boy/girl content.

Scenes take place in lots of locations – bedroom, bathroom, gardens and pools, and also in outdoor locations such as abandoned buildings and even in public. Most have multi-angles, both POV and from multiple other angles.


Updates on Ivana’s site are weekly with bias towards two galleries for every video posted. There’s normally around three updates every day across the bonus sites included. In the last few updates Ivana has put on a bit of weight – she’s still slim, but her face has filled out in particular and she’s not as boney around the midriff (I could understand people thinking she was too skinny before) and honestly looks very different – I had to double-take to see if it was still her.


The webcam is exceptional. There is a weekly schedule and comprehensive archive of shows. Ivana’s last show was in February, and is not on schedule to reappear soon. Shows are spread throughout the day, so no bias towards Americans time-wise. Each show is a couple of hours long.

With regards to the bonus sites, it’s a shame that Sasha Blonde, Natasha Shy, Alice Wonder Bang and Vika Nymph are no longer updating, but if you like Ivana, Skinny Super Girl and Beata Porn are both in a similar vein, and across all sites there is a huge amount of content.


Exceptionally slick member's area like nothing I've ever seen. Updates are not as exciting as they used to be now that she no longer does hardcore. The huge archive will entertain most members.

03-21-13  03:41pm

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Visit Ivana Fukalot

Ivana Fukalot

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Ivana is incredibly hot with a nice, skinny body
- Really looks like she is enjoying sex etc
- Tons of content and great videos
Cons: - Website is a bit soulless and corporate, definitely agree there should be better synopsis's of the videos/more interaction
Bottom Line: Fantastic model and really exciting content, definitely a great-value website to join and definitely one that has a lot of re-join value to it

12-31-11  07:26am

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Visit Karla Spice

Karla Spice

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Karla looks incredible - beautiful with hot body
- She is a great personality, fun, carefree and great tease
- Good balance of photos and videos
- Plenty of extras like Blog, Vlog, bonus sites etc
- Caters well for the strip-tease market
- Gorgeous locations with idyllic scenery
- Videos available in several formats
- Photo galleries have downloadable ZIPs
Cons: - Website is no longer updating with new content
- Older content isn't great quality
- Karla is only topless in the latter galleries
- Website is a bit on the pricey side
- Karla's boobs are fake and look quite 'bolt on'
Bottom Line: Karla has to take a lot of credit for this being such a good website. If god gave me a lump of clay and said 'carve the perfect woman', I think it would end up looking very similar to Karla.

She has luscious black hair, a beautiful, expressive face. She's slim with a flat belly, nice, tight ass and beautiful long legs. She also has massive boobs. They're fake, and LOOK fake, but I got over that fact pretty quickly.

Aside looking this hot, she is such a great performer. She's so much fun and such a personality. Her facial expressions, teasing with the camera - it adds so much character to the website. Considering it is no longer updating, you really get a taste of what it's like to be friends with Karla.

Similarly to Gigi Spice, the tour says there are weekly updates, which there aren't. The site hasn't been updated since November 2011, and the last updates were basically repeated content.

Her last 'real' gallery was her posing in a garden in a brown dress. Unlike a lot of websites it didn't die a slow, long, drawn-out death, there was no sign of Karla losing interest and becoming apathetic. I'd like to think she went on and did bigger and better things. She's actually quite well known in Venezuela and features in magazines and has been on TV at least once before.

At $28, Karla Spice is a bit on the pricey side, but for me it is a lot better value than Gigi Spice. Unlike Gigi's website, you can also enjoy journal, Vlog and guest galleries.

Navigation-wise, the site is divided into Pictures, Videos, Friends, Wallpapers, Journal, Vlogs and Bonus Sites.

Photo-wise there's about 400 galleries divided into 16 pages. Each gallery has around 100-200 photos. Photos are 1200px on their longest side and include a small graphical watermark. Some are a bit photoshop-heavy, but it's not too bad.

Karla wasn't always topless, so I would say the topless content accounts for about a third of the site, with the rest being implied topless (handbras etc) and a few instances of implied nudity too.

Many of the photoshoots take part in exotic locations, whether poolside or in beautiful lagoons. The rest is a mix of a very luxurious house or even places like the gym.

There are a few outfit galleries (Karla as a native Indian or a ship's captain etc), but a lot are her stripping from miniscule bikinis or even from everyday clothes. It's not the kind of site where she sluts it up and wears plastic stripper shoes, it's a lot classier than that.

Video-wise it's similar. There's about 50 great quality videos available in several formats.

MP4, approx 100mb
Low Speed (WMV), approx 100mb, 364x272
High Speed (WMV), approx 400mb, 720x540

Content-wise it's a mix of styles. Most are strip teases and her teasing viewers. She normally does a bit of dance, talking to the camera in Spanish (often subtitled). She's so exciting to watch.

In addition to this, there's also a video archive section with lower-quality videos available.

For me, Karla is definitely the site's strength both in looks and personality, and I'm really glad that Karla Spice's website exploits this fact.

The Journal section is basically a blog. It's actually really interesting, and I mean that. There's plenty of unique posts on there covering everything from her auditioning to be a model, her appearing on TV, her magazine appearances and trying to find places to shoot galleries. Lots of really nice, fun pictures too.

The Vlog section is also good. Lots of behind-the-scenes footage, Q&A with members answering questions that they ask (whether she'll go nude etc). This is VERY impressive. She isn't great at English, so everything is answered in Spanish with English subtitles.

You get bonus membership to 8 websites including: Cierra Spice, La Zona Modelos, Pamela Spice, Selena Spice, Spice Twins, Pacino's World, Mariah Spice and Bella Spice.

