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Visit Asses In Public

Asses In Public

New Kid On The Brazzer's Block!

Since I've reviewed most of the other Brazzer's Pass sites and don't plan to renew my membership, I'm not sure if I'll end up reviewing this site. However, I did want to mention that it appears at first glance that this site will offer some more naturally endowed girls, which would buck a trend towards fake tits at the network of late. I don't know if it's because girls with natural tits and ass tend to be a little curvier (something I enjoy but I wonder if others don't) that their numbers have diminished of late, but it's nice to see a few who haven't gone under the knife.

12-11-07  12:06pm

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Visit Taste My Own Ass

Taste My Own Ass
Reply of jd1961's Comment

I agree, it's pretty tasteless, but to each their own. And, contrary to popular belief, women are capable of being pigs just as easily as men!

12-11-07  11:59am

Visit Doctor Adventures

Doctor Adventures

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get over 100 episodes each with a video that can be downloaded or viewed in browser in two different formats (WMV & MPEG) and in segments or one file
-Most picture sets are very high quality and downloadable as zip files
-Updates have come regularly, averaging about an episode per week since the site began two years ago
-With your membership you get full access to all 17 Brazzers Pass network sites all for under $20 a month and if you cancel after a month you're offered a 50% discount
Cons: -The oldest vids on the site are of lower quality than the most recent ones, running as low as 500 kbps which is a bit below standard these days
-Most of the girls, especially in recent episodes over the last year, have fake tits which I hate but others may love
-I found the plots about as lame as they get which, again, may not bother anyone, but I like the performers to at least try to make it erotic
-If you don't like the sex scenes here, the rest of the network offers exactly the same
Bottom Line: Having reviewed over a dozen sites on the Brazzers Pass network, it's hard not to get a bit repeitive since the sites share a lot of attributes. The quality of vids and pics rates among the best in the business and offer a number of interactive features. That said, some are definitely better than others and for me this one ranks in the middle of the pack.

Like other sites on its network, navigation is simple and easy, both on the individual site and the entire operation. The integration of the two is seamless and has options beyond anything I've seen elsewhere. You can cut your videos into segments, stream or download them in multiple formats, and even get the hi-res picture sets in a zip file.

The main focus of the site deals with a medical fetish, although it's not one for those who take the fetish to sophisticated ends. Here the girl is the doctor, some random dude the patient, and after a quick "check up" they are fucking in pure vanilla fashion. Occasionally they switch it up and have the girl be the patient or a nurse, but the sex is always pretty much the same.

In the end, I wasn't very impressed here and the trend towards fake breasted girls over naturally endowed ones is disheartening. You'll definitely get your money's worth if this sort of thing turns you on since you get 100 episodes and the full network access. For me though there has to be some attempt at realism to be erotic and those ridiculous nurse outfits in particular ruined my mood completely.

12-11-07  11:51am

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N/A Reply of PinkPanther's Poll

I'd say it's definitely on the way up, but of course that isn't true of every site and network. I think there is an ideal that some porn sites are trying to reach which is something I don't think was happening before. However, there are some pretty crappy ones out there.

12-11-07  11:11am

Visit Jizz On My Jugs

Jizz On My Jugs

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get 60 episodes each including a video that can be viewed or downloaded as one file or in segments and all in MPEG format with some more recent ones available in WMV
-Most of the pics were considered hi res when they were taken (2005-06) and are still decent by '07 standards which can be viewed in browser or downloaded as zip files
-With your membership you get full access to all 18 Brazzers Pass netowrk sites for under $20 a month
-After a month if you cancel, a 50% discount is offered
Cons: -Nearly all of the videos on the site run at 500 kbps or lower and about 2/3 of them are available only in MPEG format
-Despite some real pics, most picture sets are only vidcaps and none of them come even close to being considered HD
-There isn't any consistent theme to any of the videos other than the fact that a guy comes on the girl's boobs at the end, some have hardcore, some don't
-The site hasn't been updated for over a year and even before that updates were erratic and unpredictabl
Bottom Line: I've reviewed a majority of the sites on Brazzers Pass and have found that it is largely a tale of two very different themes. Some sites offer top of the line quality in both video and picture sets with multiple formats for downloading and viewing in browser. Others, however, often include vids and pics at what was considered below average quality when they were released let alone what they are considered today. Unfortunately this site is like the latter and doesn't have a whole lot to offer.

As with all sites on this network, options are plenty and navigation is standardized and easy to use throughout. Many of those options tend to disappear though the further back you go in time, but some aspects like zip downloads and viewing or downloading in segments or full files are always there.

