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Visit Sex Underwater

Sex Underwater

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Unique theme
- Four additional sites included
- Many A-list models
- Photos and videos available
- Updates
Cons: - MP4 files come in as m4a rather than m4v so there can be playback issues.
- Scene resolutions arenít great
- Basic site design
- Some problems with download managers
Bottom Line: I have a thing for porn shot anywhere near or in water so I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a site that seemed to cater to that niche. While this review will focus on Sex Underwater Iíll give some details on the other sites that come bundled with the network.

The premise of the site is fairly simple, and the title really sums it up: think of this as standard boy/girl sex that youíd see on other sites, but these scenes are all shot underwater. The majority of the scenes feature the talent simply holding their breath in a pool but there are scenes with SCUBA and supplied air. In the scenes with no air source but the surface the site edits out all the bobbing to the surface for air that the talent has to do. Some of the scenes are shot in the ocean. One thing to note is that these scenes are really quite normal apart from the unique location: this isnít rough sex and bondage Ė the water isnít used as part of some D/s play.

One thing that did surprise me when I saw it was how different the human body looks underwater. I canít really describe it in detail, but the female form looks amazing when you add buoyancy.

This isnít an amateur site since there are a lot of A-list models who appear here.

There are currently 300+ scenes. I canít give an exact number because the site layout is very basic and Iíd have to count all of them. The update schedule is a bit sporadic but it appears to add one scene every two weeks. The newest scenes offer some choices for file types and resolutions. The site lists MP4s as being available in 320x180, 640x360 and 1280x720. WMV is available in 960x540. Iíd normally download the 1280x720 MP4s but I had a problem with all of them. I will fully admit that this may be my issue since Iím not technologically inclined, but the 1280x720 MP4s all came in m4a format and that caused problems for me on playback. Because of that I downloaded the 960x540 WMVs. The resolution is accurate though the bitrate varies a lot with the file. Some are 1600kb/s while others are 6000. Frame rates vary too (23, 29, 59) and I have no idea why a site would have such variability. Subjectively the scenes look okay.

Unfortunately things change for the worse as the videos get older. Prior to July 2012 there is no option in file type or size and in most cases the scene is broken into two segments. Then, prior to 2008 things get almost unwatchable. Maybe underwater cameras are the limit, but it seems that if you were going to all the trouble to produce this unique content that youíd invest in a better camera.

While I was able to use a download manager I did encounter a few problems. When trying to queue scenes Iíd get an error message even though the queue would download.

The network comes with four other water-themed sites:
ē Underwater Glamour Ė This site features mostly solo scenes with a focus on eroticism. There are some girl/girl scenes though. There are currently 70+ scenes here but as they arenít dated I canít tell if new ones are ever added. By the resolutions on the scenes (1200x640) Iím guessing that the scenes are at least a few years old.
ē Grope-Cam Ė This is a lot like Underwater Glamour but a little harder in that the female gets groped by an underwater male. There are some sex toys used and there are some BJ scenes. There are currently 250+ scenes and it looks like it updates with a new scene each week.
ē Underwater Bath Tub Girls Ė Another unique site where the premise is a model lying on her back, submerged, in a bathtub with water while masturbating. The theme is eroticism again, not domination. There are currently 24 scenes though the last update was seven months ago. Resolutions are 720x480.
ē Mist of Water Ė Iím not sure how to describe this site, so Iíll just quote their tag line: ďWater soaked women, clinging hair, sheer see-through clothes, underwater buoyancy.Ē That pretty much sums it up. There are five photo shoots and two videos (640x480).

I donít download photos but it seems that this site could be of interest to those who do. Most scenes offer both videos and photos but like the videos the photos are just average quality. There are some at 1600x2400 but you donít have to look too hard to find lower than that. Theyíre available as zips.

So would I recommend this site? Yes, but as long as you know what the siteís weaknesses are. For one, this is really just a hardcore boy/girl site and thereís no shortage of those around. The difference here is obviously that the scenes are shot underwater. If that interests you then you have very few choices and your choices may be as simple as take it or leave it. The biggest flaw in the site is the low resolution videos and photos. This is a site that offers a lot of unique content with some of the hottest stars in the business but their video and photo offerings arenít up to standard. So the site gets a qualified recommendation.

11-10-14  10:48am

Replies (2)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

No porn on the phone for me either. I agree with lk2fireone and Cybertoad: you've got a problem if you need to carry porn with you all the time.

