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Visit Naughty Nerd

Naughty Nerd

But Is She Really Nerdy?

I'm definitely a fan of girls that are "real" and especially those that might be described as a tomboy or even nerdy. Such has been done rarely in my experience, although they do exist. So, when I come across a site called Naughty Nerd and it's not a guy living in his mom's basement I was definitely intrigued and have been keeping an eye on it.

Unfortunately, nothing about the site's preview pages (which are very brief) indicate that there's been any activity in quite some time. The TBP review was done back in '05 so the site has been operational for awhile, but strangely enough she's still 18 (actually, almost 19)! I've certainly seen worse where the site has been active for years and the model's age never seems to change, but it's enough to make me suspicious.

So, if anyone has been a member or if the naughty nerd herself is here I'd love to hear from you. I suspect the site is running as a ghost, but I'd like to be proven wrong on this one! And as one final comment, has anyone ever visited a nerd site and not seen at least one picture with the girl in glasses? Me neither.

04-13-07  07:07pm

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Visit Raunchy Raven

Raunchy Raven

Quoth The Raven, "Any Good?"

I am always on the lookout for any sites, especially those featuring an individual girl, that have short haired stars. Since most guys prefer long hair (so it would seem) most girls who do porn keep their hair long either for that reason alone or because they prefer it themselves. So, any time I get even a hint of a short haired girl I get extremely curious.

Such is my dilemma with this site. The girl appears to be a true amateur and to have short hair, but there are some things that give me pause. First, this site is available on Chick Pass which comes with an almost unbelievable number of sites and dozens of solo bonus sites. In fact, it comes with 67 of them!

I can't speak for others, but while I think most would agree many networks can offer too little I think they can also offer too much. With 67 sites, is any one of them of really high quality? Did the webmasters or webmistresses go for quantity over quality? I'm always more than a bit suspicious, hence my comment.

Some may say, "Dude, it's under $3. What's the deal dude?" Well, I'd just really like to get any opinions on particular sites or the entire Chick Pass network since I rarely join a site not knowing anything about it. And, in addition, it let's me once again get it out there that I love short haired chicks and if anyone comes across a good site I hope they'll let me know about it! ;)

Seriously though, any opinions on either the component sites or the network they're on would be greatly appreciated!

04-09-07  11:20am

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Visit Charley Ashland

Charley Ashland

BBW Goth Girl!

I just noticed this site come across the new listings on TBP and although I've never heard of it before apparently it's been open for about a year. Charley is quite sexy to me, crossing some of my favorite genres of BBW, Goth, and short hair! That might not seem that exciting to most, but my one beef with goth girls has often been how overly thin they are. I know being thin and goth are often seen as the norm, but I have always found it hard to believe there weren't any cruvaceous girls who enjoyed the goth look.

As for the site in particular, the main page doesn't sport that many photos or a tour that I noticed. I don't ask for a lot of freebies, but at least one gallery and even the most brief video clip is usually required for me to think about joining. She also seems to have two price tiers and you only get multiple web shows with the higher priced membership. If the shows are private or very intimate I can see the higher price or if she just wants to offer a cheaper non-webshow option, but without a tour it's really hard to decide which option I'd choose.

If there are any members or former members of her site I'd love to hear from you...of from Charley herself!

04-07-07  10:20am

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Visit Femdom Time

Femdom Time

The Line Between Dom and Sub?

I've checked out site like this before and not been especially impressed with the torture themes, but I've been reluctant to criticize any of them since I'm quite sure some people find this kind of thing very sexy. I was initially intrigued by the world of FemDom because I dislike how women are portrayed on most porn sites as total airheads who'll do anything to get fucked.

The only problem I have is that FemDom seems to just go to the other extreme by "punishing" men or other women who fit the traditional scenarios. Is there such a thing as a site with strong women who like being powerful but not necessarily dominating? I'd love to see either that or scenarios where the man and woman (or multiple women) trade off roles throughout.

So, if anyone has heard of that I'd be very interested to hear about it. As for this site, if you are looking for light FemDom this doesn't appear to be where you'll find it. Most of the scenes seem very extreme which as I said at the beginning is surely just the thing for some folks. I just wish I was one of them!

04-05-07  11:37am

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Visit Her First Fat Girl

Her First Fat Girl

Hot Lesbian Sex, No Interaction

I wrote a comment about Mandy's personal site awhile ago where I expressed my apprehension to join her site again because of the high price. I find Mandy very sexy and it's one of those sites I keep coming back to every 6 months or so. I love her picture sets, she does cam faithfully, and she's pretty damn hot!

So, why am I referring to all that stuff from her "other" site? Because frankly I thought that all that would be available at this site which features her having lesbian encounters with traditional sized models. Unfortunately, interaction with Mandy isn't part of this one which is all the more dissapointing since I thought even with all that included her prices were high for what you get in return.

