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Visit My Free Cams

My Free Cams

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Many, many American, European and Asian models online, including some pornstars like Aria Giovanni and Teagan Presley and nude models like Ashanti (MET) and Mullty (My18Teens, etc.)
-Great variety of models. Girl/girl, BBW, Glamour, Teenie, BDSM, Squirt, etc.
-You can see pretty much anything for free
-Terrific interface with tons of options
-Huge member community
-Model and member profile pages
-"No guys" on camera. Pro for me. YMMV.
-Daily spending limits (negotiable)
-Reasonably quick replies *most* to inquries, complaints
Cons: -Privates are expensive.
-Camera, lighting, sound quality controlled by models and can vary greatly in quality.
-Frequent rudeness by members toward models and members. The price of a low membership cost.
-Rankings susceptible to manipulation (Most won't care).
-Inquiries, complaints occasionally ignored.
-You can spend a LOT of money there, which you may or may not have.
Bottom Line: So I haven't been visiting here so often because I've been passing a lot of time at this site. If you find yourself with time on your hands and a few bucks, this is a great place to spend them.

You can experience most of the content without paying a penny, but it's really worth spending the US$19.99 to have access to the private/group shows, lounge, private messaging, model ratings, tipping of favourite models, etc.

Costs work out as low as ~$0.08/token after the first few purchases. Models/studios get US$0.05/tk. True privates: 80 tk/min (US$6.40). Open privates (chat hidden/sound & video open): 60 tk/min (US$4.80). Spying on open privates, no chat: 20 tk/min (US$1.60). Group shows: 10 tk/min (US$0.80).
Free shows: Free!
Tips: As much as you can afford and then some.

Some models don't do privates or groups, but prefer to entertain members in free chat and collect tips. They can also change their minds and only do privates with people they like.

Some models allow anyone to PM them for free, others are selective, and others request a tip for the privilege.

The lounge is the town square. You can view free shows, shoot the breeze, gossip about models, spy on privates and view group shows from there. It's mostly used to discuss models. You can link model names and other members can see a current snapshot of their room and a brief profile of the model.

My Free Cams is not the kind of place to depend on if you are PRIMARILY interested in private chat unless you have a lot of spending money. Many of the models are also listed on other sites that charge less for that privilege. It would probably be considered bad manners to ask a model if she did cheaper privates elsewhere, so do your own research.

The beauty of MFC is that you can spend hours (24/7) there chatting with (mostly) beautiful models in various stages of undress and in various stages of arousal without spending a penny, if you so choose. Models are doing this to make money, so tipping is always appreciated, and recommended, but it is not essential to the enjoyment of the site.

Models have extensive profiles where you can learn as much as they'd like for you to know about them and message walls where you can express your admiration. Members may also create profile pages if they like.

A site by geeks for geeks. The interface is the most sophisticated I've seen anywhere. The search function could use some improvement, but beside that the account management and other options are many and useful.

10-02-10  10:36am

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Visit Chat GF

Chat GF

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Beautiful 20-something amateur Eastern European and Filipina models.
- Lots of free(ish) nude shows for members. There's a US$2.95 monthly or bi-monthly US$4.95 charge for unlimited public shows. Multiple shows daily.
- Predictable and reasonable costs for private chats.
- Full-screen mode for public chats.
- Respectful atmosphere for models and members.
- Excellent communication with webmaster.
- Decent translation software (Google?) for private chats available.
- Bonuses available for frequent fliers.
- Web features aren't flashy, but very functional.
Cons: - Public show schedule subject to change at very short notice.
- No full-screen mode in private chats.
- No chat in full-screen mode in public chats.
- Can't tip using deposited credits. Edit: Can now.
- No recordings of private or public chats available.
Bottom Line: This is a softcore chat site. Public shows are closely monitored and there are a number of rules of etiquette attendees are required to follow. Private chats are also soft, but they are not monitored and the tone and content of what is discussed is up to the member and the model.

