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Visit Real Spankings

Real Spankings
REPLY TO #1 from Jay G: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Hi, Admiral,

I shouldn't make a pun about spanking sites and "rear" admirals, butt ............

I do have a spanking fetish since touching a female ass was only acceptable if it was being spanked (back in the day of glorious birthday spankings) and as far back into my childhood as I can remember I loved female ass. I was dreaming about touching it and slapping it as far back as early grade school.

Unless you enjoy female ass turning red or have a bit of an s/m streak, spanking sites might just seem strange.

If you are curious, Real Spanking is best in price, quality, and pretty girls for me. Firm Hand Spanking is also good for pretty girls. I have belonged to all the decent-looking spanking sites on the internet and would recommend it if spanking ALONE is the desire. Lupus video is filled with story-line spanking, but seems often a bit too severe for me and its stories in an Eastern European Language don't have me very interested.

For sex & spanking there is Kink.com's Whipped Ass (Lesbian) and Everything Butt (Kinky anal) and some spanking on a lot of the other Kink sites.

Though they might be listed for spanking, there are many sites only for true sadists ...... sites that are far too brutal for most, including me, (Paintoy, Paingate, Mood & Elite Videos for example).

The newer Real Spankings videos all seem to have good lighting & resolution, but I couldn't give you the tech details. My experience with numbers is poor, I just know that good lighting, camerawork, and resolution are something I expect now.

03-28-15  08:35pm

Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network
Reply of rearadmiral's Comment from malikstarks:

Yea I now have an ongoing membership here. Don't plan on canceling any time soon.

03-27-15  12:07pm

Visit Twistys

Reply of rearadmiral's Comment from lk2fireone:

It seems more and more common that support staff at many businesses are worse than useless.

I bought an item through Amazon. The item was not sold from Amazon, but from one of its commercial partners.

The partner overcharged me about $7 on the item.
I complained to the partner's support staff, in an email.

The first email response I got from the partner support staff said the $7 overcharge was justified, according to their records.

I sent a second email, stating again that I was overcharged $7, and I should get a refund.

The second email from the support staff stated I was not overcharged $7.

I sent a second email, stating that I had been overcharged $7.

The third email from support staff asked me for proof that I had been overcharged.

I sent a new email, with photo copies of the original coupon I used, the original price I should have paid, and a photostat of the charge from my credit card company.

That was proof that I was being overcharged $7.

The next email from support staff said they were sorry I was having a problem, and to please explain what my problem was.

The funny things are: with every email I sent to support staff, I included, in the heading, the ticket code for my complaint.
And I explained, in each email I sent, a summary of my complaint about the overcharge.
As well as sending with each email, the add-on of all previous emails I had sent.
And from the second email on, the support staff member who sent the replying emails was from the same support staff member

Finally, I sent an email to Amazon, with the confirming photos showing I had been overcharged (copy of coupon I used, copy of bill from the partner that shows the overcharge, and copy of my credit card statement that showed the overcharge).
And Amazon gave me a credit for the overcharge.

03-22-15  02:25pm

Visit Anabolic.com

REPLY TO #2 from qvtta: (rearadmiral's Reply)


Few days after i had posted this, i received responce from both webmaster and biller (took unpleasantly long to get a responce) and the info webmaster gave, didn't work but the username the biller gave, it worked. It also seems that regardless my valuable membership time had passed without me being able to log in to the site, i will not be given any real extratime as comfort for the trouble i had to deal with. Bought my membership 22 feb 2015 and first time i actually only got to access the site (due to finally receiving my login credentials) was sometime after 10th march 2015. Webmaster said they had only extended my membership to 31st of march, which is pretty much nothing.

I was kinda very suprised since few years ago i had been to this site (via Epoch) and back then The Big Ass Movie forexample had the pictureset available but now, there are very few photosets available at all and most are ones i'm not even remotely interrested in. I basically joined this site because i wanted to get the awesome photosets of Alexis Texas and Brianna Love have and which are used in the movie cover. But instead those don't exist anymore and movies are not in HD format either.

It's also good to mention that the news section promised how the new members area would be like the best experience ever but i guess something came in the way since that post was from 2013-2014 and the latest updates seemed to be from feb 26th of 2014.

I can't recommend this site since if you are coming from some well known big site, it feels like going back to stoneage pretty much when coming here due to lack of eveything.

