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N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

I must be shallow. I picked "almost never". The clowning around is just another reminder to me that the models aren't really into the sexual parts. There are exceptions like Regina Ice in an ALS Angels BTS video, being both funny and sexy.

02-03-13  06:17pm

Visit Bryci

Reply of PinkPanther's Reply

Thanks PP, I had joined it around the time you replied. I think one of the best things about it is you can see her progression as a model. She has intrigued me as a solo fan, as much as Eve Angel did back years ago, which is saying a lot.

I also have really enjoyed the webcam archives on all the sites. Especially Talia Shepard's. She seems to really have a lot of fun with hers.

01-28-13  08:00pm

Visit Bryci

Reply of Marcus's Reply

No problem Marcus. I've been to quite a few sites over the years that had problems similar to the ones you were having. It's at least good that you were willing to give it another try. Seems like a lot of porn users these days have a bad experience and blacklist the site for good.

01-28-13  07:55pm

Visit Bryci

Reply of tangub's Reply

Thanks tangub, I did consider trying a bulk image downloader, but saw the part in the terms about how they don't like members to run scripts and though I'm not the most technologically strong person, I knew that meant no bulk downloaders lol.

I consider myself a 60% videos, 40% photos person, so the lack of zips wasn't as big of a deal to me as it would be you, but maybe in the future they will figure out a way to do it. The pictures are really nice too. I guess if they poor I wouldn't complain much though.

01-28-13  07:49pm

Visit Bryci

Reply of luv lickn clit's Reply

Thanks llc,

And the zips are frustrating. I sometimes find myself on the fence since I would get frustrated too, if I was a webmaster and saw my hard work being passed around for free, but I agree with your side as well. Seems like maybe in the future, there could be some kind of technology, similar to DRM, that would maybe embed a code into photos which wouldn't allow them to be uploaded, but then again, someone would probably figure out how to take the code out.

01-28-13  07:45pm

Visit Bella Pass

Bella Pass
Reply of JamesDavid's Reply

Thanks for the info on Renna. I have had a crush on her since seeing her years ago in a girl/girl scene called "Geek Girl Sex". She had a genuine quality about her. And considering the way the porn business is these days, it's a lot better to hear she is moving on in life instead of hearing a sad story, like we do with so many models.

On Hunter, I had never seen her, but know a member on here had mentioned her. I think you all are on the right track. I, myself, I usually like softcore or harder masturbation, but when a site can blend those with hardcore, I do think they will bring in a lot of potential customers.

If I think of any suggestions I will send them in an email. And thanks for the clean layout on your sites.

01-28-13  07:40pm

Visit Bella Pass

Bella Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Fairly large network of 6 solo model sites and 1 multi-model site.
- High quality on nearly all sites.
- Network is an even better value if you like the models that have a high amount of content. I will list amounts of content for each site in the BL.
- Seems to be quite a bit of interaction with the models.
- Download speeds will vary from site to site, but never drops to a bad level.
- Navigation is excellent for a network, it includes and easy to use drop-down box that allows you to move from site to site without the hassle of signing in on each.
- I personally find all of the models attractive.
- No cross-sales on registration and ads are non-existent in members area as well. It's one of those sites that should get some bonus points for clean site design without annoyances.
- There is some, though not a lot, more hardcore scenes on the sites. So it's not all just softcore or just masturbation.
Cons: - The webmaster explained in replies of my Bryci review. There are no photo zips. If nothing else, I feel like it should be mentioned since photo collectors will see that as a dealbreaker.
- Download limit has been raised to 12 GB per day and I really don't see it as that bad unless you download the 1920x1080 files. I've somehow found moderation in my downloading over the years and am having no trouble with the download limit.
Bottom Line: I did a separate review for the Bryci site which is included in this network. I felt like it was quite a bit better than the other sites and deserved it's own standalone review. First thing I'm going to do is list the numbers for each site. I will count these numbers by using a manual method of X amount of scenes per page multiplied by number of pages. I will use this method of describing them (standard video = masturbation/tease. BTS = Behind the Scenes. Webcam = webcam archive)

Ava Dawn - 32 standard videos, 15 BTS, 4 Webcam, 42 photo sets.
Bella Girlfriends - 7 standard videos, 61 photo sets
Bryci - See my separate review. This is by far the largest site in the network. The numbers are for combined types of videos (329) and photo sets (280) candid photo sets (62)
Hunter Leigh - 24 photo sets, 0 videos.
Katie Banks - standard videos (112), Webcam (127), photo sets (172), candid photo sets (131)
Lexi Mason - standard videos (16), photo sets (28)
Monroe Lee - standard videos (18), webcam (25), photo sets (111). candid photo sets (5)
Talia Shepard - standard videos (49), BTS (19), Webcam (112), Photo sets (118), candid photo sets (38).

