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Visit Teen Core Club

Teen Core Club
Reply of jook's Reply

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my review. 'Value' and 'heat' are two things that are so subjective that they really can't be quantified. I respect that your opinion on value is different from mine. I think the value of having both of those opinions here is that someone else can join or not join based on some different interpretations.

On 'heat,' there is no difference of opinion: these are some incredible scenes, and like you, I'm impressed with the volume of anal scenes.

Check out Teen Mega World if you haven't already. They have many of the same models and also offer a discount if you link through here.

02-19-14  03:00pm

Visit Naked Gym Girls

Naked Gym Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 9 videos, 7 picture sets
- Unique niche
- $20 membership
- Videos in three resolutions
- Photos in zips or singles
- Photos in two resolutions
- High-res photos look amazing
- Supports download managers for queuing files
- Definitely all exclusive
Cons: - Small site
- No obvious update schedule
- Music replaces sound
- Would be much better value packaged as part of a network
Bottom Line: Leave it to the folks at The Best Porn to expose me to a niche I neither knew existed or liked it: girls getting naked while working out. There is really only one reason why I joined, and thatís to get access to a scene by a model I like who has only done a small amount of stuff. The fact that the site isnít terribly expensive at $20 and billed through CC Bill sealed the deal.

The site is very small, with only nine videos and seven photo sets offered. While thatís definitely small, you need to keep in mind that many of the scenes are well over an hour long and one falls just short of two hours.

The site has a very narrow (and unique) focus: girls at a gym, solo, who begin a workout, strip off their clothes while working out and complete the workout while naked. There is little variation: there is one scene with two girls with some sex, and one scene is shot outdoors, but other than that it follows the same formula. Consider this more a nudist site than a sex site.

The scenes are undated so I canít determine what update schedule, if any, exists. The site allows member comments on the scenes and the most recent scene has comments. Yesterday when I checked the comments the most recent said it was posted three months ago. Today it says it was posted on December 2, but doesnít give a year. I think it is safe to assume that if the site is updating there is no set schedule beyond glacial.

The site offers videos in three resolutions: 1920x1080 (9000 kb/s), 1080x720 and 640x360. While I found most of the video to be crisp and clear, I did find in some of the videos that where there is fast movement the edges become slightly pixilated. I donít understand the tech side of this so I donít know if this is something the site could even avoid.

A unique feature is that you can download an ISO version that can be burned to a DVD to watch on TV.

The site permits download managers for queuing scenes and zips.

The photos are available as singles or zips and in two resolutions: 3744x5616 and 1200x800. The high-res pics look incredibly good. If youíre a photo collector these might be worth joining to get. Photo sets range from 100+ photos to 800+ photos.

My biggest complaint about the scenes may be subjective, but I suspect that many others will agree with me. Iíll let any potential members decide on their own. The site has chosen to overdub the sounds of the workout with music. This isnít that there is music playing over top of the sounds; the sounds are gone and completely replaced by music. To make matters worse, in my opinion, is that the music is that techno-shit that seems to be overplayed in gyms. You might be able to convince me that this crappy music belongs in a gym (but donít bet on it) but youíll never convince me that it belongs in a porn video. Even a solo video where the intention may be to create a sort of gym atmosphere. Iíd rather hear the interaction with the crew than the music.

This site is one of ten that was added to TBP recently from a company called David Weisenbarger (David Nudes, HD Studio Nudes and more). I do not have memberships at any other of these sites but it appears that they are all relatively small (though some are fairly big), that they feature mostly solo models with rare g/g sex. My role in the porn biz is as a customer, and as a customer I am unlikely to join any of their other sites simply because they arenít a good value at $20 to $25 per site. (And keep in mind that production costs here are at the low end of the spectrum: no expensive locations, solo nude, no sex, no masturbation.) All the sites added together would make a fair-sized network and by charging a fair price theyíd probably generate exponentially more business. This has nothing to do with the review, and Iím obviously only speculating.

The bottom line? the site is small, but it is relatively inexpensive at $20. It bills through CC Bill so you can join in confidence. If this is a niche you like or there is a model here that you want to see then you may be willing to spend the $20 to join. For everyone else, the site is too small with no predictable growth to make this a good choice. As it stands now, and with no obvious changes coming, this site isnít a good value. If this site ever becomes part of a network or package deal Iíd reconsider my opinion.

