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Visit Housewife Kelly

Housewife Kelly

Impressive Tour Area

When I hit a website's tour I'm not looking for a handout, but I do think there should be a sufficient amount of content and detail available. Too often I've hot a site and the video preview lasts about 5 seconds. They couldn't spare one video? Well, this site offers a couple minutes of video and a nice amount of detail on the updates. That's more common for large network sites, but I found it refreshing for an amateir site like this one.

01-28-08  08:54pm

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Visit Cyanide Dolls

Cyanide Dolls

At Last, "Real" Goth Girls?

I am a self professed lover of the so-called "alt" girls, who often defy the normal conceptions of beauty. And as porn girls go, an alt girl never has fake tits or anything to hide. My only criticism of the genre however has been that most of the performers in the alt universe are very skinny. This has been long true of goths who don't take their clothes off for others to see so I can't complain, but I'm always on the lookout for some young but shapely alt girls. Accordig to what I've seen so far, they aren't merely focued on girls with ample meat on their bones, instead welcoming girls of every shape and size. If that's true, this might be another geeky/alt experience that I'll come to enjoy and I may do a review before very long. If anyone has been a member here, I'd love to hear more!

01-12-08  07:29pm

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Visit PlayToy Princess

PlayToy Princess

Are They Even Trying?

I was just answering the latest poll question about tours and it was difficult to quantify how a tour should be setup. After checking this site's tour however, I can sure tell how one shouldn't be done. The first tour page hardly displays anything and once you figure out how to get to the next one, the sample pics that are labelled "large" are indeed large, but only by the standards of about 10 years ago! If that's their idea of a large pic and one worthy of adding to the tour, I'm pretty sure I'm going to pass even before I see the price tag.

01-10-08  10:38am

Replies (1)
Visit The Hardcore Network

The Hardcore Network

How Many Sites?

I was about to give this network a look, but just noticed that while the TBP page for the individual sites make mention of getting 18 sites with your membership, the TBP page for the network only mentions 5. I thought it might be that the network is only the smaller number of sites and that the others are just owned by the same company, but when going through the tour it mentions all 18. Any idea what's the deal here? I also checked some of the individual site names in the database and they don't come up, which seems odd since the network was given an express review. Am I missing something?

01-05-08  08:23pm

Replies (5)
Visit Geek Girls Online

Geek Girls Online

A Retroactive Month...For Free!

A little over a month ago I reviewed this site after enjoying a month's membership. Although I had some qualms with the site, I praised it for its ingenuity and saw only good things on the horizon. My intention was to check back in with the site after a few months to see how it had grown and to report on whether or not it was deserving of the promise I had forecasted.

While the jury is still out, I am happy to report that the site automatically gave everyone who joined during 2007 an extra month of membership, even for those who had already cancelled. I confirmed that my membership was again active and am pleased to report that I have full access. Not a ton has changed (and I wouldn't have expected a lot of change that fast), though updates have continued to be steady and more girls are featured overall.

I still plan to check back in with the site in a few months to allow them some time to make improvements to the site, but if guestures like providing a free month to past customers are any indication, I think the site is headed in the right direction.

01-04-08  01:08pm

Replies (1)
Visit Asses In Public

Asses In Public

New Kid On The Brazzer's Block!

Since I've reviewed most of the other Brazzer's Pass sites and don't plan to renew my membership, I'm not sure if I'll end up reviewing this site. However, I did want to mention that it appears at first glance that this site will offer some more naturally endowed girls, which would buck a trend towards fake tits at the network of late. I don't know if it's because girls with natural tits and ass tend to be a little curvier (something I enjoy but I wonder if others don't) that their numbers have diminished of late, but it's nice to see a few who haven't gone under the knife.

12-11-07  12:06pm

Replies (2)
Visit Brazzers


Hidden Discount...After a Month Anyway

I was just unsubscribing to this network today and was offered a reduced monthly rate of $9.95. I had originally joined at $24.95 before the TBP discount began, but this one is half that discount anyway! I haven't reviewed the network as a whole, but as long as you are into glam pornstars I think it's worth at least a month or two.

11-13-07  07:52pm

Replies (3)
Visit Hall Of Fame Stars

Hall Of Fame Stars

Everything Old Is New Again?

I've begun to notice a trend in releasing classic porn content and wonder if it's really catching on. For a long time many classic vids were only available on low quality production company websites or free sites, but now there seems to be a market for the classics on the internet so those of us who enjoy these films can avoid the rental counter altogether. I'd like to say that it's catching on since so many sites seem to be popping up, but is that a consensus? I imagine you have to have been alive to enjoy certain genres since I love 80s and 90s porn, but find 70s stuff not to my liking probably because I was way underage then. Thoughts?