If you notice one model missing, Renna Ryan, the content was up the first few days I was a member, now the site is giving me a "content not available" message when I sign in. She also is no longer listed in the BellaGirls, so I guess that was just bad timing since it was there just a few days ago.

I bring this up because Renna was an extra selling point for me since I have always liked her. On the other hand, the site was relatively small and the last 6-8 videos were during her pregnancy. Overall, her site was a disappointment so I don't think you're going to miss it much.

If you will also notice, several of the models have more webcam archived videos than anything else. I do like these, but there's no way, short of watching everyone of them to say what percentage is just talking or teasing or masturbation.

I was not familiar with any of these models except the aforementioned Renna Ryan and Talia Shepard. Talia's site is above average, so if you like her it's worth noting that it's one of the bigger sites on the network. I even found a new one I'll be watching for more content of, Ava Dawn, who I wasn't the least bit familiar with.

I went to the oldest videos on each site and it looks like all standard videos have the full selection of video options. I'll list them again:
MP4 - 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x360
WMV - 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x360
Flash - 900x506
3GP - 352x288

As I mentioned in the Bryci review, I prefer the Flash ones for the combination of good quality and the files are not overly large. If anyone has trouble playing Flash videos, I use either VLC or Windows Media Classic Home Cinema.

The content mostly follows the same path from site to site. It's mostly softcore teasing and masturbation. I'm not for sure if the hardcore number is high since several of the hardcore scenes I had seen on here were on the Renna Ryan site.

Picture sets have a viewing option of 1500x933 or vice versa and 4000x26xx or vice versa. These pictures are very good, look to be professional shot so without zips, you're going to need to be ready to right click, save as on the ones you like.

The webcam videos are decent quality, look to be in the 360-480p range and are entertaining.

It's worth noting that several of these models, Bryci, Talia especially, have very good personalities and can pull off these 40ish minute webcam shows without a hitch. I still haven't seen a live webcam show, but it's more based on me never having a chance to sit down and watch one, so these archived ones are a nice addition.

As a whole, the network averages over 1 update per day. In the most recent months, there are these numbers.
January 1-28: 39 updates.
December 2012: 47 updates.
November 2012: 39 updates.

So it's an active network as you can see. I will touch on the no zips one last time since I think the Hunter Leigh site shows the downside of no zips. It has no videos, 24 photo sets and no zip downloads. She's a very pretty/cute model, but without anything to download, I probably won't visit it for more than a few views of pictures with nothing left to show for the membership to it.

I do think this network as a whole is good though. It helps that I really like Bryci and Talia Shepard. Having their videos in a high number like the network has offsets the cons. I don't think Renna's site would have helped or hurt the score any since it did look to be relatively small. If memory serves me right it only had 2 pages of videos, 2 of photos and maybe with her pregnancy she didn't want the content posted anymore.

I'm going a bit high on the score based on liking the Bryci site so much. The network is worth a join if you like solo models and especially if you prefer videos.

01-28-13  01:00pm

Replies (2)
Visit Bryci


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Bryci is a sensual, brunette model who excels at posing, teasing and may be the best solo masturbation model I've seen in a few years.
- The site itself is pretty big, but not all scenes are masturbation, quite a few BTS, non-nude talking, will list the numbers in BL.
- Archive has webcam archived videos.
- From what I can see, all videos on the site are available in 1980x1080. Multiple video download options on all videos except webcam archives.
- Download speed is relatively good, but you will occasionally run into a slower moving file. I can max out at 3.8 MB/s, most will download around 3.0 MB/s, but a few were in the 1.6-1.9 MB/s range.
- Pictures are nice, but I had a few problems with them which will be in cons.
- Comes with 7 other similarly themed sites, the size of each greatly varies and I will do a review of the overall network separately to get all the numbers in.
- Price isn't too bad for the quality and especially if you like the models.
Cons: - Pictures aren't zipped. This could be a major con to picture lovers since they have very high quality pictures 2662x4000.
- Download limit. Normally this would annoy the hell out of me, but I don't download near as much as I used to. It's listed as 9 GB per day, Webmaster says 10 GB, the most I've downloaded in a day is 5 GB, so I've had no problems with it. And since the terms say no scripts are allowed, I'm guessing you can't use a bulk image downloader for the pictures. It isn't being a problem for me though I thought it should be mentioned. One workaround without breaking the rules is to download the smaller quality videos, which I will get to in the BL.
Bottom Line: Bryci has to be considered a serious contender for top solo model. The one negative some will find is she has implants, but I've never minded those either unless they are badly out of proportion. Hers aren't. The site is full of high quality content as well. I'm going to focus this next part on the numbers and qualities available since there is a download limit.

