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Do you care about the "looks" of the male talent in porn scenes?

Type: Content
Asolutely Yes 18% 13 Votes
Depends on the type of scene 13% 9 Votes
Neutral 37% 26 Votes
Don't care, not looking at him 25% 18 Votes
Absolutely No 7% 5 Votes

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71 Votes Total

Feb 29, 2008

Poll Replies (23)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


nadiencendia (83) I would say "neutral": if the guy is just a common, normal guy, I don't even notice him; but what I really don´t like is seeing and fat old bald sweaty guy fuking a gorgeous young cute girl: that´s a turn off for me.
02-29-08  03:33am

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ace of aces (179) ..i ever think that i am that guy :)
02-29-08  03:44am

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Drooler (220) I've thought about this one over the years, seeing the different types of guys in hc scenes.

There's the "average" type who might be somewhat out of shape and so-so in looks. I'm probably laying on interpretation on it, but perhaps some sites actually choose a guy that we "average" types can identify with. The short haired, usually bearded guy on KarupsHA (etc.) is a good example. I've knicknamed him "Mr. Scruffy." Mr. Scruffy has had a quite a career boning some of the finest and cutest women around! There's a video of him doing Penny Flame, I believe on KarupsPC, for example. I envy that guy!

Then there are the rather ugly guys, like the sandy-blond haired, fat-gutted guy of Europorn who has had the pleasure of plunging the depths of Jane Darling and I think Vanessa Blue. (Of course, this is to say nothing of the wrinkled grand dads at sites like Oldje, the lucky old coots!)

The looker guys, like James Brosman, I think are for the PU girls to fantasize about, even while us guys are concentrating on the many hot girls he's had (Lucy Lee, Mia Stone, etc.).

Funny how the best answer for me was "neutral."

02-29-08  03:59am

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jd1961 (95) REPLY TO #2 - ace of aces :

That's the way it's supposed to be. And yet most of these porn producers don't get it. Andrew Blake once said "The men are just props". That all they should be...stay out of the way as much as possible. Keep their hands off the girls face, keep their mouths shut, and most of all, don't stand their and wank themselves!! I for one like the concept of the mask site, put bags on their heads! For crying out loud, most of these guys act like these expensive videos are being made for their own personal pleasure. it's gotten so bad, that I can only stomach sites with solo girls now.
02-29-08  04:01am

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Davit (46) Not gay, don't watch porn with naked men in it, turns me right off.
02-29-08  04:53am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #5 - Davit :

I'm not a robot, so I don't like watching porn with fucking machines. ;)
02-29-08  05:06am

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #6 - Drooler :

Yeah, those machines are soulless and turn me off almost as much as naked men.
02-29-08  05:08am

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ace of aces (179) REPLY TO #4 - jd1961 :

that`s it....most of the acting (and it`S show and nothing else!) is terrible, so i also changed my favorite sites to sologirl sites. but anyway the mask thing is also a little bit rude. in ggg (germangoogirls) it`s ok but in all videos?!
02-29-08  07:14am

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maxxx35 (1) Being Bi I like what both have to offer. I like the complete package hot babe and buff guy. Subsequently it's the scene and situation for me that is the turn on. All porn is good.
02-29-08  09:03am

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Toadsith (48) I think the male models are very important. Sure, some videos treat them like dicks with feat, but the really good stars actually have a brain and an entertaining personality. For main stream porn, I generally download the videos with male stars I find funny or I consider excellent performers because, frankly, most of the girls are a dime a dozen - but the male stars endure. You know what you'll get from them, what positions you'll probably see the girls in, how hardcore the scene will be, the general atmosphere of the scene is often governed by the male star because in mainstream porn the girls are always the submissive.

Granted there are some female models I search for, but look at the stats - most girls just aren't in that many videos - so unless you are set on building up an encyclopedic knowledge of all female models, you are much better off remembering the limited quantity of male models and what the scenes with them are like. Much easier to decide if the scene is download worthy or not.

Also - I prefer the male stars to not be unattractive because I'm going to be looking at them have sex with this girl, I'd rather watch a fit guy go at it than some hairy, old guy with bits jiggling everywhere. I'm not saying I'm an advocate of the old 70's zoom on the guys face while makes orgasm expressions, but I definitely think the men need to have at least a modicum of attractiveness - I still cannot fathom how Ron Jeremy became the star he is today... I guess he is just damn good a business.

