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N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Yup. Several times. Somebody's gotta give new sites a chance, and sometimes it takes professional reviewers years to get to sites in the smaller niches.

11-10-12  01:42am

N/A Reply of Claypaws's Reply

Well said!

Though I personally have no moral qualms about recreational drug use. I have little interest in it myself - partially due to the potential physical dangers they present and partially due to the cultural / legal dangers the present - but I don't have any objections to people using them in a moderate fashion (moderate all things to moderation). Excessive use of just about anything will get one into trouble.

I think perhaps only excessive use of rationalism won't get someone into trouble. It might get you labeled as a Sociopath, but you probably wouldn't be locked up, as you wouldn't get caught doing anything illegal if your excessive rationalistic approach is done accurately (this is not to say you wouldn't do anything illegal).

11-08-12  09:46pm

N/A Reply of jberryl69's Reply

haha, the acronyms do get overwhelming at times. It took me months before I realized that ATM wasn't some sort of "More Money, More Blues" genre. New ones keep popping up, it is quite difficult to keep track of them all.

11-08-12  09:28pm

N/A Reply of jberryl69's Reply

You are very right that the "spit roast" (isn't it strange how often porn adopts food terminology?) requires a considerable amount of skill and finesse to be performed well. I guess my perscriptivist objection is I'd rather it be referred to as that (spit roast) or more specifically, I'd rather scenes with two males and a female that do not include the anal/vaginal penetration simply be called a threesome, or MMF if people like. Maybe it should be more accurately MFM, lol

11-08-12  08:12pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I'm a big fan of the amount of tax dollars we'd save by not policing it and the tax dollars we'd earn by placing heavy taxes on the sale of it. If treated like Alcohol in a legal sense and treated like Cigarettes in a taxation sense, I think legalization of Marijuana would be great for the country. It will be interesting to see the fallout from the two states that have chosen to legalize it this election, since it is still technically illegal on the Federal level.

11-08-12  08:53am

N/A Reply of jberryl69's Reply

haha, I hate when that is classified as DP. If some dude says "I penetrated a chick last night", most guys would smack him upside the head if he later explained that he was referring to a blowjob. I guess it is the difference between what is technically true versus what is the culturally accepted definition.

11-06-12  04:08pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

Personally, I download DP scenes only if the models involved seem to be really into it. I know this is sort of a recurring comment of mine, but basically I don't have any interest in performers that don't show enthusiasm and instead appear to simply be going through the motions. Some models really seem to get into the outrageous nature of the act. For example: Jayna Oso (sadly now retired), Amber Rayne (be it performed with men or women), Veronica Avluv, Marilyn Chambers (she appears in all my lists, lol), and so on.

11-06-12  02:56pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Reply

Oh! Oh! Please do Bigfoot next!

11-06-12  02:50pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Not that I've posted a review recently, but my method was to write the review in Word and edit it there so I wouldn't have to edit on the site for typos. However, occasionally a few would slip through and I'd still have to edit the review directly on the site. I absolutely loath typos.

11-04-12  06:26am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Occasionally, but not too often. Usually it happens when I talk to support about some random bug and it evolves into a greater conversation about the site.

11-02-12  09:52am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Professional Cycling, to a small degree.

I lost a lot of interest when they banned almost all of my favorite riders. So I'm having to play catch up to learn the new breed of riders. The drugs fiasco has been ridiculous and the witch hunt has been very damaging to the image of the sport, I wish they had simply applied the Asterisk to the winners that were deemed to be using drugs, like they did in baseball, but it is basically done now, so I don't hugely care.

I still consider Armstrong a champion because nearly everybody in the sport during his era were using drugs. Hence why his titles were simply awarded to nobody. He was the best in all regards, even in doping. There is something to be said for that.

I will say that the most recent Tour de France was a lot of fun because it was far more chaotic and unpredictable than previous years. A lot of that is probably because the vast majority of the riders are finally not doping. So the future looks bright, but it is still tough to be a fan and know so few riders right now. The sport is recovering though, and my enthusiasm as a fan is too.

10-29-12  01:45am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

It really depends on the performers and how they react and sell their roles. Some performers seem to really get off on either dominating or being dominated, and so their enthusiasm in every aspect of the scene is enhanced by the vulgar word play. Others seem to be distracted and occasionally, genuinely upset by the verbal onslaught - those cases would definitely detract from enjoyment of the scene. The sheer taboo nature of the behavior occasionally can be appealing itself, for example Ghetto Gaggers and associated sites basically thrive on that concept. It has, however, a rather narrow appeal. While I personally can appreciate it, it is far from my favorite content.

On a side note: Would anyone honestly pick the first choice? It seems like that one could have been removed and "Like it if it is part of consensual roleplay" would have been a better choice. I think a number of us would have chosen that as it covers much of Kink.com who frequently uses aggressive dialogue but goes out of their way to show it is consensual. Frankly, Brazzers also does a good job of this with their Pornstar Punishment series, featuring a similar after scene interview.

10-27-12  10:46am

N/A Reply of jberryl69's Reply

Thanks for the clarification about the intent of the original remark - I misinterpreted it as not only incredulous but also somewhat accusatory. Therein lies the occasional failings of communicating strictly through a written medium. Btw, here is a study in the British Journal of Urology International (a peer reviewed journal) that linked masturbation as a means for lowering the chance of prostate cancer. I really should have done a better search the first time. (All I had to do was check in with my favorite science rag, The New Scientist.)

I'm always amazed to hear about people's experiences with X-Rays because the technology was used so liberally that it was silly. My absolute favorite is the absurd X-Ray Shoe Fitting machines. These days your experience would be easy grounds for a lawsuit.

