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Visit Sex Art

Sex Art

Nice site, complete free trial

First of all I have to say that I joined this site thanks to a 1 day free trial offer, so I cannot complain much since I didn't pay for it.

The reason I joined was, basically, to get access to the videos by some of my favorite girls, in particular Little Caprice (Caprice A in this site) and Blue Angel. And so I was a little dissapointed to see that there were only to videos of each, and although they were in fact highly erotic and extremely well filmed, well, I was expecting more.

During my 1 day free trial, of course, I also browsed and downloaded pictures and videos from other models, but I have to say that, after a while, and if the models didn't seem remarkable enough, it all started looking the same to me. I lost interest.

It's a pity because, in other aspects, this site seems made precisely for me: it offers high quality, sensual erotic material, without the hardcore, often extreme, sometimes disgusting stuff that you can find in most sites. Videos are filmed with care, and actors and actresses act passionately and with tenderness. Of course, if you are looking for a more extreme take on sex and porn, this site will probably dissapoint you.

From the technical point of view, I have almost nothing to complain about: you can stream videos (although I couldn't get to fast-forward) or download them in different qualities. Download speeds were good, and there didn't seem to be a download limit, even in free trial mode.

All in all, this site is excellent in the quality of the videos (technically and artistically), very good in relation to the beauty of models, quite good in design and navigation. It just gets a little repetitive when you browse through the archive. But hell, what site doesn't get repetitive after a while?

02-27-14  08:07am

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Visit Sex Art

Sex Art
Reply of elephant's Comment

I took advantage of one of those 1 day free memberships, and although there were some somewhat confusing offers to join other sites, if you are clever enough not to tick the boxes or not to click on the ads that you don't have to tick or click, and if you in fact cancel the membership before the day ends, you won't get charged for anything. And yes, you have complete access to their material and can download the pics and videos you like.

02-27-14  06:44am

Visit Sweet Sophie Moone

Sweet Sophie Moone

Unfrequent updates

Once again, if you are thinking of joining 21Sextury because of this site, because you are a fan of Sophie Moone, you should know that this site is updated very unfrequently: approximately once a month for the last nine or ten months.

This doesn't mean that you won't get many Sophie Moone sets: on the contrary, this site contains almost 500 of them: mostly lesbian and solo sets, and a few with a guy screwing a girl, and Sophie participating in some way (but never getting screwed, she doesn't do that any longer). A huge archive, but it looks like we will get fewer and fewer updates...

09-02-12  11:43am

Replies (2)
Visit 21Sextury.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Amazing quantity of content: +10.000 scenes right now.
-Good quality of content: well filmed, well lit, well performed...
-Gorgeus European models: Sophie Moone, Sandy, Eve Angel, Blue Angel and MANY more.
-Different niches: lesbian, BJ, feet, squirting, interracial...
-Videos are offered in streaming and for download, with different qualities.
-Newest videos are offered in HD; older videos may have lower definition.
-No daily download limit.
-New fun sections: interactive videos and live cams.
-Price is quite reasonable, specially with the PornUsers special discount.
-No regional pricing.
Cons: -Navigation is confusing: all the sites look exactly the same and somtimes is difficult to find your way around.
-Some links and taps do not seem to work (I haven't managed to use the filters in scene search, for instance)
-Scenes get repetitive after a while
-Some sites are no longer updating (e.g. BlueAngelLive) or are updated every now and then (e.g. SweetSophieMoone)
Bottom Line: This site/network is a classic for me: I keep coming back every now and then, since I discovered PixandVideo and ClubSandy ages ago. I am a recurring customer, so as you would imagine my comments will be generally positive.

First of all, this site is huge. No matter what kind of sex you are into, you will most probably find it here; no matter how fast you watch or download porn, you will never get to see all that there is to see here.

The second big asset of this site are the girls: mostly European girls, including some of our most beloved classics: Sophie Moone, Sandy, Eve Angel, Blue Angel... It is true that some of these girls do not work for 21Sextury as much as they used to (Eve Angel has her own official site with DDF now, and Blue Angel apparently has also decided to go in another direction with her career); but users will be happy to find dozens of scenes of these hot models, as well as hundreds of others less know but equally beautiful.

