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N/A Reply of OneMan's Poll

While all of the above are frustrating what kills me is the man ass in some close ups, that and the balls slapping the girl. It's just one of the many reasons I often find myself watching lesbian porn.

05-20-12  12:00pm

Visit Try Teens

Try Teens
Reply of joekramer08's Reply

Yeah porn is definitely a very subjective thing. Hopefully people will read both my and your review and decide on their own if this kind of site works for them or not.

Either way Teencore club has some great looking girls doing anal and that's a positive thing we can all agree on :)

05-20-12  11:57am

Visit Pornstar Network

Pornstar Network

Quick opinion on the site

First of all I was disappointed that the site has a pop-up show up in the background right after logging-in. It's just some review site, but it was a bit annoying.

On the other hand I was happy to see that the free membership allows for a very good impression of the site. You can browse all scenes and get some limited streaming to get a really good idea of what the site is all about. If you're curious at all about this network I'd recommend getting the free membership and explore the site. Many thumbs up for this kind of transparency.

Finally, they recently started adding a lot of Max Hardcore content (around 13 DVD's so far), as far as I know this is one of the few network to have this content. Add in the large number of Pierre Woodman casting videos and this is a very attractive network for fans of hardcore anal sex.

05-20-12  11:51am

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N/A Reply of lk2fireone's Poll

I'm really curious about some of the more recent tablets. It would be nice to browse the internet from my bed or watch a movie while using the toilet, but somehow I can't justify the $300+ necessary for a nice tablet just for the purpose of convenience.

Until the price goes down I'll stick with my desktop :)

05-20-12  11:39am

Visit Teen Core Club

Teen Core Club
Reply of pat362's Comment

I am a member now, and as of 1:24 PM (central US time) on 5/20/2012 you can download full videos for all sites (I just got the most recent update from Hardcoreyouth and I'm downloading the full scene from Whiteteens)

Everything is just the way it has been for years, no DRM, no daily limits, full scenes available.

05-20-12  11:25am

Visit Try Teens

Try Teens

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 200 scenes with new ones still being added regularly (it looks like a new scene roughly every month, although you get a more updates on other sites if you join through the teen core club network)
- New scenes are available at 950 x 540, but back a few years in the database stuff is somewhat lower quality and the first handful of scenes are only available as clips.
- All scenes have many large images 853px × 1,280px (no zip archive though)
- A lot of very very hot girls, including several exclusive models. All scenes are exclusive to the site and almost all scenes include deep throat and anal, with some including DP.
- Great light and camerawork, a bit static in the majority of scenes, but more dynamic recently.
- Web design is simple to a fault sometimes, but works well enough. Downloads are fast although most videos are around 700 mb. No log-outs, no time-out and no daily limits that I could find. Overall decent technical specs.
- Very hot recent updates (see bottom line f
Cons: - As I mentioned before the design of the site, as all sites in the Teen core club network, is very basic. No options to search for all scenes by one model or even search on the site itself(Aspen Richardsen is available on several of their sites for example...but which ones? and how many scenes? no way to find out)
- No options when it comes to downloading videos, past clips or full scene. No choices of SD or HD videos or different encoders. You get a download link to a video and thatís all. Not even streaming of the entire scene is available.
- A lot of the older scenes include no interview, no stripping or girls playing with themselves, just straight to the sex, very formulaic. For me that was a bit of a downside of the site.
- Somewhat on the expensive especially since nowadays several of the girls also appear on 21 sextury and other sites (they used to have some great exclusive models a few years back, not so much)
Bottom Line: Lk2fireone's review (should show one or two reviews underneath mine) really hits home for me, especially his bottom line. This is a great network with some great female models, but I always felt like the guys running the site didn't really know what to do with the hot girls. The sex always felt a bit too formulaic to me, almost boring. Girls that on other sites would be incredible become average here because all the sets looked the same, all shots were wide angle and all outfits were discarded within seconds.

That being said I was a member of this network for a very long time because they always managed to get very attractive, young girls and they always had them doing anal, DP and impressive deep throats. The hot models always sold this site for me. In fact I believe this network had several of the girls that now appear on other Russian sites (firstanalquest, 21sextury months before they did and often they do much more intense stuff here than they end up doing for other websites.)

That's the good part, now for the bad part

The updates are very sporadic with some months seeing an update every week and sometimes one scene per month or none at all (to get an idea go to teencoreclub and click to see all updates, they show a date for each new scene and you can easily judge which site is no longer maintained and which receives a lot of love. Looks like Try Teens received almost daily updates in December and since then the number of new scenes has slowed down significantly)

The webdesign is too simple for a modern network and the lack of a model page listing all the girls scenes is a huge downside. An easy way to search for type of content would also be nice. It used to be that all DP scenes went to Double Teamed Teens, Ass to Mouth had the heavy anal stuff and Try Teens got a mix of regular vaginal only/ anal sex. Nowadays it seems like all new updates get posted here and several of the more recent scenes are of the same models one boy-girl scene and one threesome with DP scene. (Stacy and Avery both come to mind, but Iím sure there are more such models.)

This strange update scheme brings me to the several dead sites the network owns. This is traditional TeenCoreClub practices. They launch a new site, update heavily for a while and abandon it in a month or so. In fact out of the older sites Try Teens is the only one still regularly active. The other site heavily updated in the network is HardcoreYouth, which while interesting is very similar to other Russian sites to the point where one can barely distinguish between a scene on Firstanalquest or Hardcoreyouth.

Now, all of that negative stuff being said on my latest subscription I was very pleasantly surprised. The style of the last handful of videos uploaded here has changed quite a bit with the most recent ones including very interesting interviews with the girls. The English is horrible and there is a lot of awkwardness, but for the first time you get a sense of who these girls are. Several of them are surprisingly outgoing and look like they are having fun. They talk about anal sex comfortably and make the whole scene a lot more interesting.

