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TheSquirrel (53) 04-09-14  05:11pm
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Access to bonus sites?

According to Duke, this site does not come with bonus access to the No Rest Network sites, but according to the preview home page it does. Either way, it's good to see the No Rest Network out of hibernation even though it is under new management.

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pat362 (375) I think Duke and probably anybody else associated with TBP and PU can be forgiven for any lack of current news on this site and any other associated with the No Rest For... network. Here is what I can tell you. Giorgio Grandi is the man responsible for all the content on the network and he posted on the EBI forum on April 5 that he would again start to update the network with new stuff and this site is now part of the network.

On the surface this sounds like great news and maybe it will but let say a few words about Giorgio for one minute. This is the man who in 2011 stopped updating his sites but never told anyone that he was doing that and certainly never stopped offering year long memberships to his customers. He sort of came back in 2012 with some new stuff and some sweet words that he was back but that was BS since the sites stopped updating only a couple of months after the announcement. Now he's saying that he's back and will update the network with some new content (were did I read that story before?) and if you are a newbie and visit his sites then you would believe that it's true because there is some content dated 2014. The first problem is that the dated is a complete lie since the content is a lot older and worse is stuff he already had released in years past but probably removed for just this kind of occasion.

It's your money and you can do what you like with it but don't come crying to me if you feel cheated and please do not buy a membership longer than one month because you will definitely regret it for at least 365 days.

04-09-14  06:29pm

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TheSquirrel (53) REPLY TO #1 - pat362 :

Thanks for the info Pat. So it sounds as though this is not under new management after all? Rarely do I stay with a site for more than a month or two, and have never signed up for anything longer than a month originally. The material looks good even though it is old, and they don't seem to use scummy pre checked cross selling. Be interesting to hear if this is a standalone or whether it comes with the rest of the network.
04-09-14  06:41pm

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Freax Media Gro (3)
The review/sitefact on the bestporn is not update yet, it will be in few days I guess.

Pat, Like you see on EBI there is a spacial offer for old members who who feel cheated with a special price. You did not mention about.

In February 2011 I had the police in my studio in St. Peterburg and I had to move in a different place. It happened again in June 2011, so I decided to move in another country.

In November 2011 I started again to update the websites and I developed also analeducator like *external website* to the network. Updates were regular until Jan/Feb 2013 (on network and also on AE, I dont remember exactly the last update), then I got hacked and I lost the main database who manage all the contents/updates/websites.
For a while I thought to leave the biz, but then I started from scratch.
Now the websites are back online with network access.

Few notes/tips for users.
*calendar of updates*
in the bottom of the page of analeducator (and also of the other websites), there is a link to the whole network calendar of updates. If you check now (today is April 10), I can tell u that in this month there are 4 (may be 5, I should check) scenes never published before, I mean new contents.
Pay attention to the next 2-3 weeks only, I dont schedule anymore very forward updates.

any user can every time ask to payment processor/website owner for a re-found if there are no updates.

*year long memberships*
the nature of the long membership is not only to get new updates and save money, but its also a solution for the user to access the contents for one year. In 2013 I had about 500 scenes online, enough for one year I guess. If you could check the download/streaming stats you will see that most of the users who purchase a long membership doesnt download any video, but simply use the streaming. Who use to download all the contents is who purchase a 30 days membership and then cancel it. Then the same user purchase another membership after 3-6 months and download all the updates.

Few more considerations
1 - many big networks re-load old contents in home page advertising them like *last updates*. The think is that no one usual understand it because they have so much contents online that if you are not in the business (and may be in contact with them, because I use to shoot for them) you will never understand it. I mean really big fishes, who advertise many updates/month, but the true is that 1/2 are old scenes re-loaded with a different release date.

2 - TBP will updates review of the sites already online and I will release more websites in the next weeks. To add them in TBP will take time according to my marketing strategy, so I suggest you to go bookmark the calendar of updates and take a look about the new scenes coming soon in the whole network.

3 - in the week across March and April there are no updates because I had a personal issue (not really a issue, I have just become a father)

I hope this clear a bit the situation.
Have fun

04-10-14  12:35am

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TheSquirrel (53) REPLY TO #3 - Freax Media Gro :

Excellent and informative reply. This is one place I will join. The problem with the industry is scummy behaviour like pre checked cross selling and automatically charging your credit card if you press the wrong link, tarnishes everyone. Here is a very good explanation of why things turned out the way they did, which is just like life. Things don't always go the way you planned, which applies to life, love, industry, anything really.
04-10-14  08:47am

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Freax Media Gro (3)
REPLY TO #4 - TheSquirrel :

Yea life is wired, specially in this industry.

Anyway, we have no xsales or bullshit. We work with CCBILL, so take it easy.
Have fun!

04-10-14  10:03am

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #2 - TheSquirrel :

I hope not because if you join through no rest for the ass then you also get this one. I'm pretty sure you will get the entire network and I hope you don't regret it.

