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Visit Playboy.tv

REPLY TO #2 from Baboom: (Cybertoad's Reply)

Yes, they probably all are competing for viewers.

10-11-14  01:00pm

Visit Playboy.tv

REPLY TO #1 from Jay G: (Cybertoad's Reply)

Yes.... I can watch those showtime & cinemax shows for about 35 seconds before I'm totally bored. Like watching a football game where all the touchdowns & field goals are removed.

10-10-14  01:13pm

N/A REPLY TO #4 from pat362: (Cybertoad's Reply)

Yes but wouldn't those women be more inclined to get the real thing as opposed to using a hand or a toy?

10-04-14  09:22am


REPLY TO #4 from skippy: (Cybertoad's Reply)

Thanks. Try Joymii if you are looking for something a little edgier. Many of the models are the same, the photography is good and the sex is pretty real.

09-01-14  07:38pm

Visit 18X Girls

18X Girls
REPLY TO #1 from rearadmiral: (Cybertoad's Reply)

Yeah, the price is definitely great. It makes this a great value even if not all the scenes are exclusive.

08-31-14  12:49pm

Visit Babes Network.com

Babes Network.com
Reply of Cybertoad's Review from martinlongbow:

thanks for the review. I was planning to try this site as it is in the same network group with brazzers but now no way. brazzers really need to standardize web pages for those sites and implement some kind of quality control. it is a mess right now

08-17-14  06:49am

Visit abbywinters

REPLY TO #10 from CatSteppings: (Cybertoad's Reply)

Hi, I'm not sure if I have noticed throttling, but it may be there. I have always downloaded as opposed to streaming. I dont download more than a few shoots a day, if that, some days not at all. At this point I have way too much pornography on hard drives that if it's slow downloading I don't worry about it, and mark something as a favorite to download later. Their pricing does seem a bit steep, especially since they separate it into three sections, paid for separately. But they make it a little cheaper if you sign up for more than one section. Plus it does not include access to other porn sites like some site subscriptions offer.
The a la carte has been a good deal for me, since I have had an account for so long, that I still only pay .99 cents a shoot, instead of the increased $2.49 price per shoot for new accounts. I hope they do not change that anytime soon for the old accounts! Though I just signed up for a month subscription for the first time in over a year, since they have more I want to download lately. With ala carte they also keep purchases "forever" in a digital locker, which I have found handy. If I am only signed up a la carte, I download way less as well.

08-14-14  02:22pm

Visit abbywinters

REPLY TO #5 from abbywinters: (Cybertoad's Reply)

Hey Cybertoad, thanks for the clarifications. I'd be keen to hear what you (specifically) think we should do better.

08-14-14  06:58am

Visit abbywinters

REPLY TO #2 from AWpress: (Cybertoad's Reply)

Hi Cybertoad. It's true, we do cost more than a lot of sites. But then again, a lot of sites don't even shoot their own content, or feature overwhelmingly exclusive, amateur models. We like doing that, but it certainly isn't the cheapest way to run a site, thus the elevated price tag.

That said, we absolutely don't throttle our members, nor have we ever; not sure where that rumour came about from.

Edit: We've launched pay-per-scene on our site; it's a good option for those who aren't keen on signing on for a full sub. It's pretty straight forward; you buy individual scenes for $2.49, they are added to your digital locker (hosted on our site) and become yours to access forever.

08-13-14  02:43am

Visit Brazzers

REPLY TO #3 from lagit: (Cybertoad's Reply)

As I said I wanted to give Brazzers the benefit of the doubt. It would be incredulous (to me) for a business/site to work so hard for customer interaction on one hand and pull such business destroying tactics on the other.

One side (Brazzer's)seems determined to create a base of loyal RE-Occurring (billing) members.

The other site/sales site/business(possibly not-related) site seems set up to be devious, miss-represent and take advantage of that same trust.

So I created my perception, Brazzer's - the site itself - excellent. The other (if it is separate) is bad, bordering on illegal (IMO)

Then I went into a lot of details for you (and others) to make a determination for yourselves. If they are the same entity, then to answer your question, Yes, the score should be 50 (the lowest possible)

08-09-14  02:49pm

Visit Babes Network.com

Babes Network.com
Reply of Cybertoad's Review from Monahan:

This was a premium site way back when I first became an online porn user, Videos were not so hot (but back then the technology wasn't there). The photos were wonderful.

Sorry to see how they've become another POS site that sounds like they just don't give a damn.

