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Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of oldfart's Reply

Thanks for this tip. I use IDM too and will make that change when I have a membership at this site.

Thanks also for the comments and rating.

08-03-14  05:51am

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of Dave H's Comment

To make matters worse, their download limit seems to be arbitrarily imposed and can even change from day to day and user to user. This is counter-intuitive, but when you download HD files you can download more. I was often able to download up to 40GB per day the last time I was there as long as I stuck to HD files. The problem is that there often isn't any consistency so what I experienced a few months ago may not be the case now. But try the HD if you have the capacity and you may find you can download more.

07-16-14  05:16pm

Visit Tiny 4K

Tiny 4K

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A small collection of scenes featuring some of the most petite U.S.-based models working today
- Ultra HD for those who want it
- TBP Discount
- Supports download managers
- Options for downloads
- Simple and effective site layout
- Photos available (single and zip)
Cons: - ĎTinyí doesnít just describe the models
- 4K may be the answer to a question few are asking
- Updates are irregular
- Could / should be bundled with other sites until it grows
Bottom Line: Iíll get this out of the way first: I have no need for 4K videos so I didnít download any to keep. I view most of my porn on a 24Ē monitor so going that large just doesnít give me any advantage. When you factor in the file size the negligible benefit for me in viewing is offset by the extra space needed on a hard drive. For those who are interested though, the 4K files come in at 4096x2160, 10,000kb/s and 23fps.

And Iíll get the siteís main drawback out of the way now too: Ďtinyí doesnít just describe the models on the site. There are currently only 12 videos uploaded as I write this. A secondary drawback is that the update schedule is irregular so I canít give any indication of how quickly the site will grow. The site started in early May and by the end of May eight scenes were available. No scenes were uploaded in June and they have since added four scenes in July (as of the 15th). But since the site is affiliated with a large online porn company I suspect that they will continue to grow.

The scenes they do have are very well shot and presented with excellent production values. The models are all mainstream porn models and theyíre a whoís who of petite models working today. These are: Ava Taylor, Chloe Amour, Chloe Foster, Dakota Skye, Dillion Harper, Emma Stoned, Jenna J Ross, Kacey Jordan and Kacy Lane. Eleven of the scenes are b/g and one is b/g/g.

All of the scenes are vaginal only. Iím not sure what constitutes couples porn, but it is fair to say that these are not rough scenes where the model endures some hard sex, though some may see it this way since the site does flaunt petite models with large men, so it isnít true artcore either. The scenes range from approximately 20 minutes to about 35 minutes.

The site is simple and effective, which it should be since it is this small. There are search functions which may prove useful as the site grows. Each scene opens into a separate page where a trailer is available, as are screencaps and photos. The photos are available as a zip but the screencaps arenít. There is streaming available in SD and HD, and downloads are available in MP4 format (4K, 1080p, 720p and 480p), in 480p MPG1 and as WMV in 720p. There is some way to view the scenes that will satisfy most users. I downloaded the 720p MP4 which arenít exactly that. They come in at 1280x674 and 23fps. Oddly, the bitrates vary widely from scene to scene with some being as low as 3,000 kb/s and some being as high as 10,000. Subjectively they look great even though the numbers are a bit lower than competitor sites.

The site supports download managers and I had no issue with links timing out in an unreasonably short time.

The site offers a TBP discount which is a good thing because until it grows it would be a poor value at the full price. The same company has 61 other sites listed here (Casting Couch X being the only one Iím familiar with) and it would be a good idea to bundle it with other company sites until it grows.

The bottom line is that at $18 for 12 scenes (with more to be added, presumably) the site likely isnít a good enough value for the casual user. I think it represents fair value at the discounted price since this is a niche I like and many of the models here are those who are on my list of current favorites. I think the real measure of value here will be how quickly the site grows and how close they are able to stick to their premise of petite models while growing the site at a reasonable pace.