I have a hard time being objective here. I love this site. It is a very new site, but Iím familiar enough with them after 3+ years that Iím confident in my review. Chatgf's webmaster used to be affiliated with a MAjor soft-core photography site which decided to go in another direction with their chats. Some of the cam models have photo sets and/or movies at that photography site, but they're no longer linked directly.

Registration requires that you ante up US$40(Ä32), which you can apply to future private chats. Per minute charges vary but the majority are US$2.00-2.50. Models set their own rates and more $ does not mean better. There are a flash movie and stills on each model page, but the best way to check out models are the public shows, which are THE biggest selling point of Chatgf in my opinion.

Payment is made up front, and gives you a certain number of dollar (euro) credits which you may spend as you wish. If you're a fan, you can purchase credits in large chunks and get discounts of up to 12%. In addition, for every 5 shows of US$150 or more, you are entitled to a bonus point. 5 bonus points get you $125 in free credits.

Public shows are great. As soft as they are, most of the public shows are very sexy and always feature nudity unlike free chats elsewhere. There is a tipping option if you decide that you would like to offer the model a token of your admiration.

Now some chat sites require that all the models sit there at their cameras and chat for free with anyone who enters their room. This site is not like that. Some models are on call and you can chat with them right away, with a small delay for preparation. Others post their schedules and you can book an appointment. Minimum chat times are 20 or 50 minutes.

As for language, these are mostly Russian models, with a few Romanians and Filipina models thrown in for good measure. The modelís English skills vary greatly, and so do their levels of engagement with the members. Some use microphones and speak English fairly well and some only type, and others aren't very comfortable in English and keep verbal communication to a bare minimum.

Finally, this site is far more of a "community" site than just about any other adult site I've come across. There's a friendly atmosphere in the public chats, very similar to the one at Pornusers, and members are generally cordial, as long as you treat the models and other members with respect. Some may find the content a little tame for their tastes, but, in the end, I don't find there's anything sexier than the friendly smile of a beautiful and very naked woman, unless it's the smiles of two beautiful and naked women.

07-23-10  02:41pm

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Visit Kiss Me Girl

Kiss Me Girl

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content
- Girls kissing is the focus. I like it!
- Progression from clothed to nude.
- Current videos are one file, 35-45 minutes, 500x278, 1.6K.
- Preview Trailer and Q & A movie included with all recent updates. Most also include a photo set.
- Natural, mostly well-known models
- Defaults sub is non-recurring
Cons: - No build-up in scenes
- 500x278 standard are okay, but 720 x 480 cost $10.95 each extra, and itís still not HD
- Updates are rare-ish (About 1/week in the month Iíve been subbed)
- Plain site design
- Older videos smaller, broken into parts.
Bottom Line: Yeah, yeah, itís not for everyone. Itís hot girls kissing other hot girls. If nothing about that interests you, thereís nothing to see here. Iím submitting this review mostly to highlight some changes from the most recent reviews.

First of all: Itís not just *kissing* anymore. There is credible full manual and oral contact with genitals and the occasional butt-crack; but you donít get to *see* it. Itís not hardcore, but itís not faked either. For a while there were even updates that included videos with everything-but-kissing cut out, but it looks like they gave up on that. I guess you can close your eyes during the cunnilingus if you feel the need.

Another improvement in my book is that movies are no longer all broken up into parts. Thereís a decent preview in case youíre short of bandwidth, but you wouldnít be here if you werenít a diehard g/g kissing fan, anyway. Oh yeah, and there are pictures now, if you like pictures. And a little Q & A where the girls interview each other, which is cute.

As far as esthetics, Iím not crazy about the scenes starting with the girls in full lip-lock. Thereís no introduction or build-up of any kind. No ďIíve missed you, babyĒ, no ďI like your hairĒ, no ďGee, Iíve never been with another girlÖĒ, no nothing. That would have added 5 points, but itís a very noticeable omission, in my opinion, and itís my review.

The biggest disappointment for me was that the ďhigherĒ definition movies that were apparently available for a while are now only available as additional purchases. On the other hand, if youíre only interested in two scenes from the whole site (unlikely), you can buy them for less than the price of a single monthís sub.

