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Visit BBW Mania

BBW Mania

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get 38 picture sets (1858 pics in all according to the network page) with decent resolution and size
-There is some bonus content with picture sets of other girls so you do get some variety, but it's mostly upsells for other sites
-Navigation is simple and straightfoward, but mostly due to lack of content
-Membership to the Naughty BBW network is included with access to 23 other BBW themed sites, some focused on an individual girl and others featuring a variety, all for under $25 a month
Cons: -There have been no updates in quite some time and the members page for the associated network notes the site is inactive, but this wasn't mentioned anywhere when I joined
-Even when there was stuff being added, the "latest updates" link is for updates across the network not the individual site
-In most of the picture sets she may be trying to look "intense" or "mysterious", but it comes off as disinterested and not very sexy
-There are no videos on the site and bonus content is very limited
Bottom Line: When looking for a large amount of BBW content for a good price, there aren't a lot of options out there. Most decent sites are focused only on one girl and cost as much as most networks I've joined. So, when I found the Naughty BBW network I was optimistic and was initially drawn to this site and Kali's curves. However, after only a few minutes of being in the members area I was already disappointed.

From the first moment I could tell that the site was relatively abandoned and hadn't been updated in quite some time. I later discovered on the main network page that the site was listed as inactive, but that wasn't noted anywhere in the tour pages. Getting around was never the problem, but finding more than a couple broken links and no interaction with Kali made that matter very little.

What you do get is 38 picture sets with about 1,500 pics in all. The quality isn't bad, but only photophiles will have any reason to come here with no videos to be found. I'll admit that I joined this site first mainly because there is no network join page; it just directs you to join one of the individual sites.

In the final analysis, unless you find Kali to be able to sexiest BBW you've ever seen, there is no reason to join this site except as an entrance to the Naughty BBW network. There is a access to Camz which offers cam shows for a variety of girls, but by itself there is nothing redeeming about it and I really can't think of anyone to whom I would recommend this site.

01-07-08  12:21pm

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Visit The Hardcore Network

The Hardcore Network
Reply of Toadsith's Reply

Hey Toadsith dude!

Thanks for the reply and I imagine a lot of it is a workload issue. As for the content I agree it doesn't look as high quality as some other networks, but finding that amount of variety without much in the way of silicone is pretty rare. Plus, they just added a vintage 70s & 80s porn site that put it over the top for me...at least in terms of giving it a try. After joining a couple of well known networks with nothing but glam girls and fake tits, I'm very ready for something else.


01-06-08  04:16pm

Visit The Hardcore Network

The Hardcore Network
Reply of Khan's Reply

Hey Khan,

That helps plenty! The only real issue is that if I am going to join I want to be able to do reviews of all the sites while I'm still a member. However, as one who has commented many times that some network "sites" should be combined, I can appreciate why TBP would handle it that way.


01-06-08  04:11pm

Visit The Hardcore Network

The Hardcore Network

How Many Sites?

I was about to give this network a look, but just noticed that while the TBP page for the individual sites make mention of getting 18 sites with your membership, the TBP page for the network only mentions 5. I thought it might be that the network is only the smaller number of sites and that the others are just owned by the same company, but when going through the tour it mentions all 18. Any idea what's the deal here? I also checked some of the individual site names in the database and they don't come up, which seems odd since the network was given an express review. Am I missing something?

01-05-08  08:23pm

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Visit Geek Girls Online

Geek Girls Online

A Retroactive Month...For Free!

A little over a month ago I reviewed this site after enjoying a month's membership. Although I had some qualms with the site, I praised it for its ingenuity and saw only good things on the horizon. My intention was to check back in with the site after a few months to see how it had grown and to report on whether or not it was deserving of the promise I had forecasted.

While the jury is still out, I am happy to report that the site automatically gave everyone who joined during 2007 an extra month of membership, even for those who had already cancelled. I confirmed that my membership was again active and am pleased to report that I have full access. Not a ton has changed (and I wouldn't have expected a lot of change that fast), though updates have continued to be steady and more girls are featured overall.

I still plan to check back in with the site in a few months to allow them some time to make improvements to the site, but if guestures like providing a free month to past customers are any indication, I think the site is headed in the right direction.

01-04-08  01:08pm

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Visit Lez Love

Lez Love
Reply of Davit's Review

Thanks for the great review and I'm glad to have you here at PU!

01-03-08  08:53pm

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
Reply of Davit's Review

I thought the original review was very well written and there was nothing that sugested to me that Davit was biased other than honestly liking one network over another. I think the webmaster overreracted a bit here, especially since 75 is hardly a terrible score. When I think a site (or a network) has interesting content that I think could be improved, the score is likely to be somewhere around 75. I recently reviewed GeekGirlsOnline with a similar score and if you read my review you'll see that I actually liked the site very much.

In the end, Davit is entitled to his opinion and I actually think he's owed an apology here. I encourage webmasters to engage reviewers to see how improvements can be made, but I was truly dismayed to see him accused of impropriety so quickly. If he doesn't like your site, he has every right to say as much and if people don't feel able to speak frankly about their likes and dislikes then what are we doing here?