If you like Karla you should like them. None of the solo girls are as good as Karla, though, and Gigi Spice isn't included (although you can get discounted membership on join-up).

There's also a 'Friends' section with guest galleries including content from other La Zona models and more besides (Janessa Brazil, Misty Gates, Blueeyed Cass etc)

The fact the website is no longer updating is disappointing, but that doesn't take away from the fact Karla is fantastic and the website makes the most of her finest qualities.

It's easy to navigate, and although you can't get in touch with Karla any more, it is a fun website to be a member of as you really get to know Karla through the great mix of content.

I make no apologies for fawning over Karla. She adds so much to the site, and not only through looks. I'm really pleased that her website gives you a chance to *enjoy* her modelling career, however disappointingly short it was.

12-31-11  07:23am

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Visit Katie Banks

Katie Banks

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Perfect balance of picture and video content
- Immediate access to Bella Network including six solo sites
- Consistent quality of content throughout the site
- Updates are dated (including recent updates in Preview area)
- Additional content including blog, candids, behind the scenes
- Katie has an phenominal body, and seems to love modelling
- Easy navigation either via Bella Network or her own site
- You seem to stay logged in without username/password prompts
- CCBill with no pre-checked cross-sells
Cons: Points marked with * don't bother me personally:

- Video previews are a bit limited
- Regional pricing
- No ZIP files for photo galleries
- Automatically generated username/password*
- Download limit of 12gb per 24 hour hour period*
- Katie has fake boobs*
- Photoshopping of her moles in photo updates

A note on Bella Network's piracy policy: Bella Network has a very strict piracy policy. They are extremely clear with this and spell it out in black and white prior to joining, in the confirmation email, and on the site. Occasionally legitimate members MIGHT get blocked - Bella have listened to member feedback and have made improvements to their customer service so that this can easily be investigated and rectified.
Bottom Line: Katie has an incredible body, lots of enthusiasm and her site, like all in the Bella Network, is slick, high quality but still has the character of a amateur solo model site.

Once you're in the member's area, you see content and updates across the whole Network. You can filter by photos, videos, behind the scenes and archives, and sort by date or name.

You can also choose to view updates from a single site (ie, just Katie's) and there's also a search function where you can filter by category, or search by site. It's the same navigation style as Tia Ling's website, but it has been set up properly with content correctly categorised.

Currently the site advertises 13,738 photos, and 287 videos (51,445 photos and 935 videos across the network). On average, there's at least an update a day across the whole network, a consistent history of updates, and probably on average an update every 2-3 days on Katie's site alone including bonus content.

Bella Network is the best network of solo websites I have ever been a member of.

Katie is a softcore model. Most content is shot in and around the Bella Network house, so often in the bedroom, bathroom etc. Content includes masturbation, extreme close-ups of her tits, between her legs etc. Often sets will be a strip tease and masturbation from normal outfits or lingerie, but there's also themed sets such as Wonderwoman, Mistress etc.

Across the top are the following options:

VIDEOS: Currently 117 videos. When you click into 'videos', there are 20 updates per page with a short description, running time, date added, member's rating and an animated thumbnail when you hover over it. Click into the update, and there is a very short and rather generic description with the option to add to favourites or view comments.

You can watch the video as a Flash video (which you can skip to any point in, even when loading), or can download in many, many different formats, including:

3GP (352x288)
Flash (900x506)
MP4 (1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x320 for iPad)
WMV (1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x320)

Video size ranges from around 100-500mb - a superb range of options. Most follow the usual striptease then play formula, but there's a lot of more specialised videos such as focusing on her (ample!) boobs.

The most annoying aspect of the animated thumbnails is that they only reflect the first few minutes, so don't really show you much about the video. The best way to preview the video is with the Flash video, but of course that involves extra clicks which all add up when you consider the amount of content.

The video section also includes behind the scenes videos.

ARCHIVE: Currently 138 webcam videos. Most a decent, if slightly grainy quality and have approximately an hour's running time. Videos are downloadable in Flash format (approximately 250mb).

PHOTOS: Currently 179 galleries, averaging around 100 photos. Galleries are arranged as 20 per page with a thumbnail, description and date. The thumbnail animates when you hover over it so you can get a gist of the gallery.

Click into a gallery, and pictures are arranged as thumbnails with 20 per page, a short description and the option to view photos as 1500px- or 4000px-wide when you click on thumbnails.

Zips aren't available due to piracy concerns, and you can't right-click thumbnails and 'save target as' because the full-size photo is on a webpage, not just a JPG on its own. There is a medium-sized translucent watermark on full size images.

This might seem an unusual complaint, but Katie has a large mole under on her left boob. From what I can tell this is photoshopped out of all photos, but obviously appears in vids.

BIO: Vital stats and a very impressive and in-depth, 800-word biography - not the usual banal "I like sex" (although of course this is touched upon).

BLOG: Frequently updated, and as far as I can tell, by Katie herself. This is also very in-depth, features previews and personal thoughts.

CANDIDS: Currently 139 galleries of varying sizes. Features trips to zoos etc, flashing in public and self-shoot topless/nude pics. Very impressive.

BABECHAT: Chatroom for Bella models. Katie Banks and Bryci both take part in chats every couple of days, normally at either 7pm or 9pm EST.

Also included is WALLPAPERS/FAN ART and BELLA WEBCAMS (live sex chat webcams).

