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Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of rearadmiral's Review from oldfart:

I recently discovered, actually told by the site, that download managers may limit the amount of material, as they may use several connections for a single file, which the site recognizes as multiple files being downloaded, although you are only downloading one file.

To avoid this problem, using IDM, I just allowed a single connection for a file. From my previous experience, using 8 connections or just 1 connection did not affect the downloading speed. This avoided timeouts for me. Therefore, if your download manager gives you an option, use just one connection for your downloads and you may get the maximum allowed of material allowed.

In addition, I've found that IDM will work when browser downloading doesn't.

BTW, another great and very detailed review rearadmiral!

07-17-14  08:36pm

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
REPLY TO #1 from Dave H: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Yeah I just noticed that today. Your daily limit isn't reset at midnight, like one would naturally think, it seems to be a rolling 24 hours. So if you downloaded "too much" today, you will have to wait till later in the day tomorrow to try again. This is BS and borders on Scam-ish. I won't waste my money with these guys again. There are too many better sites with no arbitrary limits!

Take Care!

07-17-14  01:33pm

Visit Sex And Submission

Sex And Submission
Reply of rearadmiral's Review from jook:

How 'bout some details ;)

Just joking. Thx for the super review I was never much into BDS&M, but this site seems like it mifght be up my alley.

07-12-14  09:08am

Visit VideoBox

REPLY TO #3 from elephant: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Thanks again

Yeah I looked into the price for individual scenes and its basically priced at such high prices I doubt anyone would ever bother buying. some scenes are 24 kinks (tokens)

20 Kinks for $19.99
42 Kinks for $39.99 - SAVE 5%
75 Kinks for $69.99 - SAVE 7%
178 Kinks for $159.99 - SAVE 10%

So for $39.99 you still wouldn't be able to watch two 24 kink scenes. Some are cheaper, I don't really get how they are priced as they are all just random numbers, I'd say average is around 16 kinks a movie.

I'll give the videobox a miss then mate also as 540x480 is too low for me. Oh well I'll hold out for the day they decide on a network access lol.

Thanks for trying to help.

06-25-14  01:19am

Visit VideoBox

REPLY TO #1 from elephant: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Hi Rearadmiral

Thanks for the reply, sounds good to get more kink stuff without joining all. That's my biggest annoyance about that network is I only like a certain type of model, not into heavily tatooed women and like various models on the network but when I look at joining the site I'll only see a handful of movies I'd like so I never join. Wish they had some sort of deal if not all access all sites which I doubt they'll ever do. But a deal to get say 40 movies for $19.99. Then I could pick the ones I liked.

So how much is the full Kink Channel and VB do you know.

Is the video quality acceptable like in 720p or lower?


06-24-14  02:06am

N/A REPLY TO #3 from Monahan: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Ditto that. I see PU as the Consumer Reports of porn and want to know about the bad apples in the biz.

06-21-14  02:31pm

Visit Fuck Or Fired

Fuck Or Fired
REPLY TO #3 from Khan: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Actually, there was a problem with the discount. Because of Breadfather's notice, I asked our editors to look into it. They got with the webmaster who corrected the problem. So it is working now.

Glad you saw it ok, tells me the fix is working.

06-16-14  09:51am

Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network
REPLY TO #2 from Cybertoad: (rearadmiral's Reply)

I simply can't buy into this DL cap by site users.
Its like buying a Corvette and then told you can't drive it over 35 MPH.

Its like buying a can of soda and told you can only drink half the can today. Its like going out to dinner and buying steak and lobster but you can't eat both.

If a site offers X amount of videos then it must give access, to me its a sorta fraud to offer monthly charges when it would be impossible in a month with limits to access what you pay for . To me thats fraud.

06-12-14  03:07pm

Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure
Reply of rearadmiral's Comment from Khan:

I have to ask, are you *sure* this is the site that caused the additional charge?

I ask because after seeing your post here the webmaster contacted us to say, "We do not cross sell and do not use seg pay".

One of our editors checked out the site and did not see any evidence of SegPay. They said it looked like the site used their own processor. They (the editor) also did not see any sign of any cross-sales on the processor page. It's, of course, possible that the editor did not see what you saw because she is in the US.

I *know* you are not the type to make something like this up so I'm wondering what site charged you.

06-11-14  07:56am

N/A REPLY TO #2 from Monahan: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Ditto that. The only exception is one DVD I rented back in 2006 or 2007.