02-18-14  03:55pm

Replies (2)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

For me it really varies. I usually aim for a broad niche of 18-20 year olds, especially if the site offers a lot of anal. But I'll also buy memberships to more specific sites too. Sometimes I'll even buy a membership to a site I really have little interest in just to get a scene from a model I like.

So in other words, I'm pretty promiscuous with my porn dollars.

02-17-14  03:04pm

Visit Teen Core Club

Teen Core Club
Reply of TheSquirrel's Reply

They definitely do have some top-notch stuff. It's too bad that they just seem to be keeping the lights on and not really growing the site.

02-15-14  12:52pm

Visit Mile High Media

Mile High Media
Reply of PinkPanther's Reply

100% agree. I'm a huge fan of their stuff and join their sites regularly. My advice to anyone joining is to keep your confirmation email because it will tell you which of the sites you need to go to to cancel. That's important because there are several and getting it wrong might cost you a recurring charge.

02-14-14  06:35am

Visit Teen Core Club

Teen Core Club
Reply of TheSquirrel's Reply

Jeez, you've managed to say in a few words what took me many! I really am glad I joined and I don't regret it, but I doubt that I'll be back.

The price really can't be justified when you compare it to other sites.

02-14-14  05:28am

Visit Teen Core Club

Teen Core Club

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Stunningly beautiful young, legal models
- Tons of anal (yes, I know this isnít a pro for all)
- Supports download managers
- Excellent production values
Cons: - No obvious updates
- Very expensive
- Not great value for the price
- Some overlap with other networks
- Each site must be entered separately
- Sites Ďtime outí during use requiring that you follow an emailed link to get back in
- Make your username and password short and easy; youíll be using it a lot
- No network model search function
Bottom Line: I have mixed feelings about this network. I suspect that my opinion would be a lot more certain, and a lot more positive, if the price werenít so high. Speaking of price, let me address that first: I see cost as only one part of the value equation. Yes, cost is important, but this isnít the first time and it wonít be the last time I spend this much. If the site / network offers a lot of great and unique material then Iím much more willing to pay the higher price. Unfortunately, when you add up what $50 gets you here it doesnít add up to a good value.

While Iíd normally take the time to list the networkís sites and whatís available, I wonít do that this time. First, thereís no need since Evernight took the time to do that in his review, and second, because I just donít have the patience to do that on this network.

The good news here is that this is a network of 27 teen-themed sites. This is a true network in that the sites offer variations on a theme rather than just being a loose collection of scenes that could have just as easily been put on one large site. Youíll find most major porn niches here: oral, anal, gangbang, IR, etc., but keep in mind that all of the sites focus on fresh teen models. The real advantage of this network lies with the models themselves. If you like fresh faces and pert bodies then this network will surprise and delight. Honestly, the quality of the models will almost make a member forget the networkís serious shortcomings.

The models are a whoís who of the Russian and Eastern European legal teen porn biz. Many of the biggest stars are here. Of course, youíll encounter a familiar problem with these models in that the sites seem to give them different names every day so that makes it harder to follow a model you like. This network doesnít do you any favors either, because there is no way to select a model and find all her scenes on the network. That seems like something pretty basic that any network would do.

The production values on the scenes are top quality. The lighting, editing and sound all contribute to the high quality scenes.

The newer scenes are available in WMV or MP4 and in a slightly different resolution for each. There are also individual clips available. I downloaded the hi-res MP4s when they were available and those are 1920x1080 at 6,500kb/s and 29fps. They look great on a monitor and 50Ē TV. When the hi-res wasnít available I went with the next best which is 960x540 and 3,500, which, obviously donít look as good.

When I say that the newer scenes are hi-res, thatís a bit of a guess because the scenes arenít dated. I canít tell when they started offering HD. But an educated guess is that about half of the videos are in HD.

Update schedules are also a bit of a mystery. Iíve been a member for a week now and I havenít found an update, but thatís partly my laziness due to another network flaw.