This is only applicable on the latest five or so scenes, but damn it makes the site a lot more interesting, all of a sudden the girls are more than just pretty faces who get fucked in the same standard scene. They now have about 10 minutes of solo girl, stripping and toy play. There is nothing hotter in my opinion than a girl using a dildo on her anus and then asking for a real cock and now this site has that, adding a sense of uniqueness that was seriously lacking.

The camera is also not as static as before, which could be a downside for some, but for me it looks a hell of a lot more interesting to get some close-ups of the girls face, some shots of her ass, a bit of a wide-shot. Overall the last five or so scenes on the site have been more interesting and arousing to me than twenty of the previous ones. If only they could go back in time and get Aspen to do one of those interviews before she gets a serious poundingÖ

I only hope that they continue with this kind of updates and donít abandon the site anytime soon. With a few more updates this site would be a great source for young girls in hardcore action. Despite the high price when you consider all the scenes you get by joining I have to recommend Try Teens, especially if you enjoyed Firstanalquest, Teenmegaworld and other similar Russian sites.

05-17-12  07:30pm

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Visit Jurassic Cock

Jurassic Cock

Site no longer seems to update

Joined Pornpros again this month (May 2012) and the last video on this particular site was uploaded in December last year. It's really a shame since the quality or the girls is high and this is one of the few porn pros sites that has anal scenes.

The network seems to have sporadic updates here and there, but overall they seem to have hit a rough patch, just fyi.

05-14-12  07:49pm

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Visit Teeny Pass

Teeny Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - This is the main access page to a pretty large network of young adult sites. (check out my older review on Casting couch teens for more details about my favorite site in the network)
- In total across all sites you get around 2500 exclusive movies and another 1500 or so scenes from other sites and DVD's
- Some very very cute girls, a lot of unknown girls and some pretty realistic sex scenes along with some of the best pre-sex interviews I've seen.
- Mostly regular sex, a handful of threesomes and no anal, DP or any other crazy stuff.
- Scenes have images to go along, but no zip files
- Easy navigation and streaming works well.
- No technical issues over the past 3 years when I've been a member on and off. It's always easy to cancel, no hidden fees, no log-outs or site down issues.
Cons: - No recent updates. The archive is there and I always find some videos I missed before, but as far as I can tell the entire network is dead.
- The big downside of the entire network is the quality of the video and images. The highest video size offered is 480x360 and none of the images have zip archives.
- The web design is stuck in the late 90's with no model search features, no way to navigate all the scenes available on all network sites and generally just a old fashioned feel to it (strange cartoons in the banners of the sites, especially for Horny Spanish fly...)overall the whole network just feels like it had better days.
- They have a daily download limit that doesn't allow you to download more than a handful of videos (I believe this is a recent development, but it's very disheartening)
Bottom Line: I like to join this network every 6 months of so, every time hoping that things have improved since I last visited, sadly that is not the case. This network is old and shows it's age: videos have poor resolution, web design is very basic and the scenes remind one of the lighting and style of the 90's. That being said, I still join every once in a while so there is some reason to give these sites a second look.

The big bonus of the network is that the girls are all very cute (they have Lexi Belle, Sandy Sweet, Proxy Paige along with a bunch of girls I've never heard off but they all look incredible) and the action while pretty standard is interesting enough. Almost all sites follow the formula of either an interview with the girl then a standard sex scene or the guys drive around and find a girl stranded for some reason in a parking lot. They give her a ride, we get to hear some ridiculous story and then we get about 20 minutes of sex.

The formula is pretty standard, and even sites dedicated to blow jobs like the big swallow of big league facials follow this trend with a healthy dose of interview and regular sex thrown in for good measure.

Overall I'd say that despite the names and supposed different focuses of the sites pretty much all scenes in this network could have been on one site. Even the ethnic focused sites like Spanish fly feature several girls that could be at home on any other area of the network. When you join you basically get around 2500 scenes that are very similar and pretty standard.

Now, that being said the guys behind this network got the formula down to an art. The models are all incredibly hot and I have yet to see an awkward or uncomfortable interview. Even if the girl is shy at first within a few minutes she is giggling and seems at ease. Even better at no point do the director or male actor seem disrespectful or insulting. All scenes look and feel like fun, classic porn.

If I'd have to compare the network to anything exploited college girls comes to mind, but I'd say the average model on here is a lot more attractive and experienced, making for some very hot videos.

That's the good part. The models and the directors involved. The downside is pretty much everything else from the poor video quality to the download limits that make it almost impossible to get all the videos you want during one or two membership cycles. Add to that the lack of recent updates and the network looses a lot of points.

What it comes down to is a preference choice, are realistic interviews and hot models that you probably haven't seen on the other big networks worth putting up with the technical downsides? For me the action is often more arousing than an insane DP, but with so many choices out there it's hard to truly recommend this network.

If you're on the fence about joining I'd recommend checking out videobox where they have several (if not all) of the teeny bopper club scenes. That way you can get a feel for the kind of scenes you'd be getting here with basically no risk (videobox will most definitely have something that is worth the 9 bucks subscription fee.)

