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Visit Pegas Productions

Pegas Productions
Reply of mbaya's Reply

I've been to Montreal many times myself and the women there are very beautiful. One thing that seems to be different about women in Quebec is that they never go out unless they look presentable. You'd never see a woman walking down the street with sweatpants and her dirty hair pulled back. Actually, to be fair, the men also dress up to go anywhere too - it's just that I don't notice them.

The public sex scenes are really unusual in how blatant they are. They had to choose an off time during the off season for a lot of these scenes.

If you join, just be aware that the bitrates are low so they scenes aren't as sharp as they could be.

09-01-15  03:38pm

Visit Pegas Productions

Pegas Productions

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Stunning Quebec models
- A true network with niche sites
- Large site
- Excellent outdoor nudity/sex site
- Supports download managers
- Updates regularly
Cons: - Outdated scene bitrates
- Some of the updates are streaming only
- Server constantly stopped responding and required logging in again
- Dialogue is in French only (but that really doesnít detract from the scenes)
Bottom Line: Iím aware that Quebec has a homegrown porn industry but Iíve never really gone looking for any Quebec porn until I saw this site listed on TBP.

The site is what I would consider to be a true network in that there are 13 sites serving some distinct niches. I contrast this with other sites that sell themselves as a network but have Ďsitesí that are all basically the same. The sites (with current number of videos) are:

ē 3Way Porn: 43
ē Blow me POV: 17
ē Cutie Pussies: 29 (solo)
ē Fresh and Innocent: 39
ē Fun Size Teen: 14
ē Just Eden: 37 (billed as an X-Art style site)
ē Let's Fuck Outside: 37
ē Lezzie BFF: 46
ē Nasty Rookies: 27 (auditions)
ē Samantha Ardente: 11
ē Shake the Snake: 66 (no specific niche)
ē Spice My Sex Life: 14 (mild kink)
ē Straight in the Ass: 15

The number of videos Iíve listed is less than what the TBP page lists because many of the videos are listed on an Ďupdatesí page that has some unreleased stuff and some bloopers mixed in. I have no idea why the site doesnít add the unreleased scenes to an existing site and create a separate bloopers page. I did find a lot of scenes on the update page that were streaming only.

Depending on the age of the scene the file resolution can be fairly low. Iíve seen as low as 640x480. The newer stuff is available for mobile devices and in 1280x720. The real flaw is that the bitrates are quite low. The newest scenes are 2500kb/s which is far less than what other sites are using and it shows. There are scenes with bitrates as low as 1400. Itís possible that all of the material is quite old and theyíre just slowly releasing it on the internet. There are some indications that this could be exactly whatís going on.

The site adds a new scene every two days. While that sounds great, consider that the August 30 update is a three-minute, streaming-only video. To make matters worse, the thumbnail shows it as a public nudity scene but none of that footage is in the upload.

The site allows download managers. Download speeds are quite fast.

I want to single out one site for specific mention. Iím a big fan of outdoor scenes and a big fan of public nudity so I was happy to see a site that catered to this. What I wasnít expecting was how over-the-top some of the scenes are. Many of the scenes are far in excess of American public nudity sites and even surpass many European sites. One scene is shot in a busy commercial area in Quebec City on a stairwell with full nudity. The scene is shot at dusk but this is a well-known and heavily travelled tourist area so this was pretty risky. Another, perhaps even more risky scene, is shot on the boardwalk at the Quebec City harbour next door to the iconic Frontenac hotel. Full nudity happens here too. And these arenít short scenes either. Still another is recorded with a couple in the back of a horse-drawn carriage through old Quebec City on a busy day. This isnít as risky because there are lots of people around but there is some oral sex, nudity and fingering. All three of these scenes are with the Quebec model named Candy Kiss who is young and beautiful. She has many scenes on this specific site. The other models who do risky outdoor public scenes are hot too. If you share my love of these kinds of scenes you really should consider a membership here regardless of some of the flaws. The only stuff Iíve seen that comes close are the European scenes at Public Disgrace. The scenes here at Pegas arenít BDSM though; theyíre a lot more playful than the PD scenes.

The site appears to have an annoying technical flaw. Every time (and I mean EVERY TIME) I downloaded a few videos the server would stop responding and Iíd have to leave the site, go back to it and log in again. I tried different browsers and the problem was the same. I donít know if the site times out or if itís just a flaw, but if you join I hope you donít have the same issue.

