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Visit Ox Pass

Ox Pass

Casting Calls

I've been reviewing the sites from OX Pass, also known as the Bang Brothers network, and I haven't been impressed with very many of the sites. However, after taking a look at the new "casting" section of the network I have found a bit of a gem. It's possible that lots of other networks have casting sections like this one, so please indulge me if that's true. I've seen others before, but none of them as interesting as this one.

I think what I like the most about the casting calls is that they aren't full of the BS that often occurs during the scenes they end up shooting for the network. In fact, I found that one of the scenes I have seen was totally a lie since in the casting call one girl mentioned how much she dislikes cumshots and prefers girls. The camera guy talked her into doing a scene for Tugjobs where she'd only have to jerk a guy off. Then, in the scene she eventually filmed, it shows her begging for the guy to cum on her since she loves it so much!

Now, some of you are undoubtedly saying, who cares? You do have a point and I will not rant on it anymore. I will say however, that I found the scenes with the girls from the casting call to be more interesting after getting to hear about them. Maybe that makes me a total sap, but so be it! Giant boobs or a great ass makes up a lot of what's sexy, but if the girl is a total jackass or isn't into her scenes I don't really care to watch in the first place.

So, if you have you OX Pass, check out the casting section!

07-02-07  12:40pm

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Visit DP Babes

DP Babes

Contradiction In Terms?

Ok, this is one really makes no sense to me. In the description for this one, which would have the full title of "Double Penetration Babes", it is listed at being an amateur site (see my previous comments for my feeling on this one), but the more shocking descriptor is "Soft Content". What? How can a site where a girl lets two guys penetrate her at once possibly be soft?

I gave it the benefit of the doubt figuring that someone may get off on something like that being implied and not shown, but even the tour shows the penetration without any little blurry spots to make it R rated as opposed to XXX. I understand the problem figuring out if a site is amateur, I really do. However, how can a site like this possibly be described as soft content?

06-30-07  03:13pm

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Visit Naughty Flipside

Naughty Flipside

For Better or For Worse?

I have to admit that when I first saw this site introduced today on TBP, I was pissed. Once again we have a site from Naughty America categorized as amateur girls that upon the quickest inspection clearly features pornstars. You easily recognize the names on the tour and I wasn't very open to this one. However, the more I thought about it the more I realized that maybe it's not so bad and my prior view of NA was getting in the way.

The byline on the site's main page is "a sharp fucking contrast to reality" which upon first inspection compelled me to react with a hearty, "Yeah right!" My cynical response aside, it really does appear that NA is trying to do something creative here. My biggest criticism of their network was a lack of creativity more than it was about a lack of amateurs, so I'm certainly willing to give this one the benefit of the doubt and maybe it is worth a try for those looking for something a little different from a familiar source.

So, in trying to be a little more about the end of a Jerry Springer episode than an Afterschool Special, perhaps the lesson here is to be open to new kinds of porn, especially those featuring an "alt" feel. As with all kinds of alternative media, eventually those go mainstream and aren't really alternative at all. We're seeing that in the world of alt porn and that may end up sucking, but for better or for worse I still liked "alternative mainstream" and perhaps I will like this stuff too.

06-26-07  11:47am

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Visit Ox Pass

Ox Pass

Am I Missing Something Here?

I just joined up with Ox Pass and although I've found some downsides I'd say overall that I'm pretty happy. However, I did want to ask about the search function and options for finding and sorting the performers.

First, although I have typed in certain names into the search function, I have found girls that didn't appear in the search that I did find when browsing each site. Additionally, when I try to sort the girls using the alphabetical function, there are some that don't show up either. Is this a know issue?

Second, you can bring up a description of a girl from the cast list that includes attributes like hair color, weight, and breast size. I haven't found a way to search for these attributes, but figure there would have to be one since, otherwise, what's the point of having them listed? I tend to like bigger girls and would like to sort them by "averaqe" or "heavy" since, unlike Sir Mix A Lot, I don't like girls with "big butts" to have "itty bitty waists". ;)

If anyone can offer any insight here I'd appreciate it.

06-22-07  12:16pm

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Visit Reel Pass

Reel Pass

Amateurs? Really? Are You Sure?

