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N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

It happens to me often. I'll see something that intrigues me and have to search out more. I'll admit that for the church-going crowd this would be interpreted to mean I'm following the 'normal' path to depravity: start with softcore and progress through all sorts of filth until I can only be satisfied by the most bizarre, inhuman and degrading porn ever made. Except that isn't true. Yes, I have an interest in BDSM (the kind where a sub female is given pleasure, not Max Hardcore 'throat-fucking' a young lass until she cries), but in the past year or so I've developed what a few years ago would seem to be a very strange interest for me: artcore or glamcore porn. I tend to prefer porn with a harder edge, and I definitely like anal scenes, so finding that I like more sensual, predominantly vaginal-based porn is out of character for me.

And then there's the time I watched a 'casting' video last year. I think I've had a membership to every casting site on the 'net now.

03-19-14  03:02pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

The version of IE that I use has one built in.

03-17-14  02:17pm

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls
Reply of EverNight's Review

I'm a fan of this site, and while I scored it much higher I do agree with a lot of what you wrote. It can get a bit repetitive, but that can occur in any niche, and usually does where there is one type of scene. I also agree that while some models thrive without direction, others could use more.

I'm a fan of exhibitionist stuff and FTV does that well. In most cases, I won't join a site that only offers the scenes as smaller clips, but here it works for them. I have no interest in the solo masturbation part of the scene so I don't need to download it. Likewise, if someone doesn't like the exhibitionist stuff they can avoid that.

Overall, what carries the site is the quality of the models they hire.

03-13-14  02:22pm

Visit Gloryhole Swallow

Gloryhole Swallow
Reply of joekramer08's Reply

Thanks for commenting. I recently got hooked on casting sites even though I know it is still acting. At least most of the models there don't have dozens of titles, so that still works for the amateur fantasy. But with GS, many of the models I like don't seem to have done much of anything else. The realism definitely makes this site unique.

03-13-14  02:16pm

N/A Reply of pinkerton's Poll

I'm a fan of facials...

03-13-14  02:12pm

Visit Seymore Butts

Seymore Butts
Reply of pat362's Reply

I agree. If a site offered all his movies that would be worth a membership.

03-12-14  04:00pm

Visit Seymore Butts

Seymore Butts
Reply of pat362's Reply

They don't look so much better than what VB offers to justify the membership unless you're going for the three day trial. Even then, you may be better off with a VB membership because you have access to more of Seymore's stuff - and you get a lot of Shane's stuff on VB too from after she and Seymore parted company. You'd need a separate membership for Shane's titles if you joined SB.

03-11-14  04:51pm

Visit Gloryhole Swallow

Gloryhole Swallow

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 195 exclusive scenes
- Many true amateurs
- Among the most realistic sites around
- Great site for fans of oral, cum play and swallowing
- Simple and effective layout
- Multiple download options
- Supports download managers
- No download limits
- Broad range of models
- Excellent camerawork and lighting given the conditions
- Excellent choices in editing
- Updates weekly
Cons: - Limited thumbnails of model
- Broad range of models means youíll see some you donít like
Bottom Line: I look for objectivity in a review, and I strive to provide the same when I write reviews, but sometimes a site comes along that makes it tough for me to do that. ĎHeatí in a scene is definitely subjective, and in this case, for me, the heat isnít just turned up to eleven, itís turned up to Ďinsane.í I think my monitor was about to catch fire.

I wouldnít normally join a gloryhole site, but Iíve been trying to collect as many scenes by a beautiful young and relatively obscure model named Claire. Sheís not done much, and she looks like a pretty girl-next-door type, so I was surprised to see her doing something like this. She has four scenes on the site and at least one of them is already a favorite. But to my surprise, I was hooked on this site after watching a few scenes.

For me, the heat comes from the realism. I recently started joining casting sites, where the premise that an unsuspecting model comes in for some information on the adult business and ends up trying out. Obviously, in a world with legal requirements for ID these scenes are staged. But here, while they are still staged, there is an element of realism that Iíve never seen before. While the female obviously needs to be properly documented, the males can be a lot more anonymous. It doesnít strain credibility to think that a model could be brought into a video booth and guys would stick their dicks in for some oral. To add to the chances that these arenít fully staged, the siteís FAQ page has contact information for anyone whoíd like to have their penis star in a video.

