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Visit Home Toy Teens

Home Toy Teens

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Fairly small, very manageable site.

-No download limits. You can easily download everything you’d like to keep in a one-month membership period. (I did it over the course of a couple weeks at a very leisurely pace.)

-Very pretty “real" girls. If you’re looking for a break from the numerous high-gloss mega-sites, Home Toy Teens is for you.

- Presents a well-worn theme (unusual object penetration) and takes it in a fresh direction by getting away from the "freak show" aspects of the genre and much more toward, dare I say, honest performances where the girls look like they're actually enjoying themselves in an erotic experience rather than just getting freaky for the sake of getting freaky.
Cons: -No updates (only a small “Con” as there’s plenty of great content even without updates)
-Videography/audio somewhat less than great in a few spots (but again only a small “Con”)
- No HD (but still good quality about 95% of the time)
Bottom Line: Home Toy Teens is a relatively small site of about 70 models, all Russian. Each girl has 1-2 videos and photosets each. (For anyone who cares, some of the girls are actually out of their teens, although not by much.) It's a "static" site; that is, the site no longer updates with new content.

If you want to see hot chicks getting fucked in wild boy/girl action...well, you're in the wrong place, buddy. No guys here. This is a totally all-girl, all-solo, all-masturbation site. HTT doesn't feature glamorously beautiful girls or ones that you’ve seen from one side of the adult Web to the other (although there are a few of both of those here). What you will see is lots of very attractive "girl-next-door" types getting themselves off in some very imaginative ways. Some of the girls use actual dildos and vibes but, as the name of the website implies, most of them use "home toys"; that is, "found" items from around the house (bottles, spray cans, veggies…you get the picture) which they use as improvised sex toys for their very hot and horny private masturbation sessions.

I know…that’s nothing new. There are lots of sites where the models penetrate themselves with unusual objects. I’ve visited/joined many of those sites. But one thing that always strikes me about all of them is how self-conscious the models look when they have all kinds of weird shit sticking out of their cunts. And so many of the models look just as freaky (massive tattoos, piercings, rock-hard silicone tits) as the objects they’re fucking themselves with, often to the point where the girls look more like avatars than real girls. It’s as if all the freakishness is the point in itself rather than being part of the overall erotic experience for the viewer.

That’s where HTT is different. Here you’ll find beguiling, gloriously naked girls who genuinely look like they enjoy fucking themselves with whatever they can find to relieve their youthful passions. At the beginning of some scenes, some of them look a little more uncertain about it all and obviously need some direction. But once they get to rockin’ and rollin’ with themselves, they don’t need ANY direction. I think they all know we’re “there” watching them through the camera lens and that we want to see them at their nastiest. They don’t disappoint. It’s a beautiful thing to watch girls like Kate riding a bottle on her bed, Talia fucking a hammer and Jewel stretching her hole to the max with a thick eggplant. Not only are scenes like this scorchingly hot, but if you’re like me, it makes me think about just what my own neighbor girl might be getting up to when she’s alone.

Overall, Home Toy Teens is a very good site and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to see some really cute girls getting VERY wild with themselves in some VERY kinky ways. You won’t get a lot of glossiness. But what you will get is some wickedly erotic scenes of girls just like the one you might have living right next door in your own neighborhood.

05-07-10  02:35pm

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Visit Full Screen Teen

Full Screen Teen

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Small site (only 20 models) but all the girls are hot, with many being outright drop-dead gorgeous.

None of the girls are exclusive to this site (i.e. Bambi, Blue Angel, Lauryn May). But that's not a bad thing; all of them are girls who have shown us time and time again how much they love to get wicked nasty with themselves for the camera! They certainly don't disappoint here!

Some mix of body types, but most of the girls tend to be pleasingly curvy. For anyone who likes naked girls who are soft, feminine and slightly rounded in all the right places, this is a "don't miss" site for you.

