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Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World
Reply of pat362's Reply

They have daily updates now and most of the stuff seems new, but I can't guarantee it's exclusive, although I haven't seen it before on any major network I frequent.

Overall I'd say they are one of the better Eastern European sites still active nowadays, but they do need to update their preview tour page.

Hope that helps

04-26-13  07:11pm

Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 27 sites, 832 models, 3034 videos and daily updates.
- For the most part videos come in 3 sizes (WMV high definition(1280x720), FLV medium (700x400) and mobile device ready (usually mp4 @ 480x240), although some scenes have specific apple format)
- All scenes come with zipped photo archives (for the most part image quality is high at 1400x960)
- Easy navigation and while things are a bit basic it's easy to find a particular niche or a particular model.
- Good download speeds while using a download manager (I am located in the US Midwest , not sure how that affected things but I had no issues with time-outs, network errors and everything went down fast)
- There is a forum feature where admins actually answer questions, it's not very heavily used but if you have feedback, questions or issues I have seen them answer within a few hours
- I believe the site is entirely eastern European girls with a strong focus on Russian girls. A lot of very beautiful girls some well know, some less so.
Cons: - The main issue with the network is lack of consistency, for example some scenes have a quick intro with subtitles, others are just a Russian intro with no translation. Some older scenes use a different streaming model and some scenes are MKV format, some are FLV some are WMV. It's to be expected for a network that's been around for such a long time and has as much content as this one, but sometimes it makes it hard to know what you'll get with each scene.
- As almost every eastern European site out there each video saves as a random name ( try to remember what scene 20.setflash.flv is)
- Navigation while functional is a bit basic and we only have a handful of categories to search by, it would also be nice to see a preview of the scene when hovering over the thumbnail (like 21sextury does)
- The light and camerawork could be a bit improved as it feels somewhat basic and can be pretty different from scene to scene (some have a lot of close-ups some are mostly zoomed out shots)
Bottom Line: If I remember correctly this network was one of the first sites I ever joined, back in 2008-2009 and since then I come back to it every so often because of the high quality of the girls here. No matter when I join I always find a bunch of videos I'm happy to add to my collection.

They have numerous very hot girls and while they are not named the same way other sites label them, they have most of the big names as well as several girls I have not seen many other places. (Hennessy is Sveta here in some very hot anal action, Monica is Marta B. Sarah is Benta and so on)

The scenes range from solo masturbation scenes (on beauty angels) to lesbian (spread around the multiple networks, but around 100 scenes or so total) to anal and double penetration. A lot of the girls, wear cute outfits with a decent amount of stockings and different looking skirts and tops. Overall there isn't a lot of make-up and airbrushing leaving the girls looking pretty natural and adorable.

One interesting aspect to me is that the shots on TeenMegaWorld feel a lot more natural and innocent, almost home made/ amateur-ish, which for me makes them a million time more interesting, but it really depends what you're looking for.

A lot of the scenes have pretty basic lighting and there is a nice mix of far shots as well as close-ups, but they don't feel over produced.

Another nice aspect is that most of the girls have multiple shots so you can find them in both solo action as well as anal sex. Overall I'd say the network has a nice mix of the action giving you a good range (but don't go in expecting all anal or all solo stripping shots)

As mentioned above some of the minor complaints I have about the network are mostly related to consistency, I would like the beauty angels site to be all solo action as opposed to the occasional hardcore sex scene. I know I can filter by the solo tag, but why have a different network if the action is the same as teen mania or fuck studies? Also I'd like to see all lesbian scenes have their own site and maybe some new updates for some older sites, which seem dead at this point.