Some scenes have a bit of a setup with an interview, but others donít. The action takes place inside a booth where the model services between five and ten men, sometimes more. In most scenes there is cum-play and swallowing. Some scenes have vaginal sex, a few have some anal, and several have two girls. The average length of the scenes is around 35 minutes, but some last over an hour.

Speaking of the girls, there is a broad range of looks. There are some that are young and beautiful, some heavily tattooed and pierced, some BBW, some MILF. The upside is that there is likely some here for every taste. The downside is that you might see some models that you donít like. Unlike most casting sites, I canít find much information on many of these models, which may means theyíre true amateurs.

With a video booth as your set it would be easy to have poorly shot videos. That doesnít happen here: the videos are well lighted and shot. The cameraman obviously knows what heís doing.

With scenes like these the editor might be tempted to cut lots of dead air out and keep the action flowing. That doesnít happen here. First, there isnít a lot of dead air, and second, the editorís choices keep the realism and heat up. Bad editing could ruin the site, but the good editing they have adds a lot to it.

There are currently 195 scenes uploaded, but maybe 20 of those are two-part scenes so that reduces the number a bit. The site updates with one new scene added per week. All the scenes offer some choice in how you view it. Streaming is available, but only at a fairly low res. Downloads are MP4 only and usually offer 480x270, 960x540 and 1920x1080. I downloaded the 1080 when they were available and those come in at that resolution with a bitrate around 5000 kb/s and 29fps. They look good. On some videos the highest is 960x540 but those are rare.

Others here have reported a daily limit. I downloaded a lot in a few days and never hit any limit, so that may be gone. I used a download manager to queue scenes and had no issues with that. The download speed was always the maximum that my manager will allow.

The site has a simple design, but since it focuses on one niche it doesnít need to be more complex. You can sort by update and model, there is a search function and each scene has tags. One minor flaw is that there are limited thumbnails of the models so you canít really tell if you want the scene. Thatís not a big deal since you can open the photos and see more.

There are photos, but I canít speak to them. This really is a video site.

One innovation in most scenes is an unobtrusive Ďcumshot counterĒ in the lower left of the screen that counts off a running total of satisfied customers. I like it and miss it on the scenes where it isnít used.

As with any niche site, thereís no sense in joining if you donít like the niche. But here there are several covered: oral, cum-play, swallowing and multiple shots. If you like any of those, you might like this site. If you do join youíll get a lot of unique and exclusive scenes on a simple but effective site and those scenes are well shot and edited. Youíll get all this for a very fair price making this a great value. Not only do I recommend it, Iíll be a regular there myself.

03-10-14  03:43pm

Replies (2)
Visit Seymore Butts

Seymore Butts
Reply of pat362's Reply

Thanks pat. This site does have two advantages though: the file resolution is better (though I haven't been to VB in a long time and they may have improved) and with a decent internet connection and a lazy day you can get everything you want in a day.

It is disappointing though to know that so many good titles and scenes have been left out.

03-10-14  02:45pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I don't trust them.

03-09-14  11:28am

Visit Seymore Butts

Seymore Butts

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Unique porn from a great producer/director/actor
- Some unique female models
- 192 videos from approximately 50 DVDs
- Videos in MP4 format
- Videos look good considering their age
- Offers a full trial
- Bills through a reputable biller
- Supports download managers
Cons: - Last update was seven months ago
- Not organized by DVD title, though thatís how it was produced
- Site is poorly designed, even for such a small site
- Many of the videos are available elsewhere
- No options for downloading Ė one format, one size
- No Ďtourí pages for prospective members
Bottom Line: Iím a big fan of Seymore Buttsí movies. He was one of the best and most prolific producer/directors in the business for a while and his movies were unique. He offered a true gonzo style that was fun to watch, he focussed heavily on anal sex and ass play, and he had some hot women who worked almost exclusively for/with him. The porn business was better for his contributions.

This is purely speculative, but I donít think that this site has any actual affiliation with Adam Glasser, aka Seymore Butts. I think this because Glasser seemed to take a lot of pride in his work, and justifiably so, and, excuse the pun, was anal about his work. This was demonstrated in the series about his business titled ďFamily BusinessĒ that aired on Showtime. There is nothing about this site that shows Glasserís quest for high quality.

