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What actions rile you most about male actors abuse of their partners?

Type: Content

Submitted by graymane (33)
Cursing and name-calling 10% 4 Votes
Roughneck and jerking around 13% 5 Votes
Slapping and pinching 8% 3 Votes
Spitting and /or facials 13% 5 Votes
Hair-pulling and choking 13% 5 Votes
Others 44% 17 Votes

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39 Votes Total

Nov 29, 2010

Poll Replies (29)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


Capn (28) I went for Roughneck & jeking around.
Not sure what that includes, but I dislike any form of abuse to be going on.

Cap'n. :0/

11-29-10  12:16am

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Lionheart (47) I'm fine with dirty talk, but when the girl actually crying because of what if going in scene its too much
11-29-10  03:57am

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lk2fireone (196) The first 5 answers are all forms of abuse, and are very common. The stud doesn't need to prove how manly he is by abusive behavior. Sometimes I wish the girls would kick the stud in the balls, then get a baseball bat and hit him a few times, and if the guy starts screaming from the pain, the girls should tell the stud to shut the fuck up and enjoy the pain.

Most of the screams of pain (and excitement and arousal) are fake, but sometimes I wonder if the girl is really feeling some pain from the rough treatment.

11-29-10  05:08am

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Denner (235) ......"Sometimes I wish the girls would kick the stud in the balls..." (quote from lk2)
Voted OTHER - for all....couldn't pick just a single one...

11-29-10  08:09am

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dalars (1) I would have liked the choice of "all of the above"
11-29-10  08:41am

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messmer (137) In real life I hate any sort of abuse. I'm not ashamed to admit that I even close my eyes when I see any act of abuse and brutality on TV.

However, despite the fact that I prefer softporn I look at this whole Porn "abuse" business as just that, an attempt to cater to a niche market with the willing cooperation of the female porn stars.

There is a fair percentage of masochists among us, as well as those who would do anything for money.

So it doesn't "rile" me, I just don't understand why spitting on someone (as one example)should be erotic. But then it takes all kinds.

11-29-10  09:54am

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RagingBuddhist (65) Anything that would, in any other circumstance, be considered assault, is a major turnoff to me.
11-29-10  11:39am

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jsmits80 (4) Women are very precious to me and would hate to see them abused in any way!
11-29-10  11:59am

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jberryl69 (Disabled) It's not just one thing or limited to the just the answers offered in the poll. Facial Abuse can be a bit overboard with their slapping, choking, etc. but it is what it is. I guess the thing that gets me most is what most male actors think of when throat fucking which is to treat it worse than a pussy when fucking it, when what they really want to accomplish and get them to that fast pumping motion is to slow fuck a girls throat - for me that right off the bat facefuck is so frenzied I can't really see what is going on and the point of it for me is to see the damn cock slide into and down her throat. While I realize you sign up for what you want, to just jump in over top seems counter intuitive of what you want to accomplish. If one thinks that getting a girl to throat you is best accomplished by fucking them like a dog in heat to start is the way to go, I beg to differ.
11-29-10  01:34pm

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jberryl69 (Disabled) REPLY TO #8 - jsmits80 :

Just wonder how you can find much porn out there that actually treats women with respect. Most people who object to porn do so because it degrades and objectifies women which doesn't go hand in hand with respect. Not sure you want to be watching porn if you're looking for precious.... unless you're like me, who thinks having woman throat fuck a cock down to the root is precious but definitely not respectful.
11-29-10  01:39pm

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Drooler (220) Any kind of abuse is bad. It's not like "that kind riles me the most, but those others don't as much."
11-29-10  03:43pm

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graymane (33) Screaming in the face of a woman you're banging and calling her a whore and a bitch just don't add up to anything that makes sense to me.... I don't care how much they're getting paid.
I've seen too many times a woman being yanked up from a coatical position and a dick shoved into her mouth.
Seen them (women) tossed around like rag-dolls, and man-handled like they were calves being roped and dragged down in a rodeo.
Slapping women's faces, tits and ass also seems to be a popular add-on some porn male stars find necessary ...either/or they simply have a mean streak and inflicting pain on a weaker animal gets them off.
Hair-pulling and choking have gained acceptance around pornsville now, and it looks so real sometimes one would think the ass-hole is really trying to kill the broad. How the hell did the simple act of having sex with a willing partner come this far?

