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Hardcore Gang Bang (1)

rearadmiral (388) 01-12-14  09:07am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Rare niche
- Coupled with Bound Gang Bangs
- Membership gives you discounts to other Kink sites
- Many A-list models
- 59 scenes
- Updates weekly
- Usual well-done Kink.com site
- Supports download managers
- Streaming and downloads
- Choices for file type and resolution
Cons: - Not for the faint of heart, probably among the most extreme sites on the internet
- Female model name should be more prominent
Bottom Line: Let me start with a few of caveats:

• This is probably one of the most extreme hardcore sites on the internet. Consider this a “may not be suitable for all audiences” warning.
• Many of the scenes use a r@ape fantasy as the scenario. I say this for two reasons, first to warn potential members of this fact, and second to tell people that I had an email chat with Khan and while he okayed describing the scenes in this way he said that using the actual word could cause problems for this site so if you’re commenting DO NOT USE THE WORD lest you incur the wrath of Khan.
• Each scene, regardless of the scene set-up, has an interview with the model both before and after the scene. The initial interview CLEARLY shows that the model will be shooting the scene fully informed of what the scene will entail and fully consents to it and that there is a safe word in use. The concluding interview makes it clear that the model had nothing occur that she did not fully consent to. In all the interviews I watched the models reported that they enjoyed the scene.

In all my years of buying porn online this is possibly the most extreme hardcore site I’ve ever joined. Other Kink sites come close, but the use of a particular scenario in many of the scenes is what put this over the top. A membership here is definitely not for everybody.

Unlike a lot of other Kink sites, this one does use a scene setup. There is a storyline that plays out at the beginning. What I mean that is with sites like Device Bondage and The Training of O, which can be quite intense, there is really no scene setup. A model does a shoot and that’s it. Here, there is a story and much more often than not that story involves some sort of force by a group of men against a woman. No matter how you slice it, most of the scenes here involve simulated r@pe. If you think you’d be offended by that, and I’m sure a lot of people would be, then don’t subscribe. Apart from the setup, the entire scene tends to follow the script with lots of slapping, spitting and generally rough sex.

If done wrong, these scenes could likely cause some problems for Kink, but each scene has an interview with the model both before and after the scene where it is made clear that model knows what she’s getting into and then the post-scene interview confirms that. There is no mistaking that this is pure fantasy.

Speaking of the models, one thing that struck me about the site, and it likely speaks to Kink’s good reputation in the business, are the number of A-list porn models who appear here. With material this extreme you’d think that only the hardest of the hardcore or fetish models would be here, but that isn’t the case. Models like Chastity Lynn, Casey Calvert and Tara Lynn Foxx are here. Sure, they aren’t exactly wallflowers but I am still pleasantly surprised to see them here.

There are currently 59 scenes uploaded with a new one being added each week. Most of the scenes last about an hour, with some exceeding that.

As with all other Kink sites, they get the technical stuff right. The site is well laid out and the user can change how the site looks by selecting how much information will be displayed on the main page.

One minor quibble is that with each scene the entire cast is credited. I have no problem with that, but the female should be given top billing in all cases. Sometimes you have to read through several names before you get to the female model. I buy porn to see the women. The men are just props.

Streaming and downloads are both available, and Kink offers a broad range of choices. There are four streaming resolution options available. Downloads are available in WMV or MP4 with each format being available in five resolutions. I downloaded the MP4 HD option which is 1280x720, 5000kb/s and 29fps. (For comparison, “large” comes in at 960x540 at 1500kb/s and “medium” is 640x480 at 825 kb/s.) If you can spare the space it is definitely worth it to download the HD files. They are large though, with the average being 2GB.

Videos are also available as clips if you have a slow connection or only want one specific part of a scene.

The site supports download managers and I had no issues with links timing out with five or more scenes in the queue.

To add more value to this membership, it includes a membership to Bound Gangbangs. BGB stopped updating in August 2012. A member explained here explained that this was due to billers being uncomfortable with the content so in order to save it the models were no longer to be bound. There are 93 scenes that are pretty much like what you’ll find on HCG but with the models in bondage while it happens.