07-15-14  05:59pm

Replies (0)
Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of Gnoman's Review

I'm surprised at your comment that there is a lot of anal stuff and ATM there now. I was a member earlier this year and don't remember there being much anal. But as an anal fan I may not notice it as much as someone who doesn't like it.

07-14-14  04:06pm

Visit Bikini Dream

Bikini Dream

Beware the pre-checked cross-sell!

Yes, I know that I should have noticed the warning on the TBP page, but I didn't. And to make matters worse the biller (FX Billing) lumps your agreement to buy adult material in with the cross-sell. I'm not sure if you could even join without getting the cross-sell because you need to tick the box to affirm you're legal to buy porn.

Not knowing that I had signed up for another site, I also didn't cancel it right away and got rebilled today. The site is NS Premium, which has some affiliation with New Sensations. Here's the thing though: after being charged $40 on the rebill I go to the site to find out that when I try to download anything I get a message that I'm not a valid member and that I now need to buy an upgrade!

I had an online chat with the biller and they've not yet agreed to refund the $40. My preference would be a refund, but I'd even accept a functioning membership for that price.

Make sure you try uncheck the box if trying to join Bikini Dare. If you can't join without accepting the cross-sell, then don't join Bikini Dare at all. It isn't worth the hassle.

07-01-14  05:05am

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I selected yes, but for me price is only one element of value. If a site charges more than average but offers a lot of exclusive content with high production values, then that will be part of the comments I make in the review. I always try to give some objective reasons why I think a site is good value even if it does have a high price.

06-25-14  05:16pm

Visit Stripper Facials

Stripper Facials

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Youíre only out $9.95 on joining
- Videos and photos
- Some attractive unknown models
- It is updating
Cons: - Streaming only
- Small site
- Old, old, old videos
- Some unattractive unknown models
- Photos but no zips
Bottom Line: Two things came to my mind not long after logging into this site for the first time. First, if I were to create a website it would definitely look a lot like this. Seriously, I have no knowledge or skills in creating website nor do I have access to anything decent to put on such website, so it would look terrible and have almost nothing to offer. Second, as Warren Buffet said, itís good to learn from your mistakes but itís better to learn from other peopleís mistakes. Thatís the real value of Pornusers: no one else needs to make the same mistake I did in joining this site.

This site says that itís affiliated with Mike South, a man-about-porn for many years. Heís in all of the videos (and if you want some creepy insight into this site, for whatever reason he seems to be wearing the same underwear in all the scenes).

In the interests of being fair Iíll address the positive aspects of this site first: a couple of the scenes feature beautiful women in sexual situations. There are facials in every scene. Unfortunately, the good news ends here.

Now for the bad news:
ē I may have assumed too much, but with a site called ďStripper FacialsĒ I expected some element of stripping (pole dancing, lap dancing) and facials. There is only one scene I can find with any of that. The rest of the scenes are billed as strippers getting facials. The problem with that is that this is conceptually no different from waitresses or nurses getting facials. It still looks like standard porn. For someone looking for stripper themed porn, this isnít it.
ē The preview pages are misleading. A prospective member is told there are three different file resolutions: ďHi Def, Standard Def and Dial up sized full length videos.Ē Sounds good. But once inside only one video is offered in anything close to HD. For the other scenes, the HD and SD both come in at 720x480 but the bitrate is higher for the ďHDĒ file (2500 vs 900).
ē How long ago was 720x480 at 2500 kb/s considered HD? While the site boasts of regular updates, most of those updates appear to have been shot in the last millennium when 720x480 might have been HD. Seriously, given the looks of the models and the video quality these videos were likely shot a long time ago.
ē Many of the models are just marginally attractive. Part of this is that so many of them have the typical big hair, heavy makeup look of the 1990s, but part of it is also that many of the models arenít all that attractive.
ē There are currently only 30 scenes uploaded but two of those have broken links.
ē The videos are streaming only.
ē There are photos, but no zips

The site does promise updates and it does deliver. There have been several updates since I joined but unfortunately those updates are videos that are like the others that are here: they have a distinct look of having been recorded as long as twenty years ago. For the Ďnewí uploads, there is no improvement in video resolution.

