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Visit Spoiled Virgins

Spoiled Virgins

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Network access to many sites with similar content (only one site in the network has more mature women, the rest are almost all built around young adult)
- Around 225 scenes available on this site with about 2 updates per month.
- Video quality ranges a lot, some old scenes are as low as 320x240, but the more recent stuff is 1024x768 and some are as high as 1920x1080. The average is 832x468 25 frames per sec
- Zip archives for images as well as slideshow option on the site. Images are 1024x768 and around 150- 200 images per set.
- Model pages are very nice and help you find other scenes the girl did on the network
- Very fast downloads, maxing my internet connection regularly. No Time-outs, no DRM or other issues.
- The models are hot, a lot of familiar faces from other Russian sites, but also quite a lot of new girls, some of which might be exclusive.
- Most scenes are group sex, two guys and one girl although there are a handful of two girls and one guy
Cons: - The web design is a bit dated, no search function no quick category filter, no easy way to separate all girl-girl-boy scenes from boy-boy-girl.
- Sometimes clicking on the show all girls link will actually lead you to the models on another site (Ifinallyfuckedher) meaning that really the best way to navigate this site is by looking at the scene thumbs, which are not very descriptive.
- They have animated ads in the members area, pretty prominently.
- Some strange cuts in the scenes (it's all part of the "virgin" gimmick- cut away from penetration, cut back in and magically there's "blood" on his penis. Not really a big deal, but a bit distracting)
- Some older content is really unwatchable (several scenes with very bad resolution/ lighting)
Bottom Line: A lot of Russian porn goes for of MAXIMUM HARDCORE action with innocent girls. Just think about sites like First Anal Quest, Gapeland, Defiled 18. It's almost like you have to have anal gapes to be a Russian porn site. Spoiled Virgins and in fact the entire network here doesn't really follow that rule. Sure, there is an anal only site, but for the most part the girls here do group sex without DP's and/or doubleanal shenanigans.

In fact the spin of this site (as the title suggests) is the idea that these girls have never had vaginal sex and the first penetration is a big deal for them. To sell the idea the site has a fake doctor check the girls out and proclaim them virgin and even goes as far as using fake blood in several of the shots.

While all of this is not really that interesting and in my opinion only takes away about 6 minutes out of the rather short 20-25 minute scenes what was interesting for me was the way the girls act when the guys first penetrates them. In all scenes they act eager, yet shy. Hesitant, sometimes even in some pain, but ready to guide the male model inside them. It's all acting and some do it better than others, but overall the girls really seem into the sex in a way that a horny virgin girl might be.

Those few moments of the initial penetration make the scenes here truly worth it for me. I quickly skip through the phony doctor (who sometimes strips naked to have sex with the girl...talk about dedication to their patients ) and the set-up which is in Russian with no subtitles. But once you get to the actual sex scenes there are some great, great shots.

Once the doctor is gone almost all scenes continue with a few moments when the girl is penetrated and another girl or a guy watches the whole action. It probably sounds lame, but trust me the whole act can be surprisingly arousing.

Once the initial awkwardness is taken care of the sex goes to some pretty hot threesomes without going into hardcore anal mode. It's pretty much just BJ's and vaginal sex here, but with some pretty good angles and positions.

While the lack of DP's could be a disappointment for some it also means that the site managed to get some very hot looking girls that are probably not willing to show up on other sites. Combine that with the somewhat different acting and you get a pretty decent site with an unique spin.

Another plus is that the locations are varied and while a lot of the scenes are filmed around a couch at least it's a different couch. Also the male models are varied and there are several who look right around the same age like the girls and don't come off as complete perverts who creepily moan into the camera.

The angles and light are decent, with a good mix of wide-shots and some close-ups. One disappointment is that a lot of cum-shots are on the girls chests, not cream-pies and very little swallowing.

Overall I'd recommend this network and this site to anyone who loves young Eastern European models and wants some different scenarios past the usual gonzo porn. There are many models who were unknown to me and several that are familiar faces, but I'd say the vast majority are petite and very hot. It's a combination you can't go wrong with.