02-29-08  01:01pm

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pat362 (375) No offense Davit, but unless your watching lesbian or solo scenes. There is usually a naked guy in the scene. The naked guy doesn't turn me on, but the interaction between him the girl does. I don't know if I'd say I care about the look of the male perforemer as much as I care about the acting talent. Most guys today are about as close to a fucking machine you can get without actually being a machine. I'd even say that they have been relegated to the status of a prop much like the sofa or bed, but with a little more animation.
02-29-08  06:29pm

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PinkPanther (46) Yeah, an unnattractive guy in the scene, especially when the girl is acting like he's such a stude, like in some of the Brazzers Network vids, can definitely be a distraction. A guy that's reasonably good looking and acting like he's really hot for the woman can definitely add to a scene.

Even a guy that's not so good looking or an old guy that's acting like he's hot for the girl is better than the type of porn where the guys are more concerned with looking in the mirror than they are fucking the girl - I just hate that shit!

I wind up screaming at my monitor - put your hands on her, asshole! Look at that fabulous body in front of you and you ain't doing shit!

02-29-08  06:51pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #12 - PinkPanther :

I'd like to chime in, in agreement, with your comment. I remember trying to let Barrett Blade (you might recall him) just be his self-important self with his winking and thumbs up while he's fucking or getting head. It was an exercise in strained transcendence to say, "This is just part of the persona, the act, that's all."

I also hate it when the guy puts a fixed leer right into the camera during the act, with this SEG on his face, as if he's the only guy this girl has/will ever have.

03-01-08  03:07am

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MargulisAZ (84) REPLY TO #1 - nadiencendia :

I very much agree with this. I don't even pay attention to the guy on screen unless he's really fat or really old and it just makes everything look disgusting. Then I just feel sorry for the model more than anything.
03-01-08  11:53am

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williamj (9) My taste of porn in the past couple of years has just been solo or girl/girl. I joined a BJ POV site for my fill of cock. The dude better have a big cock and keep his mouth shut and just enjoy the girls performance! Shaved cock please.
03-01-08  05:28pm

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nygiants03 (162) Agree with nadien. The dude doesn't matter, as long as he is not overly disgusting that hes taking over the scene.
03-03-08  10:37pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #6 - Drooler :

No offense Drool man, but if you can fuck some good pussy for hours and not nut... YOU ARE A FUCKING ROBOT!!! :D :D
03-03-08  11:22pm

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These muthaphuckas need to get the phuck off the camera and be producers or something!!!!!!!!!!

I do NOT want to see them fuck... HEEEEEELLLL NO!!!! >:(

03-03-08  11:26pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #13 - Drooler :




03-03-08  11:29pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #9 - maxxx35 :

Oooooooooooooooohhhhhh... So that's why porn nowadays is crossing over everything!!!!!!!

So just in case people of both preferences are watching the DVD's, they won't feel like they are not getting their money's worth!! This explains the whole jack off before you nut on a girl's face, the camera dead on the dude's asscheeks which he bounces up and down on a chick, the camera dead on the dude's face while he orgasms onto a chicks face... FUCK, MAN!! >:(

This isn't really a good idea because most of the world population isn't BI or Gay!!! That's why porn should stay catagorized so you don't piss off the majority of the viewers which are un-gay!!! There are tooooo many DVD's in rental store that just sit on the shelf because of content like what I just mentioned!! :)

03-03-08  11:34pm

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Pornjackker (37) To me male talent is as important as female talent. I support
sites that have good rotation of the guys who are allowed to
be creative, not just fucking machines. Charles Dera, Kris
Knight, Will Powers, etc. There are gay men who enjoy
straight porn.

03-09-08  12:36pm

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mbaya (366) I don't think the looks of the guy are usually important. If they are really unattractive though, I don't want to see them in a scene as they can be a distraction. In some porn the guy looks good and I prefer that, but I don't care very much. It is hard to get excited about his as the focus for me is very much so on the girl. I don't like Ron Jeremy and I am glad he is not everywhere anymore.
09-19-08  04:35am

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ramscrota (12) I don;t think enough attention is paid enough to the male talent. I would like to see some real seducers in scenes - the kinds of guys girls go crazy over - suave, sophisticated, intelligent guys who can really turn the girls on. IN bondage sites I'd like to see a couple of lean, tallish muscular guys with fashion trousers and bare tops team up on the girls and really work them over! Too often on bondage sites we see unattractive, overweight guys in boots and overalls.
02-11-09  06:16am

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