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Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of atrapat's Comment

Hey, I like it. I mean if it keeps porn affordable in these tough economic times why not advertise. I prefer this to pop-up banners and I'm sure the actors who get a few more bucks like them too.

11-07-11  05:41pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

Hmm, does a Fleshlight count as a sex doll? I mean that's the first thing that comes to mind.

Sadly it wasn't that much different than my hand so eventually I just threw the thing out. Never tried anything else since, except the one that comes attached to the wife :)

11-07-11  05:39pm

Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel
Reply of elephant's Review

Very good review.

I am just curious ( and maybe you won't be able to help, maybe you will) Do you think it's a better deal to join Evil Angel directly or just join through Videobox? It sounds like they don't have all their content here so maybe it would be easier to just get the DVD's available on Viddeobox...

Anyhow, thanks for the info, will have to get a membership here in some way or another soon.

11-07-11  05:35pm

Visit VideoBox

Reply of littlejoe's Review

Good review.

Caught the good and the bad about Videobox.

I am curious what kind of download speeds did you get? My membership goes up and down depending on the time of month or something :) Just curious to compare.

11-07-11  05:32pm

Visit Zero Tolerance On Demand

Zero Tolerance On Demand

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 6,400 scenes (around 1900 anal, maybe around 1000 teen, the rest is pretty standard hardcore. Around 2700 HD )
- Videos are available in several options Avi, Wmv, The HD is 1080 and looks pretty good. They also have Ipod formats and streaming is available in several formats so it could probably work on tablets and other such fancy devices too.
- Around 4,100 image galleries (not very high res 600px × 900px, but they have zip archives so at least that) slideshow option available too.
- Very nice navigation. One of the best I've seen in a while. They have a nice category filter as well as all sorts of break downs by actors/ update time, and so forth. Good, robust site design, very professional.
- Nice bonus features for members such as a history of all scenes you watched. This makes it easy to find a scene you remember, but can't find.
- A lot of interesting DVD series and all major porn stars are here. Very good selection of mainstream stuff with a focus on buts and anal
Cons: First of all I want to say that this site is one of the best mainstream sites I've visited in a while and as such the cons are mostly personal and highly subjective (take with a grain of salt).

- The scenes are a bit mainstream, if you want a specific niche this is probably not your site. Even the more specific stuff (like their stocking stuff) is filmed and edited like mainstream stuff and feels like it. Also all actresses seem to have that mainstream look to them. However if you like DVD porn this is a pretty good site.

- Like all major porn sites recently they seem to have a bunch of spoofs/ parodies. This particular site seems to focus on spoofing horror movies and TV shows (silence of the lambs porn anyone? how about to catch a predator?) It's mostly a personal opinion but some things should not be spoofed into porn.

- Some older content is really poor quality and like most huge catalogs of porn quality of scenes can depend a lot from DVD to DVD
Bottom Line: I feel that most major DVD porn studios really push the market to a different level. I mean it's hard to critique someone who offers almost 7000 scenes, each one around 20 minutes or so. Considering that around 3000 of those scenes are available as HD and we have a lot of very good looking models (Sasha Grey, Bree Olsen, April O'neil, Lexi Belle, etc.) doing hardcore action this site is a great deal.

However, like any mainstream site don't join this place expecting some very specific content. They are not focused on any one thing in particular so there is a good mix of action in the scenes with nothing too rough or crazy. They have some orgy scenes, a very decent amount of anal, but no BDSM, not that many actress interviews (a lot of the behind the scenes stuff is not very interesting IMO, just videos of the photo shoots) and no really amateur stuff.

Also, the models are for the most part well known and have the "porn star" look. There is a serious amount of make-up used here, a lot of strong lights and pretty standard DVD camera action.

Basically if you are looking for a very specific type of porn you'll probably have better luck somewhere else, but if you want to replace DVD's and like a good mix of scenes this is a great place to start.

Of course it all depends on what kind of porn you like and the content here falls strongly in the mainstream category. The lighting and camera work, while different from DVD to DVD was very professional, if a bit repetitive. The models look great, but have a bit of a "porn star" look to them (no Russian or exotic girls, although we get a good selection of black girls.)

