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Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls
Reply of cjd2004's Reply

I'm not for sure on that one. But it's the point I was making. If he's going to just have one update per week, what does it hurt him to post the high superpics of every set instead of the 1600 high end ones? Would it really hurt his profits to offer past members a slightly lower price knowing he only updates once per week and there wouldn't be much new for them to download? As it is, I'm bumping it back to joining maybe once every two years. I do know the webmaster can be a jerk. If you haven't seen that look up how he talked about Eufrat and complained about her "poor English" knowing good and well when he hired her she wasn't a native English speaker. He went as far as leasing that set to other sites and went on a rant about how he would never hire another Euro model, seems like he called them "fake, plastic, robotic". His comments on Danni Yeager's sets were also bad. He blames the models when the sets don't go how he thinks they should go.

12-10-12  03:27pm

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls
Reply of slutty's Reply

A big part of my overall liking of a model comes from either pure confidence in herself or pure innocence. These newer models seem to have neither. I think they may be trying to cut back on costs by hiring the truest amateur models, right off of college campuses. Most of the girls are cute at least, but their personalities are poor once on camera. They set such a high standard in those earlier years and I do think that is the biggest problem they have now. If they were a new site, say just for the last 2 years, I would probably be talking about how daring and risky their sets are. Compared to their past work though, it seems like they are just going through the motions.

12-10-12  03:15pm

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

I do think they are doing quite a bit of public stuff still. It maybe isn't as blatant, like the Paola Rey ones were, but it seems like nearly every model now has at least one outdoors/public video. They are going with a lot of more athletic ones with the athletic girls exercising in parks, flash here, flash there, some will just take their clothes off and keep exercising. Those really appealed to me, but a lot of times the model herself didn't. In your case, I would still recommend it. Seems like I remember you saying you didn't have Cayton Caley's "garage" set, if I lost that, I would rejoin just to get that one set. If you do, she is listed as Candice.

12-10-12  03:08pm

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls
Reply of elephant's Reply

I agree about the hidden gems. I remember when I downloaded one model, not realizing it was the eventual hardcore model Tiffany Taylor. Think her name was Celeste on FTV. My favorite model on FTV though has always been Melia or something like that, very old set, Hawaiian girl, who flashes while pumping gas and has her first squirt while masturbating. I don't think she has any other model work except the sets on there and the innocence of her squirting set really was impressive. She looks not only shocked when she does squirt, but almost embarrassed, maybe even a little scared. I gave up on their lesbian scenes. I like harder lesbian scenes like Viv Thomas and the Euro sites have. I do still remember Georgia's sets though. She is a longtime favorite.

12-10-12  02:59pm

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls

Same site and content, different look

*Edit* Just noticed ftvgirlsonline.com has a separate listing here on TBP/PU. This is the same site and the price is $29.95, not the $24.95 listed. Looks strange that the site isn't listed as owned by the same company as FTV. I'm pretty sure it's just a mobile/tablet version of the site.

I joined FTV through a promo ad on Twistys, I think it was Twistys. Instead of sending me to ftvgirls.com where the regular site is, it sent me to ftvgirlsonline.com. The content was all the same, but the site did seem faster and less clunky, but I don't know if this is like a FTV new version that they are testing out or if it's just their own clone of their site. I'm holding out hope that it's a new version and they are going to work more on the navigation and download issues.

12-03-12  01:08pm

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Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A long-running site that is a good place to start as a porn collector.
- 1920x1080 on the videos over the last 3 years
- Pictures come zipped
- Weekly update could be considered a con
- They do continuously get amateur models in their first or at least close to their first shoots
- Good download speeds, around 90% of my max download speed.
Cons: - My biggest gripe is with the pictures. I never understood the purpose of having a "superpic" section where the webmaster decides to put 3000 high end and 4000 high end zips for his favorite sets. These are not that often and the vast majority of sets are only 1600 high end.
- Has been in a slow decline, could be because I've joined it once or twice a year, will further in BL.
- That one weekly update just isn't enough and will further this as well.
- No real reason to complain about it since they do separate the videos into parts based on the action, but it's becoming a con to me not to be able to download full scenes.
Bottom Line: FTV has had its really strong years. If you've never joined the site would score higher than I'm scoring it, but I just can't give it a higher score based on my most recent join.