I apologize if my tone sounds overly accusatory, but I've been very mindful of the categorizations being used by TBP and PU and especially their definition of amateur content. I can't think it's easy finding a concise set of descriptions that allow them to be consistent and make it easy to find similar types of material. I just wanted to preface my complaint with that statement since the folks here have done more to classify sites than any other wbsite I've ever visited.

That said, in what way can this network be classified as amateur? The tour page shows a number of established pornstars and each site has a very glamour feel. One is described as featuring "porn newcomers" and and I suppose that could qualify as amateur, but all the sites feature performers that have names like "Melissa Milano" and "Tira Banks" which don't sound like amateurs.

I give the folks here all the credit in the world for doing a spectacular job and I feel conflicted about pointing out a detail that in the big picture is pretty damn minor. One of my recent rants even focused on the fact that many sites which claim to be amateur are really not, so finding the "real" ones isn't an easy job. All I can say is that this network didn't seem to come even close to being classified as amateur and I wonder if there's something I'm just not seeing. If so, please let me know what it is!

06-20-07  06:21pm

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Visit 3D Girlz

3D Girlz

Not Ready For Primetime?

I have always been intrigued by sites like this one that let you customize various features of performers, but until recently the graphics just weren't up to snuff. On initial inspection I'd have to say that it's still going to be awhile until a 3D image can turn me on enough to pay for it, but it does have some apparent advantages.

I must say that my interest was piqued while going through the tour since one of the things you can customize is the length of a perfromer's hair and anyone who has read my past comments (ok, perhaps more like rants) knows that I'm always searching desperately for sites featuring a girl with short hair.

Despite the ability to have short haired girls, I just don't think this one is for me, but would very much like to be convinced otherwise. I have seen some sites with customizable scenarios and real performers which look interesting, although there has to be a limit on how much you can do and I bet changing the girl's hairstyle isn't one of the options.

So, while we continue to wait for even better technology, if anyone has experiences with sites like this (or this specific site) I'd sure like to hear about them!

06-20-07  04:37pm

Replies (1)
Visit Lez Love

Lez Love

Searching For Real Lesbian Porn

I have been a frequent visitor at LezLoveVideo.com which offers a very wide slection of lesbian videos, both hardcore and softcore, that appeal especially to lesbians but also to couples. What I did not know until just recently however was that the same folks started it all with this site, LezLove.com. I am a fan of the video store and its associated forum, so I thought I'd check out the free side of the original site.

At first glance it appears to have quite a collection of lesbian erotica, especially vintage content. There are many kinds of lesbian porn, some that just focus on kissing and/or tribbing, while others get into the "dyke" genre that isn't always considered P.C. While I can't say that any of these are the exact type of porn I enjoy, I have been increasingly dissatisfied with "mainstream" lesbian porn since it's made by men and often performed by women who are not lesbians. And despite the steamy nature of many lesbian scenes, you really can tell when one or both of the girls isn't really into it.

It's a not right at the top of my list of sites to join, especially since I get the impression that the site isn't updated that much (or at all), but I wanted to put it out there especially if anyone has been a member in the past. At the very least it's an interesting find in the TBP archives that some may enjoy. And if there are any real lesbian aficianados around here I'd sure like to hear from them!

06-12-07  12:30pm

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Visit Caballero Classics

Caballero Classics

A Blast From The Past!

I "came of age" into porn during the 1980s and watched countless flicks from the 70s and 80s with stars like Tori Welles, Blondi Bee, Erica Boyer, and Ginger Lynn. There were a number of studios that produced the videos I had in my collection, but there was probably none that was so well represented as Caballero Films.

So, as you might imagine I was very excited to see that all these vids were being collected on one site! It's done by the same folks at Pornstar Classics and the first question that comes to mind is whether these vids are also available there, but regardless the site carries a number of flicks from my past that I wondered if I'd ever see again.

I figure I'll probably do a review soon, but I wanted to draw attention to the site for any classic lovers like me and of course if anyone has already joined I want to hear details. On the surface at least, this one looks like a keeper.