I'm counting 329 video scenes as of 1/27/13. There are 5 types of video scenes. Standard masturbation, Behind the Scenes, teasing, talking, webcam archive. The BTS and talking ones aren't something I'm going to download since there is a download limit, so those can be taken out of the equation. Her teasing scenes are short in length, 4-6 minutes usually, but if the attire she has on it is your thing, these are worth downloading. She has one scene in a white thin dress, in the shower, that is great as well as a workout tease scene that I loved.

The scenes I downloaded were masturbation, some teasing and the webcam archive. There's roughly 110 masturbation and/or tease scenes, it's hard to put a number on the webcam scenes that involve masturbation or nudity without watching them all, but several I've watched do have masturbation in them. It almost looks like Bryci may have started out as a tease type model. The videos date back to January 2009, so that's 4 years of content and plenty of time for her to have evolved from tease to masturbation. Most of the first year of updates are of the tease and BTS variety.

I know there are people who like the talking videos, but I'm sticking with my standard on those, I don't want to pay for a video of a woman answering questions. It seems to be a whole section of "Ask Bryci" videos. There also is an Amazon button so you can buy presents for Bryci, which I've laughed at dating back to Raven Riley. One more time, I pay to see your porn, not to have an option to pay for your gifts.

The video download options do vary since 1/5, maybe 1/4 are webcam, these are in Flash only, but you can download them.

The other videos have:
MP4 1920x1080, 1280x720 and 640x360.
WMV 1920x1080, 1280x720 and 640x360.
Flash 900x506
3GP 352x288

As you can see, the downloading options are very good and I personally download the Flash ones since it limits the size of the file, while giving me still good quality. From what I see in the members area you have all these options on all videos except the webcam archives.

The pictures are overall a disappointment. I've always removed points for no zip files and have removed 5 points from this review for it since I think the pictures add a lot to a solo site. I guess it's okay to download one at a time if you want to make you own set, but I would much prefer a zip option to download the whole set. It seems to go into a hollow debate of why have 4000 high end pictures if the members can't download the whole set. While I'm sure there are some who wouldn't want to download an entire set of photos at that high of quality since it would be a fairly big file. I like the option of having the option to download if I want them though.

Navigation is very easy, site design is nice and clean. There also are webcam shows, but I haven't watched any. Each thing you would need from navigation is in a toolbar towards the top of the screen, the only thing I would add is an option to filter out BTS scenes and separate webcam archive, but those are minor complaints since the title of each video says, "BTS" or "Webcam" so you don't have to guess at them.

Where Bryci earns the high score is in her performances. She's quite confident, seems to love teasing and works the camera as well as dare I say, a young Eve Angel. The eye contact with the camera, the "I know you're watching" expressions, is the best I've seen since 2006 Eve Angel. That alone keeps me interested in her content. She also seems to be pretty natural in her poses unlike a lot of Euro glam models. She shows a fun and playful side as well.

You do get access to Bella Pass Network which includes 6 other solo models and one other site that is a multi-model site. I won't go into those since I want to review the network as a whole, separately, but Bryci does seem to be the star of the network.

Bryci's site itself seems to update with video or photos 10 times a month. There also is a blog if you're interested in that and it is very active from what I saw of it. In January alone, there were 11 new entries in the blog.

One last part on the download limit. Downloading Flash files, I downloaded 12 videos earlier for a total of 2 GB. So considering I don't want the BTS or talking videos, I should be able to get most of the scenes I want without breaking the download limit.

Overall, download limits and no picture zips, notwithstanding, I would highly recommend it to solo fans.

01-27-13  01:46pm

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Visit Bryci


A question

I hadn't ever seen this model or site until the review recently posted. Since I like, even usually prefer, solo models, it made me take notice.