The site itself is laid out in a simple way, which Iíll never fault, but the overall look harkens back to the days when we all suffered with dial-up and site design was necessarily simple. Simple is one thing, outdated is another. This look is outdated.

The bottom line here? Even at a low monthly price of $9.95 this is far from a good value. The overall concept is one which could be done so well but it isnít here. If the site doesnít plan to shoot new stripper facial scenes with modern equipment and offer them in true HD (with downloads) then the least they could do is provide a time machine to take the members back in time to when this could have been a great site. My estimate is somewhere around 1999 would be about right. But hey, consider that you could get filthy rich selling Y2K fears.

06-25-14  05:13pm

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Visit VideoBox

Reply of elephant's Reply

I'm glad I could help you out. I do think that VB passed its prime a long time ago. I think the only reason they can offer such low prices is that they upload crap and only in low resolutions by today's standards.

Like you, I'll celebrate if Kink ever offers some kind of network access.

06-25-14  05:12pm

Visit VideoBox

Reply of elephant's Reply

I wish I had the answer on costs for you, but in all the comments and reviews it seems no one, including myself, ever noted that. But some of the more recent information there does suggest that the pro-rated pricing for the add-ons is still in effect, which means that you can control what you pay provided you cancel your main membership after a month. If you're confident that you can get all the Kink scenes you want in a few days then sign up to Kink with three or four days left on your VB membership and you'll only be charged for those few days remaining. But if you forget to cancel you'll be charged full price for both VB and the add-on at the start of the next monthly billing cycle.

I don't remember what the file resolutions were either, but I can say that I have since deleted all of them. I'm guessing 540x480 or somewhere around there.

I agree with you that it would be a great idea for Kink to offer some 'buffet' kind of membership where a member could access a specific number of scenes across all their sites for a set fee. One thing about Kink though, is that if you join one site you get a discounted price to the others. But that's still an expensive proposition. Kink does offer some form of pay-per-scene but I don't know how much it is per scene. If you're really only interested in a few scenes that may be a cost-effective way to get HD scenes at a reasonable price.

06-24-14  01:14pm

Visit VideoBox

Reply of elephant's Comment

I don't have the answer for you, but the last time I was a member there the add-on 'channels' were pro-rated to the remaining length of your first month. So if you joined VB on July 1 and also joined the Kink channel on July 1 you paid the full price. But if you waited and joined Kink on July 20 you were only charged for the one-third of the month that you used. That was valuable if you were only staying a month. Subsequent months you'd be billed full cost for both VB and the Kink channel.

One major caveat, VB really seems to have changed their business model. They don't seem as transparent as they once were and they could have changed the billing practices for the channels.

One advantage though is that the Kink channel gives you access to shoots from several different Kink sites so you can get samples from a lot for a lot less money. The biggest disadvantage is that the file resolutions on the Kink channel are far lower than what you can get on an actual Kink site.

I hope this helps.

06-23-14  05:32pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

It may only be symbolic, but I think asking Rick and Khan to delist a site that has a proven issue is a good idea. While there may not be too many of us who are active on this site I'm confident that there are thousands who rely on it for purchasing decisions. If TBP/PU could delist a site it may have an impact.

Consider the recent delisting of German Goo Girls after members repeatedly complained of fraudulent billing. Sure, the webmaster weighed in each time promising to fix it, but until the site chose a reputable biller it needed to be delisted.

06-21-14  05:44am

Visit Fuck Or Fired

Fuck Or Fired
Reply of Khan's Reply

Thanks to you guys for arranging these discounts in the first place!

06-16-14  06:05pm

Visit Fuck Or Fired

Fuck Or Fired
Reply of Breadfather's Comment

Khan's right on this. I see the discount when I click 'join' so the most likely issue is a cookie from an earlier visit. Clear your cache and you should be fine.