11-10-14  10:43am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I'm a big fan. While it can be repetitive, it is one niche where you can count on a slow build-up of sexual tension. That's the Holy Grail of porn for me.

11-06-14  02:13pm

Visit VIP Members

VIP Members

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 32 sites
- Covers broad range of niches
- Huge collection of videos
- Supports download managers
Cons: - Site design is dated and not user-friendly
- Individual site layout is difficult to use
- Some videos appear on multiple sites
- Misleading number of sites
- Poor video quality
Bottom Line: Lately Iím much less of a fan of the all-you-can-eat-buffet approach that these large networks offer. Sure, they often offer a wide range of material so that most porn buyers can find something they like, but in most cases they do that at the expense of quality. With this site, the site itself and the videos they offer certainly lack the quality Iíve come to associate with smaller sites.

Before I wade into the main review I need to explain that Iíll be missing some details. The network is large and the videos are often available on several sites within the network which makes it seem bigger than it really is. But it also makes it impossible to say how many videos are available. I think a fair estimate is at least 1000 and likely more. Quantity isnít a problem here. The other problem is that none of the scenes are dated so it isnít possible to determine anything about updates. More on that later.

As networks go this one seems to have a broader scope than many. The sites range from solo girl softcore to extreme pissing sites. In between there are standard hardcore sites, several that feature pregnant models and a lactation site. I wonít list the sites because that list is long and most of them (but not all) are listed at the TBP page. One thing to note is that while the network shows 49 sites 17 of those lead to a site called 4Real Amateurs. I didnít log into that site so I canít comment. That leaves 32 actual sites as part of the network.

The sites all open in their own page with a standard layout and that layout isnít user friendly. This is hard to describe, but the videos are each laid out on a Ďpanelí with a thumbnail and a brief description but the area each takes up is varied so the Ďpanelsí for each scene end up in disarray. It isnít bad, but for some who prefers order and logic it is a bit annoying.

As I noted above, I canít give a definitive answer on updates, but it looks like there are no new exclusive updates. In the sites that look like theyíve added something recently those updates have been licenced by other sites. VIPissy, for example, has the newer content on the peeing sites. Other sites donít seem to be updating at all.

Another indication that the sites may not be updating is the quality of the video available. This is probably the biggest flaw in the network. The video quality varies widely across the network but thatís to be expected given that some of the videos are likely more than a decade old. I did find some videos that were 1920x1080 which Iíd normally praise. But the bitrate and frames-per-second rate are low at 4200kb/s and 20fps. These videos donít look good on a 24Ē monitor. Object edges look pixilated. Itís fair to point out that you donít have to look too hard to find videos that are 320x240 and 200kb/s.

The site supports download managers. I had no problem with links timing out, but then with the small size of some of the files that should be a problem anyway.

This network provides quantity over quality. Unless there are specific scenes youíre looking for my advice is to find a good niche site elsewhere. This network has a lot more wrong than right.

11-05-14  04:14pm

Replies (0)
Visit Devils Film

Devils Film
Reply of lk2fireone's Comment

I've never noticed this before. Thanks for pointing this out.

11-05-14  01:36pm

N/A Reply of rearadmiral's Poll

I agree with all the comments above. While I am one of those who collects for the sake of collecting, I have an established list of scenes that I watch regularly. Most of my collection rarely gets watched more than a few times.

And as LPee23 said, the best never gets old. Some of my favorites date back 20 years so the video quality is horrendous but I'll never part with them.

11-04-14  02:02pm

Visit Teen Fidelity

Teen Fidelity
Reply of Drooler's Reply

Thanks for the comments Drooler.

I'm not sure what it is about Ryan Madison, but I don't find that he's obtrusive like some other male porn stars. I'll admit that there may be a subjective element to that because most of what he shoots in harder-edged stuff that I like so maybe I'm just turning a blind eye to his shortcomings.

11-02-14  01:40pm

Visit Hardcore Gang Bang

Hardcore Gang Bang
Reply of LPee23's Reply

Thanks for that. I've watched a few already and they don't seem to any less graphic than before.

11-02-14  01:16pm

Visit Hardcore Gang Bang

Hardcore Gang Bang
Reply of LPee23's Reply

I did. And I joined immediately to download what I wanted. I wonder if the videos are edited differently now.

11-02-14  12:11pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

I chose 'other' because for me the scene set up is often more important than the scene itself. I prefer scenes that build a sexual tension. Some may find massage scenes boring or repetitive, but one thing I like about them (when they're done right) is that build up of sexual tension.