So, for the true Mandy fan (of which I consider myself one) you have to shell out around $40 a month to see everything she does. That's certainly her right, but I think that's an awful lot to ask her members to pay when supersites that cost less offer infinitely more content. In her defense, Mandy's personal touches are numerous and genuine, so I can't really quibble with her effort and, again, she can charge whatever she wants.

If there are any other members here I would very much like to know what they think. The last impression I want to leave with anyone is not to give her site a try since she's the sexiest BBW (she classifies herself that way) on the planet as far as I'm concerned and she's a real doll. I just wish she'd combine her sites for the price of one.

04-03-07  08:21pm

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Visit She Muscle

She Muscle

Higher Prices, Higher Return?

I have been going back and forth about joining this site since the fitness content has been very interesting to me for awhile now. However, the $20 monthly price always seemed a bit high for a site with only softcore and a limited number of videos. I was finally going to bite the bullet and give it a try, but they've upped the prices at every level. It's now $24.95 for recurring monthly, $29.95 for non-recurring monthly, and $54.95 for 3 months, non-recurring.

What I'd really like is to hear from any former or current members about its value since all I can judge is the free portion of the site. Many of the models look absolutely gorgeous and unlike the waif girls all too prevalent in porn, but most sets appear to be set in hotel rooms and have an amateur feel. So, unless I get some other opinions on this site it's probably going to stay on the back burner for me, which is a shame.

04-01-07  04:50pm

Replies (2)
Visit Ultimate Surrender

Ultimate Surrender

Is The Payoff As Good As The Setup?

I've know about this site for a few months now and there are a number of elements that intrigue me. However, I keep holding off on joining and I'm not exactly sure why. It's one of a handful of sites I've found that seems to feature a number of girls with short hair (a HUGE fetish of mine) and strap on sex is very high on my list of pluses, but at the same time I wonder how much the girls get into the wrestling and competitive aspect. I'm not a fan of the WWE and would probably prefer a light bondage theme more since I'm not into hardcore BDSM either.

I think that the authenticity of the site would really be a deciding factor though and even if only some of these girls come out fighting it's probably worth joining. The site is run by Kink.com which operates a number of sites, so if you got full network access I probably would have forked over the cash a long time ago but the single site access leaves me on the fence.

I will say that I watched a 2+ minute clip on the tour page of the site and I was definitely "encouraged". I like tough chicks that could be called "tomboys" by some, but sites with kick ass chicks usually tend towards the bodybuilder types which can often go too far for me. I like a fit girl who knows what she wants and goes out to get it. Actually, I like women big or small with my only real requirement being that I can't see every part of her rib cage.

So, if anyone has anything to add I'd be a happy dude. If I join I'll most certainly add a review!

03-30-07  10:27pm

Replies (6)
Visit Mandy's Playhouse

Mandy's Playhouse

Coming back for more?

I've joined Mandy's site more than once and after being away for awhile I always gravitate back. The content isn't everything I would like it to be, but I find Mandy incredibly attractive and hard to resist. I do think her site has historically been too expensive for what you get in return, less so for me, but definitely an issue for the average user. I also wish she did b/g sets, but that's a personal choice that isn't uncommon among girls that run their sites. If anyone has been there recently I'd love to know what's been happening lately and if there have been any significant changes.

03-23-07  09:00pm

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Visit Brandi Love

Brandi Love

Can there be too many price options? No!

I just joined this site tonight and will have a review soon, but I was impressed at the number of options offered on length of memebership and pricing. I went for the 7 day membership which is just over a dollar a day and they offer biweekly and monthly options too! So far I'm very pleased, but haven't hit the full depths of the site yet. More to come!

03-23-07  08:55pm

Replies (1)
Visit Lisa Sparxxx

Lisa Sparxxx

Change in Trial Terms?

I was getting some info for sites I was thinking of joining soon and I noticed that the trail price listed on TBP isn't the same as the site itself. According to the site, the trial is for 3 days at $9.95 and not 2 days at $7.95. Is the deal through TBP different or was it changed?

03-11-07  01:42pm

Replies (5)
Visit Kylie Ireland

Kylie Ireland

Searching Individual & Interactive Sites

If you have read my reviews you know I'm always on the prowl for individual sites run by either an amateur or a pro with a high level of interaction. My first "find" is the website of pornstar Kylie Ireland who was popular in the 90s but has also found a lot of success since then which I think shows real staying power. The site looks very interactive as you can access her journal and podcasts without joining. There isn't much in the way of free pics or videos and the design is fairly plain, but it seems like she really runs it herself which usually outweighs any other issues a site may have. I'll probably join and do a review soon to let you all know what I think, but if anyone is a current or past member I'd be interested to hear from you!

03-09-07  09:29am

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Visit Carrie Land

Carrie Land


Does Carrie do any hardcore scenes with either women or men? I couldn't tell from the reviews, so I'd be interested to know! If not, anybody have a recommendation for a similar site with hardcore? Thanks!