As for the action, in many instances the girls are only titty fucked, but in others they "get their pussy pounded" which makes them vary only slightly from other sites since many girls on the network get boob shots instead of facials. However, if your particular fetish is getting the money shot on the girls' chest, this will literally be your wet dream.

In the end it's a subpar site on an excellent network and alone isn't worth the price, only as a bonus to another full featured site. Still, I've seen much worse and you do get what the site advertises. Updates haven't been forthcoming over the last year and there's little chance you'll see any more. Check it out, but don't stay long.

12-10-07  12:57pm

Replies (0)
Visit Bustyz


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Even the oldest videos on the site run above 1.5mbps and you can download or stream all 75 episodes in either WMV or MPEG format and in segments or one large file
-Each episode includes a hi res picture set (not vidcaps) that can be viewed in browser with options or downloaded as one large zip file
-With your membership you get full access to all 18 sites on the Brazzers Pass network for under $20 a month
-If you attempt to cancel after a month, you'll be offered a 50% discount to stay
Cons: -While most of the girls on the site have huge natural breasts, in more recent episodes there have been more girls with fake tits which I found disappointing
-Most episodes don't have a plot at all or worse, have a typically lame reality theme that I found boring and uncreative
-The original focus of the site seems to have been European girls, but now the site is undistiguishable from others on the network
-The site's schedule is erratic, sometimes updating weekly, other times over a month
Bottom Line: Having reviewed most of the Brazzers Pass sites, I'm finding that there isn't a whole lot to distinguish between them on the network as a whole. Most have lame plots that drag on forever, something we are largely spared from here fortunately, and I often wonder why they aren't merged when one site stops updating. That happens quite a lot here and can get aggrivating, but the whole still remains greater than the sum of its parts and appears to be worth the time and money.

Like all sites on the network, the navigation gets very high marks compared to other networks. Options for viewing and downloading both videos and picture sets are numerous and couldn't be easier to use. All sites are accessible from a central network page and girls can be searched from all of them simultaneously.

For me the more recent introduction of girls with fake tits is a real downer since my love of big breasts only extends to those without added ingredients, but if that doesn't bother you then there isn't much to dislike about this site. I did find the update schedule impossible to predict however with updates sometimes coming close together only to be followed by big gaps.

With the price reduction of Brazzer Pass to $20 a month and half that after a month if you go to cancel, it isn't a stretch to say that this site alone is worth the price of admission. The rest of the network is just a bonus and I can see many big boob lovers who are ok with fake tits mixed in staying here for a long time.

12-10-07  12:01pm

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N/A Reply of asmith12's Poll

This one is definitely not my thing at all.

12-09-07  07:17pm

N/A Reply of nygiants03's Poll

Get along little doggie! :)

12-07-07  01:09pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I always give my username when leaving comments, so I doubt this will affect my reviews.

12-07-07  01:07pm

N/A Reply of asmith12's Poll

It totally depends on the woman and her preferences, but if a girl rejects you for only that she wasn't worth it in the first place.

12-04-07  06:03pm

Visit Brazzers


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get 17 sites of big boob porn all for under $20 a month and if you cancel before the first month is out you'll get offered a 50% discount
-Video quality throughout the site is excellent with the majority of content running over 1 mbps and some as high as 2 mbps
-The network is full of options for streaming or downloading vids in multiple formats (WMV & MPEG)and episodes include zippable hi res photo sets
-For the volume of content, if you like this niche it's a great value on the dollar
Cons: -About half of the sites no longer update or only update infrequently, reducing the value of the network somewhat
-Archive video material on some sites is subpar running as low as 500 kbps for the oldest content
-While many of the original models on the sites were all natural, most of the sites now feature wall to wall fake tits so "real" models are hard to find
-If you are looking for creativity or eroticism you may be disappointed since the setups are as lame and unrealistic as they come
Bottom Line: If you've read any of my past reviews of Brazzer Pass sites you already know where I stand, but for those who haven't I found it to be a mixed bag. The increasing amount of fake tits turned me off, but there is much to like for natural lovers too.

Of all the networks I have ever joined, Brazzers Pass has to be among the highest in overall quality. In videos from the last year or so, the quality is at 2 mbps or better and even the two year old material runs around 1 mbps. It is true that some older content runs around 512 kbps, but if it's older than two years that was considered high quality at the time.

Photophiles should also be very happy here with most episodes on the sites having a very full high res set that can be dowloaded as zip files. Navigation on the sites is also excellent with standardized menus throughout the network and little touches like polls for best episodes. So, as the technical details go the network is a dream.