Don't expect actual virgins and while the network does have some Deepthroat and anal centric sites most of the content is a tad more softcore than the vast majority of Eastern European porn out there.

06-11-12  06:19pm

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N/A Reply of GCode's Poll

Snap, a tie between discussions and fun, I personally like to see that other people think about the same things I think (is this a common fetish, or is this something a lot of people hate in movies), although I also enjoy reading what people say about various topics.

Overall good stuff :)

06-10-12  08:36pm

Visit My Teen Oasis

My Teen Oasis
Reply of lk2fireone's Review

Great review, loved the description of the cum transaction. A lot of porn is as much comedy as it is arousing.

I only have one question, when you say content is dated you mean it was filmed a while back and they are just now releasing it, right? I remember that being the case with a few sites in the Devils films network, but just wanted to double check.

Thanks again,

06-10-12  08:34pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Considering how much money is still made in porn I'd be surprised if someone banned it. Then again a ton of money is made in prostitution and that's illegal.

With the right people in charge I guess anything could be banned eventually. We just have to be careful who we elect and support.

06-10-12  08:31pm

Visit VideosZ

Reply of lk2fireone's Reply

Ha ha, thank you sir. I try to do my best with the reviews but oftentimes so much comes down to personal preference. Like squirrel mentioned per-crossed sales are a deal breaker for them, for me they're sometimes great deals, sometimes a bit annoying ads, but it all depends from person to person.

06-10-12  08:29pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

I like to organize my stuff by site name and occasionally by intensity of action (Like I add a DP or Anal or Soft to the end of the scenename) That way between searching a folder and the actual folder organization I can easily find stuff.

It also helps when sites name their videos something other than I001.

06-10-12  08:26pm

Visit Yank My Plank

Yank My Plank

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Membership to network, several sites such as yank my plank, real Thai girls, girl 2 school girl, Asian pervert etc. Overall I'd say you get maybe 350-400 image sets and about as many videos (although all are spread over numerous websites)
- 17 videos only for yank my plank last one added in 2006, only two photo sets, for some reason there is no way to download the photo sets for yankmyplank, but they are available as zip on other sites
- 640x400 video, 1024x768 for the images. All videos come as 3-4 minute clips but for yank my plank they have the option of a zip file with all clips.
- Some seriously cute girls, sadly the technical quality of the videos kills it.
- Very amateur-ish style, these scenes are clearly filmed with Asian prostitutes on very poor quality equipment, gives it a strong home-made style
- Mostly Asian girls a lot of Thai Vietnamese girls, but some sites have a handful or white girls (footlovers and handjoblovers)
Cons: - Last update was in 2006, that's probably when they last updated the web design as well. The site feels old, the content feels old. This is an old network that received little love.
- All videos on here look like they were shot with a phone camera. Poor light, poor sound quality, poor resolution.
- The content is spread over several sites making it hard to find and download everything. Some sites are completely empty of content (anal daughters has no movies, no images, nothing) some only have some images or one or two movies. Some allow you to download zip archives of the images, some don't, generally a mess.
- Navigation between the sites is very frustrating with many time-outs, issues with links and incorrect labeling.
- Some sites they advertise just don't exist. You click the link to the site and it takes you to something completely different. Asian Diapers leads you to Asian Pervert main page... probably better this way.
Bottom Line: When I joined the site I didn't expect a revelation. I mean the cartoon gif of a throbbing penis being jacked off on the preview page hinted that this might not be the highest quality site around. But the preview also promised hours of video and exclusive content so I decided to give it a try.

Turns out hours of content means 17 videos available on yankmy plank, each about 10-15 minutes long and maybe another 300 or so in the entire network. I say maybe because this is one of the most disorganized porn networks I have ever seen.

Half the content is accessible through a VIP portal, which you reach when selecting certain sites on the bonus feed page, while half are available through the Yankmyplank main page, when you click on a update in the news section and then navigate backwards from that update to the main page of the specific site. Does that seem complicated? Because it is, way too difficult to navigate for a decent site.

As far as I can tell the entire network was designed by someone with as much knowledge of HTML as I have, which is to say I know how to spell HTML. Everything is very basic and there are countless broken links and inaccurate labels. The network seems to have been last updated in 2006 or 2007 and since then some sites vanished, some link to the wrong pages and some seem inaccessible even with a full membership. Basically this is a mess.