As for video quality, I think it is more than acceptable; in fact, the most recent videos are so HD that they may be as big as 700Mb. Older sets (which when they were filmed in 2002 looked to us crystal clear) may seem a bit grainy and are better watched in a smaller player.

As for the scenes themselves, they are very professionally made: they have lots of light, lots of colour (sometimes even a little too much if you ask me), girls always look awesome and both image and sound are impecable. My only complain (and "complain" may be too strong a word) is that after a while scenes get a little repetitive: same movements, same positions, same angles... Maybe it is not 21Sextury's fault: maybe there is just so many ways that you can perform sex in front of a camera...

Another great aspect about this site is its price, specially with the PornUsers special discount and with no annoying regional prices. The site also includes a separate "credit" system, which has to be bought separately and gives you access to the new "Live Cams" and "Interactive Sex" scenes.

The weakest aspect of this site is probably navigation: all sites have been morphed to have exactly the same look, the same structure and the same navigation tools, which could be fine, except that some of this tools don't work that well (scene filters, for instance, or some of the link tabs), and sometimes it is not easy to move from one site to another, or from one site to the main network page. In general, I miss the old days when ClubSandy or PixAndVideo had very recognizable looks, for instance...

In general, this network offers great quantity and quality for a good value. For me it has lost a little bit of its initial charm now that everthing looks too "uniform", but for new members it will be a very good investment.

09-02-12  11:08am

Replies (4)
Visit Blue Angel Live

Blue Angel Live

Not updating any more

If this site is your main reason to join the 21st Sextury network, you should know that it is not updating any more. The last update was in February, and it was a "backstage" video; the previous one before that was in December 2011. In total, there are 112 scenes in the archive, and it looks like that's all there is ever going to be... so it's up to you to decide if it's enough to join or not.

09-02-12  09:34am

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N/A Reply of marcdc1's Poll

A different language... from which one? I am a native Spanish speaker, and I mostly watch Hungarian and American porn so...

In fact, I have gotten so used to watching porn in English, that it is strange for me now to watch Spanish porn -also because Spanish porn normally is not very good.

08-28-12  02:36am

Visit Hot Movies

Hot Movies

No more free minutes for members

For a while (for a long while) Hotmovies has been offering free streaming minutes for members: every time you logged in, you could add one extra minute to your account, which isn't much, but it is something. (For a short time they were offering increasingly more minutes if you joined several days in a row: one minute the first day; two minutes on the second day, etc., up until five, but that was too good and was discountinued).

Anyway, I cannot complain because when I joined Hotmovies I didn't expect to get those free minutes, but it's a bit dissapointing to see them gone once you got used to them...

Apart from that, I continue to be a happy Hotmovies customer...

08-27-12  01:11am

Replies (4)
Visit Streamate.com

Reply of ace of aces's Comment

A while ago I had some problems with them too. For some reason, my account was blocked and I had to email them to solve the problem. Then I tried opening a new account, and when they discovered that it was me they unblocked the old account and told me to "stop opening new accounts". A bit rudely, if you ask me...

In general, customer support at Streamate is really good (probably the best I've seen in this adult business), but they do seem to have occasional problems with their billing department...

01-09-12  12:10pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

As others, I wouldn't join a site JUST because it has a discount, obviously; but if I see a site that looks good, AND it has a discount, I will probably join it.

07-03-11  06:02am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I have owned a cat and a few fish (not at the same time, obviously :P), but right now I am pet-less. If I ever get a pet again, it will definitively be a cat.

07-01-11  03:27am

Visit Streamate.com

Reply of roseman's Comment

Same thing happened to me once. Entered the free chat, said "hello, how are you", she said "horny" or something like that, I said "good", she said "fuck you" and permanently kicked me off. I don't remember the name of the girl, otherwise I would post it here for "publicity".

All in all, girls are quite nice. I specially love chatting with SexyAngel1 or Lolli, they always have a smile on their face even if you tell them you are not taking them private that they for whatever reason. Others are more "straight to business" and will (temporarily) kick you out thee free chat if you don't seem ready to pay.