On the TBP review in the notes over to the side it says, "Owner verifies that there are no restrictions on Europeans joining these sites." My question is, is this talking about with the download limit? It's not that I mind since I don't know if Europeans have slower internet connections or if the sites servers are maybe in Europe and that makes less/more stress on the servers. I'm mainly just trying to clarify that the restriction the note is talking about is on the download limit and there isn't some other restriction. I can work with 9 GB/day limit, so it doesn't bother me much and would give this network a try as long as I know there isn't other restrictions.

01-20-13  05:21pm

Replies (4)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I guess I would say I avoid a specific file based on its size, but that's usually because there is a smaller version available. Anything over 1 GB, I'm looking for a smaller version and if there isn't a smaller one, then I'm deciding if the scene is worth trading the space for.

01-16-13  12:18am

Visit DVD Box


It's still going

I have my month or two per year where I join the lesser known DVD sites. While I still have mostly praise for DVD Box, rated in an 85 awhile back, something feels familiar here. The price ($5) makes it a nice join for a month while you're looking for rare scenes or if you're just looking for a site to hold you over, but if there's one negative, if you've joined any of the other lesser known DVD sites like Porn Access and all the sites they have, you most likely aren't going to find anything new here. You may though. I mainly use it to find sites I've either deleted or lost, it's a good, cheap way to get those back, but on the other hand, the quality here is now becoming close to too low. I haven't found any HD DVDs, still I guess for $5 you can't expect too much. I would rate it about the same as my last review of it. Its biggest selling point is its value if you don't have a lot of DVD porn since you could fill a hard drive up for a low price.

01-14-13  01:27am

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of yote78's Poll

Schoolteacher, was 4th grade and it was her first year as a teacher so she was early to mid 20s. The funny part, about 4 years ago, I was helping my little cousin get enrolled in school and there was the teacher. She's a guidance counselor now, but still looks relatively young and of course, she's no longer a Miss, now a Mrs and has a hyphenated name. Still, it was surprising to me how much she conjured up those old boyhood crush feelings. Oh and it probably helped since she remembered me instantly, remembered my name and was hugging me.

01-11-13  12:06pm

Visit Culioneros

Reply of BubbaGump's Comment

I don't know if this will help much, but if you look back through the comments, I had some problems canceling addons with BangBros too. Where my problem was, on the drop-down menu, when canceling, there was a second option listed also as Bang Bros. Probably would be easier to explain by showing an example.

The site at hazesupport asked for username and password. I put those in and a box came up with the words "BangBros - canceled". I didn't realize if I clicked the box again, it showed a second "BangBros" which was actually the Super Pack addon and it was listed as "BangBros - Recurring". I clicked it and it let me cancel from there.

I won't guarantee that will help, but it's worth trying. Everything I saw from that last membership makes me believe all cancels are done through the hazesupport site.

This is the link I went to cancel mine.

01-05-13  04:32pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

One scene always comes to mind. It's probably early 2000s and stars Tiffany Taylor. A guy is watching Tiffany sunbath and her punishment for him is making him masturbate for her. What wants to be a really hot scene turns into a completely annoying scene as she repeats, "You're such a naughty boy" at least 40 times in the scene. I don't know if any certain words bother me, but just the mindless repetition definitely does.

01-04-13  01:05pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I rarely have since New Years is in the cold weather months for me. I am set on working out more, eating less. I really slipped this past year on the weight and exercise. I was reminded how quick big muscular guys can become big chubby guys.

01-01-13  07:25pm

Visit Black Ice Pass

Black Ice Pass

Might be some hope

Not for sure if others receive promos from ZTOD and their sister studios 3rd Movies or Black Ice Pass, but the latest one I received made me think Black Ice was going to start updating again. I could be reaching a little when I say I'm wondering if they're releasing Black Ice style DVDs on ZTOD since Black Ice Pass itself is dead? I know in my last review of ZTOD, I mentioned how the search engine was seemingly becoming for all 3 of their studios, instead of having to go to each studio's site to find specific models for each site. Either way, the ZTOD join is just as good as the last time I reviewed it. With the various problems on Videobox and the continued high production quality on ZTOD's DVDs, I would bump ZTOD ahead by just a little bit, maybe 1-2 points. Once my membership is up and I have a chance to see if they are updating Black Ice ethnic girl style DVDs on ZTOD, I will either write a new review for ZTOD or will post a comment.