BELLA NETWORK: If you like Katie, you'll love the other sites:

Bryci - biggest site on the network, comparable to Katie
Hunter Leigh - beautiful model, relatively new to Bella
Lexi Mason - extremely petite, relatively new to Bella
Talia Shephard - similar to Katie again, frequent updates
Ava Dawn - site no longer updating but has over 50 videos
Monroe Lee - super-curvy but site no longer updating

This is a fantastic site, part of a fantastic network. Some might find some of the content network-wide a bit samey, but this is a high quality network with high quality models and a great mix of content, including great peeks into the model's lives via candids/BTS.

02-25-13  02:48pm

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Visit My Free Cams

My Free Cams

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Plenty of models online – rarely fewer than 1,000
- Great variety of models, and no shortage of absolute stunners
- Lots of variety in terms of shows, too, with lots of creativity
- Many models are on daily, and for many, many hours
- Most models are polite and obliging and look after regulars
- Likewise, most members seem to be respectful
- The site can be as cheap or expensive as you make it
- Easy to browse models, and I love the live preview feature
- Many models offer upsell videos/private galleries for tips
- Simple to buy more tokens (although arguably this is a con)
- Billing by CCBill or Epoch (depending on your preference)
Cons: Points marked with * don't bother me personally:

- Clearly, MFC can be addictive and expensive
- It’s easy to overlook hotter models due to low camscores
- No ideal way to bookmark favourites/hide least favourites
- The website is quite basic/low-fi in a few respects
- Less popular models can sometimes be a big clingy
- No hardcore action*
Bottom Line: This is my first cam site. As people have said before, it’s an addictive concept but if you do have self-control it should be a fairly inexpensive way to enjoy some pretty hot talent.

There is a huge mix of models, and although it’s personal preference, about 15% are really hot, 30% are good looking, 25% pretty average, 15% not really to my taste and 15% being pretty ugly.

The homepage displays all available models as profile pics, but you can toggle onto live cam preview mode which is a great feature and makes it easy to jump into a room that suits your immediate taste.

You can filter what models you view, too – you can filter by region (eg, Asia, South America, USA, etc) and how the models are sorted.

You can watch all cams as a free member, although most models mute basic/free members meaning you can’t chat.


The majority of models follow a pretty simple principle of flashing for tips, working towards various targets such as topless, nude, masturbation/toys or cumshow.

Many models try different and fun ways of getting members to tip such as clearing a whiteboard of various token amounts to go nude, a lucky dip whereby you tip an amount and behind a card will be an action the model performs, strip poker etc etc.

Some models will do the same format with every show, some will mix it up.


You can be a freeloader on MFC, but you have to be careful. You can only really get away with being a freeloader in a busier room where people are tipping. In moderately busy rooms, it’s generally fine if you’re not asking the model to do too much. If you go into a quieter room, the model will probably be pleading for tips. Tokens are a maximum of $0.10 each. Typical tip amounts are:

10 tokens is probably the least you can tip without being stingy
50 is generally a typical amount for a tit-flash
50-10 is typical for a pussy flash

The amount for models going topless or nude varies too much to even summarise, but the lower the camscore, generally the lower the target (or at least, more flexible).

Other things models will often accept tips for are Skype shows, adding them as a friend on MFC, even giving you their phone number. If privates are open, they’ll often expect a specified amount of tips before going private.

A lot of models offer videos, often hardcore, for tokens. Hang around in the room before buying just to make sure the model isn’t offering a special discount (most generally do).


The least I have got from models is ‘thank you’ in reply to a compliment or tip. Most are better than this, though, and normally address members by username and engage in conversation. Most do this verbally, some with the chat function. Some models are more about stripping than chatting, some are the other way round.

Most models are really chatty and engage well with fans, particularly if English is their first language. Lots of others make an effort, while some others just sit there looking bored.

Less popular models will often instigate conversation by PM, which is nice but obviously their agenda is to encourage you to tip. This is a bigger problem in the less popular rooms. One model I follow is particularly clingy and will PM even when you’re not in their room.

When browsing, I normally click on ‘menu’ under their thumbnail as that shows how many people are in the room. If the number is under 10, that’s a quiet room and there’s a higher chance you’ll feel obliged to tip.


You don’t need to have a membership to browse and watch, but in the majority of rooms you need to be a premium member to interact with the models. You only need to buy 200 tokens to unlock these extra features.

Topping up with more tokens is easy; you can top up with 200 ($19.99, $0.10p/token), 500 ($49.99, $0.09p/t), or 900 ($74.99, $0.08p/t). It’s easy to top up using CCBill or Epoch.

Keeping track of favourites isn’t as refined as it should be. You can get emailed when a favourite comes online, but there’s no on-site notification. It would be nice just to see a page of favourites and whether they’re online or not.

Make sure you scroll right down the cam show listings. There’s a greater chance of ugliness, but there’s a lot of hotties who haven’t amassed a high cam score. Some are hot and some really try, but I guess it’s a ‘rich get richer’ scenario where the models with the high cam scores will get more-and-more popular.

Read models’ profiles before you join their room. Some will take great pleasure in tearing you a new one for asking them to go nude for 10 tokens when they’re actually non-nude models.


It’s a great site with a lot of great models and a respectful membership. The interface is a bit clunky and not as refined as it possibly should be, but it’s an addictive site that can take up a lot of time (and money).

If you liked my review, let me know and I’ll let you know which camgirls to look out for.