03-04-07  03:49pm

Replies (4)
Visit Regan Reese

Regan Reese

Looking for Interaction

I was excited when I saw this site go up a week or so ago since I am always looking for girls' individual sites that have short hair (if you happen to know any PLEASE let me know!). So, I emailed Regan (her email is provided on the site) and really hoped to hear back, but it's been over a week and nothing. :( Hopefully it's just an oversight and/or she'll still write me back, but it's not a good first sign about a strong level of interaction. She looks pretty hot though! :)

02-24-07  02:08pm

Replies (10)
Visit Hungarian Honeys

Hungarian Honeys

Anyone Been to This Site Lately?

I was thinking of joining this site as it has content on two of my favorite euro pornstars (Olivia de Treville and Veronica Vanoza), but the TBP review is about a year and a half old and I wondered if anyone could offer a more recent view. I'd be much obliged! :)

02-15-07  01:42pm

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Visit Gods Girls

Gods Girls

Goth & Tattoo: Does It Float Your Boat?

From the small picture on the review page and the three reviews themselves, I had the sense that this was a mainstream erotic modeling website with a focus on photography. When I actually visited the site I found that it was very much centered on goth and tattoo culture. I'm not trying to knock that kind of site since I actually like them in general, but I think the reviews could have been improved by indicating the kind of site somehwere in the review. There are people that would very much dislike this content and could have been misled by the reviews. That aside, if this kind of thing does "float your boat" then this site is for you and appears to have great potential as stated in the reviews.

01-31-07  08:27pm

Replies (6)
Visit Nakkid Nerds

Nakkid Nerds

Is This Site Still Operating?

I hadn't joined in the past because it looked like updates weren't happening, but was going to join after finding no real similar content. However, I get a domain registration page when I click the link. Anybody know the status of this site? The nerdy girl niche is sorely lacking already, so I don't want to lose this one!

01-31-07  01:50pm

Replies (2)
Visit All Over 30

All Over 30

How Much Girl/Girl Content?

In the reviews I've seen a basic trend: not enough girl/boy and too much solo. However, what's the breakdown on what they do have? I didn't really get a sense of how much girl/girl content there is vs. the solo. Do most models have videos and, if so, is there a standard type of content to their videos? This is really where I'm not sure if I'd join because the price seems high, but of course I haven't seen the members area yet!

01-31-07  01:44pm

Replies (3)
Visit Naughty At Home

Naughty At Home

More Variety and Better Price?

I was a member of this site more than 6 months ago, so I won't write a full review. The girl here is absolutely gorgeous and one of the few amateur sites that showcase a woman with short hair. As an aside, short hair is a HUGE fetish of mine and sorely lacking in the pron world. Anyway, what caused me to stop my membership was the lack of variery in her videos. She does girls and boys with many different themes, but each one started the same way with the camera panning up from her feet to her head, her introducing the video, and then proceeding from there. It may seem like a really small thing since I find her incredibly attractive, but that's what caused me to leave. It just got boring and I'd love to see her mix it up in the future. The other thing was cost, but I do have to say you get the bang for your buck quite literally. However, to stay a regular member again I'd have to see a better deal. I think some girls don't realize that if you bring the price down you'll have more folks stay members for a long time. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but I always wonder.

01-31-07  01:15pm

Replies (3)
Visit abbywinters


Really On The Fence About Joining!

In some of the comments I've made on other sites I've asked for a full access trial to make up my mind, but the price here does seem really reasonable. What keeps me from clicking the join button is the lack of variety though in that much of the content is the same. If I could be so bold, could you add more of the boy/girl scenes? If they did I'd definitely join, but perhaps there is a reason they haven't. I love lesbian normal looking girls, so I'm not really complaining. However, even straight guys like to see some male parts intersecting with the female ones if you get my point. :) I think it would add some variety and draw more people in from a wider spectrum.

01-31-07  01:08pm

Replies (4)
Visit Goddess Heather

Goddess Heather

Is Heather Worth It?

I'd be very interested to see the inside of Heather's site and unlike some other amateur sites that can be pricey, she does seem to offer good picture quality at a fair price. However, I can't see myself joining unless she offered a full access trial or I heard from more members.

01-31-07  12:32pm

Replies (0)
Visit Liz Vicious

Liz Vicious

Is Liz Worth It?

I very much enjoy goth girls and I think Liz is gorgeous, but the cost of joining always makes me hesitate to give this site a try. I would probably even accept a trial that didn't give access to the full site because of my interest. That said, with it being a amateur site the cost really is too high and I would suggest Liz provide a full access one day trial. The price would be a big chunk of my porn budget but without a peek I don't think I'll be joining which is a real shame. She looks hot!

01-31-07  12:19pm

Replies (3)

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