Just my $0.02.

01-03-08  08:48pm

N/A Reply of Getreal's Poll

I have always preferred caucasian women, but it's not the only consideration by a long shot.

01-03-08  07:00pm

N/A Reply of RagingBuddhist's Poll

Overall I think the site's content and service should be the only criteria, but there are some sites where the price makes it so unlikely I'd ever join that some consideration of that should be included. It could be the greatest site ever, but $40 for a porn site is just ridiculous.

01-03-08  06:57pm

N/A Reply of nygiants03's Poll

I gave it once as a gag gift to a male friend...a porn movie we'd seen in our younger days that I happened to find on video. Besides that, I don't think so. :)

01-02-08  09:10pm

N/A Reply of nygiants03's Poll

I like all women and it always depends on the girl...if they have "that certain something", tit size is irrelevant. As for being on Howard Stern, it's cool to get that kind of exposure.

01-02-08  09:06pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

I'm just not turned on by anything liquid on a lady, even just being wet...I like a dry, but soft, skinned woman.

01-02-08  08:50pm

Visit Ultimate Surrender

Ultimate Surrender
Reply of Toadsith's Comment

Someone commented on the 10 GB download limit awhile ago and that might make me downgrade my score a bit, but have only heard that one mention. My only gripe with the site really is that if you want to start from the beginning, it's hard to keep from learning who's won. Hmm...maybe they figure most people don't really care who wins. ;)

12-19-07  08:18pm

N/A Reply of nadiencendia's Poll

It doesn't really turn me on and in most cases I don't mind it, but I've definitely run across some stuff that I thought was gross. I'm not disparaging anyone who finds it hot, it's just not my thing.

12-19-07  06:59pm

Visit Geek Girls Online

Geek Girls Online
Reply of PixieGGO's Reply

Glad to hear the site is prospering and I'm already planning to check back in after a few months to see what's new. I really want to see sites lik this succeed, especially for those of us who are tired of the same old crap repackaged a hundred different ways. Creativity is a great thing...and damn sexy! ;)

12-19-07  06:56pm

Visit Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel
Reply of KevinG's Reply

Thanks for the info! Much obliged!

12-19-07  06:53pm

Visit Brazzers

Reply of tester007's Reply

Thanks for the update. I did have a billing issue at one point, but I went right to them rather than tech support and got an immediate response. One really has nothing to do with the other, but always good to compare experiences!

12-19-07  06:52pm

Visit Sex Pro Adventures

Sex Pro Adventures

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get 44 episodes in all, each with a video and picture set as well as numerous options for viewing and downloading content
-Vids run approximately 1.5 mbps and can viewed in browser or downloaded as one file or in segments in two different file formats (WMV & MPEG)
-Pics are all hi-res (not vidcaps) JPEG quality 600x900 in most cases and can be downloaded via a zip file
-Along with your membership you get full access to to the 18 sites of the Brazzers Pass network all for $20 a month
Cons: -As is the case with most sites on this network, reality is a subjective term since most performers are professional pornstars
-The widespread use of girls with fake tits is a bit of a downer for me, especially with natural hotties like Gianna Michaels in the minority
-The plots are very lame and the eroticism level of the site suffers for it, although that is subject to personal taste
-The lack of variation in the type of sex offered can leave you wanting something more spicy now and again
Bottom Line: If you've spent any time at all looking through the review sites and networks on PU, chances are you've stumbled upon the highly rated Brazzers network and this is another of their exclusive sites. Although the setups vary from site to site the action is nearly always the same, which can be good or bad depending on your view. So, while this site is up to the usual standards set by Brazzers, that doesn't mean it's for everyone.

One of the great aspects of Brazzers has always been its vast options and a recent redesign of the entire network has only expanded this feature. When you find a girl you like on a particular site, you are immediately linked to any other scenes she is featured in on the network. Each "episode" allows you to customize your viewing and downloading pleasure, so you can eliminate the stuff you don't want and get right to the meaty center so to speak.

I won't belabor my slight criticisms of the site since they are well known from my other reviews, but it seems a constant theme that a site begins with natural girls only to eventually succumb to the sad truth that the majority of performers have to get their tits enhanced. Some also very much enjoy setups like the one featured here where a "sex pro" comes to your house and teaches you how to fuck, but I could do without it.

Bottom line? Features abound, all content is of consistent quality, and you get enough bonus features to keep you busy for a year. For the value alone I recommend this site highly.

