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Visit ATK Natural & Hairy

ATK Natural & Hairy

Possible source of spam?

I recently changed my email address, to counter the various spam I was getting, and took the step of creating an alias for every site I signed up to. Eg if my email address is otoh@whatever.com, I'd create otoh.saucysite@whatever.com when signing up to Saucy Site. The logic being that, if you start to receive unsolicited spam, the address it comes to will tell you where they found you - and you can just ditch that address if that happens.

Anyway, after signing up here, I started getting some random spammy things - not at all related to ATK or any other paysites - to the address I set up for ATK. So perhaps they are leaking addresses somewhere...?

Am avoiding irateness here, in case a plausible explanation turns up :)

01-14-14  07:37am

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Visit APD Nudes

APD Nudes

Well represented on other sites

This site remains on my to-join list since it features a number of models I like - although a bit tempered by some of the download issues folk have had and I'm not sure if there are still restrictions.

However, it's worth noting that if you like the style - and UK models - the photographer's work seems to be featured quite heavily on at least 3 other sites I know of:

* Twistys (he seems to shoot most of the UK models featured)
* Anilos
* We are hairy (one of two main UK photographers)

There may be more?

08-07-13  11:22pm

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Visit Twistys


Flaky members area

I joined here on a whim, due to the very good TBP price. It's nothing revolutionary, but it's a solid site with lots of content - my review to follow. But for such a big, high-profile site, the members area is a little disappointing. Page loads are slow and there are frequent errors when loading pages (sometimes have to load 2-3 times to get a page to work).

As noted in a recent review, the advanced search - which is essential for a site of this size - is AWOL, so just paging through the models is the best way to browse. And although you can add photographers as favourites, there doesn't seem to be a way to click through and see all their material.

Granted it's a bit churlish to complain for the price! But a site like this should be more on top of this stuff...

05-20-13  11:53pm

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Visit Holly Randall

Holly Randall

Not accepting memberships

This site is currently not accepting new members - presumably in preparation for the switch to being managed by Met Art? I'm hoping that's soon - I'm quite a fan and as I am a long-term member at TLE, I can join any other network site for $10 :)

Interestingly, Holly's other sites, like Holly Core and Forever Vamp are still taking members - there is some overlap in the material here with her main site so I wonder what is/isn't happening with these?

05-12-13  11:34am

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Visit Babes Network.com

Babes Network.com

Wholly unnecessary 'shopping

I signed up for this site (taking care to avoid the heavily biased regional pricing) and overall it's good - I'll review it shortly. However, I just found one odd thing that bothered me.

Watching the videos of Jodi Taylor, she has a prominent birthmark on her thigh, and another smaller one above her pussy. They are part of who she is and do not at all detract from how pretty she is - I'd actually say it enhances it, as not trying to cover them shows a little more personality. But they are both notably absent in the corresponding photo sets - which is kind of jarring, especially as the pictures do not otherwise seem heavily photoshopped.

I'd understand if perhaps she asked for them to be removed, but I'm guessing she's not self-conscious about them otherwise she wouldn't be doing porn in the first place! This is wholly unnecessary and I hope it is not an emerging pattern.

04-11-13  01:01am

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Visit St. Mackenzie's Mistresses

St. Mackenzie's Mistresses

One for the grown ups

I'm not hugely into the schoolgirl niche, although St Mackenzies is vaguely on my list, both because most of the models are very obviously more than schoolgirl age and I'm a fan of the photographer - of Breath Takers and Girlfolio.

However, I do like a girl in uniform or workwear - especially a dominant one (in the milder sense) - so the teachers and matrons here should make it worth watching, hopefully there will be some more material soon!

04-08-13  02:06am

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Visit Smut Makers

Smut Makers

Would be good to see some sample video

Just saw this listed on TBP and it looks pretty interesting - a bit glam, with attractive models; but also a bit underground and real compared to run of the mill smut.

But the tour is relatively basic; webmaster, if you are reading, it would be great to see dates on updates; and also some sample videos. Meantime, this is on my to-try list...

03-08-13  12:13pm

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Visit Joy Mii

Joy Mii

Current TBP offer seems region free

Continuing the saga of regional pricing on this site...