On a personal level I felt like they focus a bit too much on spoofs recently with a bunch of TV shows (desperate housewives, deal or no deal, taxicab confessions) and several horror movies. I guess some people like them, but I felt like they were just a cheap way to attract attention. It's like watching a regular porn scene but at the end a guy in a mask shows up and there is some ridiculously fake blood thrown around. Guess it's a taste question but for me POV, no story porn is always better,

Another downside for me was that they don't really seem to care about photos as they only upload them in pretty small resolutions and although there is a slideshow option it never worked on my PC. Also a lot of the images are very similar (here is the girl a little to the left) This would be understandable if they offer 300 images, but they only have like 130 or so per scene.

Now that I got my critiques out of the way I have to mention some of the great aspects of the site. I love their navigation and web design. I think it's almost as good ad Videobox. The category search worked well for me, I love the history of all the scenes I have watched. There are options to upvote or comment on a scene (and the community if pretty funny at times). The download speeds were great for me and overall I have to say that the web masters here were true pros.

I already talked a bit about the content, but have to mention that they offer some great series like 2 young 2 fall in love, a bunch of ass and but related stuff. Overall I am certain you will find something that caters to your tastes.

Finally, they upload daily and have been very consistent for quite a while so no concerns there. A good site with good content for a pretty decent price. In my opinion clearly worth the price.

11-07-11  05:29pm

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

As everyone else already noted it depends a lot on the scene (solo/ boy girl/ lesbian, etc...).

I would also like to say that it depends on the type. In photos I love it when the girl looks at you, in videos it depends a lot on the type of the scene...

11-07-11  03:50pm

Visit My Teen Oasis

My Teen Oasis

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 550 videos with a new scene update every 7 days. Most videos are around 720 x 528 with some of the older stuff only around 480.
- Everything is available in a multitude of formats and WMV as well as MP4. They also offer ipad and smartphone formats.
- Streaming and downloading worked just fine for me. No time-out issues even on weak connections and no major navigation issues.
- Access to the whole devils films network along with this (in total you get several thousand scenes)
- A lot of hardcore action, almost half the scenes are anal and I'd say all involve deepthroat and pretty rough hardcore.
- They also offer images with some scenes, but not as many as the videos and not as good looking. Overall the photos are a bit of a disappointment. The videos are the main feature here.
- The videos have categories and you can quickly sort scenes (all anal, all handjob, etc)
- Some very cute latina and white models (Lexi belle, Bree Olsen, etc)
Cons: - The site has mostly videos taken from Silverstone DVD, but it's not really the same site, as TBP review suggests. There are some scenes from Pink visual and Combat zone as well as a few other solo scenes that are not available on the Silverstone DVD site. I doubt any of this content is exclusive though.
- Several scenes are mis-tagged (they claim there is anal in the scene but there is none or they don't tag the anal, but there clearly is some, one or two wrong actors are tagged, small stuff mostly but nonetheless)
- Very varied types of scenes. The older Fresh euro flesh or pick-up lines scenes are very amateur-ish and look like the old Rocco or Woodman scenes. The more recent HD scenes are more similar to big network content like reality kings. Makes it kinda hard to know what you get in each scene.
-No model index. Making it kinda hard to find all scenes by one girl. There is an actor category break-down, but it's not the best search function
Bottom Line: For around 10 dollars you get access to about 20 sites with somewhere around 11,000 scenes in total. Most of the videos are hardcore and there are tons of European amateur girls doing pretty intense action. If you enjoy hardcore action this network is a great deal, especially because of the Rocco Siffredi site which has some impressive action (although devils films is very good as well).

A lot of the models in the network are pretty young looking and this site seems to collect several of the teen scenes from other sites along with some content from DVDs by other companies and some scenes that seem to be shot for the web and don't belong to any DVD series (I'm thinking of a few scenes entitled My HD teens... not sure if that's exclusive to them or what, maybe someone can clarify in the comments).

Maybe it's optimistic but it seems the more recent stuff is all different from the rest of the network and I believe that as the site keeps growing they will add more and more content that is not on other network sites.