I'll start by saying I had everything I wanted from the site up until March 2011's updates. I have always liked their style of photography and most of the videos as well and have kept those on an external. I probably wouldn't have rejoined if not for a promo that dropped the price nearly in half. Even then, as a returning member, I'm not for sure I feel like I got my money's worth. For this whole membership, I downloaded and will keep:
14 models, videos and pictures.
I'm sure the everyone has different tastes rule applies here, but only 14 models appealing to me out of 70-75 since my last membership just isn't good, at least not for me. In comparison, I have over 200 FTV models, so you can see how it has declined for me. I would normally find 30-40 per year I liked, this time it was 14 in 20 months.

It's possible it could be more than just the model's not appealing to me. The scenes, similar to how they have always been, have several videos for each model being more playful and acting silly than being nude. Maybe I'm just getting older and find those more irritating than cute? So you can decide on that one. If you like that style of porn you can disregard my negativity towards it.

The picture size is a no longer an excuse situation. Saying we're going to post 3000 or 4000 high end resolution photos on our (FTV) favorite sets and make the other 90% or higher only 1600 high end is unacceptable to me. You're catering to members not your own taste or maybe I'm wrong on that.

What this equals for me is a site that isn't appealing to me with as many models. Then you just get one update per week with a 1/5 chance I'm going to even like that model, only 4 updates per month, so my 1/5 chance isn't looking so good. A premium price if you join it without a promo, only to find out you only get the highest resolution photos for the sets they pick to do those high resolution ones on. Videos broken up into parts and the scroll like mad navigation, all of which are minor problems by themselves, but when added together make for a big problem. Something has to give. Either the price goes down or more updates or added or you give full scene downloads or you give 3000x4000 resolution pictures on all sets. Or be daring, give them all for the premium price and I won't bitch about the price.

Having said all this, I won't throw FTV completely under the bus, so to speak. They have their strengths. You will see pornstars you know of, but most of their sets were shot early in the model's career. You do get to see a different side of the models than on nearly all other sites. And when they do it, you get some of the best exhibitionism content available. If you've never joined it, I would give it one of my highest recommendations for a first time membership. You also will see some models you've never seen before and probably won't see them ever again. The video quality is as crystal clear in 1920x1080 as any 1080p porn videos I've seen. I think that just hurts the lower resolution photos since it's obvious they have the ability to shoot extremely high quality video. And the superpics section ends up becoming more of a poke from them to say, "we could be giving you these resolution photos on every set". May not be their intentions, but it sure seems that way.

I also don't care for the girl/girl content which has become more common. This just goes into a whole feeling of, there are lesbian sex sites out there that do it better. I didn't list this in cons though since it's no worse than having a pretty girl do cartwheels for 5 minutes. I do get the feeling and have had the feeling before that as a member, you're going to get content based on what the webmaster likes or has fetishes for and still feel that way. I would like to see more variation in the models too. There has never been a maximum age limit on the models and they used to shoot more mid to late 20s models. It now seems like a purely teen site in the newer updates.

As I'm leading to recommending it, there has to be some stipulations added here. If you've never been a member or have only been a member once or twice, it's still a definite join and recommendation. If you're like me and have the majority of the archive and are only missing the last year or so, look at the previews and decide if enough of the models would appeal to you. I should have, but I was shocked to find a promo through, I think Twistys, that I just jumped on the deal before checking out the newer updates. I'm running out of room, but will add a comment about what seems to be a slightly different version of their site, not for sure if it's a mobile version or if it's a new format since the promo I used sent me to it instead of the regular site.

12-03-12  01:00pm

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Visit Rachel Reveals

Rachel Reveals
Reply of wunhung's Reply

I'm believing you. Generally speaking, webmasters who show up and get mad over criticism aren't to be trusted.

11-19-12  03:18pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

I'm a night person in everything I do. My body hasn't adjusted fully to the time zone switch. What is 11 AM here was 8 AM where I grew up. I'm usually up and awake and working by 1 PM here, so I picked night.