The really odd thing about this site is that while SB was all DVD-based porn, the site isnít arranged by DVD title, itís arranged by scenes only. There are a dozen scene thumbnails per page with a brief description of the scene but youíll need to open the link to a scene before you can see what DVD itís from. And even then the DVD title isnít a clickable link to the other scenes in the title and there appears to be no way to search or sort by title. Maybe this will annoy only me, since I prefer to put the scenes from a DVD in a folder with the DVD title.

There are currently 192 scenes on the site, though saying Ďcurrentlyí might be misleading as it implies that the site is updating. The last scene uploaded was about seven months ago, so while I canít say for certain that the site isnít updating, it sure looks like it isnít. And with only about one-third of SB titles uploaded it isnít like theyíve already run out of material.

It appears that the site had a major renovation between the time when RustyJ reviewed it 14 months ago. Rusty reported the downloaded files were in WMV format and were all large. There are no download options offered: there is one link labelled Ďdownloadí and you take what youíre given. I downloaded 116 scenes and all of them are in MP4 format. While there are a few files that come in slightly over 1 GB, the average file size is about 300-400 MB. The files I downloaded are all 1280x720, 3000 kb/s and 29fps. Those arenít bad specs for scenes which are at least a decade old and in a lot of cases may be much older than that. Subjectively they look good.

The site itself could also have benefitted from a renovation. While Iím a proponent of keeping things simple, this site might be too simple. The layout is basic with not a lot of options to search. The Ďpornstarí tab only lists 12 models, to give you an example of how weak the site design is. But with less than 200 scenes offered, the weak site design isnít a big issue.

Streaming is available, though I didnít try it, and there appeared to be no streaming options.

I used a download manager to queue scenes for download and had no problems. Download speeds were what I usually get with other sites. I downloaded a lot in a day and never encountered any kind of limit or throttling.

The site offers four membership options: two trials (three and seven day), one month and an annual membership. I wouldnít normally offer advice here, but I think it is sound advice to say that no one should consider an annual membership given the size of the site and the fact that thereís been nothing added in seven months. I opted for the seven day trial but in hindsight I should have gone for the three day trial instead, but without any kind of a tour available to prospective members I didnít know what to expect. More advice Ė learn from my mistake. As Warren Buffet once said, itís great to learn from your mistakes, but its better learn from other peopleís mistakes. The seven day trial was full access and TBP reports that the three day trial is too, but I canít confirm that.

The site bills through Segpay so you can be assured that your membership will be fairly easy to cancel. One thing I didnít try so canít confirm, is whether your access is cut off after you cancel the trial membership.

While SB videos are offered elsewhere, such as Videobox, the file specs here are better, so if youíre a SB fan and looking for some of his stuff, this may be what youíre looking for.

The bottom line is that if youíre a SB fan this can be a good value if you opt for a trial. The downside is that if youíre a SB fan looking to add some titles you donít have there is no way to see which titles are offered here, and once you are a member there is no way to easily find the titles youíre looking for in the site. The upside is that for such Ďancientí porn as this, itís been encoded in a way that makes it look good despite much of it having been shot on videotape. Iíd recommend a trial membership, but make sure you go in with your eyes open.

03-08-14  10:38am

Replies (6)
N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

I'm a fan of BTS stuff mostly for this reason.

03-01-14  08:19am

Visit Teen Core Club

Teen Core Club
Reply of jook's Reply

I find that a lot of sites have repetitive scenes. It just seems to be a common thing on porn sites. I download a lot - I'm sort of a porn 'hoarder' - and I find that what I do to avoid having the porn get stale I switch it up and watch different stuff. One huge advantage that downloading has, and I'm assuming that you download too, is that with this stuff in the collection it'll be something I'll come back to over and over. There are many reasons why I'll always choose downloads over streaming, and one of them is that if you have a membership at one site where the material is repetitive then you'd get bored pretty quickly. I find that even with my favorite sites and niches I get bored if I don't change my viewing habits occasionally.

The site shutting you out for 'suspicious activity' is very annoying. I'm glad I used a short username and password that was easy to re-enter over and over and over and over...

03-01-14  08:10am

Visit Massage Rooms

Massage Rooms
Reply of Willard's Reply

Willard - I liked your comment very much. I wrote about the one that you called "Their server is very delicate"

03-01-14  08:05am

Visit Massage Rooms

Massage Rooms
Reply of Willard's Comment

Willard, I mean no disrespect by this, as I suspect that English is not your first language, but the way you both wrote and formatted that comment made it very poetic. I think this was one of the best posts we've had in a long time!