I have no idea who would think this was a good idea, but there is no real Ďhome pageí for the network. There is no page where a member can go to see everything on the network including the recent updates. This network is a true collection of 27 sites and when you want to visit a site youíll need to enter your username/pass and a captcha. Every site. Every fucking time.

There were rumors of daily limits so I went looking for it by downloading a lot and found none. What I did find that periodically I was booted off the network and had to go to email for a link that would allow me back in. Download managers work too.

While I expected the scenes to be exclusive for this price, I did find some overlap with other sites. Not much, but then those are just the scenes I recognized.

One major reason I joined is a major reason why many others may not join: there are tons of anal scenes here. Anyone who doesnít like anal will justifiably think that the whole network should be called Anal Teen Core Club. There are sites that are anal-themed where every scene is anal, and there are sites that arenít anal-themed where only half are anal. Youíve been warned.

So what about value? I donít think itís here. While you get access to about 1700 scenes, many of which are HD, and most of which feature stunningly beautiful models, you have to suffer through some poorly designed sites to get those. Some may disagree, but I think a reasonable comparison is with Teen Mega World (where some duplicate scenes are located). TMW has 3300+ scenes for a TBP price of $20 while TCC has 1700 scene for $50. The last time I spent that much for a site was because the site offered some unique porn that was expensive to make and had a limited audience. TCC makes great porn, but it isnít unique and it isnít more expensive to make than comparable sites so the price just isnít worth it. Iím glad I joined because it is exactly the kind of porn I like, but with the lack of information on updates and the high price I wonít be back.

02-13-14  05:24pm

Replies (8)
Visit Nubiles.net

Reply of Nubiles Captain's Reply

That sounds like an interesting twist on the casting niche and something that I'll definitely be joining to check out. Thanks for the tip.

02-13-14  03:50pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I can't imagine that I'd ever encounter a scene that I wanted that I thought was too big a download. I've downloaded scenes that exceeded 5GB, though those are rare. With a fast internet connection and harddrive space being so cheap, I don't see any real limits. All that might change if my ISP ever imposes bandwidth caps.

Having said all of the above, I had gone through a phase where I downloaded the best available, which was often 1080p. I've since rethought that and now download 720p because for 95% of my viewing the additional resolution makes no difference.

02-13-14  02:28pm

Visit Nubiles.net

Reply of Nubiles Captain's Reply

I probably should have chosen my words more carefully... Those may have come from my recollection that there was a lot of solo stuff on the site, which I really don't find hot.

I've reviewed the site before and scored it at a 92 and in my written comments I've strongly encouraged others to join. And I likely will again myself. "Heat" is obviously not quantifiable. It's a purely subjective measure and I probably shouldn't have used that term. It's probably like a car reviewer who reviews a car that isn't exactly what he's looking in for a car but is still willing to admit that it's a damn good car.

I hadn't been aware that you had spun off the hardcore stuff into a separate site. Solo stuff generally isn't anything I'm interested in so having just hardcore sounds like a great idea.

I also wasn't aware that you had a new site for casting videos. I'm a big fan of those because the interaction between the model and the agent can really turn up that (subjective) heat. I suspect I'll be joining that within days.

02-13-14  02:24pm

Visit Nubiles.net

Reply of nutcrackr's Review

Excellent review. I know I've scored Nubiles a lot higher, but on subsequent visits I found that it just lacked some heat. I think your comment on the site trying to be jack of all trades and master of none is right.

02-12-14  05:20pm

Visit Roxy Raye

Roxy Raye
Reply of turboshaft's Reply

Thanks for the comments.

I doubt that anyone has ever joined a site I've reviewed only to find out that it is far more extreme than they prefer. I'm sure most people do more research than reading just one review. But I can imagine that some members here who prefer glamcore definitely wouldn't like a site like this.

And I definitely disagree with one thing you said: I think that an apple in Roxy's ass provides a lot of excitement! :-)

02-12-14  05:18pm

Visit Burning Angel

Burning Angel
Reply of cjd2004's Reply

Thanks! It looks like I'll be taking a trial membership this weekend to get some of the photos sets I wanted.

02-12-14  05:15pm

Visit Harmony Vision

Harmony Vision
Reply of pat362's Reply

Thanks for the information pat. I'll probably check them out.