I know I'm not joining because Girgio's past business practices pissed me off so now I refuse to give him my money.

04-10-14  01:56pm

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Freax Media Gro (3)
REPLY TO #6 - pat362 :

If you dont want to give me your money you can give me your experience. Now thinks are really different from the past... I sent you a private message.
04-14-14  11:10pm

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #7 - Freax Media Gro :

Sorry for not having replied sooner. I never got your PM but I think I can offer tell you what I think is wrong with your site(s).

1-Changing the dates on content to make it appear as though it's new and not a couple of years old is a big problem because it makes you look dishonest right from the start. If you can't offer brand new content then simply say so.

2-Offering any membership longer than one month is not a good thing for someone who has already cheated his customers twice in the past few years.

3-Charging more than 20$ for what is essentially old content is just not a nice thing to do.

4-A banner which links to your join page claims 30 updates per month which is a blatant lie since gags girl has only 2 videos, pupil teens won't be online until April 23 (if then) and dildo and fisting links back to anal educator so you aren't really getting seven bonus sites.

My theory is that you suspected that almost no one was going to pay money to join no rest for the ass because you screwed too many past members so you came up with a new site which contains all of your old scenes with maybe some new ones and this was another quick cash and grab scam where you won't be updating with actual new content and charge customers a premium price.

If you think that anything I wrote is incorrect then please tell me where and offer proof to validate your claim.


04-18-14  09:35am

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Freax Media Gro (3)
REPLY TO #8 - pat362 :


- About point 1 -
Im uploading the old contents in regular way, the contents have not been exposed to much in the past and starting from scratch I did not have any different solution. All the members who ask re-founded because of smt according to old managements are re-founded and I try to make happy all member who claim smt with discounts and what ever I can-

- About point 2 -
User if free to chose the membership he prefer

- About point 3 -
In that you can be right for your point of view. I did few test in the join page before to submit websites to TBP: 9.90/month - 19,90/month and the actual price. There are no difference in conversion rate. You are not in the biz, but price is last issue when you prepare a website.

- About point 4 -
From April 21 the network where belongs NRFTA, AE, RTO etc is in daily updates. Go in AE, bottom of the page *Calendar of Updates*. Without to count there are other bonus contents (not bonus feeds) for the members also until now.

NoRestForTheAss is still the top seller, no doubts about that. And network is growing with other contents. Check the topic on EBI (where I offered discounted price to pissed members) and you will see what is coming.
I just added the Coming Day for DAF (thank you for noted the issue) and for PT you can already see the updates scheduled in the *Calendar of Updates*.
I need to change the button *Bonus Sites* with *Network Sites*. In total the network has 7 sites, not 8 (the site you surf + 6 bonus). I will do it as soon as I can. User can misunderstand now I think (you did)
I added *7 Sites* less then 30 days before the first scene of PT will be online, I can not change design every week according to what is new. I feel me clean in that.

I sent u a private message for offer you a no-cost membership for check the Member Area and may be start to change a bit the opinion about what is going on, and you could also give me a feedback about the MA.

Happy Easter!

04-18-14  10:47am

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #9 - Freax Media Gro :

I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming that you didn't understand my previous post so here goes.

1-I don't have a problem with you uploading old content but I do have a serious problem when you put a recent date on it to make it appear as though it's new. You and I both know that the stuff tagged 2014 is way older than that.

2-Of course you'd say that because you want some poor unsuspecting person to buy a year long membership when you know it's possible that you will be out of business before the year is over and you won't have ad to refund that person. That's basically what you did twice in the last 3 years with your "No rest for the a.." sites.

3-Who's talking about conversion rates? I'm talking about your join price of 30$ which shouldn't be higher than 20$. In fact seeing as the bulk of your current content is a few years old than it should be even lower. It's not like you need the money to pay for those shoots since they were paid a while back.

4-Just so you know that I'm quite knowledgeable. I checked the EBI link for your so called calendar and the updates stop on May 8 so anyone joining can expect to get updates only until then. Since we are already April 18 than that is less than one month of updates.

I appreciate that you need to make a living but I don't think it all right that you steal it out of our pockets. Good Luck with your so called new sites but it's just plain old stuff to me.

04-19-14  02:02pm

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Freax Media Gro (3)
REPLY TO #10 - pat362 :

I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming that you didn't understand my previous posts as well.

Anyway, just for close the conversation.

- The calendar of updates just show the next 2 weeks, more or less.
- 30 or 20 usd does not change the number of sales, so the price will stay like it is.
- Im more happy to sell monthly membership then anything else because users continue to stay.
- There are not xsales or bullshits
- Old members can drop a email for get discount
- The contents are great, users who did not download yet are welcome. And here is the point, contents rule.

In your review list there is one website in the top ten who is actually updating every day with one old scene, I know very well because I shoot contents for them.

04-22-14  03:39am

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