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N/A Reply of lk2fireone's Reply

Just bought me a new laptop (Toshiba) with Win7. Love it. 17.3 screen, 1 Tb hard drive, less than $1k.

I considered a desktop but couldn't really see any significant advantage.

I'm guessing the mfrs are moving away from desktops for home use...and in the early stages of moving away from full featured laptops.In 10 years the computer landscape will be quite different.

05-16-14  06:55pm

Visit Perfect Gonzo

Perfect Gonzo
Reply of mike11w's Comment

I understand Mike11w's point completely. There are way too many porn productions that way overdo the close-ups, in some cases never showing other body parts...or even the faces of...the models. And, yes, the Perfect Gonzo videos do have a lot of extreme close-ups.

I, for one, enjoy the video style of these videos. Yes, there are a lot of "extreme" close-ups, but they are nicely integrated into fully well structured episodes.

As Mike says, some people will like this site. I'm one of those people.

05-13-14  11:43pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

All species of animals on this earth were created with the obviously necessary capacity to procreate.

For procreation to work, there's a need for one sex to be naturally attracted ton the other. With humans, men are imbued with a natural compulsion to be attracted to the female of the species which is caused by the physical appearance.

Example, how many times do you (if you're a male) get an erection, or at a minimum a physical stimulation when you see an attractive female?

In other words, men watch porn because it's a perfectly natural visual stimulus that is always available where the real thing is, for whatever reason, not available at the moment.

05-12-14  08:21pm

Visit Mofos Network

Mofos Network
Reply of jook's Review

I suspect the lousy billing experience helped bring the score down to 55.

Any site that wants to make money must treat its customers honestly and fairly. That has become my new standard. If IB get the respect of the site's webmaster and/or support staff, and I like the content, I'm good to go. (personal examples, DDFProd; FTV Girls, Perfect Gonzo)

If I get dissed by the site's webmaster and/or support, it's adios baby, never to return. (personal example, 21Sextury)

I was once a member of Mofos when it first launched and had some issues with navigation and excessive body ink, so I canceled after a few months. Had no problem with the cancellation but now with this review, I don't think I'm ever going back.

05-11-14  05:29pm

N/A Reply of LPee23's Reply

Ditto LPee23's comments.

Make 'em obvious ads so they cannot be confused as content links and I'm perfectly fine with them.

Don't overdo it like Naughty America has done. I did not renew my NA membership because the entire log in page was all ads and no content.

05-06-14  09:34am

Visit Nubiles.net

Reply of skippy's Comment

I agree with your point and will add another element.

I, as you, would go for the cost per day bargains of 1 year memberships. But when new (to me) sites showed up on PU I would sign up for one month with the idea of going for the 1 year deals if I liked the site.

That tendency created a serious overload where I had 3 sites at once with 1 year memberships and found that I was unable to take advantage of them all (the time aspect). In fact I discovered that I would access one of those sites only once or twice a month which negated the economic benefits altogether.

Nubiles, however, by their misguided pricing strategy, makes it easy to opt out of signing up for a full year.

These days I will go in steps; one month, three months (if it is cheaper on a daily rate basis) and, after seeing what my visit rate has been during the 3 month membership period, will decide that the annual membership makes sense.

04-27-14  11:22am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Ever seen a fine babe with a perfect body fully clothed walking in high heels? Then down to lingerie? Then down to a thong? Then totally naked? Then doing a lucky bastard stunt cock?

Ahhh the thought alone has got my little willie stirring!

04-26-14  12:06pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

The question is "Does your home have a WiFi network / connection?"

The answer for me is yes. We have two laptops, two desktops and a tablet. But the computer I use for downloads is a desktop that is connected by ethernet directly to the modem.

04-25-14  10:52pm

N/A Reply of Wittyguy's Poll

Here's a link to graymane's post: What to do about the Heartbleed Virus?

04-23-14  01:35pm

N/A Reply of Wittyguy's Poll

I just changed all my passwords by adding a symbol [!, @, #, etc. at the end. Easy except on the sites that make such changes difficult.

04-23-14  01:33pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Interesting poll question.

My first encounter with fisting was way back when (late 70's), when I saw Taxi Girls in a "Pussycat Theatre" here in LA. In a sex scene in a jail, one of the babes got fisted and my reaction at the time was, why was that done, and, boy, it must hurt.

Then when it was available on videotape, I rented it because I was (am still) in love with Ms. Suiter, wherever she may be) and noticed that the fisting element was no longer there. I assumed that fisting violated some new standard set by the industry that made fisting out of bounds. In fact I remember a scene a long time ago where in a lesbian scene the director said to one girl to make sure she keeps her thumb outside as she stuck the other four fingers firmly inside her partner's cunt.

A few decades later When the web started providing access to more and to more varied forms of porn, these "standards" such as they are, seem to have disappeared and now fisting, and other presumably taboo stuff (like pissing and scat) can be found routinely.

End of history lesson.

My answer is "OK now and then." Fisting itself does nothing for me, but the use of multiple fingers to give a babe's pussy a heavy duty workout is hot stuff.

04-20-14  10:21am

Visit Wow Girls

Wow Girls
Reply of luv lickn clit's Reply

I dropped Reality Kings bc I had major issues with the site. Suggestion was to switch from FireFox to IE. That solved the problem, but now that Micfrosoft is no longer supporting IE, I decided to blacklist RK.

CT, what browser are you using?

04-13-14  11:53pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

First I look for whomever is currently in my top 10, then for newbies to scout out new possibilities for addition to my top 10 (or 15, or 20).