I also wanted to mention, again, that they are uploading regularly again with a new scene every seven days. The TBP review is a bit outdated in that aspect.

When all is said an done I'd say maybe 60% of content is identical to SilverstoneDVD and the rest is new.

The other negative point about this site and the entire network in fact is that they don't care very much for images. Most photosets are small (around 30 images or so) a lot of them are just screen caps to make things worse there are no zipped archives.

Now that we cleared up what the site is and what the main negative points are let's take a look at the positive side.

The videos here are pretty good with some seriously hot models doing intense action. The girls are cute and several do anal as well as deepthroat. I'd say other sites in the network have even better content but for the most part what we have here is decent (not as much DP and ass too mouth as other sites, but nonetheless.).

The content can be roughly divided into older DVD's which are European amateur stuff with very little story and about 20 minutes or so of action. Then there is the more recent stuff which is good quality, but a bit generic. (Girl tries out for porn, pervy coach tricks cheerleaders into sex, sexy nurse, etc) I hope that going forward they keep the spirit of the older stuff but use new hot girls.

All things said and done the site is a nice bonus, but not really a main attraction yet. If they keep up the regular updates of content that is not available on other network sites they will become great pretty soon. That being said both Rocco Sifredi's site and devils films have tons of young adult content so you won't miss out by joining this network.

10-30-11  09:33pm

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Visit Only Carla

Only Carla

Quick Impresion

The site stopped updating back in 2009, although the archives cover about 4 years of regular updates. The images are in good quality with the highest resolutions close to 2000x3000.

The videos are very short and not really worth it, but several of the sets are petty hot.

Everything here is softcore and fits pretty well with the onlytease site theme. A lot of various outfits and stockings as well as corsets and some scenes with two girls (although not much touching or petting goes on between the two.)

Overall a decent site if you like Carla and a nice bonus to the onlyallsites membership.

10-30-11  07:41pm

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Visit Only Secretaries

Only Secretaries

Quick impression

I got access to this site by joining onlyallsites, which also give access to onlytease.com. I'd say that this site is very, very similar (check out my review for onlytease if you want more details)

The basic idea is that they offer tons of images of gorgeous girls pretending to be secretaries. There is a strong focus on stockings along with various skirts, high heels and some more exotic outfits (airline attendant anyone?)

They have videos, but they are not great quality and there is a bit of repetition in the scenes since all the girls only do striptease.

The only major difference from the onlytease site is that they focus on a bit more business look here. although many girls have bright red stockings or dresses that would get you fired in many offices. There are also some sets shot outdoors or in a work out room so there is some variation.

A good site if you like glamor softcore, but make sure you read the reviews for only tease before joining, and make sure you truly want softcore images, otherwise Nubiles, X-art or first time girls might be better sites for you.

10-30-11  07:32pm

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Visit Only Tease

Only Tease

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A lot of content. You get around 3 updates every day and the archives go back all the way to 2002. According to their specs they have over 1 million images... pretty crazy. They started adding high quality images at the end of 2007 and now all sets are available as 1,066px × 711, 2,048px × 1,365 or 3,000px × 2,000px
- They also offer videos (although they are around 5 minutes each and I wouldn't call them the highlight of the site)
- Tons and tons of models and an incredible amount of outfits (anything from Halloween costumes to secretary, nurse and night gowns) Tons of stockings and any type of underwear or stocking that you can think off.
- A pretty active forum with many members and wembasters posting all sorts of behind the scenes info.
- Pretty decent search function that lets you find several per-selected categories quickly (want to find all girls with petite breasts, or all girls in a Dorothy costume?)
- If you get onlyallsites you have a network with a few similar sites.
Cons: - This is a very softcore site. If I had to compare it with anything mainstream I'd say it's Maxim with a bit more boob.
- Videos are rather awkward (they don't have any sound and many of the girls look very nervous as they stare at the camera. In one video I watched you can hear some crows in the background, another one some car sounds... the whole thing just felt amateurish and awkward )
- Some photo sets are mislabeled and the girls don't even get nude/ show their breasts.
- They have pretty big ads on the main page and there seems to be no way to get rid of them. Also they have a bunch of "interactive" ads to their live camera shows which can get frustrating.
- They have a few shots with two girls, but they never really touch each other or kiss. It just feels like a bit of a waste.
- More model related search options would be nice. I'd like to see all models in a certain age range or of a certain ethnicity/ hair color etc.
- Some inconsistencies in how sets are saved
Bottom Line: First of all don't join this site expecting hardcore action. In fact don't even expect to see every model fully nude. This site is one of the most softcore ones I have ever joined (including playboy and met-art).