I would also like all scenes to be in the same encoding and same resolution and save with the model's name instead of the cryptic 11.setflash (interestingly enough older scenes do save with the model's name and the video resolution, not sure what changed in the internal structure of the site)

But these are small complaints which barely affect the enjoyment of the action which is great. If you're looking for natural looking girls in both softcore and anal action this network is probably one of the best sites you can join. I mentioned their main competition (21sextury) but that network feels a lot more geared towards mainstream looking pornstars with a lot of make-up and giant boobs. Teen mega world is perfect for anyone looking for hot, innocent looking teens in hardcore scenes and at this point it's one of the few Eastern European networks still updating daily with quality content.

04-14-13  02:58pm

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Visit Elegant Angel

Elegant Angel

Be careful when joining.

I just tried their trial offer for 2 days and have to say I'm somewhat disappointed with some technical issues. First of all the trial only gives you access to streaming videos, but also the site doesn't have several videos they advertise in the join page (or maybe the trial doesn't give you access to them)

Also they will automatically subscribe you to extramoviez, without any warning or option to avoid a membership for them.

The scenes themselves are nice, but the cross-checked sale and the shady advertisement left me with a bad taste.

10-02-12  07:50pm

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Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure
Reply of haagar's Review

Good review and a good looking site.

I am amazed every time a webmaster listens to the users but if you give constructive feedback instead of just complaining they often help you out and if they don't they're not worth your money ;)


07-08-12  06:52pm

N/A Reply of Wittyguy's Poll

Unless they bring out some crazy new device that can do everything my PC can and also cooks me breakfast I'm good for a while ;)

Seriously after I got a Nook tablet for my comics, books and porn I really don't see the need for yet another device...

07-08-12  06:50pm

N/A Reply of pinkerton's Poll

Looking at the poll the majority seems to prefer creampies so please tell me why facials are the standard? As a fan of Creampies I am always disappointed by the last few minutes of a scene. They could have more scenes where the guy cums twice and appease everyone.

07-08-12  05:50pm

Visit Woodman Casting X

Woodman Casting X

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Over 1600 casting scenes (interview with the girl and softcore stripping), 594 Hardcore scenes (about half are actual sex scenes and half are casting+sex) and 146 behind the scenes videos.

- Around 636 casting photo sets (softcore stuff) and another 156 hardcore photo sets. Each set only has around 20 images or less, but they are available as zip archives and are pretty high quality at around 3000x4000

- Older content is lower quality and oftentimes just a few minutes long (for the casting and BTS, hardcore scenes are all around 25-30 min) However most sex scenes are available at 720x520 with most stuff from the last year or so as high as 1920x1080.

- Various options for downloading a scene, and very fast servers. No more time-outs or random log-outs when I set up a long list of downloads (see my negative comment from last year)

- A few improved ways of navigating the site (you can select to see only girls with sex and you can filter the girl's nationality)

- Hot models!
Cons: - While navigation improved in certain areas it could still use a better search function (right now the search bar is basically useless and there is no category search for anal, threesome etc)

- While you can filter the girls by nationality a better filter would have been language of casting interview since many of the older ones are in French.

- All the casting+hardcore scenes feature Pierre having sex with the girl while filmed by a static camera... a bit disappointing even compared to the two or three cameras used by Backroomcastingcouch or Exploited college girls.

- Updates are a bit random. While we get daily updates they are mostly casting videos. I'd say some months we get two or three hardcore scenes, some months 6-7. A lot of the casting scenes feature very broken English and little nudity.

- The site advertises heavily for Wakeupnfuck, Pierre's other site which cost another 40 bucks or so.

- Some content is available on other sites
Bottom Line: Pierre Woodman was probably the first guy to do casting videos with innocent looking girls he then convinced to do DPs and Anal. He worked for a ton of big name porn studios and has a huge library of casting videos and Behind the stage videos a lot of which are fascinating to watch.