11-01-14  04:36am

Visit Hardcore Gang Bang

Hardcore Gang Bang
Reply of LPee23's Comment

Wow! Thanks for the advice and offer. I was last a member eight months ago and when I looked at the site this morning I only had maybe a dozen scenes that were 'must haves.'

10-30-14  05:23pm

Visit Hardcore Gang Bang

Hardcore Gang Bang
Reply of LPee23's Comment

Thanks for this LPee. I had heard that some changes were coming (reputedly due to credit card companies wanting to be squeaky clean for the soccer mom crowd). I'm rejoining as soon as I hit 'add reply' on this.

Edit - Fuck! It looks like the site might be dead. The link from TBP and PU leads to nothing. Going into any other Kink site and selecting Hardcore Gang Bang brings a dead link and searching on Google gives the same dead link. Damn, there were some scenes I wanted to see there...

10-30-14  02:01pm

Visit Teen Fidelity

Teen Fidelity
Reply of rooka's Reply

Thanks for taking the time to write that. I think that the best thing about PU is being able to take advantage of other people's experience with sites. I know I rely on that all the time.

10-30-14  02:00pm

Visit Teen Fidelity

Teen Fidelity
Reply of Cybertoad's Reply

Thanks for the compliment, Cybertoad.

10-29-14  03:57pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I prefer to rely more on the text than the actual score. I'll use the score as a guide, but the best reviews clearly explain the pros and cons of a site.

10-29-14  03:53pm

Visit Teen Fidelity

Teen Fidelity

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 150 scenes
- Exclusive scenes
- Top models
- Updates weekly
- BTS available
- Photos available
- Support download managers
- Full trial
- Lower than average monthly fee
- Lots of options to view the videos
Cons: - Iíve worked on this review and honestly canít provide one negative
Bottom Line: Teen Fidelity is an off-shoot of the larger Porn Fidelity site run by porn couple Ryan and Kelly Madison. While Teen Fidelity is smaller than Porn Fidelity it really does deserve to be understood as a separate site and not just a mere throwaway add-on. I joined just to get access to Porn Fidelity and Iím a satisfied buyer.

The site isnít huge by what some may expect. It currently has 150 scenes available with a new scene being added per week. Sure, that doesnít sound like a lot to a jaded porn buyer, but what you get is some top quality porn with some of the hottest models in the business. The lighting, sound and editing are usually great and the site is well laid out, logical and easy to use. (There are some scenes where the lighting isnít great but it appears that this is intentional to give a more voyeuristic look to the scene.)

The site is run by Ryan and Kelly Madison. Kelly is a buxom MILF who appears in a lot of videos at Porn Fidelity. She appears in most of the earlier videos here at Teen Fidelity too (the first scene is dated September 2010) but by late 2011 she makes only rare appearances. Iím obviously speculating here, but the target buyer for teen porn is different than the target buyer for threeway scenes with a teen and a MILF. Since Porn Fidelity has the teen and MILF thing covered, it made sense for Teen Fidelity to go after the all-teen market.

Some may see this as a drawback but Ryan Madison is the male talent in almost all the videos. Excluding the fact that I hate this man on principle just out of pure jealousy he certainly is good at his job. While many of the scenes are rougher than more mainstream porn (this isnít couples porn or artcore) he doesnít try to upstage the female models. It appears that he realizes that the customers are paying to see the women, not him. I appreciate his understanding of that because the same canít be said for all male porn talent.

There isnít a search function exactly, but there are pull-down menus that allow you to sort by the scene date, ethnicity, bust type, participants (Kelly or not), where the cumshot lands and whether the scene has anal. (For those who care, as I do, there are only seven anal scenes here, though the one with Dakota Skye is so good it should count as ten on its own.) You can also sort by model. There are enough sorting options that the lack of a search function is of no consequence.

The page for each scene offers a huge number of options. Streaming is available in high or low res. There is a trailer available for streaming or download. The main scene is available as an MP4 in 360, 480, 720 or 1080 resolution. I downloaded the 720 and those come in at 1280x720, 5100kb/s and 29fps. They look great. Prior to May 2012 there were also WMVs available in 540, 720 and 1080.

One thing I really like is that most (and maybe all) videos have a stand-alone BTS video for streaming or download. These include some interviewing of the model and some actual BTS footage.

Photo lovers wonít feel left out (though this really is a video site). Photos are available as singles or zips (in two resolutions, 1728x1148 and 1175x781). BTS photos are also available.