This looks like a great site, BTW. If you join please post a review to let everyone else know what you think.

06-16-14  08:45am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

For me it's a modification of "immediately buy a new hard drive." I plan ahead and when I know I'll be running out of space soon that's when I buy a new one.

06-12-14  05:12pm

Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network
Reply of Cybertoad's Reply

I'm no fan of caps either, but one this low is a real pain in the ass. What's especially annoying is that they offer HD scenes that will reach the cap very quickly. Their justification for it is that it prevents some heavy users from hogging the bandwidth but if that happens at this site why isn't it an issue at other sites too? And isn't throttling a better solution for those rare times when there might be a lot of users on the site? I'll never be a fan of caps, but I can live with reasonable ones. This one isn't reasonable.

Thanks for weighing in on this.

06-12-14  04:46pm

Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure
Reply of Khan's Reply

Khan - I owe some apologies - to you and to Amateur Allure. I have several memberships on the go and when I sorted through this following your comment I realized that I attributed the cross-sell to the wrong site. The cross-sell came when joining Casting Couch X.

Is there a way you can remove this entire thread as it is both misleading and irrelevant? If not, I'll add a new thread with a mea culpa to make it clear that this was my error and nothing to do with Amateur Allure.

06-11-14  07:10pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

My porn world is 100% internet now and has been for probably close to ten years.

06-07-14  06:50am

N/A Reply of Monahan's Reply

Agreed. Once your collection reaches a certain size then the ability to search effectively becomes important. Besides carefully cataloguing the actual sites/scenes/DVDs/models I keep a Word document that lists everything so I have two ways to search. On top of that, I flag scenes I like by creating a shortcut to it and then when I plug a drive in I can search the term "shortcut" and up come all my favorite scenes on that drive.

06-03-14  02:07pm

N/A Reply of RustyJ's Poll

I think the reason that I prefer street clothes like jeans or shorts is that it is relatively rare. But even if it wasn't so rare that would be my choice anyway.

06-03-14  02:04pm

Visit Back Room Casting Couch

Back Room Casting Couch

Be sure to check previews if you're rejoining

Iíve been a member here twice before and while there was a wide variation in models before it seems to be that there has been an overall slide in model looks over the past few months. Some of the more recent models have been downright scary looking. (But for those with this fetish, there was a very-pregnant model a couple of weeks ago.) For first-time members this wonít be an issue, but if you are returning make sure to look carefully at the previews before deciding to rejoin. I hope this is just temporary.

06-02-14  04:47pm

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Visit Exploited College Girls

Exploited College Girls

Quality of models has slipped in past months

Iím on my third membership here and find that since the last time I was here the quality of the models has diminished. Most of the recent updates have had models that arenít up to the standards that Iíve seen in earlier uploads. If youíre a first-time member this wonít be an issue, but if youíre coming back to the site after a while you may want to look carefully at the preview pages. The same is happening with the sister site, Back Room Casting Couch.

This was one of my favorite sites and I hope they get their groove back soon.

06-02-14  04:45pm

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Visit Hard X

Hard X
Reply of lk2fireone's Comment

A lot of the Open Life sites have been making these offers. For Hard X I suspect there is some necessity given the site is new, small and only add one scene per week. That's one scene, not one DVD.

06-02-14  04:33pm

Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Large studio site
- Some great DVDs
- Some unique niches
- High production values
- Many older titles available
- Updates daily
- Supports download managers
Cons: - Not a true Ďnetworkí
- Annoying download limit
- Wide variation in video quality
- Only started adding HD files recently
- Many DVDs have missing scenes
Bottom Line: New Sensations falls into the same trap that seems to snare so many studio websites: great porn let down by a just-okay site.

While they market themselves as a network they really arenít in the true sense of that word. While there are 22 other Ďsitesí in the network those sites are just a repackaging of what is available on the main site. If you go to the main New Sensations site youíll have access to everything. I donít see this as a major negative issue because it isnít that big a deal and it is common with studio sites. I only point it out so no one joins expecting several distinct sites. Think of the Ďsitesí as just a high-level filter.