11-19-12  03:08pm

Visit Fucked Hard 18

Fucked Hard 18
Reply of Gasperdian's Reply

I had meant to get back to this since you mentioned standalone site. Did you ever get the bonus sites with Fucked Hard 18? When I was a member, there was a link to bonus sites, but all that was on it were a bunch of links with no descriptions of what I was downloading.

If nothing else, I think Fucked Hard 18 could alter their shooting style some. Maybe make the talk/stripping a little longer and add some kind of storyline/dialogue. I just think overall they are too sterile with the scenes. I have this image of someone holding up a placard that says, "2 more minutes of doggystyle!"

11-19-12  03:05pm

Visit Public Disgrace

Public Disgrace
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

Hey RA, I laughed a little when I read this reply since the main reason I hadn't joined Everything Butt was the more extreme samples I had seen! Everything Butt would be a natural join for me since it's my favorite part of the woman, but I saw one or two that went into prolapse and I shuffled it to the back of my list of sites to join. Agree on the Molly and Steve scene and Samia. One that I liked a lot but can't think of who is in it was in a tattoo parlor. I thought that one was pulled off really well. I went ahead and let my membership recur since I do think I'm going to download every scene from it. I may have went a little low on my score since it's rare for me to download and keep every scene from a site.

You would think as much as people like the public nude sites there would be more. I guess the rules and laws make it a lot harder though than just throwing together a paint by numbers porn scene.

11-19-12  03:00pm

Visit Public Disgrace

Public Disgrace
Reply of RagingBuddhist's Reply

Hey RB, thanks, the site might appeal to you since I know from past reviews and discussions you like the kinky side some. I sometimes go off into the more out there sites and I am still a member on it, going on my second month since I didn't get to download everything I wanted. And a big plus in my book, I haven't deleted any scene I downloaded and watched. Seems like a site that fits the quality of quantity heading.

11-19-12  02:50pm

Visit Sex Art

Sex Art
Reply of Abel Semen's Reply

As I had joked about with others on here. I'm not for sure I like paying for the enjoyment of sex. I'm mainly saying, what I saw on the site isn't any different than the sex I have in life. I still think they will succeed with the site in the long run. On the boy/girl ones, my main complaint was on videos. I prefer the female only photosets.

As Pink Panther mentioned, Evil Angel has an original movie/series that would cover more what you're looking for. I enjoyed it and it may have even hurt my view of Kamikaze Love.

11-19-12  02:48pm

Visit Divine Bitches

Divine Bitches

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Female domination of men. I don't know if it always includes the extra site, but when I joined it included Men in Pain.
- Unlike the last Kink site I reviewed (Public Disgrace), Divine Bitches and the added Men in Pain, combine for a very large collection. Large collection does have downfalls, will explain in BL.
- Divine Bitches has the full options on videos with HD being offered on close to 90% of all videos.
- I'm only putting pictures here because they do have them. The quality of them and how they are downloaded are cons.
- There seems to be varying degrees of femdom that this site showcases. Some of it is particularly interesting to me as someone with a past in psychology, other parts will turn a lot off, though I wasn't bothered by any of it. Will explain in BL.
- I like how Kink uses models who are mostly unknown or better yet, more exclusive to their sites, but as with anything it can be repetitive.
- Weekly update on Divine Bitches, no updates on Men in Pain.
Cons: - I'll start with the main one. I knew going in that there was cuckold scenes. If you are offended by gay acts, you probably shouldn't join this site. I will further this in BL.
- The pictures are downloadable only in part zips. The quality of them is only 1280x720.
- This was talked about in my comment for this site in the replies, these men who the women are dominating, are mostly effeminate. It does take away most of the believability.
Bottom Line: This was probably the most far-reaching porn experience for me. I have talked about my interest in the lighter side of cuckold. This is seen most in the DVDs like "Please Screw My Wife". With a long interest in the power/control aspects of sex, this genre at least interested me. I don't want this to turn into a lecture on psychological theory, but I'm on the side of humans who believes sex is most enjoyed when it's more lust than love. I also buy into the belief that there's a very thin line between love and hate, anger and joy and each of these represents a very strong emotion.