All in all, itís totally worth joining if you like girls kissing. Clothed lesbians kissing are a huge fetish of mine.

07-09-10  05:53pm

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Visit Girl Kiss

Girl Kiss

Back from the dead?

I was a member briefly a few years back. The site hadn't been updating for a while, so I did not stay. Technically, the material was mostly poor to awful, but I found the content hot. After a while the site then went completely dead.

Now I see it's been taken over and brought back and I wonder if anyone has checked it out recently. I imagine a lot of the old content is there, but I'm wondering about the newer material.

07-05-13  05:52pm

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N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

The live cams on MET Art are what got me to subscribe to that site a few years ago, and I'm still a member, even though their cam section changed for the worse. I now spend a great deal of time on MyFreeCams visiting with the same models I got to know when they were doing shows on MET Art.

05-14-11  06:48am

Visit Met Art

Met Art

Much Improved Movie Viewer

Now we all know that movies are not the primary draw at MET Art, but I've enjoyed some of them a lot. Up to now, the movie viewer has been the site's weak point. At one point in the past there was a seek bar, but then even that was disabled. Even in the larger size, you couldn't watch at anything like HD. All that is in the past.

As of yesterday, Met Art has a very nice JWPlayer for watching the movies, and we can now watch them in HD, when that resolution is available for the video and in full-screen. It's about time, but it's a welcome addition.

NB: They're having some technical issues with it at this moment, but when I logged in this morning for my daily perving, it worked great. :)

04-20-11  07:17pm

Replies (2)
Visit Live Jasmin

Live Jasmin
Reply of ace of aces's Comment

Some sites downsample the video. At MyFreeCams, the site I am most familiar with, for instance, no matter what the resolution of the model's cam, the output is always 320x240. You can resize the video, but the stream doesn't get any better. LJ streams at up to 800x600. Therefore, the same model's video feed will look much better if you are watching her on LJ than when you are watching on MFC.

04-17-11  04:55pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

Other, i.e., all of the above. I really like women.

01-30-11  06:46am

N/A Reply of nadiencendia's Reply

Thanks for the link. I liked the Eve's Spell one a lot. Looks like there's a fair bit there to hold my interest. :)

08-29-10  07:54am

N/A Reply of nadiencendia's Reply

I really wish there was a decent hypnosis/mind control site. I agree that the stories are usually much better than anything that's currently on adult sites.

Back when Usenet was all that, I used to spend a lot of time on ASSM (Alt.Sex.Stories.Moderated) and RAE (Rec.Arts.Erotica). Some of the stuff was of the nasty CP variety, but there was a lot of quality, too. The best stuff is archived on the web, so I still visit assm.asstr.org occasionally.

Writing decent erotic stories is a lot harder than it looks. Back when I was a know-nothing, no-money teen, my primary source of porn was stuff I wrote myself involving my more attractive classmates, and it was the beginning of my fascination with girl/girl sex. I still, uh, enjoy, creating scenarios in my head involving my favourite models.

I don't go out of my way to read much anymore, though. These days, what I really like are porn scenes and photo sets that have a little story behind them. Viv Thomas is an example of a studio that strikes a good balance by not only having hot action, but establishing a relationship between the characters.

08-29-10  06:40am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Both. I like photo sets and videos, too.

08-23-10  03:21pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

If they're *really* just trials, then they're great. If it's a scam site, then it's a scam site. I would only go for trials listed on TBP, and if anything goes wrong, that will reflect poorly on TBP.

08-21-10  06:41am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I voted "other". It depends on the model, and on the level of contrast. On some girls, they can be cute, and on others a turnoff. As slutty says, they're less attractive on more voluptuous models. On younger models, they add to the "innocence" factor. Then again, younger models with smooth skin can look great with no tan at all.

08-19-10  04:28pm

Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of selphy's Comment

I would be less annoyed with 21Sextury, et al, if, instead of making choose one package over another, we could just select X number of premium sites and Y number of second tier sites and make our own package.

Even if they restricted this to multiple-month memberships, it would be a big improvement. This is one of those companies where I enjoy the content, but am endlessly annoyed by the marketing.