02-01-14  06:20am

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Visit My Sex Life

My Sex Life

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lori is a slim, tanned girl catering for most tastes
- Huge amount of content, generally very easy to navigate
- Caters well for BJs/handjobs, but also fetishes too
- All content is downloadable without apparent restriction
- ZIPs of photos available and 2 different video formats
- Lots of extra content such as camshows and messageboard
- Solo site but seems very professionally run
- Well-established site, and still updating
- Many shoots taking place outside adding to the excitement
Cons: - Limited angles video-wise - normally POV or fixed view
- Lori and her husband are quite vocal and theatrical*
(* Only a con depending on your POV)
- Sometimes too much time spent looking at the guy
- Older updates have videos split into 3-or-so parts
- A lot of the photos are only video screengrabs
Bottom Line: This is a huge solo amateur website for Lori Anderson. I think her blowjobs are probably the main draw, but there’s plenty of other content such as handjobs, hardcore and girl-girl action. She’s a very slim, slightly-older-than-average natural model with most videos filmed with her husband.

The member’s homepage is very graphical with a collage of Polaroid-style photos from her scenes with a list of categories down the side. It goes far beyond being just the usual ‘pictures’, ‘movies’, ‘camshows’ that you’d expect from a solo site and includes:

Updates: a simple page with a link to her latest update, her latest featured girl and the archives – unfortunately it’s not a chronological, dated list of updates.

Messageboard: A basic message board. Lori is always posting but not too much discussion going on. More active than some though.

My Bedroom: You can book camshow or phone sex sessions with Lori. Solo camshows range from $35 to $90, guy and girl from $75 to $150.

Free Shows: Link to Lori’s Camz Shows page with a timetable of forthcoming shows. At the moment she’s in Florida so none forthcoming but will update this review if that changes.

Content categories including Softcore (16 updates), Girl-Girl (63 updates), Toys (117 updates), Fetish (65 updates), Handjobs (68 updates), Blowjobs (90 updates), Hardcore (96 updates) and Glamour (44 updates).

There’s also links to Member’s Store (an online pharmacy?!), Free Live Feeds (links to Camz Shows), Featured Girls (links and preview content from other sites including Kelly Madison, Club Sandy, Bryci etc), Canadian Girls (18 galleries from Canadian Girls), My Store (downloadable amateur videos featuring Lori for around $25), Bonus Content (another link to Camz Girls), Submit Your Pics (member submitted pictures including... um... how can I put this... member’s ‘members’!)

At the top of all the pages is a drop down menu bar where you can filter by content type (videos or photos) and then by niche (blowjobs, handjobs etc). It makes finding the niches you like pretty easy.

Each category shows updates as 16 thumbnails per page, and the title of the update. Click on the thumbnail, and you get a very comprehensive description of the update and various options listed at the bottom for downloading. On newer updates this is a Flash Video, or a Windows Media Player file in either 640x480 or 320x240. On older updates the videos are split into three-or-so parts. It doesn’t give file sizes or running times. You can save everything, most videos are around 10-15 minutes and the quality isn’t bad. Videos are normally from a fixed position or POV.

Photo-wise it’s disappointing in some respects as most pictures are just screenshots from her video updates. But you can use this to your advantage and use the galleries as a storyboard for the video updates so you can see in detail whether you wish to download the video. The photo/video galleries are linked, so there is a button to skip from photos to videos (or vice versa) at the top of each page.

There are proper photos of her softer updates though (flashing on beaches etc); in this case the images are 1440px on their longest side. In all galleries, you can change the thumbnail sizes and download ZIPs.

Update-wise it seems fair in the amount of updates. It seems to be around once a week, although I can’t say how consistent updates are because none are dated. There is a massive amount of content to be enjoyed, though, and I can imagine as a first-time member her site will definitely keep you occupied throughout your whole membership term.

Most updates are blowjobs and handjobs, but there’s also a lot of hardcore scenes. Lori is quite theatrical in her delivery and her husband is quite vocal too, so that’s definitely worth bearing in mind. Most seem to take place at home, but a refreshing amount outside, whether on boats or in a garden etc. I must admit I do enjoy the feeling of jeopardy with hardcore being done outside so this is great to see.

The fetish section is large. Her fetishes include peeing, bound and gagged, footjobs and more besides. There’s also a trend (not only in fetishes) to show off her hairier than average forearms. I don’t see the appeal, and I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone who does, but if it is, you’re well catered for.

One complaint is there’s a bit too much man-time on her site. In some updates for example, her husband will often be reclined back, he’s cum, but it’d go over his stomach, then there’d be long and lingering shots of his dick and the mess. There are quite a few examples of this scattered throughout the website, too, and it just seemed a bit odd in those minority of examples. I can imagine it’s an easy mistake for webmasters to make, but it kinda ruined some of the updates.

Overall Lori’s site is very impressive. There is a lot of content to enjoy with the option to enjoy a lot more Lori through things like camshows. Definitely worth joining if you like the look of the previews.

04-22-12  04:51am

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Visit Nikky Cassidy

Nikky Cassidy

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Updated: 01-04-12  01:45pm  (Update History)
Reason: Rewrote review on the basis of negative trust rating left on my profile
Pros: - Nikky looks fantastic with a nice, slim figure and fantastic natural boobs and a great ass
- Nice mix of content with majority being photos and videos, but also a few webcam shows too
- Nice amateur content consisting generally of BJs with a few sex scenes, footjobs and tit jobs
- Everything is downloadable, and there are ZIPs of photo galleries
- Good customer service - got a message from webmaster when I cancelled membership asking whether I was a satisfied customer and wondering why I cancelled
Cons: - No longer updating (despite saying 'regular updates' in the preview pages
- Not much personality to the site, very little dialogue (might be because she's not as fluent in English as French, though)
- Not as much content as some other websites
- Navigation is pretty basic, but this isn't a huge problem as there's not terrabites of member content
Bottom Line: I think it's fair to say the preview pages on Nikky's website give a good idea of what content is in the member's area, and aside the fact the website is no longer updating, it really is a great website. The only negative point in this respect is that it says 'regular updates' and sadly that's no longer the case. Clearly that's a bit misleading.