03-20-15  05:07am

Visit Southern Bukkake

Southern Bukkake
REPLY TO #5 from bkreidercrhl: (rearadmiral's Reply)

I have not been a member of COHF for possibly a decade. At what I believed to be the end to their updates, I did not enjoy it. The women seemed skanky and it lost its party magic. I will log on to the COHF tour pages see if there were updates of interest. I missed the site in its prime, still have highlight videos in my archives... the resolution is horrible...we are talking 12 years ago material.

03-16-15  06:15am

Visit Twistys

Reply of rearadmiral's Review from lk2fireone:

Excellent review, as usual.

I'm not computer knowledgeable, but 2+ GB for 720p video seems way too large.
The coding formats/algorithms used can make a big difference in the file size.
I'm guessing that those files could be shrunk a lot by better choice of file format/codec/whatever.

Even though hard drive prices keep dropping, 2+ GB files will use up a lot of hard drive storage. And even more so for SSD storage.

03-15-15  12:09pm

Visit Southern Bukkake

Southern Bukkake
REPLY TO #3 from bkreidercrhl: (rearadmiral's Reply)

The resolution is 1280 x 720 for the past several years or more. You can see this disclosure on their tour. They have attempted 4K but are working out the "kinks" at that resolution level.

My observation is that the site was "reborn" around 2012. In my prior membership ending about that time span, it appears that the site was becoming dormant. Because I was updating my files from the end of 2012, I do not know how many of the old files at lower resolution have been deleted from the site. The remastering of old files is awesome, because I can replace some old gems with more pleasing clarity. Updates occur weekly, I would say 3 new vs. 1 remastered.

Your comparison to Cum on Her Face is superior to my reference of Cover My Face as far as style. COHF offers the same good time party atmosphere. The COHF guys were commonly the same dudes. SB has some recurring studs, but is largely comprised of members that have been invited to give it a "shot". This adds to believability of "Your the Man".

03-15-15  03:51am

Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World
REPLY TO #1 from lk2fireone: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Thanks for the kind words.
I reviewed this network a few year ago (2011-12-04), and gave it a score of 91.
I decided to give a score of 95 this time, because they keep adding such fine-looking new models.
Just because a model is beautiful doesn't mean her hard core videos will be great.
But I do enjoy looking at beautiful girls.

I even paid for a life-time membership to Metart (my favorite softcore photo site).

03-14-15  10:29am

Visit Blacked.com

REPLY TO #1 from pat362: (rearadmiral's Reply)

I would still have joined within a short amount of time even if I hadn't gotten the 15$ email offer but there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to see this site first hand with such a nice discount. I think they would be better served if they only dropped their join price to the more appealing 24.95$. I find the 29.95$ price is too reminiscent of all the scam and solo sites that charge that amount and never deliver on any decent content.

You drop the standard join price to 24.95$. This way you make it appear as though it's less than 25$(technically it is) and you then make a deal with TBP/PU to offer it's members the ability to join for 19.95$. Try this for a minimum of at least six to twelve months and if you don't see an increase in traffic and profits than go back to the old prices.

I would say the same thing if we were talking about bigger sites. I really enjoy Dog Fart because it's interracial porn and they do some really great scenes but I don't join as often I could because their join price is 29.05$. I usually re-join because I get an email offer. Otherwise I tend to join maybe once a year to the odd twice if they happen to have a model that I have to have.

03-14-15  08:12am

Visit Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage
Reply of rearadmiral's Review from PigPoke:

Like some others, I found this site rather boring. I gave it a try because a couple of my favorite actresses appear in scenes and because it has such a high rating here.

The sex is too tame for my tastes. I don't mind a bit of setup before the hardcore action starts, but the whole point of this site seems to be the massage, which bores me after a minute or so. And the money shots are really weak.

Too bad, because there are some really cute actresses in many of the scenes.

03-13-15  11:43am

Visit Legal Porno

Legal Porno
Reply of rearadmiral's Comment from Triple:

Thanks for the info.
This site still adopts the awful "limited ticket for few movies" payment systemt?
Or finally once registered you can download anything you want?
I like Legalporno content, but I refuse to pay for a scam site.

02-12-15  03:14pm

Visit Legal Porno

Legal Porno
REPLY TO #24 from Scotchfan: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Just to add that as a long term member the 3 month membership is most definitely the way to go.