05-13-12  05:28pm

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Visit abbywinters


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Decent amount of content around 5,606 videos (although most girl-girl and boy-girl scenes have three videos each) around 1,427 models and daily updates.
- Exclusive models
- More recent videos are available in multiple formats up to 1280x720
- All shoots have images available as ziped files, they also have a best of, which highlight the best photos in a nice gallery.
- All models look very natural, little make-up many are not shaved, just trimmed almost all look very next door girl
- The sex looks very natural, there are some awkward pauses, no insane penetration angles, the blowjobs look realistic.
- Overall the site has a fun, softcore feel with some close-ups of vaginas and blowjobs.
- A lot of the scenes have a before and after where they interview the models and the girls seem pretty relaxed (although there are some serious language barriers at times)
-In a lot of scenes the orgasms are or look real.
- Good download speeds
- Decent forum with many members
Cons: - Almost all of the videos have an old school feel to them, with highlights overblown and colors a bit faded. Even the highest resolutions feel a bit grainy.
- A lot of videos are broken up into various parts. Also the before and after interviews could have easily been lumped with the actual scene.
- Scenes tend to have a slow intro (I remember one video where the boy texts the guy for 3 minutes)
- The site's navigation is decent but takes some getting used to. There are videos labeled "intimate moments" which are basically solo masturbation shots, but there are also "solo shots" and "after dark" shots and when I say shot I don't mean a video I mean a collection of videos... trust me it makes sense but it takes some getting used to
- The girls are very natural looking and some could use a bit more make-up. I was expecting the same kind of models Backroomcastingcouch or Exploitedcollegegirls has, but the girls here seemed less attractive (IMO)
Bottom Line: Man, this site is something else. I've been a member of most major porn sites over the years and have seen many styles and combinations of content, but Abbywinters stands out as a unique product. If I had to compare it to anything else I'd say it's close to suicide girls in their focus on fun, softcore stuff and community (at least that's how suicide girls used to be back when I joined it a few year ago)

The great selling point of the site are the exclusive, natural looking models and the realistic settings and action. The site claims that all scenes are shot in the girls homes with their outfits and only (supposedly) with their boyfriends and/or girlfriends. To cement this claim there are before and after sex interviews where the girls explain what felt good and what they were nervous/ excited about, where they met the boyfriend, how often they have sex in private and so on.

Aside from scenes with boy-girl, girl-girl sex the site has "Intimate moments" scenes where supposedly the girls are alone with the camera and can be themselves as well as solo shots where the director interviews them a bit before the action. They also have a handful of "after dark" scenes where the girls are supposed to be dressed in nicer clothes and be more romantic. I hope they get more of these as some of the outfits were very nice, but for right now they only have a dozen or so.

Overall the site has a decent premise, unique content and a strong community of followers (and a great forum btw). If you like their style and the girls this place will be a great find and the 3 month membership a steal. However the scenes are far from perfect and you could easily end up disliking the site for how different it feels.

The navigation is efficient, but somewhat different from other porn sites and can get a bit confusing at first. The homepage shows the updates, but the preview images are not animated. The easiest way to browse is by looking at shoots and then either video shoots or image shoots (this way you get animated previews), but you can't easily view all models that video or only images and there is no way to search for top rated models or Russian models. Not to mention that older videos tend to be split into 10 parts and even more recent ones often have 2 parts.

Speaking of videos, I have to say that the girls look great in photos but in many of the videos they end up looking average, even a bit disappointing. I suspect that in order to maintain the vibe of the site everything is filmed with minimal equipment and it shows. Overexposed shots, some blurry close-ups, the sound of the camera taking photos in the background. It all contributes to make the site feel unprofessional. Don't even ask me how many scenes are shot in an extremely bright room with perfectly clean white walls or how overexposed reds look in half the scenes. Overall for me the technical quality was a huge disappointment.

The content itself is decent with a lot of the girls really into it and believable orgasms

However it's a bit slow paced for my taste. All sex scenes take several minutes before anyone gets naked. I personally don't see the need for a little make believe story (oh I'm a photographer, get naked. Oh we're watching tv, get naked) when there is a before interview where the girls say they are excited to have sex (especially when some scenes are only 25 minutes long).

Speaking of the interviews. Some have captions to translate the interview and those are great, the British accents on some girls are even better, but the broken English most girls have coupled with giggling every two seconds when they don't understand the question can get frustrating and took me out of the mood.

At the end of the day I see the appeal of Abby Winters, but I don't think I saved more than a handful of videos. The image sets are very good, but the technical quality and the poor set-up make this feel like old, old Pierre Woodman casting videos. I don't regret joining the site but it's not my cup of tea, I'll stick with Nubiles, which has a similar feel but much better navigation and quality videos.

05-01-12  07:24pm

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Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A lot of content and frequent updates (Scenes : 6516, over 1000 DVD's and they seem to update scenes daily, sometimes two scenes in one day)
- Hardcore stuff here, a lot of DP, a lot of anal. Around 2500 anal scenes, Ass to mouth (1513), Around 1000 DP and around 50 double anal... pretty crazy stuff in here. Also a decent amount of tranny stuff and a surprising amount of Asian girls doing anal.
- A lot of good looking girls with a nice a mix of American and Russian cute girls like Chastity Lynn, Proxy Paige, Aspen Richardsen, Isabella Clark, etc. A lot of big name porn stars and several amateurs
- I believe all videos are available in different formats, including mobile video, MP4 and WMV. But only the more recent ones are available in high resolutions (older ones are a most 480p and most new ones are 720p, with some 1080p )
- Almost all scenes have photos, but some have only a handful while others have over 100 images. No zip archives as far as I could tell.
Cons: - Older content is interesting, but a bit disappointing. I almost wish they'd give you the option to filter it out.
- Model navigation is hard with many models listed incorrectly or under different names. Some links to models don't work and they display the male models along with the female ones. There is a sort function but it doesn't work very well.
- Navigation overall was a bit clunky, with a lot of focus on directors of the DVD or the DVD itself. You can easily find all scenes directed by Mike Adriano, but the related scenes aren't really relevant half the time.
- Some content or very similar is already available on other sites (anal acrobats is a great example, but a lot of girls appear with the exact same male actor on 21sextury for example)
- It's a bit hard to preview scenes, as all you get are some tags which are not always accurate and one preview image. Although they tell you the length and size of the scene.
- Scene quality and content is a bit all over the place.
Bottom Line: This is another mega site and it feels like one. You get more content than you could surf in years and with very frequent updates you won't get bored soon. There are a lot of girls, some amateurs but a lot of them well known pornstars. The action is more hardcore then the average big network site (I'd say more hardcore then Porn Pros, Reality Kings and even Hustler, to name a few, but right on par with 21 sextury or Teencoreclub)

There are a lot of niches, including some great deep-throat POV scenes, some very nice lesbian scenes and a lot of anal.