The member's area is pretty easy to navigate with content divided into Videos, Pictures, Webcams and Bonus content.

There is also membership to 7 bonus websites, most offering several models covering a niche (anal, clits etc) but also Briana Devil, another solo model. You have full membership to all these websites, although one, (blowjob related I think) seemed to be dead.

Picture content is pretty modest, there are a few blowjob galleries, but most are solo with her either playing with toys or (more often) posing. Some galleries are shot outside which I always enjoy, several of her in the snow stripping down which is great.

Nikky I think has an outstanding body, really outstanding. I wouldn't describe her as pretty, but she definitely has a distinctive look about her. She's actually French-Canadian, and most of the text on the website is in English and also French.

Photos and Video content are all shown with a thumbnail and a rather generic scene-setting introduction. The galleries are thumbnails with pictures measuring about 1600px on their longest side. Quality is good and the pictures are pretty well shot. They have a small watermark in the corner, nothing major.

ZIPs of the photos are available under bonus, so if you want the galleries in their entirety, head straight to that section rather than graze through the actual galleries.

Videos are downloadable as WMV files. Most range from 50-100mb, a few are larger. The videos are only about 640x480px but the quality is fine for an amateur website.

Content-wise Nikky I would say about 65% of the videos are blowjobs, 10% sex, 10% other (handjobs, tit jobs, footjobs) and 15% solo masturbation.

Nikky uses the same male talent throughout the site. It's hard not to sound gay when saying this, but he's pretty well endowed and shoots a good load. Her facials are really good, and I really enjoy her B/G content.

She does a good tit job too, there are several footjob and handjob videos. Most of the videos follow a familiar formula of her posing etc, starting a blowjob/footjob/whatever, stripping and finishing off the job. Having said that, her videos definitely aren't generic or repetitive, certainly not compared to some amateur websites.

There are about five downloadable camshows. These are generally solo stuff with her on a bed. Nothing too exciting although probably enjoyable when she did the shows live (which she no longer does).

This is a good amateur website. I really enjoy amateur content, and the only thing that would keep me from rejoining is that it no longer updates. Nikki is a great performer, and although the website is a bit soulless for an amateur website, I definitely enjoyed my membership.

01-01-12  08:20am

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Visit Real Peachez

Real Peachez

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Gorgeous petite model who has been active for many years
- Decent balance of videos, candids and videos
- Incredible performer, doing just about my favourite amateur BJs
- Billing by CCBill with option to choose own username/password
- Lots of download options (quality/dimension/format) for videos
- Zips of some galleries available in various dimensions
- Recent galleries have direct link to corresponding video update
- Many galleries divided into HQ photos and screengrabs
- Discount membership to Club Jenni (not pre-checked)
Cons: Points marked with * don't bother me personally:

- Regional pricing. Very expensive for the amount of content
- Tour promises daily updates – nothing new since March
- Tour also advertises monthly contest – doesn’t seem to exist
- Although some content is new, a lot appears to be rotated
- Archives seem incomplete as a lot of videos missing/removed
- Store, FAQ, and Girlfriends inaccessible/not working
- Video aspect ratios don’t work properly
- Blog, Journal, and Our Models no longer appear to be updated
- Sort options don’t work properly (eg, sorting by ‘most recent’)
- Basic navigation – vauge titles and no option to filter by genre
- Zips not available for around half of albums
- Chronically slow download speeds (approx 150kbs)
- Flash video auto-plays on page load*
Bottom Line: This could be an amazing site, but the woeful navigation, lack of updates and missing content all contribute towards a pretty scrappy website at best.

Peachez is a superb performer, particularly since she started doing blowjobs which has added an extra dimension to a site that was previously fairly repetitive. She looks gorgeous with a slim figure, tiny, perky little boobs and a beautiful pair of legs topped by the perfect bum.

The majority of content is strip tease, masturbation and insertion, but there are a lot of blowjob videos now too. Most content is shot indoors, but there are a few galleries of her flashing in public or posing poolside. There are also a lot of candids from her trips to various adult conferences/awards which are worth looking at.

The website is divided into several sections across the top: Photos, Movies, Our Models*, Webcams, About Me, Girlfriends**, Journal*, Blogs*, Forums**, Store** and FAQ**. A lot of sections are no longer updated (*) or don’t work (**).


Currently 186 galleries, averaging around 100 photos each. Galleries are displayed as thumbnails which animate on mouse-over to show a sample of images, along with the gallery title, number of photos, number of screencaps, date added and member’s rating.

The majority of albums have the option to view images at different dimensions (1024px, 1280px and 1600px). Around a half of galleries have the option to download zips of images in these dimensions. A handful of galleries also link you directly to the corresponding video. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern as to what features are/aren’t available as the oldest gallery I could find had zips available, but a newer one didn’t.


79 movies with animated thumbnails giving a gist of the video, title, running time and date added. Once you click into the movie there’s a short (often generic) description and a flash video that auto-plays (annoying).

There are plenty of viewing and download options for movies:

- Mobile: 3GP 352x288 and MP4 320
- 1500k and 3000k MP4, Quicktime and WMV

I have a big problem with aspect ratios from videos that I’ve downloaded. Most seem to display in VLC as a perfect square, so you have to set the aspect ratio manually. This seems to be a problem in post-production as the video watermark actually extends beyond the right-hand side of the video into the black bars on the side meaning the video doesn’t fill the screen at fullscreen.