There is nothing quite like seeing a girl be shy when first interviewed, no make up, no fancy clothes, just a girl "next door" hesitant about the porn world. Except you also get to see her doing a crazy scene with three guys a few minutes later. The appeal of Woodman is this transformation from regular girls to pornstars and this site is great for that. You get to see over 1500 casting scenes and roughly a third of those girls go on and have hardcore sex on camera. For many of them you can even use the forum and ask Pierre about juicy stories or details (one hesitant girl didn't do porn shots but hung out with the crew and had sex with them in between shooting. Another girl had her very first sex with Pierre... the stories go on and on and while they may be a bit exaggerated they add a certain Risque flavor to the videos.)

Once you consider that the girls are for the most part incredibly hot European models and almost all scenes on the site involve anal and/ or DP (even some rare double anal if you look around closely) the site is very interesting.

Another bonus (I already mentioned a bit) is the forum interaction where Pierre answers questions and tells stories about the girls. It's frustrating to hear how many of the castings also have a hardcore scene, but Pierre can't release it because the girl didn't sign a proper contract :P

Unfortunately there are some downsides too. First of all a lot of the older interviews are in French and even the more recent ones don't have very good English. I really wish they would use subtitles more often.

The Forum also uses a lot of French and there are constant promises that we'll see an update with a particular girl that does a casting, but her Hardcore or BTS video never goes up. In fact since I last joined Pierre added only a handful of BTS videos, which is really a shame as many of them are very interesting.

Speaking of updates a lot of new scenes are going to Wakeupnfuck which is a sister site focused on POV scenes where Pierre has sex with very hot models. However membership to Woodmancastingx won't even get you a discount on Wakeupnfuck. In fact the rather expensive membership here won't give you any kind of bonus features. (A while back I think there was talk of having live shows but after a few of those no more updates)

The site navigation could also use some improvement. There is a section for updates where you can see the different types of videos and there is a section for girls where you can filter by nationality and girls who have sex, but there is no way to filter a specific category of sex and
sometimes links are wrong or a girl is featured twice in the line-up. Basically the site needs a bit of re-design.

I'd also like to note that a lot of the older content here is available through Pornstarnetwork and one nice feature on Pornstarnetwork is that they put the casting and the hardcore scene in one video so you can easily see the interview then skip a few minutes and see the girl having sex. The way the site is organized now that would be impractical, but I'd like some way to queue movies.

Another frustrating aspect of the site is that whenever you click on a video the page loads and the scene starts playing immediately. This is a pain if you just want to download a bunch of videos and don't care about streaming, but I guess it might be a personal preference so I won't take too many points off. Previewing a scene could also be more user friendly...

On one hand I'm glad to see more hardcore videos than before and some easier navigation options on the other hand the price of the site is still very high and the fact that Wakeupnfuck is not included in the price is a disappointment. The forum is full of promises that more hardcore or at least BTS will be released soon but in the meantime it feels a bit strange that after almost a year absence I discovered very little new here.

Bottom Line: If you really love Pierre's stuff and want more of his stuff the site is for you if not Backroomcastingcouch or Exploitedcollegegirls might be a better fit. As it stands right now, without better browsing tools, without some sort of discount or membership to Bonus sites this is a strong 79 very close to 80.

07-08-12  05:47pm

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N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

All over the place. Just because you like porn doesn't mean anything more than the fact that you like porn.

07-08-12  05:00pm

Visit Rodney Moore

Rodney Moore
Reply of mbaya's Review

Oh wow, somehow I managed to never hear of Rodney before, but this site sounds like exactly the kind of content I enjoy watching.

It's a shame the content is older, but I'm sure the quality of the models will make up for that.

Thanks for the thorough review.

07-08-12  04:32pm

N/A Reply of careylowell's Poll

This is an interesting question, but the answers don't cover a lot of ground. I think it will be a lot more diverse, and I think they will have to find new ways to bring in revenue as free tubes are cutting into their profits. We might even see all add supported porn sometime soon.

Who knows, but it will be very diverse, that's for sure.

07-01-12  12:29pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

I like to download almost everything from a site so there is always a ton of stuff that needs deleting. I just can't get myself to use streaming.

