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N/A REPLY TO #6 from Monahan: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Thanks, RA. I forgot about that deal and have always liked Evil Angel, especially Christoph Clark's stuff.

Just signed up at the PU price.

10-02-13  03:41pm

N/A REPLY TO #5 from LPee23: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Zips make my life so much easier as someone who really likes pics. Flash and Java based slide shows are the worst. They make it very tedious to get all the pics that I want. My biggest complaint is that most of them actually degrade the quality of the photos in the slideshow. The webmaster will set up the gallery by uploading the pics in whatever size the photographer has taken them. This is almost always different from the 5 or so size options offered by the slideshow program. So the program takes the original photos, and re-sizes them. This is done by overlaying the pixel array of the smaller photo on the large photo and determining the color for the new pixels by a weighted average based on the percent overlap with the original pixels. If you do this process once and don't decrease the size much the pictures will be perceived as slightly different by the human eye, but one will not be clearly better than the other. If you were to do this process a second time, the loss of quality would become apparent in the re-sized photo. Of course, if your original is much larger than what is offered by the slide show, you are getting a huge loss in quality right away. I think most sites either don't realize this is going on, or don't think their average users will know or care. But if you are paying for high quality photography, using an expensive DSLR camera, and especially if you take pride in your work and consider it an art, why would you ruin the quality of your work at the last phase in bringing it to your customers? With slideshows like some of the bad ones I've seen, why not just take pictures with your iPhone?

08-25-13  10:49am

N/A REPLY TO #14 from graymane: (rearadmiral's Reply)

I've used PayPal on every porn site that they did the billing.
No problem..... they took on everything I threw at them.
They canceled those renewable sites for me and emailed me a confirmation.
I think in one case they got my money back on a site that I had a compliant.

08-19-13  08:26pm

N/A REPLY TO #11 from Jay G: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Thanks a million for the information. I remember Vista and other operating systems that were not compatible with so many of my programs and saved data that I had from earlier computers. I am always afraid to repeat that horrible experience with a new computer that only works with "new" programs.


08-19-13  04:15am

N/A REPLY TO #6 from turboshaft: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Oh, I had almost forgotten about the browser history! I'm sure the NSA or the FBI or whoever has had a good laugh over it but I'm not sure a tech guy who has to meet me in person would be so kind.

I'm kinda worried what will happen when The Google finally gives up it's "Don't be evil" code of conduct and my search history goes up for grabs to the highest data-mining bidder. I don't think "It's research--nothing more!" will be much of an excuse at that point.

07-19-13  03:07pm

N/A REPLY TO #11 from Capn: (rearadmiral's Reply)

So do I, but the fact that it has worked out that way, only goes to prove that the raffle idea did work, & still did until it was totally pulled.

Cap'n. :0/

06-16-13  10:30pm

N/A REPLY TO #16 from RagingBuddhist: (rearadmiral's Reply)

And here I thought I took a lot of shit on those occasions when I've been told, very emphatically, that my opinions are wrong and that server issues were something I was doing wrong. But I've never been threatened with a lawsuit. Congratulations - you win the gold medal?

03-09-13  09:52am

N/A REPLY TO #23 from jberryl69: (rearadmiral's Reply)

lol - I took no offense Rearadmiral. But I look at is a biological function we here at Porn Users participate in and since I have no fucking boundaries and was curious, I just had to ask the question.

Perhaps I should start a thread entitled "The Theory of Tantric Sex"

02-17-13  02:33pm

N/A REPLY TO #10 from jberryl69: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Sorry you feel that way. This is something my sister, who is a physician, would say to me (TMI). I think we, as a group of adults, in to porn and knowing we are all masturbating, wouldn't mind sharing their experience. And even though you think it is TMI, I would hope at least you will take a look at the link I posted.

02-16-13  09:06am

N/A REPLY TO #21 from RagingBuddhist: (rearadmiral's Reply)

ra - I'd easily be right there with you with the 15TB. But, with the advantage(?) of not having steady work, I've had tons of time to cut my collection down by re-encoding a lot of video, cutting out a shit load of garbage. In the last week alone, I know I've saved at least 3 or 4 hundred gigs of drive space.

But, having dropped Comcast and their 250 gig per month cap, I'll probably wind up right back where I started soon enough. FIOS isn't fiber, but it still comes in way faster than I can watch it!