Superb videography. Nice, clear video and well-balanced sound (FYI: no music here; all you'll hear are moans, groans, squeals and screams of intense self-induced pleasure!). Good mix of full and medium body shots. But, delightfully, we're often down there right between the models legs where the action is, often looking up the length of her body to a beautiful face contorted in sweet pleasure.
Cons: At any given time only about 15 or so of the models are available. The ones that aren't available are then periodically (re)released one or two at a time as "updates," while some of the models who were available now go away to be released again later as "updates." NOT really an update, of course, but I know many other sties do it as well.

You can only download about 3-4 models per day before the site cuts you off with a message that says some thing like, "Excessive Bandwidth Usage" and then keeps you from logging in again until at least the next calendar day, if not 24 hours (I'm not sure which).

Also, related to the above, the site has links to view segments of several commercially-released DVDs (i.e. Daddy's Dirty Daughter). BUT, if you view those segments, it counts as part of your bandwidth usage, meaning you'll have less to use to view actual site content. So, DON'T click on those links if you are really only interested in seeing the maximum actual site content.
Bottom Line: Despite the small size and download limitations, this is still a smokin' site. The production quality is first-rate...and the content is so awesome that you'd practically have to be in a coma for it not to make you rock-hard.

In short, if you like to see gorgeously naked young women with absolutely no inhibitions passionately fucking every wet hole they have, then you're gonna love FullScreenTeen.

My advice is to buy a $13.93 monthly recurring membership and download everything you want to keep (easily done in a month, even with the download limits and rotating "updates") and then cancel the membership before the month is over.

Happy dirty downloading!

04-27-10  09:37am

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Visit Glory Sluts

Glory Sluts

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A small site (about 30 models, each with her own pic/vid gallery) but generally pretty good quality. All the girls are hot but there are some ( who are fuckin' awesome! (Valerie, Regina Ice, Valentina and Jennifer Love, to name a few).

The video quality is only okay. Usually that would be a "Con" but the mild graininess and the red hue actually adds a lot to the raunchiness of what's going on in the video; like an old "stag film" only the girls are getting MUCH nastier!

The music in the videos ranges from provocative to annoying and it comes and goes throughout each video. Normally this also would be a "Con," but as with the video quality, the music adds a kind of "rawness" which is actually kind of refreshing from the slick polish of other sites.

In some of the videos, the girl is still masturbating even as the camera stops rolling, which gives a feeling that the video is not so much a "performance" as much as a secret vignette into her real and very intimate private moment
Cons: S-L-O-W video download speeds (zipped picture galleries are alright). It takes about 15 minutes to download one 8-15 minute video, even with a download accelerator like DownItAll. But I found that download speeds actually improve if you download two or three videos at a time.

Some of the videos (both download and streaming) stop after about four minutes and go to a gray screen. Very disappointing since all the girls (namely, Greta, Lili, Linda and Lulu) were really getting into it when the vid cut off and looked like they were all well on their way to a nasty, rockin', climactic finale.
Bottom Line: For the price, it's not bad. There are many better sites out there but this one is worth a short look.

My advice would be to buy the $9..95 monthly recurring membership, download everything you'd like (easily done in a month, even with the slow download speeds) and then cancel. the membership.

04-26-10  07:53am

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Visit Simon Scans

Simon Scans
Reply of LPee23's Reply

Where? Where are they online? Certainly not on the Simonscans website, or else I'm missing something.

04-27-15  01:55pm

Visit Simon Scans

Simon Scans

This site is dead...probably for the best

Now there's NO CONTENT other than the "home" page, which gives large thumbnail previews of pictorials supposedly added to the site (remember, no videos anymore). But when you click on them, they go virtually nowhere. It's still on the internet, but for all intents and purposes this site is dead. Probably for the best b/c I never thought they were playing straight. On the other hand though, too bad b/c this site had some great content. It was just so poorly managed.

04-27-15  01:53pm

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N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

Depends on when she started. It's different if she started when she was 18 or 20 rather that 24 or 25. Generally, by the time she gets to 30 it's probably time to think about getting out (although that's really not a hard and fast rule either.) Then there are the timeless beauties (Eufrat comes to mind) who just see to get better with age.

