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Visit Showy Beauty

Showy Beauty

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: --Gorgeous models! Many of the girls are unique to this network. There are a couple dozen girls I recognize from other sites, but for the most part they are "new" to me. Almost all are Eastern Euro girls in the 18 to 23 age range.

--High quality photos and videos! The photos come in 3 resolutions, with the upper end usually 5200 pixels on the long end, sometimes more. The newest videos are 1080p, and I think all are 720p or higher. All are generally well light and photographed. All photo sets have zips, and the videos are available in AVI, MP4, and WMV.

--The photos and videos are explicit (meaning almost all have pussy close-ups), but tasteful.

--Easy site navigation. Nothing too complicated here. There is a main updates page, separate pages for videos and photosets, and a model directory (alphabetical listing).

--The site has other features, such as voting for models, photosets, and videos, a basic search feature, and marking models and sets as favorites.
Cons: --Updates only once every 2 days.

--Many of the models have only 1 set or at most a few.

--Videos are few and sometimes far between (1 to 3 per month).

--Some of the photoset zips are a bit large for the highest res (up to and even over 1 gig), although that's really a minor quibble for me.

--The download speeds are sometimes a bit low, but that may be on my end.
Bottom Line: Showy Beauty is a smallish site run by the same folks who run Amour Angels and several other sites. It is primarily a photo site with some video (videos are mostly solo, some girl-girl). As of today, I counted 412 models. The site was launched in August of 2011. A number of my favs were there, along with a dozen or so really hot girls I'd never seen before, so I went ahead and joined up about a week ago.

The beauty of girls and quality of the photos and videos is right up there with best sites like Met-Art, MPL, and Femjoy. And many of the models are exclusive to this site and the "parent site" Amour Angels.

The only real drawback is the low frequency of updates (every other day), and the relatively small size of the site. It's not a site I will stay joined to, but I'll definitely put it in my rotation. The site preview allows you to see the cover page of all sets by every model, but no actual content.

If you like quality photos and the occasional video of gorgeous young women, then you will like this site.

05-20-15  05:26am

Replies (2)
N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

I love pussy close-ups in both photos and videos, but I don't need to be able to count hairs. If the close-up appears about life size or slightly larger on my 24" screen I'm happy. For photosets, a half dozen good shots is plenty, and for video, not more than a few minutes of the total time is what I like. Pussy is my favorite part of a woman's anatomy, but the rest of her body, her face, and her personality are as important or more important in how much she appeals to me overall.

05-20-15  02:17am

Visit Eternal Desire

Eternal Desire

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: --models are gorgeous!

--photographic and video quality are excellent

--explicit but tasteful posing

--videos are far better than those at parent site Met-Art

--easy site navigation, signup and cancel through CC Bill

--3 sizes of zip files and multiple video resolution and format options

--comment section with participation from the photographer

--good site preview
Cons: the only real cons relate to the relatively small size of the site:

--only 114 models at this time

--updates with about one photoset or video a day (wish it were more)

--some photosets broken into 2 sets of about 60 photos each (applies mainly to older material)

--some sets shot using a lower megapixel camera (6 megapixel)

--the user tags search system doesn't have very much user participation, and as such, isn't very useful
Bottom Line: Eternal Desire is one of the newer sites in the Met-Art family, and consists exclusively of the work of "Arkisi", one of Met-Art's better and more prolific photographers. The site was launched in February 2013, and now features 114 different models.

The models are gorgeous European girls in the 18 to 25 year old age range. Only 8s, 9s, and 10s here, with most of them on the top end of the scale (or off the scale!).

The site consists primarily of photo sets, with a small amount of videos (there were 8 videos released in July, August, and September of this year).

The site looks and navigates very much like Met-Art, which is to be expected as it is one of their sites. I had no problems whatsoever navigating around the site, and my download speeds are always good. I don't know if download managers would work, as I don't use them.

The photographic quality is excellent--lighting, focus, etc are all top notch. One caveat to that is that some sets are shot as low as 6 megapixels. The sets are upscale (often with fine furniture and well appointed rooms), and the girls wear nice outfits and lingerie. The makeup is well done, and not overdone (IMHO). The posing is explicit, but not vulgar, and always seems to include a few good pussy close-ups. Occasionally there is too much fingering and finger spreading in the photos for my tastes, but there are very few sets that actually disappoint me.

The videos deserve special mention and accolades. Any of you who have been a member at Met-Art know their videos are kinda lame. Not so at Eternal Desire. There are explicit lingering views of what you really want to see, and lately, quite of bit of fingering and even finger insertion (though not overdone). The girls interact with camera quite well and seductively. Instead of being a waste of time like many of the videos at Met-Art, these are videos that you actually want to see. The resolutions come in 720p and 1080p, plus a few smaller sizes as well. The HD vids are in MPEG4 format.