Another huge downside is that the videos are not up to modern standards. They are all very short (under 10 minutes)often not very high quality and I found them to be rather awkward.

Let me explain what I mean about awkward videos. Most of the scenes I watched featured the model introducing herself then trying to dance to nonexistent music. You can hear noises from the outside (as well as camera noises) and most of the girls seem confused as to what they should do. They rub themselves, but don't really play with their breasts or vagina. They try to dance and pull their hair up, but somehow it just feels like they were given no direction past "look sexy"

The scenes are not helped by the fact that the camera usually just sits in one position, instead of doing some panning or close ups. This site is all about stockings and costumes, so why the heck not zoom onto the girls feet or pan on their buts. Also I understand that the site is softcore, but I think it would be just fine to show the girls slowly let their hands go towards their vagina, you know, imply that they are sexual and willing to pleasure themselves... just saying.

Some of the better videos featured the girls changing outfits or answering fan questions. Both of these types of scenes are much, much better. If the girl is actually doing something (like putting on new stockings or laughing over "sexy" questions) the video actually becomes interesting. Otherwise I feel it's just an exercise in awkward silence.

I wish that instead of the silent stripping scenes we have now they would give us some behind the scenes videos of the photo-shoots. I think that would end up being much sexier than seeing a girl twirl to the sound of a camera recording.

Anyhow this site is not about the videos, it's all about gorgeous photos and they truly deliver when it comes to images. The site offers some pretty impressive high resolution images along with tons and tons of good looking models in many varied outfits. You can find any type of stocking, underwear and skirt combo you can think of. They even have a pretty large selection of Halloween themed costumes.

Uniforms, secretary, cheerleaders, tennis, ballet, gym outfits, all kinds of socks... you get the idea.

Unfortunately they don't have a lot of variation in the locations they shoot and almost all sets are extremely brightly lit. I would have liked some more outdoors scenes as well as more mood light (a fireplace or a bathtub with candles or what not) After browsing the site for a few hours I could recognize the setting for the secretary scene and there seems to be a snow white outfit that at least 7 models use, also don't even get me started on the red riding hood or the hooters girls.

More cosplay outfits, more corsets and shoes, more locations for the scenes and more focus on mood would help.

Now don't get me wrong, I am listing all my cons here, but in the end I saved thousands of images from this network. The models they have are exclusive and extremely hot. Also they usually have more than five sets with each model so if you really like a girl you can see her in multiple outfits and often with multiple hair styles as well.

Another nice thing is that they focus a lot on the girls faces and some of the models are incredibly cute.

I do wish they had a better model index though. Right now the model page has one image for each models and the photo is not always very clear. Also it's almost always a full body shot, which makes it hard to see the girls face.

So the bottom line is that the site is great if you want softcore glamor shots of girls. As a bonus you get some videos and access to a pretty active community that discusses the girls, talks about upcoming features and, as far as I can tell webmasters who actually listen to the users.

There are some downsides and they need to do some more work, add more navigation options (maybe a quick way to sort the top rated models, or an improved thumbnail system). Better directed and edited videos and a few less ads in the member section would also be nice.

Nonetheless overall this is a great glamor site. If the girls played with toys or with themselves more this would be an incredible place. Right now I'd say it's great for anyone very interested in different outfits and stockings and okay for the great majority. A solid 80 for their target market, a 60 or so if you want more nudity and hardcore action.