02-27-14  03:16pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Ewwww...!!! Surely after all these years we could find a better way to gestate babies!

02-27-14  03:13pm

Visit 3D Yank

3D Yank
Reply of jberryl69's Reply

I agree. It might be worth the risk is you were an anime fan, there was a full trial AND it billed through a reputable biller. But failing any one of those (and it fails all three for me), it is likely too risky.

02-27-14  03:12pm

Visit Nubiles Casting

Nubiles Casting
Reply of TheSquirrel's Reply

Ah, Squirrel, but if you like casting sites then it may be highly dangerous - like an addictive drug.

It definitely isn't spam, and it's worth a look. Even though it's small now, it is growing and it is packaged with the main Nubiles site.

02-27-14  03:09pm

Visit Nubiles Casting

Nubiles Casting
Reply of The Captain's Reply

"Organic and natural." That's a phrase the exactly describes what I was trying to say. If there's a 'problem,' and obviously it isn't really a problem, is that you may be trying to bring the high standards of Nubiles' main site to this one, where the casting niche really does better as a more natural scene. It's like an extended BTS scene. I think bad or no editing can ruin a scene, but in some cases less editing might be a better choice and the casting niche is likely one of those kinds of sites.

I'm looking forward to seeing your site grow. The casting niche is small, but most of the sites offer some great material. Your site brings an interesting twist to the genre.

02-27-14  03:07pm

Visit 3D Yank

3D Yank
Reply of jberryl69's Comment

Ouch! $39 a month seems a bit excessive, but maybe not if you're a fan of this niche.

02-24-14  06:24pm

Visit Nubiles Casting

Nubiles Casting

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 24 videos
- 6 of the videos are casting interviews lasting just a few minutes
- Updates with a new full scene added per week (interviews arenít counted as updates)
- Unique take on a relatively rare niche
- Beautiful models
- Great productions
- All scenes offered in six different resolutions
- Allows download managers
- Excellent use of tags
- Photos available (as singles or zips)
Cons: - Iím not a big fan of the editing style
Bottom Line: Iím a big fan of the casting niche; I find that when itís well done it can be exceptionally hot. Yes, I know the models are acting, but when they are relatively new to the business and seem a bit nervous it adds to the heat.

Most casting sites follow a fairly simple formula: the model arrives, is told about the business and is then asked to strip and eventually to perform for the camera. Thatís present here, but the site adds a twist that Iíve not seen elsewhere: there is a Ďcasting directorí who is behind the camera and heís assisted by a beautiful model who is also trying out for a casting director position.

There are two broad categories of scene here: interviews with the prospective female casting agents, and then the scenes where new models are put through their paces. There are currently six interview scenes and these are fun to watch and involve some nudity. Theyíre pretty short though, at less than five minutes long each.

As of today there are 18 actual casting videos. Those range from 15 minutes long to just under and hour, with the average around 35-40 minutes. Like most casting sites, they follow a bit of a formula, and thatís not a bad thing. The prospective model arrives and there is some talk between her and the female casting agent, the model is talked out of her clothes and photographed and videoed by the female agent. The female agent gets partially nude, a male model is brought in and the female agent directs the action. (I should add, just to be clear, that the female agent is a porn star too and also very beautiful. All the models fit the Nubiles mold for beauty.)

This is purely subjective, but I see casting videos as a bit of a hybrid between hardcore and behind-the-scenes stuff. I find the editing style here leaves too much out. This is just a preference, but Iíd like to see more of the set-up and the move to different positions rather than an edit. I suspect that at least some of the motivation is to maintain the high standards that Nubiles has.

Two things that these videos really have going for them over standard casting videos is that the interaction with the female agent really adds a unique twist, and I really like the fact that the scenes Ďbreak the fourth wallí and we see the female agent taking photos and videos. The added bonus of this is that we also get two different camera angles.

Each scene is offered in five MP4 resolutions and one WMV. MP4s are 1920x1080, 1280x720, 960x540, 640x360 and 480x270 and the lone WMV is 1280x720. I downloaded the 1280x720 MP4 files figuring that theyíd be a good compromise between quality and size. Bitrates vary, ranging from under 4,000 kb/s to over 10,000 kb/s. Frame rates also vary, with a few scenes at 23fps, some at 59 and the majority at 29. I wonít pretend to understand why the site made these choices, but I can report that whatever the site does, it does it well: these scenes all look sharp and crisp with no pixilation with movement.

