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Visit VideoBox


You Know They're Getting Lazy When...

Dupe scenes have always been a fact of life with Videobox - with so much licenced repackaged stuff being posted, it's going to happen a lot, and it does. But when Videobox is posting Pornstar Power 2 on 12/11/14, and then posting Getting Slammed #2 on 12/12/14 - a DVD that dupes 2 scenes for the Pornstar Power DVD - that's just laziness on the level of "urp - I posted my DVD's of the day - time for a beer".

12-12-14  06:47am

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Visit Public Disgrace

Public Disgrace

Kink.com Retiring Public Disgrace

Porn sites all need to keep their finger in the wind, taking the political temperature, especially sites on the more extreme end of things. In that vein, Kink.com has stopped shooting for Public Disgrace and is basically retiring the site. Perhaps they'll make the existing material a bonus for another site, or perhaps they'll only make the individual scenes available for purchase one-at-a-time.

11-05-14  10:15pm

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Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel

Evil Angel - Still Excellent

I suppose that there are times when Evil Angel's content gets to be in a relative slump - this ain't one of those times. The Teen-a-holics DVD that they posted a few days ago is excellent, but what I really like about Evil Angel is their ability to highlight stuff that didn't sound like it would be appealing to me much at all and then to blow me away with how good it is - the latest example is the scene between Alina Li and Marica Haze engaging in plastic wrap and breath play in a scene from Fetish Fanatic 14. And they don't forget the greatness of great tease and eye contact with the camera. This is where I feel that Evil Angel's stuff has it all over Kink's stuff, which I find overly clinical and about the acts themselves without the importance stuff, which is how hot the acts get the performers and should get the audience. Keep it up Evil Angel - the best kinky site in porn, far as I'm concerned.

07-16-14  08:37pm

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Visit Passion HD

Passion HD

Reposting Porn Pros Scenes As New

I bit on Porn Pros' promotion, which got me this site. It was pretty delightful for a short time, but since late February, rather than doing any new PassionHD scenes, they're just re-posting Porn Pros scenes from 6-8 weeks ago as new PassionHD scenes.

Bah, humbug!

03-08-14  09:20am

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Visit ATK Petites

ATK Petites

Package Deals Are Cool!

I hadn't gotten any special offers for ATK Petites in a while, but I checked yesterday and had an offer for a package deal of ATK Petites with Foot Fetish Daily. Even though it was past the official expiration date of the offer, I was still able to use it, luckily, so I'll get to enjoy ATK Petites once again. Foot Fetish Daily is rather a charming anachronism of a site. If you thought that ALS Scan's website was dated-looking before their MetArt re-design, Foot Fetish Daily's site looks ancient. It doesn't look like the site has had a re-design in 10 years or more, but everything seems to work that needs to, so I'll enjoy poking around there as well.

02-14-14  09:37pm

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Visit Porn Pros Network

Porn Pros Network

Nice Promotion - But Odd, Confusing

I got a deal to join Porn Pros, hadn't been on the site for quite a while and their updates looked tempting, so I joined - and got an offer to get 4 sites - Porn Pros, Fantasy HD, Pure Mature & Casting Couch X - for a one-time charge of $69.95 - but it was very oddly worded, so I figured there had to be a catch. I corresponded with their support, who assured me there was no catch, so I bit. The confirmation of my purchase said, "You now have membership to Fantasy HD for 60 months", which is certainly different than the offer.

When I finally managed to log in with my new login to Fantasy HD, it showed that I had no access to any other sites. When I re-logged into Porn Pros, it showed that I had access to all the sites. Confused, I called the Customer Service, who told me that my $69.96 got me life-time membership to Fantasy HD, Passion HD, Pure Mature & Casting Couch X & that Porn Pros is not included.

It's not what was advertised, but checking out the content of what I did get for the price, it's quite a good deal, so long as the sites don't all shut down real soon.

01-04-14  02:27pm

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Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

Amazing Deals, Disappointing Download Speed

I happened on a truly amazing deal on a 30-day join to the DDF Network. Unfortunately, I was much less excited by the download speed I'm experiencing. I'm downloading at 265 kb/second at DDF Network. That's so slow that I had to do a test, so I downloaded a vid from Twisty's, which downloaded at 2.5 mb/second.

That's a bit of a difference.

12-11-13  08:39pm

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Visit VideoBox


Search Function Is Crap

You know the search function of a site is crap when you download a scene from "Where The Girls Sweat" and wonder who directed the thing so you put Where The Girls Sweat in the "search site" box and the response is "0 results".

The person who designed the search function for Videobox should go work for the Health & Human Service's website for insurance exchanges so all the people who can't get a website to function correctly can be in one place.

