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Reply of Cybertoad's Comment

I've never joined, but I've had this on my list of "possible join" sites for about 2 years now (being a Sarah Blake, as well as POV, fan).

One cautionary note, and I just checked in again, is that every time I've checked the site, they have exactly the same preview content (believe me, I remember that Sarah Blake preview!)

So while the site might be updating, the preview content certainly has not, which I consider a warning sign, the site may be just a collection of videos without any support staff or updates. And the price tag is a little high (IMHO) to take a chance on it.

11-17-08  08:37pm

N/A Reply of roseman's Poll

Ditto to Drooler's reply, I hate IM's and refuse to use them. They are way too invasive. If someone needs to get a hold of me that badly, they have my phone number and can call me. And if I don't want to answer, that's what answering machines are for. Cell phones and IM suck.

11-14-08  10:23pm

N/A Reply of pinkerton's Poll

I pretty much agree with everyone else's comments here, but my 2 "most annoying" scenes are:

1) Guy grabs the girls head from behind and forces her down on his dick, grabs her hair in his fist and keeps her down. This has got to be one of the most humiliating things, plus a massive turn off for me. If the girl doesn't want to do it, what's the point? It's almost like rape, pretty sick actually.

2) Guys that fuck like they're a freight train moving 100 MPH, super hard fast fucking. Come on, do people really do this in real life? I suppose some people like "hard sex" but these kind of scenes make it look more like running a marathon than fucking. Is that really pleasurable? Major turn off for me.

11-06-08  10:36pm

Visit Ron Harris

Ron Harris
Reply of Jeffrey99's Reply

Hi Jeffrey,

I was a member of this site a couple of years ago - and totally agree with your comments. I don't understand why TBP gives this site an 87.1.

The models are HOT, but like you said, HE WON'T STOP TALKING! Plus the camera is constantly jiggling around everywhere, very unprofessional.

I remember being so disappointed with this site. I remember watching "20 minute workout" back in the 1980's (Ron Harris production) and thinking how extremely hot the models were working out and how excellent the photography was. Ron got famous from this as well as his Aerobicize videos.

But with his website, the videos are very amateurish. If he would just buy a tripod, and close his mouth, and zoom out just a little further (so you can see more than the upper left corner of her mouth and the lower right corner of her pussy) it would be awesome.

The photo quality however is top notch, he really is a gifted photographer. Perhaps if he hired someone else to do the videos?

It's so hard to find really good solo content these days, one thing or another always seems to spoil it. Usually it's over-production or too much makeup. In this case, it's the guy holding the camera.

11-06-08  10:18pm

Visit Twistys


Lindsay Marie is November's Treat

I always enjoy the first of the month for looking over my favorite websites and seeing what they are offering for the month, and deciding which site I'll join, or re-join, next.

Lindsay Marie is a new, extremely hot model, and I've been waiting to see more of her.

Digital Desire had one pictorial of her last month, and I was hoping for more - but looking over their November schedule, she is only in one more pictorial this month, and no videos!! That's the kind of teasing I don't like.

Twistys on the other had is promising a ton of content of her as this month's "Treat", and if you Google for "Lindsay Marie" you'll find more. Plus even though she's only been the "Treat" for a day so far, there is a ton of Twistys preview content here: http://www.dailysweeties.com/galleries/Lindsay-Marie.html

I've been looking for an excuse to re-join Twistys for a while, I was a member in April 2007 - with all of the bonus sites, a $19.95 price tag, and now Lindsay - what glamour fan could resist that??

Looks like Twistys is set for extremely high marks in my next review!!!

11-01-08  11:50am

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Visit Chasin Girls

Chasin Girls

Anyone ever try this site?

I joined this site in Nov. 2006 for the $2.95 3 day trial. The content was good, I still have some of the vids, but by today's standards they would rate as lower quality.

The trial was limited - no photo set downloads - but I could download a few vids.

This has been on my list of sites for a long time, but I never joined with a regular membership. I've been thinking about it however, very curious to see if/how the site has grown.

If you join through carlibanks.com you get that and this one for $29.95, but if you join through chasingirls.com it's $24.95 for just that site.

Carli's one of my favs, it would definitely be worth $5 more for her site as well, IMHO.

I'd love to hear any other user's opinions or experiences with this site.

10-27-08  09:24pm

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Visit Digital Desire

Digital Desire
Reply of majormikes's Reply

Hi majormikes,

If you read my comment closely, the discount was offered directly by Digital Desire until October 1. Now that it's Oct 17, well....

Fear not, all is not lost. If you go to http://www.paysitediscounts.com/, they have links to many websites, including this one. If you go through here, then to Digital Desire, you can still get the $18/mo price. Can't beat that. You'll probably find other ones here you like as well.

Good luck!

10-17-08  11:32pm

Visit Digital Desire

Digital Desire

Only $18 Until October 1st

This is a very nice site, one of the best sites for glamour model content, especially with the $18 price tag (see my review). At that price, this is really hard to pass up. A must join if you've never joined, or haven't for a while.