That being said, they do have a lot of cute Asian girls and a few white models, although the video quality all around is horrible and many scenes are only available as clips.

What did save the day for me were the images which for the most part are pretty decent and you can grab them all with an image grabber line Neodownloader, even when the webmasters didn't provide zip archives (most of the time)

The content is mostly softcore, with mostly handjobs and some BJ. There is penetration, but no anal, the angles are not that crazy and most of the time the girls don't look very into it. Overall the action is what you'd expect from a site with Asian prostitutes who are doing a porn movie solely for the money and filmed by guys who are filming Asian prostitutes solely because they are cheap.

Oh also download speeds were horrible and I ended up not getting several photo sets I wanted simply because of time-outs.

Bottom line, I would look elsewhere for Asian content. While some girls look cute it's not worth the hassle and the outdated resolution and webdesign.

06-10-12  08:22pm

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Visit Young Porn

Young Porn

Not worth your time or money

Got a trial membership as a bonus from another network, but trust me this site is not worth even the 3 or 4 bucks of the trial.

It's basically just a portal that sends you to streaming videos from other networks and a handful of image galleries gathered from other sites, no exclusive content here. Even worse, more than half of the sites don't work, they either need another membership or the streaming is broken or the links are incorrect. Maybe this is because I only had a trial and not a full membership, but I doubt it.

I all honesty they do offer you several DVD's which you can stream (you can't save anything) but overall just go with Videobox or Pornstarnetwork or Videosz or any of the other more reputable sites out there.

Also they recommend you disable your firewall when browsing their site... sounds awfully fishy to me.

06-03-12  03:52pm

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Visit VideosZ


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lots and lots of content 11,196 DVD's each with a few different scenes for a total of somewhere like 66,000 scenes. Out of those 472 DVD's are HD quality for a total of 4500 HD scenes.
- Options for download are AVI at 360p MP4 at 520p and for the HD MP4 at 720 p
- Frequent updates (daily DVD's)
- Excellent selection of DVD's with many titles from several different studios, a lot of niches offered, but the focus seems to be on 18 and rough sex. (around 10,000 18+ scenes, 10,000+ anal and only around 5000 mature and under 400 softcore; 500 BBW, 600 European and around 3000 behind the scenes)
- Nice browsing options including a very convenient "Network feature" so you can quickly select the kind of scene you want.
- Streaming works well, good ways to find similar content or more content with the same model, overall good technical webdesign and functional too.
- Great download speeds, very fast no time-outs no issue downloading multiple scenes overnight.
Cons: - A few videos aren't labeled properly/ some links don't lead to the right scene. I remember the site suggesting more Amai Liu (teen) scenes but instead it led me to a group scene with some mature models.
- Many of the older DVD's are only available as avi at 320p, while this is in no way the fault of the site, it's a bit of a disappointment.
- The site has animated adds at the bottom of all pages, no bid deal since it's easy to ignore them, but might be a con for some.
- Sometimes the recommendation engine is not the best. For example after I watched several anal videos on a Max Hardcore scene it recommended me some girl punishing a guy scene. It didn't happen very often, but it was a bit strange.
Bottom Line: It's always hard to review a mega site like this one mostly because the content is taken from DVD's so if the light is bad or the action is filmed at odd angles it's not really the fault of the network. Also the content is not exclusive and it's tough to say how much you could find on other sites in different quality. Would it be a better deal to join Videobox or Videosz or maybe Pornstarnetwork? Hard to say since there is much overlap, but also some DVD's unique to each site.

Also like every other network there are a lot of DVD's here that I wouldn't spend money on, but I can hardly blame the site for it, they are simply offering everything they can get the license to.

That being said Videosz had a lot of content and are updating aggressively, being very close to the offering of Videobox (I think right now Videobox has 1000 or 2000 more DVD's but considering you have to get an extra membership with evilangel or Kink or whatever to get everything on Videobox maybe the two are about equal).