06-08-14  12:23am

Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network
Reply of rearadmiral's Review from jook:

I joined through Lil Latinas and got New Sensations as a bonus site. Your review is spot on as usual. However, the site just wasn't for me. I won't get into Lil Latinas, but I was sorely disappointed with the video quality and lack of imaginative scenes. New Sensations, on the other hand, contained mostly good quality but again, I found the scenes utterly boring. For me, it was typical unbelievable porn starring wimmin with fake everything.

I can't comment on the download limit because I only downloaded a handful or two of videos. I think my world has become porn'd out, haha. I need something different. The best part of New Sensations was getting full access for 3 days for $4 or $5. That cut my losses. I wish every site would do that.

06-07-14  05:14am

N/A REPLY TO #6 from Monahan: (rearadmiral's Reply)

That's my approach as well. I have afile for each babe, and a sub file by source so I can go back and check the source site for any new stuff.

This approach makes it very easy to use the search function.

06-02-14  05:24pm

Visit Double View Casting

Double View Casting
REPLY TO #8 from jook: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Nail. Head. As a young lad, GM used to go to sleep every night with pictures of Lily. Sometimes he'd wake up in the middle of the night and couldn't help buy resurect Lily. A very mischievous God deviously cured this blasphemy. GM's eyes were taped open (ala Clockwork Orange) while being fed intravenously and forced to watch anal scenes until he begged for mercy. Remarkably, he held out for 2 years.

Anyway, I digress. I joined the site and I'm a little surprised you didn't mention a couple of the other sites in the network except the sucky one. Analquest seems right up your, uh, alley. With something like 250 videos of, well, guess, it's the highlight of the network for me. Virtually every scene had a knockout young Eastern European, the guys varied and the scenes varied somewhat.

I had high hopes for another one of the sites, Jizz on Teens or something like that. They're all threesomes, 2 wimmin, 1 guy. Unfortunately, I believe they're all blowjobs, no more.

Last but not least though maybe I'm missing something, I was let down by the Double View site after your review... normally, I can tell if something is for me after reading your review. I didn't think the camera handling was a big deal. As you stated, the casting premise was just plain stooopid (ok, my words), but the scenes were good otherwise.

In any event, I have no regrets and would highly recommend the site. I'd probably give it in the low 80s. Thanks again for your very informative review.

05-26-14  05:34am

Visit Woodman Casting X

Woodman Casting X
Reply of rearadmiral's Review from uscue:

Regarding the language, do they use subtitles?

05-22-14  01:25pm

Visit Haze Her

Haze Her
REPLY TO #2 from RagingBuddhist: (rearadmiral's Reply)

I'm almost sorry you told me those were Bang Bros sites. I really wanted to check both of 'em out, but I refuse to deal with those crooks. Thanks for the heads up!

05-21-14  06:19pm

Visit Double View Casting

Double View Casting
REPLY TO #6 from graymane: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Funny. And as with most of the jokes I've read that you've posted here, they smack of the kind of things that brings us back over and over to read whatever you author.
I read a book on writing jokes many years ago. And it might interest you to know that the key word the author dwelled on associated with the success of a good joke is "incongruity."

The so-called joke punch line, depending on the congruity aspect.... can, for all practical purposes, make or break the effect of how well the joke comes across.
And it is he who masters a jokes' incongruity ......well, I suppose you could say "separates the men from the boys" on the subject of delivering a good joke. ...

Oh yes, RA .....
Thanks much for hanging in there, and appearing to perceive my touch on the next stage after one croaks.
I suppose I got carried away!
I guess because I've been reading up lately so heavily on the subject; and because I myself am approaching that dimension so rapidly on the fast track ........ well, it happens when you give another your ear ......

05-16-14  01:12am

Visit Double View Casting

Double View Casting
REPLY TO #4 from graymane: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Not in this lifetime, my good man........and,
I can say, without a shred of growing doubt, ....neither the next,.

Wherever all the recent, as well as present, and lets not forget we old-timers' who, lets say, will ultimately gather as then discarnate porn-lovers, who'll chat about their sexual preferences, esp. those who'll face, in their next life when they'll get another shot at getting it all right this go-a-round.

Finally, should they earn their ultimate reward for repeated earthly sojourns to get that one-way ticket upstairs .....wherein you'll meet the "Big-guy" -- and later check-into the mansion of your choice .....waiting just for you, including all the amenities ---Mortgage-free and never any further delinquent fees.

Devoid of darkness, perpetually perfect weather, always time to stroll down one of limitless danger-free streets, admiring scenery that never bores or grows old.
Porn, sans fees, renewals or hassle, are at your finger-tip offering multi terabits of limitless adult choice ...except, of course, illegal and inappropriate fare.