10-30-11  07:16pm

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Visit Next Door Lana

Next Door Lana
Reply of exotics4me's Review

Good review. I think a lot of these solo sites are just a disappointment, with the main model giving up on updating with exclusive material. Sadly this one seems to be the case here. Really a shame because Lana is so damn cute.

Anyhow, thanks for the info.

10-29-11  04:29pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Wholeheartedly agree with Capn on this one,

However sometimes porn has distracted me from other interests (missed out on a few poker games because I wanted to download stuff from a few sites) Nothing big, but it worried me that it could be an addiction.

I guess not the porn itself as much as collecting it. Since I have made a concentrated effort to enjoy it as just another entertainment, nothing more, nothing less.

10-29-11  04:27pm

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

I find it very helpful. If I get a bad experience with one company I like to avoid all their sites, the other way around too. If someone has good content why to check out what else they offer.

10-29-11  04:21pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

I do sometimes have some flag raising issues, but the worst "injury" was when a girl landed on my dick at a weird angle. I could have swore the little dude was broken in half.

My desperate scream kinda killed the mood.

Also I second the rug burned knees. Ouch

10-29-11  04:19pm

N/A Reply of careylowell's Poll

Horsefeathers :) now that is a funny term.

Anyhow, I agree with most people, I don't think it's really a thing that happens naturally very often. Maybe about as common as men lactating

10-29-11  04:15pm

Visit Webcam Hackers

Webcam Hackers

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Around 50 videos with updates pretty regularly (every 7 days it seems).
- The scenes are supposedly in HD (1250x720), but in my opinion even the HD looks grainy and rather poor quality (I guess it's all part of the webcam look, but to me they took it a step too far with some scenes looking as bad as a live cam strip show)
- As the title suggests this site is all about girls with webcams. Some of them strip in front of said webcam, some get fucked (sadly only one camera angle) and a few masturbate solo.
- They have the same high quality of models the rest of the site has and I believe all "amateurs" on here have scenes on other sites in the network.
- Most scenes have a bit of a story. A girl talks to her boyfriend and strips for him, a foreign exchange student has sex with her boyfriend, etc. Nothing too crazy, but it all stays in the same theme of a webcam hack and it's rather hot.
- Access to the network is included (tons and tons of good sex scenes here.)
Cons: - Like I mentioned above the videos although good resolution are still a bit on the grainy side and several of them have the webcam specific delay, which really makes the scene hard to get into. Also some scenes have serious color issues (when a girl's vagina looks purple something is seriously wrong)
- Some scenes are very short (5 minutes) and there are some scenes that feel like they belong together in one video but were split into two in order to make the site look bigger. (There is one Madison Ivy scene where she masturbates then another scene where has sex in the exact same place).
- The entire network needs a better way to preview videos. Right now their thumbnails are not very clear.
- Some girls are really not that interesting in solo action. There is one scene where a girl pulls on her labia and asks if we can tell which one she pulls on more. Titillating stuff indeed.
Bottom Line: Overall this site suffers from some limitations that are inherent in the type of content it's trying to produce. When you're trying to generate amateur content you pretty much force yourself to have rather poor camera work, only one angle and sometimes awkward interactions (like I mentioned above some girls do well alone with a camera and some are just weird)

Also they have a scene where two girls get into adult diapers and pretend to be sumo wrestlers. I guess that fits the site and it's rather funny, but I'm not sure if it's content that I want to pay 25 bucks for. I guess you have to look at this site as a bonus along with the much, much better sites like Massage Creep and 18 Years Old.

Aside from the sometimes questionable content I would have loved longer scenes. The average video is around 10 minutes with many running under that. Give the girls some more toys and more outfits and there should be no issue making longer videos.

So, we have rather poor action, short scenes and bad camerawork. So far the site manages to fail on every count possible. We do have several hot models, but why bother trying to watch the scenes here when a click away they are showing off with good lighting and multiple camera angles?

Now don't get me wrong, the premise of the site is good, we need more amateur content even if amateur means pornstar paid to masturbate in front of an expert camera crew. But for the love of God don't settle with actual webcam footage. That is never going to look good, it's just a waste of time and money.