06-15-11  12:34pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Yes, as others have said, the rush of finding a new previously unknown scene that you like is almost as fun as watching the scene in itself. In fact, I rarely look at the porn I download, because I've already seen it and it's not new or surprising... :)

04-02-11  07:39am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

So, it looks like a sub-poll has naturally appeared here: do you use your regular email account for your porn-related issues? :)

So far, Capn, badandy400 and monty2222 use their regular email accounts, while myself, tangub, slutty, and I guess yote78 and JayG, use a specific account.

There are two reasons why I don't use my usual email account for porn: firstly, because I think entering this email into porn sites attracts a lot of spam; and secondly because of privacy issues: I want to be have a clean email inbox which I can show to anybody (for whatever reasons) without suddenly recieving an email titled "your suscription to BigBoobsForever has expired"... :D


P.S.: Hahaha, I just made up the name "BigBoobsForever" as a joke, and now I see that there really IS a website with that name. Amazing!

03-28-11  05:56am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

It depends: I use a special email account only for all things related to porn, and I usually check it every 2 or 3 days; but sometimes, if I am not expecting any particular email, I could go for a week or more without checking it...

03-27-11  01:30pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

This poll is begging for comments, isn't it? :)

I am not quite into solo action: it's ok, but it gets boring; I like g/g action, a lot, and b/g action but nothing too extreme. I like mostly Eastern European and Asian women, but I wouldn't kick an American pornstar off my bed. ;) And of course I have my favorite niche: foot fetish. So I would say: several niches, thank you.

03-25-11  02:36am

Visit 21 Sextreme

21 Sextreme
Reply of Denner's Comment

I can see how Denner got confused by this email. I would have probably made the same mistake. The idea of a membership that does not let you watch or download stuff sounds kind of strange. And calling it "trial rights" doesn't clarify much either, unless it comes with a little star and a note which specifies what are those rights.

I wouldn't call this a fraud, really, but I would say it's a very confusing offer. On a side note, I also don't like those big red ads on the 21st Sextury homepage that say that you can get access to the network "now for only 9.95$ a month". What they neglect to add is that this is the price that you get if you buy the annual membership OR if you stay as a loyal member for 4 months.

Anyway, it's obvious that we should always read everything carefully before clicking "accept". But it would probably also be a good idea for Sandstone to calm down before answering to a user's criticism, even if it as harsh as this one.

03-24-11  10:44am

Visit Streamate.com

Reply of atrapat's Comment

You probably know this already, but I'll say it anyway.

If you are logged in, when you make a search or choose a set of characteristics on the column to the left, and you get the results (the images of the girls with the yellow "online" label), if you pass the mouse over the image, a small video-screen will open which will let you see if the girl is really online; if she is doing a private session (and you are offered to join); if she is doing an exclusive session (in which case you may not join) or if she is taking a short break.

Also, this option has another advantage: that you can peek at the girls to see how good-looking they are and how they interact with other users, without entering the chat (and allowing her to kick you out if you don't go into private, for example).

03-24-11  06:42am

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
Reply of anyonebutme's Reply

Thanks for the information! Amazing! How do you know all this? :)

03-24-11  05:16am

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
Reply of monty2222's Reply

Hi, Monty. Well, I would be very surprised to discover that 21st Sextury and DDF shared content: I have always pictured them as the two main competing companies in the area of European (mostly Hungarian) porn. Maybe that set was produced by a third company who "sold" it to both of them... It's a gorgeus set, by the way :)

03-23-11  04:37pm

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
Reply of monty2222's Comment

Hi, monty2222! If this is your first time with DDF, yes, you are up for a treat :) I've been a member of their sites for almost ten years now, and although lately they have somewhat dissapointed me, they are still one of the best companies around for online porn.

As for your questions, I would recommend some of their "classic" models, such as Sophie Moone, Eve Angel, Eufrat, Anetta Keys or Nella; or more recent ones, such as Blue Angel or Boroka. As you say, there are so many good-looking girls, that it is easy to get lost...

Good hunt, my friend!

