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RagingBuddhist (65) 06-01-13  08:27am
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Why does it always seem to be a "mistress site" that gets a flood of glowing reports from new PU members?

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pat362 (373) I don't know but the really sad part here is that her site looks decent. Of course you wouldn't know it based on the 3 recent reviews because there is nothing in them to excite a possible fan in joining.
I think the opposite is likely to happen because some people like me will feel that a site with such high scores and no hard data to support them is either a fraud or not a very good site at all.

06-01-13  10:44am

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RagingBuddhist (65) REPLY TO #1 - pat362 :

In my mind, one of two things is happening. Either the mistress is sending people here (which HAS happened in the past) or some members are talking amongst themselves and are telling people to come here to rave about the site. In either case, it doesn't help the site's standing here in the world of reviews.
06-01-13  10:56am

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thaavi (3) REPLY TO #1 - pat362 :

"there is nothing in them to excite a possible fan in joining." Are you sure you have read the reviews?:) BTW. you can see some snippets from IDOJ on tube sites and you will see with your own eyes.
06-01-13  04:56pm

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thaavi (3) REPLY TO #2 - RagingBuddhist :

Why you people are so suspicious. Why you just can´t believe the site is that good? No, mistress really didn´t sent us. Admin told us about possibility to write our opinion here, so some of us did. That´s all.
06-01-13  05:00pm

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #2 - RagingBuddhist :

None of the reviews are of any value because the reviewers are either trolling for traffic or simply can't get a clue that this is not how you do a review. In any case. Maybe someone(other than TBP) who can do a decent review will join her site and then we will actually know what the site is about. For now I'm out of here. I won't post any other comments.
06-01-13  05:46pm

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RagingBuddhist (65) REPLY TO #4 - thaavi :

We're suspicious because you just confirmed the suspicions. Fine - it wasn't the mistress who sent you here, it was the site admin. I can't speak for anyone else, but I doubt I'm alone in thinking that there's something wrong with a site asking it's members to do reviews.

As far as the quality of the site goes, and like I mentioned to Elmien, try submitting a balanced review, consistent with the outline on this page and maybe you'll get a better reception from the people here.

06-01-13  08:21pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #4 - thaavi :

I was suspicious because:
#1 In the new updates there is a scene with Eve Angel. I haven't seen a new solo or girl/girl Eve Angel set in quite a long time. The one's being posted on Eve Angel Official are scenes that are 3-4 years old.

#2 Each and every review I've found of this site rate it between 70-83. Three near perfect reviews pop up over a day or two period for a site that had never had a user review on here before.

#3 Because you just admitted the admin told you about the possibility of writing your opinion here. Now, if you really believe that the sites is a 95+, that's fine, it really is, but why isn't that admin who told you all of this possibility, defending against what I posted in my comment? You've made it clear he/she knows about this site. He/she has replied to one of your "great" reviews. Would seem like instead of replying to a 100 scored review, he/she would be replying and defending his site from recycling old content as new.

The #2 one shows why anyone would have a reason to be skeptical. The site has been listed on here since May 2011, so 0 reviews in roughly 2 years, then 3 (perfect and near perfect scores) reviews come in, in 2 days. That wouldn't make you skeptical?

06-01-13  11:00pm

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Nick Spillum (13)
REPLY TO #7 - exotics4me :

Hi there Exotics4me,

Thanks for replying and yes I did mention to some members of I Dream of Jo that there was a place where they could review the site here. As there were no PU reviews at all, I thought it might be a good thing. They love the site and rate it accordingly. If you're interested to review the site, let me know and I can organize you a review account.

Admittedly Eve doesn't work with tons of other people any more, but Jo does work with her regularly.

I can guarantee you that every single week there is a fresh new set from Jo. It's not recycled content.

06-01-13  11:43pm

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thaavi (3) REPLY TO #7 - exotics4me :

1) Eve Angel doesn´t work anymore for DDF productions or any other production nowdays with two exceptions. First is I dream of Jo, she is a very good friend of Jo and Viv Thomas production, which is known it makes classy films and treats models very well.

2)I will notice the admin about that bug with date Nov2013, but it is a minor bug, the site is NO WAY recyklation, there is original stuff twice a week

06-02-13  04:36am

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ChaseGC (1) In the Viv Thomas forum, subscribers to IDreamOfJo were asked to write a review here, so I did. I've never heard of pornusers.com .

BTW, I've been a member of several of paysites listed by rating, and I would not give DDF Production any more than a 50 - you couldn't give me a membership to such trash- and you guys have them at #5. So much for the over-rating BS.

06-02-13  12:11pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #9 - thaavi :

thaavi, if I could offer some friendly advice. You're starting to sound like you work in the porn industry to know who Eve only works with these days. I do know she isn't with DDF though and made note of it in my review of DDF's Network since they are still listing her site as having new updates.

Similar to as I told another person on this same subject, I have to reviews to show that I'm a fan of Viv Thomas. My 2009 review of Viv Thomas Video.
Quoted from the review.
"Viv Thomas, to me, is probably one of the top 3 producers/photographers of Euro porn."