11-29-10  04:58pm

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pat362 (373) I picked others because there wasn't an all of the above. Each of these things in an abusive way are unacceptable but one or two could be considered all right if used properly and not abused. Hair pulling can be a turn on for some women but the idea his not to hurt the person. Choking can also be a turn on but the line is too easily crossed and the dabgers too great. Cursing, slapping and spitting are never acceptable and usually make scene unwatchable.
11-29-10  07:14pm

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turboshaft (24) I say "Hair-pulling and choking" because they sound the most painful and certainly the most dangerous to me (I don't know what exactly was meant by "Roughneck and jerking around," though they could be worse). I've never been into the whole choking thing, especially when it's being done to a smaller partner by some creepy He-Man with a boner.

Seriously, of all the "abuse" on this list what else can go too far and fucking kill someone?! Can you curse someone to death, or spit them into an early grave? I'm sure one day some rough handling will cause a serious injury when someone on a set slips in a puddle of some mysterious body fluid and drops the other actor onto a nearby coffee table or tile floor. Maybe they will then drop the whole wrestling act.

I really hate spitting too, but only when it's in the face and then it's just being rude. If it's not in the face I don't find it abusive.

11-30-10  12:54am

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #10 - jberryl69 :

I think solo porn can be pretty respectful, though that pretty much leaves the women to masturbate and play with themselves--that's not disrespectful is it? Girl-girl/lesbian porn can be pretty respectful too, though that can easily devolve into what can be considered degrading and objectifying.
11-30-10  01:04am

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #15 - turboshaft :

Masturbation used to be called self-abuse. Maybe it still is. The idea behind that is that you are injuring yourself (psychologically?) if you masturbate.

So if you masturbate, you are not respecting yourself as a "normal" person would.

Then again, homosexuality was considered a mental disease when I was growing up. Plenty of people still think of it that way.

And regarding porn, I'm sure many people would consider all porn "degrading and objectifying." Objectifying seems to be some kind of curse word that labels whatever I don't like as "poo poo".

11-30-10  03:23am

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williamj (9) How about all of them.
11-30-10  04:52am

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jberryl69 (Disabled) REPLY TO #15 - turboshaft :

The entire topic of respectful porn seems like an oxymoron.

I see this interview and sex act by Brandi Lyons who talks about getting out of the business cause she thinks her 10 year old will find out what she does, then gets fucked sucked and analized as a finale.

It just seems crazy.

I try not to over think it, but am willing to pay to watch sex acts without thinking badly about the performers. Seeing a two GF's fist each other, or a married couple screw, or a female degrading herself at Facial Abuse, I realize that this is what they've chosen as a venue. I can only take so much of any of these, but I could watch Rebecca Blue, Gracie Glam, Jesse Jordan or Kasey Chase choke down deep throat all day.

But in the end, whatever a person uses to justify watching is okay. If they think the make it okay with themselves as the type of porn is respectful well, who's to say. Not me, though I still feel it's an oxymoron.

11-30-10  07:03am

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tangub (155) Others....as in all of the above. Can't stand to see some jerk having his way with a women which is why i seldom watch hardcore and stick mostly to softcore solo and nude art/glamour sites where the focus is on female beauty.
11-30-10  07:14am

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jberryl69 (Disabled) I've come to the conclusion that each female porn performer is different and what they will do for money is really up to them. When to back off a scene is in their control pretty much too. Max comes to mind when I say this as does Facial Abuse. Personally it's a bit over the top for my taste though the women who participate are willing and paid.

Some women like physical abuse, from slapping to rough sex to being whipped. It gets them off or at least turned on. But that might be a little over the top too for my taste.

Having a fist (or two) pushed up your pussy or ass seems like physical abuse, (sort of like have a baby in reverse) as does having Mandingo shoves his cock up your ass to the hilt or put his cock all the way down your throat... all seem like physical abuse, but I've seen it done with willing participants.

Seems like pain for some goes hand in hand with their pleasure, though for the life of me I can't understand it exactly, nor do I find in certain case that it is enjoyable to watch.

11-30-10  07:19am

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anyonebutme (14) The comments, "willing", "consensual", blah blah blah

When you realize/learn that girls who perform in such acts, pretty much across the board they all have either been (a) abused as a child, (b) abandoned as a child, or (c) abused and abandoned as a child...