Bottom line: the latest updates on here show improvement. Maybe it's just my hopeful optimism but the camera work seems cleaner and they are starting to focus on sex scenes as opposed to solo masturbation. Also the u8pdates are coming regularly and they seem to really want to push this amateur-like content, which is great.

More HD updates, more hot models and longer scenes and we should have a great site with a unique premise. (please no more adult diapers though... there is no need for that.)

P.S. The score reflects mu hope that the site will improve, right now I would not join this network just for the violation series of sites.

10-29-11  04:13pm

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Visit Amateur Violations

Amateur Violations

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Around 48 scenes and they seem to update every 10 days or so.
- Videos are available in multiple formats including HD (1250x700) and smaller formats (640x320 and I believe even 320x). They have streaming, a trailer for the scene as well as HD images (3,000px × 2,000px and zip files available) and screencaps.
- The whole network has some cute, exclusive models and this site in particular has a few hot girls (check out Eve Evans and Lexi bloom)
- The theme of this site (as far as I can tell) is weird amateur-looking stuff that didn't really fit anywhere else. As such you have a scene where a girl is on the phone while getting fucked, a gloryhole scene, a girl with a bag over her head and a scene where the actors get "caught" by an angry parent. Overall I'd rate this site funny, rather than hot. Good for a chuckle and some scenes have a few good POV BJ moments, but overall a bit of a mixed bag.
Cons: -As mentioned above the site really feels like an odds and ends closet, this doesn't fit anywhere else so let's put it here. This could explain why there are several scenes that seem to have been split up to make it appear as if they have more content updates. Overall there are actually only around 20 or so scenes here.
- They have ads both to live cams and other sites. Install adblock and you should be good to go, otherwise it can be a bit of a pain.
- Several of the scenes are much shorter than described (5 minutes as opposed to 36) I assume if you grabbed both videos for one scene and merged them you'd get the full time length. Anyhow, it feels cheap of them to pad the site like this
Bottom Line: Don't get me wrong, I love the Pornpros network. Their stuff is consistently both funny and sexy. They somehow manage to get some good looking exclusive girls and they have some great scenes with little funny interviews and stories. However I don't understand why this particular site exists. It feels like a complete hodgepodge of random scenes that don't fit together and for the most part aren't even particularly hot or interesting.

I guess the idea was to have a bunch of amateur scenes with random funny stories behind them. One girl takes revenge on her boyfriend and calls him while getting fucked by another dude. Another girl doesn't realize when the condom breaks and is mad after the dude cums inside her. Two lovers get caught in the act by an angry parent, a gloryhole and a girl who gets a bag over her head.

In theory all these sound kinda funny, maybe interesting, but I fail to see why we need an entire site of such scripted "funny" porn stories. To make things worse many of these stories are broken up into two updates for no apparent reason other than to make it look like they have a lot more updates than they do.

The Pornpros network always had a frat house vibe of "Bro, let me tell you this crazy story while we drink cheap beer and pop our collars." For the most part this doesn't bother me, in fact I enjoy it once in a while (as corny as it is this vibe is much better in my opinion than abusing girls on film and calling that porn) However this site along with the public violations one always felt out of place on a porn site; they are almost more at home on a jackass reality show than on a porn site, in my opinion.

I mean I enjoy a funny story behind my porn, but what is the point of doing an entire scene where the girl has a bag on her face? Or why have a scene that ends up with 3 minutes of the girl spiting the cum in anger and saying it tastes fucking weird? These are funny stories that you'd share with friends not porn you jack off too.

To add to the disappointment most of the scenes look like they were filmed in a very dark room with a cell-phone. The camera work is not nearly as good as most of the network and while I understand that they wanted to go for an "amateur" feel, in the end, when I can barely see a girl's vagina, I just feel cheated. Not to mention that now I suspect several of these scenes are old stuff they ripped from somewhere else and are just recycling. (I hope I am wrong but I am suspicious of some of these older looking grainy films)

Anyhow, once you get past the mixed content there are some nice scenes here. Some of the girls are cute (again, if you join check out Eve Evans)and they do have sex or at least give BJ's. My recommendation is to see if you like a girl and then check out her scenes on the rest of the network since they are always better.