Men in Pain is a bonus site, but I'm guessing by looking at the update dates, Divine Bitches just became Men in Pain v.2. The Men in Pain site is mostly scenes with typical physical control games being played by the women. This site wouldn't interest me very much, but it is a nice bonus since you will see some more mainstream female models being very aggressive, which is rare for them. One that comes to mind is Jasmine Byrne. I always saw her as the pretty, little glamor model who went into submissive hardcore porn. Also can get some older scenes of Isis Love back when she was blonde and pre-implants. Outside of that though, Men in Pain, is of very little interest. I'm not exactly in position to fantasize about a small woman dominating me physically. I can see that now. Jasmine slapping me if she could reach my face, me saying, "aww that's cute". Sorry for the humor.

Divine Bitches is a whole other experience. This goes into mental and emotional pain. It has plenty of physical pain too, but it isn't limited to it. What you end up getting are scenes like this, woman tells her best female friend about her jerk husband. Female friend finds a big, tough guy and they go over to the woman's house. They force the husband to watch as his wife has sex with the other man.

Then they took it to a new level. Not only is the husband being forced to watch his wife have sex with another man, he's being forced to stick his face within inches of the penetration. His wife is saying things like compliments to the new man on his size and how her husband doesn't compare. We're getting deep here.

Then they took it to a new level. Not only is the man facing all the things in the above paragraph, but he's having to take the cumshot from the other man, giving the other man oral, in between pumps of his wife. This was a line to me.

It wasn't a line because it went too far. It became more obvious at that last level, the men being forced were bisexual or gay. I'm in no way trying to be an asshole about this, but the husband walks in the scene in a dress suit and tie. He has a masculine look. Then as soon as it comes time for him to do something labeled as "gay" he arches his back and becomes feminine. You lose me there.

This also applies to the scenes with just a male and female. Some of these men look to be lubing themselves up for a strap-on from their woman. Whether this goes into a gay act or not isn't the point. The point is it's about domination! The willing being dominated is not domination. Simple as that.

Overall, the site is good. The storylines are believable and even enjoyable in a distorted way. Like with other Kink sites, I do think you have to bring your imagination with you because of the fine line between what would be accepted and what would be going to far. For example, would having a real husband and wife in a scene, with the real straight male being forced to give a man a blowjob, be going into breaking laws? Keep the imagination handy and if you do, it's a good, very different site that might touch some emotions in you. And I'll give them a lot of credit for being risky and pushing boundaries, even if my imagination is still required.

The quality on the videos is pretty simple. Everything on Divine Bitches has up to HD except maybe 10 scenes. Each scene has smaller versions as well. With Men in Pain, you're going to be all over the place in quality. I downloaded one that was highest mp4 and it was 340x280. Did another and it was 720x480. Photo and navigation problems are the same as other Kink sites. No full photo zip download. Model list takes you to a network wide listing of each model and even if you have a membership to a site a scene is on, it tries to get you to sign up for the site or use pay on demand kinks, so it's useless. The best way to navigate the Kink sites is scroll, scroll, scroll.

These negatives are still fairly small and not enough to take away much from the site's overall grade. I do think for those who like to see women in dominant roles, it does the job. I could nitpick and say if the men were more masculine or even put up the least bit of resistance, but you do get the feeling the type of domination they are going for is the woman saying, "If you want me you will do what I say" and they do that well.

Another very good site from Kink that is recommended for those who are into this genre.

11-19-12  02:24pm

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Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

That DL limit is not too bad...sometimes

The DL limit seems to give me some kind of accrued limit. If I don't download anything for 3-4 days, I can go way over the limit of 10 GB per day. If I hit the limit everyday, it's giving me between 9-10 GB per day before shutting me out.

Still, I wanted to share the overall amount I downloaded in a month. I do not download the HD versions. I download the 720x480 videos and most picture sets. For the last month, I have downloaded 382 video scenes, 298 photo sets and hit the limit 5 times in one week. The total amount of filesize this equaled is 242 GB. I was going to do a re-review since it's one of my highest rated sites, but I can't see taking that much off my score since I just downloaded enough scenes to last me for one per day, for more than a year.