I should note that I assumed you had nothing against masturbation for anyone - I can't imagine any contributing member of this site having such opinions. I do hope that some quality science in the near future will help you with the ED as it has so many others, but I commend you for persevering despite it - so many don't even bother trying.

10-25-12  03:59pm

N/A Reply of gaypornolover's Reply

The appeal of the exotic is very strong, no matter what style it comes in.

10-25-12  07:55am

N/A Reply of gaypornolover's Reply

You know, if there was more money in it - I think they'd have cracked that problem by now. I think the M-t-F side of the industry has got all the cash right now. Some day perhaps; maybe if science can learn to grow arteries and veins...

10-25-12  07:54am

N/A Reply of jberryl69's Reply

True, "need" might be an overly strong word, but I don't believe it is hugely debated that masturbation (keeping in mind the whole all things in moderation adage) is generally beneficial.

In regards to "no physician I have ever talked to" - again, yes, I doubt you'd ever get something so specific like the recommendation of changing a car's oil every 5k miles, but lack of being informed by a doctor doesn't negate somethings validity as a health recommendation. Frankly, there's a lot that doctors don't get around to recommending. I think it is because they are too busy going to the bank, but who knows? So - does one "need" to masturbate? Probably not. Should one with certain, if not exactly specified, regularity? Probably, yes.

Of course, it has to be recognized how little we (humans) know about our physiology. It has oft been cited (I read it in Mary Roach's Stiff) that a visit to the doctor's office didn't achieve a measured chance of actually improving a patient's health until the 1920s. Thousands of years of health care and before then, you were basically guaranteed to be worse off after visiting a doctor until the 1920s. So, despite all the strength given to doctors' opinions, they've really only been marginally good at this for about 90 years.

So, the whole medical opinion regarding masturbation could change again, perhaps not back to the "it's the work of the devil" era, but maybe in the future humans will be living in some monkish realm of abstinence. Who knows? My point was simply, that there has been some science supporting the claim of masturbation being good for the body, and shouldn't so quickly be dismissed with a sarcastic "Seriously?".

10-25-12  07:50am

N/A Reply of jberryl69's Reply

He is right. Seriously.

Men's Health Magazine: Health and Sexual Benefits of Masturbation

I know that isn't the most reputable source, but it was the first one I found after a quick search. I've seen similar stories reported in more reputable publications.

10-25-12  12:49am

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

Transvestite / Pre-Op Transgender: I'd try to finish the date and part amicably, if possible. It isn't a relationship I'd particularly pursue, however.

Post-Op Transgender: Why would I care? I don't particularly want kids anyway. I'd progress as normal. If I'm attracted to someone now, I don't really care what they looked like in the past. That would be like dumping a supermodel because she was fat when she was in high school.

* For these examples, I'm assuming the transgendered date in question is Male-to-Female.

10-25-12  12:43am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I would say "no" under the assumption that the poll is discussing women and men living in Western culture. Masturbation is practically expected for men, though still shunned by some groups. Masturbation for women is viewed with much, much more stigma. There may also be some biological factors - there is a biological benefit for men to try to be polygamous (trying to pass along their genes as best as possible) while simultaneously requiring women to be monogamous (males that did this are more likely to pass along their genes as well if their mates are mating with only them). So biologically it would make some sense for males to be more sex obsessed, however a species where the females were entirely uninterested in sex probably would survive.

I think lower percentages of women masturbating is most influenced by our culture, but also somewhat impacted by biology. Of course, every human behavior can basically be described this way.

For a small sampling of how much culture has scared some of the fun out of masturbation for women, check out all the comments on this article on women masturbating (apparently 92% of 23-30 y/o women did in 2008, n = 1000): http://jezebel.com/5107639/92-of-women-m...-often-do-they-do-it

10-23-12  09:21pm

N/A Reply of jberryl69's Reply

Ah, so in that example the "worst place to shoot porn" would be: "About my mother's person." lol

10-19-12  01:41pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

As the first PUerviewee, I officially endorse the return of the PUerview.

10-19-12  09:05am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Reply

lol - "oogie", I'm so going to add that to my repertoire of synonyms for sex.

10-18-12  05:56pm

N/A Reply of jberryl69's Reply

Please refer to Drooler's and my answers.

The sheer fatality rate amongst most of the our suggestions would pretty much guarantee an unsuccessful porn scene. Yay for logical extremes!

10-18-12  12:52pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Reply

Ohhh, good one. Antarctica would fit in too as it is the driest continent, and coldest for that matter.

10-18-12  12:51pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Challenge Accepted.*

*Please note all recommended candidates presume actual locations, not stand-in studio sets.

Candidates for "Worst Place to Shoot Porn" in no particular order:

Location 1: Westminster Abbey, during a coronation... that was already interrupted by a wolverine attack.

Location 2: Ypres, Belgium in early May of 1915.

Location 3: The O.R. of a Maternity Ward while an emergency pregnancy is being performed. (Example Ambiance: Watch the only memorable scene from Prometheus, aka. alien abortion scene.)

Location 4: On the surface of the Moon, without space suits. (Similarly, many leagues under the sea, Jupiter, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto or any of its dwarf planet kin.)

Location 5: In Sergeant Stacey Koon's patrol car in the very early hours of March 3rd, 1991.

Location 6: Bouncy Castle, during a 5th Birthday Party.

Location 7: Nursing Home Cafeteria, during Bingo Night.

That's enough for now...

10-17-12  12:34am

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