10-24-13  12:13am

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Visit Bryci


Amazing Deal At The Moment At This Site

$19.99 per month - for the whole network of sites. Their webmaster said at another forum:

"I don't know how long we'll run this - a week? a month? all summer? All comes down to how much people like it I guess!"

I say, encourage them! If you like great solo-girl material mixed with some hard-core stuff, don't sleep on a fabulous deal like this one - they're getting rarer, not more common, in my experience.

06-17-13  07:23pm

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Visit Asia Movie Pass

Asia Movie Pass

I Love Those Crazy Japanese Fetishes

One of the best things about authentic Japanese porn is the full-on crazy fetishes. Upskirts are a big fetish to me as is erotic dancing. Put them together and you have hot Japanese babes in leg-warmers and school-girl skirts and pink panties dancing on glass with the cameras underneath the glass pointed up - Yum fucking yum!

Lots of great erotic dancing vids on this site - for a while they were posting one new full-length erotic dance DVD a day among their 20-or-so DVD's posted a day.

05-29-13  02:12am

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Visit Holly Randall

Holly Randall

Now Part of Met Art Network

I haven't delved in to see if the Holly Randall site that is now part of Met Art Network includes Forever Vamp (the name Forever Vamp without the former content apparently stayed with Brand Danger) and whatever other sites her site had split into under the Brand Danger ownership, but this site is now part of Met Art Network - and can be added to one's Met Art membership at $10/month, as can ALS Scan, SexArt, Viv Thomas, Michael Ninn's site, Rylsky Art, and 4 other sites.

Quite the network our friends at Met Art have put together - congrats on helping to maintain the diversity of internet erotica!

05-21-13  10:41pm

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Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels

Strange How This Site Gets Short Shrift

A recent back-and-forth with another veteran PU brought to mind once again how this site gets short shrift in an odd way. It's rarely mentioned in the ALS Director's blogs. It hasn't been added to the MetArt Network as ALS Scan, it's more high-profile sister site has. And yet it features models that are just as hot.

I'd been wondering what happened to the shoot that ALS had done with Jessyca/Jessica Swan, an incredibly hot young Hungarian babe that Alex had mentioned once in the Director's blog as having been shot, then not talked about since. I was amazed when I glanced at ALS Angels for the first time in a long time today and I see that their new update is none other than Jessica Swan.

Time for me to re-join - and the cost of joining - 1 month $24.95, 2 months, $34.95, 3 months $44.95 and damned generous given ALS's quality.

05-11-13  11:53am

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Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel

Making it more difficult to cancel

It used to be simple to cancel a subscription through this website. Now you get a message telling you to call a phone # where all the operators are busy - or you can e-mail them or enter info on their website telling them to cancel - neither of which gets a response in a timely way.

Not good!

04-22-13  09:29pm

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Visit Gods Girls

Gods Girls

Google is your friend when joining

There is the posted price and then there is the price you can get with a little creative googling. I'm not talking about piracy. You can join the site for a very attractive price if you use google correctly.

02-25-13  10:04pm

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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

New Met-Art Network Update Is Live

ALS Scan is now officially part of the Met Art Network. This means that the site finally has a complete make-over - very well done, in my opinion - and, though there were predictions of glitchy connection speeds, the vid I downloaded came through smooth as one could want at over 2.5 mb/second.

If you're a member of Met-Art, you can now add ALS Scan to your Met Art membership for only $10/month.

02-19-13  06:05pm

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Visit Mofos Network

Mofos Network

When Updates Attack - The Mofos Version

My experience today with Mofos crystallizes why many non-tech people sometimes think tech people live in their own little world.

I go on the Brazzers site today and notice that the portal is different. I go through the portal to Mofos and hardly anything works - I'm clicking around, could every once in a while land on a page with a vid, but there was no way to download anything or look at pictures. I was using IE. I thought. I'll try going straight into Mofos, not through the portal - same thing.

I thought - I'll try Firefox - tried Firefox both ways, same issue. I get onto the chat with a tech person and ask, "What happened to your site? Nothing works."

Response - "We updated it today."

Me - "What kind of an update did you do? It doesn't work! You can't download vids, you can't look at pictures - you turned the site into a piece of junk!"

Response - "It works with Chrome."

So I try it with Chrome - and it does indeed work with Chrome. Is there any big placard on the site telling members - "Our site currently only works with Chrome"?


But there you go - if you can't get anything on the site to work, use Chrome.

01-30-13  08:32pm

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Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Former Members, Keep An Eye on E-mail

I received quite a nice 1-month offer, which I took advantage of. If, like me, you're a former member, keep an eye on your e-mail - you might like what you see.

Some of their recent updates are REALLY nice!

01-22-13  09:43pm

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Visit Action Girls

Action Girls

This site done now?

This site appeared to be on its last legs when I was last a member in April 2012. I just checked again as I have periodically, and I see no signs of any updates at all since August 2012.