09-26-08  04:02pm

Replies (8)
Visit Super Glam

Super Glam
Reply of PinkPanther's Reply

Thanks, PinkPanther, you were right. I have a list of "experimental" sites to check out, this was at the top of it, just to see. The photo sets, as few as the good ones are, are pretty hot. Really odd though that their base price would be so high with so little content. They're not even in the same league with many bigger sites (like 1byday) that give you so much more for your money.

Funny thing, after submitting this review, my download speeds have gone down the toilet. Maybe the webmaster read my review??? LOL

07-07-08  10:21pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
Reply of Matt Frackas's Reply

Hey Matt! The man himself! Thanks for the comments and compliments, that means alot from someone in the business.

Thanks as well for the invitation to discuss fun topics, especially beer! If you aren't already stocked for the holiday, I'd recommend an Arrogant Bastard Ale (or 2 or 3) from Stone Brewing Company, one of my personal favs.

I'm actually going out to the valley today, I wonder if I'll be driving by your house?

I look forward to more exchanges, I may contact you through your website.

Have a good one.

07-04-08  11:44am

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
Reply of pornmaster's Reply

Hey pornmaster, thanks for the comments. Wow, having to turn down girls that want to be photographed naked, what a cool problem to have! Sounds like Matt has quite the fantasy life.

So you're the site manager? Wow, another cool job.

I don't know if it's possible, but one thing I would recommend to improve the site would be to remaster the old content. I was impressed to see so many models in their "just starting out" phase, and not that I was expecting alot, but was disappointed to see the small images and videos. Of course, 3 or 4 years ago, it would have been awesome, but after being spoiled by so many high end sites and HD quality, the old stuff has a hard time competing.

On the technical side, the site is well organized performs well, nice job!

Have a nice holiday!

07-04-08  11:38am

N/A Reply of Duante Amorculo's Poll

Taylor Rain comes to mind, very surprised she's not in the list.

07-03-08  11:08pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Many years ago, I was very into the girl-girl thing, although more recently not so much so. However a genuine, passionate kissing sequence can still get me going. VivThomas.com has some excellent content in this arena, although I've never joined them directly - you can get some, lower quality access to the content from TeenDreams.com - but I'd recommend any lover of girls kissing to check VivThomas.com out.

07-03-08  11:03pm

Visit Digital Desire

Digital Desire
Reply of TheRizzo's Reply

Hi, TheRizzo. If you're a Twistys fan I strongly recommend it, especially for $18, as it sounds like you haven't joined before. While personally I think Twistys is a better site (more fun oriented and doesn't take itself too seriously) Digital Desire does have some truly excellent glamour content.

Just stick to the model index and go through alphabetically. Each model has all of her content, with links to her sets in each of the crazy categories. From there, you can piece together the photo layouts with a little work. I also forgot to mention that they have a pretty good video preview capability, where you can stream a video low quality to check it out before deciding if you want to download the high quality version.

Another thing other reviewers have discussed is the download speeds. I did find it a little slow, however I use DownThemAll with Firefox, and set the maximum files to download simultaneously to 1, and set max chunks to 2. This seemed to help the download performance.

Good luck, let me know if you join and what you think. I hope you find this info useful.

07-03-08  09:50pm

Visit Digital Desire

Digital Desire
Reply of PinkPanther's Reply

Hi PinkPanther, thanks for the comments/clarification. I actually got a deal to join for $18 that was good til the 30th of the month, and I joined on the 29th, so I got it just in time.

One thing I forgot to mention in my review, is that $29.95 is not worth it, unless you've never joined ddgirls before, or haven't for a long time. However the discount of $22.90 would be worth it, as odd as that price is.

I was able to harvest the site in a month, although I'm still unpacking and checking out the goodies.

I'm not sure if they'll clean up the categories, it would be alot of work, and would remove one of their signature trademarks. Seems like some of the artsy-fartsy nature of the videos is reflected in their overly-creative category names. Is this a porn site or an art school?

07-03-08  09:40pm

Visit Creampie Thais

Creampie Thais
Reply of jd1961's Reply

Thanks, this is good info. I'll probably move this near the bottom of my list of "sites of interest".

11-25-07  11:15am

Visit Creampie Thais

Creampie Thais
Reply of jd1961's Comment

Hey JD - thanks for the comment, that's disappointing. I've had my eye on this one for a while, never joined, there seem to be some really hot Thai girls though. So the video samples on the site are the same quality as the actual videos? What about the bonus network sites (Hennessie, Asian Suck Dolls, others), do those make the price more worth it ?

11-25-07  12:07am

Visit Pier 999

Pier 999
Reply of jd1961's Reply

Great idea...but I see now they have 2 "October" update pages (probably just a typo) although when I looked at it yesterday there was only one "October" update page that stopped with Aneta Keys on October 16...perhaps someone is watching these posts ?!?!?

