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Visit Real Sex Pass

Real Sex Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Large collection of models
- Good niche content
- Real feel
Cons: - PRICE
- Quality of many videos (see more in the "bottom line")
- Poor quality of sites
- Too busy trying to sell you other content rather than focusing on improving their own
- The "bonus" content is a nonsense, it is a cheap advert.
- Production quality
- Attention to detail (none)
Bottom Line: OK, so it looked expensive when I saw it, but I reasoned in my own mind that as the sites have been up for a while then there'd be a lot of content.

But I found there to not be a huge amount of content......... let's put this into context, I'm a member of MetArt, and there appears to be at least 4 updates per day, you'd be lucky to see that in a week here. And that is when my doubts began to settle in. And then I went through the sites individually and content.

They focus on the reality of the situations, which is good. They fail to plan, not so good.

I appreciate and accept that "reality" porn hsould be a little more raw than fully scripted, but the works of the people behind these sites has gone to show that the whole lure of reality porn is completely lost if you fail to plan a single part of an event other than the event itself. I'm completely insulted at the thought of being charged so much for such poorly organised, shot and edited footage. It smacks of being shot from the point of view of a pretty creepy voyeuristic pervert. Yes, those of us who buy this content tend to be voyeuristic perverts anyway, but at least in the real world we could make a better job of it.

As a Brit, I'm always glad to have the opportunity to get British porn (it would appear that the Americans and Eastern Europeans currently have the market cornered) but this site goes to show exactly WHY the Brits don't have any porn on the world stage (only a few big name stars who fled the UK to find competent production teams.)

And the more I watch I begin to realise that unless you don't have an accent, british porn stars should not be allowed to talk.

Bottom line? Bitterly, sorely disappointed and ripped off.

For all that I hoped it would be, it turned out to be poorly organised, poorly shot, appallingly edited and abysmally displayed.

The score may seem a little harsh, but I'm basing it very much on the price I was charged for access.

For the quality of the content, it isn't worth half the price that I paid. IF the price was much lower, then the content review would remain the same although the score would be higher.

My advice, spend your hard earned cash better somewhere else.

07-24-09  08:41am

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Visit Real Squirt

Real Squirt

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Does exactly what it says on the tin
- Enjoyable content
- Natural feel (the performers are relaxed in what they are doing and look like they want to be doing it)
- Variety of locations, additional characters and situations.
Cons: - Although Kream (central star) is very sexy and good at her work, it would be nice to others play a central role.
Bottom Line: I should point out that this site is part of the "Pornstar Network" so there are currently (Feb '09) many more sites to cater for other tastes that you have free access to.

But, I've focused only on the site to which I subscribed.

Overall, it is a solid site. Fairly easy navigation, good content and hits the mark.

Of course, there is perhaps more that can be done (name a site where there isn't more work to be done!!!!) and in the case of Real Squirt it centres around Kream.

As sexy a lady as she is, it would be nice to see more from others as well.

Bottom line? Not bad, not bad at all.

02-21-09  08:42am

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Visit Sammy4U


Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great real unscripted porn
- Good selection of vids and clips
- Navigation reasonable
- Good selection of scenes / situations
- Excellent restrained use of extra stars
Cons: - Very few recent updates
- x Selling
- more focus on selling other sites than concentrating on own
Bottom Line: So, as a fan of swinger porn (as a swinger myself it is always a pleasure to watch) it was inevitable that sooner or later I would darken the doorstep of Sammy4U.

All in all the site achieves what it sets out to do and it is completely evident that the site is put together by a team of people who know what they are doing, and more importantly, enjoy what they are doing. Anyone who's been a member of some of those faceless generic porn sites created by a geek just hoping to make some money by raiding the porn libraries will know EXACTLY what I mean by that.

The problem that many solo sites suffer from has shown its face in Sammy4U........ mainly updates.

Now, as a human being and not a robot, it is of course to be expected that Sammy won't be out banging away all day everyday, but in the time that I've been a member updates have been infrequent with more focus on twitter updates and stories rather than the key galleries and vids that are why so many of us join.

