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Do you think that current system of TBP/PU niches and categories is appropriate?

Type: Our Site

Submitted by asmith12 (124)
Niches are ok as is 55% 24 Votes
There are too many niches 2% 1 Votes
There are too few niches 9% 4 Votes
Need niches and subniches 34% 15 Votes

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44 Votes Total

Nov 19, 2007

Poll Replies (20)

Replies to the user poll above.

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asmith12 (124) Let me explain a bit. I've submitted this poll because I feel that current TBP/PU category/niche system is inadequate; there are 94 categories but they're VERY unbalanced: 'Hardcore' has 4000+ sites, 'Balloons' (what Balloons have to do with porn?) have only 8 sites, that's 500x difference.

So I feel that categories would be more useful if minor niches like 'Bukkake' (33 sites) or 'Cream Pies' (61 site) are merged (as subcategories) with bigger ones like 'Cumshots' (471 site). As for other examples - 'ATM' (13 sites) can be combined with 'Anal' (303 sites), 'Cheerleaders' (17) can go into 'Uniforms' (89), and 'Trampling' (18), 'Spanking' (99) and 'Smother' (16) will fit into 'BDSM' (317).

In this case 2-level category system would look as:
- CumShots
--- Bukkake
--- Cream Pies
- Anal
--- ATM
--- Trampling
--- Spanking
--- Smothering

11-19-07  01:14am

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ace of aces (179) there can`t be enough "filtering" :)
11-19-07  04:19am

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #2 - ace of aces :

> there can`t be enough "filtering" :)
What about "Balloons"? If all the niches will be 8 sites in size, like Balloons or a few others, there will be several thousands of niches, and I'd say it will be way too much of filtering; don't you agree?

11-19-07  04:25am

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ace of aces (179) REPLY TO #3 - asmith12 :

hehe ...ok balloon is strange but when i look for other things like mastrubating women or stocking e. g. you can`t find that in those niches :)
11-19-07  04:46am

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #4 - ace of aces :

> when i look for other things like mastrubating women or stocking
What about 'Solo Models' (what else they will do then masturbate? :-)) and 'Legs & Nylons'? So they ARE there :-), just worded differently, and I cannot blame you for not finding them, as carefully reading list of 94 items is frustrating at the very least. So the reason why you didn't find them is exactly because there are way too MANY of the niches (if there would be less B/S like Balloons, it would be easier to look through niche list and find things) :-). Subcategories (which I'm voting for) would also help it BTW.

11-19-07  05:01am

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ace of aces (179) REPLY TO #5 - asmith12 :

you are maybe right if you say it`s to much to read, but e.g. solo models and mastrubating isn`t everytime the same e.g. Karup's Hometown Amateurs have mastrubating and dildo content but there are to some model sites with mostly/only naked content e.g. Amour Angels or Nakedby (ok this are not only solo model sites but there are much in the net either)
and the same with nylon sites...most of them have only hose content and no stocking content.

but you are defenetly right if you say it`s easier to have subcategories. :)

11-19-07  05:08am

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #6 - ace of aces :

Ok, it's just another argument for subcategories: probably it should be like:
- Solo models
--- Masturbation
--- Dildos
--- Naked only
- Legs&Nylon
--- Pantyhose
--- Stockings
--- Foot fetish

Deal? :-)

11-19-07  05:25am

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ace of aces (179) REPLY TO #7 - asmith12 :

deal! :o)
11-19-07  05:26am

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kkman112 (12) Oh the bureaucracy of it all! :)

Personally I think they are fine for now, just need to keep tabs on it for future changes.

11-19-07  06:11am

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Monahan (44) REPLY TO #1 - asmith12 :

I agree with your suggested approach (niches and subniches). It simplifies searches and makes them much more effective.

Let's face it. The Porn Site business is booming and will only get bigger. Niche websites are growing far faster than broadly general sites (how many more "teen" sites can be added successfully?).

11-19-07  07:14am

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PU Staff
This is an interesting poll, and one I'll have my eyes on closely.

The organization of niches (and site types) was definitely something we put a lot of thought when releasing TBP. I think we started with about 50 niches and have grown to over 90 currently.

The problem with sub-categories is how complex it can get. We compared how it would sort if we had say prime categories with sub-niches. In some ways, it works ok, but mainly just for organizational purposes. In the end, a simple list of niches worked out the best both technically and for faster browsing.