Peachez is an experienced performer and has been online for something like ten years. For collectors, though, you’ll be frustrated to find that this isn’t a full archive of Sarah’s work. There is a lot of missing content, including more recent blowjobs. The site just seems to be coasting along doing the bear minimum it can to keep subscriptions up. A lot of content is new (one of her recent BJ videos mentioned it being 2013), but it appears a lot of the content is rotated. Updates are also incredibly sporadic – several updates from 12-13 March, but nothing since.


The website is massively buggy/incomplete with lots of features that don’t work or aren’t being used properly. Here’s a few examples:

NAVIGATION: You can only sort updates by name, date or popularity. Sorting by date doesn’t seem to work as, for example, when you sort movies the most recent is 2012, but then there’s a few from 2010, 2009 and then 2013.

There is no way to filter by genre because keywords haven’t been set up. So if you want to view her blowjob videos, you have to go through every page. Worse still, sometimes it’s not obvious what videos are blowjobs and what are not because they have such vague names (eg, ‘4th of July’). The search box at the top hasn’t been configured properly as it contains irrelevant categories like ‘MILF’, ‘Busty’ etc (not relevant for Peachez).

BROKEN FEATURES: Girlfriends comes up with an error saying ‘insert code here’, My Store redirects to a domain holding page, Forums redirects to the RealPeachez home page and FAQ is blank.

There is also an alphabetized navigation bar across the top which, whatever letter you click on, takes you to the same update. Obviously it’s just a website template that hasn’t been set up properly. Even on the preview side of the site there’s a few broken links (including the ‘join’ link in several places).

NO LONGER UPDATING: The following pages no longer seem to be updated: Our Models (last updated February 2013), Journal (last updated April 2012), and Blog (last updated January 2013). Site-wide, there hasn’t been an update since March 2013 (not even rotated content)


If you’re new to Sarah, you could do worse things than join her website, but if you have followed her work for any number of years, her site is buggy, incomplete, poorly updated and rather disappointing. The amount of new, unseen content and lack of updates do nothing to justify the price.

05-25-13  05:15am

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Visit Real Peachez

Real Peachez

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Peachez is incredibly hot
- A nice mix of content, especially now she does BJs
- Good quality videos
Cons: - Lots of broken promises about forthcoming content
- Updates get skipped constantly
- Lots of recycled content when she runs out of new stuff
Bottom Line: Definitely the kind of website that you join infrequently, download the new stuff and cancel your subscription. Lots of broken promises about updates - eg, a video of her giving BJ to her neighbour would be up 'within a week' and that was over a month ago.

12-31-11  07:13am

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Visit Sexy Pattycake

Sexy Pattycake

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 03-10-12  04:12am  (Update History)
Reason: Comprehensive rewrite as am a current member
Pros: - Good balance of photos and videos, all of which is downloadable
- Patty is a very pretty, young-looking blonde non-nude tease
- Gets very close to nude while leaving something to the imagination
- Website takes full advantage of her eternal youthful looks
- Features forum and blog, both of which are active
Cons: - Website seems stuck in the 90s in many respects
- Most videos are short and poor quality
- Photo galleries are tiny, normally with only 30-40 pictures
- Slow update schedule compared even to other sole tease sites
- Some content is 'limited time' so won't appear in archive
- Best content is saved for overly expensive downloadable ZIPs
Bottom Line: I must admit I have a soft-spot for Patty, but this a hugely disappointing website offering content that might have been acceptable 10 years ago, but is definitely a long way behind what I'd expect in 2012, even bearing in mind this is a solo website.

Membership costs $29 via CCBill. Do not get fooled by the offer of discounts for long-term members - you save only $2 for every six months you remain a member (maximum two discounts).

Frankly, the content and number of updates don't warrant a six-month membership, and if you do want to remain a member for several months, then you can save $22 by buying their 90-day membership.

Their preview area is probably a fairly accurate representation of their member's site. Once inside, you have options at the top for a blog, bio, photos, videos, webcam and forum.

The bio has full stats for Patty (height, weight, vital stats), favourite films etc, plus a short introduction. The blog is a relatively new addition to the site and is updated occasionally with thoughts from Patty and a few candid pictures.

There are around 200 galleries, but not a single gallery I viewed had over 50 photos. The photos themselves are only 1024px on their longest side, which is pretty low-fi nowadays, even on my little monitor. I can't think of any other website that consistently offers such low-res photos in such small galleries. The photo content is good, but you feel like you're only getting half of the story as there are so few photos.

Navigation-wise, galleries are arranged onto 13 pages with a thumbnail gallery of photos. You can save all pictures, but there are no downloadable ZIPs.

Content-wise Patty is a great tease. She must be in her late 20s now, but hasn't aged at all. Most galleries have her removing her underwear, there are handbras, implied nudity and often slips here-and-there. Sometimes she'll have a dildo or something, but from what I've seen there's no insertion.

They definitely take advantage of her youthful looks. Lots of candy colours, Patty wearing bunny ears, posing in front of cuddly toys, lots of Hello Kitty backgrounds etc.

Video-wise, there are around 250 videos, which - at best - are only OK quality-wise. The very best quality is 768px wide which, again, is very low quality for 2012. Most videos (and I mean around 200 of the 250 available) are 352px which, for videos released in 2010, is very bad (and I don't have particularly demanding standards, either).

Most of the videos are her stripping on a bed, playing in the shower or doing a strip tease to teeny bop music. She's pretty good, and there are nip slips scattered throughout the latter videos, but the quality is poor to the point there's little-or-no pay-off in that respect.