06-08-07  12:36pm

Replies (10)
Visit Twilight Women

Twilight Women

And Now For Something a Little Different

I've been told by some members here that they enjoy my comments on "out of the way" sites, which I very much appreciate. I've also heard from a member or two that says my comments are lame, which I accept too, but for those in the first category I offer my latest "find".

This site came to my attention through a porn blog where the people behind it were interviewed. The focus is lesbian content with an amteur feel, but there were two primary elements they wanted to incorporate that were diferent from most mainstream sites: character development and drama.

Now, some of you probably couldn't care less about such things and even I'll admit that such things can be tedious if done the wrong way. However, this one intrigues me despite the high price tag because if it delivers what it promises it may be well worth it. It claims to have hours of footage that's not exclusive, but certainly isn't anything I've encountered before. Just the section of links was interesting in offering some more offbeat sites.

Of course my new discovery coincides with just having shelled out my entire porn budget for the month on a site I ended up not liking, but this may very well be my next stop when my funds have been replenished. Again, it's not cheap ($30 a month), so I'm understandably cautious. If anyone has any experience with this site or any of the content they advertise, please drop a line and tell us about it.

And to those I annoy, I'm done now. Your patience is appreciated. :)

06-05-07  11:33am

Replies (4)
Visit Housewife Adventures

Housewife Adventures

Are They Even Trying Anymore?

As an ongoing rant, I never fail to be surprised at how thinly veiled sites are getting in regards to a theme. Maybe my memory suffers, but didn't they use to try to make us believe the scenarios just a little bit? The women on this site are clearly not housewives and I doubt highly they ever will be. They don't even change the names anymore!

I don't know about anyone else, but a little bit of fantasy would be nice and since they have gotten so blatant with the lackthereof perhaps I'm in the minority. Admittedly there is a fine line between effective fantasy elements and an enormous cheese factor, so it isn't easy to do. However, could they at least try? If not, why even bother with the housewives theme? Why not just call it Pornstars Screwing Each Other?


06-03-07  06:04pm

Replies (8)
Visit Elle Sommers

Elle Sommers

Amateur Sex AND Non-Nude?

I try not to go off on too many rants, but when I checked out TBP today I noticed this site which was categorized as both Non-Nude and Amateur Sex. I know that Non-Nude is a new category and maybe it was just mis-categorized for a previous review, but how can this be? I've also seen the "Sex" designation placed on sites that I was pretty confident were just modeling sites, so it's happened before. However, in this case it seems a lot more definitive that there wouldn't be sex with no one getting undressed!

Maybe it isn't a big deal, but I have made the assumption in the past that if TBP or PU uses the term "Sex" that means intercourse. We could get into a whole argument over Bill Clinton and saying that BJs and other oral contact isn't sex. However, I don't think that's the issue here. I just wanted to put that out there, but I could just be beating a dead horse. Opinions?

05-27-07  12:26pm

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Visit American Sport Girls

American Sport Girls

Are These "Jock Girls" For Real?

I have a number of "offbeat" fetishes and spend much time browsing the "Specialty" niche at TBP. Sometimes I feel like I'm in the section of the library no one ever visits, not because there aren't interesting books there, but because other sections are more popular. That's also where people go to have sex in a public place, but that doesn't fit my metaphor so just leave that part out for now. ;)

One of those fetishes is girls who play sports and while I think calling them Jock Girls makes no sense since they don't wear Jock-Straps, they usually have some cahones and that will suffice. I always enjoyed it when the tough girl in school would end up looking like a godess all dressed up for the prom or the tomboy you work with that let's her hair down after your shift is over. For lovers of that genre, we get a segment on ESPN about once a year profiling sexy athletes and we're always grateful.

So, when I saw this site I got excited, but upon further review it seems to just be glam girls dressed up in eye black and jerseys. I'm sure this is sexy to some, but submissive girls trying to appear tough just doesn't do it for me. Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard appearing in the next issue of Playboy? Yes, that's hot. This site? Not so much, at least what I've seen from the tour. If anyone has joined this site I'd love to know more because I rarely go dipping for gems when the price is $35! That makes me doubt anyone has joined, but I suppose it's worth a shot in the dark. ;)

05-25-07  01:23pm

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Visit Aria Giovanni

Aria Giovanni

What's the Definition of Hardcore?