The one downside to Videosz is that some scenes are on here twice under different names, probably as studios released different DVD's with content they already had out there. It's not a huge problem but I'd say I found maybe 30 or so scenes that were on here twice, mostly older stuff. Videosz also seemed to have more of an issue with correctly identifying the actresses in the movies, and sometimes their recommendation engine was a bit off.

I'd also add that Videobox seems to have more studios available on their network, but Videosz has more content from each of the studios they do feature. Also Videosz seems to have more hardcore action and more 18+ while videobox has more of a diversity, with more niches tagged.

Another nice addition to videosz is the so called "networks" like 18&abused, 18 Schoolgirls, 18 babysitters. It's a quick filter link that allows you to get some specific content, now most of it is 18 and something so it's pretty obvious the site's focus is on young adult sex.

Other than this rather minor difference the site is pretty similar to Videobox and the difference is really one of which interface do you prefer. They are both high quality technically, allow for easy preview of the scenes, great download speeds, good value and easy searching.

If you're still purchasing DVD's I'd highly recommend this site or one of the similar DVD network since the quantity of scenes available is unbeatable.

06-03-12  02:03pm

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Visit Nylons X

Nylons X
Reply of lk2fireone's Review

Thanks for the review, I just have a few questions if you don't mind.

Some of the images on the preview site seem to go for the whole cute teen girl aspect (I think they actually have a shot where the guy is holding a stuffer rabbit as he's fucking the girl) is that their spiel here or do they do some sexy lingerie stuff once inside. Basically I'm wondering if it's more of a young girls in stockings or girls in lingerie kinda vibe, if that makes any sense.

Also the videos look really airbrushed in the preview, how is the lighting in the actual videos.

Thanks and good review.

06-03-12  12:53pm

Visit Young Throats

Young Throats
Reply of Stukowitz's Review

Nice to see some more updated reviews for this site, however it would be more helpful if you would post a bit more in each category. I mean what kind of quality is HD, why is the navigation rudimentary, etc. A lot of this stuff has been said before about teen core club, but giving us your personal opinion could help the reader get a better idea of what the site is all about.

Thank you and good luck :)

06-03-12  12:46pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

Fantasy I guess, but it does wet the appetite for trying new things with my partner. Also we watch porn as a couple once in a while just to kinda switch gears.

Other than that I'd say boredom is a big one, especially when stuck camping somewhere only with my laptop.

06-03-12  12:44pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I throw my agreement with the natural over size argument. A well proportioned, natural looking girl is much hotter than a barbie doll IMO.

06-03-12  12:42pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

Yeah, this is one of those questions where it really depends. Some girls just look odd with different hair colors. Not to mention the girls that go for bright pink or blue or some crazy stuff like that.

Overall I'd say it really depends from model to model.

06-03-12  12:26pm

Visit Real Ex Girlfriends

Real Ex Girlfriends

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 265 scenes available as mpg mp4 and wmv The more recent stuff it at around 1280x720, while older scenes are sadly at around 600x400 .
- Frequent updates, this seems to be one of the most updated sites in the Porn Pros network right now with at least one update per week and 6 updates during the month of May.
- Photos available for each scene in zip files (around 1500x800 for the more recent scenes and around 200 images per set, the older stuff is around 800x600 and more like 170 per set)
- Very fast downloads (regularly maxed my internet connection while using Downloadthemall for firefox)
- Access to the entire porn pros network which has a lot of similar content (several of the girls have scenes on other sites like disgraced18)
- Almost all the models are incredibly hot porn stars, big boobs, cute faces, lots of make-up and sexy lingerie.
- A lot of the scenes are focused on long POV blow jobs with some great close-ups. Not many wide angles.
Cons: Porn pros has been around for a while and is a major network with a lot of positive stuff and cons which are mostly subjective stuff. For example none of the girls here are actually amateurs or unknown girls (almost all have at least another video on the network) For some people that's a deal breaker, for me it doesn't really matter that much. Anyhow, the following cons are some minor stuff that could be improved in my opinion

- Some older videos are not lit very well and a sever of the older POV scenes are filmed with a shaky hand-held.
- Streaming while fine most of the time can be a bit slow if you're downloading a video already.
- Navigation is a bit clumsy at time, although all the major tag searches, model pages and the basics are there, somehow the site is not 100% user friendly, it just takes a bit of getting used to.
- The photos could be a bit better several images were blurry or showing the girl from a very unflattering angle (half closed eyes etc.)
Bottom Line: Porn pros is a huge network with tons and tons of content. Even though several of their sites don't update anymore they still have enough videos here to keep you busy for quite a while. Real ex-girlfriends, Disgraced 18, Cumshot surprise and 18 year olds are some of the site that still update frequently and the content here is still high quality classic porn.