Thanks for the great detail in your review.

08-05-14  01:46pm

N/A REPLY TO #2 from Monahan: (Cybertoad's Reply)

As I join a site only after I've gone through all PU reviews and comments, I'm generally ready to attack the site for the content that drew me to signing up in the first place.

So my answer is "it depends."

07-27-14  11:48am

N/A REPLY TO #10 from LPee23: (Cybertoad's Reply)

My issue with DDF and their old content is slightly different than yours. At this point, since I've already come out talking about this issue in vague terms, I think it's time to get it all out and write my review. I hate to expose shortcomings of a great site, but if no one speaks up, then where is the motivation to change? I'm going to try not to slam DDF, I'd rather have them look at my review as fair and perhaps realize that there is truth in it. Look forward to it soon.

07-24-14  09:07am

N/A REPLY TO #6 from graymane: (Cybertoad's Reply)

People keep saying that ...... but I honestly haven't had any problem with PayPal.
Now quite often a porn site will have a number of options for payments initiated by billing processors that doesn't include PayPal.

If its the pay sites who're at fault refusing to accept PayPal, then I would say there's a plausible reason ....... the first one that comes to mind is that PayPal will go all-out ....(on behalf of it's members) addressing conflicts to initiate a successful resolution for those issues that are ignored or go unattended by pay-sites.

This naturally could rub the pornographer the wrong way ....
Because now he might have to get up off his dead-ass and do his damned job.

07-21-14  09:14pm

N/A REPLY TO #1 from LPee23: (Cybertoad's Reply)

I have my own issue with DDF's old content, which I may bring to attention some day. They make new content that is second to none, but their handling of old content has deeper failings than what you refer to here. I've held off on writing a review on DDF for several months, because I am honestly way too conflicted to know how to score them. I don't know how I can take a site with such strong positives as DDF, reconcile those with some of the strongest negatives, and produce a review that I would want to post. It could potentially be one of my best reviews, I could write volumes, but I like DDF too much to call them out right now. Maybe when I feel able to write a more unbiased review of DDF, I will post it one day.

07-21-14  04:06pm

Visit My Free Cams

My Free Cams
REPLY TO #4 from Jay G: (Cybertoad's Reply)

To show you how dense I am I will admit that I pay little or no attention to the names here. I can't resist on commenting whenever something I have familiarity with comes up, though.

My free cams is my "coffee break" chat room of choice and it almost never has anything to do with nakedness or sex, just talking to pretty girls and enjoying a little flirtation. It still amazes me that someone would pay ten or twenty dollars worth of tokens to see a model's tits, but then I pay ten or twenty dollars worth of tokens to have a pretty model make me feel like I'm an important guy. ;)

07-14-14  10:40am

Visit My Free Cams

My Free Cams
REPLY TO #2 from NoHagsHere: (Cybertoad's Reply)

Oh look! They changed my handle on here. Congratulations on your success in porn review site activism, fucktard.

07-12-14  01:56pm

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
Reply of Cybertoad's Review from LPee23:


"Well this is the nature of having a site which stems back from 1999. We are looking into the possibilities of Remastering all the old content...but it is arduous, and with over 20 new releases each week....main focus is on New content, old content is more of a Bonus."

As a past member for several months, who had a chance to look over your older content, I have to say that this would be awesome. During my time as a member, I already expressed this to support, but it deserves to be said again here.


"However, I like the DDF approach far better than most other sites that simply take down the old stuff. When I get a strong interest in a specific model, I'm happy getting as much stuff as possible. But it certainly would be helpful to identify the quality level of each offering that appears on a model's "home page" (the page that displays all material for a model)."

This can't be said enough. It would be a huge loss if this older content were removed. While the videos could use the most remastering, the photo quality back then is still very enjoyable today, even if it is not up to modern standards. Some of those older scenes are just so well shot, and the models are so hot. I also like to keep track of models, and it would be really frustrating if a favorite model's shoots were removed, even if they were low quality.

Thanks Ace DDF for talking with us here about these points. While we are on the subject of older DDF content and particular models, I can't help but ask, what happened to the shoots with Justine Joli (aka Swan and Hope) that used to be on houseoftaboo.com? I downloaded some free samples of those on TGP's a long time ago, but the shoots aren't there anymore. Do you still have those archived anywhere? Justine Joli is amazing - any chance that even the original non-remastered shoots might be re-posted?