10-30-07  12:31pm

Replies (5)
Visit Geek Girls Online

Geek Girls Online

Have My Geeky Dreams Come True?

I sound just like an 80s sorority girl, but OH MY GOD! Can this be the site I've waited for all these months? By all means, anyone check it out, but I'll be reviewing this one personally as soon as I get the time. It looks a bit small at the moment, but any great site starts out that way. Of course it could be too good to be true and no substance. However, I'll take that risk! :)

10-26-07  12:09pm

Replies (3)
Visit Claudia Marie

Claudia Marie

Newbies Only?

I noticed that this site got 5 reviews from folks who never came back or didn't ever do much more with site reviews. I was hoping to get a report on this one, especially how many more updates have been added. When I left my last comment there were only a few, so I wonder if it's grown much.

10-23-07  03:53pm

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Visit Babes With Glasses

Babes With Glasses

Will I Ever Find the Good Stuff?

In my long list of favorite niches, nerdy girls wearing glasses is definitely towards the top of the list, but when I search for those kind of sites I usually end up at one like this. It's pretty clear to me that none of these girls wears glasses in real life and that's a damn shame! Would someone please make a really good neardy girl site? The ones we have are so few in number, ya know? :)

10-23-07  11:54am

Replies (2)
Visit Good Dyke Porn

Good Dyke Porn

Anybody Been a Member of This One?

I think I already know the answer to my question, but I had to ask since sites like these come along only once in a blue moon. It features supposedly real lesbian sex with actual homosexuals (what a concept!) which appeals to me on a couple levels. First, it's more likely to feature real people having real orgasms and, second, some of the girls appear to have a more "tomboy" look which is a fetish of mine and often very difficult to find.

So, if anyone joins this one please report back ASAP, but I have a feeling the first review may be my own. Stay tuned!

10-18-07  08:23pm

Replies (0)
Visit Big Boob Pass

Big Boob Pass

Finally, A Tour With Real Info!

Although I ended up becomeing a member through Brazzer's Pass, I did want to give a quick shout out to the folks behind Big Boob Pass. As far as I can tell the sites and content or nearly identical, but this was the network page I hit first and I must say I was very impressed with how much they show you on the tour page. I was able to do a full search for performers I enjoyed and it told me exactly how many episodes they are in, who else is featured, and provide a very good representation of what I eventually found on the netowrk.

The Brazzer's Pass tour was not nearly as effective and the only reason I joined there was because 1 additional site was noted on the TBP listing. However, I believe that's simply an oversight and probably has more to do with the network than TBP I expect. So, the tour here sold me immediately on joining and since I'll be fair and do my evaluation of the network as a whole under the name of Brazzer Pass, I wanted to give some praise to Big Boob Pass which is why I'm a member. Kudos!

10-15-07  12:32pm

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Visit Flexi Fetish Girls

Flexi Fetish Girls

Do Soft Nudes Make You A Whore?

By now everyone knows I'm looking for strong fit women and I won't bore you other than to say I'm looking for more fit than this site offers. What I did want to comment on was something from the site's tour that piqued my curiousity. Does softcore porn consisting only of nude solo shots make you a whore? Well, according to the tour it does!

The real issue I'm interested in gets back to a poll question I posed a few months ago asking about when softcore becomes hardcore. Regardless, I think the term "whore" is innapropriate if you get your picture taken by yourself, but if the girls touch themselves is it still softcore? I want to say yes, but since I usually go for the hard stuff I wonder what you softcore fans out there think.

Just curious!

10-11-07  12:23pm

Replies (4)
Visit Naughty Athletics

Naughty Athletics

Now They're Just Messing With Me, Right?

Once again we are presented with another "athletes" since, this time from our friends at Naughty America. I'm not sure why I get all excited when I see these sites on TBP's new site list since in most cases they are just dressing up all the same pornstars from their other sites. And like I should have known, this one fits that same bill.

Maybe I have to admit to myself that this is what the vast majority of the porn watchers want: Pornstars dressed up in theme costumes, completely unrealistic situations, and the same kind of sex every update. And do most of the porn watchers also like the same thing time and again? I don't include the other members here since anything creative would be of at least casual interest, but outside of PU I am beginning to think no one really gives a crap...and that's their right.

So, off I go to another day of watching for something different, creative, and damn hot! If you see anything like that, please let me know. ;)

10-05-07  01:00pm

Replies (4)
Visit Her First Gang Sex

Her First Gang Sex

Amateurs? Please!