This is, admittedly, nit-picky, but for those who prefer a specific file type there is an issue youíll want to be aware of. My choice was to download the 1280 MP4 files. When I went to each scene the download choices are listed at the bottom in relatively small font. The problem is that the placement of the links for the 1280 MP4 and WMV files are swapped in at least six videos. All you need to do is pay attention, but if youíre like me and donít notice it until later youíll wonder how you managed to click on the same place for each scene and get two different file types. Clicking on the second-from the left file option is usually the MP4, but in some scenes itís the WMV.

The site updates with a new scene added each week. The interviews are short and donít count as an uploaded scene.

Like the main Nubiles site, this one uses tags to select for certain things you might be looking for in a scene. It may seem like overkill now as the site is small, but as it grows these tags will become a real advantage. The main Nubiles site does a lot of things well, but their use of tags sets a high bar and Iím glad to see them use it here too.

I donít collect photos, but it appears that this site follows the same high standards for the main Nubiles site. Photos are available as singles or zips in three resolutions: 5600x3700, 2000x1333 and 1200x800.

The bottom line is that this is a small and growing site with a unique take on the casting niche. The price may seem high, but for the fee you get access to the full Nubiles site too, which is certainly a great value. The models are stunning, the production values are great, the site is well laid out and the scenes are hot. Iíd recommend the site and it is one that Iíll rejoin once it grows more.

02-24-14  06:22pm

Replies (4)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I bought Internet Download Manager when Free Download Manger stopped working. I find IDM stable and fast but the one drawback it has when compared to FDM is that IDM takes a longer time to stitch together all the bits of the file it downloaded.

02-24-14  03:27pm

Visit Sex And Submission

Sex And Submission

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Part of the Kink.com family of sites
- 480+ scenes
- Updates weekly
- Standard-setting production values
- Many viewing / downloading options
- Many A-list models
- Rare niche (bondage AND sex)
- Supports download managers
- Clear model consent
- Excellent value
- Photos available as singles and zips
Cons: - None
Bottom Line: For those who know Kink.comís sites, Sex and Submission needs no introduction. S+S is one of their older sites and dates back nine years. All Kinkís sites focus on consensual BDSM play with each site adding a twist. Here the twist is sex. That may seem self-evident, but many of Kinkís sites donít have a lot of actual sex and when they do it is secondary to the specific niche. Here the sex is front and center. The sex isnít plain vanilla though, as there is always an element of D/s play and sex while in bondage or restraint. Kink.com is, in my opinion, the best BDSM company operating today.

For those unfamiliar with Kink, donít confuse them with ďAbuseĒ sites. Those sites seem to revel in making the model miserable. Kink is the opposite: the models get to explore this facet of their sexuality in a controlled environment and it is clearly all about their pleasure. Itís hard to explain, but this isnít misogynistic BDSM.

As with other Kink sites, this one goes out of its way to ensure that the model fully consents to the play. There is an interview in each one where the scene is discussed and the safe word is made known. I know there are some who reject this approach and think that the consent itself is forced, but there is no evidence to support that position. One factor that, in my opinion, speaks well for Kinkís professionalism are the numbers of A-list stars who shoot scenes here, and many of them shoot multiple scenes. I suspect that if Kink coerced the models that no A-list star would work for them, let alone shoot multiple scenes. Adding to this position is the fact that many of the A-listers are definitely not fetish models.

The site currently has 480 scenes. Older scenes start with an interview and jump right into the action. Newer scenes are scenario-based which can add to the heat. There is bondage in several positions, with sex in most of them. If the model does anal, there is usually some anal. The scenes close with an interview which can be interesting to watch to see what the model liked about the shoot. The average length of the scenes is a little over an hour. The scenes canít be said to meet usual standards in that Kink.com sets those standards. Set creation and production values are the best there are. For scenes that strive have a dark feel about them, they succeed but they donít look actually dark. They are all well light, shot and edited.

The site updates with one new scene being added per week.

As with all Kink sites there are a lot of options to watch the scenes. (Obviously the older scenes have fewer options) There is streaming in four available resolutions. Downloads are available for portable devices, in WMV and MP4 formats. Each of those offers a choice of resolutions. I opt for the highest quality MP4s and those come in at 1280x720, 5000kb/s and 29fps. My experience with the next largest is that they are 960x540 at 1500kb/s. A few of the older scenes appear to have been remastered to a higher quality, but some havenít. The highest resolution for some of the older scenes is 640x480 at 825 kb/s, but keep in mind that these were shot in 2005 so they were up to standard then..

