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Visit Next Door Hookups

Next Door Hookups

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - video in both wmv and mp4, with several resolutions, including iphone and ipod ones, streaming and downloading. Full HD for the latest.

- nice guys enjoying a good time with beautiful models, which they treat respectfully as women. Not the usual bullying of current porn, where women are humiliated in many a way.

- no anal. For me, this is a pro...

- navigation by model and category, although you can only do this from the home page.

- gives access to the whole Next Door Pass network (14 additional sites).

- full access trial
Cons: - older videos are only wmv, and only the newest are HD.

- photos, but no screencaps, and no zips, you'll have to load and download them one by one.

- cannot use a download manager. No "save as" link, but you have to click to start the download.
Bottom Line: Next Door Pass is mainly a gay multisite network, but Next Door Hookups is the exception in the network, being an heterosexual only site.

Nevertheless, there is also bisexual or heterosexual content in all of the gay sites, so even if you only want heterosexual content, don't forget to take a look also to the gay sites.

The site has an unusual characteristic: few models, with lots of scenes from each model. I can recognize many a canadian model, so I guess it's a canadian company.

I like canadians a lot, and specially many of the models you can find here, so it's great to find 5-10 scenes of one of these girls. Besides, you may find another 5-10 scenes of the same girl through the rest of the sites, the gay ones.

So this is what you should consider first, before suscribing to this site: do you like models such as Coco Velvet, Kelly Summers, India Summer, Ruby Knox, Madison Mason o Reena Sky? Because you are going to find LOTS of scenes from these girls. If you like them, this is your opportunity. Otherwise, if you are looking for many girls with just one or two scenes for each, you should look elsewhere. I happen to like those particular girls a lot, so for me the site is great.

And I like specially the kind of action you find here. For some reason, these gays treat women much better than most of the bullying male porn performers which abound in other sites.

09-08-11  12:47pm

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Visit Sasha Blonde

Sasha Blonde

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Site is about Sasha, and that's the best and the whole thing about this site.

Video and images are large, and their quality is high (not the absolute best, though).

Images can be downloaded as Zip files.

Every day, you have live cam performances, not always by Sasha, but by one or other girl from the same company, including Ivana "fukalot", Julie, etc. And you can download the archived performances, which is a really good thing, something in which many a site does fail. Even more: these ones are also large (720x576) high quality videos, with no DRM protection.

You already have bonus access to 4 sites: Policeman.net, TeenHandJobs.net, IFuckThem.com, FuckDotNet. But if you remain faithful to Sashablonde.com for 90 days, then you get also free access to the rest of sites from this company, namely: IvanaFukalot, YoungPorn, 18OnlyGirls, VirginOff, LayTheKat, SashaFucksDasha, MashaWorld, Kamilla18, TheSpermLover. All (or most) of them are worth the subscription.
Cons: You have a Videos section, and you have a Hardcore Stuff section. Masturbation movies appear in the Videos section, and they are regular Windows Media. Now, Hardcore Stuff -in other words, cock inside- is DRM protected, which is a shit. And the worst of all is you are not warned about it when suscribing the site. This is deceitful, this is a shame.

Images and Videos are independent, instead of having pictures that match movies. No screencaps to let you preview the video.

You have the option to download or to play, but actually both are wmv files, no flash streaming.

Site is not the cheapest (but you get lots of Sasha pictures and videos for your money).
Bottom Line: You can already see enough of Sasha at the tour of the site, and if you like her, then you are not going to regret suscribing Sashablonde, because Sasha is what you get, in good quantitites, with frequent updates, and in high quality format.

And you also get Ivana and the other girls from the live or recorded cam shows.

The shortcomings of the site are not really of decisive importance, except perhaps for the DRM thing. THAT is a major shortcoming, so if you really want to keep movies of Sasha fucking and sucking, either you learn how to bypass the protection, or YOU are really fucked up.

01-18-08  05:48am

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N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

This may be the most biased poll I ever saw. All of the permitted answers are some sort of "it's ok", one way or another. Except for "Other" (???). What about a "I dislike it?"

Well, I dislike it.

07-15-15  10:45pm

Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of Vito's Comment

If you were a member, then you are still a member, can browse the member's area, and even get stuff by paying with your credits.