I had no problems using a download manager and links were live for a long time.

The TBP review of the site says a user reported a 10GB daily download limit. That may have been the case at one time but I specifically went looking to hit a limit and didnít. If there is one, an average porn user isnít likely to hit it.

While I opted for the full membership this time, I have tried the trial membership and it had no restrictions. That was a while ago and may not be now.

The bottom line is that this site nails all three factors I look for in a good site: they offer great porn, they offer decent downloads and the site is well designed. Add in that these are exclusive scenes with top models and the site becomes hard to resist. When you factor in the below-average monthly cost of $25 the site represents a great value. (As someone who started buying porn on VHS, then DVD, a site that offers 150 scenes at sixteen cents per scenes is a great value!) I highly recommend joining this site. I know Iíll be a regular here.

10-28-14  05:55pm

Replies (8)
Visit Net Video Girls

Net Video Girls
Reply of RagingBuddhist's Reply

You raise an interesting point that I've never considered - that the site access as a bonus to the other sites is different than if you joined through NVG. I have nothing to go on but speculation, but I'm guessing that the site access is the same whether you get a membership as part of the ECG/BRCC/NVG or whether you join specifically through NVG and get access to the other two. Maybe someone else can weigh in on that point.

10-28-14  03:20pm

Visit Net Video Girls

Net Video Girls
Reply of RagingBuddhist's Comment

I was a member there up until about three weeks ago. I have to say that of the three sites that come with that membership (Exploited College Girls and Back Room Casting Couch being the other two) I think NVG is the weakest. Some of that is subjective so Iíll try to explain.

My primary reason for joining when I do (Iíve joined maybe five or six times now) is to get access to ECG. BRCC is a great added bonus that adds value to the membership but NVG is a take-it-or-leave-it part of the deal. The scenes are all fairly well done and many of the models are attractive (though some arenít) so on that scale the site does okay.

Where the site really falls flat is in site design and technical stuff. Iím a fan of simple site designs but NVG looks like it was designed in 1995 and not updated since then. Iíve never found a search mechanism though there may be one. The only way Iíve ever found to sort the videos is by a bar at the top of the screen that allows you to sort by year. I donít know how that date would work with a remastered video. Once youíre on a specific year page you have some very small thumbnails that really donít assist in deciding if you want to download the scene. I canít recall if there is any better way to see the model before downloading.

Speaking of downloading, if there are downloading options Iíll choose MP4s and look for 1280x720 if itís available. That depends on the bitrate too as Iím looking for the best compromise between video quality and file size. The files are MP$s but if there is an option for different resolutions I didnít see it. Even the most recent uploads are only 656x368, 2500kb/s and 29fps. That resolution is very low by todayís standards. If Iím incorrect and there are better options for downloading I hope that someone else will weigh in and let us know.

There is a big element of subjectivity here, but if this were a stand-alone site I wouldnít join unless the price was under $10. The site itself and the video quality are too far below industry standards. But (and this is subjective again) Exploited College Girls is a great site (though the attractiveness of the models is slipping a bit in the past eight months) and Back Room Casting Couch is a good site so if you have any interest in those Iíd recommend joining and you get NVG as a bonus so you can explore that.

As I said, I donít have an active membership there now but if you have any specific questions I can try to answer them. I hope this helped you a bit.

10-27-14  02:50pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

Fully dressed in street clothes is definitely my preference. I love seeing how a model looks in real life before seeing her get naked.

10-27-14  02:26pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

None in my computer favorites - I go there by typing the name in Google. In my favorites here I have maybe 30+ sites.

10-22-14  04:44pm

Visit VIPissy


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Covers all possibilities in the niche
- 80 scenes
- Updates weekly
- Beautiful models
- Several options for downloading
- Supports download managers
- Photos
Cons: - No search function
- Only Eastern European and Russian models
Bottom Line: While the golden shower niche isnít something that I have a serious interest in, Iím always willing to join a site that looks like it might be well done. The tour pages made the site look like a high quality site where the owners took an interest in giving a quality product to the members, and so with only a mild interest in the site I joined. Iím glad I did as this is a great site.

The site is relatively new having started in June of 2013. Because itís new it is still relatively small with 80 videos available now. It updates with one new scene being added per week.