Many of the models here are really beautiful, though that shouldnít be a surprise since Quebec women are known for this trait. Some of these models could have easily been A-list models in the U.S.

In a vast majority of the scenes the interaction between the models is in French. For those with no exposure to the language you may not like this. Some newer scenes have a download option with subtitles.

So do I recommend this network? I do, but I also have some reservations in that while a lot of the porn is really hot and features some stunning models, the site itself leaves a lot to be desired. Iím often left wondering why studios put so much effort into making great porn and then sell it to customers in resolutions that are far out of date. If, however, youíre a fan of risky outdoor sex in public places then my recommendation goes way up. Let's Fuck Outside offers some amazing stuff in this rare niche. And at $25 itís a good value and worth having a look at.

08-31-15  04:51pm

Replies (2)
Visit Mofos Network

Mofos Network
Reply of Pyrenees's Reply

+1 on what you said.

08-31-15  04:49pm

Visit Desperate Pleasures

Desperate Pleasures
Reply of pat362's Reply

I just re-watched Riley's b/g scene and noted a few things that may indicate that she is really new here. First, she spends a lot of time giving the guy a handjob and then she slips a condom on him even before she gives him head. Second, there is no cum shot. When the scene ends the condom is empty. Condoms are rare on the site so I'm guessing that must have happened at Riley's insistence.

08-30-15  02:57pm

Visit Desperate Pleasures

Desperate Pleasures
Reply of pat362's Reply

She has two scenes on the site. They both look fairly old but with the scenes undated I'd guess that you're correct that they are from early in her career. One of the scenes is an older guy/younger girl scene with the guy I presume is the site owner. it's a good scene. the other one is a lesbian scene with a model named Taylor Raz. I'm not familiar with her.

08-30-15  01:56pm

Visit Desperate Pleasures

Desperate Pleasures
Reply of pat362's Reply

I wasn't aware that there was a link between here and clips4sale so the fact that you can download is a big deal. But now that you mention it I was watching what looked like an older scene where the models were wearing t-shirts with 'clips4sale' on them so there may have been a connection at one time. Thankfully that seems to be over though since buying through clips4sale is insanely expensive.

08-29-15  07:43pm

Visit Desperate Pleasures

Desperate Pleasures

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Unique site
- Large site (600+ videos)
- Broad range of fetishes
- Good mix of model types
- Supports download managers
- Bills through CC Bill
- Some A-list models
- Good mix of body types and ages, amateur and pro
Cons: - Outdated website
- No download options
Bottom Line: I wasnít aware that this site and studio existed and only discovered it when looking for some older man / younger girl porn. This site offers a lot of that but since it was marketed as a fetish site it also offers a lot of other stuff too.

The site claims that its origins come out of the 2008 recession when the site owner turned to porn to make a living. The interesting part of that decision is that if the owner is the guy who is in most of the videos, heís the last person youíd expect to be in porn videos. Heís a typical middle-aged guy with a bit of a belly and an average dick. And he might be the luckiest man alive.

For a fetish site it has a broad range of niches that it caters to. In the early days (around 2012) the scenes were frequently bondage with tickling. This isn't a hardcore BDSM site as with Kink or sites like that; itís much tamer and more playful. As the site progressed there are videos uploaded with footjobs. There are a few biting videos and a few balloon videos (I didnít know those were porn things). The more recent scenes seem to have more young girl / old guy (with the guy being the site owner, presumably). Many of these push the limits by having an incest theme but unlike the major studios that do these scenes with a stepfather/step-daughter, this site goes right for the daddy/daughter thing. To make this even creepier, many of these scenes are what Iíd guess youíd call the impregnation niche. Throughout the site youíll also find regular updates with MILFs and lesbians. Sex with pregnant models is also fairly common.

The site has a good mix of known pornstars and lesser knowns (to me, at least). Some of the models may be fetish models and some of them may be genuine amateurs. With a broad range of models you also have a broad range of looks and body types so there is likely something here for everyone.

Both the scenes and the site have a very amateur feel to them. The site is about as simple as youíd expect from a Ďstudioí that appears to be run by a couple of people who run the whole operation. Remember what sites looked like in the 1990s? Thatís what this site looks like. Navigation is simple as it is all laid out on 28 pages of videos. Each scene has a medium-sized thumbnail which plays a gif so you can get a sense of what the scene offers. There is a search function but I didnít find it to be accurate.

