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Visit Burning Angel

Burning Angel
Reply of rearadmiral's Review

As you say, it is "a typical porn network", because it's as XXX as any.

BUT, it's not so typical after all, because of a couple of factors (besides the peculiar emo/gothic/tattoed/heavy metal niches it covers).

First of all, some of the performers are well known in mainstream porn (Coco Velvet, Dana DeArmond, Regan Reese, for instance), but others are newcomers, some of which may have jumped to mainstream porn, but not all. And some are just "photo starlets".

Also, the performers themselves are part of the community, comment on each other, have their friends and favorites. The thing is they really seem to know each other very well, and have a pretty funny time doing all this. Actually, there uses to be a lot of humour put into the scenes.

And the end result is that they do not look like "I am doing this only for the money, but I'm bored", but rather, "Oh my god, I love it". And I love them because of that.

Besides that, I appreciate the fact that they have trailers for every scene. It makes it a lot easier to find the content of your choice.

The photos, on the other hand... oh, well, I suscribe rearadmiral's complains.

(I'm currently a member of the network).

12-07-12  02:09am

Visit Archive Videos

Archive Videos

Site is a clone of MMM100.net

This site has the same content as MMM100.net, only navigation is different.

12-18-11  02:30am

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Visit Next Door Hookups

Next Door Hookups

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - video in both wmv and mp4, with several resolutions, including iphone and ipod ones, streaming and downloading. Full HD for the latest.

- nice guys enjoying a good time with beautiful models, which they treat respectfully as women. Not the usual bullying of current porn, where women are humiliated in many a way.

- no anal. For me, this is a pro...

- navigation by model and category, although you can only do this from the home page.

- gives access to the whole Next Door Pass network (14 additional sites).

- full access trial
Cons: - older videos are only wmv, and only the newest are HD.

- photos, but no screencaps, and no zips, you'll have to load and download them one by one.

- cannot use a download manager. No "save as" link, but you have to click to start the download.
Bottom Line: Next Door Pass is mainly a gay multisite network, but Next Door Hookups is the exception in the network, being an heterosexual only site.

Nevertheless, there is also bisexual or heterosexual content in all of the gay sites, so even if you only want heterosexual content, don't forget to take a look also to the gay sites.

The site has an unusual characteristic: few models, with lots of scenes from each model. I can recognize many a canadian model, so I guess it's a canadian company.

I like canadians a lot, and specially many of the models you can find here, so it's great to find 5-10 scenes of one of these girls. Besides, you may find another 5-10 scenes of the same girl through the rest of the sites, the gay ones.

So this is what you should consider first, before suscribing to this site: do you like models such as Coco Velvet, Kelly Summers, India Summer, Ruby Knox, Madison Mason o Reena Sky? Because you are going to find LOTS of scenes from these girls. If you like them, this is your opportunity. Otherwise, if you are looking for many girls with just one or two scenes for each, you should look elsewhere. I happen to like those particular girls a lot, so for me the site is great.

And I like specially the kind of action you find here. For some reason, these gays treat women much better than most of the bullying male porn performers which abound in other sites.

09-08-11  12:47pm

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Visit Teen Stars Only

Teen Stars Only
Reply of messmer's Comment

Navigation is perhaps my main complaint for most (almost all) sites.

Usually, the free tour has good photos and video samples; members' area only some ridiculous thumbnails.

If the tour itself has no video samples, they are making a big mistake. Many of us shall not pay the cake without previously tasting it somehow.

But in this particular case, if you know the network, you already know the kind of russian teen videos to expect. In practice, you can hardly differentiate between the sites. Same girls, same production.

08-08-11  05:06am

Visit All Reality Pass

All Reality Pass

Beware: cheating of past suscribers

This people is doing it again... devising new means to deceive us.

I suscribed time ago to this Pass. Now I am receiving regularly emails of the sort

"Here is your login information for Adult Movie Club!
Your Username and Password are:

Username: xxx

Password: xxx

URL: http://www.adultmovieclub.com

Inside you will get to see all of over 5000+ hot movies. This is a real treat and we are sending this to you direct because of you past membership to a simular site you enjoyed with us."

I have substituted xxx for the actual username and password

It is only a couple of paragraphs below that you can read,

"By clicking the link above you will be the lucky person to view instantly 5000+ movies for two days for FREE!

After the 2 days you will continue to recieve full membership recurring at $39.95 each 30 days."