One thing I appreciate about the site is how it doesnít focus on just one facet of the peeing niche but takes a really broad approach. If you like any facet of the peeing niche youíll likely find it here: there is solo girl peeing, girl/girl peeing, girls peeing on guys, guys peeing on girls, peeing on bodies, peeing in mouths, peeing in glasses, pee drinking and pee swallowing. Many of these different parts of the niche occur in within the same scene too. The downside to this is that if you only like one specific part of the niche you may not have enough here to satisfy you. If youíre like me and only have a passing (excuse the bad pun) interest in the peeing niche then this is a good way to get your toes wet without diving in completely. (Okay, thatíll be the last punÖ) I should also add that this isnít a softcore site: there is both g/g and b/g hardcore sex here too.

The models are all Eastern European or Russian and all fall into a similar look of being young and petite. Thatís great for those who like this look (as I do) but if you want to add some color, age or weight to your peeing videos this site may not be for you. I think itís fair to say, though, that the site probably aims for and hits the biggest target audience.

While there isnít a search function there are a lot of ways to sort the scenes that make the lack of a search less of an issue. You can sort by models and the site uses extensive and specific tags to help sort out a particular interest. If I could fault them for only omission it would be the inability to sort at a higher level for b/g, g/g or solo scenes. This is definitely not a deal breaker since the thumbnails for the scenes give a good idea of the content, and as I said earlier there is frequently a mix of genres within one scene. It could start with two girls peeing on each other and halfway in a guy arrives to join in the fun and it turns into a hardcore scene.

Each scene opens into a separate page where you can watch or download the scene. I donít stream videos so I can comment on that except to say that there doesnít appear to be any options for streaming and that the scenes donít start streaming automatically when you load the page. I appreciate this as too many sites start the streaming automatically which assumes thatís how the member wants the scene, wastes bandwidth and potentially makes for some embarrassment if your speakers arenít off. Thanks to VIPissy for not following this annoying trend.

There are several options for downloading the scenes. There is only one WMV option (in hi-resolution). Four MP4 resolutions offered: 320, 480, 720 and 1080. I downloaded the 720 and those come in at 1280x720, 2200kb/s and 25fps. Subjectively they look great on both a 24Ē monitor and 50Ē TV.

Newer scenes also offer a few options that may be of interest to some members. They have Ďbonus clipsí of a trailer, a cut with close ups and a wide angle cut. This may not be of much value to all members but it certainly shows the siteís attention to detail that theyíd make three full-length videos of the same scene available. (I sampled a few of these and can say that there isnít really much of a difference between the primary scene and the wide angle cut.)

Photos are also available in both low and high resolutions. The hi-res phots are 1800x1013. They look crisp for their relatively low resolution. Theyíre only available as zips which doesnít seem like a serious limitation as Iím sure this is the preferred option for most picture enthusiasts anyway.

I used a download manager with no problems.

I canít say if these scenes are all exclusive since I donít join other peeing sites but they site and the scenes indicate a high probability that these are exclusive.

The bottom line is that I can highly recommend this site for someone with an interest in this niche. It has something for all interests and uses some beautiful models while doing it. The site is well thought out and logical and shows an interest in giving the customer as many options as possible.

10-18-14  06:24am

Replies (2)
N/A Reply of atrapat's Poll

I wasn't really surprised to see that my average is 83.5%. While that seems high, most times I join a site I go in having researched at TBP/PU and I'm fairly certain it will be a site I like. Sometimes I take a gamble and join a site based on interest alone. Sometimes that works out and sometimes I get burned. I report both here in reviews.

10-17-14  01:04pm

N/A Reply of Monahan's Poll

For something that should be so minor an issue, having the sound not synchronized ruins a scene for me.

10-13-14  01:36pm

Visit Assylum.com

Reply of pat362's Reply

Thanks for the comments pat. I objectively agree with most of your concerns but subjectively view them differently. I don't think the goal here is to demean the models and it does seem like many of them are enjoying it. I also don't see this as being like Facial Abuse (or Face Fucking as it is now called). Face Fucking is just downright mean and nasty where Assylum isn't. (Off topic, but I wonder why several models go back to Facial Abuse for several shoots knowing what they're getting into.)

10-12-14  06:08am

Visit Assylum.com

Reply of elephant's Reply

The Sarah Shevon scene is probably my favorite on the site, but not because I like Sarah (which I do) but because I like Penny Pax even more. What makes the Sarah/Penny scene more interesting is that this is probably the most extreme thing that I've ever seen Penny do. The scene probably didn't push any of Sarah's limits but it probably did push Penny's limits.

I agree that the cost at Assylum is high, but given how unique they are it is still a good value. (And jook just posted that the trial membership is a full trial.)

10-12-14  06:03am

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