I know I've ranted about this before and I probably will again, but there is nothing about this site that is amateur! A quick look at the tour page reveals several pornstars included in the updates. Gia Paloma, Kasey Kox, and Aurora Snow, while beautiful girls, have been around the block several times.

I understand that much of the initial information on a site like this comes from the producers of the site, but I had identified pros within 5 seconds of hitting the tour page. As someone who looks hard for amateur content, this kind of thing just adds to the numerous search results that become very difficult to narrow down.

If anything can be done to make sure this stuff is correctly marked as pornstar content, it would really help those of us looking for true amateurs.

10-01-07  12:18pm

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Visit Sexy Olympics

Sexy Olympics

Getting Closer?

Anyone who's read my reviews knows that I'm always on the lookout for sites that feature "well trained" girls, which has a number of conotations! I'm never looking for full hardbodied muscle heads, but a well toned girl or two would nice rather than the "Oh, I'm a stupid girl who wants you to use me."

So, as you might imagine this site caught my eye. From the tour it does appear that they have material on a number of different sports and while many of the sample photos I saw seemed to merely have a typical porn girl dressed tp look like an athlete, I also saw some intriguing samples as well.

All if this is part of my neverending quest to find the perfect porn site and I must confess that such a site doesn't exist. Heck, I'm not even sure I know what that site would be like since I'm looking for a number of niches to intersect.

The search will continue I suppose, but if anyone finds this site appealing too please drop me a response, especially if you have joined the site or something similar. I'm looking for real women who like to take their clothes off and not just blonde teens without a brain. That shouldn't be hard to find, right? ;)

09-27-07  07:06pm

Replies (3)
Visit Meat Members

Meat Members

Upsells From Minute #1

I've done a couple reviews of sites from this network and will eventually do one for it overall, but one aspect of the members site really grinds my gears and I thought I'd rant about it here. Why do netowrks that just got a nice sum of money from me to enter their sites try to sell me something the minute...no the second...that I log on for the first time? ARGH!

In this instance, when you enter your nick and pword, you see a cam image of a really sexy girl supposedly doing a cam show. However, you quickly learn that it's just a recorded image from a social networking site trying to get you to join. I understand having ads on member pages to other things you can buy, but to specifically stop my entrance every single time with the same recorded clip it can get a bit aggravating.

So, for all you webmasters out there, before you try to sell us something, can we see some tits and ass first. Just for a few minutes? And maybe change the recorded clip every now and again. I know I can bookmark the "index2" page on the members site, but come on now people!

This concludes my rant. ;)

09-18-07  01:37pm

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Visit Sport Babes

Sport Babes

Athletes? And Kate Moss is Curvaceous!

Before I even get to criticizing the content of this site, can I say how completely lame the tour is? The pictures are tiny and if you click anywhere other that the "Continue Tour" link it takes you directly to the billing page. No full size samples, no clear sense of what's inside.

As for the content, are you really trying to tell me that the girl on tour page number 2 actually plays hockey? If you asked her what the blue line was, how much would you place on her replying correctly? I think I'd bet the farm, literally, on her having not a clue and perhaps wondering if that's the company that provides her health insurance.

I don't know if I am the only one, but I'd like to see some pictures of actual athletes because my tastes aren't limited to razor thin models wearing costumes rather than actual uniforms. I don't know what it's going to take for that to become a reality, but I feel fairly certain this isn't that site.

08-14-07  08:14pm

Replies (0)
Visit Nikky Cassidy

Nikky Cassidy

Geography Lessons

I was checking out this site today after it was given an express review on TBP. It's not really my taste, but these days I check out any site reviewed on TBP, especially solo model sites. What interested me was yet again how this site was categorized and if the folks at TBP who classify them take a moment to think about their choices.

Now, there are always mitigating circumstances and this instance is no different. The folks at TBP and PU work very hard with a very small budget and can only do so much, but the last time I checked Montreal was in North America, not Europe. So, how then is it that this site is designated as "European Girls"? Granted, Montreal has much more in common with those "across the pond" than others in North America. However, is 9th grade forgotten so quickly?

It's not my agenda to point out every failing of these sites since I am a really big fan of both, but I do like to keep folks at TBP and PU on their toes. Yeah, they probably get a little peeved at my mentioning very minor oversights that don't seem to mean much in the grand scheme of things. Yet, for a site like this to truly become great it is the little things that count.

Just think of me as the VERY UN-official Ombudsman for Porn Users. ;)

07-29-07  10:02am

Replies (0)
Visit Michelle Aston

Michelle Aston

Can You Have Short Hair Without Goth?

Anyone who's been around here for awhile knows of my rants, but only those who actually read them know about my affinity for short haired girls. I have such a hard time finding them since I think the majority for guys like girls with long hair, but does that mean 99.9% of girls in porn should have long hair? I certainly don't think so!