The only real cons for the site relate to its relatively small size. 114 models is still small compared to many, and 1 photoset or video day is a lot less than the mega-sites. Eventually I noticed enough of my favorite models there that I had to join. I've been there 2 months now, and I'm finding it difficult to leave (no doubt as soon as I do, several of my favorite girls will have sets published).

Like most of the Met-Art sites, there is a comment section, and Arkisi occasionally participates.

I wish all sites were this good!

The site preview is excellent, so if you are a fan of erotic photography featuring totally gorgeous women, you should definitely check it out! I got the PU discount price by navigating there through their review page.

10-07-14  08:42pm

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Visit Wow Girls

Wow Girls
Reply of Cybertoad's Reply

Glad it worked out Cybertoad! Their site does look amazing, and I'm going to join soon. I wish they had a better preview, with a full model list.

I figured out the problems I was having with ATK Galleria--it was my Kaspersky Antivirus being a total system resource hog, and it's new cloud technology, which means it gives itself priority download access to its cloud files whenever anything is being downloaded from the net. Granted my 2 computers are getting a little long in the tooth, but I've had no issues since I uninstalled it. I was going to slam Galleria for it in my upcoming review, but the problem was definitely my equipment and software.

04-28-14  10:27pm

Visit Wow Girls

Wow Girls
Reply of Cybertoad's Review

Cybertoad, do you think it might be your browser, and have tried different ones?

I am having similar problems at ATK Galleria, although in my case it's mainly inconsistent and extremely long download times. Happens with either IE or Chrome for me. And I know it's not my PC because a speed test on my ISP's homepage shows normal download speeds.

I really hope this isn't a real issue with Wow Girls, as they are on my list to join, and from their tour pages, the material looks awesome.

Can any other members chime in?

04-13-14  03:21pm

Visit Rylsky Art

Rylsky Art

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Models are all gorgeous, young Russian and Eastern European girls

-Technical quality of the photos and videos is excellent!

-Site navigation works well, as with all of the Met-Art administered sites.

-The photography is softcore, with only occasional touching and finger spreading. Having said that, most photo sets do include some explicit close up shots.

-The site preview is very good--you can see short photoset previews of every set from every model, and teasers of all the vids.

-Signing up and canceling are through CC-Bill, and gave me no problems
Cons: -The only real con for me is the relative small size of the site. Currently there are 171 models. Likewise, the update frequency averages one photo set or video a day.

-The videos are in Met-Art style, which is to say they are soft-core (no masturbation or sex). This obviously will not appeal to fans of the typical hard-core video site.
Bottom Line: Fans of Met-Art will recognize the name Rylsky, as he is one of their more prolific and better photographers. I have always liked his work on Met-Art, and eventually once his site got large enough and had enough sets of my favorite models, I had to join for a month.

While the site is still relatively small, the photography is high quality, and his models are gorgeous! If you are familiar with his work at Met-Art, then you know what to expect. All photosets have zips with 3 different resolutions, and the videos likewise come in several sizes, including 1080p HD. Videos are available for streaming or downloading.

One feature of the site that I appreciate is the comment section. I think Met-Art added this last year to their main site, and now all of the sites they administer have it. Rylsky is one of the few photographers who actually responds to user comments, and listens to their input. For example, in one of the first sets he published on his site that had a model touching her pussy, several members complained. He responded by posting the same set with those photos removed. Similarly, he includes more sets with unshaven models than you will find on Met-Art, as there are lots of member requests for natural girls (just not from me, LOL).

I got a promo price of $19.00 for the site when I joined SexArt, and while some may find this a bit high for a relatively small site, I was certainly happy with my membership. As time goes on, and more models are added, the site will only get better.

Bottom Line - If you like Met-Art style photography and video you will like this site. The preview is very good, so you can see exactly what you are signing up for.

02-14-14  09:41pm

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Mine are connected most of the time, since I usually do a bit of downloading 4 or 5 times a week.

06-24-13  11:26pm

N/A Reply of Wittyguy's Poll

I certainly will continue to contribute reviews, as I find the reviews of others very valuable in deciding whether or not to join a site. I think a smaller raffle prize (like maybe a free month membership at a porn site) would be a cool thing to have.

06-16-13  01:02pm

Visit Met Art

Met Art

Another new site on the Met-Art network

I just noticed this morning that Met-Art has added yet another new site to their network. This one is called Stunning 18, and features the work of photographer Antonio Clemens. I checked out the tour, and it's pretty small to start off (28 models), but it will most likely update once a day. It's also spicier than Met-Art with finger spreading and a couple of dildos on some of the cover shots. I like Clemens' work, so I will add this one to my list of sites to join. So much porn, so little time!!!

