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Visit VideoBox

Reply of Dirt D's Review

Great review, and I'm not just saying that because I agree with everything you wrote. You've provided some important details about some new changes to the site.

But... the fact remains that I do agree fully with what you wrote. The model the use is unsustainable and promotes quantity over quality. They need to pull back to one or two better updates per day rather than loading up the crap that they do.

What I am glad you reported on was the "HD" stuff is now lower quality. It wasn't great the last time I joined a few months back, but now knowing it's even worse I likely won't ever join again. Why would anyone pay to join VB when it doesn't offer them anything they can't get for free on a Tube site? One of the reasons I pay for porn is to get access to better quality.

Oh how the mighty have fallen!

03-21-15  09:40am

Visit Southern Bukkake

Southern Bukkake
Reply of bkreidercrhl's Reply

I know what you mean about low resolutions. There was an outdoor shoot that they did that looked really interesting but when I downloaded it, it was unwatchable even on whatever monitor I had at the time - most likely 17". Based on your comments I think I'll continue to avoid them.

03-16-15  01:14pm

N/A Reply of Jay G's Reply

Dammit! You beat me to that comment!

03-16-15  01:10pm

Visit Twistys

Reply of lk2fireone's Reply

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I'm no expert either, but it seems to me that they could reduce the file size and still maintain a good quality.

03-15-15  04:29pm

Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network

Update to New Sensations

There isn't enough new at New Sensations to justify a new review, but there is enough to justify noting the one big change. The download limit is now gone. I rejoined when I heard that this change was made and I didn’t encounter one even though I tried downloading a lot in one day. I think I’d have hit a limit if one existed.

This isn't a change, but the studio seems to be going all in on the incest porn thing. If you like this niche then you should seriously consider a membership here. Back when I first joined I liked the incest DVDs because they had lengthy scene set-ups and I find the scene set-up to be at least as important as the sex itself. Two scenes in particular, Riley Reid in Incestuous and Penny Pax in Our Father are so well done that they are in my unofficial list of favorite scenes. The bad news is that while the studio continues to make incest porn they aren't putting the same effort into scene set up that they did even a year ago. Now, instead of a five minute set up you might get a quick set up that is as simple as “Hey step-brother, mom and dad are out, do you wanna fuck like we did last week?” Another flaw is that they use the same male talent in a lot of the scenes and while I realize this is irrational I just don’t like Xander Corvus.

If I were writing a new review I’d score the site at at least 80 and probably as high as 83. Dropping the download limit was a major improvement.

03-15-15  09:24am

Replies (1)
Visit Blacked.com

Reply of pat362's Reply

I agree with you on pricing. They need to make it more attractive and offering a discount for TBP/PU members would be a good start.

Of course for you, me and several others here, the shit-kicking that the Canadian dollar is taking these days adds to the price woes.

03-15-15  08:49am

Visit Southern Bukkake

Southern Bukkake
Reply of bkreidercrhl's Reply

Thanks for getting back to me with this information. Knowing that the resolutions are good I think I'll follow your recommendation and add this site to my list of sites to join.

Have you been a member at Cum on Her Face recently? The site isn't listed here but it still seems to be active.

03-15-15  08:46am

Visit Twistys


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Huge site (7000+ videos)
- Photos and videos
- Several resolutions offered
- Updates daily
- Good navigation and search functions
- Allows download managers
- TBP/PU discount
Cons: - Wide gap in file sizes between medium and high resolution
- Download speeds vary but are mostly slower than average
- Primarily a solo girl site
Bottom Line: I’ve been an active internet porn buyer for more than 15 years and I had to ask myself why I’d never joined Twisty’s since it seems to be one of the larger and more popular sites around. So I joined. I realize that a lot of any reaction to a site is subjective and my subjective response to the site is that it lacks any real heat. In is recent review of the site, Graymane hit the nail on the head when he noted that the site seems to be lacking heat. For me, I think a lot of that lack of heat comes from the fact that this isn't the kind of site I’d usually join. Objectively it’s a great site, but subjectively it isn't for me.

The site uses a ‘trick’ commonly used by many sites in that it sells itself as a network when it really isn't. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but there is a main site where everything in available and then the ‘sites’ allow you to filter the scenes and photos further. For example, all the hardcore scenes can be filtered by selecting the ‘site’ called “Twisty’s Hard.”

