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Visit Eva's Garden

Eva's Garden

Nice 6-Month Trial Deal - Temporary

No idea how long this will last, but this site is currently offering a 6-month trial deal of $48.76/6 months - I stumbled on it when I went to look at the site after seeing samples from today's update of the magnificent Caprice - Little Caprice at some sites - Lolashut at others.

01-26-11  07:15pm

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Visit LSG Models

LSG Models

LSG Models Having Another Sale in Jan

People who have been considering joining this site might want to take a look at their current sale, which runs through January - I love when a site gives you the dates when their specials will end - seriously.

If I recall, the deal is $12.50 for a month or $25 for 3 months - quite a deal.

What is it with the British sites?

Isn't Secretease also a British site with a price of $13.50 or so for a month - nice deals!

01-18-11  06:17pm

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Visit My Glamour Site

My Glamour Site

$19.95 TBP Price Still Good?

It doesn't seem to be working for me.

01-01-11  03:25pm

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Visit Wicked Pictures

Wicked Pictures

I was close - Wicked Outsourcing Site

It was announced on Tuesday that Wicked has contracted with the company that owns Brazzers.com to run their web-sites. That's better than contracting with the people that run Devils Film and EvilAngel.com, my prediction, since Brazzers has successful live shows, which is the best part of the WickedPictures site - site re-launch coming sometime next year, I assume.

12-30-10  07:52pm

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Visit Ron Harris

Ron Harris

Update Rate Sucks! Home Page Dishonest

I've got a few "musts" in regard to pay sites.

One is honest advertising. This site is not honest. Take their tour and they keep repeating "multiple weekly updates" and they have samples of their "Latest updates".

Unfortunately, it's all a lie.

They have one site - Ron Harris Studio - that updates - everything else is archives. The most recent update was on December 14, when they had 1 photoset and 1 backstage video. Prior to that, on December 10, they had 2 videos - so from December 10-14, they had multiple updates, but nothing since December 14, though their "Coming Soon" promises another photoset and backstage vid on December 22nd of the same model updated on December 10th and 14th - and December 22nd has already past, unless my calendar is messed up.

Prior to December 10th, their prior update was back on Nov 22nd - and Nov 8th before that.

So this Multiple Weekly updates stuff - bullshit!

It looks like the update schedule fell off a cliff back at the end of Sept, so they can't even claim that they took the holidays off.

12-27-10  05:55pm

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Visit Wicked Pictures

Wicked Pictures

If You Want Downloads, Don't Join

Since another PU member pointed out to me where the download button is for this site, I've done a number of trials.

My conclusion: If you want to join this site for the ability to download their scenes, don't bother - unless you want to just spend your time corresponding with their Support crew, because it's just a bunch of glitchy crap, for the most part.

Scenes will download with the sound out of synch or you'll go to download and receive 345 bytes of nothing.

I've been poking around on the site a bunch - and that's my experience anyway.

Join to be able to stream movies - that works consistently, though they're updates are all fucked up - movies there one day, gone the next - and as I said in another post, if you do a modicum of research - like Wikipedia pages - you'll be able to answer questions and win free DVD's and other stuff that will more than offset the cost of membership to this glitchy site.

12-23-10  01:18pm

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Visit Met Art

Met Art

Lots of Partner-Deals With Other Sites

Met-art is now offering lots of different affiliate deals with various partner sites - not just from their individual e-mails, which has gone on for a while and caused a bit of controversy when I commented on one and linked to the offer - but on the site itself. I assume everyone sees the same offers as I do when they click on the site.

Pretty cool offers - some that I've never seen made before - on sites such as Nubiles.net and RonHarris.com

12-18-10  06:35am

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Visit Watch 4 Beauty

Watch 4 Beauty

2 Subs For 1 Now

Here's a unique offer - W4B is now offering a deal where you can buy a subscription and get another subscription for a friend free.

There's a tag in the upper right hand corner that says "W4B Special Offer" to take advantage of this.

I haven't looked to see if your friend's sub recurs or is only for the first period that you pay for, but this is a new one to me for pay internet sites, though Playboy has sent out offers like this by mail around the holidays for years.

11-12-10  07:08am

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Visit Pix and Video

Pix and Video

Pix & Video Catches Up to 21Sextury.com

Ever since I saw the comment about 21Sextury.com adding sites to that network, I've been wondering when Pixandvideo.com would catch up. I sent 1 comment to the customer support, waited 2 days - no response. I sent another comment to the customer support, waited 1 day - no response. I sent a 3rd comment to the customer support - no response. I was going to write a blistering comment if they had not responded and not updated the site to match the deal being offered at 21Sextury.com - but I was pleased to see that they have indeed upgraded Pixandvideo.com to match the 45 sites being offered at 21Sextury.com.

