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What do you think about pee content?

Type: Content
Love it 20% 10 Votes
It's ok now and then 18% 9 Votes
Hate it 14% 7 Votes
No interest in it at all 45% 23 Votes
Other 4% 2 Votes

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51 Votes Total

Sep 5, 2011

Poll Replies (22)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


Drooler (220) I remember watching a flick at a porn theater in the '80's, where I witnessed to my shock and surprise a naked old man who seemed to enjoy a golden shower provided by a young woman. She stood over him and pissed all over his face.

Before sex, I always make sure that the bladder is not going to be an issue of coitus interruptus. Partners have expressed appreciation of this.

Call me inexperienced, but piss and sex are in two separate domains as far as I'm concerned.

I also don't quite get what the buzz is about watching girls pee. The super beautiful Kathryn Lee, for example, did a pee scene for ALS Scans (under her own site with them) and it was to satisfy some childish interest in seeing just how far she could fire it across the floor.


09-05-11  03:01am

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Denner (235) No interest....
Nothing to do with sex/erotica for me.
It's kids stuff - like this line from an ol' danish comedy song about childhood: "Watching Jenny piss for 5 cents..." (freely translated)

What I really "hate" - or rather get disgusted about is human faeces in porn. When browsing I came upon a whole bunch of short vids with girls delivering, is it called stool in English - on a platter...jeeez, could not get away fast enough. It got to take a serious weird mind to enjoy that...

09-05-11  05:01am

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otoh (54) Likewise! I can (very) arguably see the appeal to some folk given that perhaps it's even more of an intimate/private activity than sex.

But not for me :) I'll tolerate the odd episode in sites I like, but where it's featured prominently it would be a turnoff.

Not even going to where Denner mentioned...

09-05-11  05:13am

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pat362 (373) I have no interest in it because I don't find anything sexually stmulating about watching a man or woman pee on another person or in somebody else's mouth. I've seen it done in quite afew German videos and Max hardcore often used that in his later stuff but I usually skipped over that.
09-05-11  07:15am

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Jay G (67) I don't have an interest in piss, but sex is such a complex thing.

It seems so many of my personal fetishes come from my first sexual feelings back in the day when talking or even knowing about sex was forbidden to children. I remember as a very young boy (probably 6 or 7) being totally aroused when I was allowed to birthday spank a girl in shorts. It fashioned a fixation on the butt and spanking I have to this day.

I associated sex and spanking because the only time one saw a butt being touched then had to do with punishment. So I can understand someone who associates bathrooms or pee, etc., with their first experiences of arousal.

09-05-11  09:30am

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manholelover (24) I love it in gay fetish/ S&M scenes
09-05-11  09:34am

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Capn (28) I have as much interest in seeing someone pee as seeing them shit.

In otherwords..... None at all!!

Cap'n. :0(

09-05-11  11:05am

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Monahan (42) Pee, OK. Scat, NOPE.

But peeing on someboduy, or being peed on by somebody or drinking pee froim whatever source is disgusting.

A babe squatting in the bush whilst draining her bladder is OK so long as I get to see her twat. Otherwise...boring.

But scat totally turns me off.

09-05-11  11:36am

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slategrey (13) First time seen it was curious.

Next time i seen it just turned it off.

09-05-11  03:07pm

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graymane (33) With all due respect to those who're really into people pissing on each other, forgive and please understand me when I say that, personally, this has got to be at the height of strange and none-conventional behavior.
Imbecilic, moronic, and a practicing term that personifies the phrase "not playing with a full deck" comes to mind.

09-05-11  05:13pm

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lk2fireone (196) I'm somewhere in between "no interest" and "dislike". I realize life is full of "different strokes for different folks", but watching someone pee is not one of mine. I think it's unsanitary when it happens during sexual intercourse. And this fetish of squirting looks a lot like peeing to me.
09-05-11  05:20pm

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jberryl69 (Disabled) Ambivalent at best but can make me feel uncomfortable.
09-05-11  09:21pm

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slutty (111) REPLY TO #11 - lk2fireone :

lk2, pee is actually quite sanitary provided the person doesn't have some type of urinary tract infection. Of course, that doesn't mean I find it sexual or interesting, just pointing it out. I find it very odd, but I guess it must be a popular fetish as it is quite common.
09-05-11  11:49pm

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #13 - slutty :

Interesting fact, slutty. I still prefer ice tea or Coca Cola to pee, however.

But is it proper to ask for a certificate of health before watching a pee video? Because of the risk of urinary tract infection or other health problem?

09-06-11  03:17am

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Monahan (42) I chatted with someone about this and he raised an interesting point. Until recently portrayals of human waste elimination were considered totally verboten almost as much as underage porn.

Fisting became OK, then peeing, then scat.

So he suspected, and I agreed, that the novelty of seeing a gorgeous babe taking care of business is the grabber and why there's any current interest in the subject.

09-06-11  09:54am

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #14 - lk2fireone :

Pee videos probably have fewer health problems than any comparable anal video, or any hardcore video period (ignoring the mental and psychological issues some viewers seem to believe go along with golden showers). Bottom line, porn talent can get plenty sick without a drop of urine involved, and psychological fuckups can start way earlier too.

I mean when's the last time we ever heard of a urinary tract infection scare from the San Fernando Valley? : - 0

09-06-11  09:45pm

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #1 - Drooler :

I've heard of a number of guys who like to keep some in the tank so that afterwards they can flush the pipes, so to speak, normally when they get to a working bathroom of course. And I've even read, as an actual recommendation from doctors, that women should urinate fairly soon after sex as a way to help avoid urinary tract infections. (Depends on the individual woman and her susceptibility to UTIs, and again this is in a toilet, not the bed/couch/backseat of your car!) I guess sex really is dirty...

Here's a quote from the Mayo Clinic's site, so you don't think I'm making this up and then you all vote to have Khan send me off to the crazy house for good! From Mayo Clinic: "Take these steps to reduce your risk of urinary tract infections:[...]Empty your bladder soon after intercourse."

This whole time all these porn girls were just trying to stay healthy, not fulfill some screwball fantasy! (That's my excuse for watching it--health and well-being...)

09-06-11  10:00pm

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slutty (111) REPLY TO #14 - lk2fireone :

Perhaps it is in one of the site disclaimers ;)

Just one of the many not-so-useful facts I have picked up along the way...

09-06-11  10:38pm

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RustyJ (145) I don't really get it in mainstream stuff. It's a special niche and quite a turn off for many.
09-07-11  10:52pm

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dracken (246) I guess the idea is to humiliate the other person, so I can see how it has a place in bondage stuff. Seeing as I am not interested in that kind of stuff normally pee is not really my cup of tea...
09-08-11  07:52pm

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Wittyguy (105) Another thing that I've never understood. I mean, what ... is the guy too lazy to walk over to the bathroom? Is some chick flowing free just testing the strength of her feminine sanitary products? Then someone has to clean up after it all. If someone really wants the full effect why not get a job at a farm or a zoo and just stand around a horse or an elephant? Whatever.
10-03-11  09:33pm

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LatexRyan (17) My enjoyment of pissing depends upon the circumstances. My exposure to pissing in porn has mostly come from The Rubber Clinic & Video Eva - both sites courtesy of RE Productions.

I only find that pissing appeals to me when it is combined with latex/rubber with normal pissing leaving me feel indifferent.

05-20-12  08:37am

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