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Visit Nubiles.net


Great E-Mail Deals For Former Members

Former members of Nubiles should pay attention to their inbox. I received an awesome 2-sites-for-1 price deal that I jumped on a couple of weeks ago and I just received a different excellent 2-sites-for-1 price deal. They're e-mail promos and it's been made clear here previously that the site wants them kept as e-mail promos, so I'm not going to talk about the details or post links. But if you're a former member of this fine site, check your inbox. You might find a promo deal that you'll really like.

08-03-12  08:11am

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Visit Reality Junkies

Reality Junkies

BEWARE - Charges Don't Equal Promos

I received an e-mail promo for this site for $5 for 30 days, so I checked it out and it had a lot of hot-looking scenes. So I figured, "Cool - $5 is good." and I selected that option and joined. I received 2 confirmations - 1 from Reality Junkies and 1 from Porn Access Network - Huh? I checked my spam folder and I had 1 additional confirmation that I had been charged $95.40 for a 1-year subscription to Reality Junkies and another confirmation that I had been charged $1.95 for a 3-day subscription to Porn Access Network that would then immediately turn into a $29.95 subscription charged every 30 days - for a site that I had expresed NO INTEREST IN JOINING AT ALL. I immediately emailed their customer support and got on their C/S online site. They say that they refunded me for both and have offered me a membership to Reality Kings for $14.95 a month. Huh?

First they offer me 30 days for $5, then they charge me $97 that I hadn't agreed to with $30/month additional charges coming down the pike and their next offer is 3 times their original offer?


07-12-12  06:05pm

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Visit La Zona Modelos

La Zona Modelos

On Its Way Out? Looks That Way

When a site decreases the rate of updates, that's usually a sign that the site is on the way out. At one time this site had 2-3 updates per week. Recently however:

3/08 - video update
3/19 - gallery update
4/05 - gallery update
4/19-4/26 they were back to their former schedule with 3 updates, then
5/07 - gallery update and nothing new projected until 5/21 - and new updates are projected for 1 every 2 weeks.

For a multi-girl site, that's pretty paltry. It seems like almost all of Pacinos sites have become archive-only, so one would think that this would be the site he would focus his energy on to find new girls that, like Gigi or Karla, could become the focus of a successful solo-girl site. But, it doesn't seem to be the case.

05-18-12  08:29am

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Visit ATK Galleria

ATK Galleria

When You Decide You Really Like A Model..

One of the great things about ATK Galleria is that they're not shy about shooting a lot of models they like a lot - so when you decide you really like a model, it can be like Christmas in May - or whenever. Dani Daniels has grown on me over time and today when I checked on how much they had on her here, it's a whopping 21 galleries and 4 vids - almost 1 full hour of vid material, including a les vid with Shyla Jennings.


05-02-12  08:53pm

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Visit Misty Gates

Misty Gates

Now Featuring Voyeur Cam - Mmmmmm

I've been a fan of Misty for a while, through seeing her cam shows when I was a member of other sites on the same cam network. But I'd been put off from joining her site by the sparce updates. I'd been even more intrigued lately by seeing her camming on Streamates/Cammodels/Their Hundred Billion Other Names.

Apparently Misty was also frustrated with the lack of updates on her sites - she's not the web-master, doesn't control that - so she arranged with Streamate to have a Voyeur Cam channel - free to members of her site, pay-per-minute for everybody else - so now she can turn it on whenever she wants - especially when hopping in the shower.

Misty's a tall slender beauty with long brown hair, an awesome perky bottom and equally perky natural boobs, a full sleeve tat on one upper arm and a great down-to-earth personality and sarcastic sense of humor. If guys are being nice to her, she's very sweet. If you've seen her on her regular Streamate channel she tends to go in more of a bitchy direction to have some control over the aggressive-ness of the guys that come on that channel. I think she's one of the very coolest girls camming anywhere.

She's a gamer who hooks up with members of her site to play games on X-Box - topless on her voyeur cam now - and a perfect girl to be doing voyeur cam.

Although the Voyeur Cam says "This is for viewing only and will have no/little interaction with the model", Misty's a chatty girl and if you're chatting with her, she'll likely chat back so "hanging with nekkid Misty" is quite fun.

The updates on her site aren't likely to get more frequent unless Misty figures out a way to do self-shot material that she likes. The ones that are there are nice, but the stellar material has been saved for separate, expensive zip sets.

But if you find Misty hot, I would definitely recommend joining her site to enjoy all the new fun opportunities provided by the Voyeur Cam, all the sessions of which are archived on her site - posted withing one day stream-only. Her regular 1-hour member cam-shows are posted by her web-masters - usually a group of them are posted once a month and are downloadable.