My score would lower just a little based on principle, maybe 3 points, but I wouldn't be able to justify it enough to write an entire new review for it, outside of saying, "Taking 3 points off for the DL Limit".

11-19-12  12:31pm

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Visit Sex Art

Sex Art
Reply of Abel Semen's Reply

I would still question the advertising of it on the site.

Not only distinguishing it as season 1, but on the last one in the list it still says updates weekly.

The good thing, it at least looks like they are now releasing more b/g sets. I think you know by my review that I am glad KL is over and won't be seeing a sequel. If I was to say, I would guess they got ahead of themselves with the excitement of the new site and tried to do too much. If it was just about anyone besides Met-Art, I would have scored the site lower since I wouldn't expect most sites to be able to refocus, but it does look like Met is doing so now.

11-14-12  12:56pm

Visit Rachel Reveals

Rachel Reveals
Reply of Marcus's Reply

I'm kind of stuck on this one on which side to believe. Notice the webmaster says there is 5GB of material. That's half of Reality Kings daily dl limit, so it couldn't be very big or that high of quality.

11-13-12  12:17pm

Visit Public Disgrace

Public Disgrace

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - It's public sex that sometimes isn't really public, that other times is very kinky.
- As with every Kink site I've been a member on there are high quality photos and videos and plenty of imagination with each scene.
- Navigation issues aren't too bad here since I had never been a member of the site and just scrolled through the updates, making it quite easy to navigate.
- European sets seem to really push the public limit with sex on streets and in barely hidden places that the viewer can still see the society functioning around. Will go further in BL.
- Models can be hit or miss for me. The older European sets had more models I am familiar with, but the newer sets, mostly shot around or in the Kink armory have models I'm not as familiar with. One thing that keeps this in the pros are the appearances of Isis Love in several scenes, though not listed in the model credits.
- Download speed is always above average on Kink sites
Cons: - Scenes in America may push the limit of misleading advertising. I'm not of this belief, but the comment section of the newer American scenes have 20% comments complaining that they are not public, will further in BL.
- I'm beating, maybe flogging would be a better word since it's Kink, the dead horse when I complain about the photo sets being broken up into parts, but I feel it's important for potential members to know.
- While the site is plenty large enough, considering the complexity of the scenes, I don't know if it offers much for multi-month memberships or for many return visits. Numbers in BL.
Bottom Line: This site had been one on my list to join. The last 4 sites I have joined are Kink sites. My overall impression of this site is good, but at times, I was either thinking things went too far or things were way too protected.

With any exhibitionism or voyeur site, I do need at least some believability. I have enough of an imagination to make most scenes believable. Having said that, I know a lot of porn viewers don't. The members comments on Public Disgrace use words like "false advertising" and "bait and switch" and these are not just 1 or 2 comments, but maybe 5-10 on some scenes. This is my feeling on it.

In the earlier scenes on this site, starting in 2008, it was more of an exhibitionism site than disgrace site. These scenes included recording the male and female models having sex in subway steps as traffic and people walked by. It included sex by the road as traffic went by. From what I can tell by the license plates on the cars it was nearly all shot in Europe. There are complaints about "where is the disgrace?" They do have some scenes that go into bondage in public places, but the majority of the scenes that are outside in Europe are much more regular sex as described earlier in this paragraph. The scenes take on a decided turn to filming in and around the Kink armory in San Francisco. They bring in a crowd to watch, these rarely go into the exhibitionism like the European scenes did since it's a controlled crowd and controlled environment, but these do bring in more disgrace than the European scenes.

How disgraceful? I'm sure it's subjective. There is writing on the model's body, "I'm a slut", "Whore" to dumping food on the model to heavy bondage. These scenes remind me more of Sex and Submission type scenes. Where you as a member have to choose is if you prefer the more public, less disgrace scenes or less public, more disgrace scenes. Only a small amount of the scenes really do both. I do understand and respect the possible laws they had to be concerned about breaking so I'm not really against either side, but I do prefer the more public, less disgrace.

Overall the site is pretty big considering the niche and complexity of each scene, however, it only updates once a week.