It seems to persist, by way of the $25 site being €25 in Europe. BUT with the new TBP discount - I received it in the PU newsletter and it seems the same when clicking through from the site - the $15 offer seems to apply even in the UK.

This is a great site - for me it slightly wins out over it's closest competitor, X-Art - and worth joining at this price.

02-19-13  11:15pm

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Visit The Life Erotic

The Life Erotic

More interesting scenarios at TLE

Following my recent glowing review, this site continues to impress with its creative scenarios, great photography and atmospheric, high-production-values videography. Eg:

* I just found an older update in which the model sneaks off to a secluded location somewhere; laughs off and ignores an incoming call from a presumed boyfriend, and starts to enjoy herself. Later on, the phone rings again and she proceeds to use it to masturbate with in some detail (presumably the vibrating ring was on...)

* A recent video was titled 'Sex Art' - I figured they were just copping out and reusing a video from sister site Sex Art. As it happens, the video showed the model on bed with a laptop, watching a Sex Art video - then getting aroused and reenacting the blowjob she was watching with a dildo. Toys generally aren't my thing - but, like close-ups - here they manage use them without being run of the mill porn.

This is proper, erotic stuff that's both explicit yet still evocative. Recommended!

02-18-13  09:45am

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Visit Mom XXX.com

Mom XXX.com

A good choice for mature heartcore, perhaps?

Just noticed this as a new listing on TBP - it's from the same folks as Orgasms.xxx so uses some of the same models and a similar setup. The former is on my list of heartcore sites to try - and as I generally prefer slightly older models, it looks perhaps a better bet than the fake boobs of Pure Mature I spotted a while back. Would be interesting to see any reviews of this one!

01-29-13  12:58am

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Visit Breath Takers

Breath Takers

But Girlfolio still updates?

Just saw Spencer's new review of this site and it's a shame it seems to have stopped updating - it's one of my favourite sites in terms of material. It's rarely much, if any, more explicit that Met Art but somehow it puts more atmosphere and context into the photos, and makes them more appealing/arousing.

Interestingly, a quick look at Girlfolio, which has a large overlap with this site - the same photographer and locations, and many of the same models, shows it is still updating. That bumps it up my list a bit...

12-19-12  11:31am

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Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Lower update frequency, models back on track

A few changes at PP over the past six months or more. They went through a bit of a phase of models who, for some reason, didn't do much for me - perhaps too glam, losing the intimacy or voyeurism that made the material so appealing.

Things seem to have picked up a bit now, with very attractive, recent models, and again more intimate themes and sets - getting dressed, make-up and the like, which work for me.

Note, though, that updates are less frequent - from daily down to every 3 days at the moment. That's still pretty good for a $15 site and is still good value but if I re-review it, my score may drop a couple of points for that reason.

11-05-12  04:25pm

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Visit Big Tit Porno

Big Tit Porno

The height of sophistication...

Saw this reviewed and just the name made me laugh - I am trying to think of a less pretentious, more obvious name for a site but coming up short :)

10-24-12  01:19pm

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Visit New Nude City

New Nude City

Kern vs Hegre

Finally got round to joining this site - of photographer Richard Kern - a review will follow. One weird thing, though - based on the webmaster program, and Petter Hegre's name appearing on the video clips here, this seems to be aligned somehow with Hegre-Art.

Hegre's all about flawless beauty, technical excellence, perfect studio shots - which leave me a bit cold. Kern's images are of amateur girls, grainy looking, not particularly technical, often poor lighting and messy apartments. But more erotic :)

Perhaps it's nothing more than he and Kern are friends - but interesting because the two styles couldn't be further apart; I couldn't imagine them working together!

10-11-12  08:16am

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Visit Panty Flash Girls

Panty Flash Girls

From the Vintage Flash stable

As a panty fan, I just noticed this site listed - it's from, and includes, Vintage Flash, Pantyhosed4U and a couple of others. Makes this network seem even more appealing and pushes it up my list a bit!

09-25-12  12:58am

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Visit Classy Cams

Classy Cams

Classy had better be an understatement

Some of the models here are up to $12/min (yikes!), so I'd hope they are indeed classy. Or not classy, if that's what you're after.

I'm not directly comparing, since I guess this works for some folk... but if it were your thing, I suspect you could spend a night with a very lovely and willing partner for the price of an hour here...