So I believe that this site is done. It will probably stick around for a while with more and more links breaking down until it has been shut down completely.

RIP, Actiongirls

01-10-13  08:47pm

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Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

Badly Infected Site - Beware

One would think that a site as well-established as the DDF Network would be testing constantly for viruses and wiping them out, but the reality, according to my anti-virus software, is otherwise. In order to peruse their model listing, I have to click on the "Show More" button at the bottom of the page. And every time I click on that "Show More" button I get a pop-up along with a message from my anti-virus software that it has blocked an attack by various malicious trojans.

So I can't even peruse their damned model listing! Is it any wonder that this is the first time in over a year that I've tried a month's membership to this site? Yeesh!

10-25-12  07:36pm

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Visit Elegant Angel

Elegant Angel

Trial Offer a Complete Sham

So I get a trial offer from ElegantAngel saying No Charge For 2 Days. I assume it will be streaming-only, though it doesn't say so.

The sham is that what I really got access to was 5 5-minute clips of scenes streaming-only.

Had they given me streams of full scenes at least, I might have joined for a month. But the fact that their trial was SUCH a sham will keep me from wanting to join their site. I cancelled ASAP, which was a hassle because their confirmation doesn't tell you which company actually did the billing and the choices to cancel do not include the company name that the confirmation says will show up when you're billed.

So if you accept an offer for their trial, don't expect anything except a hassle to cancel - oh, and make sure you unclick ALL the pre-sales "offers" when you join this site - bahhh, humbug!

10-21-12  07:51pm

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Visit Bound Honeys

Bound Honeys

Previews Done Right At This Site

I've been a big fan of Sasha Cane for several years - both before and after her boob job. The star of this site is Jasmine Sinclair, but there is a lot of post-boob job Sasha material - and some real fun bdsm vignettes too.

To be honest, I've never joined yet, but I'm definitely a fan of the way they do previews, and the site seems to be updating quite nicely - especially in comparison to other bdsm sites.

Anybody ever join to see the true quality of their material?

09-10-12  06:00pm

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Visit Nubiles.net


Great E-Mail Deals For Former Members

Former members of Nubiles should pay attention to their inbox. I received an awesome 2-sites-for-1 price deal that I jumped on a couple of weeks ago and I just received a different excellent 2-sites-for-1 price deal. They're e-mail promos and it's been made clear here previously that the site wants them kept as e-mail promos, so I'm not going to talk about the details or post links. But if you're a former member of this fine site, check your inbox. You might find a promo deal that you'll really like.

08-03-12  08:11am

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Visit Reality Junkies

Reality Junkies

BEWARE - Charges Don't Equal Promos

I received an e-mail promo for this site for $5 for 30 days, so I checked it out and it had a lot of hot-looking scenes. So I figured, "Cool - $5 is good." and I selected that option and joined. I received 2 confirmations - 1 from Reality Junkies and 1 from Porn Access Network - Huh? I checked my spam folder and I had 1 additional confirmation that I had been charged $95.40 for a 1-year subscription to Reality Junkies and another confirmation that I had been charged $1.95 for a 3-day subscription to Porn Access Network that would then immediately turn into a $29.95 subscription charged every 30 days - for a site that I had expresed NO INTEREST IN JOINING AT ALL. I immediately emailed their customer support and got on their C/S online site. They say that they refunded me for both and have offered me a membership to Reality Kings for $14.95 a month. Huh?

First they offer me 30 days for $5, then they charge me $97 that I hadn't agreed to with $30/month additional charges coming down the pike and their next offer is 3 times their original offer?


07-12-12  06:05pm

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Visit La Zona Modelos

La Zona Modelos

On Its Way Out? Looks That Way

When a site decreases the rate of updates, that's usually a sign that the site is on the way out. At one time this site had 2-3 updates per week. Recently however:

3/08 - video update
3/19 - gallery update
4/05 - gallery update
4/19-4/26 they were back to their former schedule with 3 updates, then
5/07 - gallery update and nothing new projected until 5/21 - and new updates are projected for 1 every 2 weeks.

For a multi-girl site, that's pretty paltry. It seems like almost all of Pacinos sites have become archive-only, so one would think that this would be the site he would focus his energy on to find new girls that, like Gigi or Karla, could become the focus of a successful solo-girl site. But, it doesn't seem to be the case.

05-18-12  08:29am

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Visit ATK Galleria

ATK Galleria

When You Decide You Really Like A Model..

One of the great things about ATK Galleria is that they're not shy about shooting a lot of models they like a lot - so when you decide you really like a model, it can be like Christmas in May - or whenever. Dani Daniels has grown on me over time and today when I checked on how much they had on her here, it's a whopping 21 galleries and 4 vids - almost 1 full hour of vid material, including a les vid with Shyla Jennings.


05-02-12  08:53pm

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