The camerawork and editing aren't up to major studio standards, but that really isn't a pro or a con, it just is. I like the amateur feel that the camerawork brings to the scenes and it isn't bad enough that it detracts from the scene or distracts the viewer unless youíre really fussy.

The site doesnít offer any download options. You get what they offer. All of the videos are in WMV format and all of them are in 1280x720 resolution. The big variable is that the older scenes have bitrates of 1500kb/s while the newer scenes have bitrates of up to 6000kb/s. They all have a framerate of 29fps. Obviously the newer scenes look better.

The site has approximately 600+ videos. It does update but the updates aren't dated (the older ones are) so I canít really say for sure what the update schedule is. The most recent update saw six new videos added at once and it looks like they do a bulk upload approximately once a week.

The site does offer photos but only as a standalone set. The video shoots usually donít have a photo option and the photo sets donít usually offer video. The site is much more heavily skewed to video so if youíre a photo collector you may want to think carefully before joining. The photos are 1200x800 so certainly not high resolution.

The bottom line? Thatís sort of hard to say. Arguing against a recommendation is the fact that the site is pretty amateurish and the video quality isn't up to standard. On the pro side, however, this is some good porn in some unusual niches. I joined to get access to the older guy/younger girl scenes and these are really well done. Iím not into tickling so I canít really comment on those but I have no reason to think that a person with a tickling fetish wouldnít like the site as much as I do. So with the caveat that you need to know what youíre getting Iíd say this is a definite recommendation if any of the fetishes are to your liking. If youíre into couples oriented artcore then you likely wonít be happy here. But if you like your dirty movies with an extra dose of dirty, you should check this site out. This site is definitely on my list to rejoin regularly.

08-29-15  04:42am

Replies (6)
N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

I cancel most memberships after a month and those I like I'll come back to. For the very few that I keep recurring memberships to the main factor is price. If the price is right, or especially if there is a discount for recurring memberships, I'll consider staying long term. The second factor is that I usually only do that with smaller sites so I can help support them as they grow.

08-29-15  04:29am

Visit Mofos Network

Mofos Network
Reply of blueron's Reply

You make a good point: why would anyone but a porn collector subscribe to a site? Otherwise, the pirate sites will get the job done. I wonder what motivated Mofos to go this route? I suspect that their business will drop substantially because of this. The worst of it is that it doesn't appear that the site is being very open about this major change and so they're likely to snag some members who are unaware of the change. if it weren't for you pointing this out I may have signed up again and I would be pissed to find it was streaming only.

Others have pointed out that you can buy software that will capture streaming video but I joined a site a couple of years ago not knowing that it was streaming only and my software wouldn't capture the videos even though it does with most streaming. That site wasn't open about being streaming-only either and when I posted that information here at PU I had a nasty email from the site owner threatening to sue me for telling the truth. It wasn't like I needed an additional reason to never go back to that site but he sure gave me one.

08-28-15  11:53am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I've been an avid girl watcher for a long time and likely don't ever see that changing. I don't ogle or make it seem crude, but if there's a beautiful woman nearby I'll definitely sneak a peek.

08-28-15  11:42am

Visit Mofos Network

Mofos Network
Reply of blueron's Comment

I have to confess that like others here I figured blueron had made a mistake. Maybe there was a problem with a cookie that could be solved by clearing his history or some other simple fix. It simply didn't occur to me that this could be accurate. So Holy Crap this is bad news. I've joined Mofos many times over the past few years but I think it's safe to say that with this news I won't be joining again.

I have no idea how Mindgeek plans to keep the site going with only streaming. Yes, I realize that there is lots of software available to capture a streaming video but for the company to just stop downloads is a big deal.

But here's a thought: maybe we're a lot different from the usual member. I think it's fair to say that most of us here are porn collectors rather than just porn users. A porn user may be just looking for a quick release whereas a porn collector may be compiling scenes with a certain theme or model. Streaming may be okay for a porn user, but as a porn collector I want to download it and keep it in my collection.

I'll be watching to see if other Mindgeek sites have done this too. (And I should add that until I know for sure there is virtually no chance that I'll join any Mindgeek sites since they really haven't been all that open about this huge change.)

08-25-15  05:31pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

As long as the model is Amirah Adara, then bring it on! :-)

08-25-15  05:22pm

Visit Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure

Update on Amateur Allure

For those who are Amateur Allure fans I thought Iíd mention that starting a few months back they changed the scene formula that they use. Some people see any formula as a negative but Iím okay with a formula if it works and in this case it did (and still does).