09-03-12  07:52am

Replies (1)
Visit Pure Mature

Pure Mature

Nice idea, shame about the silicone

Taking a look at the samples on this site, it seems like a great idea - the X-Art/Joymii etc formula of well-shot, sensitive hardcore, but featuring slightly older models - I tend to find girls in their 30s very attractive.

Just a shame that many of them seem to have fake boobs... I know many here agree with me, but we seem to be in the minority in the industry!

07-23-12  02:27am

Replies (3)
Visit Take 5 Girls

Take 5 Girls

Take 5 taken out?

After wondering how this relates to other similar sites, and why it exists... it seems no longer to :| No DNS entry; seems to have been offline for a while at least.

Not sure if it's just temporary, or if 3 sites was stretching the material (which I still really like!) a bit...

07-20-12  04:02am

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Visit hotkinkyjo


'Kinky' is an understatement

Kinky to me means maybe some fetishwear, some light bondage, etc. So I took a quick visit here... it's rather more than that. The eponymous Jo seems to get involved in some quite extreme activities; I confess watching the trailer video made my eyes water and the one phrase that sticks in my mind is 'elbow deep'.

Anyway it seems worth a look for those of a (considerably) less sensitive disposition than me :)

07-15-12  01:42am

Replies (5)
Visit Babes Network.com

Babes Network.com

The worst kind of regional pricing...

Happend upon this site - seems to be a new one in the Joymii/X-Art/Orgasms genre of, dare I say, sensual hardcore.

Quite appealing, but... another one of those sites that thinks £1=$1, so whereas US folk pay $30, in the UK it's £30, over 50% more.

I'll wear the odd extra few $ here and there - such discrepancies are endemic, so I'd miss out on some good material if I was that principled about it. But this definitely counts me out.

Interestingly, it's from the same network as Twistys, who are quite happy to charge me the same $ price as everyone else.

07-12-12  12:39am

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Visit Andrew Blake

Andrew Blake

No downloads...!

I'd like to join this site - it's exactly the sort of content that appeals to me. Some well-known porn stars, but in a glam-fetish/underground style - it seems similar to, say, Foot Factory, Juliland or perhaps Stagg Street - all sites I am fond of.

However... from Spencer's review, it seems there are no downloads of anything at all. I've joined sites without zips, but usually it's simple to get DTA to fetch sets; but when shown in a flash slideshow, it's unlikely to be able to do that.

If this is still the case, that's definitely a deal-breaker; sites should solicit repeat custom by providing new content, not by making you pay to see what you saw already...

07-05-12  02:20am

Replies (1)
Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

New design, novel model listing

Although updates haven't quite been daily lately, this remains one of my favourite sites, and the only one I have a recurring subscription to. It's just had a bit of a facelift - looks good, and although there are still a couple of glitches to iron out, I particularly like the new model listing

Not seen anything quite like it. Also, the filtering facilities here remain exemplary - allowing you to search models and sets by many criteria - build, breast size, ethnicity, age, explicitness. Other sites would do well to take note!

07-05-12  01:51am

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Visit Brutal Fisting

Brutal Fisting

There you have it

Entirely brilliant opening line in Spencer's TBP review today:

‘Brutal Fisting is up for review today, and I don't know if there's technically a distinction between brutal and non-brutal fisting, since most fisting seems pretty brutal to me, but there you have it.’

Fisting really isn't my thing, but that kind of writeup does bring a smile to my face...

06-04-12  03:31am

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Visit Layered Nylons

Layered Nylons

Could win me over to the OT network

Just saw this newly listed at TBP and it's intriguing. I'm definitely a nylon fan, and IMO the more layers the better... as long as they come off eventually!

I've never been tempted by OT - I like the T but I think I'd find the O merely frustrating. Would be interesting to see how explicit this site is and whether it leaves us wanting... just a shame the preview is fairly poor compared to the other OT sites, there is little sample material to see.

05-11-12  03:20pm

Replies (7)
Visit Nena Blue

Nena Blue

Yet another one bites the dust...

This site seems to have been down for a while, so I guess should be delisted. A shame, since, despite it being infuriating, it featured some genuinely original and erotic material.

05-09-12  11:48am

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