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REPLY TO #2 from Ace DDF: (Cybertoad's Reply)

Hi Again CyberToad, and thanks for your in-depth review and answers to our questions.

- All the Points you make are quite Valid and the items regarding Cancellation and Customer Service will be Investigated. For the record, we have thousands of Happy Customers each month, and it is very rare that we get complaints about the Cancellation Process, but I will definitely look into that personally, as well as the Download Speeds.

- As far as communications were working on Much better comms of benefits for Members....Coming very soon,

- Search....I'll have tech check that out as well though ive checked Personally, and yes sometimes unrelated items may appear, but for the most part, our search has more options then most other sites provide.

- Firefox....though if you have some definitive pages which you were stuck on....if you could send those to me via email could speed up the process :)

Really thanks for your feedback....always helps to get our users view so we can continually improve, and thats exactly what we plan to do in the coming months. Stay tuned!

06-30-14  08:39am

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DDF Network
Reply of Cybertoad's Review from Ace DDF:

Thanks for your review, we appreciate it :) Wanted to go over a few of the Cons to understand them better and resolve them for the future if you don't mind.

Cons :
1/2 the inventory is old to very old.

Well this is the nature of having a site which stems back from 1999. We are looking into the possibilities of Remastering all the old content...but it is arduous, and with over 20 new releases each week....main focus is on New content, old content is more of a Bonus.

Navigation is inconsistent.

Should be pretty straight forward right now. Would you mind explaining a bit further?

Piss poor search never worked.

Some examples of what didn't work? There are many options for search, including a Free Search, and advanced search feature, both for sets, and models, as well as story text, but we would love to know whats not working on your end.

Slow downloads

This should be pretty good now compared to the past however it does also depend on your DL Speed. Example of DL Speed compared to Filesize?

Difficult cancellation

We have a cancel membership button inside the My Profile sector and at the Footer of each page on the site. What problems did you encounter? My email is always open, any feedback from a Member having problems, including cancellation is resolved very quickly. Marketing.ddf@Gmail.com

Download format varies allot even during same time frame.

This should not be. Only in Old sets, Prior to 2011 as technologies were different back then. Can you provide me with an example?

Not all movies have picture.

Some sets are Video only and are clearly Marked on the Cover Image.

06-30-14  01:45am

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New Sensations Network
REPLY TO #3 from rearadmiral: (Cybertoad's Reply)

I'm no fan of caps either, but one this low is a real pain in the ass. What's especially annoying is that they offer HD scenes that will reach the cap very quickly. Their justification for it is that it prevents some heavy users from hogging the bandwidth but if that happens at this site why isn't it an issue at other sites too? And isn't throttling a better solution for those rare times when there might be a lot of users on the site? I'll never be a fan of caps, but I can live with reasonable ones. This one isn't reasonable.

Thanks for weighing in on this.

06-12-14  04:46pm

N/A REPLY TO #2 from Khan: (Cybertoad's Reply)

As you know, we often re-run past poll questions. This one was originally submitted in early June, 2012

The poll has run several times before:
Jun 9, 2012
May 27, 2013

hope that helps

06-01-14  09:26am

N/A REPLY TO #6 from graymane: (Cybertoad's Reply)

I suppose I was too late getting in my reply ...made answerable to your comment on this poll.....
.hence its expiration and like hood you won't be reading my time-consuming response.
therefore I'm writing this and pushing the buttons to hopefully bring it back for your viewing. lol..... for what it's worth!

05-24-14  01:00am

N/A REPLY TO #9 from jberryl69: (Cybertoad's Reply)

Hell Yeah CT!!

05-22-14  04:42pm

N/A REPLY TO #6 from turboshaft: (Cybertoad's Reply)

Surgery involving those "other lips" usually means reduction not enlargement. And even that I find totally unnecessary and one of the penultimate results of societal ignorance over female anatomy. Big labia are not the result of "too much" sex or masturbation--a common myth that's easy enough to exploit by practicing surgeons, and a stereotype that seems to epitomize our cultural obsession with virginal women. The same way possessing a giant penis is no guarantee of being some sort of sexual dynamo--no offense to all the burdened PU'ers. ;-)

What exactly is so attractive about unnaturally enhanced (facial) lips that make people go in for injections? It just looks like someone went a little wild with the lip gloss or got attacked by a swarm of bees, neither of which I find attractive.