06-08-13  06:02am

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of RustyJ's Poll

I do love nice lingerie, my favorite items being the basic bra & panties, and sheer body suits. I also like sexy dresses, short shorts and tank tops, and short skirts. Normal clothes are fine if the girl dresses well and a bit sexy.

06-08-13  05:56am

Visit I Dream Of Jo

I Dream Of Jo
Reply of Elmien's Reply

Settle down everyone! Elmien, it does raise a red flag when 2 members join PU on the same day, and both post favorable reviews of a site within hours of each other. Both reviews were lacking the kind of detail that everyone here has come to expect.

For what it's worth, I was a member at Viv Thomas a few years back, and there were plenty of girl/girl vids with Jo and her playmates. You are correct about her--she truly enjoys other women, and the scenes I have of her and her girlfriends are almost all very hot! But other members here are looking for detail in reviews and maybe comparison to other similar sites. That's what we need to figure out if its a site that we would consider joining.

For example, if you've had memberships at Sapphic Erotica, Euro Girls on Girls, and/or 21st Sextury, how does Jo's site compare? If you could edit your review, and provide that info, it would be a lot more useful.

06-01-13  03:30am

Visit I Dream Of Jo

I Dream Of Jo
Reply of exotics4me's Comment

Two reviews by newly registered members on the same day does raise a red flag. But no doubt Jo is hot, and does some of the best girl/girl scenes available.

06-01-13  03:14am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Beautiful girls/women are like magnets, and my eyes are like steel!

06-01-13  03:10am

Visit Met Art

Met Art

Watch4Beauty joining the Met Art network

Met Art just announced yesterday that Watch4Beauty will become part of the Met Art network soon (no date given). They now over 10 sites in their network. It's a great deal for Met-art members cause you can add any of the sites in the network for $10 a month.

05-30-13  05:53pm

Replies (1)
Visit Bikini Riot

Bikini Riot
Reply of Monahan's Reply

Monahan, I was referring to general softcore porn sites like MPL Studios and Femjoy, etc. Bikini Riot is the only bikini site I've joined (I'm not counting Microminimus because its not really a porn site). I searched "beach" at Met-Art, and it returned 346 photosets, which is probably an underestimate because not every beach set gets tagged with beach. ALS Scan and In the Crack also have some good beach scenes, including video.

05-30-13  05:28pm

Visit Nubiles.net

Reply of Nubiles Captain's Reply

I got the email and couldn't resist that one Nubiles Captain! Some gorgeous girls y'all got there at Nubiles! I'll be reviewing both sites in a few weeks.

05-29-13  05:22pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I'm used to fairly large sites, so for me, frequent means daily. But if the material is good a few times a week can keep me very happy.

05-29-13  05:17pm

Visit Bikini Riot

Bikini Riot
Reply of Cybertoad's Reply

Hi Cybertoad. I wish they could find a few different beaches to shoot at too. There are a number of sites out there that run $20 a month specials that are probably better than Bikini Riot, which is $25. But the material is exclusive, and the HD looks good. They had enough of my favs there that I wanted to collect the material. For me it was worth it. The free tour model page doesn't show all the models, but I think you can see one or two pics from every update on the free tour Updates page. If they didn't have so many fake boobs I would have considered it a great deal.

05-29-13  05:14pm

Visit Bikini Riot

Bikini Riot

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: --Lots of beautiful girls in and out of hot bikinis!
--Generally upscale locations for the photo/video shoots
--The video is 720p HD for the last approximately 4 years, and looks great!
--Photos and videos are explicit...nothing left to the imagination, and always have good close ups.
--Some very good masturbation vids can be found here, though not enough with just fingers for me.
--I had no problems with site navigation (it's fairly basic), and I got good download speeds.
--unique file names for both photo zip files and videos that do not require renaming.
Cons: --Way too many girls with fake boobs. Also too many with natural Ds for my taste.

--Update frequency is low (13 to 14 updates a month).

--Too many vibrators for me; I prefer to watch a girl masturbate with her fingers.

--Current photo resolution is 2000 pixels on the long dimension, which is a pity because they are very good. Older material is less than that.

--Almost all of the shoots are done at pools. I would love to see more done at nice beaches.
Bottom Line: I have always had a thing for hot girls in skimpy bikinis! For me this goes all the way back to junior high when a friend brought his dad's Sport's Illustrated swimsuit issue to school, back to my teenage days at the local pool, spring break craziness in college, and several ex-GFs and my ex-spouse who indulged my love of bikinis.