07-01-12  12:26pm

Visit Try Teens

Try Teens
Reply of pat362's Review

Good review and good points about the network as a whole going down in quality/ dying. I loved this site and hope it will stick around, but in recent years it's really started to have troubles updating.

Also did you by any chance notice a cap on downloads? Sometimes when I try to get a bunch of videos it limits me after a handful.

Anyhow, thanks for the info

07-01-12  12:19pm

Visit Femdom Time

Femdom Time

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 190 movies and photo sets with the last update on 29.05.2012 (it seems like the site updates very infrequently and the quality of the updates can vary a lot. Everything seems to have stopped in 2009 and they are only now resuming updates)
- Videos are around 382x240 resolution and only available as WMV full-length or clips.
- The images are more interesting with 864px × 1,296px high resolution options. Zip archives are also present.
- The site needs a bit more web design love but is workable.
- A nice idea was that each item used in a scene is presented in a separate photo with a description.
- Some cute female models and a lot of corsets and stockings. Also the action varies a lot from scenes where a guy is forced to pleasure a woman to scenes where the male is pissed on or his genitalia is punished in all sorts of odd ways.
- There seems to be a strong focus on heels and feet.
- Decent download speeds
Cons: - Video resolution is a huge downside. Also several images are not really timed well (expect many shots of models blinking or being caught with a goofy look on their faces)Images where the models just sit around without any action are also abundant.
- Updates are sporadic. They promised several new scenes for March and May but so far nothing. All of 2012 saw 3 updates, the last one before that was in 2009. I'm hesitant to call the site completely dead, but they need to show more involvement.
- No search features, also some of the models on the model page are not available on the actual site. Overall the webdesign feels dated and could use a face-lift.
- A personal thing here, but most of the male models didn't seem very interested in what was going on. Most of the time they are completely flaccid and have "far-away" looks on their faces.
- There are some ads in the member's section. Nothing to major, but they are there.
Bottom Line: I'm not normally into bondage, but what attracted me to this site were some of the cute models and the promise of corsets, high heals and stockings. I also liked the idea of a site where the girls would do whatever turned them on and get satisfied by using the guys as basically walking toys.

On one hand the site does have several good looking models, although they tend to skew more towards the mature MILF area than I'd like. They also wear some very exciting outfits and the girls wear clothes in most scenes, even in several scenes where they have sex with the guy, making for some pretty decent shots.

Unfortunately the action is not really what I was hoping for. I had hoped that the women would be at least pretending to have orgasms, instead if anyone comes in the scene it's the guy, while the woman tries to look mean as she is jerking him off. A bit of a let down were also the lesbian scenes where the girls don't interact with each other very much. The entire focus of the scenes here are the males who get analy probed and have clamps placed on their balls... both of which don't really seem to be very pleasing to the girls, but I guess that's the spiel here.

Combine this with what I believe was a complete lack of interest on the part of the male models and the whole site doesn't really sell me on the femdom fantasy. Overall I was left feeling like everyone involved was just there for the money.

Now don't get me wrong, there are a few shots that are interesting. Seeing a girl blow a guy who is suspended upside down is rather hot, especially since she's wearing a very hot red corset, but the scene just ends. I wish she would have masturbated to a climax or otherwise used him to pleasure herself.

Maybe it's just me and my expectations though so I won't doc points to heaving because of this.

What I will take points off for is the lack of better videos. The majority are low resolution and rather short. Sure the images are hot but the lack of better clips is really disappointing.

Also there is no really easy way to navigate the site. There are a few categories such as Bondage, Other sex, Femdom, but only Female Domination has more than a handful of scenes under it. There is also no search for anal or pee or lesbian scenes. Even worse several of the models are not present on the model page and in return some girls on the model page are not available on the site. Someone needs to update some links.

Overall I feel like there have to be better femdom sites out there or at least ones that update regularly, however if you like photos and the models in the tour look really hot there are some great images in here. As long as you don't expect anything mind blowing.