Granted, there are updates to the "freebies" section, but I really don't count this area as the content is quite different from that of the main site and not the reason I joined.

The content is absolutely fantastic, no complaints from me there!

It is a shame that there isn't more otherwise the score would have been beyond 90.

09-11-09  06:23am

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Visit Sarah 4 You

Sarah 4 You

No Review.
05-02-10  07:24am

Visit TAC Amateurs

TAC Amateurs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Fairly extensive range of content
- Good cross section of different women
- No DRM
- Good d/l speed
Cons: - Navigation
- Network design
- Range of recent content
Bottom Line: TAC, is a network of amateur porn stars. Basically women who could live next door to you who upload their own content.

As such you can find different and at times refreshing content in different situations ranging from cute sets up to bukkake gangbangs.

But (and this you'll know if you read other reviews of mine) I'm heading rapidly to my biggest set of bugbears with amateur portals and many porn sites in general.

The webmasters at TAC are sorely letting the side down. They appear to be afflicted by the same level of laziness or apathy that is sweeping through porn sites 3yr old+ across the whole of cyberspace.

The design is tired, navigation is infuriating thanks to quite possibly the worst breakdown of categories that I have ever seen, no tags or a search function!!!! That's abysmal.

The individual sites vary in quality according to age and willing of the models so I'll not get too bogged down with content and instead stick with the appeal of the network and management.

There are very few updates for a network style of site, this is because I can find very few newer models. And I think I know why; and it points straight back to the design and implementation of the main portal.

If me and my wife were to launch a swing site we'd probably want to shelter of a network such as TAC as we are no webmasters by any stretch of the imagination.

But we wouldn't in a million years choose TAC to host our content. It looks neglected, disinterested and don't feel that we would be able to promote our work enough.

MANAGERS OF TAC, hear your public speak! Until you modernise your portal you are stopping content providers from signing up and keeping your revenue down. You have the potential of a great network, but not until you get your arses in gear and breathe life back into your project.

03-09-10  10:52am

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Visit Teen Sex Couple

Teen Sex Couple

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Genuine amateurs
- Exclusive content
- Regular updates (at least 1 per week)
- All videos available in HD
Cons: - No pics, only video menu
- No screen caps offer for videos
- No biog other than quick site overview
- No interactivity on site (other than e-mail address.)
- No categorisation of videos, just chronological order
Bottom Line: I have come to Teen Sex Couple with an open mind. It is a brand new site billed as run by the couple (Jessica and Dave) themselves with only their content.

This has come to pass, and the collection of content is their own, and won't be found anywhere else.

There is a full range of activities available (outdoor, anal, facials, creampies etc.) so this is definately a well planned venture for the couple who are happy to show off the sexuality, making this a very refreshing site to see.

But, there are also downsides to how they have presented both the site and themselves.

The member's area exists on one page, there is no categorisation of videos and no interactivity at all.

This is a great shame as they have an opportunity to make the site about their lifestyle as a whole as well as their exhibitionism.

Whilst the content of the videos is generally high, the method of shooting (from wherever Dave is holding the cam) is more of an acquired taste, a sort of gonzo meets POV and can get the worst of both worlds rather than the best. I'm not suggesting that the shooting of the vids is poor, but tends to focus very heavily on close ups, especially on Dave's cock, which is a great pity as it prevents the viewer from seeing more of Jessica.

In the videos (and site in general) interactivity is paid lip service with a few quotes from other members and a couple of videos at member requests.

Considering the site is presented to you by Jessica and Dave, it can be confusing at times that it is shot in a manner to give the viewer the impression the POV impression that they are fucking Jessica. Take for example, Dawn's Place, where the site is presented to you by her and little is mentioned of her partner. By contrast, Jessica and Dave seem to operate in a perspective no man's land.

In general, this site has solid content, which has the opportunity to be great content.