02-11-14  12:18pm

N/A Reply of jberryl69's Poll

It's other for me, mostly because I have never stopped watching a model I like just because of some change. I have stopped downloading a model's stuff after a change, but not often. I might get more selective, but after a change I usually don't disown a model.

The biggest factor pushing this for me is body modification. This is usually fake breasts or pumped-up lips. Aubrey Addams was one of my favorite models before she became enhanced, and I have to admit that while I prefer her without the add-ons I still like her afterwards because they still fit her body size and type. Amy Brooke went a bit too big in my opinion, but I still download most of what she has. Perhaps the most extreme for a model I really liked to one that I pretty much stopped downloading was Bridgette Kerkove. When she was new and had he little A-cups she was in my top-5 list. Her breasts and facial alterations changed that look completely and I downloaded very little of her stuff after that.

02-11-14  08:31am

Visit Roxy Raye

Roxy Raye

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Provides photos and videos in an under-served niche
- Wide variety of anal-themed videos
- 235 videos
- 185 photo sets
- Updates with a new video every three days or so
- Has live cam shows regularly
- All but a few videos are exclusive
- Part of a small network
- Supports DL managers
- Active webmaster
Cons: - 50GB daily download limit, but there is also a 10GB / hour limit.
- Probably a bit too extreme for many porn viewers
- Streaming begins on opening a scene link
Bottom Line: I seem to start off a lot of reviews with this statement: this site is definitely NOT for everyone. A regional brewery near here used to have a tag line: ďThose who like it, like it a lot.Ē The same might be said of this extreme anal play. Roxy Raye exists in a very narrow niche of extreme anal play. The only other site I know of that is similar is hotkinkyjo, the site featuring the Russian model with an expandable colon. The big difference is that with Roxy Raye you can download the scenes while with HKJ they are streaming only.

I know that any reader who either has no interest in this niche or finds it abhorrent will wonder how I can describe this site as having a broad range of scenes within the extreme anal niche. But Roxy really does cover a broad range of activities, albeit with the common theme of something large going into her ass. There are sex scenes (b/g and g/g), there are IR scenes, there are the large toy insertions, there are pissing videos, there are speculum videos (vaginal and anal), there is fruit and vegetable insertion (hey, sheís looking after her health), there is fisting (vaginal and anal, by self, men and women), there are regular camshows (with downloads available shortly after broadcast), there is some public nudity and there are even rosebuds. And donít ask what that last thing is. If you donít know, do yourself a favor and donít bother learning about it.

The site currently has around 235 videos with a new video being uploaded about every three days. A vast majority of these are exclusive, though there are a few uploads of scenes that sheís done for Evil Angel. Approximately 30 of the scenes are downloadable files of the live camshows that she does regularly. I didnít have an opportunity to take in a live show so I canít comment on those. The only drawback to the live shows is that prior to mid-2012 they are very low resolution. I suspect that this is dictated partly due to file size because the newer ones arenít great resolution (640x480 with some at 960x540) but are still as large as 1.5GB.

Most scenes have some download options with files being offered as both WMV and MP4 formats. More than one resolution is usually offered too. Obviously the options and resolutions improved as the site kept up with evolving industry standards. The newer MP4s come in at 1920x1080, 3000kb/s and 29fps. That seems like a low bitrate, but the scenes look crisp. The other most common resolution for older, non-HD scenes is 960x540, 2500kb/s. These look fine on a 24Ē monitor.

Photos are also offered, with most of the sets being taken as part of the video shoots. Resolutions vary here too, but most are decent at 1225x816. Photos are updated with a new set being added once every ten days or so.

The site layout is relatively simple, and thatís not a bad thing. If youíre familiar with how Hustler looks, it is pretty much the same as that. I canít find any link between Hustler and this site, but they look a lot alike. While there is no search function there are tags that help sort some things out.

The site commits one sin that is too common these days. I may be the only person who dislikes it, but I dislike it a lot: when you open the link to a scene it starts streaming automatically. I really wish that sites would stop this.

There is a download limit of 50GB per day, which is reasonable for a site with so much exclusive material. But there is another limit that is easier to hit. If at any time in a one hour period you exceed 10GB youíll be shut down for a while. I donít know how long, but it seems to be an hour or so.