That way I can evaluate whether the site will be on my 'puter for more than the standard 30 days.

04-12-14  05:09pm

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of rearadmiral's Review

Agree with the Squirrel, RA. Another great review.

My only addition is that I use Firefox as my browser and had frequent problems signing on. The unstated limits seemed to arrive even on the first or second D/L. When I had Firefox access issues I could access with IE immediately but couldn't download anything. I also don't like having to switch browsers.

RK's support provided no he;p fixing the issue so I just decided to quit trying. There are plenty of other great sites so fighting to access what I've paid for just ain't worth the frustration.

04-10-14  11:29pm

Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of biker's Review

I continue to dislike their business practices. my long standing beef is when I became eligible to access all their sites (the progressive site addition technique) only to have them change their business model and renege totally on about 60% of the sites.

I also dislike the teaser practice that many have brought up (it wqs added after I quit the site in disgust).

However, their content has always been at or near the top of the trade and, again based on comments by other PU's, remains among the best.

The current PU price of $14.95 is extremely tempting so I may decide to join up again. I'll still be pissed but at least I know I'll have to be very careful and avoid every gimmick.

04-06-14  02:09pm

Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

The first time I went to the tour site using the PU link the price was $29.95. I logged out and did something else. I went back a few minutes later, spent more time checking out the talent, then decided to move on. As I was exiting the tour site a pop up offered me was $23.95, 20% off the $23.95. I visited the tour site twice...so maybe they felt I was close to signing up and needed an extra nudge.

Whatever, I decided not to join the site.

04-06-14  11:59am

N/A Reply of roseman's Poll

First of all, if they do a lousy job on the tour page, I'm gone. If they can't get that right, the site just can't be worth the money.

If it's a good to great tour site, my next step is to check the reviews and the company's list of sites. The reviews tell me what others think and if I know one or more of the company's sites, then I consider the price and will go for it.

On those few occasions when I'm jazzed about a babe or genre and I sign up with a site with a sub par tour, I always wind up sorry that i did.

04-06-14  11:56am

N/A Reply of Woodruff's Poll

I'm not big on BJ's except when I'm getting one myself.

04-02-14  12:06am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

One of my all time favorites on FTV is Andrea. She started spreading her soft core talents (wow, what a labia) on other sites like Twistys but avoided the temptation of accepting some man meat between those luscious lips.

I'm convinced that part of her effect on me was how sexy she was without going all the way.

Then I found a full scale fuck video of her and was amazed at my reaction...total disappointment.

(She goes by Andie Valentino on sites other than FTV.)

03-29-14  01:31pm

Visit 21 Sextreme

21 Sextreme
Reply of eggyfish's Review

I have had lousy experiences with the management of this site relative to honoring their advertised promises so I have not, nor will not, sign up for this site.

That said, I never had any download issues but do recall that navigation wasn't very good.

But there are so many other sites out there with webmasters treat their customer base with honesty and respect so I suggest any who may be tempted to give this site a try to move on to one of the others.

03-28-14  10:57pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I've had great experiences with some webmasters and terrible experiences with others. I happily join the sites with responsive and supportive webmasters and will dump a site where the webmaster is a dick.

It may all be psychological but the sites with positive webmasters tend to offer better stuff than the ones with dicks.

03-28-14  10:46pm

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
Reply of Schirm's Review

Although I have been a fan of the DDF sites and score them high primarily for the quality of their content and frequency of good updates, I totally agree with you that the scoring of a site is a personal matter and is based on a member's personal experience and criteria.

I've been in a similar situation with 21Sextury. They have excellent content and abysmal ethics. In particular their "guarantees" are meaningless and their pricing is deceptive and opportunistic.

My current score for 21Sextury is also a 60 because I feel that a long term patron of a long established porn site should be able to expect that the offered product is delivered as promised.

The major difference between your experience with DDF and mine with 21Sextury is that I did get into an email discussion with the webmaster of Sextury21. He eventually conceded that the original (lifetime) offer was being withdrawn unilaterally by them because their "business model" was being adjusted.

I now consider them to be a 60 (10 points above the minimum) because I find their content to be exceptional (they send out samples every now and then). But the other elements cannot be evaluated because I refuse to send them another penny so I have no ability to judge what they are now doing.

03-23-14  02:16pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

As with the others, I'm not sure what "average" really means. Does it mean a willingness to tolerate mediocrity of content, navigation, support, etc.? Does it mean just signing up for a site or studying the site by identifying "niches" (big tits, kinky, anal, solo, insertions, pee) and studying the bejeebers out of a site before signing up?

Does it mean staying loyal to a site that consistently delivers the goods or tolerating a site that has some occasional good stuff but is otherwise tepid in it's unexciting content?

That's why I said "Other." Sorta like the new politically sensitive government forms that ask a four question gender: Are you __Male __Female __Transgender or __Unsure/don't know.

03-23-14  01:35pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Reply

Wow. Your literary style actually got a nice rise out of my Little Richard. I can now officially call him Big Dick.

03-20-14  09:45pm

N/A Reply of Jay G's Reply

I, too, see this question being oversimplified. To me it's a matter of personal libido.

There are some guys who I will say are attractive in a physical sense but don't do anything at all that does, or could, "turn me on" at all. There are some ladies who many feel are very attractive but are not appealing at all to me...and vice versa.

Another totally different way of looking at it, would I be interested in paying for gay ot bisexual porn? Not a chance. Am I attracted to hermaphrodite porn? Nope.

All that said, by defining gay/straight, etc. as what "turns me on," I'm definitely straight.

03-15-14  09:17am

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