04-22-12  09:58am

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Visit Action Girls

Action Girls

Are They Even Trying Any More?

This site USED to have some of the most unique content on the internet - shot-on-location craziness with gorgeous women with perfect bods being pursued by evil prison guards or zombies or whatever and fighting back with martial arts or big guns. Then they did some really wonderful surreal stuff with Susana Spears as a drunk Super-woman and other such stuff.

At a certain point, they started licensing material and throwing it up as "ActionGirls Recruits", which was fine as a supplement to their original material, but now they seem to have gone the "Babelicious" route where it's just "Throw Something Up As An Update And Call It A Day".

Where once this site was doing some of the most original material on the internet, that seems to be all in the past. What original vids they do now could have been done by Playboy or any paint-by-numbers "erotic vid" site. And they have even stopped regular posting of those. The most original stuff they do now is shoot girls against weird blurry backgrounds and call them "jungle" shoots, etc.

Sad, sad, sad.

04-22-12  09:27am

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Visit VideoBox


VB3 = Worst "Search" on the Internet

You know a "search" engine on a porn movie site is absolute shit when you put in Asa Akira and get no results. This kind of thing is not uncommon with the "search" on VB3 and there's no pornstar listing on VB3 - I mean, why would you want that on a porn movie site?


04-13-12  07:02am

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Visit Asia Movie Pass

Asia Movie Pass

Competition in Asian Movie Sites Good For Us

The bad economy seems to be forcing competition among the Japanese movie sites in a good way for us fans. This site is advertising 30 movies added per day. I see from past reviews that at one time their rate was 1 per day. That explains why the site doesn't have more than 9,000 movies. I was wondering why they had so few if they had always updated at 30 per day.

Action JAV, another very good site, used to update at a rate of 4 per day. I noticed that they are now updating at a rate of 14/15 per day - and neither site is updating with crap either, so long as you're a fan of authentic JAV movies, which usually include mosaic and all the other eccentricities of Japanese porn.

04-09-12  08:05pm

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Visit Live Gonzo

Live Gonzo

Confusing Promo #113

OK, so we have already had a discussion of how confusing Live Gonzo's "join" page is. Now I get an e-mail promo blaring about the new Massive Update to the site - 600 HD Scenes in 55 categories! Just check out the Bonus Movies tab. I clicked around on their site, without joining, and I can't see any Bonus Movies tab.

Another fail from this site for me.

03-20-12  07:39pm

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Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Promos Can Confuse The Crap Out of You..

So I get a direct mail promo from this site for an amazing price. I click on it and join through the promo - and I'm a happy guy.

I received a confirmation of membership in my e-mail with no price info, but when I had first joined, I had copied the web-page confirmation and pasted it where I save my passwords, though I hadn't read it.

I read it yesterday and it was at a price that was multiple times what the promo had been. So I send an email inquiry to the biller. I get an e-mail back to give them a call. I call and they confirm that I had been charged as per the promo, NOT as per the only confirmation that I had received that showed the price.


03-16-12  05:28pm

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Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel

New Updates Are Awesome

Evil Angel has been a great studio in the past. Their new updates are incredible. I love Jay Sin's new stuff and Joey Silvera's new stuff with Nacho Vidal is incredible. The scene with Nacho and Sandy (of Club Sandy) taking turns training Skin Diamond is one of the best porn scenes I have ever seen in my life - and presented in full HD (1920 X 1080 are the stats) that look beautiful.

One caveat - they are putting up a lot of premieres and exclusives and those premieres and exclusives are stream-only for 2-3 weeks (their protection against pirating one can assume).

This site gets better and better in my opinion and the TBP discount is one helluva great deal.

02-03-12  10:42pm

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Visit Eva's Garden

Eva's Garden

Another Great Site Offering a Nice Promo

I don't know how long Eva's Garden will be offering this year-end promo - but it's a nice one from a great site.

12-24-11  05:39pm

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Visit Club Nella

Club Nella

Club Nella Replaced By Nella's World

I'm hot for Nella, so I check in to Club Nella periodically to see how the updates are. I saw an announcement on the site today that Club Nella is no longer updating and that she has a new site - Nella's World - here's the url:


I also noticed that Tom Veller's MyGlamourSite.com stopped updating at the end of August, but is advertising updates coming mid November, so I'm wondering - are they stopping updates to do a face-lift or are they merging with Nella's World?