Thought the review here was pretty fair. This is certainly a site I would avoid joining unless their material is your thing. However, if you like hard anal, double anal, facial pissing and drinking and scenes with multiple guys on one girl or two or more girls shared amongst the guys then this may be the site for you.
It certainly has proven so for me which is why I have accepted the awful layout and odd procedures.
It IS also costly. You have to get your head round the fact that you will not be able to download every single thing they have ever produced for a months membership then cancel.
In their defence, comparisons with other sites are unfair. Someone mentioned Kink. Subscribe to a Kink site and get 4 new scenes in a month. Legalporno issue at least one new scene a day, probably around 50 a month. Hell, in december they released about 20 double anal scenes. 20 double anals (many of them first time for the model) in one month. Seriously,I don't mind the payment model because I realise it is the only way such content can be funded (i struggle to think of more than a couple of sites with 20 double anals, let alone in one month).
Not a site for everyone but if it is content you are after and the content appeals I think the site is "best in class" by some margin.

02-09-15  10:23am

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls
Reply of rearadmiral's Comment from greg909:

Can you download individual high-def images yet? When I was last there, it was all-or-nothing for each set, which made me not want to bother with this site again.

02-07-15  09:10am

Visit Digital Playground

Digital Playground
Reply of rearadmiral's Review from host2626:

"Streaming only"
I stopped reading there :).

02-02-15  02:02am

Visit Legal Porno

Legal Porno
Reply of rearadmiral's Review from Pele:

I been a member pretty much since start, so i can confirm that the stuff here is pretty accurate. The site is quite messy one, but the content is really good if you are into this kinda porn.

One thing i would like to add is that if you buy the membership option (which i recommend as it is the best value for the money, especially the 3 month one), if you go below 10 tickets you can charge 100 tickets at discounted price, was about 65 euro last time i did it.

At times i think it is a bit expensive too, but if you look closer it is not necessarily so. I think scenes cost about 2.5 tickets on average so, so with that 65 euro i got 100 tickets, so it is about 0,65 cent per ticket or 1,63 euro per scene on average. with 100 tickets i get like 30-40 scenes depending what i buy. Good thing is the tickets don't seem to expire so i am not in a hurry to buy if i don't find anything interesting. On Monthly membership sites how many times you don't like the update you get?

Of course with monthly sites you can join them every 6 months or so and download all the scenes you want, so that way it is really good value of course.

they also have a forum where the site runners post pretty frequently, which is pretty nice.

But if you decide to join, be ready for the messy site, it can get buggy and one thing i dislike is that the watermarks on the scenes can be pretty big at times and they are not in the down corner, but i a bit more up and can sometimes get in the way of the action.

Bottom line is, that if you like stuff like this, there is not many alternatives, so you have to pay the premium price. And they update 1-2 scenes a day almost every day.

01-30-15  08:56pm

Visit Legal Porno

Legal Porno
REPLY TO #20 from host2626: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Some small single-model sites like vivianadoldano.com, clubshayfox.com, janetexposed.com, etc., have a similar model. A few videos for the monthly fee, but for the good stuff please go to clips4sale or similar. What you end up paying for is a clip catalog. It can make sense on a single-model site, if you are fan enough to join then maybe you can be milked for a bit more. It doesn't sit well with me when a larger site does it.

01-16-15  02:27am

N/A REPLY TO #1 from LPee23: (rearadmiral's Reply)

I use Bulk Image Downloader for photo sets that aren't in zips. I haven't tried IDM yet. Does it let you queue up all the downloads you want, then basically just walk away while it does the work?

01-15-15  06:31pm

Visit Legal Porno

Legal Porno
REPLY TO #18 from host2626: (rearadmiral's Reply)

If it was made clear from the preview or the model pages what I would have to access to for the monthly fee and what would be a pay-for catalog, I may consider it. As luck would have it, the few scenes that are not too disgusting and that I would be interested in will require an extra fee :). There is way too much porn out there so I can afford to stick to some principles in this matter.

01-14-15  10:56pm

Visit Legal Porno

Legal Porno
Reply of rearadmiral's Review from host2626:

Thanks for the review. I was considering joining this site. Not because I enjoy crapper sex, but mostly because I am a big fan of Zuzana Z and they have some exclusive scenes, and some other models may have a few seconds of nice angles between two swims in disgusting piss and shit and whatnot. Anyway, with this pricing model, no way. It's not like it is even preventing their stuff from appearing on the Net either.