Obviously the audience for this material is limited, but if you like this extreme porn (with full consent from the model) this is an excellent choice in a rare niche. I’m not aware of any other sites like this, but if there are some, I’m betting that this is better than the others.

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Replies to the user review above.

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graymane (33) From one to ten as a gauge to show where I stand as to the degree of abuse put upon those women from their male partners (one being the least, ten the highest level of abuse) in any given sex scene, shot and wrapped within the perimeters permitted by a purposed code of a loosely defined industry standard of decency
(sort of porn's way of "ask but don't tell" numbered approach ....
My answer will come as no surprise to the regulars here, but I will announce loud and clear I'm still and always gauged, unequivocally a resounding ten.

To see a guy slap, choke, pull hair, spit upon, stuff hand/fingers in mouths, as well as roughing his partner up in other sordid ways, puts me on the fringes of destructive rage.
Despite the profit marker enjoyed by commercial porn .... or the "fairness factor" -- whether associated with porn production or however administered by those who shoot this stuff ..... I flat cannot see anything but harm ultimately associated with aggrandizing this abominable practice.

What's of greater importance, however, is overall the beauty of another splendid review. You're still up there with the masters, my friend, and this, the latest, is just another impressive journalistic testament, always in the body of your unceasing selfless endeavor to help, inform and alert the other of us that we avoid costly moves we'd otherwise potentially make had we not been so well informed. Additionally, providing valuable guides to those of us who're otherwise undecided and need a compelling nudge, the evidence of which so well amplifies your tireless labors and welcome ability to detail, and go the extra mile, drawing from the heart your time, effort and every other positive aspect one possessing your inherent values would serve in producing an excellent review.

01-12-14  06:04pm

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Parsnip (12) The material on this site really is the worst of the worst. The little "interviews" are used by Kink to circumvent our already minimal restrictions on violence in porn and protections for the female performers. They are all that prevent the producers and male performers from being where they should be - behind bars. Viewers may rationalise (ie lie) to themselves that the interviews show that Kink are good guys but the reality is that they are taking advantage of the state of the porn business and paying the girls a minimal amount (what was paid 10 years ago for a single easy straight B/G scene) and making them agree to the most appalling abuse in order to scratch a living.

Anyone who isn't utterly repelled by this material really needs to take a long hard look into their soul. Sure, the r@pe part of it may be (just) a fantasy, but the violence, brutality, abuse, and shattering pain which the girls are suffering for your viewing pleasure are unfortunately very, very real.

01-12-14  08:48pm

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #2 - Parsnip :

I realized that there would be some negative feedback with this review given the nature of the site. I've been a member of other Kink sites in the past and I'll admit that these scenes push my limits.

I don't agree with you that the interviews are insignificant. Both the pre- and post-scene interviews are lengthy, detailed and seem genuine and I suspect that a model would have a hard time hiding her displeasure if those were her true feelings. I've also read some independent accounts of Kink and they seem to be held in high regard by most in the industry. It's also worth noting that many of the producers (and I think that's the case here) are female.

Another factor to consider is that Kink is well known so any A-list model would know what she was getting into. Add to that the fact that several A-list models work repeatedly for Kink. Amy Brooke, Amber Rayne and Chastity Lynn all have multiple scenes. These women can get work with any studio so it makes sense that they're okay with Kink if they continue to work with them. I agree that there is an argument to be made that Kink sweetens the deal by paying more, and that's probably true. But consider that if an A-list model had no interest in working with Kink even if they paid double, she could find two more mainstream scenes which would probably still be easier.

Kink also features fetish models who appear in a lot of BDSM material and who do a lot of work for Kink. Most of these models are every bit as attractive as an A-lister so there has to be a reason why those models don't go to mainstream porn. They could make the same money (though may have to shoot more, but easier scenes) but they choose to shoot for Kink over and over. That has to say something, especially when those models are interviewed and continually refer to past shoots as enjoyable.