09-22-11  07:03am

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Visit AT Kingdom

AT Kingdom

ATK Galleria Has New Layout & Other Changes

They seem to be wanting to enhance the social aspect of the site - or I guess that's the intent. It's a bit too complex for my pea brain to really get a handle on, but it's nice to see a site that's been around for a long while and had a rather old look to their site do new stuff. The main thing I care about - their "high" res pics look even "high"er, whether they are or not and they've got a few of their cam shows available as archives - as with all of their regular vids, you can stream them or you can download them in various resolutions.

And they are still continuing their incredibly high rate of updates. Good going, ATK

09-14-11  11:13pm

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Visit Action JAV

Action JAV

Wider Range of Vids Posted Lately

I haven't been a member of this site for a while, but I check their content fairly often. It's worth nothing that they seem to be widening the range of the vids they have been posting lately. They have been posting un-censored no-mosaic vids - probably only a handful on the site so far. These used to be quite a rarity with Japanese porn and only involved porn-stars past their prime, but Maria Ozawa broke that mold, doing un-censored vids at the height of her career, and more top Japanese porn babes followed in her wake. They are also posting more extreme vids - like the studio, Attackers, and some of the human toilet vids that have become a recent fetish in Japan - Maria Ozawa did one of those a few years ago, as well.

09-03-11  09:35am

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Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day

A little customer service story

I got a mailer to join this site at a discount - hadn't been a member in quite a while, and the price was right, so...

My first attempt was through the VSX biller and it told me that it wasn't going through, for some reason. So I tried with a different credit card. The site directed me through a different biller and I had no problem joining. A while later, I noticed that I got "Thank you for joining" e-mails from both billers. That wasn't good. I filled out a form on the site's Support, gave my details. I think I had an answer in 10 minutes that they had confirmed the 2 billings, cancelled one, let me know which membership was going to be ongoing.

Great prompt classy professional Customer Service - you gotta love it!

08-26-11  05:17pm

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Visit Sandy Summers

Sandy Summers

You know a model is done with a site when

You know a model is done with a site when her photo is gone from all advertising on the site, both the home and the "join" page.

This is now the case with this site. Perhaps they're going to be licensing other material for the site, but since the only dated "latest updates" on the home page are November 8 and November 12, I wouldn't count on it. I believe that there was some Sandy Summers material added into May of this year, so the fact that the current owners of the site are referring to last years' updates is an indication of laziness.

07-02-11  01:03am

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Visit AT Kingdom

AT Kingdom

Promoted Webcam Shows A Bust?

Tonight is the first time I was going to be home at the time of one of the webcam shows that ATK recently started to promote. So I click on the banner a couple of minutes before the show, I get a page with a countdown. I click on the banner after the show is supposed to start and I get the same countdown page saying there is 0 time left to wait for the show - and that's it except for 4 photos of her - what the hell?

Is this a joke? Is this a scam? Is this a bust? There's no indication as to whether the show was cancelled, is delayed, has technical problems, etc, etc, etc.

My advice - to ATK and all sites - and all businesses - don't promote things that are just going to disappoint your paying customers. It sucks!

06-29-11  06:08pm

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Visit Twistys


New Owners For Twistys

Shap announced in the Twistys forum today that he has sold Twistys to the owners of Brazzers. He was craving more time with his family and I'm sure that he had built Twistys into a valuable business. I wish Shap the best. He's certainly been one of the most classy and open site-owners in all of his posts on this site. And while I felt that Brazzers was at one time a bait-and-switch operation, all of that pre-dated the current ownership, who have operated the site in a more honest way with a lot of high-quality material. So it seems like a good match and one that should bode well for the future.

06-02-11  07:03pm

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Visit Wicked Pictures

Wicked Pictures

New Members Area - All Vids, No Pics

I would vote WickedPictures.com the #1 Most Confoundingly Directionless Site on the internet. Two weeks ago they had me raving about the huge new pics in their new galleries. Then I logged in yesterday to see that they were promoting their new Members Area, which has NO Galleries - No Pics - None! That's easily half the material on the current site and - for a pic fan - a big reason for the appeal of the site. I would be thinking - "oh, they just need a day or 2 to add the galleries" except that nowhere on the newest site promo does it even mention pics or galleries - it's all about how many vid scenes they have.

Oh, and on the old site, which we still have access to temporarily, the newest galleries are not the new huge size pics, they're back closer to what they used to be.

Oh, and on the new site, the big "upgrade" they promote is the ability to stream and download all vids at 720p - not one of the vids I tested had the sound synched with the vid - not one!

03-16-11  06:16am

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Visit Wicked Pictures

Wicked Pictures

New Pics - Incredibly Big

I was completely blown away to log onto WickedPictures.com today and see that the newest pics of Kaylani Lei are posted at an immense 2832 X 4256 - I love seeing every detail of her gorgeous bod - including her wonderful eraser-like erect nipples - mmmmmmmmmm.