Most of the scenes are split into two-or-three parts. With other updates in between, along with a pretty pedestrian update schedule, it's likely to be several months until you manage to download the whole scene.

The videos are arrange chronologically, with a thumbnail preview and an option to stream a few of the newer ones. Only one format is downloadable (MP4 for newer videos, MPG for the majority), no indication of file size (although most are 50-200mb) or running time (most are 5min long), and no description other than the video title.

There is a section for webcams, which is an archive of screenshots from her webcams. Most of the webcams seem to just be the same as her videos or galleries, but there are hundreds and hundreds of small (600px wide), blury screenshots. No videos and no clue as to where her webcams are available or when the next show is.

The forum is active, and Patty clearly has passionate fans. No input from what I can see from Patty herself though, and although there's a 'Patty Tweets' thing on the membership homepage, I'm not sure if she's on Twitter or not as there's no link to it, so I think it's just a kinda member's only news feed. No sign of interaction here, either.

Unfortunately, the best content is saved for ZIPs which have to be bought on top of membership. There are discounts for members, but at $35, it's still hugely expensive and 'In Training', though hot, was hardly on another level to what's available on her site. Another cynical aspect by her webmasters is splitting member's videos into 3 parts, so with updates in between, you have to remain a member for months to get a whole scene.

To summarise, Patty is wonderful, but her website is hugely disappointing, particularly compared to other solo tease websites. A lot of the content is pretty samey, the update schedule of one update a week maximum is pretty disappointing, as is most of the content.

680x354 videos, 1024x680 pictures and 30 pictures per gallery might have been OK ten years ago, but definitely aren't in 2012.

Patty's site is a jack of all trades, master of none. The video content, pictures and interaction from Patty are all below average. Patty is great, but her website has hardly moved with the times.

01-01-12  09:12am

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Visit Talia Shepard

Talia Shepard

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Very good balance of photo and video content
- Talia has a great figure and gigantic (if fake) breasts
- Immediate access to Bella Network including six solo sites
- Consistent, high quality of content throughout the site
- Regular, dated updates (incl. recent updates in preview area)
- Bonus content like blogs, video blogs and behind the scenes
- Easy navigation either via Bella Network or her own site
- You seem to stay logged in without username/password prompts
- CCBill with no pre-checked cross-sells – good value for money

See my Bella Pass review for in-depth thoughts on the network as a whole.
Cons: Points marked with * don't bother me personally:

- Video previews are a bit limited
- Regional pricing
- No ZIP files for photo galleries
- Automatically generated username/password*
- Download limit of 20gb per 24 hour hour period*
- Talia has large, fake boobs*

See my Bella Pass review for in-depth thoughts on the network as a whole.

Bella Pass sites have a very clear but strict download policy. Be careful not to exceed their download limits. Improvements have been made to the network's customer service to deal with legitimate members who might accidentally get blocked (it hasn't happened to me yet on this membership term).
Bottom Line: Talia Shepard is a curvy 28GG model, part of the massively impressive Bella Pass network to which you get immediate access. Her site is the third largest in the network and has 8,808 photos, and 208 videos (of which 45 are HD, 114 are webcam archive videos and 19 are behind the scenes footage).

Talia is a confident performer who does strip tease, masturbation with toys and soft lesbian action. She has also had a boob job with her site offering content both pre- and post-boob job with about 70% of the content being since the enlargement. I have to say I definitely preferred her before and she had good size boobs even before the enlargement. Obviously this is just personal preference, and the preview is clear enough for people to make their own decisions.

The site is extremely easy to navigate. Once you log in, the member’s homepage shows updates from across the entire network. You can go to just Talia’s member area by using a drop-down top right, or search and/or filter updates by site/update type at the top.

The content is divided into various categories in addition to the usual photo and video sections.

She has a blog which is constantly updated by Talia herself. Lots of candid snaps from her phone, updates from her life (whether she’s ill, going on a trip etc), and also personal blog posts (eg her favourite tweets from fans over the last week). It’s always good to see a blog on a solo site, but even more impressive to see it’s actually updated.

BTS has behind the scenes footage from video and photo shoots. This is an impressive feature and shows Talia and the girls who often join her enjoying sessions.

Talia also takes part in video blogs. There’s not a separate section for these, so you’ll have to search for videos tagged with ‘Video Blog’, but they’re well worth watching, and, in addition to the blog, candids, behind the scenes footage and her Twitter feed, all give a great insight into the life of Talia. For me, this is a huge plus and surely helps build the model a huge following as I’m not alone in liking models beyond their physical attributes.

There are many thousands of photos on Talia’s website. All are downloadable, but you can’t use batch downloaders and zip files are not available. Even for someone like me who doesn’t download everything, the prospect of so many photos to download is quite bewildering (to the point I’ve only downloaded video content).

The gallery homepage has 20 galleries per page with thumbnails that animate on mouse-over to show a slideshow of photos inside. Inside, photos are arranged 20 to a page, and you have the option to toggle between showing photos at 4000px on their longest side, or low-fi 1500px.

You have the option to rate, add to favourites and comment. The date the gallery was added is shown along with a short description and the categories that apply to the gallery.

Pictures are well shot, include a small, unobtrusive watermark and often show excellent close-ups of various parts of Talia in various stages of undress or enjoying her own company.