I know that some here were meh-ing the additional sites, but being a fan of both Aletta Ocean and women's wrestling, I'm quite happy to have access to both of those.

So good going, 21Sextury!

10-28-10  05:23pm

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Visit Eve Angel

Eve Angel

New E-Mail Campaign - Still Dishonest

I hadn't heard from this dreadful set-recycling company for a helluva long time. But this morning I received an e-mail talking about the "hot new sets" on this site and on MyaDiamond.com

Just to alert any newbies that might check here before taking the plunge, there are no new sets posted at either this site or MyaDiamond.com There haven't been any new sets posted at either site in years, I believe. They just chop off sets from the beginning of the lives of the sites and keep reposting them as new.

I'm not sure what Mya's status is, but Eve is doing EveAngelOfficial.com with DDF and that site IS updating with new material.

So if you want decent older material of Eve Angel, feel free to join this site knowing that it hasn't updated with new material in years - and be aware that Customer Service is completely non-existent from this dishonest company - so if things don't work, you're probably stuck.

If you want updated new material with Eve, check out EveAngelOfficial.com - and DDF's Customer Service is more than decent.

10-16-10  06:40am

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Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

The Problem With DDF Prod - Honesty

I decided to try DDF Prod for a month - and while there is certainly a wealth of material for someone like myself that has rarely been a member of their sites, there are issues with a site that purports itself to be a premium site - and chief among them is honesty.

Euro Teen Erotica is one of my favorite sites in this network. they advertise 3 exclusive updates every week.

Well, let's see - there was an update Sept 2, an update Sept 9, an update Sept 16, an update Sept 28, and on Oct 5, they updated with an ATK Galleria photo set that will remain available to DDF members for 1 week - wow! What a thrill! Disappearing non-exclusive updates!

Compare this to ATK Galleria that gives you their regular updates and THEN posts bonus sets from sites such as Karups, Met Art & DDF ON TOP of their regular updates.

I give the win to ATK. I'll continue to stay a regular member of ATK Galleria and a very occasional member to DDF's network.

10-05-10  08:08pm

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Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network

Promo Nice But Site Navigation Is Big Fail

OK, so I get an e-mail from New Sensations - get our entire network for $9.95/month for life - sounds interesting, so I check out the recent updates and they've got a recent boy/girl update showing with Michele Maylene - very intriguing, so I click on it - site fails. I back track, click on other links - they fail. I click to look at their porn stars, see Natalia Rossi listed - very intriguing, so I click on her pic - site fails.

Fail, fail, fail - I'm no longer intrigued - not at all - I'm just feeling like "Take your fucking no-navigation site and shove it" - Duh! How stupid do you need to be to have a site where nothing works - and that's your promo? Ask New Sensations! They'll be able to tell you for sure!

09-22-10  05:40pm

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Visit VideosZ


More Evil Angel Confusion

Adding to the Evil Angel marketing confusion - their "official" site, EvilAngel.com, their network, based around Buttman.com, their Premium Channel at Videobox - they also have full DVD's available at Videosz as part of their regular updates - no premium join required.

The files aren't as big as the files at Videobox, but they actually seem to be posting the DVD's with all bonus material, judging from the time being listed for the various scenes in the latest posting - Justin Slayer's "Unleashed vs Freshly Slayed"

Perhaps they only have Justin Slayer's material. I wasn't able to find Evil Angel on their list of studios, so perhaps he bought the rights back from Evil Angel at some point.

09-16-10  09:09pm

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Visit Real Peachez

Real Peachez

Half-Price Special Advertised

I don't know how long this currently-advertised half-price special is going on. I tried finding out from Sarah at a forum that she posts at, but she hasn't responded. Anywho, if you crave checking out the lovely Sarah Peachez, it's a good opportunity. But it will take a bit of work.

I found that when you tried going through her site and clicked through, though the first page talked about the special, the "join" page did not. So I figured, since Epoch.com is her credit card processor, Epoch.com will know whether this special is still going on. So I went to Epoch.com and "shopped" for realpeachez.com and looked at the "join" options. And the half-price options were there.