Although the link looks like just "http://www.adultmovieclub.com", the actual URL contains additional data, so that the very moment you click on the link you are supposed to have accepted the 2-days free trial, which recurs as a full membership.

It would not be rare that you click the link to the site, without noticing the actual URL, without having read the whole email, and unconscious that it means entering into a suscription you did not want to pay for.

So be careful, these are very nasty cheaters.

05-31-11  11:51am

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Visit Tramp Stamp Movies

Tramp Stamp Movies
Reply of rome476's Reply

I remember the navigation of photos was cumbersome, but I do not remember anything special about the D/L speed, so we should assume it was not bad... (what I remember is the site was only streaming at first, but fortunately they soon changed to offering downloads also).

I cannot remember about the model indexes, either, but.. I would swear there wasn't anything useful at all. Models were european (with very few exceptions, like the canadian model Cherry Potter, appearing as Veronica), usually not the best known european models, but hot indeed.

Some of the sites are undistinguishable in practice (I mean, it all ends up in the same couch), while some are characteristic (HardcoreStripClub, or MyVIPOrgy for instance).

03-24-11  02:39pm

Visit Tramp Stamp Movies

Tramp Stamp Movies
Reply of ace of aces's Reply

I can't tell, because I didn't use them.

03-09-11  10:45am

Visit Tramp Stamp Movies

Tramp Stamp Movies
Reply of ace of aces's Comment

I was a member, and really liked the scenes, but it seems they are not updating any longer. There should be enough, nonetheless, for a good monthly suscription.

03-07-11  02:32pm

Visit Pack Of Porn

Pack Of Porn
Reply of Mptje's Review

I was a member of the network not long ago. It was completely "Made in Holland", but Teenage Group Sex now seems to have content made in Russia. Obviously, UK Roadtrips has british stuff.

Now, Old Farts Young Tarts is a site with many models and many updates (The Best Porn review says 263+ videos), while the rest of the sites have much less content (for instance, The Best Porn says only 25+ videos for Public Place Pussy). So the rest of the sites do not have many models, and they use to appear in 2 or 3 sites.

Thus, the assertion "a site with just a couple of models who go through each site" does not really reflect well the situation.

02-04-11  12:35pm

Visit Seventeen Video

Seventeen Video
Reply of gamblow's Reply

That you have to login often within the same session, has nothing to do with browser, or it would happen for every site. But it's something I've suffered with other sites managed by the same billing service.

01-02-11  01:12pm

Visit Young Courtesans

Young Courtesans
Reply of slutty's Reply

I do not know about this particular site, but I can confirm you that not all the sites from this company are streaming-only.

For instance, at present, both casualteensex and teenylovers are download-only (which is better, but I would prefer them to be streaming _besides_ being downloadable).

On the other hand, I remember SellYourGF was only streamable. And some sites may have the old stuff as downloadable, but are updated only as streamable.

The problem is each and every site in the Internet claims "fast downloading" which, all in all, is deceiving.

12-12-10  01:49pm

Visit Dream Stash

Dream Stash

Site "dissapeared"?

If you go to dreamstash.com, you are no longer going to find the former european hardcore site, but some sort of "teen gfs" site.

However, the other site of the same company, DS Handjobs, still exists, and advertises that you get access to dreamstash (as a bonus), when suscribing to dshandjobs.com

Wonder if anybody knows for sure which is the actual situation.

12-04-10  01:07pm

Replies (2)
Visit All Reality Pass

All Reality Pass

Beware of Cross-Sells! - prechecked or WORSE

I read all that is said against the site, but the content is hot, so I have tried it.

Now, beware of prechecked cross-sells.


It includes deceving links that can suscribe you to don't know where, don't know how. It is SO FRAUDULENT, that one of the links is hidden, written in a white font, so you cannot read it, but if you happen just to click in that part of the page, you are supposed to have asked for an additional suscription. I casually discovered it because if you select the text of the page, which changes the foreground and background colors, then the hidden link becomes visible. Amazing.

11-28-10  07:40am

Replies (1)
Visit Massage Girls 18

Massage Girls 18
Reply of Shasta90418's Comment

Looks like HappyEndingSpycam.com is the spycam version of MassageGirls18.com, whereas MassageRoomSeduction.com is spycam version of FuckedHard18.com

What do I mean by a spycam version? Same content filmed by a fixed camera (supposedly a spycam); in other words, from a different and permanent angle, and with less quality.

The difference between Massage Girls (or Happy Ending Spycam), and Fucked Hard 18 (or Massage Room Seduction) would be that the first one features girls giving a massage, whereas in the second the man gives the massage. In the end, it's the same for all of them: suck and fuck.