02-11-13  04:57pm

N/A REPLY TO #23 from jberryl69: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Tks for the response.

01-12-13  07:50am

N/A REPLY TO #19 from jberryl69: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Hmmmm... "Sort of" I don't think so. Answer #2 fits your answer. My poll my call....lol What did you put down?

01-10-13  08:27am

N/A REPLY TO #17 from bibo: (rearadmiral's Reply)

yep, Lexi's first anal scene is available @1920x1080 on elegantangel. Downloaded it a couple of weeks ago.

12-13-12  10:41am

N/A REPLY TO #12 from marcdc1: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Ah I do so love a good pun thanks R.A.

12-12-12  05:09pm

N/A REPLY TO #16 from Denner: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Pride....rearadmiral. Pride!

12-05-12  06:00am

N/A REPLY TO #13 from oldfizzywig: (rearadmiral's Reply)

20 TB ! Wow, I thought I had collected a bunch and I'm just under one TB. I may have to go buy another external disk drive, but then I would have to organize my collection, and that would seem too much like work.

12-05-12  12:02am

N/A REPLY TO #7 from Khan: (rearadmiral's Reply)

On the User's profile page ...

Towards the top of the page -- right side -- first line under "User Stats" you'll see: Avg Site Rating

hope that helps

10-11-12  06:35am

N/A REPLY TO #17 from otoh: (rearadmiral's Reply)

"I think VOD sites are like the crack cocaine of online porn."

If VOD is the crack cocaine, I sudder to think what that makes cam sites? :)

09-02-12  06:03am

N/A REPLY TO #25 from marcdc1: (rearadmiral's Reply)

I've got three I'll cook the one for you my self. The way the damn thing meows to be let in is maddening. Can't get rid of it though, it's the dog's best friend. (damn pussy stole my best friend- how do you like that?)

08-11-12  05:02pm

N/A REPLY TO #15 from jberryl69: (rearadmiral's Reply)

" If there is a niche left unfilled, then someone will likely step up to exploit it." Hey RA - is filling a niche the same thing as exploiting the niche? (see J.Sin fill/exploit the anus extrusions in some of his movies)

08-10-12  01:49pm

N/A REPLY TO #3 from marcdc1: (rearadmiral's Reply)

I'm with rear admiral. It's nice to have variety. I'm all for a mix.

07-31-12  05:04am

N/A REPLY TO #16 from slutty: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Interesting ideas, although I doubt many sites would want to post the full hundreds of photos taken in a shoot, it would be nice if they posted a bit more. I always get the same feeling with X-Art, they post so few photos for one set, it leaves you wondering if their photographer is just terrible and they had to delete a crap load of them.

With regard to the poll question, personally I can't stand bad lighting, although I agree that all of the above is appropriate.

06-14-12  09:58pm

N/A REPLY TO #13 from turboshaft: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Remember, "repression leads to obsession."

I blame our (the U.S.', anyway) history of religiosity for the reason society has become so hyper-sexualized, and one of the reasons porn has become as popular and accessible as it has.

To me the modern porn boom is one of the results of a culture's repressed and unhealthy view of sex and sexuality, not the cause of it, as the moral authoritarians would have us believe. The anti-porn crowd is really at its base anti-sex, and blames all of our modern ills on the sexual permissiveness that permeates our daily lives. This includes everything out there--from what people can find on the web, to the ads shown on TV, to all those unmarried women who choose to use birth control (the horror!).

It is still stigmatized in a way--just try staying in political office and see what happens when you begin making your own--but there's really no serious social backlash in most modern parts of the world, even in the more puritanical parts of the U.S. The forbidden fruit has long been out of the bag (if it ever was in there to begin with) and everyone's taking a bite. ;-)

03-27-12  10:41pm

N/A REPLY TO #9 from lk2fireone: (rearadmiral's Reply)

I think what rearadmiral said makes sense and is probably true: there is a disconnect between what people say in public and what they do in private.

03-27-12  03:11pm

N/A REPLY TO #7 from Thomas20: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Even though Dave Mustaine used to write kick ass songs, unless it's actually in the lyrics to the songs, I think rock singers should not really tell us all about their opinions unless we ask for them or it is Bob Geldof telling us about starvation for which he is forgiven.

03-27-12  12:23pm

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