06-26-12  05:39pm

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Visit Yank My Plank

Yank My Plank
Reply of Gazette Risque's Reply

Ha ha, I'm glad I could help. I like to take a few risks with unknown sites and once in a while I find a gem, this is not the case here. There are many other much better sites out there for Asian content.

Good luck and thanks,

06-26-12  04:33pm

Visit X-Art

Reply of Claypaws's Reply

I'm glad you enjoyed the review. The site is great as long as you are looking for a more soft feel to your erotic material, and of course as long as you want tons of solo masturbation and some good bg scenes. For more focus on pohotgraphy I'd recommend met-art.

06-26-12  04:31pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

I'd have to say that the reviews got me here in the first place and they are what I still love, but all of the above seems the best choice here.

06-25-12  11:37am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

Ha ha, choose your adventure pools.

But in all seriousness read a review before joining unless you have money you can burn :)

06-25-12  11:36am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Yea, I agree with most people on here, the free ones are okay but I don't see the point of paying for them since they are less than the more readily available videos.

06-25-12  11:35am

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

Tons... probably more than 100. I do delete almost all the stuff afterwards, but I enjoy having videos on my hdd as opposed to streaming.

I'm surprised people don't download more...

06-25-12  11:26am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Why would you leave it connected all the time? I use mine as a back-up of important stuff so I only use it when it's needed.

06-25-12  11:23am

Visit Twistys


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Tons and tons of content, they claim around 5467 video sets and thousands more image sets. There is plenty of stuff to download here, even ignoring some of the older content which has a lower resolution you won't be bored.
-Frequent updates with daily new content (2 videos and 3 image sets every day!) Each image set has zip archives and around 100 images. The videos come in different viewing options including clips or full length.
- Lots of good looking porn models, a lot of well known names (Lexi Belle, Sasha Rose, Chastity Lynn) as well as several new faces.
- The content I believe follows a Glamour approach with beautiful pictures and some good if rather softcore video sets. Great light, good make-up and some amazing outfits, lots of corsets and stockings. Overall a decent amount of variation.
- Navigation is easy, good search categories and it's easy to find content form one model or similar models.
Cons: - Despite the diverse models and outfits the action can feel a bit formulaic at times. This is a big network that tries to cater to the mainstream porn so if you have a specific fetish you might want to go somewhere else. Also don't expect the "hardcore" scenes to be truly hardcore as defined by eastern European anal sites. The site caters to a mostly glamour/ softcore vibe with some great lesbian scenes thrown in the mix. Overall the vast majority of the content and the best stuff is solo masturbation of good looking models.
- They have ads in the member area, nothing to intrusive but it might bother some.
- Some downloads were slow for me, but it might be a unique problem. For some reason I couldn't use my usual download manager with the site and had to use firefox's standard download option.
Bottom Line: I'm not really that interested in softcore and solo masturbation videos so I avoided Twisty's for a long time. However they now have around 218 hardcore videos with about 5 new hardcore scenes added each month, combine that with some great looking models and the huge archive and I was sold. Now let's take a look at what I bought :)

First of all I would not recommend getting the trial unless you're really on the fence about joining. The pass only gets you access to the images and the videos are really with checking out before judging the site. There are some great scenes here with some very passionate girls. I have to say that the lesbian scenes here were some of the best I've seen almost anywhere.

In fact all the girls seem to really be into the scenes and there are very few awkward moments so common in solo scenes were the girl isn't interested.

What probably helps is that the vast majority of the girls here are American models who show up on other sites as well. These are girls who know what they're doing and are enjoying it. On the other hand this means that you shouldn't expect the kind of girls that show up for exploited college girls here.

For the most part the models look like glamour girls. Think Playboy but with a dirtier twist. The girls have professional make up, there are lots of big boobs and the general feeling of large porn-star network.