As of 11/7/2012 there are a total of 209 scenes. These scenes include photos and video. The videos are quite long ranging from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. The photos are split into parts on the zips.

If you're big on technical quality, this site delivers. These are the video options.
Smaller Screen is 640x360 in MP4 format
Most compatible is 960x540 in WMV format
Windows Media HD is 1280x720 in WMV format
Highest Quality MP4 is 1280x720 in H264 MP4 format

All 209 scenes have those options.

Navigation is pretty limited, but with 209 scenes, you can just scroll through pages of 14 scenes per page. It doesn't do much good to use the model search since it takes you to all the model's scenes on their family of sites, most of which, you won't have a membership to.

As mentioned earlier you get one new scene per week. With the newer scenes turning more to the disgrace side, this could be a problem for me with future joins. I don't want to say all of the American scenes are bad though. Quite a few are in more public places than the Kink armory and as long as they work the crowd into it, whether a controlled crowd or environment or not, I will still like those scenes.

Where they lose me is in the disgrace part. I don't mind bondage, but we saw a bunch of immature sites years ago try the writing on the model's bodies angle and it failed miserably for them. I don't think it's that I'm offended as much as it is that I expect more from Kink than this. I would think anytime you're dealing with a niche like disgrace there are lines that go into "That's not disgrace, it's just silly". On the other side, I wouldn't want them to truly go into disgracing the models either since I'm not even for sure how far that would have to go. The last side of it is I don't ever hold a site to stick directly with their name since the amount of urls available isn't that large and I don't know if I would ever want to be on a site that never changes.

I enjoyed the site though. It's different enough from the mainstream to keep my attention on it. I would like to see more public exhibitionism, but more than that, just enough to give my imagination something to work with. The body writing makes my imagination want to get a washcloth and soap to wash it off. Not exactly the point of joining a porn website.

I would recommend it to most anyone. The disgrace is if anything silly and playful. The models are pretty and some have never been seen. I just don't think if you're really into disgrace you're going to get it here and outside of the Euro scenes, I don't think you're going to truly get a lot of public sex unless you're able to tap into your imagination some. The one admittedly biased part is Isis Love being in some of the newer scenes.

11-07-12  03:01pm

Replies (5)
Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Huge DVD studio site
- It's maybe not as extreme as some will think, which is what led me to give it a try.
- Hard to get an exact number, but HD DVDs have been coming in for around 2-3 years.
- Navigation is good considering the site's size, but still could use a tweak or two.
- Lots of variety from traditional one on one sex to group sex orgies to the land of extreme with extreme anal and transsexuals.
- Very enjoyable DVD series Voracious. I would say it's the best continuing series I've seen on a porn site though there really isn't a lot of competition.
- Download speeds are good and you can download 6 files at a time while still browsing the site.
- Interesting and unique marketing style. If you swing by the site they often run promos no one would expect like Canadian Thanksgiving 50% off.
- Will even give them credit for being one of the few sites I have seen that has a cross-sale, but it's unmarked. Though I would still keep my eye on it.
- Lowest big option is 480p
Cons: - This is probably my biggest complaint. I wish the search engine had a little box for me to search from. Their search capabilities are probably enough for anyone, but having that box to search directly would be nice. Will further this in BL.
- It's a DVD site, not supposed to expect pictures, but they do have pictures for most of their DVDs and you know it, no zips. This is fairly minor on this site since some of the photo sets only have 15-20 pictures, but it would be a nice touch.
- Non-descriptive filenames, which also goes into con #1.
- Piece by piece updates
Bottom Line: The first con should be perception. I have joined or added the Evil Angel channel on Videobox for a couple years, but would only add it to get the scenes of my favorite models. I was under the belief their content was too hard, in general, for me to join their own studio site. I received a very cheap promo several months ago, took a shot and have ended up sticking around for nearly 4 months. I should add here that I haven't been able to download as much as I used to or the time I needed to download everything I wanted may have been lower. Still, the content was good enough that I wanted to keep downloading for 4 months so that should say something for the studio.

