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N/A Reply of Buckhead's Reply

I guess a clown's shoes would be preferable to a clown's pocket... :|

04-30-13  10:43pm

Visit Babes Network.com

Babes Network.com
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

Thanks RA - it's a good site and I'd be interested to read your take on it. I'm not sure about the DM issue - IIRC that the link you click on to download then redirects to a CDN - something that DTA wasn't able to follow and just downloaded the placeholder file.

Other DMs may work? I wasn't really bothered since I have fast download speeds, but my connection is arguably capped so it's nice to use a DM to download out of hours (which doesn't count toward my cap).

04-30-13  10:41pm

Visit Babes Network.com

Babes Network.com
Reply of graymane's Reply

Many thanks, GM! Am blushing to receive such commendation from such an esteemed member of the community :)

04-30-13  10:37pm

Visit Melina.com

Reply of tangub's Review

Thanks for another great review, tangub :) This had long been on my list due to the diversity of models; but it is a shame that diversity doesn't extend to age. I certainly don't mind the 18-21 group, but would get bored if the whole site was centred on it. Still, one to keep an eye on!

04-30-13  05:13pm

Visit Babes Network.com

Babes Network.com

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Good interface, easy to navigate
- Good quality videos
- Pictures decent size and well compressed
- (Almost) daily updates - photos and videos
- Photos and videos come in matching sets
- Plenty of undressing
- Camera angles
- No anal (a plus for me!)
Cons: - Some videos have music track throughout - no voice - others have bland music
- $==£ regional pricing (use TunnelBear to sign up)
- DMs don't work on videos
- Captcha on login
- Some fake boobs and tans (but not too many)
- Short login timeout
- Bit too much of the guy finishing himself off
- File naming a bit off
Bottom Line: Although I generally prefer softcore sites, I have grown fond of the kind of tender, sharing, intimate and realistic (if somewhat idealised) sex scenes that the relatively new heartcore genre presents, and babes.com was next on my list to join.

Signup is relatively easy, but with the following caveats:
a) signup and cancel is through their own billing, not CCBill etc
b) they are a proponent of the grossly biased $==£ regional pricing setup - eg $20 in the US, £20 in the UK, over 50% more, but I am pragmatic and this is avoided with TunnelBear
c) You need to enter a captcha to log in
d) After which they do try to cross-sell to you other sites

But with that in mind, the site is nice, clean and easy to use when you get there.

The site has been around for about a year and updates with one scene daily - both a video and pictures, a setup which I quite like. During my membership this actually changed to 5 per week rather than 7 - but there's still quite a lot of material, about 300 sets & videos with approx 50/30/20 split between couples, solo and girl-girl scenes.

There is the usual browsing by videos, photos and models; and when going into a scene you get:
- For pictures, a browser-based slideshow, and download of approx 100 pics at a fairly respectable 2.5k
- For videos, a responsive streaming player, and downloads in 4 sizes up to 1080p (I went for 720 and they look very good)

Each model/set/video page also has user comments, and you can follow/like them within the site, and - if you are suitably unashamed of your smut proclivities - do so on FB, twitter and the like.

Most models are American, with some popular girls such as Malena Morgan, Lexi Belle and Hayden Winters; and some of the popular European models like Connie and Ariel. Not much ethnic diversity, although there are some nice latina and asian models; but there is a fairly broad range of ages, including some lovely milf-type models like Nikki Daniels and India Summer.

The theme here, as I suggested, is heartcore - like Joymii, X-Art etc, the focus is on couples scenes, but done in a loving, sharing way. The previous reviewer made some good points, but I think was a little unfair in criticising it for not being hardcore enough - you wouldn't join it if you wanted facials, DP and other more typical porn-y content. The scenes are fairly explicit, though, with closeups of penetration and oral sex, so it does deliver on that front.

That said, it's not without its issues. A commenter suggested that this is what Digital Desire would be if it did hardcore - and it's spot on. The girls are beautiful, the scenes are dreamy and idealised, the focus is soft and videos start with mood music, which fades out about a third of the way in to the sounds of the action. (The music is a particular peeve, actually - if you look at the previews, they have some good, brave choices of interesting music; this does not carry over to the actual videos which have more insipid/nondescript soundtracks which they would be better off without).

And, Like Digital Desire, they are fairly formulaic. It's not a bad formula, but most scenes (or at least the couples ones, which I was most interested in) play out the same way; the guy slowly undresses the girl, there's oral from both of them, there's sex with him and her on top. It's good, and well done, but could do with a bit more variety - and ideally, within the constraints of the genre, a bit more raunchiness.