However,like most big networks that have been around for a while searching through the older content is a lot like venturing deep into the jungle armed only with a flimsy weed whacker.

The older links, tags and even the content of the video is a bit confusing. You could easily watch a video halfway through before realizing it's a transvestite blow-job scene. The tags say blowjob and anal play but there are no actors listed and the image is too grainy to tell what is going on. Yes, a lot of the older stuff is shot with bad light, poor camerawork and a general feel that reminds one of 80's VHS porn.

Even worse, some of these older DVD's are mixed in with more recent updates, making it hard to mark a point in time past which you should not venture.

That being said the vast majority of scenes are much better quality and the new updated tend to be HD, and very well labeled. Overall I'd say you get maybe 4000 good scenes out of the 6500 available and their number grows every day, with many, many exclusive scenes (although you can get some of them with the bonus evilangel membership on videobox the site still has a decent number of exclusive DVD's)

While this kind of quantity is a great thing, navigating it can still be a bit tricky. The site follows a DVD system more then a streaming scenes or nice websites model. You can easily identify what DVD each scenes belongs to, who directed it and browse other scenes from the DVD, but it's a bit hard to find related anal scenes or all scenes by a particular model that are also DP scenes.

In fact the best way to find content is to select a DVD title (like Buttman adventures or Slurpy Throatsluts to give you a taste of the content available here :) and then navigate the scenes available on that DVD. That is the only way I found to get an animated preview for each scene as well as some quick categories of what the scene will contain.

It seems a bit backwards in the era of streaming internet scenes, but the authors of the site clearly would prefer to just release everything as DVD's.

This also means that each DVD is different in tone. Some feature only American girls and there are pretty standard interviews and English commentary during sex. Some DVD's feature Russian girls who barely talk or are completely quiet. Some scenes are pretty rough with make-up running down the girls faces, while some are softcore or solo masturbation. You have the Anal acrobats fetish DVD's (ever wanted to see milk shot up a girls ass?) and leather face masks, but on the other hand there are some blow job only DVD's that are pretty mainstream and tame.

There are also several DVD's focused on women with strap-ons or shemales fucking guys, around 500 scenes or so, not much but it's a bit strange that they don't really have a separate page for that. Then again, they don't have a separate page for the vintage videos although there are dozens of them.

It's a bit of mish-mash and sometimes it's hard to know what you're looking at. A more in-depth description of the scenes or the ability to preview them from the scene navigation page instead of having to go to the DVD page would have been nice. An easier way to navigate the female models would also have been helpful. Overall I'd have to say that this site could learn a thing or two from 21Sextury when it comes to organizing the website.

I mentioned 21sextury a few times, because the content here reminds me a lot of their stuff. There are anal lesbians, a lot of DP, several of the male and female actors appear in both, I sear even one or two of the outfits appear on both sites (mind you a different scene, but the same studio, same girl same male model) This is of course true of only some of the Russian videos, but it's still a bit strange.

The one area where evilangel is really different is that a lot of the girls look a bit more mature and they like to dress the girls in interesting outfits (Lexi Belle in a bunny costume anyone?)

Overall I'd have to say that the hardcore content, the cute girls and the exclusive scenes make this a must for anyone who likes anal or deep-throating. If you're really on the fence check out what they offer on the Videobox membership deal (I believe it's only 15 bucks on top of the videobox membership, so it's significantly cheaper).

04-29-12  06:44pm

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Visit Exploited College Girls

Exploited College Girls

Great news!

Bacroomcastingcouch is now available as a bonus if you join exploited college girls.

Not sure if you get ECC as a bonus for joining BCC but either way this is great news. These two sites go together like peanut butter and jelly, and it's awesome to see this package deal.

No reason not to join these two great sites now.

11-20-11  11:38am

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Visit Squirt Disgrace

Squirt Disgrace

Quick impression

This is one of the new sites that Porn pros really seems to be pushing. They have weekly updates and while they only have around 25 scenes so far the content is pretty awesome.

Each scene seems to be around 30 minutes long and we get to see some gorgeous looking girls tied up and played with until they cum in a squirting explosion.

The male model uses all sorts of toys on the girls as well as fingering and fucking them. (Surprising not a lot of head from the guys in here) It's also interesting that some scenes end with the girl cumming while some end with her getting a facial from the dude. It almost feels like they had a lot of content from another one of their disgraced sites and decided to create a new site, then more recently started making content exclusively focused on squirting.

Anyhow, the scenes are fun and each one starts and ends with a very cute interview. Good, high quality stuff that fits right in with the rest of the porn pros content.

11-14-11  05:13pm

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Visit 40 oz Bounce

40 oz Bounce

Quick impression

Around 120 scenes with updates twice a month.

Good site design, good download speeds, the standard porn pros treatment (see my review for the network for more details)

The site has some of the funnies set-ups for the porn that I've seen in quite a while. A black priest preaches about ass then gets to business, The Cocktip Thunder Force is called into the deep jungle to save some delicious round ass sistas!. A guy in a superman costume check, scooby-doo hat, check. Overall a very lighthearted, fun atmosphere.

The site focuses on black girls, but there are a few Latina and white girls here and there,especially among the older stuff.

Also this site has the most anal of the entire network, with probably every other scene having at least a bit of ass play.

Bottom line, a nice site if you like big asses and a nice fit with the whole vibe of the network. Sadly not as much anal as you'd expect, but still a decent amount. More ethnic diversity and more frequent updates would make this a great site.