The site supports download managers for queuing up scenes and I had no obvious problems with links timing out.

The membership includes access to ten sites in total. Normally Iíd provide some information on the other sites but in this case most of them are MILF-oriented and therefore not something I have a lot of interest in, so I didnít spend any time there.

Of note too is that there is an active webmaster who responds to questions here and by email. Thatís rare and appreciated.

The bottom line (pun not intended) is that this is a very good site offering some videos and photos in a rare niche. The site is easy to navigate, the videos are available with some choices, streaming is offered, there are a lot of variations on the main theme and the price is right. The biggest caveat to anyone considering a membership is to make sure you have an interest in this niche. If your porn experience is glamcore then this isnít the site to dabble in something new. This site is an excellent value and Iíd recommend it for anyone interested in the niche.

Maybe the whole site can be summed up in something that Roxy says during a scene. How often do you hear an attractive young lady say ďI think this is the biggest apple Iíve ever put up my assĒ? If youíve ever heard those words spoken for real before, I need to hang out with you.

02-11-14  08:24am

Replies (2)
Visit Harmony Vision

Harmony Vision
Reply of pat362's Review

Thanks for reviewing this pat. I didn't know that this had been spun off as a separate studio site. I like Harmony's stuff and have a lot of it, but I'd like to get it in higher resolution. The TBP stats say that the files are 1920x1080 but the other reviewers say that 1080 is the highest and most are 720 even if they're labelled as 1080. I'm particularly interested in the early titles in the [i]Slam It series and the [/i]Young Harlots series. Any advice will be appreciated.

02-11-14  07:49am

Visit VideoBox

Reply of EverNight's Review

This is an excellent review of what is probably one of the most popular sites here at PU. I was a member there for five years straight and then dropped that in favour of going back two or three times a year to get some updates but I think the last time I joined was the last time I'll ever join. As you point out, the video quality is far below standard for 2014. It was sufficient back in 2008, but definitely not now.

My current view is that they need to change their business model and focus more on quality rather than quantity. The last time I joined I found I could go days without finding something that I liked. And their over-reliance of compilations bugged me too. They really need to drop the five uploads a day and make it one high-quality one. And they need better file resolutions.

The other thing I noticed is that they've stopped the practice of allowing prospective members to see everything before joining. I have no idea why they changed that since it now seems like they're hiding something.

Having ranted all of that, I'd still recommend this site for someone who is tired of tube sites and wants a good value.

Sorry for the bit of a rant...!

02-08-14  06:31am

Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure
Reply of TheSquirrel's Reply

Thank you Squirrel.

02-07-14  04:20am

Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 580+ videos
- HD available
- Lots of download options
- Many lesser-known models
- Some A-listers early in their careers
- Beautiful models
- HD available in approximately 400 videos
- Owners are remastering old videos
- Remasters donít count as updates
- Regular updates
- Serves a few underserved niches
Cons: - Daily download limit
- Some may find the scenes repetitive (see below for details)
Bottom Line: I joined this following my interest in Ďcastingí site. While this isnít a true casting site it is close enough that it made it worthwhile joining. The site follows a simple but effective formula: models show up to tape a POV scene with lots of oral and usually some fucking.

Before deciding to join the site I read the reviews here and at TBP. Two recurring comments were obvious: the scenes were too formulaic and many of the models arenít amateurs.

While I agree that the comments on these two facts are accurate, I think how you see them is more subjective. There is a definitely a formula here: there is a short interview, the girl gets on her knees and gives the guy head (with various POV camera angles), there is some vaginal sex, there is more head with an oral pop shot, some cum play and a swallow. Then there is another shorter scene where pretty much the same action happens. There is nothing about this niche that requires such a set formula but I like it and it works. The goal is to show off the model and the formula works well to do that.

As for some of the models not being amateurs, this is also true. There are many well-known models here but that doesnít detract from the site. Some of the best known adult stars are here, but theyíre early in their careers. If youíre like me, this is a strong draw to the site. Also, even those models that arenít as well known are often listed on index sites but that also happens with many other Ďamateurí sites too. Porn is fantasy based so if I get to see an A-list model early in her career Iím still happy. To be fair, often when the model is an adult star the site makes note of that and doesnít try to hide it.

