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N/A REPLY TO #14 from sitsat: (ace of aces's Reply)


I've been ripped off far too many times by sites promising everything, then having only a handful of crap vids inside.

FTV was the first site that I ever went to that provided trailers so good it was enough to get off on. It was also the first site (out of about 20-30 that I had joined previously) where I joined and left satisfied. (I'll be joining again too.)

No matter what the ratings on review sites, no matter what they promise in the tour (100+ Gigs of video, my a$$), no matter how good the front page looks, NEVER trust a pornsite that doesn't show you a variety of trailers and perhaps an extensive model gallery.

My rule of thumb: if they don't show you what they have, they don't have it. (Front pages and tours are full of BS).

11-28-08  05:32pm

N/A REPLY TO #28 from messmer: (ace of aces's Reply)

Thanks. That makes sense!

03-05-08  03:27pm

N/A REPLY TO #26 from messmer: (ace of aces's Reply)

I belong to the "I wish they'd shut up" crowd but wonder if you have something against all music or just against music that is loud and intrusive? I prefer soft music playing in the background to total silence. Just curious!

03-04-08  07:35pm

N/A REPLY TO #3 from jd1961: (ace of aces's Reply)

That's the way it's supposed to be. And yet most of these porn producers don't get it. Andrew Blake once said "The men are just props". That all they should be...stay out of the way as much as possible. Keep their hands off the girls face, keep their mouths shut, and most of all, don't stand their and wank themselves!! I for one like the concept of the mask site, put bags on their heads! For crying out loud, most of these guys act like these expensive videos are being made for their own personal pleasure. it's gotten so bad, that I can only stomach sites with solo girls now.

02-29-08  04:01am

N/A REPLY TO #5 from asmith12: (ace of aces's Reply)

Enjoy :-)

02-13-08  02:20pm

N/A REPLY TO #26 from Davit: (ace of aces's Reply)

Ace, STD means 'Sexually Transmitted Diseases'.

02-12-08  02:44pm

N/A REPLY TO #21 from Khan: (ace of aces's Reply)

STD = Sexually Transmitted Disease

02-11-08  05:23am

N/A REPLY TO #5 from Davit: (ace of aces's Reply)

Gotta say in response to that comment, Ace, if you think dying of some STD is a fair price for a fuck on a porn movie set, then it's probably just as well that, like most of us, you'll never get the opportunity!

02-07-08  10:41am

N/A REPLY TO #5 from Pinche Kankun: (ace of aces's Reply)



Your dickhead will have a head on collision with an incoming speeding turd!!

Did you know that the force of impact of a 60 mph crash verses a 30 mph crash isn't twice as great... IT IS FOUR TIMES AS GREAT!!!

This concept also applies to turd banging!! :D

02-01-08  11:11pm

N/A REPLY TO #11 from Pinche Kankun: (ace of aces's Reply)

I don't!!

12-02-07  11:20pm

N/A REPLY TO #6 from asmith12: (ace of aces's Reply)

Ok, it's just another argument for subcategories: probably it should be like:
- Solo models
--- Masturbation
--- Dildos
--- Naked only
- Legs&Nylon
--- Pantyhose
--- Stockings
--- Foot fetish

Deal? :-)

11-19-07  05:25am

N/A REPLY TO #4 from asmith12: (ace of aces's Reply)

> when i look for other things like mastrubating women or stocking
What about 'Solo Models' (what else they will do then masturbate? :-)) and 'Legs & Nylons'? So they ARE there :-), just worded differently, and I cannot blame you for not finding them, as carefully reading list of 94 items is frustrating at the very least. So the reason why you didn't find them is exactly because there are way too MANY of the niches (if there would be less B/S like Balloons, it would be easier to look through niche list and find things) :-). Subcategories (which I'm voting for) would also help it BTW.

11-19-07  05:01am

N/A REPLY TO #2 from asmith12: (ace of aces's Reply)

> there can`t be enough "filtering" :)
What about "Balloons"? If all the niches will be 8 sites in size, like Balloons or a few others, there will be several thousands of niches, and I'd say it will be way too much of filtering; don't you agree?

11-19-07  04:25am

N/A REPLY TO #3 from asmith12: (ace of aces's Reply)

> is there really someone who havent got all codecs? :)
Me for instance. I hate installing all the garbage that comes with codecs, having to deal with adware/spyware, Windows slowing down to a crawl and/or starting to crash on regular basis. On my main laptop, I have ONLY WMP, QT and Flash plug-in, that's it; not even DivX/XVid. if the site has something different - usually it's tough luck for them, unless they have something REALLY special.

Interesting that this "REALLY special site with non-standard codecs only" didn't happen to me at least during last 2-3 years; I've noticed that usually sites that like things like XVid/DivX are Russian (or other 3rd-world) ones and there is usually nothing to see anyway :-).