11-14-11  05:02pm

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Visit Dancing Bear

Dancing Bear

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 80 scenes with 2 new scenes added each month.
- Videos are available as MP4 and WMV as well as ipod format. 1280x 720 HD
- Images as well as screen-caps available in zipped archives. Photos are 2,000px × 1,333px and screencaps are around 720px × 406px. (around 1000 images per scene, but not all are very good... some blurriness here and there)
- The theme of the site is a gigolo stripper giving a good time to a supposed bachlorette or birthday party . Basically one or two dudes and a bunch of girls who will clap, giggle and cheer each other on. It all ends up being fun and very different, almost an orgy site, but with a unique spin
- The scenes have sex, multiple blowjobs and facials as well as some lesbian sex and various strange stuff (the guy puts his cock on a bun and the girl licks mustard off of it for example)
- Good looking models, a lot of cute girls getting facials.
- Decent navigation, they also offer a preview trailer for each scene.
Cons: - The site is a bit shady when it comes to billing. Don't go for the 2 day trial since it's not really worth it as far as I can tell. Also if you only get this site the category search as well as the suggested videos will lead you to the main Bangbros site which costs extra. This means that I can't really use the category search to navigate only dancing bear.
- The fact that they have a lot of images for each scene means that they show you everything they shoot, without filtering the bad images. So if you download the zipped images expect some blurry shots, and a lot of images that look identical to each other.
- Not all females present get into it and there are several girls who you don't even see naked. Guess it goes with the theme of the site, but it could be a con.
- Some male models wear a bear head the entire time or a luchador mask, a bit silly and can make the scene feel somewhat awkward.
- Some of the older scenes don't have category tags so it's hard to say what you get
Bottom Line: I joined this site as part of the bang bros network back in 2009, and I remember being extremely disappointed back then. They had few scenes, rare updates and the action was mostly BJ. In fact if you go to the first few scenes on the site you can see that most of the videos are about a dude stripping down with occasional BJ's behind a towel. Overall the site didn't really work well.

That has all changed since. Now they have around 75-80 scenes and are updating twice a month with about an hour worth of content each time. Despite the fact that the scenes are longer they feel a lot faster. The guys don't spend a lot of time stripping and they usually get to the first BJ within a couple of minutes.

Another nice change is that now almost all videos feature a sex scene, oftentimes with the girl still dressed. We also get several cum-shots, including cum on food which is then eaten (Icing on the birthday cake seems to be a favorite) They also added a bit of lesbian content and I hope they keep pushing that area as it would be nice to see some of the girls in the background going at it.

Speaking of background girls there are several who will never get naked or perform oral on the dude, so don't expect every girl present to show their boobs. Also on average there are only two facials per scene so no bukkake orgy here. Speaking of orgies, there is no anal, DP or rough deepthroating, everything feels more playful and funny than intense, rough sex.

In fact I'd say that is the most unique feature of the site, it all feels like a joke, a party that got a bit out of hand in a sexy way. They seem to really drive that point home and have several scenes where we see some shocked friends or co-workers who seem to say "oh Mary she is always so crazy, but I never thought she'd eat frosting of a guys balls."

Overall the vibe works well, and is helped by the fact that all the girls look like amateurs. They giggle, gag on the penis and overall act very realistic. Don't expect professional porn starlets here.

That being said most of the models are very cute and the main girl (the birthday girl or the bride to be) is usually very cute and attractive.

Unfortunately the site is really not up to it's potential unless you purchase a bangbros membership. The category search function leads you to videos on the network and you are encouraged to pay. The suggested scenes are extra and encourage you to pay for a bang bros membership. There is an ad next to the streaming video for the full membership and so on.

Also, due to the nature of the videos there are some strange scene cuts. In one scene we go from a blow job to a man doing cartwheels and rotating his cock like a helicopter for 5 minutes. I mean it's funny, but if you were getting into the action these scene breaks can be a bit odd. It's also strange when one girl is getting fucked and 10 sit around, some clapping a few looking bored, etc.
I would have preferred it if every girl got naked and maybe there was some light lesbian kissing in the background instead of fully clothed girls looking around and cheering at random intervals.

Bottom-line: As a bonus site to another network this site is awesome and a great value. As a stand alone, well you should make sure you really like the content. For me the whole amateur/ this could be a real party vibe made it interesting but then again I really enjoy porn that strays from the mainstream.

I'd say if you're uncertain consider a bangbros membership and go for that since it has this site as a bonus along with other nice goodies.

11-14-11  04:41pm

Replies (3)
Visit Ass Bangers Ball

Ass Bangers Ball

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 85 scenes each one available as 640x480 WMV or Ipod format, as well as a few images (around 20-30 images per set, not that many but enough to get an idea of the action)
- Zipped archives available and images are up to 3072x2048 although the lighting is not always the best in the photos.
- Most scenes have two girls that get pounded by several guys. There is a ton of anal, deepthroat and DP. Also there are some serious cumshots with multiple guys covering one girl in semen. Pretty intense stuff.
- Access to the rest of the network which has several good sites with multiple updates. A lot of fetish/ extreme action here including BSDM, latex, and fuck machines.
- Some very cute models and fun costumes (there are a few masks, a Indians vs cowboys theme) lost of stockings and high heels.