I say classic porn because the girls look a lot like old fashioned porn stars, big boobs, make up, high heels and corsets, the whole nine yards. Also the action is not fetish stuff or rough, nasty sex with crazy DP, anal or insane deep throating, here you get just regular vagina, bj sex that reminds one of the early 2000 porn boom. Which is great if that's what you're looking for.

The scenes are roughly divided into POV shots where the "girlfriend" has a surprise birthday party for the guy or just got out of the shower or she gets caught looking for a vibrator. Some quick 5 minute set-up followed by a quick strip show and a long POV blow job scene, sex and facial or creampie.

These are mostly the older videos on the site and some are in lower resolution and a bit darker, but in most of these videos the BJ shots are really hot and well done. There is minimal talking, no interviews, no talking during the sex, and pretty long action (most older scenes are over 30 minutes but some go as long as 60 minutes)

On the other hand a lot of the more recent scenes on the site are shot from a somewhat wider angle, no talking whatsoever, the girl and guy just walk in and have sex. These scenes tend to be a bit shorter, usually around 20 min, but are available in higher resolution, good light and a mix of wider angles and close-ups. Also there is no real set-up and very little stripping. The scenes usually start as the guy walks in and starts giving head to the girl, with some very good close ups of the action. Some of the best guy giving oral to a girl I've seen in a while, mostly because they often manage to get her face as well as the action in the same shot.

Of course there are some scenes that don't really fall in either category, but the point here is that there is a lot of variation and with several settings (kitchen, several hotel rooms, even one or two outdoor scenes) you won't get bored quickly. They even have a scene( Tiffany Brookes I believe) where she is getting fucked on a glass balcony of sorts and several minutes of the action are shot from underneath, really interesting and different stuff.

Overall the content doesn't get stale and between the great looking girls, the different angles and settings the site is a great deal.

One of the biggest downsides for me was that the navigation is functional, but a bit clumsy. For example you can't really see the most popular scenes on just one site, it will show you the most popular scenes on the entire network. There are tags and categories, but again they work for the entire network so I can't really see all scenes tagged "big tits" on real ex girlfriends, I get too see the scenes tagged like that on the entire network. Then again all the girls here have big tits so no big loss :)

Another somewhat strange trend is that fact that some scenes are labeled MILF when the girls clearly look young, or amateur when the girls are clearly no amateurs. Speaking of which, there is at least one scene where they show a 1 minute interview with the girl where she is asked if her agent informed her why she's there today "to have sex, duh!" she answers, then they try to pretend the whole video is an amateur scene shot by a jealous boyfriend because she cheated on him or something like that...a bit of mixed messages here.

Anyhow, don't expect the girls from backroomcastingcouch or woodmancasting to show up here.

But these are mostly subjective complaints and if you like porn stars, classic sex in some fun and different locations/ outfits (do you want to see a girl wear her ugg boots through the entire shoot?) This site will be a nice compilation of videos. Add in the massive network and I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone that's never tried it before, but don't expect very niche material, this is all pretty much mainstream porn here.

06-03-12  12:22pm

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N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Mine caps at around 2 mb, which is pretty standard for the Midwest comcast connection I have.

When I lived in Europe I'd sometimes get 6-8 no problem. Those were good days.

05-28-12  05:55pm

Visit Mom Loves Mom

Mom Loves Mom
Reply of messmer's Comment

I have used Epoch many times in the past and they always had great customer support, strange that they wouldn't answer.

As a word of caution I'd recommend you change your passwords if you used the same for this site and another one, just in case someone hacked it.