So if her site is still referring to half-price when you decide to join, don't be dissuaded if the actual "join" page doesn't show the special. Just go to Epoch.com and you should find the half-price join option there as long as the special is going on.

And I have no idea if this is the 2nd day or the final hour of this 1/2 price special.

It's your solo-model enthusiast/bargain hunter Pink Panther signing out.

08-18-10  07:55pm

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If You're Craving Crystal Clear Ass Pics..

While Femjoy's photo sets aren't all done in the same exact style, and there are photo sets to be seen that have various amounts of filtering and other such treatment, there are a LOT of photo sets that have little to no visible treatment and just showcase their smoking hot models gloriously - including awesome, wonderful crystal clear ass pics - yum fucking yum!

08-16-10  09:42pm

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Visit AT Kingdom

AT Kingdom

I Really Like This Site

I can't say that ATK Galleria is a perfect site. I can't say that it has perfect navigation. I can't say that every featured model is a goddess. I can't say that it doesn't generate it's moments of frustration in different ways.

But I can say that I REALLY like this site - more and more.

I like the range of styles of their photographers/studios.

I like the un-laquered quality of most of their most prominent photographer's work.

I like the huge quantity of updates.

I like that it's a site that makes me look forward to checking it out almost every day - and there's such an incredible amount of material on this site that even if the day's updates don't thrill me, I can always find some content that's new to me that does.

This is a very cool, very satisfying site.

08-03-10  08:03pm

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Visit Porn Pros Network

Porn Pros Network

Things that make you go hmmmm...

The new review of Porn Pros has me THOROUGHLY confused.

How does a site go from being de-listed to being given a good review with no discussion of that issue.

And how does a site go from being cited as "no updates in over a month" to "updating every day"

And how does a network that adds and substracts sites that are part of their network, as this one does, not have that as part of the discussion in the review.

I dunno, but I wouldn't be impressed if a PU member had done that review.

07-30-10  02:11pm

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Visit Nikki Sims

Nikki Sims

Pink Velvet Pass For Those Who Want More

Nikki Simms, as Khan said in his comment, is the same woman that was Next Door Nikki when she was a Phil Flash model. She started Nikki's Playmates with her husband 2 years ago or so and now they have launched Pink Velvet Pass to group together a number of sites for those who want more:

NikkisPlaymates.com (Nikki doing semi-nude plus other models doing non-nude to full nude)
MeetMadden.com (a non-nude site - Madden's a real cutie with a petite athletic bod)
BrittanyAvalon.com (a non-nude site - wasn't updating the last I knew)
BellaXoXo.com (Bella's site is fully nude, some solo, some girl/girl, a little boy/girl)
LynnPops.com (new site - looks fully nude - solo and girl/girl)
TiffanyAlexis.com (new site - looks fully nude - solo - gorgeous blonde babe)

are the sites involved in Pink Velvet Pass, which is available for $39.95/month and has a broader range of action than Bella Pass. I think all these sites are active except for Brittany's, though she could come back and others could retire - cause that's how solo-girl-sites go.

07-28-10  06:52pm

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Visit Bryci


Bella Pass For Those Who Want Multiple..

An interesting development in the Solo-Girl Model world is the marketing of groups of models in package deals

Bryci.com is the center of a group of sites being marketing as Bella Pass - all are busty models:

TaliaShepard.com (Talia's a former Twisty's Treat and the only natural-boobed model in the group - for now anyway)
MonroeLee.com (still in development)

Are the sites available for one price with the Bella Pass - $34.95/month for the group or $79.95/3 months

I don't know if Ava's site is still active, frankly. Monroe's site is "in development", which means there really isn't any content there. Talia's site was recently stripped of 3/4 of the content when the current webmaster found that the old photo sets were messing with his servers somehow and the old vids & cam show archives were in violation of a new Bella Pass rule against sex toys or masturbation. So expect these sites to be fairly mild.

07-28-10  06:41pm

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Visit VideoBox


A Nice C/S Surprise from Videobox

So, Videobox changed their pricing model as sites often do - now subscribers to premium channels can get them both for 1 price, as compared to paying $17.95/month for 1.

I inquired, as a current subscriber, whether current subscribers - like me - would be upgraded to get access to the other premium channel. My first response was a fairly rote response - here's the FAQ's - not helpful. I thought that would be the end of it.

Today I come home from work, surprised and pleased to see that someone who works for Videobox actually read my inquiry and upgraded my account to get access to the other premium channel.

I'm delighted.