There's nothing bad with this, just be aware that this is not a niche site and while there are some fetishes present here most of them are older sets from 2006 or 2010 (there are only 24 domination or rough scenes here, about 20 scenes with older women and although they have around 300 anal scenes most of them are solo ass play. Also the last time they uploaded a scene with multiple guys was 2009)

That being said the site does offer a lot of value for the right person. The navigation and search options are pretty much flawless. The frequent updates, the huge archive the good looking girls it all combines to form a great deal.

Another nice touch is the effort Twisty's is putting in creating a community. They ask for feedback on models, you can comment on videos and photo-sets and they have a Treat of the month and the year, a sort of playboy playmate. They now also offer live shows once in a while, so overall good stuff that makes for a much nicer and unique membership experience.

While the majority of the action didn't really speak to me I still found dozens of scenes that I enjoyed and will have to join up again in the future.

06-25-12  10:33am

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Visit Ten.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Access to network, with several interesting sites such as Asian 18, Ass meat, Sorority Sluts, etc. Mostly hardcore stuff gathered from various other studios including 21 sextury, Fusion X etc. Overall all about 3766 scenes on ten.com
- Decent amount of content, but nowhere near the likes of Videobox. (Anal(1110 videos) Tits(3218 videos) and even less when it comes to fetish content like BDSM or BBW)
- Navigation is relatively easy, it's easy to go to different sites in the network, easy to find specific categories (BDSM, Teen etc) as long as you're only looking for fairly mainstream stuff. No really niche stuff
- Several types of streaming available (from standard to HQ) although only around 1768 trully HQ scenes
- They have an iphone app. Couldn't test it out since I don't have an iPhone, but I guess it's a nice bonus.
Cons: - No downloads of any kind, only streaming.
- Several sites share the content. The same scenes from 21 sextury can be seen on ass meat (the anal focused site) and ten.com.
- Several categories are rather obscure. There is a WTF category, not sure what that is supposed to mean. Also gonzo and POV are available but the content is the same for both.
- No easy to search studio page.
- Gay porn is mixed into the regular porn, so out of 1110 anal videos about half are "his first gay sex/ his first gay cock"
Bottom Line: Ten.com and the entire network offered here is a decent option if you want to experience several studios and only want streaming, but it's by no means a mind blowing experience and almost in all cases you'd be better off with a bigger network.

First of all I understand a few months back they offered download as well as streaming, but this isn't the case anymore. The site is all streaming now, which works well but might put many people off so be warned. I had no issues streaming in different resolutions, but again, there is no way to save scenes.

Now that that's out of the way let's look at the good part. There are several good scenes available here, some from DVD's some from other sites and studios. It's relatively easy to search through them either using categories or searching for a star's name or a studio granted you know the studio name since there is no main studio page listing everyone who contributed content here.

Some categories are a bit misleading and several are redundant (why do we need a small tits, college and pettite when all lead to the same handfull of scenes?). Also I couldn't find an easy way to filter the gay porn. Luckily the previews are animated so you can see exactly what type of scene you're getting before clicking on it.

There are some ads in the main page of the site and the update schedule is a bit old (it was telling me about some scenes that were uploaded two days ago,) but overall the technical aspect of the site is not bad. A studio page and more relevant categories could help, as would a top hottest scenes or top new updated scenes, but overall it works okay.

The scenes themselves are very varied, depending from studio to studio. Some are hotter than others and some were rather disappointing on who or in quality, but again it depends on who originally created them. Overall I don't think there is any exclusive content here, which is a shame.

Bottom line: the site is okay, but not stellar. The lack of pictures or downloads really hinders as does the lack of exclusive content. Overall I'd say join some other bigger network and get more bang for your buck. However if you're really bored with the major sites and have some cash to spare you might want to try this network, who knows you could find a studio you really like and follow them next.