06-02-13  11:30pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #8 - Nick Spillum :

Nick, on this reply, you're saying the point I was making. I honestly had never seen this I Dream of Jo site. And if Eve and Jo are only or mostly only shooting on it or Viv's other sites, then it would be hard for most of us not to question if it's new since they're hardly around on sites like 21 Sextury where Eve has roughly 200 scenes and DDF where Eve has nearly 300 scenes. I do apologize if I was wrong.

I do appreciate the offer of a review account, but one of the rules here has always been we aren't supposed to review a site unless we pay for it. I will still join it and review it since I do like both Eve and Jo a great deal and have huge collections of each. I would like to see new content of them.

I don't know if I'm crossing any lines by saying this, but we have a forum here on Porn Users and also an announcement section where you could have maybe talked to our admins here, Khan or Rick and offered a discounted reviewer price to get some fair reviews. I don't guarantee that though since it would be Khan and/or Rick's call.

Most of the negativity you're seeing here right now is based on several sites in the past giving members free memberships if they come here and score their site high. I've always thought our members here are a unique bunch of porn fans who try to help each other by reviewing sites so others will know what to expect.

No offense is meant to the reviewers who have posted over the last few days, but I really think those high 90s reviews will hurt more than they will help. It may be hard to believe, but I'm generally considered one of the more forgiving and optimistic reviewers here, but out of 200+ reviews, I've only had 8 that are rated 95 or higher. While there has been already 4 reviews of 95 or higher on Jo's site in less than a week.

A few examples of why these reviews are getting a lot of negativity.
There's no mention of picture size in any of them which is a key selling point.
There's no mention about whether the photo sets are zipped for download.
There's no mention of the video resolution. We have members here who won't join a site that doesn't have HD resolution.
There's no total picture sets count or no total video count. Or even more specific ones like, "There's X amount of solo videos, X amount of girl/girl videos.

These all can be a huge factor in creating believability since these all show that the member really is a member and not just someone paid to write a high scoring review.

06-02-13  11:47pm

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thaavi (3) REPLY TO #11 - exotics4me :

Hi, no, I´m not working in adult biz, but I´m in contact via forum with people who actually are working in this industry and are in contact with some models like Jo or Eve Angel. That´s why I know Eve is working now only occassionally and only for Jo and Viv Thomas.
06-03-13  03:00am

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thaavi (3) REPLY TO #12 - exotics4me :

All the technical facts and details have already been mentioned http://www.thebestporn.com/review/idreamofjo/#review There is no need to repeat them in members´ reviews I think. Members´reviews offer different perspective, like what we think it´s unique and different and what is interesting for us. Not just simple list of facts.

There is no content fromm DDF or 21sextury on the site. This is all original stuff. Some of the scenes of I dream of Jo are realised after some time on Viv Thomas site. That is the way how it works.

06-03-13  03:05am

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RagingBuddhist (65) REPLY TO #14 - thaavi :

Ok - that's it - thaavi has made it clear that there's no longer any need to do reviews. TBP has all the information we need. Might as well shut PU down. On the plus side, we won't get 5 commercials for an obscure site in two days. I take that back - 4 commercials and one review.
06-03-13  07:19am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #14 - thaavi :

I don't know whether to laugh at this point or slap myself on the head for even wasting another reply. I can see now that English isn't your first language since most of what you're saying to me doesn't make much sense so I will give you a break there.

Where I won't give you a break is on your reasoning for not listing the technical numbers of the site. What if someone doesn't know there is a The Best Porn review for I Dream of Jo and just reads your review here on Porn Users? Think the numbers might be useful to them? It's not like it's time consuming to add those. Those also add credibility to your review. I can promise you, putting the numbers is more likely to help others want to join the site than saying, "Jo loves animals and when she plays with them, it´s wonderful".

And please spare me on telling me what Porn Users reviews are for. You've been a member here for 1 week and have 1 review. I've been a member here for 6.5 years and have 233 reviews. While it's true that the reviews should show each person's different perspective, it's also true that 90% of your pros could be things that no one else cares about. Which is why putting the numbers would help. Here's an example that should be able to get beyond our language barrier.

You're going to buy a new vehicle. You want cupholders, air conditioning, leather seats, cd player, power windows and automatic transmission.

You read user reviews on the exact car you're wanting. The first one says, "It's a great car!!! I love it!!! It has everything I need!!!" Did that review help you decide if you want the car?

It also should be noted that not all sites have updated facts from The Best Porn and those facts that you linked to will be somewhat out of date in 6 months. If someone writes a review for I Dream of Jo in 6 months should they too leave out the facts, even though they've changed?

06-03-13  01:53pm

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thaavi (3) REPLY TO #16 - exotics4me :

Sorry to bother you with my perspective or bad english, I just want to say this:
As you can see from the reviews done here lately, not everybody is focused on facts, numbers, measures and moreover there are reviews already that captures this side of the website. The main facts are given, there is no need to repeat them. I am thankful to all the users who tried to give their own impression of the site, this can give you an idea what it is really about. Your analogy with a car cannot be applied fully on an erotic side with this approach, because the numbers and specifications simply cannot describe the qualities. It´s not car business or sport performance, not everything you can measure. I and the others were trying to put across were some different qualities. But I can understand that for some people it can be meaningless. I hope not for everyone:)

06-04-13  03:25am

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