While this is rough sex, and I think the r@pe thing is too far over the top, it isn't anything like what Max Hardcore or JM Productions used to shoot. In those shoots there was, it seems, a genuine attempt to degrade the model. (Consider that JM Productions actually released a commercial video of Tanner Mayes having a meltdown on the set over her missing cell phone. Jim Powers egged her on the whole time knowing he would be able to exploit her.)

I'll admit that I'm basing most of my opinions on this and other Kink sites on the interviews. But those interviews don't look scripted. The post-scene interview is shot immediately after the scene and the model would have a hard time hiding any discomfort. The models all report that they enjoyed the scene.

I respect your opinion, but given the evidence, coupled with edits (which are likely shooting breaks), I don't agree with your take that this is "violence, brutality and shattering pain." Kink has a good reputation in the business and I think it's more likely that this is part of the atmosphere that the director wants to create.

01-13-14  02:42pm

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #1 - graymane :

Thanks for the comments, graymane. I wrote a reply to parsnip who also left a comment about the extreme nature of these scenes. In that I address some of your concerns.
01-13-14  02:44pm

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TheSquirrel (53) Another truly excellent review admiral, and a thoroughly decent thoughtful reply by graymane.

I am reminded of some posts I received from a bdsm/spanking blogger when I noted how there are a few smug, self righteous, and intolerant people around in that scene. He remarked that they are some of the most small and narrow minded people around considering their pursuits. It appears a small minority have decided that their, and only their limits are acceptable. Anything softer than that, and anyone who disagrees with it is completely small minded, and anyone who is into anything harder is a completely disgusting pervert.

This sort of site makes you ask yourself what is acceptable and what isn't. When it comes to degradation there are some truly degrading and awful jobs around. I knew someone who couldn't stand working in a flour mill for coughing his guts out after a day's work. Any time you buy a cheap pair of shoes, or even expensive ones for that matter given the record of some well known manufacturers, you are undermining your own hard working people, and supporting slave labour.

Many jobs are just awful and make people unhappy. Almost certainly some women get drawn into porn and end up feeling degraded and suicidal. There were some on the softest of sites who were supposed to be traumatised from appearing. Many people have degrading and awful jobs where they are abused.

As a porn lover I'm not going to smugly judge what is acceptable and what isn't because the majority of society thinks all porn lovers are sickos. It's all about your own standards and your own morality. The problem is there are others who are absolutely sure their standards and their morality is righteous, and since some are on a very close personal relationship with god they are sure they are right, because they think what god thinks.

In some places, any porn, even a few bare breasts are considered highly degrading, disgusting, and should be punished very severely indeed. In our civilized world there are still many who consider any porn to be degrading to women and fire men up to be r@pists. Some consider all men to be potential r@pists. All porn can be considered abusive and degrading to women, and any men who like it can be considered to be sick perverts, who want to abuse women, indeed they enjoy the abuse of women, and hate them, even though they pretend otherwise. That is the attitude of many. As a porn lover I'm not going to try and impose my standards on others. People in glass houses.

As a viewer where do I draw my line? It's just personal, but it's where people choose to do a job, although some don't have much of a choice so it's a very fine line. I know by buying porn I am contributing to an industry that doesn't treat many of its employees very respectfully, and undeniably, because of demand, many will get drawn into an industry, where they will end up thoroughly exploited, and lead miserable, wretched, unfulfilled, and unhappy lives.

01-13-14  04:36pm

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #5 - TheSquirrel :

Thanks for your comments, TheSquirrel. I appreciate that you took the time to write such a detailed response.

One of the biggest reasons I watch porn is to see the female model's pleasurable reactions to what's going on. I'm not so naïve as to think that most or even many models experience pleasure, but I'm sure that some do. One advantage to the post-scene interviews here and on other Kink sites is that the models are usually asked to describe what they liked best about the scene. It's a bit of a quirk I have but I like to go back and watch that now knowing that the woman is enjoying herself. Kink.com, maybe more than most porn, is in the business of selling fantasy. Yes, one could criticize me as having the fantasy to r@pe women, but that isn't the case. I first got hooked on BDSM several years ago through another Kink site and even though it pushed my limits I found it compelling to watch because the women were pretty adamant that they enjoyed what happened. And while I have nothing to base this on, I think it's a safe assumption that if Kink ever ignored a model's use of the safe word then that would spread and Kink would be done. Besides, Kink comes out of the lively and established San Francisco BDSM culture. I suspect that they'd be run out of town if they were abusing women.