The site is huge with more close to 7700 videos uploaded. 385 of those feature b/g hardcore sex. 186 are lesbian and the remainder are solo girl. The site caters to photo collectors too, with equal emphasis on photos. (I’d prefer to tell you exactly how many photo sets are available but I ran out of patience. The site only allows the user to advance two pages at a time and after advancing through almost 400 pages of videos two pages at a time I just couldn’t bring myself to do that again. This is a minor flaw that should be fixed.)

I collect videos so this review will be on that part of the site.

The videos are mostly offered in three resolutions, 240, 480 and 720. Ordinarily I’d opt for the 720 for quality but I always look for a balance of resolution and file size. A problem with the site is that there is a vast chasm between the file sizes for the 480 and the 720 resolutions. It wasn’t unusual to have a scene where the 480 resolution was 500MB and the 720 was more than 2GB. Because of that difference I opted to go with the 480 and those are 1024x576 and 3000kb/s. There are some scenes that offer a fourth resolution of 1080 and with those there tends to be less of a gap between the 480 and 720 files. I can’t say how many scenes offer the 1080 resolution because they aren't marked and it isn't an option on even most of the newest updates.

Speaking of updates, the site doesn’t disappoint in that there is one new video and one photo set added per day.

The site allows download managers and I had no problem using one. I had no issues with links timing out but most of my links were never more than a half hour old anyway. I didn’t encounter any download limits. One problem I did encounter was a wide variation in download speeds. There were times when I saw downloads as fast as 15MB/s but there were a lot more times when the speeds were lower than 3MB/s.

My three biggest complaints about the site are purely subjective and I haven’t factored them into the score. Depending on your tastes these may be seen as positives for you. The site is primarily a solo girl site and that isn't something that I collect. I find solo scenes boring because they lack any interaction with another person. I find that interaction, when done right, creates a sexual tension and for me that’s where the heat comes from. Second, the site seems to favor models with large breasts, whether they’re real or fake. This is especially true of the older videos as the newer ones do seem to have a bit better balance between smaller-breasted models and ginormous-breasted models. The final complaint is that there aren't a lot of anal scenes and those that are offered are mostly older and with European models. (As an aside, searching for anal scenes will bring up hundreds, but they include solo scenes in that count too. To be fair, once you get the search results for anal you can then further sort by site and selecting “Twisty’s Hard” will give you all the hardcore scenes. If you’re interested in this niche, there are only 23.)

Overall the site is well laid out and it is relatively easy to find what you’re looking for. You can sort by model, there is an effective search function and they use tags effectively. Navigating is easy here.

The bottom line is that this is a great site as long as you know in advance what you’re getting: the site is primarily a solo girl site that offers both videos and photo sets and they add in some hardcore b/g and lesbian to keep things interesting and to offer something for everyone. The site has some flaws but overall they do more right than they do wrong. I won’t be back (for the subjective reasons I’ve noted) but I would recommend the site to someone who likes solo girl stuff with a sprinkling of relatively tame hardcore. The site certainly delivers on that.

03-15-15  08:43am

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Visit Anabolic.com

Reply of qvtta's Comment

This sucks. In its day, Anabolic was my favorite porn studio and they knocked out some amazing porn. I hope that this is a biller problem and not a site problem. I see that the secondary biller is Epoch and I trust them but I don't know how easy it is to get billed through them.

If your membership does finally get resolved can you post a review or at least a comment with some details please? Information on file resolutions would be great.

And welcome to PornUsers. I hope you stick around and continue to contribute.

03-14-15  06:51am

Visit Ghetto Gaggers

Ghetto Gaggers
Reply of mbaya's Comment

I'm no fan of download limits but I can live with reasonable ones. The problem is defining what's reasonable and you hit the nail on the head. 20GB per days sounds reasonable, but is it when a scene can be as much as 3GB? I don't think so... They need to up the limit (or scrap it altogether).

03-14-15  06:46am

Visit Blacked.com

Reply of pat362's Review

Thanks for the review pat. I agree that the site needs some growth, especially at the price they're charging. When I joined I got a discount offer in the email but as I stated in an earlier forum thread I stopped getting those email offers from all Fame sites. Maybe they were losing money on me because I took them up on their offers so often... (I'm just kidding, because by using their offers I pretty much retained a recurring membership by cancelling and rejoining on a new discount offer almost immediately so all I was getting were the new updates.) They really need a discount. There was a lot of buzz about the site when it first came out but now that it has died down $30 for this volume of porn isn't a good deal no matter how great the scenes are.

03-14-15  06:44am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I think that it is likely that all of us who post here are probably both smarter and pickier than the average porn surfer just by virtue of being here. For most of us here porn surfing (and more important, buying) is a hobby rather than randomly browsing through a tube site to relieve some 'stress.'