12-31-12  12:53pm

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Visit Rachel Reveals

Rachel Reveals
Reply of Jayne's Reply

Jayne, sort of good news, sort of bad news. The good news, you're probably right about the reading problem. The bad news, I also think it's a bit of a wording problem. The part that says, "Join any of my friends sites" is where the confusion is coming in. I didn't have many people to check it out, but had 2, both at first glance also thought they would receive 8 free sites with rachel reveals. So in the end, I don't think you're running a dishonest site, I just think there is a bit of a communication problem. If I knew a way to word it any better, I would be happy to share, but it's probably worded well enough, just people don't read as carefully these days as they used to.

12-31-12  12:42pm

Visit Rachel Reveals

Rachel Reveals
Reply of Jayne's Reply

Jayne, I can't say if he's lying on the quantity of pictures or not, but the site does clearly say "Join ANY of my Friends sites listed above and get FULL Access to ALL 8 websites". It says that twice before it finally adds "Join ANY of my Friends sites listed above and get FULL Access to ALL 8 websites - Does not include access to my site, www.rachelreveals.co.uk".

If you want some helpful advice, just to be safe, I would add, "These sites do not come with Rachel Reveals". I've joined over 200 sites in my time as a member here and I'll be honest with you, at first glance, the wording fooled me into believing those sites were included with Rachel Reveals, but I wouldn't get Rachel Reveals if I joined through one of the friends sites. I don't think he was lying on expecting to get the bonus sites. It's a simple mistake of not understanding the wording. Keeping in mind, a good portion of the members visiting your site are not native English speakers. Just trying to help out so you don't run into these problems again.

12-25-12  02:08am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

I'm a Freudian, but it isn't Oedipal. Not touching it either. I see way too many pitfalls in adding much of an opinion.

12-15-12  01:52pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I take 1280x720, but picked other because of 960x540. DDF uses it some and I've seen a few other sites that do too. I like that one best.

12-13-12  02:24pm

Visit Terri Jane Official

Terri Jane Official
Reply of hobsgrg's Review

Very pretty model. Reminds me of a more voluptuous Eve Angel.

12-12-12  02:36pm

Visit Tia Ling

Tia Ling
Reply of Marcus's Comment

The filesizes these days are getting out of hand. I usually consider the 700-800 MB to be ideal for downloading, but only because the other options range from 1.5 GB to 2.5 GB. I think most of us here are starting to set "too big" limits on files. Even with a new 3 TB external, I still try to keep the scenes under 1 GB when choosing which to download.

12-11-12  06:36pm

Visit Everything Butt

Everything Butt

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - The last of the Kink sites on my list to join, Kink's sites, generally speaking are very high quality and are just different enough from the norm to keep most of us from getting bored.
- It's a site about butts, my favorite part of the female, below the neck and they have some of the best butts in porn on here.
- As usual, Kink will do something in at least one or sometimes 20 scenes, that challenges our morality as viewers. I call it pro since I feel like this is done in a safe, controlled, consensual environment and it works to break our boredom with traditional porn, push our limits, etc..
- You get good download speeds here.
- Navigation is as all other Kink sites. I think it's a bit clunky, but if you join enough Kink sites, you start to get the hang of it or you just speed up your mouse scroll wheel.
- Videos have up to 1280x720 resolution and are nice and clear. If a bit dark thanks to setting.
- One update per week is a borderline pro/con.
Cons: - As mentioned in pros, Kink will push your boundaries, they do so on this site with enemas, for me.
- Pictures would have been really good for this site since they could showcase the butts/thighs, and they have them, but I'm nearing Kink burnout on downloading 4-6 zips to get one photoset.
- Maybe more than any of the Kink sites, this one seemed to border on formulaic for me. It could be the Kink burnout, it could just be that most scenes seemed like the same thing. Reminds me a lot of the now dead Give Me Pink site and to a lesser extent, In the Crack.
Bottom Line: I had found myself in a porn rut a few months ago and decided to start trying these Kink sites in succession. I can't recommend a studio higher than Kink when it comes to pushing boundaries...tastefully. I know there are sites that are more hardcore than these, but I don't know if any focus so much on the model as these. Many rely on the male to make the scenes more violent. Kink does seem to let the models work at their own pace.

The quality is here is like any of the new(er) Kink sites. The videos have the 1280x720 option, there is also a 720x480 option, these come in either WMV or MP4 depending on your choosing. I don't want to go too deep into the pictures, but will say this, if you're a picture fan, you most likely won't be happy. Since I've written multiple reviews on Kink sites, I don't want to waste a lot of space on saying the same things I have before. Plain and simple, you can download 20-25 pictures in a zip, 4-6 of these zips per set, just like it was in 1999 or 2000. I downloaded a total of 8 total photo sets, so they're bordering on "why even post them?" I took points off ATK and other sites, over 4 years ago, for doing it. It's unacceptable in almost 2013.