But conversely, they have hung onto some porn tenets that don't really fit the genre. In far too many scenes, the girl ends up naked, apart from the high heels - I quite like heels in a pinup or glam context, but if I'm trying to imagine a realistic encounter, the shoes would definitely go! And similarly, in almost all cases the guy pulls out and finishes on the girl's belly/boobs/ass - again, there's definitely a time and place for a prominent pop shot but it does take away from the believability of the scene. Also see my comment about photoshopping - wholly unnecessary in the genre.

Despite my misgivings, this is still a good site in the heartcore genre and there's plenty of good material. If I were in the US, I would score this maybe 85 or 86; but there is no excuse for their heinous regional pricing policy, which has to cost them at least a couple of points.

But, pricing issues aside, Joymii remains my favourite - they are more creative with scenes, camerawork, and manage a bit more raunch while still being a bit artsy and trendy.

04-30-13  05:06pm

Replies (9)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I said barefoot, but it depends on the context. I like heels and especially boots, but only in a more glam/pinup or tease context. If there is actual sex going on, then barefoot (or stockings) is the way!

04-29-13  12:29am

Visit Babes Network.com

Babes Network.com
Reply of chancler682's Review

Welcome and thanks for this review. I'm also currently a member here and will be adding a review shortly - I'm not quite as critical as you (the site is more of a heartcore one so it's unfair to compare with eg Brazzers) but agree that it does have some shortcomings.

04-29-13  12:28am

Visit JAV HD

Reply of messmer's Review

Hi messmer - good review as always! I loosely plan to subscribe to a Japanese site sometime - but I suspect you are right in saying that this may not be under Japanese control, due to the uncensored content - there is probably more original content in sites that show censored content.

If you are after more mature Japanese girls, then DTI has one, I think - among many others (a couple are listed here such as 1pondo.tv and Caribbean com), I think it is Paco Paco Mama. May be worth you asking for it to be listed here.

04-28-13  02:42pm

Visit Melina.com

Reply of tangub's Comment

Hi tangub - thanks for the tip here. This is a site on my list - the broad range of models they seem to have is quite appealing and some of the sets look fun. But it seems like the kind of site that would have somewhat dull videos anyway (?) so the lack thereof wouldn't be a deal-breaker. Either way, look forward to your review!

04-28-13  02:26pm

N/A Reply of lk2fireone's Poll

All of the above, I think! Had everything from quick and helpful to no response at all.

04-28-13  01:05pm

N/A Reply of plan b's Poll

Ooh - I really like the one where the guys/girls/transgendered hit the ball/puck/shuttlecock with their stick/foot/hand/bat, trying to score a goal/touchdown/try/wicket against the opposing team.

Not really much of a sports fan :|

04-24-13  05:08am

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

I would imagine much the same. On one hand, there does seem an increase in puritan ideals, in some parts of the US and elsewhere; but hopefully it is balanced by more sex-positive attitudes and that balance should be reflected in legislation.

The only thing that worries me is that they will use issues such as underage porn (and underage viewing of porn!) as ammunition to crack down on online civil liberties in general. It's easily to whip folk up into a mob mentality with that sort of thing.

04-22-13  02:29am

Visit Joy Mii

Joy Mii
Reply of exotics4me's Reply

I agree that Joymii has something that the others may be missing. I've been loosely tempted by Sex Art, especially as there are some tempting offers as I am currently a member of TLE... but it does strike me as slightly artsy nonsense :) Not that's necessarily a bad thing - but still, not always what one is after. Babes is OK - a little formulaic and very similar to Digital Desire, just with hardcore - a review will follow.

Interesting that you mention the jarring when seeing the same model with different partners - one one hand the whole porn thing is a suspension of disbelief, so it doesn't bother me quite as much. But on the other, one of my favourite models is Connie/Josephine - apart from her quite jaw-dropping figure, she only seems to do hardcore with the same guy; I guess they are partners and to me it shows, and makes the scenes considerably more believable.

04-22-13  01:38am

Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of lk2fireone's Comment

This is quite an interesting development. I find Met Art largely unerotic; this isn't specifically down to the lack of explicitness but more a lack of any lewd intent from either the models or the photographers.

Maybe they have taken a tip from their stablemate TLE - who manage to be significantly more erotic even with some of the same models and photographers. Anyway, worth keeping an eye on!

04-20-13  12:27am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Sure. It is nice to know if they are updating or not - they should be up front about the update dates - but as long as there is a good archive of material, then I can't see why not. Given most of us join for just a month, we are there largely for the archive rather than whatever may turn up during that month anyway?