There are a number of bikini sites out there. I like skimpy bikinis, but not bikinis that leave nothing to the imagination, like the ones that are only strings. I checked out the free tours at several sites, and settled on Bikini Riot.

Right away there were several things that I really liked. First, no pre-checked cross sells when signing up, & they let you choose your username and password. Once into the site, it was easy to get around, and I quickly discovered the good file naming protocol: all zips and vids have a unique name that incorporates the model's name, usually some reference to her bikini, and the resolution (for videos)--no renaming necessary! Little things like this tell me that the site owners care about customer satisfaction.

There are approximately twice the number of videos as photos. Basically each photo shoot has a video shot simultaneously, and then they do a separate video with the girl in the same bikini. In the stand alone video, the girl plays in or around the pool for a little while, strips out of her bikini (sometimes a little too quickly), and then masturbates, usually with a vibrator. I would like to see a little more time with the girl in the bikini, maybe walking along the pool (front and rear views). The photos and videos always incorporate some good close up views--nothing left to the imagination here! Some of the videos of the photo shoot don't really add much, but at other times they provide an interesting behind the scenes perspective.

The videos have been exclusively 720p HD since 2010, and a majority from 2009 are also 720p. The videos look great, and whoever shoots them does a good job balancing whole body and close up shots. Another thing worth noting, the sound quality is excellent, and really gives the ambiance of being right there. Almost all of them are at pools, and they seem to always have some type of blow up plastic raft around.

The photos are very good quality...well focused and with good depth of field, and they use flash to reduce strong shadows (some of the videos do have objectionable shadows, since obviously they don't use flash when shooting a vid). The only downside to the photos is the resolution--only 2000 pixels on the long dimension. I would definitely like to see that between 3000 and 4000.

The models are mostly US girls, and as I noted above, there are way too many fake boobs for me (maybe as many as half). Most of the boob jobs were good as far as that goes (no bad scars, etc), but I strongly prefer natural girls. They also have a lot of girls with natural big boobs, so if you're a big boobs lover, you will really like this site. I would say that many of the models conform to what you would think of when you think about Los Angelos based porn stars--lots of big boobs and good bit of fake blonde hair too. From a facial beauty standpoint, they are all 8s, 9s, and 10s. Quite a few well known US porn stars can be found here. I found at least a dozen of my favorites, and for me, the numerous vids and photos of Carli Banks were almost worth the price of admission alone.

I counted 111 different models on the model page. Most girls have at least 3 or 4 videos and photoshoots. The update frequency is one of the more disappointing things at Bikini Riot...only 13 or 14 updates a month (an update is either a photo or video set). Their material is very good, but this is not enough to keep me around for the long term. I have been busy in the month that I've been there, so I'll probably check in every couple of years or so.

I had no problems with site navigation. They have pages for updates, models, photos, and videos. No search feature, but with only 111 girls, it's not too hard to find what you're looking for. Models use their most common name here-another little plus. I got good download speeds. Not sure if a download manager would work, as I don't use one.

There are two bonus sites, both of which are fairly small. Riot Girls has about 12 models and a total of about 75 sets. These are done indoors, and usually have the girl in lingerie at the beginning, and end with a masturbation scene. Euro Sinsations has about 40 models, most with only 1 video and photo set. There were some navigation issues with that site, and it could use a little work. Overall, the 2 bonus sites add some value, but the main site is really most of what you get.

Bottom Line: Some gorgeous girls in and out of hot bikinis! Great looking HD vids. Too many fake boobs, and a low update frequency were the main cons. Overall though, a high quality site, definitely worth checking out for a month

05-28-13  04:46am

Replies (6)
Visit Twistys

Reply of otoh's Review

Nice review Otoh! I've never been a member there, but I'll eventually get around to it. A lot of my favs have some material there.

05-28-13  02:28am

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

I download into site folders, and I also have a favorites folder with sub-folders for each girl.

05-28-13  02:19am

N/A Reply of GCode's Poll

They are fun, I enjoy them. They sometimes lead to great discussions. They are NOT a gimmick, and please DONT take them away! Any other questions?

05-23-13  08:49am

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Reply

Cybertoad, it is very hard to offend me, and you didn't. My point was that I don't have negative views about porn and nudity and sex, but many people do, and I find that discouraging. For men, it is very natural to enjoy seeing beautiful naked women.

05-21-13  06:13am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I said C, but I really like Bs and Cs equally well. I don't like them very small or too big.

05-21-13  06:08am

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

For me it is fantasy, although it has grown into a hobby as well. The word "perverted" in option 5 has an unnecessary negative tone for me. I would say instead by nature men love seeing beautiful naked women.

05-19-13  03:57pm

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