I've loved Aria Giovanni from the first time I saw her and although I haven't stopped, I did have a question that was prompted from my status as a fan. What constitutes hardcore? I'm probably the last person who noticed that Aria doesn't do b/g scenes since I was mesmerized by her beauty in picture sets. I'm definitely a video guy, but still found myself collecting her pic sets like they were candy or a recreational narcotic whose name is also often used to describe the region between a person's buttocks.

So, basically I had resigned myself to the fact that I'd never see Aria taken from behind by a studly dude or get a cumshot wherever she saw fit to let it land. However, two videos I came across recently made me wonder what defines hardcore. The first was of Aria going up and down on a dildo that was attached to a table, while the second showed her putting a fist up her love canal. Neither is particularly an original act, but when it involves a star that says she won't do hardcore I was very surprised and pleased to say the least.

What's the point of all this? Previously, hardcore didn't necessarily mean a b/g scene, but does mean there is penetration of some kind. Whether it's lesbian sex where there's mouth/finger to "hotbox" contact or Aria inserting various objects into herself, I defined that as hardcore. Am I wrong on that? It wouldn't be the first time and won't be the last if I am right, but regardless I'd be curious to hear what others think.

05-21-07  03:42pm

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Visit Bare Maidens

Bare Maidens

Me Thinks My Lady Hath Raised My "Sword"

I'm not usually an aficionado of softcore photography sites since I'm definitely a hardcore video type of guy, but even if you are like me I'd really suggest taking a look at this site. One of my favorite porn bloggers includes their stuff on her "nerdcore" themed blog since the nerds among us (ok, I'm one too and damn proud) like that sci-fi or, in this instance, fantasy genre look to the girls. There are plenty of known girls here as well as some newbies and the quality of the full size photos is excellent.

With all that said I don't think it's a site I'd be a member of for a long time since, again, I'm a video guy. However, I'd keep the downloaded members content in a safe place and already have some of the site's free stuff in my main porn gallery (the one that's actually on my hard drive, not in my archive of DVDs). Suffice it to say though that lovers of softcore photography should definitely take a look for something just a little different from all the rest.

05-15-07  05:27pm

Replies (7)
Visit Land of Venus

Land of Venus

What's the Price of Asking the Price?

I've been interested in this site for awhile, but when I was checking to see if the cost of this site had changed, the "Join" page asked me to enter a Username, Password, and Email address before I could even find out how much it costs. I've encountered this before, but not very often and it made me ask, "What's the deal with that?"

Perhaps it's harmless and I'm making a mountain out of a molehill, but it just doesn't seem right to me. If you are going to ask people to join your site I think it's fair to let users check on your pricing before they give you any information. To me, it's like asking for your name and address before letting you shop in a store: You'd ask why before giving out your personal information.

So, that's my beef and anyone should feel free to say that it's muc ado about nothing. Oh, and by the way, I did give them the info to check the price and it's no longer the $24.95 for two months of access as noted on TBP. Now, it's $24.95 for one month of access and $35 for two months, so I thought I'd pass that along.

05-14-07  08:45pm

Replies (1)
Visit Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel

Is It Worth the Price of Admission?

I am not a fan of tattooed girls in general since I think tats usually take away from the natural beauty of a woman. I don't say that to "diss" anyone who likes punk girls or anything in the goth genre. However, there are just some girls like Liz Vicious and Regan Reese who look good with numerous tats on different parts of their body (and I'm not counting girls who have the one tat above their asses which looks hot on many girls).

Another of those rare specimens (in my opinion) is Joanna Angel, and I was thrilled to see TBP note that she has her own personal site in addition to her BurningAngel website which is very popular. Joanna is definitely unique and I'm hopefully that her site is as well, but on the tour I didn't see that much hardcore except for her giving some guy a blowjob and plenty of masturbation sequences.

So, if anyone is already a member I'd sure like to know the hardcore level on her personal site. If the content is decent then I'd be ok with the price of under $25 a month, but without some "in and out" I'm not sure I'd signup, not because I don't like Joanna posing and getting herself off, but because there are other sites out there I'd like to try. Any thoughts are welcome.