The problems for me stem from the content which in nearly every site began with natural full busted women who, unlike those with fake tits, have a little shape to their bodies. For many this will not be a problem however since it's all a matter of tatste and if it turns you on then who really cares?

So, if this is your niche and lame plots don't bother you the value here cannot be underestimated. For you real boob lovers there are a couple sites that are exclusively natural, so even that represents a great deal for those sites alone.

12-04-07  12:14pm

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Visit Big Tits At Work

Big Tits At Work

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Site offers nearly 80 episodes updated over the last year resulting in an average well over 1 new per week
-Numerous options with mutiple formats (WMV & MPEG) for downloading or streaming as well as offering clips in various lengths (1 or 5 min, and complete)
-Vid and pic quality is very good (1 mbps) and the latter are offered as zips
-Along with your membership you get full access to the Brazzers Pass netowrk featuring 16 additional sites and hundreds of vids all for under $25 a month
Cons: -The girls featured on the site are well known pornstars who by and large have fake tits like balloons, so amateur seekers needn't bother
-The plots (or lackthereof) are just awful, many times implying these girls can't get dates, which fell short of the eroticism I was seeking
-Many of the other network sites are updated infrequently or not at all and older content lacks in quality
-There is little variation between network sites, which could be taken as "Yay, more!" or "Crap, there's more."
Bottom Line: Having now reviewed the majority of the Brazzers Pass netowrk sites, I can honestly say that it just hasn't been a very enjoyable experience for me, but admittedly there is much to like here for the majority of folks who will read this review. So if you are looking for amateur newbies you can stop reading now, but for big boob snthusiasts who care little about augmentation, keep going. :)

As is always the case with this network's sites, navigation is very simple and the only possible slight is that the amount of content and options can make it feel cluttered, but that's a good problem to have. Vids ara excellent in quality however and pic lovers will also find much to love with hi res photo shoots downloadable in zip files.

Much like buying a beautiful sports car with very little to brag about under the hood, the high quality was lost on me since the scenes themselves featured very standard sex without any kink or passion to be found. Other networks are far superior in terms of what's being filmed, but even so the quantity of material and quality of the presentation shouldn't be minimized even if it wasn't my taste.

By now it's clear where I stand on this site so it shouldn't be difficult to decide from here if this site is for you. One final plus was that I was offered a deep dicount to maintain my membership ($10) which I only took because I hadn't seen everything yet. I won't be reupping even for $10, but I suspect that many will find what they get well worth it.

12-03-07  12:25pm

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Visit Big Tits At School

Big Tits At School

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get nearly 80 full episodes that have been updating since the beginning of 2007, so as of this review that's more than 1 a week
-You get countless options for streaming and downloading in two different formats ( WMV & MPEG) and in varying lengths (1 min or 5 min clips and entire episodes)
-With your membership you get full access to over a dozen extra sites on the Brazzers Pass network for under $25 a month
-If you cancel after a month, you'll be offered an excellent discount to rejoin
Cons: -If you are looking for natural looking amateur type girls with real boobs you won't find many of them here since most are professional pornstars with boob jobs
-Some sites on the network haven't updated in quite sometime and have older content with subpar quality compared to more current episodes
-The plots are about as lame as they come and I didn't find them very erotic or arousing beyond pure vanilla sex
-If you don't like 1 site then your chances of liking any of the others are qite low
Bottom Line: I've reviewed over half of the sites on the Brazzers Pass network and while I've found some of the sites passable, there are many things I didn't like past the obvious plus that you get access to hundreds of videos where girls fuck guys or other girls. If you don't like that then why are you ever here? :) But for my dollar, there are other places I'd rather join.

Navigation around the site itself as well as the larger network is a breeze which was a big plus compared to other places I've been a member. You get options galore including multiple vid formats and clip lengths as well as the ability to download photo sets as zip files. Vid quality is also excellent at over 1 mbps in most cases.

As for the action itself, there isn't anything kinky here and the plots are among the worst I've ever seen. One featured two girls running in a room clearly in an apartment dressed up to look like a gym by adding a weight bench. Many won't care, but I really need more eroticism to maintain my interest.

In the end I wasn't very thrilled with this site and by itself wasn't worth the price of admission. However, that was mitigated by the network access to other sites that have more natural girls and archives that are larger than this site offers. The only reason I rejoined for $10 was that I hadn't gone through the whole network and it wasn't much extra to pay. So, if you like a large volume of chicks with fake tits this may be your stop, but I'll be getting off at the next station.