And although I mentioned this before, I really do think that the fact that Kink attracts so many A-list models has to say something about Kink and about how they operate. I know the porn business isn't like it was even ten years ago, but an A-list model must still have many more options other than doing BDSM work if she didn't want to do it. I'm sure some A-list models were talked into anal using money. Like Lexi Belle and the upcoming Maddy O'Reilly anal scene (and both Lexi and Maddy, industry stars, have worked for Kink), but I highly doubt that a model could be talked into a shoot for this site with just money. There would have to be some interest, and a lot of trust in the staff and male talent. I simply can't accept that model like Chastity Lynn, for example, would agree to work for Kink even at double the going rate if she was truly afraid or unwilling to do it. She could shoot two 'heartcore' scenes in a day and make the same money.

Anyway, thanks for your comments. I knew this would be a controversial review of a site that even many PU members wouldn't like but since the purpose of this site is sharing information and I've taken a lot of benefit from that information over the past years, I'm compelled to give back.

01-13-14  05:25pm

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TheSquirrel (53) REPLY TO #6 - rearadmiral :

Yes the theme takes this one way beyond the normal review and comments. There should probably be a thread on this, but even if there isn't, I applaud you for the work you've already done. I always look out for your opinions, reviews, and well thought out comments. You're one of the top people who make the place what it is.
01-13-14  05:36pm

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stingerxxx (10) Nice one rearadmiral.

I have been a member of Kink for about four years on and off. I liked Bound Gangbangs because of the bondage and that's what made it so special; for me, Hardcore Gangbang is just a gangbang site with a bit of "rough stuff" and rather passe. Many members complained about Bound Gangbangs not having enough bondage in the later scenes, which was due to the bondage-meister who did the actual rope bondage(called shibari) leaving to form his own website and hence Hardcore Gangbang appeared. Also, the earlier scenes of Bound Gangbang had many un-named male performers who were not pornstars, which really was quite different. Now it's all big-name male (and female) pornstars.

The "hard" scenes are usually the takedown in the beginning and, yes, sometimes there is some spitting and rough handling but, quite frankly, it's very unconvincing when many of the times the female is smiling or grinning.

I resubscribed to Hardcore Gangbang a few days ago to catch up on what's new (after being offered a discounted rate) but I find that many of the women aren't that appealing in the newer scenes and the price is way too high for a single site.

Also, try FuckedandBound. I have a current membership and that is bondage with rough sex done supremely well which, in my opinion, makes Hardcore Gangbang look like a Buddhist tea-party.

01-14-14  01:03am

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #7 - TheSquirrel :

Thanks for taking the time to say that. I appreciate it.
01-14-14  02:50pm

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #8 - stingerxxx :

Thanks for this great information. I didn't know all of this detail. Also, thanks for mentioning that site. I looked at the tour pages and it looks interesting. As with many of the Kink sites I'm surprised to see so many non-fetish, A-list models there.
01-14-14  02:51pm

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Parsnip (12) REPLY TO #3 - rearadmiral :

Well I'm afraid the self-justification simply raises a hollow laugh. I only have one experience of this site - when X-Art hired James Deen several members complained because of his violent material, so I downloaded a film to see for myself. I had no idea such repulsive violence existed. In addition to the slapping and spitting which I kind of expected, the girl was beaten repeatedly with a pool cue, swung around by her hair, punched, kicked in the face, they stamped on the back of her neck so hard I'm surprised they didn't break it, and half drowned. She ended up semi conscious. Sure, they chucked a bucket of water over her and she sat there blankly saying how wonderful it was afterwards - again, that's a legal loophole, that's all. Anyone who isn't provoked to a towering rage by such material is beyond me, and the very idea that someone could find it sexually arousing is utterly sickening. This was nothing to do with sex, it was just violence, brutality and hatred.

I guess we just have different views on the ways one human being should treat another.

01-15-14  01:20pm

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