05-28-12  05:54pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

While I can take it or leave it in general I have to say GGG is a good site and I joined it in the past for the unique scenes they have.

So I guess my answer is only high quality bukkake :)

05-28-12  05:51pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Why would you not use one? I mean I disable it for sites I want to support, but most of the time the internet ads can get really annoying.

05-28-12  05:48pm

Visit Dancerbating

Reply of BabyGetReal's Review

Thanks for this excellent review. I never heard of this site before, but Lola looks incredibly cute. I have just one question, you mentioned the videos are short, are they high quality though?


05-28-12  05:47pm

Visit Club Tug

Club Tug

Quick impression

The site is a bit of a let down, as mentioned in the review by Standard, the video quality could be better. Their choice of models is also questionable sometimes. I guess they wanted a mix of a mature "mom" teaching a young guy and some younger girls, but overall it feels a bit disjointed.

Also for a site that is focused on handjobs there are several scenes where the guy finishes himself on the woman's chest. I was a bit disappointed not all scenes ended with the girl making him cum.

Even stranger I believe there are a few scenes where the guy doesn't cum at all, somewhat of a strange ending for a hand-job specific site if you ask me.

Not very impressing.

05-28-12  05:22pm

Replies (0)
Visit Rookie Babe

Rookie Babe

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Roughly 100 models, 225 photo scenes and 100 videos.
- Most of the images are at 8000x1200, but a handful are as high as 2048x3072 and some go higher (maybe 25 go as high as 5120x).
- Most girls have a video interview, but it's usually only 5 minutes or less with some pretty standard questions that get repeated for each girl (where do you like to shop, what couldn't you live without etc), some girls also have a bonus video where they talk about themselves, put some make-up on or get dressed. There are one or two solo masturbation scenes, but they are less than 5 minutes as well and not terribly exciting.
- Good light and good framing for the photos. Some great shots of good looking models.
- You also get a written interview with the girl with some playboy like questions (describe your personality, what do you love about your body, etc)
- Decent navigation, easy to download content, good model pages. Overall very decent webdesign, functional and pleasant to use.
Cons: - Very basic site, the photos are the highlight of the site and with only around 40 images in each scene not much is going on here, think Playboy level of softcore. The girls get undressed and pose around a bit, but no close-ups and just one outfit per shoot.
- Videos are here only as a way to help you get to know the girl, but with some very basic questions and only 4 minutes of footage per clip it's hard to get excited about the movies available here.
- While some of the more recent updates are in 5120 resolution some are as low as 1200, when the biggest selling point of the site is the high resolution of the images this is not good. All updates should be high resolution.
- Videos are in pretty bad resolutions 640x400 and not really well lit.
- When trying to stream a video I sometimes got an error that the video wasn't found..not sure why. It was rather infrequent, but still
Bottom Line: I joined the site because several of the girls looked incredibly hot and I expected something similar to the cyber playboy club or met art.

I didn't go into the site expecting hardcore action or even seeing the girls masturbate, but even so I ended up being disappointed by the content here. A lot of the scenes have around 30 images and they are all shot in the same location and same outfit.

Several of the galleries are just the girl standing in front of a white wall or a brick wall or on a couch in front of a white wall. In fact I noticed that they don't even like to move the girls around too much. If a scene is shot in a hotel on a bed, don't expect the girl to also maybe pose in a chair or standing up next to the bed, they will have her maybe stand on the bed, but that's it. I understand that you would need to set the lights again and move equipment around, but when your entire site is dedicated to images you have to offer a bit more.

I also mentioned the outfits, the vast majority of girls are dressed in jeans and t-shirts or very plain skirts. There are maybe one or two scenes where the girl is wearing a corset or stockings and high heels. But for the most part there is nothing here that I couldn't see walking down the street.

Now don't get me wrong I don't mind that the girls bring their own clothes to these shoots, but the reason I would pay for a site that has only softcore images and under 100 images per set would be because I get to see the girls in different outfits, in different poses and under different angles, in glamor shots as well as outdoor shots, here the diversity is minimal.

The content just doesn't feel worth it. I could go to Met-art or X-art and get the same gorgeous looking models in a lot better looking images. (mind you not technically speaking, the photos here are great, well lit and professionally taken, but most of the time the photographer could have chosen better ways to present the girls.)