The negatives aren't very big. My main complaint with the site is not having a search box. In defense of the site, they give you these options to search from. A full model list that lists all scenes by each model. Thirty or so tags that take you to a specified niche. A drop-down box that lets you search by DVD series name, so if you download "Rocco Loves Cougars #8" (most likely not a real series), you can find which other DVDs they have in that series since you downloaded volume 8. These search tools are going to be enough for the vast majority of users, but when combined with filenames that follow this style 10007_03_HD, it can be a problem if you forget which volume of a series you have already downloaded.

I ran into the above problem when I was away from the site for 4 days. I had forgotten not only my last downloaded file, but also the series name. I could remember one word from the title name of the series, but had no search box to put that one word in to narrow down the series'. Instead, it was open the drop-down box and trust my eyes to find the one word I remembered out of 100 or more series names. While this is all fairly minor it still looks like a minor amount of work for a programmer to make what would have been a major difference.

The update style also caused me to knock a point or two off the score. They update regularly, daily, but they split their DVDs up by scene. And if you have bad luck, you'll be like me. One day before my membership expired a new DVD was posted with one of my favorite models. Her scene was scene #3 on the DVD. Which meant her scene wouldn't be available to download until 2 days after my membership ran out. I don't know if just releasing a new DVD, in full, per week would be enough to satisfy the average porn consumers desire for daily updates or not.

The good far outweighs those negatives though. The overall numbers don't compare to a Videobox or Videosz, but the overall quality of the scenes does and surpasses them. The total number of DVDs they have is nearing 1,300 and total scenes in nearing 8,000. I believe the video sites listed in this paragraph are both over 11,000 DVDs at this time, but a quick look at my folders says this:
Videobox: 868 GB
Videosz: 565 GB
Evil Angel: 1.1 TB

The Evil Angel number is much more impressive if you consider I have only been a member this year. I have probably had 10+ memberships to Videobox and the majority of that kept content is from the Vivid channel.

Maybe the thing that makes Evil Angel stand out to me is the variety. While I'm not a huge fan of extreme hardcore, if you get bored with same ol', same ol', they have plenty of extreme hardcore to break the monotony. When you've watched enough gaping, spitting, rough sex, you can go back and find the more mainstream, traditional scenes. To me, this goes back to my assumption of all their content being extreme. Once I was a member, I could see that they have a lot of less extreme DVDs.

It's kind of like they are covering all niches so you can most likely always find something to match whatever mood you are in. The Voracious series is worth mentioning since I was pretty hard on Sex Art on their ongoing series Kamikaze Love. Voracious, like Kamikaze Love is sort of like watching a cable series after dark, but unlike Kamikaze Love, it goes well into the XXX land. The acting performances are still mostly laughable, but if I was here for acting performance I would be watching Tom Hanks or Morgan Freeman movies.

I do think the harder scenes will push some potential members away, but I didn't see anything that hardcore or violent or disgusting. Maybe their hardest scenes are sitting on the border of "we're almost going too far, but not quite". All niches are covered except for gay, but there are transsexual scenes. And if you like the more imagination needed scenes, Buttman has compilations that focus on strip, spandex, feet, butts, etc...

These scenes, I'm pretty sure are just cut from whole scenes, but if you're just wanting a certain part, they've saved you the work of having to go through the full scenes to find it.

A few tweaks here and there would have pushed this site in the 95 range. Picture zips alone may have. Definite recommend, especially for DVD fans who want some variety.

10-22-12  12:47pm

Replies (2)
Visit Nerd Pass

Nerd Pass
Reply of truckturner23's Comment

I know this looks to be the same page you listed, but this one has "cancel" in the url instead of "member".

A few other tips. Do not copy and paste your user id and password in. It seems some sites put a space at the first or end of the user id or password if copy/pasted and causes the word(s) to be wrong.
If that doesn't work you could always try Epoch, NetCash and Segpay's sites by trying to cancel through them. At worst, it will be a waste of a few minutes. If this still isn't working, do the lost password feature and change your password. Then try to cancel with the new password. If none of this works, I would put their number on my phone and call them as often as possible. If after a few days you're not getting through, I would then resort to calling your credit/debit card and telling them you signed up for a recurring membership (don't have to tell them to a porn site if you don't want) and tell them the site isn't letting you cancel. They should be able to do something to stop another charge from these sites.