Now at least they look up to date, BUT there is still something wrong - according to the update pages, no videos since October 22!! What's up with that? I thought they released 3 videos each week?

11-13-07  07:36pm

Visit Pier 999

Pier 999

Stopped Updating?

I've been watching Pier999 for a while, and was thinking about joining. They've been pretty good about keeping the "Updates" section on the site preview up to date - you could see what was coming. However, the last time the "updates" were updated was mid October.

Does anyone know if this is true? Have they stopped updating the site? That would be a bummer, their old sister site asian4you.com did the same thing before it went offline.

11-12-07  09:03pm

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N/A Reply of asmith12's Poll

I only join one site every 3 to 6 months, but when I do I download what I like in that one month, so on average I'm definitely in the under 1 GB per month range. I don't know where the other users here get their time (and money) to join so many sites per month and download so much! I find that I spend most of my "porn time" checking out, sorting, and sifting what I've already downloaded. My "main collection" is only about 70 GB, but in my opinion it's the "best of the best" that I've been collecting for about 10 years.

11-08-07  08:34pm

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls
Reply of apoctom's Reply

Thanks for the comment. Yes you are right - this site is very original and appeals to a variety of tastes.

Trouble is, the site becomes extremely repetitive. As kinky and outrageous as it gets, it does the same things over and over again: interview, makeup, go shopping, panty stuffing, masturbation, maybe some weird object insertions, then go on to the next model and find the same thing again. Even in the same actual locations! Resorts in Arizona, or that living room with the bar and the chair, or that shower. How many models have been in the exact same surroundings?

I don't mean to sound negative, but this is the first site I've joined like this that I actually got bored with about half way through the site. Usually I go through an entire site in a month, downloading what I like and saving it for later. This time however, I went through 2 of the 4 alphabetical model indexes, and I'm done. I'm going to cancel.

Maybe I'll join again one day, I guess it's just not my thing.

Which is sad, the site is very professional and well done, but between the kink and the repetition of the same kink with almost every model, I'm done.

09-11-07  10:34pm

Visit Digital Desire

Digital Desire
Reply of PinkPanther's Reply

Hey Pink Panther!

Cool handle! I appreciate the response. Definitely moves "Digital Desire" up several notches on my list of "rejoin" sites. Please keep adding comments as you explore the non-DRM experience! This will definitely draw attention to this site...hey, maybe J. Stephen Hicks should pay us royalties?? LOL

08-18-07  12:51am

Visit Digital Desire

Digital Desire

Is "Digital Desire" Still DRM Protected?

As you may know, ddgirls is now called "digital desire". Having been a member years ago, I received an email highlighting this. Aside from being a "totally redesigned" site, the email mentions that the videos are no longer DRM protected.

Has anybody verified this? I would join again in a heartbeat if the DRM no longer applies - personally I hate DRM, I like to download videos and watch them later on my laptop - DRM ruins the experience for me.

What I don't understand is, the removal of DRM is only hinted at in the email, when J. Stephen Hicks should be highlighting it in a huge marquee!! I know many of you out there agree with me, this site would be awesome if DRM were lifted!

Still, I caution anyone eager to try this out - it seems to me that the DRM signature is part of each video stream, and while the new videos may not have DRM protection, I doubt if they have had time to remove it from each and every video in their collection. Of course hopefully I'm wrong...

08-16-07  01:22pm

Replies (3)
N/A Reply of Rick's Poll

How about "ALL OF THE ABOVE" !!

02-13-07  09:05pm

Visit Girls And Fingers

Girls And Fingers
Reply of YanksTodd's Reply

Hello, YanksTodd. Thank you for your thoughtful message and for addressing all of my concerns. I would very much like to take you up for your offer of a "Free Week" - I'm just not quite sure how to directly email you. Please let me know the procedure.

It really sounds like most issues I ran into were due to the site changing ownership. But I did make one error - the video quality is very good, I went back and double checked the videos I downloaded (640x480) and I apologize for this error. I will correct this fact in my review as soon as I finish this reply.

On the price, with your discount of $10 for TBP members, that is an outstanding price. I just felt that $30 was too much compared to other $30 sites I've joined (I'd be happy to provide a list if you're interested). Thank you for offering this discount to everyone, that is extremely generous and more than fair.

Lastly, on the cancellation issue, I certainly don't want to argue with you. While I did not keep detailed records, I verified that I signed up on 11/21/06 (according to my bank statement). To the best of my knowledge, I cancelled around 12/14, and could no longer access the site after about 12/16. I believe these dates to be accurate because I joined another site right after yours (after access was denied) and that site join was on 12/18.

I certainly am not implying there was anything "vindictive" about cancelling, likely it was an error (perhaps due to the new site getting revved up?).

Anyway, I am interested in moving forward and checking out the new site. Please send me details on how I can directly email you.

Thanks again for your thoughtful, detailed reply!

01-19-07  06:59pm

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