The other attractive aspect of the site for me was the idea that you could get to know the girls, get to know their unique personality, at least that's what the FAQ of the site promised. I guess the videos are meant to help here, but the low resolution, short length makes it hard to enjoy the limited clips available. The interviews are very brief and don't really help. Compared to Littlemutt for example, you don't get any feel for the models here.

The one area the site shines in is the diversity of the models, they have some gorgeous looking black and asian models. This is one area that I really enjoyed and is lacking from many other photo sites.

In the end the site has some great models but just doesn't use them as well as they could. If we had more outfits, more locations, more video interviews and daily updates in high definition this would be a great site. As it stands now I would recommend Met-art, X-art even Nubiles over this site.

P.S. It only gets a 70 because the site design is very well done and the models themselves are incredible looking.

05-28-12  04:39pm

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Visit Hot Hairy Honies

Hot Hairy Honies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 160 scenes with a somewhat erratic update schedule but it looks like generally they get around 2 scenes up per month. The club 69 network gets an update almost daily though.
- As far as I could tell all exclusive content, a lot of interracial sex with a black male model and mostly European models (some French some Russian good mix)
- All scenes have images but no zip and the quality is only medium (around 525px × 700) They do offer a slideshow option on the site that works moderately well.
- The site does deliver on the hairy promise, all models look very natural
- A mix of models, some mature women, some more overweight girls and several skinny young looking girls. Overall the site seems focused on natural looking women, pretty minimal make-up, not the most flattering light, and pretty standard action
- A lot of stockings, high heels and corsets.
- Good download speeds, no log-outs, no issues streaming content.
Cons: - All videos are only 640x400 resolution, with some less than ideal camera angles (they seem to really like to film stuff sideways here) and rather basic light.
- No real search options. While they provide a search bar looking even for basic stuff like mature or BBW doesn't return anything. They really need a better tagging or content filtering system.
- While it's nice to see a mix of natural looking women, the site is too disorganized. There are 18 yo looking girls as well as very mature MILFS on the same page. It's hard to find the kind of model you're in the mood for.
- Almost all scenes have b/g sex, no anal, no group sex, very little solo or lesbian action. Some older scenes have a bit of a story to them while recent ones are pretty much just gonzo sex that can get a bit boring.
Bottom Line: I joined this site not really because of the hairy aspect as much because of the promise of pretty spectacular creampies and extensive use of corsets and stockings on natural almost amateur looking girls.

On both accounts the site delivers pretty well. All scenes I looked at ended with a creampie or the guy cumming oh her vagina, a nice change to the pretty standard facial at the end of most porn clips.

Also the vast majority of scenes start with the girls in some sort of corset/ bodystocking and a lot of them keep it on the entire time, making for some pretty hot, almost clothed sex scenes.

That being said the technical quality of the videos killed the mood for me. You only get one download option as wmv at 640x400 or you can stream the same quality scene as a flash movie. Even worse the scenes are often not lighted well so you get very dark zoom on the woman's vagina, considering all the girls are hairy/ natural looking and the male model is often black good luck seeing what is going on in the dim lights.

Another disappointment was the lack of a good search option. There is no real way to separate the younger looking models from the older ones. There is no way to select only the handful of lesbian scenes and good luck finding all scenes where the girl does deep-throat.

One telling aspect about the site's technical quality is the fact that the copyright at the bottom of the pages say "materials are © 2009" which is probably the last year the websites were updated.

Bad webdesign, bad video quality, but decent looking models (if you like natural/ amateur looking girls) and pretty okay action.

The one reason I say pretty okay action despite the good cumshots and outfits is that oftentimes the camera work is bizzare. They focus too much on close-ups with several scenes not even showing the girls face until 4-5 minutes into the scene. There are also a lot of strange cuts, one moment she is giving the guy head, the next they are having sex, no transition just a rather strange jump. Add to this tons of side angles and you have some rather odd video choices.

To make things a bit more complicated there are several scenes where this doesn't really apply, the lights are better and the angles less extreme, leading me to believe that they get the content from several directors. However there is no way to tell what is what. Better content tags would have really been helpful here.