- Last update published 2010/12/02
- Several scenes have strange cuts during the scene. I understand that this is necessary when you are shooting an orgy with multiple people, but it still feels strange when the action suddenly changes.
- Some models are really disappointing (older looking, strange body types) More make-up or better light might have helped the scenes. It's also strange to see a very cute girl paired with a woman that is not the same body type/ look.
- Navigation is okay, but feels a bit outdated, would like more categories/ search functions. Right now the main search tool is a type in yourself deal, which can be a bit hard if you're new to the site.
- Sometimes the focus of the scene is not necessarily on the most interesting action. For example a girl is getting DP'ed but the camera is focused on her giving a BJ.
Bottom Line: For the price this network is very decent, as long as you like pretty extreme content, and enjoy BSDM. They have several sites dedicated to rough sex and orgies with this one being a very interesting one. Almost all scenes feature two girls and several guys (there are one or two video with only one girl and 4 or 5 guys, but for the most part expect dozens of dudes.) The focus is on anal sex and DP, although several times I believe only one of the girls does anal.
I say I believe because the action can get pretty confusing, which is understandable when you have 12 guys and 2 women having sex. However, the scene editing doesn't help the situation. In one scene we cut away from a sex scene to a shot of the other girl crying out in what seems genuine pain, we cut back to the sex and then back to the distressed girl after she presumably got some more anal lube. That is 4 cuts within maybe 2 minutes, completely unnecessarily in my opinion. Unfortunately this happens a lot in the more recent scenes. They cut from one girl to the other almost every few minutes and seem to have a lot of close-ups of either one of the girls face or her genital area then cut and switch around.
I understand the difficulties of filming an orgy and I have to say that all things considered they do a pretty good job, but less editing would have been preferred. It's not like the scenes are incredibly long, most of them come in around 32 minutes which I believe is on the short end considering how much material they could get from two girls having sex with multiple guys.
Aside from the way the videos are edited the site doesn't seem to update anymore, so that's a big downside, but considering they have almost 100 intense scenes I am okay with the amount of content (just don't plan to spend a whole year on this site)
The final issue I had with the site was that the model quality is hugely varied. They have some incredible looking girls that I couldn't believe were ready to do this kind of action, but on the other hand they have some ladies that would be more at home on a big and beautiful site or on a mature page. Combining the two types of models in one scene can make for some awkward moments, especially since they like to cut from one girl to the other pretty fast.
Speaking of the two girls, I was a bit surprise to see that in several scenes the two females don't really interact that much. The focus is mostly on the two girls getting pounded by the males, almost separately from each other. At times you could easily forget that there were two women involved in most videos.
Aside from the points above the site was a very nice experience. Downloads worked fine ans streaming was excellent. I wish they had more images available for each scene, but the few they do have are all pretty hardcore action so no major complaints there.
The navigation and design of the site felt a bit outdated, but still very functional and while they could use a more improved model page or a category search I had no issues previewing and finding content.
The bottom-line: A good site for anyone who likes orgies and hardcore sex. Worth checking out for a month or two, especially if the rest of the network looks appealing to you.

11-14-11  03:42pm

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Visit Nubiles.net

Reply of Nubiles Captain's Reply

Ha ha. This is exactly what I meant when I said that the webmasters are incredible. I post the review and only minutes later there is a reply here addressing everything I posted.

I see what you are saying about seeing the preview of the scenes. It's just that I really like the new slim video page and it would be great if I could pick out what video I want to watch or download just from that page. I know a lot of studios have the feature of hovering over the scene image and then seeing several preview images... not sure how hard it is to program that, but it's very nifty IMO.

I think my issue with the browsing right now is that whenever I browse Nubiles I find myself constantly going back to a main index, then going back into a more detailed page, then back up a level. It's not really a flow, if that makes any sense.

I see a model I think I like, but sometimes it's hard to tell because the preview image is small or just shows her face or a body part. I click the girl, see all her sets and maybe select something for download then go back and browse through the models again. Back and forth...

On many other sites I am able to just go from one page to another because they have categories or suggestions.

I know Nubiles has categories too, since you use them to some extent on the page where you can stream the video, but I think if you also had images to other models or video links that would help. I would also like to see that kind of linking on the models page.

Maybe something like this: I click on Henessy and she is Czech so maybe I could click on a link saying "other Czech girls" or she has a cute kitchen scene, maybe you could suggest other kitchen related scenes, or other girls that do an outdoors shot. That way I could click this link and see other models, or even better show me an image of those other girls underneath Hennessy's updates. That way I am going deeper into the site discovering models that I maybe didn't even know existed.

Does that make sense? Not sure how hard this is to do, but I have seen it on other sites and I think on a site that has as many models as Nubiles it would help highlight some girls that very hot, but don't end up in the tops...

Anyhow, great site, and I look forward to your next updates.

11-13-11  09:49pm

Visit Young Legal Porn

Young Legal Porn
Reply of elephant's Comment

Did you actually contact them or did they do it automatically?

In my experience they were responsive, but you had to reach out to them, curious if they have a more pro-active approach...

11-13-11  09:45pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

I would love to see more porn where the models wear clothes until later in the scene. A nice skirt could looks much sexier than a completely naked girl in my opinion.

That being said I'd love to see more diversity in porn, more scenes with people clothed up, more scenes where they only wear undergarments or strange outfits. I feel that there is too much focus on the nude in recent sites.

11-13-11  09:43pm

Visit Teen Slut Collection

Teen Slut Collection

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 50 scenes available with a new scene every 7 days or so.
- Videos available as WMV 640x480 and Ipod format. Photos are around 1536x2048, zip archive available, but you only get around 40 images per set and they are not that awesome.
- Hardcore action, including a few anal scenes.
- One or two cute looking European/ German girls (not that many though. Jenny is the girl on the header and she is probably one of the best). Overall a very amateurish look that is sometimes cute.
- Access to a pretty decent network with some interesting fetishes (machine sex, latex and rubber fetish as well as BDSM and extreme stuff)
- Pretty varied content
- Streaming works very well, although it's a bit fuzzy even on the highest setting.
Cons: - The rest of the network is a lot better IMO as this site feels like it's updated with old content. A lot of the stuff on here has a 90's vibe, and several updates are only 5 minutes or so.
- Most scenes are in German, which can be a bit awkward when there is a 3-4 minute set up that you don't understand, or the girl stares at the camera and says something in German.
- Pretty tame sex, a lot of the stuff is very vanilla boy girl action, which is really disappointing comparing how intense the rest of the network is. Only 2-3 anal scenes, and threesomes. Overall it feels like old school plain porn with no really special zing. The girls are okay, not that incredible looking. Only one or two camera angles, not that great light or make-up. Overall average stuff.
- Download speeds were very slow on this site for me. The rest of the network was okay but here I could barely download anything. At least the streaming worked fine.
Bottom Line: I joined this network mostly for the more exotic content like Gang Bank Arena or Latex Slut Show, but was looking forward to this site as a German version of Teen Mega Sex or Teen Core Club. I had hoped that they would have a lot of hot looking European girls doing pretty freaky stuff, with a lot of extreme sex.