04-27-15  01:44pm

Visit Simon Scans

Simon Scans

No more videos?

I hadn't browsed on this site in a while and I was very surprised to find that it seems they've taken down all the video content from the site in the past month or so (Sept/Oct '14). I'd always thought of this site as much more of a photography site anyway, but did they really do away with ALL their video content?

Although the site didn't have a lot of videos, at least compared with most other sites, virtually all of the videos were wickedly hot. Wildly uninhibited performances by well-known stars like Eufrat and Carmen Gemini as well as girl-next-door types, all of whom looked like they truly enjoyed showing themselves at their nastiest for the camera. Too bad that now seems to all be gone. I never got around to actually joining but now I know I definitely won't. Most of the appeal for me went away when they took down the videos.

Actually, reading some of the other comments esp. regarding all the potential malware associated with this site, I'm glad I didn't.

Maybe if they bring back the videos AND do something about the malware problems, I would finally get around to joining.

10-08-14  06:05pm

Replies (1)
N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Reply


I wouldn't worry about that happening, EVER. Sexual gratification is too strong a force in the human psyche for porn to go away, and the internet is by far the most efficient and egalitarian means of mass distribution of that gratification.

Yes, there are parts of the world where porn is suppressed, sometimes brutally. But it doesn't take a very in-depth look at those countries to see what kind of society is created by the suppression of such basic human needs.

There will probably always be some places in the world where sexual gratification/porn and other basic human desires are suppressed. But I believe the general trend is leading towards more freedom of thought and self-determination, despite some occasional setbacks.

01-31-14  08:11am

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

I would take "The Squirrel's" previous comment and turn it around:

When internet porn stops, so will the internet.

Whether the "blue noses" want to believe it or not, the largest bulk of traffic on the internet is porn. It's human nature...people love sex and all things sexual. That will never change, no matter what may be legislated or otherwise forced by those who refuse to accept that fact.

01-31-14  07:52am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

For most sites, it takes me damn near forever from the time I decide I might want to join a site to when I actually do it. My PU mate "turboshaft" summed it up better than I could, so read his post and you'll pretty much get my thoughts, as well.

I usually think,"This looks too good to be true..." I'm almost always afraid that the actual content will be nowhere as good as the previews (provided there are previews), that it will be something different than what is represented initially, or worse, I'll end up getting all kinds of pop-ups, spam or a nasty virus (some less-than-reputable sites can be pretty insidious at cutting through anti-virus and pop-up software).

There are exceptions, of course: I have no hesitation to join the big, well-established sites like, nubiles.net, DDFNetwork, 21Sextury. At one time or another, I've joined each of them without any second thoughts. Generally, if the site is well-known entity with a good reputation, I have no problem jumping right on board.

01-31-14  07:21am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I generally don't come to Porn Users much any more. That's not because I've lost interest, but more because I don't have as much time as I used to. and when I do indulge in porn-related internet activity I prefer to go at actual porn sites...and usually my old favorites.

However, if I happen to see some new site or some other thing that interests me, PU is definitely the site that I consult to see what others are saying about it.

01-24-14  06:47pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I don't really notice them that much. I'm usually looking at much more interesting things.

01-24-14  06:39pm

Visit Teen Models

Teen Models

For the record...

I stand corrected. TM is now once again posting videos, albeit still only one rather than two per week, like in the not-so distant past. Still, I'm not complaining. It's good stuff...

01-14-14  07:23pm

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Visit Teen Models

Teen Models
Reply of TeenModels's Reply

So I see,on my last visit to the site. Guess I spoke too soon (or waited too long!) Nice additions...

Thank YOU, Mike! You've restored my confidence in TM! I'm probably going to be coming back soon.

01-14-14  07:09pm

Visit Teen Models

Teen Models
Reply of Drooler's Comment

Yes, you are absolutely right. I too have noticed that they are consistently posting content (both pictorial and video) originally produced in the mid-2000s and sometimes somewhat earlier. But I don't really mind all that much b/c those models are some of my all-time faves (Gina, Lola, Jenny S. Anetta K, Ally, Eufrat...just to name a few), and virtually all their "new" sets and vids are content that I haven't seen before.