The bottomline is that I enjoyed about 30% of the content on the site and the rest of the network did offer some nice action with mature women, but overall the experience was rather disappointing. Higher resolutions and a more modern web design are absolutely necessary for this site, until they make these changes I'd only recommend this to hardcore fans of natural looking women.

05-28-12  01:47pm

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Visit White Teens Black Cocks

White Teens Black Cocks

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 146 scenes and this, along with Try Teens and Hardcore Youth seems to be one of the few sites the Teencoreclub network still seems to update periodically (about 1 scene a month) For more info on updates look at the Teencoreclub main page.
- Great looking girls and the majority of them do anal and deepthroat (older scenes have more regular, vaginal sex but for the past two years or so almost every scene has some anal action).
- Scenes look good with varied camera angles, good light, good combination of wide shots and close-ups
- The last two or three scenes feature a very brief interview and the girl playing with herself before the actual sex, otherwise the action is a bit formulaic with BJ, vagina sex, some anal, back to BJ and cumshot
- Some very very hot girls, including several that don't show up anywhere else on the network (or even on-line as far as I can tell)
- Ever scene has very good quality images, although no zip (I recommend using neodownloader to get the images)
Cons: - Just like the entire teencoreclub network this site suffers from simplistic webdesign, very strange update schedule and no search features.
- Hot models doing anal but pretty much everything else here is a con starting with the price and going all the way to lack of choices when it comes to downloads.
- This is the only site in the network that for me had strange download speeds. Sometimes it would max my internet connection, sometimes it would go as slow as 20kb or time-out. Not sure why or how.
- Price is pretty restrictive
Bottom Line: I always find it tough to review a site from the Teencore club network. On one hand they have incredible models often well before they show up anywhere else on the internet (I believe Isabella Clark and Aspen Richardsen started on this network) but at the same time everything else about the network is barely worth mentioning.

The web design is basic, reminding me of the first porn sites that were available on-line. Customer support is very basic, there are no extras worth mentioning, no different options when downloading a scene (you get WMV and that's it) The pictures don't have zip archives. There is no model search or even content type search. For example on this site about a third of the scenes are only vaginal sex, but there is no way to filter them out.

The list of complaints can go on and on, but in the end this is a network that has great looking girls and not much else going on for it. Still I find myself coming back for them again and again for brief periods of time. I use image grabbers to get all the images and periodically download the updates but in all honesty I wouldn't stay a member for long periods of times.

Now that being said about the network itself I have a few comments on this site in particular.

The scenes here seem to run a bit longer than the rest of the network, most of them 30 minutes or a bit more. The angles of the action seem more varied here and the guy goes from anal to vaginal, back to anal pretty often in many different positions. In fact I'd say this is the most varied site on the whole network, aside from HardcoreYouth (which is compete different in vibe and more similar to firstanalquest or 21 sextury).

Another interesting aspect for me was that many of the scenes seem more realistic with some the girls struggling to accept the male model into their buts. Maybe they film the girls first on this site or the guy is significantly bigger than they experienced before but there are not many massive gapes here, something I was actually pretty pleased with.

Overall, I'd recommend this network to anyone who hasn't been a member before and enjoys young girls doing real hardcore stuff. Try it for a month or two, get all the DRM free content you can get and wait a few months until they get some new content then pay them another visit if you like their type of content.

05-20-12  05:47pm

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Visit Porn Pros Network

Porn Pros Network
Reply of BadMrFrosty's Comment

In my experience every scene still has around 200+ images, so I wouldn't really say "a few" candid shots. The quantity is still there, but I do agree that the style of photography has changed quite a bit from a few years ago.

I guess they are going for a more "casual" almost "girls of myspace" vibe, if that makes any sense. The images look less staged and more natural with stuff out of focus occasionally and more "natural" light. Also I noticed several images where the models seem to be laughing at someone off camera.

For me it's a somewhat interesting change as it makes the whole set more amateur-ish and more intimate like someone just happened to take the images, but I do see how it could be frustrating if you enjoy the older image sets.

Just my 2 cents...

05-20-12  12:26pm

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