The old formula was the girl arrives, there is a brief chat, she drops to her knees while dressed and gives head, there is usually head in a few positions, there is sex on the couch while sheís clothed, then the guy pops in her mouth for a swallow. After that she usually got naked, there was more head, more sex and a second pop and swallow.

The new formula seems to be that there are two scenes per update now with different models. Instead of having a second scene with the same model while sheís undressed there is an entire second scene with a different model. The formula with each scene is essentially the same with head and sex while clothed followed by a pop and swallow and then on to a scene with a different model. Complete nudity is far less frequent now.

I donít dislike the new formula because it really does give a lot more value in getting two distinct scenes per weekly update but I do prefer the old formula. I have a thing for clothed male/nude female scenes and Amateur Allure had been a good site for seeing this but is less so now. Itís still a favourite site of mine, but now just a little bit less so.

In a recent update the male talent (and site owner) noted that they were filming in 4K but that hasnít translated to uploads yet.

If I have one complaint about the site itís that they donít offer a discount to recurring members. The site is expensive at $40USD per month for four updates (and more so for us Canadians at $50CDN since our petro-dollar is tanking on low crude prices) so I join a few times a year when it is a fair value. But if the site offered a discount for a continuing membership Iíd likely just stay forever.

08-16-15  05:50am

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of Pyrenees's Reply

Oh yeah!

08-15-15  10:49am

N/A Reply of Pyrenees's Reply

Glad to do it. If you're into first anals like I am then this Monday will be a big day. Riley Reid's first anal will be uploaded on Tushy.com on Monday.

08-15-15  08:45am

N/A Reply of Pyrenees's Reply

Iím not sure what you mean by your next two questions. They seem to be asking the same thing. My all-time favorites? Three??? Man, thatís cruel to ask me that! Youíll notice that these three scenes date back quite far. Since weíre roughly the same age Iíll presume that you were into porn back then too and may know some of these videos and models.

ē Inari Vachs in Whack attack: Butt Fucking Frenzy. This video dates from 1998 and it still ranks as my favorite scene of all time. Inari is amazing here: she looks stunning and has a playful attitude.

ē Tammi Ann in The Hitchhiker (the Max Hardcore one). This was before Max started doing all sorts of crazy crap so itís pretty normal. This was the first Tammi Ann scene I ever saw and it immediately started an obsession. She looks incredible here.

ē The third might be Aurora Snow and Gauge in Trained Teens 1. Both of these porn superstars were at their prime and brought their A-games to this scene.

Now that I think of it, I started a thread in the forum a while back with favorite scenes that I hoped might generate some discussion. It didnít. Not all the scenes in that list (there are two parts to the post) are anal, but given my tastes most of them are. Check it out if you want: http://www.pornusers.com/forum/forum_thr...d.html?threadid=4166

Thanks for asking. I could talk about favorite anal scenes for daysÖ

08-10-15  05:40pm

N/A Reply of Pyrenees's Reply

Interesting questions. But Iíll have to warn you, asking me questions about anal scenes may cause me to drone on and onÖ

And apologies to the new mods, but Iíll have to answer this over two posts since I canít fit it all in one.

Painful first anals isn't something that I actively scout out but when the model isn't an experienced anal queen thereís a good chance that she will experience some discomfort so my collection of first anals does have some with this attribute.

ē Iíd have to say that my favorite first anal where the models is less than comfortable is Maryjane Johnson (billed as Maggie here) on Exploited College Girls. She does two anal scenes here and as far as I know these are the only anal scenes sheís ever done. The first one is in a car and so we canít really see much. If the scene is truthful, even the guy filming the POV didnít expect anal. He told her to sit her ass down on his cock and she took that literally. The next scene she does on the site is a full-on anal and she isn't terribly happy.

ē The second would likely be Asphyxia Noir on the Pierre Woodman site called Wake Up Ďn Fuck. It isn't listed here at PU. Woodman has a reputation of being a bit rough and since this is Asphyxiaís first on-screen anal scene that roughness causes her some problems.

ē The third might be an obscure model who only did a handful of scenes. She goes by Missy Misfit and she did three scenes with Max Hardcore. Two of those scenes are anal (the third is a peeing only scene) and in one of them the scene is shot in the back seat of Maxís Suburban in a parking garage and Missy seems to be doubting her career choice. She only did six scenes in total and I wonder if she had worked with anyone other than Max if she would have stuck around longer. She was really petite and hot.