Video content is similar. Again, videos are arranged 20 to a page and thumbnails animate to show a vague idea of what the video is about. You can watch a Flash version online, or can download an impressive number of formats and file sizes, including:

- 3GP (352x288)
- Flash (900x506)
- MP4 (1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x360 for iPad)
- WMV (1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x360)*

* As of March 2013, WMV is no longer being added as it’s becoming a redundant file format, but it is still available on older updates

The videos are a good mix of striptease, masturbation with toys and soft lesbian-style action with Bryci and/or Katie Banks who, it has to be said, are all fairly similar looks-wise. There’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’s all very impressive and obviously car wash, whipped cream and mock BJs with dildo videos are popular for a reason and Talia ticks all of these boxes.

For photos and videos, the locations are varied. Many are bedroom, bathroom or anywhere else around the house. There’s a few updates from the pool and a few vaguely public but nothing too outrageous in this respect.

Talia also takes part in Babe Chat, along with Katie Banks. Her shows are typically at 2pm EST which is a good time for European members as that’s early evening. There’s a full archive of her shows, which are all downloadable as Flash files, each around an hour long. You can also watch them from an embedded flash file on the site, which you can skip to any point in while it loads.

Overall, this is an impressive, polished website with a lot of content. It comes with access to Bella Pass which is a very impressive network including at least two active girls who are very similar to Talia. If you don’t care for bonus sites, then Talia’s website is more than self-sufficient with lots of videos, photos, frequent updates and lots of bonus content which gives you a real insight into Talia herself.

03-29-13  07:26am

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Visit The Art Of Blow Job

The Art Of Blow Job

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Camille is a striking red head with an amazing body
- Really sensual, erotic performances - very sexy
- Very classy, catering for a the niche of artistic porn
- Good balance of photos and videos in different formats
- Everything is downloadable, galleries offered as ZIPs
- Simple, uncluttered navigation
- Great, detailed and erotic descriptions of each update
Cons: - Videos are all zipped
- Photography style means sometimes detail is lost
- Videos are edited/cut and often a bit too short
- Not a huge fan of the dubbed music on videos
- Could perhaps explore more titjobs, sex scenes etc while still including BJs
Bottom Line: I was really looking forward to joining this site and had really high expectations. Really happy to say I was really impressed and will definitely be rejoining.

The website makes a huge deal out of the fact it is trying to show the beautiful side of porn. I think this is a lot more credible when it's the same two people, in love, appearing in the updates, although obviously the by-product of this is that there wouldn't be as much variety as on some other websites, but for me it's never a problem unless the guy is really annoying or something.

TAOBJ is elegant in its simplicity with members landing on the main update page. All updates (video and photo) are shown as thumbnails with the update name, date and size (number of photos or length of video). At the time of writing there are 313 updates, and at the top of the page are links so you can skip to videos, photos, portraits, blog, friends or VOD.

For me videos are the main draw, and on the video page updates are again presented as thumbnails, dated with video length. Most videos are around 10 minutes long - a few are shorter, and a few are longer, but not many are over 15 minutes long. There are currently 167 videos.

The videos are beautifully shot. Camille is sensual and sexy. She has a real femme fatelle look about her with striking red hair, often rich red lipstick and very feminine curves. She is really womanly and incredibly sexy.

Her technique is really hot and the videos are very well shot. Depth of field features heavily, and often a filter is applied for artistic effect. The result is a beautiful video, but the criticism would be that some of the finer details are lost. Sometimes the lighting washes out some of the details such as cum on her face or her fantastic body. This isn't a huge criticism - the important bits are in crystal clarity, but sometimes you feel like you're missing out on certain details.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of videos are blowjobs. Camille really makes the blowjob sexy, and if you are a fan of BJs, you will be very well catered for. There are a few other niches in the mix - she does great tit jobs and there are some very tender sex scenes, but I must stress these are few and far between. Although the site is The Art of BLOWJOB, I must admit I was hoping for a bit more of a mix content-wise, even if the videos are still mainly about the blowjob, I think a few more titjobs, sex etc would be very welcome and wouldn't take away from the unique selling point of the site.

Videos all have the option to stream on the website (you can skip to any part while it loads), or download as MP4 (approx 300MB), WMV or AVI (approx 150MB) or watch on iPad, iPhone etc. All are downloadable, but annoyingly all are zipped despite being single files which adds another stage to downloading and means you have download, unzip and then rename if you want to. Another criticism is the musac that is dubbed over the videos which I'm not a fan of, even if artistically used.

Each update has a long description, laying on the sexy adjectives with words like sensual, gently caressing, erotic etc - I'm not into sex stories, but it's pretty hot and a step above the formulaic stuff you get (if at all).

Photo-wise it's the same with updates presented as thumbnails with a date and number of photos. Galleries range from 50-150ish photos and are downloadable as ZIPs. The photography is just wonderful, and although the photos are only 1024px on their longest side on the site, in the zips they're over 5000px and the quality is fantastic. Like the videos, you might feel some of the details through depth of field are lost. There's currently 112 galleries, many of which accompany a video.

Other sections include Portraits (33 galleries), which is for Camille's solo pics; Friends which are a few choice galleries from X Art; and VOD which is a link to the Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network. Finally there is a blog which seems regularly updated with a mix of content.

Clearly this site has grown and grown since the earlier comments and reviews here. It's a good amount of content for a solo site, and absolutely beautifully shot. If you enjoy softer porn it's hard to find fault with it.

Camille is a great performer, but the soft focus in parts and the majority of content being 'just' BJs might leave you wanting more rather than totally satisfying you. It would be nice to see a few more locations for sets, too - most are around her home, but a minority are outside (eg on the beach) - more like this would be AMAZING.

Every criticism is minor, though, and not only are the videos classy and refined, but so too is the website and of course Camille. Camille and Mike have gone to a lot of effort of showing porn in a positive, artistic light and their efforts are more than justified by such a great website.

05-03-12  02:02pm

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