The site is well laid out with search functions, drop-down menus and tags. I found that the site was easy to navigate and find what I was looking for.

The site currently has around 1100 DVDs with over 5100 scenes so it is hard to argue that youíre not getting a lot of porn for your money. The production values really make most of the DVDs stand out. The lighting, sets, editing and sound are all well done here, even on older DVDs. And regardless of the year the DVD was produced, youíll find a whoís who of porn stars here.

All the scenes are available in streaming or for download. The downloads are available in Flash, MP4 and WMV. A major flaw with the site is that it has only been since 2013 that they started offering HD (1280 and 1920) so there are currently only about 200 DVDs in HD. To make matters worse, the site opted to use low bitrates so even the HD files donít look as good as similar sites. When available I downloaded the 1280 files and theyíre only 4000kb/s which means they can look blocky at times. Prior to 2013 the MP4 file available was for mobile devices so that leaves WMV as the best option. The older files come in at 640x480 and 2000kb/s. With specs like that they can only look poor by todayís standards, but I wonít complain because some of these are quite old and not available elsewhere. 1024x576 is also a fairly common file size though the bitrates here are low too at 2000.

The Catch-22 with the site is that while I may have been better off downloading the highest resolution available (I usually balance quality and file size) but that would make the download limit even more frustrating. If you are interested though, the best files are the MP4s at 1920x1080 but the bitrate is still low at 4000. They do look better though.

And speaking of download limits, there is one here. A problem with it is that they have created one that is theoretically not that bad but set it up in a way that functions in an annoying way. A member is only allowed to download 6GB of data in an hour and when you exceed that your access is cut off for an hour. Sure, the site can argue that they still give you access to 144GB per day, but given that they offer HD and if you have a fast internet connection you can find yourself cut off after not too long. I should also advise that the message that comes up is incorrect: it states youíre cut off for 12 hours, but it is only one hour. I confirmed that via email. To add to the frustration, you canít even view the site while youíre in exile. (This applies to a full membership; it may be the full 12 hour lock-out for trial memberships.)

Many of the DVDs are incomplete, which seems really odd for a studio site. The reason I can say this with some authority is that there are many DVDs that only have one or two scenes available, where the store version would have more than that.

The site supports download managers (though they cite these are a reason for imposing a limit).

While the studio covers the typical porn niches, they do have one that is fairly unusual and likely somewhat controversial: incest porn. Donít shoot the messenger: Iím only pointing out that it exists here. The scenarios in these videos use a stepdaughter/stepfather, stepson/stepmother or step-sibling tryst as the basis for the scene. While I would in no way count myself as a fan of this genre I did find myself drawn to them because the scene set-up was really well done with a sexual tension building for the first few minutes. Iím a big fan of porn scene set-ups and like when there is a sexual tension created, and these scenes do it well. Besides, it is just fantasy and Iím not going to say no to scenes featuring some of my favorite stars.

Iím really on the fence about recommending this site. Like so many other sites they have some great porn on offer but drop the ball in how it gets offered. The download limit is frustrating but is obviously just a short-term frustration while the low bitrates (and resulting lower quality videos) is something that will mar your viewing for years to come. If the site has some stuff you really want then I would recommend it even with the limitations, but if youíre just looking for a site to join you may want to keep looking.

06-02-14  04:31pm

Replies (1)
N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

I rename as needed (to fit my naming structure) and then organize as I catalogue stuff. Then it gets backed up. I have a fairly regimented and meticulous process. You could say that I'm anal about my porn...

06-02-14  04:02pm

Visit Haze Her

Haze Her
Reply of RagingBuddhist's Reply

Glad I could help. I got burned with the XXX Pawn thing so stopping you from joining Haze Her or Dancing Bear is a little bit of payback for me!

05-22-14  04:10pm

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