ē Hereís a bonus scene but Iím not sure if this counts since she has gone on to be an anal queen. Gina Gerson has an early scene with Pierre Woodman on either Woodman Casting or Wake Up Ďn Fuck. Iím 90% sure itís on WUNF. She really doesnít look to be having a good time in this scene. But Iím glad she stuck it out because she is definitely one of my favorite Russian models.

08-10-15  05:40pm

Visit Drone Hunter

Drone Hunter

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Part of the Mofos network
- Innovative and unique concept
- Most scenes have an outdoor theme
- TBP discount
- Supports download managers
Cons: - Small site
- Hasnít updated in four months
- Typical Mofos / Brazzers model look
- Site will log you off after an hour
Bottom Line: I suppose that with the popularity of drones it was only a matter of time before someone started using them in porn. The concept is unique and it does add to the scenes but for whatever reason the concept seems to have died since the site hasnít added a new scene since April 2015.

In all of the scenes the drone footage is just edited into footage shot by a regular camera. The one possible exception to that is the one lesbian scene which may be all drone footage. In all of the scenes the drone is played up as being surreptitious video that the female model doesnít know of.

The most common scene setup is where the male talent is bringing a girl back to his place and he contacts the Ďdrone hunterí to shoot some secret video of them having sex. There is usually some fake communication between the male talent and the drone operator. A few of the scenes use the scenario where neither the male or female talent know theyíre being viewed by the drone.

The site is quite small with only nine videos uploaded and it looks like it will stay small because it hasnít updated in months. Given that each scene has to be set up to allow access for the drone there is an outdoor or voyeur element to each scene. Perhaps that part of it caused some problems in filming. It seems reasonable to think that a drone hovering over a rooftop patio or looking in a hotel window might attract some unwanted attention. On the other hand, if you like outdoor or public scenes this site certainly has that.

The biggest advantage to the site is the fact that itís part of the Mofos network so youíll have access to a lot of other sites. Also, because Mofos is one of the leading porn sites you can expect their level of quality in the site. There are tags on the scenes but with only nine scenes that really doesnít add anything.

The downside to this being part of the Mofos network is that many of the scenes feature models with the signature Mofos/Brazzers look: big breasts (often fake) and other body mods. One of the models had enough collagen injected into her lips that she looked pretty silly, and to my eyes anyway, not very sexy.

The scenes can be streamed and downloaded. The streaming is available in three resolutions (up to 1080p) and there are six options for downloads: 272p, 368p, 480p, 720p and 1080p in MP4 format and a 480p in WMV. I downloaded the 720p and those come in at 1280x720 at 8000kb/s and 29fps. With those specs youíd expect them to look good and they do, on both a 24Ē monitor and a 50Ē TV.

I used Internet Download Manager and didnít have any issues with the links timing out. If they do time-out that happens after a reasonable delay. One annoyance is that the site itself will kick you out approximately once per hour and require that you sign in again.

I canít say that Iíd recommend this site unless you really have a thing for drones because itís just too small and looks to have gone dormant already. But if youíre interested in the site and you join the network to get it then the real value is in the network itself which has over 2000 videos available. When you consider that you get 2000 scenes for the low TBP discount price of $15USD it really is a good deal.

08-10-15  11:10am

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I'm sorry, but don't understand the question. is 'too much anal' actually a phrase in the English language? ;-)

08-10-15  10:59am

Visit Girls Do Porn

Girls Do Porn
Reply of Pyrenees's Reply

This isn't a big improvement, but at least now you can pay double the price right upfront and get full access immediately. I didn't pay double upfront but did quickly to get access to the BTS stuff but that turned out to be a dud. I'm glad I joined but likely won't join again.

08-08-15  08:03am

Visit Girls Do Porn

Girls Do Porn

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - True amateurs
- Many stunning young models
- Nearly 300 scenes
- Multiple viewing options
- Fast downloads
- Bill through reputable billers
Cons: - Terrible site design
- Expensive if you want HD
- No model names or info
- No unique identifiers for scenes
- Site defaults back to page one
- Better porn options are available
Bottom Line: GDP is a site that reviewers either love or hate. Itís a site that has squandered its potential. The problem with the site is that it has some beautiful amateurs in some pretty good porn let down by one of the worst site layouts on the internet. If anyone can learn anything from this site itís how not to design a webpage.