And what is so unattractive about big pussy lips? Every person is unique, especially with regards to their body, and I wouldn't hold the body a woman was born with against her. I will even go so far as to say I like them, just as a "fuck you" to all the asshats who are so swamped with sexual advances from women that they can turn away and shame all those they deem inferior because of bigger labia.

05-18-14  06:32pm

N/A REPLY TO #4 from Drooler: (Cybertoad's Reply)

Oh, sure. And then I'd be getting, "You're kidding me. I've never seen them get their pussy lips done!"

BTW, I noticed recently that one of my favorite models/pornstars had hers done, and it really kind of upset me. I won't say who it is, but, again, wasn't needed!

05-18-14  01:17pm

N/A REPLY TO #3 from Monahan: (Cybertoad's Reply)


Lip jobs are totally unnecessary in my opinion. Most boob jobs are spoilers as well and, for me, lip jobs and boob jobs cause me to move on.

05-18-14  12:13pm

Visit Wow Girls

Wow Girls
REPLY TO #3 from luv lickn clit: (Cybertoad's Reply)

Glad it worked out Cybertoad! Their site does look amazing, and I'm going to join soon. I wish they had a better preview, with a full model list.

I figured out the problems I was having with ATK Galleria--it was my Kaspersky Antivirus being a total system resource hog, and it's new cloud technology, which means it gives itself priority download access to its cloud files whenever anything is being downloaded from the net. Granted my 2 computers are getting a little long in the tooth, but I've had no issues since I uninstalled it. I was going to slam Galleria for it in my upcoming review, but the problem was definitely my equipment and software.

04-28-14  10:27pm

N/A REPLY TO #7 from LPee23: (Cybertoad's Reply)

I should add that the place where this happens the most is on the amateur sites with user generated photos and videos, although that's not what I had in mind when I wrote the poll. While most of the stuff on this type of site like amateuralbum.net isn't high quality, there are occasionally great sets of really hot amateurs that get posted. I check frequently, because it's not uncommon for the users there to delete their own photos after a week or two, and many users delete their entire profile within a few years.

Models that have been removed by DDF include Jenny Noel and Julie Silver, as well as about 16 more that I can't name.

There are a small number of models from Abby Winters who have bought back their own shoots for removal. I don't want to dwell on that site too much here, because the topic of these models has already been beat to death on member forums, and Abby Winters is an excellent site despite this, but I will post their names just so that you guys can recognize it if you have one of these rarities. Alana, Jasmin, Jules, Kate, Louise, Mikaela (killed in terrorist attack in Bali), Nikita, Tammy, and Verity. You can't fault Abby Winters for this, they do try hard to keep their content up, and they are coming out with lots of great new stuff.

There was also Ember from ALS as I said before. I think there was a thread started on her topic, and people came out in supports of ALS's decision.

04-20-14  05:00am

Visit Wow Girls

Wow Girls
Reply of Cybertoad's Review from luv lickn clit:

Cybertoad, do you think it might be your browser, and have tried different ones?

I am having similar problems at ATK Galleria, although in my case it's mainly inconsistent and extremely long download times. Happens with either IE or Chrome for me. And I know it's not my PC because a speed test on my ISP's homepage shows normal download speeds.

I really hope this isn't a real issue with Wow Girls, as they are on my list to join, and from their tour pages, the material looks awesome.

Can any other members chime in?

04-13-14  03:21pm

Visit 21Sextury.com

REPLY TO #2 from biker: (Cybertoad's Reply)

I agree with the sneakiness. I turned off the 21seXtreme, but the scenes continued to show up. Can only believe it is a sells gimmick as I believe I said in my review.
The content, the quantity and quality is what sold me. I love lesbian and solo scenes and that means lots of lovely women and they have the best.

04-06-14  09:21am

N/A REPLY TO #11 from turboshaft: (Cybertoad's Reply)

A part of me hopes that Hillary Clinton stays away from the 2016 presidential race, if just to get Joe Biden to run instead and hear some more of his priceless gaffes. He's like that uncle at Thanksgiving who's had a little too much to drink...except he's the Vice President.

"Big fucking deal" indeed! :-)

04-05-14  07:46pm

N/A REPLY TO #10 from careylowell: (Cybertoad's Reply)

Lincoln just a single term congressman before he was elected.