I hope this is a change that stays. I wouldn't be surprised if some members complain about how long pics load. I don't care, since when they load, they look so freaking awesome!

Now if they could correct the date of the upcoming Live Show - it's saying the next one is December 6th - and I don't think they mean 2011. Pardon me - I own no time machine.

03-03-11  08:39pm

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Visit Premium Pass

Premium Pass

Another Site Screwing The Members

I was just glancing at EvilAngel.com to see rates of updates of some of their best directors - like Jay Sin - Jay has 16 scenes posted to this site in 2010.

Compare that to PremiumPass.

Jenna Haze - who has been leading the charge against porn piracy - has posted 0 vids to her site since Oct 28, 2010 - note to Jenna: Don't put yourself out in the forefront of the fight against piracy unless you're going to stop fucking over the people that have paid money for your site.

Tori Black also hasn't posted any vids on her site in 2010

If you like Lexi Belle, she's still posting material at a reasonable rate - 4 vids and several photo-sets in 2010.

But I'd recommend that anyone considering joining this network do what you can to see which sites are or are not active before spending any money on it.

02-12-11  12:03pm

Replies (2)
Visit Secretease


Secretease shutting down? On Hiatus?

I was glancing at the site today to see what new updates there might be and there was a notice that the site is not accepting new members until further notice.

I know that the webmaster/mistress has been a poster here.

Is the site shutting down? On hiatus?

01-31-11  11:36pm

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Visit ALS On Demand

ALS On Demand

Some Comments of a Beta Tester

Knowing that I'm a long-term member of ALS Scan, Alex asked me to do some beta-testing of ALS's new pay-per-scene site. Being more into perusing full sites, I have to confess that I didn't get around to it until the new site was already open to the public. I won't quit my day-job.

But the site is open, so I figured that I'd get my ass moving and see what my impressions are.

First of all, it's a very clean un-cluttered design, unlike MANY sites these days that have so much advertising for other sites that it's hard to even see the material that you joined the specific site for. This site doesn't even advertise ALS Scan - which it might want to do in a non-intrusive way, since many who discover ALS through this site might want to see more.

At this site, you buy ALS Dollars with a credit card and then you purchase individual scenes - photo-sets or vids.

The price-point strikes me as very generous to the consumer. Where a month's join to ALS Scan would be $29.95, you can go to this site and say, "Oh, man - I want to see Amy Brooke" and buy a single "normal res" photo set of approx 300 pics at $0.99 or a single "high-res" photo set at $1.49 - or you can get a bundle of all of the photo-sets at a slightly higher price in either normal or high-res.

For vids, you can buy a "stream" of a vid - no download for $0.99, or a 720 download - DiVX or MP4 HD at $1.49 each or a download at WMV 1080 for $1.99/scene or again you can buy a bundle or the vids at any of the resolutions - the bundle of the 6 vids at the highest res is $7.16.

All the vids have pretty full descriptions of what type of action is included.

It's a pretty great alternative to a full-site join. I know that I've definitely been excited to see everything that a site has of a particular performer and here you could get all of ALS Scan's material of Amy Brooke at just under $10.00 - 1/3 the price of joining the site for 1 month.

I looked at one of the 720 MP4 vids and one of the 1080 vids I downloaded (I was provided with some ALS bucks in my account by the site for beta-testing purposes) and the 1080 vid looked more sumptuous to me on my system, but the 720 vid looked excellent at fill-screen mode. It wasn't exactly a 1-to-1 comparison, since the 1080 vid was an outdoor scene and the 720 vid was an indoor vid.

I'm also impressed with how current the material is being posted on this site. They have all of the Gigi Rivera material that ALS Scan has posted, so they seem to be seriously committing to this site as a consumer alternative to joining the monthly site as opposed to doing some "wait 90 days until you can get new material On Demand".

ALS has created a very appealing site here in my opinion and made it very easy for people to use it and enjoy it.

Would I give up my membership to ALS Scan and just go the On-Demand route?

Not likely - with ALS Scan having updates every single day - pic sets of approx 300 pics or vids that average 30 minutes - that site has the edge for me

01-29-11  07:16pm

Replies (6)
Visit Eva's Garden

Eva's Garden

Nice 6-Month Trial Deal - Temporary

No idea how long this will last, but this site is currently offering a 6-month trial deal of $48.76/6 months - I stumbled on it when I went to look at the site after seeing samples from today's update of the magnificent Caprice - Little Caprice at some sites - Lolashut at others.

01-26-11  07:15pm

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