That being said I have to say that in the end this is a very subjective review. Maybe some people really like this kind of funny story porn, I for one just felt confused and disappointed at the poor video quality.

Now please don't judge this whole network based on this review. They have some great content, just check out 18 year olds or disgraced 18 or any of the other great sites they have. This is just a small weird site that I don't think is really reflective of the network as a hole.

10-23-11  07:55pm

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Visit Deep Throat Love

Deep Throat Love

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Around 145 scenes now and updating regularly (almost weekly, although they do miss a week or two here and there). Most scenes come in a range of formats including HD (1250x700) as well as standard sizes and small clips. They also have HD images for each set at 3,000px × 2,000px (zip archives available). Older stuff is of course in lower resolutions, but for the most part stuff looks great.

-Download speeds were incredible at around 1 mb per video. No issues with log-out or missing links or anything like that. Overall the technical aspects of the site work well. However, I do wish they had a way to show all models on this site alone as opposed to models in the entire network.

- The scenes have good camerawork, but they tend to focus a bit too much on close-ups. Good light and hot models.

- Although the site is called Deepthroat love I believe all scenes have some regular sex as well, and we even get some threesomes (not too much anal though)

- Overall fun scenes with cute girls
Cons: - I mentioned this in almost every one of my reviews for Porn pros but it's a pretty huge mistake and it's very obvious here: they need a better thumbnail system. Right now as you navigate the site you get to see the scenes name and the models in it, but the picture for it is always hard to make out (you often see more of the cock and the girl's forehead than her actual face.)

- Each scene starts with an interview that can get ridiculous. The camera guy asks the girl to deepthroat a dance wand, or a banana or some candy marshmallows. One one hand it can be funny, but then again it takes 5 minutes away from 30 minute scenes. Depends on you if it's a bonus or a con. For me it got repetitive and the girls weren't interesting enough to make it fun.

- Although they do deepthroat none of the scenes are as anywhere as intense as FacialAbuse or Gagfactor or even Teencoreclub. The girl's make-up doesn't get ruined and they don't end up with spit on their faces.
Bottom Line: It's been a while since I last visited Pornpros and the network has improved in many areas, while maintaining some of the positive stuff that attracted me to them in the first place.

They still get some good looking models and many of them are exclusive. The girls do hardcore (including some impressive deep throating on this site), but it never feels forced or abusive. In fact the whole vibe of the site and the network is fun, ridiculous and over the top fun.

Let me give you some examples of the kind of scenes you can get inside. In one video the girl tries to stuff 24 marshmallows in her mouth and looks like she's about to explode into laughter at how ridiculous the whole thing is. In another scene the girl tries to deepthroat twizlers and almost gets the hickups. It all feels funny and while it can get a bit repetitive if you like the vibe this site is great. (I think at some point or another you get to see girls try to deepthroat bottles of water, sausages, almost all kinds of candy imaginable, bananas, corn, asparagus and celery, oh and cucumbers, how could I forget cucumbers)

Once the interview and the attempt at stuffing ridiculous food down your throat is done the girl goes down on the male model with a lot of closeups of the action. This depends a bit from scene to scene but overall I'd say you get too see everything, even a bit too close for my preference. The BJ sessions are interrupted by sex usually at least twice. Most videos have doggy, reverse cow and some sort of missionary with her legs over her head.

What I found interesting was that most girls really seem to get into the sex and many of then bounce on the guys cock as opposed to him doing all the work. This can be very hot if you like to see a girls round ass as she bounces on a dude in doggy style. I, personally found it extremely hot and different from a lot of sites where the girl just sits there taking it very passively.

The content is pretty similar all throughout the site and most models fit the same mold (big breasts, round asses, a lot of them have tattoos and piercings and although they all say they are 18 or 20 they seem to be somewhere in that 25-ish nebulous porn starlet age)

Some of the cons are that it's not as intense as you'd expect from a site named Deepthroatlove and most action feels too mainstream, no DP, no runny make-up, no really gagging or intense face fucking. In fact very much of the content feels like a pretty standard porn DVD. While this is fine, it does feel like they should get at least some scenes with more umph. Right now I felt like half the scenes here could have been on any other one of the sites in the network. Then again if you just want straight sex with good looking very well made-up girls this will be perfect.