04-05-14  06:55pm

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Bangbros Network
REPLY TO #1 from BenThruston: (Cybertoad's Reply)

Hard for me to say since I don't have a VB sub to compare. If they carry the SD stuff BangBros put on dvd, it might actually be better if its not in their remastered section which may be re-encodes from dvds themselves. The HD/widescreen stuff probably better off BB, but can't compare. Depends what their source would be. Their HD stuff brief time I was there looked like BR encodes or upscales.

03-25-14  05:15pm

N/A REPLY TO #2 from Jay G: (Cybertoad's Reply)

Cybertoad said it all.

03-11-14  10:57am

Visit Nubiles.net

REPLY TO #5 from nutcrackr: (Cybertoad's Reply)

I would assume so, I don't believe it would be retroactive because they would need to process all the source images again.

02-13-14  11:56am

Visit Eve Angel Official

Eve Angel Official
Reply of Cybertoad's Review from graymane:

I can see, CT, that you put a hardy amount of effort and time on this review. Good job!
The content quality and stupendous volume of this work truly stretches the mind. .
Subsequently, the end results of My would-be choices derived from your impressive coverage are now sufficiently drawn.

02-05-14  07:45pm

Visit Eve Angel Official

Eve Angel Official
Reply of Cybertoad's Review from tangub:

I couldn't agree more CT, I love Eve Angel but also found this site disappointing. Her old site run by another company was much better in terms of photo content back in the days when it was still active.

02-05-14  01:55pm

N/A REPLY TO #11 from yote78: (Cybertoad's Reply)


I wouldn't worry about that happening, EVER. Sexual gratification is too strong a force in the human psyche for porn to go away, and the internet is by far the most efficient and egalitarian means of mass distribution of that gratification.

Yes, there are parts of the world where porn is suppressed, sometimes brutally. But it doesn't take a very in-depth look at those countries to see what kind of society is created by the suppression of such basic human needs.

There will probably always be some places in the world where sexual gratification/porn and other basic human desires are suppressed. But I believe the general trend is leading towards more freedom of thought and self-determination, despite some occasional setbacks.

01-31-14  08:11am

N/A REPLY TO #8 from jberryl69: (Cybertoad's Reply)

Nice explanations, and one would take it that you have extensive experience with a device as such, but the follow up questions (I didn't read all of your replies so I may have missed an answer - sorry if I did) are:

What brand do you use;

and, What is the cost;

and, What do you personally like about your choice?

01-29-14  09:18am

N/A REPLY TO #5 from graymane: (Cybertoad's Reply)

Just yanking'ya chain, CT ..like the others' response, I didn't have a clue what you was asking us about..
I just threw the John & hooker bit in for some light humor.. But the idea probably deflated in quick order because it drew enneadic response.

I did a through thread on genital toys for men about two years ago, with special emphasis on visual-electro stimulation.
My motivation for bringing this up was because of the simplicity of jumping on this undertaking until the source's goal meets fruition, wherein, via connecting you/me with a configuration (probably head gear), sending and receiving real-time erotic sensations with our favorite porn star, progressively creating visually identical sensations to actual foreplay, followed by intercourse and culminating into mind-blowing orgasm.
This, my friend, leaves no doubt in my mind this process is already waiting in the wings to make its appearance anytime. ..... if, indeed, it already hasn't.

Oh yeah, CT ...... I brought up the fact sensation from vibrators, as well as other sundry high assortment of mechanically operable masturbating devices, do far exceed the existing, antiquated but magically equipped five-fingered marvel that's served us for so long.

But guess what? the "attachment" is so strong, I was shouted down and run out of town

01-28-14  10:09pm

N/A REPLY TO #13 from Monahan: (Cybertoad's Reply)


You're, of course, right. There are a few (very few) babes who fooled with Mother Nature where the enhancements still worked (Madison Ivy, Dayna Vendetta & Memphis Monroe are three examples) but tan lines on those three would not be a problem.

01-21-14  02:14pm

N/A REPLY TO #10 from Monahan: (Cybertoad's Reply)

CT, "i have never seen fake boobs looks good with tan lines"

Agree. In fact I've never seen fake boobs that look good. Period. Tan lines or not.

01-20-14  10:09pm

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