As the site develops, I really do hope that Jessica and Dave work on their sometimes questionable camera shots, introduce screen caps and photoshoots and work on interactivity which is frankly the standard for amateur sites like this to survive.

The bottom line: for a new site with genuine amateurs; not bad, not bad at all. I hope to see it develop further as I'd love in the future to give it a much higher score.

12-21-11  06:43am

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Visit Torbe Network

Torbe Network
Reply of JustThy's Reply

Yes, it was one that you have to manually activate yourself.

However, I mention it because in the rush to complete the sales procedure people can misread an invitation for an opt-out.

It kinda covers all bases and is kinder than "Read what you're doing, numbnuts!" :)

04-09-10  03:41am

Visit Torbe Network

Torbe Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Good selection of models
- Good amateur content
- Good download speeds
- Exclusive content
Cons: - Odd navigation
- Updates are bitty
- Some sites haven't seen updates in a long time
Bottom Line: The Torbe Network is a collection of sites that range from solo models to bukkake and the old chestnut "meet a chick on a street, offer her cash and take her back to your place to fuck"

Not hugely different to other network sites, Torbe has its strengths and its weaknesses.

Going for it is some originality in some of its content mixed with a great ability to get real, amateur, attractive models. Well done there.

Downloading content is easy enough and fairly quick. Pic sets come in .zip form. Various vid types (wmv, mp4, mpg and mov available.)

On the downside, pic sets are few and far between and vidcaps and only available on some sets which is a pity.

The only thing that lets it down for me is the male models. I am of the opinion that the male models (unless in a specific storyline) ought to be like spooks - unobtrusive, invisible etc. Unfortunately this isn't really the case in many of the vids here which is a great shame considering they are otherwise almost all great examples of how amateur content can look.

The bottom line? If you like your european (and some argentinan) amateur models in different situations then this is certainly for you.

Oh, and keep a watch out for cross sales (which are an opt in though.) Though by now you should all be watching out when you sign up for sites anyway!

04-07-10  06:43am

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Visit UK Flashers

UK Flashers
Reply of RagingBuddhist's Reply

I'm glad to be of service!!!!

I thought personally that the score I gave was fair as a gesture towards the fact that the site had stuck to it's niche. The quality beyond that dragged the score down heavily.

Another site I reviewed bore little to zero resemblance to its niche and that got a worse score.

10-26-09  06:41am

Visit UK Flashers

UK Flashers

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Content appears original
- Fairly easy to navigate
- Can use download manager
Cons: - Videos poor quality
- Complete vids not available
- Updates very few and far between (doesn't appear to be much new at all)
- Basic design
- Content is poorly directed
Bottom Line: I have a biased view when it comes to my porn (anyone who doesn't needs professional help imho) and when it comes to sites that rely on pics as much or more than vids it is about the quality and eroticism.

Exhibitionism can be very erotic and not something that has to "hit you in the face" with its bluntness. Unfortunately for UK Flashers, it falls sqaurely into the category of "blunt" in its approach.

Before I get onto the aspects of quantity, I'd like to look at the quality of the content, mostly as it is what is sticking out most to me.

Many of the models are not actually models by trade (yeah, obvious to many that they are working girls, but there are still those out there who believe that they are simply models trying to break into the industry.)

Whilst the models will have a concept of poses etc, a majority of the work and direction is carried out by the photographer. The photographer used for this site appears to have a complete lack of imagination (or interest) and the results are the same poses with the only variation being the location.

As for the poses themselves and the camera angles used? Unflattering on the models to say the very least, amateur in production, completely lacking in eroticism (many are plain seedy.) It's as though a bored 18 year old has gone out with his dad's camera, collared a few girls and led with the direction, "Show us yer gash!" There are user submitted sites out there with more professional content than here!

Harsh? Maybe, but combined with so few updates, a basic and tired design and layout and vid quality from early dsl days, this is a site that I'd struggle to recommend for even half the price that I paid.

10-25-09  11:01am

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