11-27-10  10:07am

Visit Mom GFs

Mom GFs
Reply of Darrow's Review

According to thebestporn, billing processor should be CCBill, which is easily managed from here https://support.ccbill.com/.

Were you billed by another processor? This is an important issue.

05-22-10  06:37am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

The more REAL moans the better. But obvious fake moans... no no, only in Hentai.

05-22-10  06:31am

Visit Dancerbating

Reply of badandy400's Reply

No striptease here, and actually very little dance. I mean, they move the hips a bit while pressing the toy against their crotch. In some of the clips, they surrender under the urge to come, sit or lay on the floor, and just go on with the buildup of the climax with no further dance. You can already see this in the trailer.

03-29-10  09:52pm

Visit Fuckable Lola

Fuckable Lola
Reply of dano8514's Review

The same company has several other sites (Shiny dolls, Dancerbating, Spandex slut) with basically 3 or 4 models, and you rarely see the bare pussy. Indeed, wearing a tight spandex o latex while they masturbate to orgasm, is part of the fetish. Usually, by using a Hitachi wand, or at times by humping.

The action is hot, the girls too. Some of the orgasms are terrific. If you like that (I do), don't miss these sites. Otherwise, if you are looking for nude babes, don't even spend your thoughts with them.

03-29-10  07:06pm

Visit Private Gwen

Private Gwen

The site is not what it used to be -don't let it fool you

Once upon a time, there was a site, PrivateGwen.com, where a pretty and sexy blonde had photos and videos to download. Not that it was the best of sites, but well... the girl herself could justify a subscription to the site.

But nowadays, you happen to suscribe to a forum with some hard to find photos of Gwen. The videos of old have vanished, and it doesn't seem to ever actualize content.

I would say this is close to scam.

05-12-09  08:38pm

Replies (0)
Visit Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle
Reply of Thaeral's Comment

Not a casual glitch, as I had the same problem. Even if I had the full subscription, it insisted that I only had the trial one, and never allowed me to get the stuff.

It's absurd (or rather a fraud) that this kind of failure may still be taking place after so many months.

02-17-09  02:46pm

Visit Suze Randall

Suze Randall
Reply of Wittyguy's Reply

Just click "Join now", and there it is: $7.77 for 7 days, full access, including both photo and videos (suzevideo.com).

05-09-08  07:05pm

Visit Sasha Blonde

Sasha Blonde

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Site is about Sasha, and that's the best and the whole thing about this site.

Video and images are large, and their quality is high (not the absolute best, though).

Images can be downloaded as Zip files.

Every day, you have live cam performances, not always by Sasha, but by one or other girl from the same company, including Ivana "fukalot", Julie, etc. And you can download the archived performances, which is a really good thing, something in which many a site does fail. Even more: these ones are also large (720x576) high quality videos, with no DRM protection.

You already have bonus access to 4 sites: Policeman.net, TeenHandJobs.net, IFuckThem.com, FuckDotNet. But if you remain faithful to Sashablonde.com for 90 days, then you get also free access to the rest of sites from this company, namely: IvanaFukalot, YoungPorn, 18OnlyGirls, VirginOff, LayTheKat, SashaFucksDasha, MashaWorld, Kamilla18, TheSpermLover. All (or most) of them are worth the subscription.
Cons: You have a Videos section, and you have a Hardcore Stuff section. Masturbation movies appear in the Videos section, and they are regular Windows Media. Now, Hardcore Stuff -in other words, cock inside- is DRM protected, which is a shit. And the worst of all is you are not warned about it when suscribing the site. This is deceitful, this is a shame.

Images and Videos are independent, instead of having pictures that match movies. No screencaps to let you preview the video.

You have the option to download or to play, but actually both are wmv files, no flash streaming.

Site is not the cheapest (but you get lots of Sasha pictures and videos for your money).
Bottom Line: You can already see enough of Sasha at the tour of the site, and if you like her, then you are not going to regret suscribing Sashablonde, because Sasha is what you get, in good quantitites, with frequent updates, and in high quality format.

And you also get Ivana and the other girls from the live or recorded cam shows.

The shortcomings of the site are not really of decisive importance, except perhaps for the DRM thing. THAT is a major shortcoming, so if you really want to keep movies of Sasha fucking and sucking, either you learn how to bypass the protection, or YOU are really fucked up.

01-18-08  05:48am

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