The scenes themselves should be a big selling point to me. I like butts, thighs, and not just curvy, but any that are not toothpick thin or to the point of cottage cheese nightmares. Everything in between those are good.

My first problem was expected. Enemas are just a flat-out no to me. I remember years ago on here, both Denner and I, talking about Give Me Pink having girls shoot milk out of their butt. That was the line this site crossed for me. I still don't like gape videos that much either. There's plenty of gape here. So much in fact, I think a small nation could find their new home. Neither of these are huge complaints, but I am trying to show the extreme the site goes to, for those considering it as a possible join. You sometimes get the feeling the women are in a dare contest, "I can get a stick, a pool cue and a bat in my butt".

This is simply a problem for me because I like the butt. The curves of it. The silhouette of it a shadow. If you're into the extreme insertions and projectile shooting, you will like this site. Nothing wrong with it if you do. That part just isn't for me.

The good part, they do have the less extreme sets. You get a lot of good lesbian strap-on action and I've never had a problem with women being rough with women. I find it erotic even. The models here are more to my liking than some of the Kink sites. You will see a lot more curvy models here than they typically have.

The site has a pretty good sized collection. I'm counting 217 scenes as of 12/11/12. While this a good-sized collection for unique content like this site has, when I figure in the sets I wasn't even considering, it goes down quite a bit and was what caused me to lower the score some. I typed these out in notepad as I was looking through the site for sets I was interested in.

My counts could be off 1-2.
At least 42 scenes involved enemas.
At least 12-15 more involved instruments that are either gynecological, or look gynecological.

So roughly 1/4 of the scenes didn't appeal to me right from the start. If those scenes would appeal to you, then add another 5 points to the score. I found my boundary there.

The rest of it, to the dismay of some, the delight of others, is more straightforward, rough anal sex, be it with a woman or man or group. There's fisting, there's lesbianism, and I mostly enjoyed these scenes. I'm on the indifferent boat when it comes to fisting.

What it adds up to, if the pictures were easy to download in one zip and the enema/gynecological scenes aren't counted, the site would have scored 94 for me, but because it only updates once a week, there's no telling if 3 of my 4 monthly updates will be in the don't appeal or appeal group, so I can't just say "look over" those scenes.

The models save it for me. The regular Kink girls are around, Isis Love, Skin Diamond, Vicki Chase, would love to see more Kelly Divine and Francesca Le. It leaves me feeling the same way as i have about the other Kink sites. By the 30th day of my membership, I'm usually thinking "time to move on to another niche". It definitely teeters on repetitive, but I don't think that would sit in for those who only join for a month at a time. Way too many puns in this.

I would recommend it most for fans of In the Crack and Give Me Pink. The one big difference, both of those sites excel or excelled in Give Me Pink's case, at high quality photos too. Some of this action is better watched in a still photograph than in real-time movement.

It definitely is good for breaking the monotony of mainstream porn. I would recommend it to most people. One other note is the ass-worship, I do like these and first saw this type of porn on Evil Angel, so if you're a fan of those there is something here for you too.

12-11-12  06:26pm

Replies (2)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I have an interesting take on smoking. I have one huge fear in life. Being burned. Never would touch a cigarette because of it. Nearly everyone in my life jokes about me not being able to light a traditional flick lighter. If I'm cooking out, I have to use one of those long, press the button, lighters to start the fire or I strike a match, throw it in and am halfway across the yard by the time the fire starts. My mom says it dates back to when I was a kid. It seems I put my hand along the stove/counter and put it on a redhot stove eye.

Though I can't claim complete tobacco-free lifestyle. As a former baseball, football player and someone who worked on farms since I was 13-14, I have used smokeless tobacco and still will occasionally. On the other side of it, I've never liked alcohol too much. I always had access to fresh, clean, well-water and water is the only thing I drink outside of the occasional Root Beer or Coke.

12-10-12  03:48pm

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I do think the site is more worthwhile than the vast majority of sites these days, but what you were seeing was the webmaster catering to his own fetishes. This is where the repetition comes in. He's not near as bad now about it though. I had never seen a promo from them until that one on another site. There are a lot of ifs with the site. If the navigation was better, it would probably be easier to find the sets that would interest us, but we're in a long, losing battle with stubborn webmasters on that part.

12-10-12  03:31pm

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