08-19-10  04:23pm

Visit Watch 4 Beauty

Watch 4 Beauty

Now with cam shows

W4B has now added cam shows as a bonus for members.

08-15-10  09:18am

Replies (0)
Visit Aletta Ocean Empire

Aletta Ocean Empire
Reply of RustyJ's Comment

The whole 21Sextury/Porn Pass for All maze of sites has me thoroughly confused. It's one of the reasons I haven't joined yet, even though there's probably enough content with either group to take a chance. Aletta isn't listed as an included site for either network at TBP, but if you go to Aletta, you see that it is part of "some" network.

Your best chance at getting this cleared up might be to send a note to the webmaster.

08-15-10  07:10am

Visit MPL Studios

MPL Studios
Reply of Capn's Comment

I've been a member at this site a couple of times and have enjoyed it very much. They have great models and somewhat racier content than MET, but it is a bit on the expensive side.

Even with fewer updates, I would consider an annual membership if the price was more in line with MET's, especially now that they have added public cam shows. That would be $100-120 a year they'd be getting out of me instead of $35 a year.

08-15-10  06:33am

N/A Reply of mistresskent's Poll

I like blogs, diaries, site news and other community features. Twitter feeds are fun, too. I wouldn't join a site just because the model or webmaster communicates a lot, but it's a plus. As far as comments, I would prefer that they be pre-moderated, as some people have poor manners.

08-14-10  06:50am

Visit Sapphic Erotica

Sapphic Erotica
Reply of nadiencendia's Reply

It's not hard to figure out whether the site is for you. There are previews, and Sapphic Erotica themselves post 5-minute promotional clips on the tube sites.

I'm one of those g/g fans and found lots to like there. Of course not everything is a keeper, but with the sheer quantity of content you'll find on the site, there's something for every "mid/hardcore" g/g fan. I subbed for a couple of months this past spring and I plan to return in the future.

08-13-10  03:20pm

Visit Sapphic Erotica

Sapphic Erotica
Reply of Hardy214's Review

I don't think videos for very many sites were in HD until the last year and a half, so that's not really a fair criticism. The billing company to contact to cancel is the billing company that charged for the subscription. I signed up for a couple of months and had no doubt as to whom I had given my money to. If I sign up for 30 days, my next billing date is 30 days from the day you sign up. Any issues there sound more like user error than any fault of the site.

We didn't happen to snooze through our renewal, did we?

08-12-10  05:27pm

Visit MPL Studios

MPL Studios

Cams added

Softcore public cam shows astonishingly similar to those previously available at another softcore photo site are now also available to MPL members.

08-12-10  03:57pm

Replies (0)
Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of BadMrFrosty's Reply

The hotel will not typically have a range of IPs for guests. The hotel likely has a single external IP that's part of a pool assigned to the hotel's ISP. Internally, the hotel's router will use a protocol known as DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to assign IPs that look like 192.168.X.X on a local network, whether you are using wireless or wired access, the same way your router does at home. If you open a DOS window and type in "ipconfig /all", you will be able to see your local IP, which is invisible to anyone beyond the hotel's router.

If an IP is blocked, for whatever reason, all traffic from that IP is completely blocked. You won't even get as far as being able to input your user name, so the site isn't blocking you personally. It won't have anything to do with you having accessed the site from other locations.

That doesn't excuse 21Sex for having ignored your email, especially if you used the email account with which you subscribed.

08-12-10  03:19pm

Visit Back Room Casting Couch

Back Room Casting Couch
Reply of dracken's Comment

The Twitter channel is fun.

08-10-10  05:24pm

Visit See My Sex Tapes

See My Sex Tapes
Reply of fairguy112's Comment

That's odd considering that they advertise two different file formats.

08-10-10  05:07pm

Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of BadMrFrosty's Comment

I doubt they'll unblock the hotel's IP, since that would defeat the purpose of blocking Hungarian nationals. All users at the hotel share the same external IP. My favourite cam site does the same type of national blocking, but they do it model by model.

But yeah, they could have answered your email. :/

08-10-10  04:56pm

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