I'm guessing that the 'average' porn surfer these days is someone who relies on tube sites for stolen porn. That alone definitely makes a vast majority of us here different from an average surfer.

03-14-15  06:39am

Visit Southern Bukkake

Southern Bukkake
Reply of bkreidercrhl's Review

I love sites like this but wasn't aware of this one. Thanks for posting the review. This seems like Cum on Her Face which I don't think updates any more. I liked that for the many outdoor bukkakes they had and some of the zany peripheral things they did. In one scene one of the female models arrived to an outdoor bukkake on a bike where the pedals drove a dildo up and down through the seat and fucked her while she rode.

I note that the TBP specs on the site list it has having really low resolutions on the downloads. Can you post some info on that please? If they use a resolution on newer scenes that reflects what is average in the 21st century then I'll likely join. If the scenes are really still 352x240 then I'll stay away. A resolution like 352x240 belongs in the 1990s. Any information you can provide will be appreciated.

03-14-15  06:36am

Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World
Reply of lk2fireone's Review

Great review of a great site. I'm a fan of it too.

I agree 100% that using numbers as scene names is annoying. I hope some webmasters see your comment and think about it. I usually rename the scenes as I download them but it would be nice to have the option of renaming later and still having some hope of knowing what the scene is.

03-14-15  06:31am

Visit Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage
Reply of PigPoke's Reply

I understand what you mean. I can't watch more than a few scenes back-to-back because they get repetitive, but I still like the site and the scenes a lot. For me, a quirk is that the scene set-up is probably more important than the sex itself so that's one of the reasons I like this site and the whole massage niche in general.

03-14-15  06:28am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I don't have a lot of interaction with webmasters, but when I do it does influence me. I'm keeping a recurring membership going for one site now because I want to support a really customer-friendly webmaster.

There are other sites that I won't ever rejoin due to a bad experience. In one case I was accused of site ripping in one day that was later found to be the site's weak security that allowed someone to hack in and steal everything. The webmaster admitted his mistake but didn't apologize. But the real winner is a webmaster who threatened me with legal action for posting a review here that said the site was streaming only. It was streaming only and I guess he wanted that to remain a secret to fleece others.

03-08-15  08:14am

Visit Woodman Casting X

Woodman Casting X
Reply of Jay G's Comment

I'm not 100% sure but I think the lower price is for Woodman Casting X and if you pay the higher price you get Wake Up 'n Fuck too. WUNF is worth the membership fee. It isn't considered a stand-alone site here so there is no way to add a review, but it is a great site. Let me know if you want more information on WUNF.

03-06-15  07:44am

N/A Reply of roseman's Poll

I don't trust tour pages that won't let me see what they have to offer. If they have a great site why not let me see it? Unless the site gets rave reviews I won't join a site that won't even let me see what models they have before kicking me to their join page.

03-06-15  07:42am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I have to confess that I have no idea what this is...

02-21-15  05:44am

Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network

TBP Reports that the Download Limit is Gone

In their new review of the site, TBP notes that the download limit is gone. This was a decent site and it will be even better with the limit gone. I'll definitely rejoin again now.

02-18-15  02:27pm

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Nope. Not really sure why either. One of my favorite models is Maryjane Johnson. I could look at pics and videos of her all day long. But those of her when she was pregnant do nothing for me. Maybe it's the 'protector' gene in me that comes out and displaces the 'pervert' gene when I see a pregnant woman.

02-18-15  02:24pm

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
Reply of pilotguy's Comment

It always baffles me why a site like this has to stoop to such shady practices. As you've probably read in other comments you aren't the first PU member to be burned by BB. I got burned too - twice. I do still join the site but I treat it like a minefield as one errant click of your mouse and you end up with additional charges. BB has some excellent porn so it makes me wonder what they hope to gain by pissing of customers.

Just a warning - don't click on any links in any promotional emails you get from them. If they have your credit card information - surprise! - you just joined. The sender for their emails that I get is "Support." Support, my ass...

02-13-15  01:01pm

Visit I Worship Anal

I Worship Anal
Reply of bumbinky05's Comment

Thanks for posting the warning. This is a site that I would have considered joining but I'll definitely stay away knowing what you went through.

02-13-15  12:57pm

Visit Legal Porno

Legal Porno
Reply of Triple's Reply

It's still ticket based. There is a 'free' section, but it's older stuff.

02-12-15  03:21pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Most times I've encountered them there was an option to turn them off. Otherwise, I'm no fan of them.

02-12-15  03:20pm

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