So just log-in.

07-07-15  01:55am

Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of Monahan's Reply

They do have a loyalty program, but it works differently nowadays.

I am not a member right now, but I can still login, and the home page tells me that my suscription to their several sites is inactive, but that I have more than 6000 credits, which allow me to buy any material, from any of the company sites (21Sextury, 21Sextreme, 21Naturals, or 21FootArt), at 295 credits per scene.

Apparently, these credits just sum up automatically each month, so next time I suscribe I should even have more credits.

Thus, you can suscribe to 21sextury, but get some content from 21Naturals or 21Sextreme as well.

03-05-15  07:30am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I assume this is relative to links or banners that lead to RabbitsReviews, without indicating it explicitly.

I have seen that in several sites, and yes, I was fooled at first, but I am wiser at present.

02-21-15  07:46am

Visit Erotic Snap

Erotic Snap
Reply of Capn's Comment

I can also see regular hetero sex in the preview area.

02-14-15  10:05am

Visit Twistys

Reply of Wittyguy's Comment

Twistys is a PITA. Or should I say a pity? Considering the content is good, but trying to find you way around it is an unbearable task.

01-20-15  05:48pm

Visit Next Door World Network

Next Door World Network

Not just gay

The network is mainly a gay one, but is does also include some heterosexual scenes in every site, and Next Door Hookups is entirely hetero.

01-20-15  04:27pm

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N/A Reply of skippy's Poll

Browser can autofill, but doesn't understand captchas, so the latter is the most annoying.

"Site generates random login/PW" should be worse, but I cannot think of a single site that does that.

01-20-15  04:15pm

Visit Magik Sex

Magik Sex
Reply of bibo's Reply

What surprises me is that this happens in a site of the Met-Art network, supposedly advocates of photographic quality.

I would be surprised, too, if Private.com does offer the material at a better quality, but you might try to investigate if that's the case.

12-29-14  03:01pm

Visit Magik Sex

Magik Sex
Reply of bibo's Review

I can underline some of your complaints, but not all.

I suscribed to the site via the 1-day free trial, and was so satisfied with the material that I got the full one, some time after.

- Now, I don't look for HD, so I had no problem with that, but may be the higher resolutions are not well encoded, I don't know.

- The stuff itself is really high-class one, IMO, and comes from Magik View Entertainment.

- Yes, it's really difficult to distinguish between movies and scenes. Actually, what they present as movies are scenes. Nevertheless, you can find the movies in the preview area (not in the members area, as they should!), and do your search based on that. The page for a scene also gives you a link to the other scenes of the same movie.

The scenes are tagged, and that gives white a good navigation, again IMO.

As for the pornstars, you get them classified by "top", "new", or "all" (alphabetically), and the page of each star shows quite clearly all the material from her. You just need to notice that video links have a "Scene 3 of 5" kind of logo; if there's no logo, then it's a photo set.

- This material has been sold as the "Private Gold" series. That's its level of quality. But at the same time, it means it's not exclusive, as you can also get it at Private. I preferred to get it from MagikSex precisely because of the looks and navigation of this site.

- I'm not sure if they update. May be... but not much. And they certainly rotate scenes, as I couldn't find some scenes when I got the full subscription, that were formerly, when I applied for the trial.

Hope this helps to get a wider perspective.

12-29-14  06:52am

Visit Student Sex Parties

Student Sex Parties
Reply of Gnoman's Review

The site gives access to the whole WTF network, which is an added value you did not mention.

Once upon a time, updates came regularly, but it seems they are now focusing more on newer sites (Meet Suck and Fuck, The Art Porn ...)

Fortunately, there still comes an update once in a while, as this is my favorite site in the network.

08-28-14  11:56am

Visit Private.com


There's a cheap Trial, but not full

Just wanted to let you know that Private is at present offering a 2 days trial, but it only allows you to view and download 5 episodes of your choice. It also reminds you continually (and annoyingly) that you can access everything by upgrading.

04-05-14  03:13am

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Visit Industry Invaders

Industry Invaders
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

Those that rip off whole sites, know well how to get the movies, no matter what the site owner may try against it. So they are not going to chase away pirates, but are chasing away potential paying customers.