05-13-07  11:35am

Replies (2)
Visit Naughty Bookworms

Naughty Bookworms

Is There Any Point?

I'm a big fan of "nerdy girls", so it stands to reason that I've kept my eye on this site. However, it seems pretty obvious from the tour that none of these girls are real nerds and are just your usual up and coming (no pun intended) young pornstars with glasses put on their face by the director. I'm pretty sure I'm fooling myself if I think otherwise, but figured I'd put that out there and see if anyone has experience with this site. A guy can be optimistic, right? ;)

05-10-07  01:12pm

Replies (5)
Visit Butt Jungle

Butt Jungle

Are They a Little Too "Cheap"?

I've had my eye on this site and a few others from the same company for some time, but I'm a little weary because they actually sound too inexpensive! This one seems to be the main site, with others being individual sites or on themes like matures. The photography looks very good and the video quality doesn't look too bad either, but then why are they only around $4.95 to $7.95 a month?

Certainly there are diamonds in the rough that turn out to be little gems and this one seems to have that potential, but if you check out the other sites from this group many seem to have similar themes and at least some overlap. Some are labelled as having hardcore sex by PU/TBP although I can't really tell from the tour if that is really the case. I'm definitely a lover of big girls with wide hips, but if it's mostly just close ups of their butts without any action I don't think it would be for me.

So, if anyone has any experience with this site or its affiliates I'd love to hear from you. I'll probably just dive in and see for myself since it won't set me back much, but other opinions are always good!

05-02-07  01:49pm

Replies (2)
Visit Alyssa Doll

Alyssa Doll

Please, Tell Me It Isn't So!

I just signed up for this site with the trial membership which was verified by TBP to be full access. However, upon initial inspection I noticed that you can't download the photo sets in a zip file until you are a full member of the site. Now, I suppose it's strictly true that you still have access to all the site's content, but to me a full access trial refers not only to the content but also to the features available to full members.

It's certainly possible that this is a new development which TBP doesn't know about and, again, maybe they don't think a lack of zip downloads is really a big deal. They'd certainly have a point there, so any opinions on this are welcome. In any case, I thought it was worth reporting in case anyone feels the way I do. I know they just want to protect their content from those who do trial "hit and runs", but it does leave a bad taste in the mouth.

04-25-07  04:13pm

Replies (14)
Visit Claudia Marie

Claudia Marie

Is This What I've Been Looking For?

In my neverending search for sites featuring a short haired woman, I tend to get a bit too excited when I see one with her hair ever so slightly above the shoulders. That simple fact doesn't mean the videos will be good quality or that the photos won't be vidcaps. It just means it fills one of my niches and may or may not be a site worth joining.

That aside, this site does seem to have some things going for it. Caludia-Marie is very attractive and right there on that MILF line where she's got the great body but you still have a bit of trouble picturing her being anyone's Mom. However, when it comes to MILFs do you really care about her having kids? Probably not.

She's got big boobs which look real (although I'm not an expert...far from it), she's a blonde (not my favorite, but to be that picky would be stupid), and she sure likes to have sex. The only thing about the site is a high price tag without much content...yet, but I'd love to see a trial when it does.

So, while I probably won't be joining this one right away it'll definitely be going in my favorites list. And if anyone jumps in before I do, I'd sure like to see a review or even another comment. The search continues! ;)

04-24-07  07:24pm

Replies (4)
Visit Seska


Business, Pleasure, or Both?

I did a review of CarolCox.com yesterday and while I was there I checked out some of the girls who she has scenes with and more than a few have their own websites. This one caught my eye in particular and today I visited her site to take her tour. Like Carol, Seska has been operating her site for about a decade, making her among the original amateurs of the web. However, she appears to be more than just another pretty face.

Besides having her own personal website where she entertains her fans by having sex on camera with her boyfriend and numerous girlfriends, Seska operates a couples site, maintains a sex advice column, performs burlesque shows, writes sex stories, is a member of the Coalition for the Rights of Sex Workers, runs workshops on business plans for sex workers, and has climbed Mt. Everest three times!