Another difference exists between the oldest and newer scenes on the site. When Kink first started the scenes were relatively simple: ropes, chains, spreader bars, etc. were common implements. As Kink matured the scenes became a lot more innovative in the means to bind the models. Kink clearly has some creative minds at work. A majority of the scenes are innovative and very interesting.

Photos are available, though this is really a video site so those are secondary. I donít collect those so I have no information on them.

Download managers work for queuing scenes. I found the links timed out at about an hour, which is reasonable.

Kink.com isnít a network so each site requires a membership. The good news is that when youíre a member to one site you get a discounted price for the others. I usually take advantage of this by joining the cheapest site I want at the full price and then get the discounted price on the others. Iím on their mailing list but havenít seen an offer in several years.

The bottom line on this site is simple: if you have any interest in this niche you should seriously consider joining. For the price, you get access to almost 500 scenes, regular updates and many big-name porn stars doing some interesting fetish work for the best company in the BDSM business. The scenes look great, the bondage gear is innovative and the models really seem to enjoy the play. This is an excellent value and I highly recommend it.

02-22-14  10:14am

Replies (0)
Visit Naked Gym Girls

Naked Gym Girls
Reply of graymane's Reply

You're making me blush, sir! Thanks for the kind comments. And this is definitely one of the more unusual sites that I've ever joined. But I was compelled to just to get a scene from one lass I rather like.

02-22-14  08:28am

Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure
Reply of xtb500's Review

I was a member there until just a week ago and was a bit surprised to read some of the problems you wrote about in your review.

When I reviewed the site I did note that a lot of the videos are 1920x1080, and they are. But when I went digging around in the site it appears that I missed something. It looks like that back in June 2013 the site stopped uploading the 1920 videos and went with a lower 1280 resolution. In terms of numbers though, I downloaded about 280 scenes and of those 235 were in 1920 resolution and only 32 were in 1280. You wrote that youíve only downloaded around 20 scenes, so if youíre working your way back into the catalogue you wouldnít have hit the 1920 scenes yet. Try going back to the ďVeronicaĒ scene that was uploaded on June 7 and I think youíll find thatís around when they stopped uploading the 1920.

I donít know what to say about the download speeds you experienced because I didnít experience that at all. My download manager is maxed out at 11MB/s and thatís what I saw consistently.

As for the music, Iíve watched 40 to 50 of the scenes and never noticed it at all. I checked again and it is there, but itís pretty faint in the few scenes where I listened for it. Maybe in some of the newer scenes that you have theyíve turned up the volume on that. If so, Iím with you: loud background music is a mood killer.

I also agree that the models faces can be washed out with too much lighting on the close ups. That doesnít happen in every scene, but it does detract when it is there.

I canít dispute some of your other concerns because we just have different opinions. I donít consider the male talent to be below standard, but then the only thing I look for in male talent is the understanding that their job is to show off the female. To me, male talent is part of the set. On that measure, the guys here pass the test. The stroking is annoying, but itís so common in porn that Iíve just learned to accept it. I wish I didnít, and you obviously feel that way too.

I think everyone agrees that the scenes are repetitive. There is a strict formula and it gets followed in 95% of the scenes. Thatís something else Iíve learned to live with in porn. I like massage and BDSM sites and theyíre pretty repetitive too. I deal with that by avoiding watching a bunch in a row.

Finally, as for the lack of amateur talent, most of these women have done a few other scenes, but mot many, so Iím okay with that. The few big-name porn stars that appear at the peak of their career are listed as such so the site isnít trying to pull a fast one. Most of the other stars who appear here look to be very early in their careers. I find that a positive to get an early scene of a girl I like.

Iím glad you added your review to give another side to some of the glowing reviews. No one will ever complain about having too much information before deciding to buy a membership.

02-21-14  03:19pm

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We are strong supporters of RTA and ICRA, two of the most recognized self labeling organizations. Our site is properly labeled to assist in the protection of minors accessing inappopriate content. For information about filtering tools, check this site.


To report child pornography, go directly to ASACP!  We're proud to be a corporate sponsor.
Have concerns or questions about porn addiction?  We recommend this helpful resource.

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