Anyhow, combined with the network access (which gives you more scenes than you'll ever be able to watch) the site is a great deal if you're not looking for very niche porn. For anyone that wants to replace DVD's with the convenience of a major network this site is perfect. It offers enough hardcore action to satisfy most people, stays fun and has consistently high quality.

If they would improve their thumbnail system and get some more unique looking models I'd declare this a perfect site. As it stands this site just didn't fit my personal taste and while I do recommend it, make sure you like their type of content before committing to a membership.

10-23-11  06:59pm

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Visit Teach My Ass

Teach My Ass

Last review

I just wanted to mention that this site is now dead. It's been well over a year since the last update and with new sites on the network it's obvious they won't return to good old TMA.
Everything I said in my last review (now expired) stands.

Just click on that read expired review to get an idea of what you get here. My advice though is join teencoreclub and get the whole network. That way you can get many sites that still update and this one as a bonus.

10-23-11  06:10pm

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N/A Reply of Capn's Poll

Really depends on the site, what kind of annual deals do they have, what can I download in one month, etc.

I do enjoy traveling around quite a bit though, so maybe 1 month for each site I visit is the right answer :)

10-23-11  06:05pm

Visit Woodman Casting X

Woodman Casting X

1 year Update on my review

I joined the site again after quite a long absence and while I don't feel that a new review is necessary there are some things that haven't improved with the site (and a few that have) and I figure I might as well share my experience.

There are now close to 1500 casting scenes and only around 500 hardcore scenes. This is really disappointing, especially considering a lot of the content is old or can be found on other places (Videobox for one or pornstarnetwork) There are some great new scenes that have been added (Aspen's casting is great) but overall I am not sure that this network is worth the very high price, especially since Wakeupnfuck is not included.

Nonetheless, the most disturbing thing for me was a change in Pierre's attitude. He seems really, really concerned about piracy, to the point where he is making it harder to download videos in his member area. I used to be able to download a bunch of stuff overnight, but now the site logs you out after a while. When I mentioned this on the forum Pierre said that he wanted to make it harder for pirates to download his stuff... while I understand his concern, I was a paying member who never stole his stuff and he was making it harder for me to download the scenes I wanted.

Not sure if anyone else had similar log-out issues, but it kinda left me disappointed.

Other than this new log-out the site is pretty much unchanged from last year and everything I said before applies... without the optimistic tone that I had in my previous bottom line, I doubt anything will change for the better here.

10-23-11  06:04pm

Replies (1)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I agree with everyone else that the whole package is needed (if a girl has a great ass but horrible looking boobs that is a big No-no for me)

However, if I'd have to pick one thing out of the above, I think the face would be it. with modern plastic surgery and what not you can get a pretty decent body , but a unique pretty face is something rare and very very hot.

10-23-11  05:49pm

Visit First Anal Date

First Anal Date
Reply of elephant's Reply

Some other good ones with Aspen are the woodman casting videos (I think one is at wakeupandfuck and the other is on his regular site. She has two interviews, one back in the day and one more recent.) She has some other scenes at 21sextury (a great network) and a crazy double anal on No rest for the ass.

Hope that helps a bit :) She is a great model and I wish she had more scenes like those from teencoreclub.

10-23-11  05:43pm

Visit Beata Porn

Beata Porn
Reply of rearadmiral's Comment

Nice mini review. Thanks for the info.

Beata looks really nice and the free tour shows some pretty interesting hardcore scenes. I might have to join the site and check them out.

Is there any chance you could talk a bit about how intense the scenes are? They mention face fucking and anal, any DP's?

Thanks for the info.

10-23-11  05:26pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

Hmm, I clicked other since I watched porn while on Viagra and also while smoking regular tobacco.

Never tried having a drink while watching porn... then again I don't drink that much...

I never did drugs, but I wonder, does it change the experience at all?

10-23-11  05:13pm

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