I'm sure you can find a bar somewhere..... but I wouldn't speculate on the availability of the golden foamy stuff until you get there.

But if there were ..or a reasonable facsimile .....there wouldn't be anybody around I'd rather choose to dispense them with than my good PU friend Rearadmiral .
Only exception, though .....
we leave "anal" covered up in a dark corner

all the above is one of this writer's many proposed dissertations on the merits of ones' highly deserved achievements.

Unfortunately, this one got away like a speeding, unattended, downhill locomotive with no breaks.

05-15-14  02:25am

Visit Double View Casting

Double View Casting
Reply of rearadmiral's Review from graymane:

Still can't get into anal, ol' buddy .
But could try -- if I hav'ta, ...... to part the oceans if it were the only course of action at getting at your reviews.

05-13-14  08:20pm

Visit Double View Casting

Double View Casting
Reply of rearadmiral's Review from jook:

thank you once again for an incredibly informative review.

Normally after reading one of your reviews i can immediately decide whether to join. However, I'm on the ropes on this one. I've got plenty of petit/gorgeous Russian/eastern European doing anal in my collection. I ask, do I really need another one?

This will help make up my mind - how are the "bonus" sites? I know you said one sucked, not in so many words though ;). And how is the billing? After some bad experiences, I now factor this in.

Thanks again for your contribution.

05-13-14  04:10am

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
REPLY TO #3 from tribex: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Thanks for the reply I got them to cancel my subscription,the site is not great they have some hot girls but the guys filming are kinda annoying.

05-11-14  10:39am

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
Reply of rearadmiral's Comment from lk2fireone:

Glad for the warning, and also glad that you are able to take this so calmly.
I would be screaming my lungs out that I had been tricked.
Which would not be that good for me, at my age. Lol.
Thanks again for the warning.
This was a new one, for me.
Except that I was charged twice on my cell phone, for ring-tones, that I never ordered or agreed to buy.
My cell phone carrier representative told me I had probably opened a text message from some company, and that automatically gave the company the right to charge me for a service.
The reason I was charged twice (about $15 for each time), was that as soon as I noticed the charge on my monthly bill, I called my cell phone carrier to complain, they placed a block on the account, but somehow, I was still charged a second time by the *(^%$ ring-tone company.
I called the ring-tone company that charged me, they said they would give me a refund: it took about 4 months for me to get a refund, of $15 (they had charged me $15 twice, for a total of $30).
I gave up trying to get the rest of my money back.

But scams, thieves, whatever, are alive and well out there.
Even big-name corporations like to play games.
Sometimes they even get caught, and are forced to pay a fine.
But in the past, any fine they paid was small compared to the money they probably made from cheating their customers.

05-10-14  10:10am

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
Reply of rearadmiral's Comment from tribex:

I'm having similar issues with cancelling my membership could you please tell me who to email.

05-08-14  10:35am

Visit Exploited Teens

Exploited Teens
REPLY TO #4 from uscue: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Do they still actively update at all?

05-06-14  05:06pm

Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network
Reply of rearadmiral's Comment from bibo:

Sorry, but that reply by NS is a load of nonsense. Looks like they're trying to talk their way out of this dodgy behaviour.

1. The quote I posted in my original comment is a copy/paste. They DID say 2 GB and 12 hour lockout.

2. People, who are using those horrible download managers to download more than 6GB content from sites are now considered "abusers", who are hurting the "legit" members (hurting them in what way exactly)? Welcome to the internet, welcome to 2014! I wonder how sites like Brazzers or RK are handling those abusers, considering the fact that some of their files are larger than 5GB. If the NS membership would be 12$, I wouldn't say a word, but NS comes at the usual full price range of 29$. That's quite a lot compared to similar sites, who are a LOT cheaper, have more content to offer and don't have a download limit.

3. There was no mentioning of the download limit, neither here on TBP, nor on the site (although I'm sure NS will point us to the crucial sentence, hidden somewhere behind a wall of text.)

Bottom line for me is:
If sites want to "protect" their content, it's their choice and that's fine. But this is a market. And being a customer, I want to be informed about what I get and what I don't get BEFORE I join, clearly and fairly. There are too many sites out there resorting to those little tricks or downright rip offs (see my pornxn comment).

05-05-14  09:15pm

Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network
Reply of rearadmiral's Comment from Khan:

Please see rearadmiral's recent comment that gives updated info in the download limit.

05-05-14  06:25pm

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