The real value of the site is in the models themselves: they are true amateurs and most of them are really quite beautiful. That depends on a bit of a subjective assessment of course since most of the models are Caucasian, young (18-22) and fairly petite. The porn itself is very good, if somewhat formulaic. Most of the scenes follow the same formula of interview, blowjob with the model clothed, some sex in specific positions, more oral, usually more sex and finally finishing with the guy jerking off on the modelís face as she kneels in front of him.

There are currently close to 300 scenes available and the site does update. I canít be specific about the update schedule because the scenes aren't dated but it appears that at least one new scene is added per week.

The scenes are available in streaming at resolutions called high, medium, low and mobile. The downloads are available in 720x405, 1280x720 and mobile. Paying for a premium membership adds downloads in 1920x1280 and 4K on the newer scenes. I downloaded the 1280x720 versions and they come in at 6000 kb/s and 29fps. They look good on a 24Ē monitor and 50Ē TV.

Where things start to fall apart for the site is the site design itself. Describing the issues that the site has seems a bit overwhelming because there are just so many but Iíll hit the highlights:
ē The models aren't named and there is no biography given
ē The scenes have no unique identifier at all. Iíve read on other forums where members will refer to a scene by a shoot number but Iíve never seen any unique information for a scene.
ē Scenes canít be opened in a new tab so you have to open them in your main browser window, but when you click to go back you get taken to the first page again and have to re-select the page you were on. To make matters worse, when you do finally get back to the page you just left the eight thumbnails are all in different order. I ended up downloading several scenes more than once.
ē Only eight anal scenes.

The membership options aren't simple either. In the past you were required to stay for a second month to download HD files but now you can just pay to get the additional access immediately. I opted for the base membership because Iím happy with the 1280x720 files but to access the behind-the-scenes and Ďdeletedí scenes you need pay the additional amount. I figured it would be worth it but there are only 38 BTS scenes and five deleted scenes.

The site bills through Epoch or CC Bill so you can join with confidence that your information will be secure and you can cancel easily.

The site had some of the fastest download speeds that Iíve seen from porn sites. It was rare for me to see less that 20MB/s and most times I was seeing 25MB/s. I downloaded a lot in my first few days and if there is a download limit (which I donít think there is) itís high enough that only a serious porn glutton would hit it.

So is it worth joining or not? The site itself is deeply flawed and could be easily improved; the improvements would be like picking low-hanging fruit so that leads me to the conclusion that the site owners aren't really interested in improving things. To be fair to the site owners though, they might be putting their efforts into recruiting the models. The models are really the true value of this site: most of them are true amateurs and are really good looking. They appear to be having fun too. So when I balance the good and the bad I have to give this site a cautious recommendation: the porn is very good but the site is very bad. But, if you go into the deal with your eyes open armed with knowledge of the flaws youíll be okay. Unless you absolutely must have HD or 4K or have a big thing for BTS or deleted scenes you can save yourself some money and take only the basic membership. So the recommendation is a definite maybe. I likely wonít rejoin and hereís something Iíve never done in a review before; Iíll suggest a better alternative: you can get very similar porn on a much better site at Exploited College Girls.

08-03-15  06:00am

Replies (2)
N/A Reply of rearadmiral's Poll

I tag my favorite scenes and go back to them frequently.

08-03-15  04:57am

N/A Reply of Claypaws's Poll

A petite body is always the hook for me.

08-02-15  10:45am

Visit Devils Film

Devils Film
Reply of Pyrenees's Comment

One of the reasons I like Pornusers so much is that it's an opportunity to share information like this. This might make the difference from someone liking or not liking the site. I've joined several sites that had major flaws but thanks to other PU members I knew about them beforehand so I went in with that knowledge. Devil's Film is on my list of sites to regularly rejoin but the update schedule is such that it only merits a rejoin once a year.

07-24-15  03:50am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I agree with Pyrenees that is usually isn't worth giving feedback because it's ignored. I can see how this would happen with a mega site, and especially one where the site managers don't speak English very well, but it annoys me a bit when it is a small niche site. Every time I join my favourite site I send them some feedback and ask that they consider a reduced rate for recurring memberships. They always ignore that question.

07-19-15  08:31am

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We are strong supporters of RTA and ICRA, two of the most recognized self labeling organizations. Our site is properly labeled to assist in the protection of minors accessing inappopriate content. For information about filtering tools, check this site.


To report child pornography, go directly to ASACP!  We're proud to be a corporate sponsor.
Have concerns or questions about porn addiction?  We recommend this helpful resource.

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