Maybe it was the fact that I had high expectations, but I was very disappointed. First of all I had issues downloading stuff and while customer support was responsive and tried to help me I couldn't figure it out. Sometimes things would work fine, other times I would get time-outs and 401 errors every few minutes.

Luckily the streaming worked fine and I could watch all content on-line. I was also able to download the photos easily and the zip archives were very convenient. Unfortunately, the images felt very amateurish with poor lighting and the action not always framed properly. Which sadly is true for most videos too.

Don't join this particular site expecting high quality videos or HD clarity in your scenes. I remember one particular video where the sex takes place in a bathroom and the only light seems to be from the camera. It basically looks like a grainy video, shot with a phone. Add some strange techno music and it really feels more unsettling that erotic.

While most scenes are not as bad as the one I described above I don't think anything stood out as incredible good looking. Cameras at strange angles, very little make-up and fuzzy action shots are pretty common. Also most of the solo scenes are only 5 minutes which is really a shame. There are some really cute girls in stockings and nice heels, but we only get a few minutes before the screen goes black. I almost wonder if these are audition tapes or something like that.

On top of the average quality of the videos from a technical aspect, the actual models are not incredible. Some of the girls are cute, but for the most part the lack of make-up and better light doesn't help the average looking girls. Don't join expecting anything close to Teencoreclub or 21 sextury to name only a few networks with gorgeous European babes. Also some of the girls look like they should not be on a teen site, maybe a 30 to 40 year old site.

Also, I'd like to mention that some of the male models are very rough looking and some scenes were ruined for me by their look. I know the male models shouldn't matter too much, but the site has several shots of the guys making out with the girl, giving them head or just standing around looking smug. It kinda gave the site a creeper vibe, but that might be just me. Imagine older guys that look like they have been in a few drunk fist fights to get an idea of the average male model on here.

To make things even worse the site itself is not the best in the world. They have a basic search, but it's not that accurate (you have to search for the exact description of the scene so searching anal will not return the one DP scene on there.)

While the navigation works fine it's rather basic and the whole design feels a bit outdated. Also I believe some scenes are tagged wrong (for example you select a model but get several girls some of which should really not be there)

Overall the bottom line is that this site is a rather average experience, nowhere as exciting or interesting as the rest of the network. Check out the rest of the sites you get included in the membership and don't make your decision based on what you see here.
Purely as a bonus site this is okay, but as a main dish it's a let down.

11-13-11  09:35pm

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I don't see any reason why you would burn it to DVD. I mean even if your HDD crashes you can always re-subscribe.

DVD's are a medium of the past in my opinion. Then again my PC streams directly to my HD TV so no issues with DVD players or so.

11-13-11  08:23pm

Visit Pimp My Black Teen

Pimp My Black Teen
Reply of Khan's Reply

Oh I see,

I am sorry for missing that. I will edit the comment to reflect the more accurate info.

Thank you for pointing this out :)

11-13-11  08:20pm

Visit Pimp My Black Teen

Pimp My Black Teen

Quick first impression

The TBP review mentions this site is streaming only, but that has changed since the review, now all videos are available as WMV downloads as well as streaming.

They have around 60 scenes with very, very infrequent updates.

The quality is lacking, around 480x360 and the scenes are pretty pixelated.

That being said the content is pretty good quality with a lot of cute models in pretty strong action. The entire network seems to have some awesome models, sadly the technical aspects of the site are nowhere near modern standards.

I'd give this probably a 65 or so, only because the models are good and they also give you network access, to about 30 or so decent sites.

11-07-11  07:36pm

Replies (2)
Visit Tits Ass And Ammo

Tits Ass And Ammo

Quick impression

I joined this network mostly for their Teeny bopper club and Casting couch teens. Sadly most of the network seems to have some seriously lacking videos (resolutions of 480x and very poor encoding)
This site as the only full HD site is much better although not up to modern standards. The videos here are around 740x 420 and still suffer from the grainy aspect the rest of the network has.

That being said this site has 12 scenes so far with two Russian models in camouflage outfits. The two girls are usually hunting down a guy to fuck and are quite successful. There is no crazy amount of ammo or army related stuff, but overall the scenes are okay.

Pretty standard action, decent models, but sadly they have some pretty poor choices of locations (a neon green room that really hurts your eyes after a few minutes)

Overall an okay site, but I wouldn't say it's really HD or the main feature of this network.

11-07-11  07:30pm

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Visit Casting Couch Teens

Casting Couch Teens

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - They claim around 2000 scenes, I counted around 150 on this site and a few more bonus scenes, however you get access to an entire network so maybe if you add everything up you'd eventually get 2000 (a pretty nice network btw. with a lot of young adult action).
- Scenes are available as clips or WMV at around 480x 360. Sadly no HD available as far as I can tell
- Images are available at around 667px × 1,000 but no zipped archive as far as I could tell
- Some seriously hot teens, some of them exclusive (of at least I haven't seen them around) and some pretty well known porn stars. The action is very hot, although we never get more than the standard boy girl scene (no anal, no deepthroat etc.)
- Several of the girls are pretty good actors or really, really enjoy the sex. If you join check out Carmella Diamond getting her ass licked. I have not seen a girl moan that much in quite some time.
- Okay download speeds, no issues with time-out or log outs. Okay webdesign
Cons: - The entire network doesn't seem to update anymore. Which is really a shame. I think they occasionally throw a video up, but months go by without anything new.
- The quality of the videos is poor. Fuzzy images, poor light in some scenes and while the images are better they can't really save the site from a technical aspect.
- Web design is way too basic. No real search options, the descriptions of the scenes are very bare bones. The whole network here feels outdated and desperately in need of some love.
Bottom Line: I am really saddened about this site. The models they have are great, a lot of very, very cute girls (they even have the Cherish & Cali twins doing an appearance). They have a nice mix of better known models as well as some girls I never heard of.