Find me a pornstar who is performing in all these extreme acts who had a comfortable upbringing...

The other half is, porn thrives on misery. It's their bread & butter, how they make the big bucks. A girl gets attached to a healthy relationship with a boyfriend, she's most likely leaving the porn career. It is in pornographers' best interests to make her "undateable". It is also in pornographers' best interests to make porn buyers "undateable" also.

I say it is all abuse, and I don't like guys doing a single one of those things to girls on camera. Hence why I pretty much flat out refuse to watch any porn with a guy in the scene =D

11-30-10  11:35am

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #16 - lk2fireone :

Hey, it's only self-abuse if it's done properly! ; - )

And in my view it's wrong if women don't masturbate. I mean how can you look at a beautiful woman and not think "She's just gotta touch that body--it's a temple!"

Of course I would also argue that if a person thinks masturbation or homosexuality--or simply "being" a certain sexual orientation--is abnormal or abusive then they are the ones with the mental disease. In fact both masturbation and homosexuality are found throughout the animal kingdom, and I'm not talking just primates either. Probably makes living life as an animal a little easier to stand--and all with no parent or religious figure to castigate them for it.

Plus, if there's a god, why would he (or she) frown upon masturbation when he made it so easy for so many humans to do? Not to mention why did he let humans create so much porn and sex toys to assist in said sin?

11-30-10  04:00pm

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PinkPanther (46) I went for "Roughneck & Jerking Around" because it "sounds" the most abusive.

I like rough consensual scenes. A lot of women like a certain amount of rough sex - they like being man-handled, they like being grabbed at the throat, they like light slapping, most sexual woman love being spanked hard if it's in the right place - they like the excitement of feeling like a man is mad for them.

But there's a line - and I witnessed it clearly when I saw stuff on Clara G's site - where it goes from exciting consensual sex to abusive bull-shit - and as a fan of rough sex, I feel that I have the responsibility in watching it to have my radar on very high. I hate the shit that went on between Raul what-ever-his-name-is and Clara G. It was the porn equivalent of Ike and Tina Turner - it wasn't sexy. You could see it in her flinching before she would paste on an "Oh-ha-ha-ha" smile.

That's the shit I absolutely hate.

As to the choking - it's definitely true that if it's going to be done, it needs to be done carefully and skillfully. I like women being grabbed by the throat. I don't like women being choked, because most porn guys don't know what the fuck they're doing. There's a scene that Madison Ivy did for Brazzers with Keiran Lee - "Sexaholic" on the "Pornstars Like It Big" site in their network. Keiran is choking Madison and she pretty clearly falls over unconscious. There's an edit and the scene goes on. They probably both figured it was all in a day's work and both have continued to work for Brazzers, but that's not safe - far from it.

11-30-10  05:58pm

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Cybertoad (Disabled) I said Other :
All of the above is just IMHO is rude and not fantasy
but wacko. No need and is a huge reason ppl see adult industry and degrading. Doesn't matter if the actress is into it or not . What this stuff portrays is violence to women is ok. And I am not ok with that.

11-30-10  09:49pm

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RustyJ (145) Too much porn talk is almost always horrible. It's just embarassing and faked feeling.
12-02-10  02:54am

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Monahan (42) REPLY TO #17 - williamj :

Yep. I voted for "other" because all of the above was not an option.
12-04-10  09:46pm

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yote78 (5) I really don't mind seeing any of the above (except spitting and hard choking) IF it is done in a playful sort of way.

What I cannot abide is any action involving bodily waste. Pissing (or worse) on a girl is just downright sick, even if it seems like she's consenting to it. I can't see how any girl could consent to such a thing.

And, now that I think about it, I'm not too hot on facials, either. A guy can shoot it just about anywhere else...but on her face, that's just too personal and degrading. Too bad it's become so prevalent in the industry, almost to the point where it's expected.

I think justme is exactly right when he says that girls who consent to disrespectful porn abuse have almost certainly been subjected to abuse of many kinds their entire lives.

12-10-10  08:34am

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lawless (6) I dislike of of those actions. For me sex must be funny.
01-12-11  03:58am

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Sevrin (6) Other, i.e., all of the above. I really like women.
01-30-11  06:46am

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