07-01-14  05:09pm

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
Reply of Cybertoad's Review from Monahan:

I've been a member for a rather long time and have similar observations about the age of some of the content. It's not until you drill down to a specific scene that you discover that it's a low quality offering.

However, I like the DDF approach far better than most other sites that simply take down the old stuff. When I get a strong interest in a specific model, I'm happy getting as much stuff as possible. But it certainly would be helpful to identify the quality level of each offering that appears on a model's "home page" (the page that displays all material for a model).

From a quality perspective, I'm in agreement with you as well. DDF's last few years have added some truly spectacular babes and even the not quite as spectacular ladies have terrific video material.

I've said publicly on the PU site that I view DDF far superior to 21Sextury in its efforts to work with their customers and, more importantly, its business ethics. 21Sextury has some great content but have lousy business practices and virtually non-existent support. Their loss. DDF's gain.

07-01-14  02:41pm

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
REPLY TO #2 from Ace DDF: (Cybertoad's Reply)

Hi Again CyberToad, and thanks for your in-depth review and answers to our questions.

- All the Points you make are quite Valid and the items regarding Cancellation and Customer Service will be Investigated. For the record, we have thousands of Happy Customers each month, and it is very rare that we get complaints about the Cancellation Process, but I will definitely look into that personally, as well as the Download Speeds.

- As far as communications were working on Much better comms of benefits for Members....Coming very soon,

- Search....I'll have tech check that out as well though ive checked Personally, and yes sometimes unrelated items may appear, but for the most part, our search has more options then most other sites provide.

- Firefox....though if you have some definitive pages which you were stuck on....if you could send those to me via email could speed up the process :)

Really thanks for your feedback....always helps to get our users view so we can continually improve, and thats exactly what we plan to do in the coming months. Stay tuned!

06-30-14  08:39am

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
Reply of Cybertoad's Review from Ace DDF:

Thanks for your review, we appreciate it :) Wanted to go over a few of the Cons to understand them better and resolve them for the future if you don't mind.

Cons :
1/2 the inventory is old to very old.

Well this is the nature of having a site which stems back from 1999. We are looking into the possibilities of Remastering all the old content...but it is arduous, and with over 20 new releases each week....main focus is on New content, old content is more of a Bonus.

Navigation is inconsistent.

Should be pretty straight forward right now. Would you mind explaining a bit further?

Piss poor search never worked.

Some examples of what didn't work? There are many options for search, including a Free Search, and advanced search feature, both for sets, and models, as well as story text, but we would love to know whats not working on your end.

Slow downloads

This should be pretty good now compared to the past however it does also depend on your DL Speed. Example of DL Speed compared to Filesize?

Difficult cancellation

We have a cancel membership button inside the My Profile sector and at the Footer of each page on the site. What problems did you encounter? My email is always open, any feedback from a Member having problems, including cancellation is resolved very quickly. Marketing.ddf@Gmail.com

Download format varies allot even during same time frame.

This should not be. Only in Old sets, Prior to 2011 as technologies were different back then. Can you provide me with an example?

Not all movies have picture.

Some sets are Video only and are clearly Marked on the Cover Image.

06-30-14  01:45am

Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network
REPLY TO #3 from rearadmiral: (Cybertoad's Reply)

I'm no fan of caps either, but one this low is a real pain in the ass. What's especially annoying is that they offer HD scenes that will reach the cap very quickly. Their justification for it is that it prevents some heavy users from hogging the bandwidth but if that happens at this site why isn't it an issue at other sites too? And isn't throttling a better solution for those rare times when there might be a lot of users on the site? I'll never be a fan of caps, but I can live with reasonable ones. This one isn't reasonable.

Thanks for weighing in on this.

06-12-14  04:46pm

N/A REPLY TO #2 from Khan: (Cybertoad's Reply)

As you know, we often re-run past poll questions. This one was originally submitted in early June, 2012

The poll has run several times before:
Jun 9, 2012
May 27, 2013

hope that helps

06-01-14  09:26am

N/A REPLY TO #6 from graymane: (Cybertoad's Reply)

I suppose I was too late getting in my reply ...made answerable to your comment on this poll.....
.hence its expiration and like hood you won't be reading my time-consuming response.
therefore I'm writing this and pushing the buttons to hopefully bring it back for your viewing. lol..... for what it's worth!

05-24-14  01:00am

N/A REPLY TO #9 from jberryl69: (Cybertoad's Reply)

Hell Yeah CT!!

05-22-14  04:42pm

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