03-23-11  07:46am

Visit Nude Fight Club

Nude Fight Club
Reply of RustyJ's Review

I basically agree with your review, although I rated the site a bit higher, because it showed promise. If I reviewed now, I think I would rate it a bit lower (more or less like you), for two reasons: the site is incredibly monotonous, as you described; and also, lately it has tended to rely more and more on backstage sets, which are basically the same "regular" sets but filmed from a different angle with a different camera (this is a problem that also affects other 21st Sextury sites, Sweet Sophie Moone for instance...).

03-23-11  07:41am

Visit Streamate.com


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Hundreds (thousands?) of girls from all over the world
-All girls have video and chat, some also have sound (music and/or voice)
-You can peek at the girls for free (until they kick you out of their chat)
-Some girls are stunning
-Some famous actresses use this service (Anita Dark, for instance)
-Billing is clear and efficient
-You can set a maximum daily spending limit
-Customer service is amazingly good
Cons: -Not all girls are equally good-looking (in fact some are utterly unattractive)
-Most girls don't respect their announced schedule (if they have one), and at some hours there are very few online
-Navigation and search options could be improved
-Prices are quite high and variable
-Quality of videos is also different from one girl to another
-Almost no sense of community (their loss...)
Bottom Line: I recently discovered this site because I follow Anita Dark on Twitter and she uses this platform for her webcam shows. And I got hooked quite rapidly. You have access to an amazingly big catalog of women (some are stunning; others are just ok; others are straight ugly) who are ready to satisfy most of your needs and requests.

As a new customer, the best idea is probably to peek into the free version of some of the hot girls' chats, adding the ones you like to your favs, and then returning to them for private or exclusive sessions when you feel like it. Some girls allow you to chat with them for free for a while, traying to lure you into their pvt webcam sessions; others are quite direct: the first thing one girl said to me was "pvt or leave, bb". In my opinion, that's a huge marketing mistake: even if the girl was quite hot, I left :)

My experience with this site so far has been quite good: after navigating the catalog for a while (which can be a bit difficult, because search options are a bit confusing) I chose a bunch of girls (my favorite two are lucky.star and SexyAngel1, by the way) and started chatting with them. After seeing that she were nice enough, and absolutely stunning, I decided to go for a private session with lucky.star. I had already told her what I wanted, and she went straight to business. I was one satisfied customer.

The most important con of this site is its price. The price per minute in private sessions vary from 1.75 to 3.50 (judging from what I have seen so far), so if you stay for a while with a model, the bill can get a bit steep. You can also set a maximum limit per day (25 is the lowest), but even so, you could end up expending 750 in one month... :) You also have to pay extra to access some "celebrity chats" or to watch previously recorded sessions of some girls. It's all about the money, you know...

I also have to add a word about their customer service, which, at least for me, has been excellent. I had a problem with my account; a live support pop-up window opened up in the site itself, and somebody from their customer service help me solve it; I also had a couple of questions about ratings and video quality, and I recieved an immediate email response from them. Way to go, guys!

03-23-11  07:14am

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I used to edit them to cut the scenes that I really wanted to keep, when I was pressed for space in my hard drive. Now that I have a bigger hard drive (I mean, in my computer), I am too lazy to edit them, and I leave them just as I downloaded them...

03-23-11  06:43am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

I've taken a few risk shots in some of my favorite niche: foot fetish; and I also joined Hypnogirls without reading any reviews first -and I regreted it.

Right now, I wouldn't join a site without checking PU/TBP first, and I really think it twice before joining a site with no reviews. So thank you all for your help chosing my porn! :)

03-22-11  10:48am

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
Reply of slutty's Comment

I also feel a bit dissapointed when I join DDF lately. I think they had amazing talent five or seven years ago (Sophie Moone, Eve Angel, Jo, etc.), but since then, they haven't been able to replace them with other models with the same charisma, and 21st Sextury has been able to atract the fans of all those "classic" models by offering them solo sites (some of which are also going downhill, btw).

Right now, DDF offers well produced action with cute models, but it doesn't have that soul or glamour or something extra that it seemed to have...

03-18-11  04:04am

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