10-14-12  05:32pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I get the free offer from Porn Access every week. It's 3 days free access and turns into a $29.99 membership if not canceled. You can join the site here through TBP for $5 a month. I would rather pay the $5 for a month than free 3 days with the risk of not canceling it fast enough.

10-08-12  02:52pm

Visit Fucked Hard 18

Fucked Hard 18
Reply of Gasperdian's Reply

Sorry about the delay on the reply. I've found that my views of body types are a good bit different than a lot of porn fans. I'm a huge fan of Cindy and Tia, but always considered them slim. And you threw me off on the Isis Love one. It's an easy to make mistake since it's Isis Taylor, a little lesser known model than Isis Love. And I do agree though, the Isis Taylor scene is my favorite on the site. I think the webmaster of the site tries too hard to stick to that 18 at the end of the site name, which is why so many of the models are of slimmer build. I could see models like Isis Love, Jenaveve Jolie, Sativa Rose having excellent scenes on a site with this niche, but they are all around 30 years old.

10-08-12  02:41pm

Visit Ultimate Surrender

Ultimate Surrender
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

I used the same strategy you did on VB and added the Kink channel in the last week of a membership back about 5 months ago. That opened my mind back up on Ultimate Surrender since I hadn't seen any of their live sites until joining the Kink channel on VB. Even after a few months have passed now, I still find the scenes with the models I like, very good. But there are really only two models that I really liked, Dragon Lily and Isis Love. I'm not even for sure I like either of them for their skill in grappling, but instead, Dragon for being a very curvy Asian model which is rare in my experience and Isis for being so pretty, yet so dominant.

The navigation problems became more evident on Divine Bitches since there was no way to tell which scenes were just straight domination or ones that involved bisexual men. And with Ultimate Surrender, a simple "Live" tag system would make a huge difference. I just gave up on the photo sets which ended up disappointing me even more since I would have liked to get the Dragon Lily and Isis pictures. On the other hand, I still feel like Kink has improved a great deal over their earlier days when they had download limits that made most download limits today look huge. Hard to believe they used to limit members to 10 GB per month. And I'm thinking that's why they originally split the photo sets like they do. Since the limit was so low, I guess people complained they didn't want the full sets since it would be a bigger file.

10-08-12  02:31pm

Visit Sex Art

Sex Art
Reply of Goldfish's Reply

Maybe the review did some good. Right after my membership ran out and I posted this review, six of their next eight scenes were boy/girl. With the other two being girl/girl. So maybe there is still hope for them delivering on a more hardcore site. On the other hand, one of those new ones has the female model covered in "stone" like a classic art statue. Those overly artsy sets alone push me away. I haven't even liked most bodypaint sets in the past. And the scenes give you a feeling you're supposed to watch from beginning to end, but I didn't find much story in them to keep me that interested.

10-08-12  02:17pm

Visit Sex Art

Sex Art
Reply of TheSquirrel's Reply

If Porn Pros sticks to this niche on a couple of their sites, I would recommend it since they are coming from the typical hardcore, even sometimes extreme hardcore genre, but there's no telling with them since they just kind of sprung the softer hardcore on members with no warning. I'm guessing they will stop shooting it without warning too or start a separate site that requires a separate membership to access.

I've heard the most good about X-Art, but as I've told the others, their models hold them back for me since I still don't care for the tiny, slim models as my only option.

10-08-12  02:09pm

Visit Sex Art

Sex Art
Reply of elephant's Reply

I guess I will have to eventually try X-Art out. I wish they would get a few more ethnic or exotic models. And watered down was my feeling exactly with Sex Art. There were a few scenes that showed potential. One is a threesome with Malena Morgan, she masturbates while watching a guy/girl have sex then gets involved right near the end. There was maybe a little feeling of domination from that scene since the girl with the guy was trying to keep his attention on her, but he kept looking at Malena. Another that has Riley Reid in it is very good.

I still think most men would be shocked if they knew open women. The 4 women all work in the psychology field and discuss nearly everything openly. I sometimes think they're bigger pervs than the men I know.

10-08-12  02:03pm

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