11-17-07  03:30am

N/A REPLY TO #1 from DivBZero: (ace of aces's Reply)

All the codecs are easy if you have a PC, but what about MAC and Linux users?

Cheers DivB

11-17-07  02:52am

N/A REPLY TO #2 from Monahan: (ace of aces's Reply)

Likewise. I agree with ace of aces. I enjoy looking at the beautiful female body engaged in whatever activity shows it off best.

Hardcore porn that spends too much time on extreme closeups of DP, or just face shots of BJs that show nothing at all of the babe's body in the scene are total turnoffs.

Conversely, sexy solo stripping or masturbating by a gorgeous babe, or a reverse cowgirl fuck by a babe, in front of a professional cameraman who captures all of her beauty always gets ol' Woody's immediate attention.

11-15-07  07:48am

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
Reply of ace of aces's Comment from Ace DDF:


The use of download managers is allowed. A few weeks ago the number of simultaneous threads was limited too much. We changed this settings after your report, so that shouldn't be a problem anymore!

If your download manager doesn't work at all, please try a newer one, that integrates into the browser! Some old download managers don't have this feature, and won't be able to download from our sites.

I can personally vouch for the DownThemAll! Firefox extension, as I use it myself. Some other members reported it to be working on our sites as well.

Getright and Flashget should work too.

As for the European speed problems, they only happen for a few certain ISPs, it's not by all means whole Europe. We're located in Europe too, and I get almost 4 mbyte/s from home.

We're always working on fixing speeds for those who're having problems. If you have slow speeds, please send an email to support@ddfprod.com with your IP address and a traceroute of www.ddfprod.com if possible.

Best regards,

10-15-09  07:56am

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
REPLY TO #5 from PeterSeven: (ace of aces's Reply)

I agree 100% with you. The website is apparently for us European members unusable. Speed capping till the downloads almost stop.

This all started when they upgraded there website to the new look, which is a REAL DISASTER.

If i would give them a rating it would be VERY close to 0.

10-10-09  07:47am

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
REPLY TO #4 from ControllingMind: (ace of aces's Reply)

I am currently in Europe at the moment, downloaded from 1byday earlier between 150-200kb/s. Download manager wouldn't allow any more than one file at a time. Handsonhardcore though gives me DL manager use and almost my maximum connection speed.

I am lucky in that I have finished downloading what I want from 1byday, just going back for the new updates. I can understand why you are pissed off though, its wasting days of your membership.

I gather DDF servers are European based, so you might have thought pink panther's speed would have been even worse, further away with more chance of a bottleneck, but he's managing to get the max of his connection.

Maybe the 1byday server is getting overloaded by Europeans and they have put some kind of measures in place, to slow things from those locations.

Customer support is normally good if you have any problems with this site.

10-08-09  09:23am

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
Reply of ace of aces's Comment from PinkPanther:

What country are you in? I'm in the US and I haven't been experiencing this at all - right now I'm downloading with a download manager with a speed of 516 kb/sec, which is the download cap imposed by Comcast, from what I can tell - I never get downloads faster than 525 kb/sec.

10-07-09  06:51pm

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
Reply of ace of aces's Comment from ControllingMind:

I can back up what you are saying. I am finding I can only download 1-2 files at a time, max speed around 150 kb/s for a few days now.

Only on 1byday though, the other sites on ddfprod seem to be working ok.

Thats what I get, reviewers curse for just giving them a score of 90.

10-07-09  05:28am

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1 By Day
Reply of ace of aces's Comment from badandy400:

We all love those scenes...lucky cucumbers! I think veggies get more action than we do, there is something just plain wrong about that.

09-16-08  12:28pm

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1 By Day
REPLY TO #16 from TheRizzo: (ace of aces's Reply)

Thanks Ace, Definitely going to check it out this month then.

09-08-08  08:25pm

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
REPLY TO #14 from PinkPanther: (ace of aces's Reply)

They stopped saying when they were recycling material when they stopped posting new material. When only some of the material being posted was recycled, they would have a sticker on that material saying "Back in 2003,..." Now that all of their posts are recycled, they don't have stickers on any of them. This has been noted in previous reviews by knowledgeable 1-by-day members, including Drooler. I understand that they are presenting those older sets at higher resolution, but it's still a huge con for one of the most expensive sites around to be presenting virtually all recycled material.

To me, it approaches the level of larceny shown by the people that do EveAngel.com and MyaDiamond.com where they just keep cutting content from the beginning of the site and presenting it as new over and over again.

09-05-08  06:43am

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1 By Day
Reply of ace of aces's Review from badandy400:

Stop it Ace! I have been thinking about joining this site for a while now and you are not making it any easier to hold back. Site sounds pretty good. Just wish it did not cost so much!

09-03-08  04:52pm

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