01-14-15  01:14am

Visit VIPissy

Reply of rearadmiral's Review from Monahan:

You said, "Newer scenes also offer a few options that may be of interest to some members. They have ‘bonus clips’ of a trailer, a cut with close ups and a wide angle cut. This may not be of much value to all members but it certainly shows the site’s attention to detail that they’d make three full-length videos of the same scene available. (I sampled a few of these and can say that there isn’t really much of a difference between the primary scene and the wide angle cut.)"

This is a great idea that I would like to see replicated in other sites. More than once I've seen close-up material that excludes some body parts that I would have enjoyed seeing.

One example is how on a basic fuck scene the camera is fixed on the guys tool as he's porking some babe with unwelcome closeups of his hairy asshole. You get an occasional glimpse of the babe's pussy as it's getting the workout. What would be great is to see a long shot of that same scene where the babe's boobs were flopping vigorously and we can see her face and its reaction to the action.

01-09-15  10:59am

Visit VIPissy

Reply of rearadmiral's Review from Cum Play John:

I just wish VIPissy offered more POV male-female compilations of their prior work.

It's not that this would be to everyone's liking, just that you cannot find such glamour models receiving pee streams anywhere else on the net.

They could also make compilations of the other genres as well.

But just the continual POV angle from the male perspective would be intense.

01-01-15  12:18pm

Visit Legal Porno

Legal Porno
Reply of rearadmiral's Review from elephant:

Great to finally work out what this site is cause I've been curious a few times so cheers guys. I agree its such an odd way of doing it and can only seeing it appealing to rich porn users who have big bucks to buy the new stuff.

They could probably be one of the biggest most popular sites out there like evilangel if they went more mass market route and made it membership gets it all scenario.

Its why you don't see many talk or review the site, basically its business model is aimed at the minority and die hard fans who'll pay the big bucks. I know porn production isn't cheap but I'm sure there is good profits in giving your members full access to the whole library with their membership as that's the model 98% of sites do.

I'll stay away from here for now as I'm no fan of ticket systems.

About the dressing up of the girls, yeah really don't like the porn fashion they choose to opt for, its well off putting and not remotely sexy to me. Natural and feminine clothes wins hands down everytime.

12-29-14  05:38am

Visit Legal Porno

Legal Porno
REPLY TO #12 from EverNight: (rearadmiral's Reply)

For what it's worth I believe the best value would be to do the 3 month membership and NEVER buy tickets directly. Buying tickets seems to always be a worse value than getting them thru the membership.

That would give you 120 premium + 90 free tickets over the 3 month period. 1-2 new scenes enter the ex-exclusive area each day and can be purchased with the free tickets you accrue as a member. And I believe tickets never expire. So basically what they are doing is encouraging continued membership over joining and downloading everything in bulk though they don't make that super obvious.

12-28-14  08:49pm

Visit Legal Porno

Legal Porno
REPLY TO #8 from pat362: (rearadmiral's Reply)

I thought I'd answer your query. The free stuff as far as I can tell is all the stuff that the studios sineplex and sinsatinal shot prior to becoming what is now LP. For that reason you can no longer get new sineplex or sensational movies because they don't exist anymore. If my memory is correct. One of the owners of both studios started LP a few years ago and that's why he was able to offer the Sineplex and Sinsational movies for free to paying members of LP. If as you guys say they haven't added any new (actuaklly they aren't) videos to the free stuff then maybe it's because they have uploaded the entire Sineplex and Sinsational library or the rest is leased to other companies who aren't allowing anyone else to use those scenes.

It any case. It doesn't bode well for future customers of LP because unless they are new then they will only want to download the more expensive scenes.

12-27-14  05:39pm

Visit Legal Porno

Legal Porno
REPLY TO #7 from pat362: (rearadmiral's Reply)

Thanks. I think you answered all of my questions and then some. In many ways I'm really glad that they make joining so hard because I know that if it wasn't then I would join and regret it two seconds after I had my membership. For me the only appeal is the models who wind up working for them because their style and type of porn is not something that stimulates me sexually. In fact it tends to have the opposite effect. I was hoping that maybe the trailers for some strange reason picked the worse parts and that there might be a pearl somewhere but I guess I'll have to look for treasures elsewhere.

A thoroughly informative review with no bias.

12-27-14  05:22pm

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