What is even better is that all the girls involved look very realistic. I couldn't tell if the orgasms were faked and quite often you actually believe that these are naive teens surprised that this is a porn audition. Great job, I wish that all porn sites had models this dedicated.

Even better each scene is long, at around 30 minutes. They start off with an interview that turns sexual pretty quick. In a way it reminded me of the Back room casting couch site or Exploited college girls, but the models here know what they are getting into and play along very nicely. Instead of awkward giggles and shyness you get some gorgeous looking girls playing coy and it actually works.

However, that is pretty much where the good things stop and the negative aspects come in. The content is great, but the quality is horrible. VLC player crashed twice when I tried playing these clips. I get strange green screens and fuzzy images. The resolution is bad and the light in some scenes is terrible. You have a great looking girl give head to a dude and look in the camera just as the whole screen becomes a mess of pixels.

Streaming requires extra plug-ins, no zipped archives for images and what they call the photo gallery is screencaps from the movie. You want the digital stills for the actual photos, which half the time are overexposed anyway.

To make things even worse the updates are slow to come, maybe one every few months or so. I think since the last time I joined (2009 I believe) they added about 5 or 6 scenes, all in the same bad quality.

Now, on the positive side you get access to a few other great sites like teeny bopper club and big cock teen addiction, both of which also have awesome content, (with the same technical limitations sadly)

Bottom-line: If you like teen content I'd join this site once just to get all the awesome content, and never come back. They wasted some great models on shitty web design and poor video quality.

P.S. The 69 is only because I absolutely love the models here and the way they act. Otherwise this would be a 50

11-07-11  07:18pm

Replies (4)
Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Almost 1000 models at the point when I write this (994) Each one with several sets of images and photos, a lot of them in very good quality
- Messmer mentioned the technical aspects of the videos and images in his review bellow mine. I'd like to add that while the older stuff is not as high quality all scenes on the site are still highly enjoyable and the images are great quality for almost all models.
- A lot of very very good looking models. This is consistently one of the hottest sites out there with a ton of new models. Great great stuff.
- Content is very hot with several scenes for each models, multiple outfits, different vibrators, dildos and enough boy girl sex to satisfy most people. (I believe the policy is out of three models they update one has to be hardcore )
- A new, more streamlined design that makes it much easier to browse through the scenes. A improved video browsing page and a strong search feature. Different Zipped archives and wallpaper bonuses
Cons: - The thumbnails on the video page don't show a few frames from the scene when you hover over them. A real shame in my opinion.
- While the models they add nowadays generally at least play with toys a lot of older content is very softcore. This is entirely personal, but don't expect to join this site ans see anal, threesomes, lesbian sex or any crazy orgies (they even have a set with Aspen and she doesn't do anal... that must be a first)
- Ads to live shows on the main page.
- As far as I understand they sub-contact the picture taking to various photographers so there is some discrepancy in between how each scene is lit/ shot/ etc. For the most part they offer hot stuff, but especially among the older content there can be a few bad apples.
- Another personal issue is that while they seem to try and make a lot of the girls look innocent and school-girl like they still don't have very many stocking/ high heels, boots combos. I'd love to see some more erotic looking sets.
Bottom Line: If you read my cons above you'll probably be able to tell that they refer mostly to older content or personal preference about the way a scene is shot or what they have the models wear. The reason for this is that there is very little you can complain about when it comes to Nubiles.com.

The site promises hot young girls and it delivers. I can't think of any other site that has as many new faces, and many of them doing hardcore action too (hardcore here is just plain old boy girl, don't think Deepthroat, DP, anal or any of that crazy stuff)

They update every day and have a new model every week or so. They offer a good mix or American and European models each girl has several sets of both images and video. I really love that some of the more popular models have up to 20 or so sets. It's great to see more and more stuff from a popular model and I hope they keep bringing back the girls the community enjoys the most.

Since I mentioned the community I have to say that they have a pretty decent forum with some strong activity and a few nice bonuses like sneak previews of the up-coming updates. Also the webmasters are very responsive in case you encounter some error or you find links that are out of date, etc.

Recently the site has also gotten a face-lift that makes it look sleeker, works better on mobile devices (or at least it does on my tablet) and allows for easier browsing of the videos.

While this is a great move I hope they add some way to quickly tell what each video contains. Right now we only get one thumbnail from the scene, the running time, the model name and a video name that goes something like this: 3v_daybedrub or 4v_tubesocks... not very descriptive.

I also hope they improve their search function. While the form they have now works well enough and allows for some pretty customized searches (they have 3 short girls with braces and puffy nipples for example :) I would like to be able to see categories on each scene or video, categories that could leas me to other similar scenes from other models. Right now it can be a bit daunting sifting through all the content they have. In fact this is probably one of my biggest issues with the webdesign right now. While the models page is excellent and now there is a quick and easy easy to see all videos available they don't really have a method of seeing similar scenes from other models. They don't link between the girls and overall the navigation isn't the most entertaining or immersing.

Since we're talking cons I also have to mention the bonus section which is a joke and the fact that there are ads in the members page which sadly seems to become all too common nowadays. Also there are small errors here and there (a broken link, a Russian model who does mostly anal shots says she never does anal in the bio, small stuff here and there)

I would also love an option to exclude older content since they have quite a few models they only do nude shots and a few photographers that are not the best (you can comment on the photographers skill and I believe they are actively filtering the bad ones out).

I also wish they had more behind the scenes content. There are several interviews that are very cute and interesting, but it can be a bit hard to find them quickly. Also for a site that prides itself on the connection between the models and the community (you can contact each model individually, although I doubt many answer) they could add a lot more behind the scenes bonuses, especially since they have a lot of US models.

Anyhow, I feel like I am just listing my personal dislikes and getting into really nit picky stuff here. The bottom line is that the site is very good. It could improve in some areas and they are working on it, listening to comments from the community and changing stuff for the better. Nothing but praise for the webmasters and I hope to see many quality updates in the future.

11-07-11  06:41pm

Replies (4)

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