The main issue with sub-categories is that no two sites in a sub-category are rarely the same. As ace of aces mentioned, lack of consistency doesn't allow for easy filing.

There's no doubt the imbalance of site #'s (like hardcore versus bukkake) will always exist, but site #'s aren't as significant in the grand scheme.

The benefit to having all niches on the same level is it gives us more flexibility to easily add niches in the future and easily add sites to them. Sites that don't fall into a major niche can be placed in multiple micro niches.

Finding sites under multiple niches or even searching for a niche is also now easy at TBP as well. Our Browse Sites feature allows you to select a second niche (when an initial niche is selected) for example. Some may have also noticed you can Find a Niche (top of the niches page) by keyword (which will match niche keywords or sites within it's niche).

I went a little long in this reply, but the main idea is that while our current niches may not always be the most organized, we think that it has and continues to be simple enough for the average user and dynamic for the advanced. We'll continue to add more micro-niches and work to better categorize sites in their poper niches which has been a minor issue as well.

p.s. One niche that I regret not giving more attention to are the gay sites. We file all those pretty much under Gay and leave them out of our microniches. Someday I hope we're able to expand that area.

11-19-07  01:42pm

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bbiillyy (34) current setup is ok so far will see later after few months time.
11-19-07  01:54pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #11 - Rick :

TBP "Search niche" feature is a nice one (and it's a pity it doesn't exist in PU). Still, IMHO the very need for it illustrates that plain list of 94 items is useless, as it is very difficult to look through it to find what the user needs.

And disbalance is a bad thing exactly for this reason: the more garbage (which almost nobody's is interested in - see 'Balloons') you have at top level, the less useful it becomes for everybody else.

On the other hand, I don't think it makes sense to argue as you're already sure that it is done the best possible way, so could you please just add 'Search niche' feature to PU?

11-19-07  02:39pm

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #13 - asmith12 :

I should have mentioned that nothing is ever set in stone and we always look for ways to improve on things.

I do like to see brainstorming like this from users, even if it's unlikely we'll be able to make such upgrades anytime soon. Upgrading something of that magnitude would take weeks (maybe months), and it would be lower on our priority list while we work on higher priority items. Still though, worthy of discussion. I know everyone is not asking us to change anything, it's more or less interesting conversation. Either way, we're always listening. :)

I'll consider adding the "search niche" feature on PU. I can't guarantee this will be added. Maybe a convenient link to the TBP niche search would suffice though.

Keep in mind too, you can sort the niches by # of Sites (or Reviews, etc) at TBP. The PornUsers Categories default sorting is by # sites, versus A-Z.

11-19-07  03:02pm

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Monahan (44) Just for grins, I checked out the PU niche list and on the first run found exactly what some have mentioned. I checked out the "Fisting" niche. It lists two sites dedicated to fisting. So far so good.

But FTV.com has a lot more fisting material on its site than either of the two sites in the "fisting" niche, and it's not listed under the "fisting" niche. The difficulty that Nick mentions is clear in this example. FTV's "niche" isn't fisting. The PU niches are:
1. Nude Photography
2. Porn Videos
3. Young Adults

FTV could also be included in Solo, masturbation, public exhibitionism, etc. as well.

This tiny bit of research has proved to me how tough it is to create a meaningful and comprehensive list of niches to use to find sites.

This suggests that, just for the sanity of the person (people) who must classify each and every site, there cannot be a uniform style or structure.

11-19-07  06:57pm

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Mptje (7) the sub niches are a great idea, maybe even rss feeds on a sub niche, so it's very clear what type of content to expect.
11-20-07  06:01am

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Boobs4ever (22) I think the niches is fine the problem is like monahan explains. many sites has more then 3 niches as a approach to the buyers.
11-20-07  06:57am

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Denner (235) Niches are importent to most PUs. We all have different interests in soft, hc, solo, teens, fetish and so on.
But compared to other places a bit like TBP, I think we're "well of".

Of course some of us could use more specific niches, but I voted "ok as is" - because I'm quite satisfied with the way it is.

Conservative or too traditional, maybe...

11-20-07  01:25pm

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SnowDude (214) I think there should be subniches that cover very esoteric stuff since some can be extremely hard to find. I'm not sure how you'd organize something more cumbersome than it already is now.
11-20-07  02:31pm

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nygiants03 (162) the niches are fine the way they are
11-24-07  12:59pm

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