The site currently has close to 600 videos, with most around 20 mins long. The newer scenes are uploaded with a lot of choice. 95%+ offer streaming, and downloads are available in Quicktime, mobile (for phones and higher res for tablets), WMV (HD and SD). Newer videos are 1920x1080, 8,000-12,000kb/s and 29fps. Some others come in at 1440x1080 and 1280x720. Approximately 400 of the videos are HD and that will increase since new videos are being added (one per week) and the older videos are being remastered to improve them. This seems like a sure sign that the site owners actually care about giving the best product to their customers. The good news is that the site doesnít count the remastered scenes as updates, but the bad news is that the oldest videos on the site are low resolution and often only offered in Quicktime. I donít know how often remastered videos are uploaded.

Photos are offered and are available as zips, but this really is a video site.

Site navigation is simple, but on a simple site why complicate things?

The site supports download managers for queuing downloads, though TBP reports that download managers are blocked for simultaneous downloads. Links seemed to time out after 30 minutes or so, which is reasonable.

This wonít be a negative for everyone, but if youíre a fan of anal then there isnít much here. The site lists six anal scenes (which isnít accurate since there is at least one other that isnít listed), but only three of the anal scenes are actually exclusive.

The site bills itself as being mostly about oral, but they sell themselves short. There is vaginal intercourse in almost every scene and if youíre a fan of lingering cum play, sucking after the guy has come and swallowing then youíll appreciate the site too. One other Ďnicheí that I like but is rare is where the guy stays fully clothed and the woman is naked. That happens in a lot of scenes here and was a pleasant surprise. One of the reasons that the model may stay clothed is to hide tattoos. Some models Iím familiar with had clothes that hid tattoos, and the camera angles stayed away from any visible tattoos.

Iím no fan of download limits and Iíll never see them as anything other than a negative but in this case the site has at least set a reasonable limit or (nominally) 25GB per 24 hour period. While that is the stated limit, my experience was that I was cut off at anything above 22GB. I was also cut off at below 20GB which leads me to believe that any streaming also counts against you. The problem with that was that the only photos of the model were in the banner on the page so I often ran the first few seconds of the video to see if I liked the model. Doing that seems to count against you.

The bottom line is that this is an excellent site that has a lot to offer. While I donít agree with all of the choices the owners have made, most of that is subjective. Some people have complained about the price, and it is higher than average, but considering that this is an independent site with 580+ exclusive videos of beautiful models, the site is an excellent value. I definitely recommend joining, and Iíve already added the site to my Ďrejoiní list.

01-31-14  10:56am

Replies (2)
Visit Roxy Raye

Roxy Raye
Reply of NaughtyAlysha's Reply

Thanks for responding with that information. Based on that I suspect I'll be joining in the next day or two.

01-31-14  10:04am

Visit Vivid

Reply of haagar's Review

Great review.

I like studio sites, though they're often poorly done. Vivid was obviously a powerhouse in the porn business for years but until you posted the review I had pretty much forgotten about them. Thanks for bringing them back to life for me.

What will be a deal-breaker is the streaming only status of the site. While you found a work-around for downloads, the fact that the site doesn't support them means they won't get me as a member. It bugs me that in an attempt to curtail privacy some sites choose to penalize paying customers like us.

01-30-14  10:27am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I 'consider' it, as long as you define consider as doing some research. I rely heavily, and in a lot of cases, entirely, on the information at TBP and PU. I'd like to say that TBP/PU have saved me money but they haven't. They've saved me from wasting money certainly, but now that I have so much more confidence when joining a site my porn budget has increased significantly.

01-30-14  10:17am

Visit Pornstar Network

Pornstar Network
Reply of bluebawa's Review

I hope this gets resolved. I've been a member here at least twice and never experienced this.

01-29-14  03:37am

Visit Mile High Media

Mile High Media
Reply of TheSquirrel's Reply

I agree. I make sure to save the confirmation email because they have three or four billing sites, and of course you have to provide a lot of information and a capcha to cancel. I think they purposely make it hard to cancel.

01-26-14  05:08pm

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