Where I do tend to find a concentration of short hair girls is goth models and those girls that perform in the "Alt" genre, which like it's musical cousin is becoming more mainstream every day. So, I often have a choice: Settle for a long haired girl or a short haired one that's tattooed like a sailor. That's not to say that all gotrh/alt girls have short hair...far from it. But the percentage seems just a little bit more in my favor.

Once again I find a site with a short haired girl covered with tattoos. I'm not complaining since I do like some girls who sport tats, but I find the female body to be the most beautiful thing in the universe and in most cases don't think it needs any help!

So, once again I have to make a choice (cue violins playing sad music) and wish to find a short haired girl with some spunk, but not covered in ink. My quest will continue and if anyone spots one, do let me know. In the meantime, I'll try to find the strength to go on. ;)

07-27-07  04:55pm

Replies (6)
Visit Nerdpr0n


All We Need Is A Few Good Nerdy Girls!

I did a review of Anna's site back in February and am very glad to see it get a little more attention in the form of a TBP follow up review. I gave it a higher score than they did, mostly because it's a one of a kind site in a genre that I wish was a whole lot bigger!

As a big fan of solo girl sites, it seems like so many are carbon copies of each other with no more personality or look to them than the next one. I know most people just want their big boobs or a giant ass, but a girl with a brain can be a very sexy thing too.

Now, don't get me wrong, I still like those other "organs" as well and actually wish Anna's site had more hardcore content, but for a site as unique as this I'll take what I can get. I just hope exposure like this leads to more girls displaying some creativity on their sites rather than just going for the same old stuff on a different day.

07-09-07  07:49pm

Replies (2)
Visit Carrie Land

Carrie Land

Jumping The Gun...and A Lesson Learned

Yesterday I made a comment about another BBW site that mentioned a big change in its pricing and the complete removal of a trial. I had been hoping I was incorrect about the deal being offered but eventually found that it was true. As a result, I decided to check out some other top rated sites within that niche to see if those site facts were right. I wasn't trying to "correct" TBP since they do great work to update such things whenever possible and doing so for every site even once a month would be a huge task.

So, in my hopes of finding a deal and perhaps finding some instances where other deals had been eliminated, I happened upon this one and when I checked the site info I thought I had found another "offender" and I was ready to go off on another rant (shocking, I know), but when I checked the site again I found that the trial was intact and that although the cost of the site had increased, it was only by a measly $1 for the initial signup and $2 per month more for rebills.

So, what had I done? First, I went directly to the site and not as I usually do through TBP/PU. Second, I had cleared out my cookies earlier that day and, as a result, I didn't get the exclusive trial deal. Duh! I never write my comments to show off how smart I am since that would be incorrect on a number of levels, but I do try to find outdated info on sites to get the newest prices. The lesson here? I should be more careful about jumping on a site when the misunderstanding is on my part alone.

07-06-07  08:13pm

Replies (0)
Visit BBW Gwen

BBW Gwen

No Trial? Higher Price?

I've been having a hankering for BBW sites lately, especially after having suffered through networks with mostly skinny models. Ok, saying I "suffered" is going a bit far, but let's just say I've been deprived for a little while. ;)

Anyway, I hit Gwen's lovely site today which I was particularly attracted to because of two things: First, she's hot, second, the advertised trial. While the first is very much intact, I must report that the second is not. I see no evidence of a trial and from what I can tell the price has increased to $19.95 for the first month and $16.95 for monthly rebills. :(

I've heard lately of some folks having a "cookie" problem that prevents TBP users from getting deals they should be getting and with how my computer is held together (mostly twine and gaffers tape) you never can tell when it's going haywire. So, if someone could please confirm I'd appreciate it! And damn, I hope I'm wrong!

07-05-07  11:35am

Replies (3)
Visit Desirae's World

Desirae's World

Where In The World Is Desirae?

I've noticed a bunch of people commenting or reviewing Scoreland websites lately, so I thought I'd ask a question that someone might know better than I. I have been a big fan of Desirae's for quite some time now but found out only recently that "her website" is really just Score trotting out old material they shot years ago and rotating it out after awhile. I found this out from a comment Desirae herself left on a review of the Desirae's World site saying they hadn't done any shots of her in years.

I'd love to actually find any non-Score sites that have Desirae content, but realistically I'd just like to hear if anyone knows more to her story and of this site. I love Desirae's sets except for the fact that they ALWAYS covered her belly when shooting her pic sets or videos which really turns off a belly lover like me! So, if there are any other Desirae fans out there please let yourself be known!

07-02-07  04:25pm

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