Ok, that last one isn't true, but I think I've established that she's very active in the world of online porn and on top of all that she is a damn sexy woman. At this point you might wonder if she's paying me to say all this, but she's not. I just think she's hot and is now at the top of my list for sites I want to join. For me, there's nothing sexier than a woman with a brain that matches the level of her body.

The other good thing about her site: It's just $16.95 for a month which is a good deal if the inside matches the cover, but we all know that sometimes it really doesn't. If anyone is a member and already has some insight, I'd love to hear from you.

04-20-07  07:42pm

Replies (2)
Visit Danni.com


Our Long DRM Nightmare Is Finally Over!!

Whether it's getting frosty down in Satan's domain or the folks behind Danni.com just finally came to their senses, DRM has officially been banished by one of its most ardent supporters. I've been a member of the site with and without DRM and I can honestly say that there was absolutely no chance that I'd ever have joined again had they kept DRM. Why they thought this was a good idea in the first place is beyond me since the vast majority of users want to download their porn for that moment when the mood is right and the hard drive is ready to spin. ;)

It remains to be seen if this change will actually revitalize the site or return it to its former status as one of the top softcore sites on the internet that it was 10 years ago, but it's certainly a step in the right direction. Personally, I think the return of Danni Ashe to operating the site would definitely accomplish that, but since that's not in the cards we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

04-19-07  10:04pm

Replies (9)
Visit Wife Switch

Wife Switch

Reality Rant

I don't mean to single out this site more than any other, but am I the only one who is tired of porn sites claiming that, unlike all the others, their reality site is actually real? They all sell it well at the beginning by saying, "We were tired of all those fake sites ourselves, so we decided to make something different." Then, when you head into the tour pages you immediately notice that the supposed "wife" in one of the episodes is a known pornstar!

It's possible no one else expects much integrity from a porn site and is very happy to just be provided with naked people having fun with their private parts, but I find this less than honest when presenting something where you have people paying money to view your product. Case in point: On the main page for this site we have two wives, one named Gianna, who just happens to be Gianna Michaels, pornstar extraordinaire! Maybe I'd let it slide if it was her actual husband, but from what I can tell she isn't even married!

Anyway, I'm probably making too much of this, but when you read, "Wintess Real Couples Try Swapping For The First Time!" you usually figure there's at least a small chance you'll witness real couples try swapping for the first time. Or is it just me? ;)

04-18-07  07:45pm

Replies (6)
Visit Diddylicious


Now Showing Off Her Assets?

I'm not usually a fan of girls in their teens or early 20s since I prefer a more mature group, but in my never ending search for girls with short hair this site has stayed on my list for lack of much material in this genre. You'd be surprised how few girls there are with hair just to their shoulders let alone any shorter!

When I first put this site on my list she didn't even reveal her breasts in any of her picture shoots, but when I did a recent revisit of her tour I see that she has three blowjob videos but I still didn't see whether she's started doing fully nude sets. Although anything is possible, I can't say that I've ever seen a site where the girl gives head and doesn't show her chest!

So, if anyone has a report on that please let me know. She's definitely in the small breast genre which also usually isn't my thing, but as they say beggars can't be choosers. ;)

04-17-07  07:51pm

Replies (2)
Visit Wild Rose Network

Wild Rose Network

Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts?

Last week I commented on a site that was part of a larger network and openly speculated as to whether a network that offered dozens of sites could truly have quality throughout. I've since joined one where I would easily answer, "No." and am now contemplating joining this one, the Wild Rose Network.

It bills itself as the only real amateur network where you get access to all the company's sites and most do appear to be interesting solo girl sites, but again I wonder if you can have too many sites on a network before the number gets too high and little attention is paid to making every site a good one. Certainly some go defunct for reasons other than being terrible, so I doubt any network is good across the board.

So, again I'm about to jump into the deep end of the pool not knowing what to expect and perhaps I'll be the first one here giving it a go. However, I always like to hear from anyone who has visited any of the sites. I am most excited about one in particular, JoyofSpex.com, but am trying not to get my hopes up. I spend a lot of time (much more than I should) looking for obscure sites, so I'm really looking for a good one here and the other network sites will just be a bonus if that one site is any good.

04-15-07  06:20pm

Replies (5)

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