12-18-07  12:24pm

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Visit MILFs Like It Big

MILFs Like It Big

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -There are currently 30 full episodes, each with a video and picture set with tons of options for viewing and downloading
-Vids run at 1.5 mbps, can be viewed in browser or dowloaded as one full full file or in segmented clips, in two different formats (WMV & MPEG)
-Pic sets are high res with 600x900 JPEGs which can be viewed in browser or downloaded as a zip file
-You get full access to 18 sites on the Brazzers Pass network for under $20 a month and a 50% discount when you go to cancel
Cons: -Despite the reality format, most if not all the women on this site are well known pornstars, so amateur lovers needn't bother
-I love big titted MILFs, but was turned off by the overwhelming number of girls with boob jobs and some aren't old enough to be anyone's mother
-The plots are lame but like realistic set ups and boob jobs, this may not be any big deal, but for me I wanted some natural girls
-Some of the sites on the netowrk access feature substandard video quality and/or don't update
Bottom Line: When it comes to reality sites that feature pornstars instead of amateurs, I'm always game for action with big boobed "mature" babes getting screwed by even bigger dicks. That said, the fake tits can be a turn off and sometimes mature just means a particular girl is older than 25, something this site offers in abundance. However, there is much to enjoy here and on the other sites of the Brazzers network for even the most picky consumer.

Like all Brazzers Pass websites, navigation is simple and options are plentiful, including a very recent redesign of the entire network. On a technical level, this site can't be beat for viewing or downloads, with high quality videos in multiple formats and true digital picture sets (not vidcaps) that can be had via a convenient zip file link. Other networks don't even come close to the features here, especially for the money.

As for the content, I already mentioned my quibbles with the girls on the site and for many fake tits and terrible acting doesn't mean a damn thing as long as the action is hot. These women definitely know what they are doing and besides wanting some real tits mixed in, it would be silly to complain, especially with pros like Nina Hartley and Devon Michaels.

In the end, you get high quality material that delivers what it promises. The only down side is that some network sites don't update anymore which could make you feel jipped, but I think the site is worth $20 on its own and the network is just a nice bonus.

12-18-07  09:18am

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Visit Brazzers

Reply of tester007's Comment

Are you sure that you cancelled in time? If you didn't, they'd still offer the reduced rate, but it wouldn't kick in until the month following.

That said, they should return your emails and I'm surprised they didn't since, technically speaking, I have high praise for this network. But not replying to customer service emails is a bad sign.

Hope you get it resolved!

12-17-07  08:44pm

N/A Reply of Marianna's Reply

Your significant other is a very lucky person! ;)

12-17-07  08:31pm

N/A Reply of roseman's Poll

No, never done that and my significant other isn't a porn fan, so I doubt that would happen. But I never say never!

12-17-07  08:30pm

N/A Reply of nygiants03's Poll

I think the issue here is whether or not you'll monitor what your kids do on the internet and to what age you'll continue to do that. I haven't faced this issue since I have a young son, but I imagine I would keep track of what he's doing at least through the end of middle school, when he'd be about 13. After that I think it gets a bit more complicated since you want to instill a sense that privacy will be respected, so I'm not sure.

Would I ever say, "Hey, you are old enough to watch porn. Go ahead!" at any age? No. But will there come a time when I'll respect his privacy and allow him to make his own choices? Yes.

12-17-07  08:26pm

Visit Pornstars Like It Big

Pornstars Like It Big

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get 47 episodesin all, each featuring a video and a high res picture set with tons of options
-Videos can either be viewed in browser or downloaded in two formats (WMV & MPEG) and cut into segments or as one large file
-Pictures can also be viewed in browser or downloaded as a zip file in JPEG format, 600x900 in most instances
-You get full access to the 18 sites of the Brazzers Pass network for the $20 monthly fee and can get a 50% discount after a month when you go to cancel
Cons: -As the name implies, these are professional pornstars with plenty of boob and nose jobs to go around
-Although the pic sets haven't changed with a new site and network design and are still available, the new layout seems to de-emphasize them which may be a downer for some
-At only 47 videos, it's a small site compared to other network sites and needs some growth
-If eroticism is your thing then you might be disappointed since I found most scenes repetitive as well as the action they contai
Bottom Line: The Brazzers Pass network has done a lot to attract and retain customers in the last year, with a number of niches and a recent revamping of the entire network's design. It offers features not found just about anywhere else and has the quality to match. While this sounds like a can't miss site with 18 total sites included for the price of one, there are some aspects that could turn off potential members.

As already stated, the design is easy to use and getting around is a breeze. You can search for particular girls you like or browse through the different episodes with a minimum of clicks. You can leave and read comments by members or check ratings of various scenes that they've rated. Video and picture quality, while not HD, is above average compared to other networks.

One aspect I noticed about this site was some girls that weren't on any other part of the network, Jenna Haze for instance. Throughout there is an emphasis that these girls are pros, so that might account for Jenna's solo netowrk appearance. This isn't a feature that I especially liked since I enjoy more natural girls, but for some I'm sure this could be a huge selling point. I found the sex to be pretty "vanilla" however and would have liked to have seen more heat between performers.

In the end, it's a high end network with numerous niches and only minor complaints that most people won't care about one bit. The value cannot be denied and although I won't be back, I trust many will stay for awhile.

12-14-07  10:45am

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of nygiants03's Poll

I like women in their 30s because I find teens creepy since they look 14 and girls in their 20s don't always know what they're doing. 30s all the way baby!

12-13-07  10:51am

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