04-04-14  04:32am

Visit Sex Art

Sex Art
Reply of nadiencendia's Reply

In my case, it was the Magik Sex trial that I took, and can assess what you say. Full trial, with no problems at all, and if you cancel within 24h you shall not get billed for the whole month.

They are now sending me emails with offers to join MetArt, but I do not mind -actually, I like it.

03-29-14  03:40pm

Visit Sex Art

Sex Art
Reply of Abel Semen's Comment

I took the trial, which is a full one. Quite satisfied.

Later on I noticed the content seems to come from the "Private Gold" series of films, and can be found on the Private site itself. Now, if the video quality there is as good, I cannot say. I really liked the way it is presented in Magik Sex, with very good navigation. Also, seems to be updating regularly.

03-29-14  03:30pm

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

I suffered their nasty practices myself. Seems like some cookie retained my credit card info, and upon entering a site, just clicking on an image would suscribe me to it, WITHOUT ASKING FIRST.

Even worse, there are clones, and you can get suscribed to both clones.

Even worse, depending on how you got there, you'll have also a different route out of the whole mess. Each clone can have its own way.

I got the content I wanted, managed to cancel with pain and efforts, and when surfing for porn I immediately close any page that reminds me of Bangbros -just in case.

Compare this with Reality Kings. Looks like they also have some cookie, because they offer me resuscribing to its sites when I enter any of them. But they offer a limited preview, and do not suscribe you without asking you first -so far, at least...

03-29-14  11:02am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Just use a false email, something like UrAFucking@idiot.net, so that you can click on "Next", and learn the price.

03-29-14  10:32am

Visit 21 Sextreme

21 Sextreme
Reply of eggyfish's Review

I think saying "it's a scam" is too much, though certainly the company uses some practices which are confusing in the best of cases.

Time ago, when there were less sites, you would only get access to some of them upon suscription, and had to wait months before accessing some sites. Which sites yes, and which sites no? Well, it all depended on the site through which you suscribed -the thing was confusing, to say the least.

Then they grew to a lot of sites, and divided into two networks, 21sextury and 21sextreme. Some of the sites are exclusive to 1 of the networks, while others are shared. For instance, you can get Teen Bitch Club with any of the networks. But if you join to Teen Bitch Club directly, then you get 21Sextury not 21Sextreme.

To add to the confusion, eggyfish statement is true (or at least was at the time I was a member): "The home page focuses on what you dont have, rather than what you do." That is, when you enter the membership area you have joined to, you'll see many scenes which are not available through your network, but are on the other network. They are advertisements, teasers.

I woukd say it's confusing, perhaps somewhat frustrating, but not really a scam once you understand the whole idea. The problem is they never explained the idea in the first place.

03-29-14  10:15am

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of konrad's Comment

What do you mean by "upgrade"? From the trial?

May be this was a case of a pre-checked cross-sell? I never had any problems with Reality Kings, but now I'm on guard until this issue is better clarified.

03-10-14  12:19am

Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls
Reply of jimmy455's Comment

I also found it very difficult to unsuscribe. And when I eventually thought that I got it, I received an email asking me why I was unsuscribing. I did not reply (why should I?)... and my subscription was renewed. It took me several emails more to unsuscribe.

Totally unacceptable.

03-10-14  12:10am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Just recently I took the 1-day free trial of Magik Sex, and I'm very happy for having done it. It's a no-limits full trial, and could cancel easily before the first 24 hours, through CCBILL.

Other sites from the same company (the Met Art Network) offer this kind of trial, but I have not taken them yet.

03-09-14  11:42pm

Visit Femdom Empire

Femdom Empire
Reply of Laptopbs's Comment

When you reach the download limit, you can hardly browse the site, and the images do not load at all.

The download limit is quite dissapointing, but the content is really uncommon and good.

10-04-13  11:27am

Visit Fame Digital

Fame Digital

A navigation trick

You do not get the same navigation choices if you enter a site through Fame Digital, than by going directly to the site.

For instance, if you enter a site through Fame Digital, and go to DVDs section, you can make use of a list of DVDs and a list of categories, but if you enter the site directly, and go to the DVDs section, you get a list of DVDs, a list of series, and a list of pornstars.

Just use whatever suits you best.

08-28-13  04:37am

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