04-19-13  12:47am

N/A Reply of GCode's Poll

I often like sites which are off the, er, beaten track, so many have not been reviewed yet. So I am happy to join an unreviewed site - as long as their tour is informative and gives a good idea as to what to expect!

04-18-13  06:16am

Visit Joy Mii

Joy Mii
Reply of exotics4me's Comment

Glad you like it! I'm generally more into softcore, but the heartcore genre has won me over a little - this site remains by far my favourite so far.

I find it has a bit more personality than X Art, which is a bit too perfect-teens-dreamy for me; I especially like the camerawork at Joymii (although I find the photography lacking in atmosphere comparison to the video direction). For me it as the right balance - is a bit arty and sensual but not too seriously or at the expense of actual excitement or fun.

I'm currently a member at Babes.com - it's good, but still has half a foot planted in more typical porn. After that, my next one will be Dane Jones, perhaps?

04-15-13  03:37pm

Visit Absolute Cruelty

Absolute Cruelty
Reply of gaypornolover's Reply

No problem! A couple of replies: as regards the security, traffic through a VPN is encrypted by the VPN provider - so in theory an unscrupulous provider could track what you are doing - in just the same way your own ISP can. However, when you are at an https address, then your browser and the remote server are encrypting your card details etc over the VPN link - so it is no less or more secure than using a card over any other kind of link.

I've had good experience with TunnelBear so far - as well as being very easy to install (sign up, download, press the on switch) - every regional priced site has seen me as being in the US. Once I get to the payment page they don't seem to care that I put my country as UK - the price is the same.

But I've only used it to sign up for sites and thereafter turned it off to log in and access them - since the free account is limited to 0.5GB/month. If the site won't even let you log in as a member from the UK then you'd need to use the VPN for browsing/downloading also, so you'd need to subscribe.

HTH :)

04-15-13  12:00pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Any flaws only make it more realistic for me and are welcomed!

04-15-13  01:59am

Visit Absolute Cruelty

Absolute Cruelty
Reply of gaypornolover's Comment

Hi gpl - TunnelBear is your friend here - it's a VERY easy to use VPN client which will let you pretend you are in the US. I use it for avoiding regional pricing; but note that if you joined and you had to still use it it for content downloads, you'd need to get a paid subscription.

04-14-13  11:09pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Not really for me. I avoided choosing disgusting since each to their own, and if it works for some folk - consensually - then great. I'm not fond of it in porn since I suspect that in most cases it's not something the model would prefer to do if the material didn't demand it.

Anal fisting is definitely a bit much though - I'm pretty sure that's not good for you!

04-13-13  01:18am

Visit Babes Network.com

Babes Network.com

Wholly unnecessary 'shopping

I signed up for this site (taking care to avoid the heavily biased regional pricing) and overall it's good - I'll review it shortly. However, I just found one odd thing that bothered me.

Watching the videos of Jodi Taylor, she has a prominent birthmark on her thigh, and another smaller one above her pussy. They are part of who she is and do not at all detract from how pretty she is - I'd actually say it enhances it, as not trying to cover them shows a little more personality. But they are both notably absent in the corresponding photo sets - which is kind of jarring, especially as the pictures do not otherwise seem heavily photoshopped.

I'd understand if perhaps she asked for them to be removed, but I'm guessing she's not self-conscious about them otherwise she wouldn't be doing porn in the first place! This is wholly unnecessary and I hope it is not an emerging pattern.

04-11-13  01:01am

Replies (1)
N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

I said Other, since it's not specifically the photo or video size I'm interested in, but more that all their content is represented - ie their archive is browsable in at least thumbnail form, and ideally with previews. That gives a much better idea of what I will actually get, so is the best kind of tour.

04-11-13  12:48am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

As others have said, it is a part of the value the site offers. A relatively expensive site that has very unique material still equates to good value. And I've certainly increased my score a bit for sites which are very cheap.

04-10-13  12:23am

Visit St. Mackenzie's Mistresses

St. Mackenzie's Mistresses

One for the grown ups

I'm not hugely into the schoolgirl niche, although St Mackenzies is vaguely on my list, both because most of the models are very obviously more than schoolgirl age and I'm a fan of the photographer - of Breath Takers and Girlfolio.

However, I do like a girl in uniform or workwear - especially a dominant one (in the milder sense) - so the teachers and matrons here should make it worth watching, hopefully there will be some more material soon!

04-08-13  02:06am

Replies (1)

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