12-03-07  11:41am

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Visit Claudia Marie

Claudia Marie
Reply of insatiable's Reply

I'm always on the lookout for "shorties" as you call them (I like that!), but find only a few. One site if you like MILFs is Naughty At Home, although the site itself does have some issues with organization and updates.

Besides that, there isn't much out there since 99% of guys like the long hair. I wonder if more girls would keep their hair short though if they thought the public would like it better or would like it better themselves.

Sorry I couldn't be more help, but that's the nature of the fetish!

12-01-07  09:08pm

Visit Geek Girls Online

Geek Girls Online
Reply of AthenaHollow's Reply

Thanks for the reply! I was very excited to check out the site and was eager to write a review, but then realized that my lower score might be interpreted that I didn't like it. Nothing could be further from the truth however and if you read my review I think that comes through....I hope! The sky is the limit for your site, at least for me. ;)

12-01-07  09:05pm

N/A Reply of nadiencendia's Poll

As I have said too many times I fear on this site: SHORT HAIRED GIRLS!!! :)

12-01-07  09:03pm

N/A Reply of TheViking's Poll

I really haven't had too much trouble with any of them, but did have an issue with Verotel that was quickly resolved. Most experiences have been positive and I count myself lucky.

12-01-07  09:01pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Overall I don't notice the flaws, but when I do it just makes the girls look a bit more real.

12-01-07  08:59pm

Visit Geek Girls Online

Geek Girls Online

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The site currently features 8 models each with at least one high res picture set
-Pictures are viewable in your browser via a Flash interface which made navigating each set easy without having to resize anything
-The place is a complete geek haven with a forum to interact with other members as well as the girls who are smarter than your average porn performers
-The site has a low cost as well as a discount for subscribing for a whole year, so you can afford to keep your membership active
Cons: -As you would expect with a brand new site, the amount of content is low with only picture sets, softcore content, and no videos
-Besides the good interface for viewing pictures, I found the navigation confusing and I think the girls and their content could be organized better
-I have no doubt that some would refer to these girls as "homely" or even "ugly", an opinion I do not subscribe to, but suffice it to say this site isn't for everyone
-Separate sign up for membership and the forum
Bottom Line: When I first saw this site listed on TBP I was very excited and couldn't wait to join up since I've been waiting for site like this for a long time. I have found it to be less than my expectations, but that's largely because of completely unrealistic expectations! What remains is the beginning of a promising site that has some issues but nowhere to go but up.

Navigating the site is fairly easy, but only because there isn't a whole lot to the site apart from the picture sets. I found it confusing most of the time and hope they upgrade it in the future. I did find the Flash slideshow to be very well done and simple to use.

If you are even reading this review chances are good that the site's theme is appealing, but it bears spelling out that there are many who would dislike this site only because it wasn't designed to appeal to them. The picture sets are high quality and if you don't like the subject then don't join. I wish there were videos and some hardcore content here, but softcore lovers will be happy with the tasteful photosets.

In the end, I think it's a site worth maintaining a membership to as long as the theme of the site is of interest. Much of my score is based on potential which should be taken into account. If it goes well I think it could fill a very neglected niche in the world of porn for many years to come, but one that won't ever have mass appeal. So, if you are at all intrigued I'd say go for at least the one month for $10 and see what it becomes.

11-26-07  06:40pm

Replies (4)
N/A Reply of Pinche Kankun's Reply

There are plenty of performers who don't do anal or ATM, so if you don't like it don't watch it. Simple as that.

11-26-07  06:09pm

N/A Reply of jd1961's Reply

I can't say I'm surprised...it was a good idea while it lasted.

11-26-07  06:08pm

N/A Reply of asmith12's Poll

I have found lately that I don't download much at all since I have such a backlog of content. I might regret it later, but that's what I'm doing now.

11-25-07  05:38pm

N/A Reply of asmith12's Poll

It's really a pain in the ass because if I'm going to play a clip that's not the moment I want to go hunting for codecs!

11-25-07  05:36pm

N/A Reply of Rick's Poll

I actually dislike the new page, but voted that I was unsure since it may just take some getting used to. I had figured out a routine to check the new stuff pretty fast before and now it takes awhile. So, I'll be patient and see how it goes.

11-25-07  05:35pm

N/A Reply of asmith12's Poll

I sometimes find it very exciting, but I rarely seek out such content. I may happen to see it more often if a performer I like does those type of scenes (like Gauge), so it depends on the context.

11-25-07  05:31pm

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