07-27-10  05:49pm

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Visit Dawn Avril

Dawn Avril

Site Relaunched - Lots of New Material

Dawn Avril is a hot, somewhat goth-looking babe whose site was pretty crappy looking and was passed around from one webmaster to another for a couple of years, then left to languish since early 2009 or so. She hooked up with Phil-Flash, he's her boyfriend, they've been working together for a year or so on her site, creating new content - and a new site, really - one that Dawn's very involved in and that doesn't look like a pink turd. All of the old material is here along with lots of new material. Dawn's webcams will be starting this Monday.

If you like Dawn, check it out.

07-24-10  07:51am

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Visit Talia Shepard

Talia Shepard

Site Now Has Very Little Content

If you've been seeing samples of Talia's site content over the past several months and wanted to join this site to get it, don't bother.

Talia switched webmasters and the new webmaster just stripped the site of the vast majority of the content that had been there - 75% or more of the photo sets, 15 out of 16 of the Ask Talia v-blogs, all but one of the archived web-cams, most of the vids, etc.

I'm sure that the site will develop new content over time, but I wouldn't recommend joining this site for 6 months or so - it's been stripped so thoroughly that it would be hard to develop a good amount of new content before then.

07-15-10  10:20pm

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Visit Idols 69

Idols 69

First Impressions

a) Took several hours to get access - with both IE and Firefox, all I got were "Internal Error" messages - that sets off alarms to me. No C/S response until the morning, at which point they claimed that the problem was entering the wrong secret word, which all needed to be entered in lower case.

In fact, 2/3 of the time, the secret word appears in all caps, and my experience is that the secret words need to be entered exactly as they appear. In fact, I tried several secret words before I finally got access - some were lower case, some were all caps. Now that I got access, when I re-logged in this morning, the secret word was in all caps - when I entered it in all caps, I was in - so the C/S response had nothing to do with the actual situation.

Some PU's think it's perfectly reasonable to not get access to a site for days, according to justme's response to my earlier comment. I disagree - For it to take hours after many attempts in multiple browsers, is not reasonable.

b) No pic updates since December 2008 at all

c) They add about an hour's worth of vid clips per day. As I say, these are clips - sections of DVD's. While actionjav.com is adding 5 full 2 hour DVD's a day - approx 10 hours of material and jsexnetwork is adding multiple DVD's per day and multiple photo sets on some days, I would say that - on average - the amount of material updated on this site is approx 1/10 the material being added per day on those other sites.

d) They tend to update with uncensored material - much more than either of the other 2 sites mentioned. actionjav has no uncensored material, to my knowledge. jsexnetwork is infrequently updating with uncensored material (vids with a filter are the norm among the big studios in Japan)

e) The updates are hot - lots of Maria Ozawa and other babes that are definitely up my alley. And the vids look great full-screen - very clear, very sharp images - with the Windows Media Player, I can always decrease the viewing window for even more clarity, but I might not have to with this stuff.

f) The download speeds are good. The navigation across the Idols69 site and across the network of sites (at least the Racing Girls' site, which is the only one I checked out much so far) is good - you won't have the frozen page problems that actionjav has frequently had.

g) The price with the TBP discount is just over 1/2 that for a month's access as compared to actionjav & jsexnetwork - though the $19.95 price is for 1 month ONLY - after that it rebills at $29.95.

h) For $19.95, now that I have access, and presuming that I don't start getting their Internal Error BS again, I'm sure that I'll get my money's worth. At $29.95/month, it wouldn't be a good deal as compared to actionjav or jsexnetwork, which have 10 times the material in their updates - and in the case of jsexnetwork update with many full gravure photo sets.

06-18-10  06:50am

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Visit Idols 69

Idols 69

Another Site Delivering Nothing Of Value

Nothing like joining a site and getting no access - not in IE, not in Firefox.

Wow! Those Internal Error messages are so hot!!!

Bah, Humbug!

06-17-10  08:42pm

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Visit Pix and Video

Pix and Video

No Pics Showing At Pix and Video

It gets pretty bad when you go to a site called Pix and Video and you go to any set in any of the network sites and - aside from the shitty looking little samples - you click on the pics and you get a blank screen.

I'm glad that there are forums around the internet where I can see SOME of the pics that I should be able to see on this site since this site isn't showing their OWN DAMNED CONTENT!!

Fucking A!! How Hard Can It Be? You Run a Fucking Porn Site! You call yourself Pix and Video! You Post Pics! You Post Video!!


06-11-10  07:14pm

Replies (5)

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