06-17-12  01:57pm

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Visit Teen Core Club

Teen Core Club


Not sure when they added it but now the network subscription also gives access to a new site called teen anal casting. It's a pretty hardcore site with some double anal, massive gapes as well as some pretty nice behind the scenes shots (they show the girls taking showers and cleaning up after the scene is over.)

So far only 10 scenes are available, but they are all very high resolution (1920x1080)and looking pretty good.

The usual complaints of no zipped photo archives, very basic site design and all the rest still apply.

06-17-12  12:09pm

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Visit Discount XXX Pass

Discount XXX Pass

Quick impression

Joined this network through Discount Video Pass, which is a clone of this site.

Read my review if you're interested in more details, but basically there is nothing really interesting here. Your money would be better spent on another network. The categories, while varied are not as exciting as one would expect. Mostly older DVD hardcore porn.

A lot of dead links and even the stuff available is non-exclusive.

For right now, unless they doa major face-lift best to avoid this site.

06-17-12  12:04pm

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Visit Discount Video Pass

Discount Video Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Varied content and it looks like there is a lot of stuff around here if you can find it and it works.
- Videos and images in various sizes/ quality levels, a hand-full of higher resolution content here and there, overall with some serious digging you can find some gems, but most of the stuff is lower quality and pretty old.
- Some cute models, some decent action, but it's hard to judge since each site available through the network access is very different.
- The photo albums are the best part of the site, with over 500 galleries that range from 526px × 700px to 1,333px × 2,000px A lot of asian girls too.
- A lot of different categories, including some cartoons and other odd stuff like that, porn tetris is also available.
Cons: - Almost all content is provided by 3rd party sites, several of which are no longer around (electracontent is the big one that wouldn't let me access anything and sadly a lot of the hardcore and teen stuff was hosted by them)
- Navigation is very basic, the site looks like a very old network site that hasn't been updated in ages. Links are repeated, no search features, no model pages, several dead links. Clicking on the image gallery link leads to the Asian image gallery and you have to backtrack to find the main index. Overall a huge mess.
- No exclusive content.
- Ads on the main page and they try to up-sell you when signing up. Several links to other paid sites that try to sell you a membership.
- Several videos are available only for streaming, no zip archives for images
- Content is old and is mostly in low resolutions.
Bottom Line: This is just another site set up to allow access to several other third party content providers. There is nothing new or really interesting here and almost all of the content they provide as a main attraction is available as a side bonus on some other networks.

Once inside the members page you have the option to go to several other sites that are loosely grouped by the type of content they offer. For example there is a small thumb for gangbang platinum under the hardcore grouping, you click it and after a quick warning screen you're directed to platinumfeeds page for Gangbang DVD's. Once you go back to the main page you see another small thumb for Hardcore Puppets, curious as to what the hell that could be you click it and bam! you're now on sexentertain.com watching some hardcore DVD.

In theory it sounds like an okay deal, one payment and access to a bunch of sites that have a bunch of different categories and what not. The problem is that each site has different standards, Platinumfeeds is okay, but they are only a streaming service. Some other sites only have downloads of a handful of low quality clips. Gentlemencontent and electracontent which host a lot of european and teen sites seem to both be gone for ever with their domains available for sale. Some work and some just lead you to a big error page. You never know what you're getting.

That being said the network does offer some access to a few interesting sites like some brainpass sites and the previously mentioned platinumfeeds. Thy also host several image galleries which were mildly interesting, nothing too surprising, but decent hardcore action, although no zip files were available.

They also offer some other bonuses like a few little flash games and some erotic stories. Nothing that you couldn't find for free on the web, but I guess it's there.

Overall, the site feels old and dated. There is no reason to subscribe here over videobox or videosz or any other big network that offers DVD's or exclusive videos. Sure you get a lot of different categories here, but considering that half the links don't really work, they are constantly trying to up-sell and all the content is old, trust me pay a bit more and go with one of the sites that are top rated. You are not missing anything here.

06-17-12  12:01pm

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