What really bugs me, however, is how TM seems to be phasing out new video content (see my 1/14/14 comment). Really a shame, if that is indeed the case. They've given me some of the best stuff in my collection and now it seems I may not be getting any more from them. Hope I'm wrong. We'll see, I guess...

01-12-14  08:30pm

Visit Teen Models

Teen Models

WTF's Goin' On Here?

Teen Models is still posting almost daily picture updates, but they haven't put up any new vids since Dec 27(2013). Are the Webmasters on some kind of extended holiday vacation? Or are they no longer intending to put up videos, at all?

Over the last few months, they've gone from posting two video updates per week (Monday & Friday)to just one on Friday...and now it seems they've gone down to none at all. Too bad, b/c in the past they've given us some of the hottest single girl/masturbation video content out there, and now their best selling point seems to be fading away completely.

I was getting ready to join again, but if they're no longer going to post new videos, then much of the "draw" is gone(for me, at least), and I'm pretty much no longer interested.

I hate to give up on one of my all-time favorites, but I may just have to be content with staying with the many other websites out there that can give me what I'm looking for. Just sayin'...

01-12-14  08:05pm

Replies (2)
N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

If, by swinging, you mean the "throwing your car keys in the salad bowl" type...never. I think that would be terribly awkward and false. (See Joan Allen's 1997 film, "The Ice Storm," a truly great movie)

However, a little extra-marital action with someone with whom you have at least some small emotional connection, then I would consider that. In fact, I've done more than consider it...

04-28-12  09:49am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Yes, I have my Grandfather's antique .306. but I haven't fired it in years.

Although I fully support sane, reasonable gun-control laws, I also firmly believe in the right of private citizens to own firearms. The last thing we want as a society is for all the guns to be in the possession of the police and the military. That's a sure path to tyranny.

There's far too many guns out there and far too many "nuts" of every political and social bent, at least in the U.S. But I still believe that firearm ownership should be limited as little as possible. If that sounds contradictory, it's because it is...

04-28-12  09:41am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Always! I always check TBP/PU and sometimes others before joining a site.

04-28-12  09:30am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I love 'em best naked, naked and naked...although nylons, footwear, lingerie (so long as it doesn't cover up too much, esp. the good parts) aren't bad if they're incorporated right.

04-28-12  09:28am

N/A Reply of Ergo Proxy's Poll

Really kind of a dumb question. I'm pretty happily married, got two grown kids...and love porn! Fortunately, I have a wife who lets me indulge in my curious little pastime, just so long as I implicitly promise that it won't get to kinky or let it control my life. Besides, she know she reaps the benefits of my motor getting revved up by such other means as are provided by porn.

So, what else can I say other than that this is a question which is far too complex be answered by a few multiple choices.

04-28-12  09:25am

N/A Reply of lk2fireone's Poll

Generally, pretty good. Fortunately, I haven't had that many issues.

04-28-12  09:18am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Depends on how interesting the thread was in the first place and/or how well the issue(s) discussed were resolved.

04-28-12  09:16am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

No, I trust (probably more than I should) that if they say they are age-compliant, then they are.

Yet, I remember back to Tracy Lords back in the '80s...damn, with those big knockers, she certainly could (and did!) pass for 18+. But, alas, she was all of only 15. (That might an interesting poll question to ask how many people still have old Tracy Lords, et.al. pix and VHS tapes stashed somewhere...but then who would actually admit to that?)

If a model really wants to get into the "biz," it's probably still not that hard to beat the system.

I think, however, that most reputable sites try very hard to keep themselves age-compliant, if only for their own sake. And I try to do my best to avoid sites that appear to be unreputable...and, so far to be best of my knowledge, that's been enough.

04-28-12  09:12am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I re-upped w/ Teen Models back in January, but I have since cancelled my membership, not b/c of anything adverse...simply want to let the updates catch up a little before I join again.

Right now, I'm not subscribed to any site, but that will probably change in the next month or so.

04-28-12  08:55am

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