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Is there too much anal action in porn these days?

Type: Content
Never too much anal 28% 13 Votes
Maybe a little much 34% 16 Votes
Yes, it's everywhere now 30% 14 Votes
Undecided 4% 2 Votes
Other 4% 2 Votes

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47 Votes Total

May 18, 2011

Poll Replies (26)

Replies to the user poll above.

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rearadmiral (376) Well, one advantage to being the first to respond to this is that I get to bask in the warming glow of the blue line that says 100% of respondents think there can never be too much anal!
05-18-11  03:13am

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otoh (54) rearadmiral, sorry to steal away that glow... I thought you might chime in here, given your moniker :)

This is very much a personal opinion - and perhaps I'm a bit of a prude - but anal has never really appealed to me, either in porn or in real life. So I do sometimes feel like there's too much around, as if it's become the only way of having sex!

05-18-11  04:48am

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tangub (155) I just put other because i don't really have an opinion on it. I lost interest in hardcore porn years ago but i guess there's plenty of it if you want it and also its easy enough to avoid if you don't.
05-18-11  06:29am

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #1 - rearadmiral :

I think I'm going to have to stay up late every night from now on, because that special glow of having 100% agreement with my first response opinion is indeed gratifying. Even when I have to flog my brain to come up with an opinion on some of these indelicate polls.
05-18-11  06:49am

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Denner (235) You like it or you do not like it - nothing in between in my opinion. Quite personal!
It's everywhere now...and it does not appeal to this user - never has - not in real life or in porn. Never understood the fascination...
That so much porn now has anal is great for the lovers of it - not so great for the rest of us.
It's getting to a point where it's even hard to locate good porn without anal - a bit sad.

05-18-11  08:33am

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messmer (137) Once again I agree with my friend Denner.
05-18-11  09:14am

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HeatherMcXxx (10) I've never understood the appeal of anal to men. Perhaps someone can enlighten me.
05-18-11  09:33am

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james4096 (126) For once a poll has an choice that perfectly expresses my opinion, "Maybe a little much." I like it porn, but I don't think it needs to be in every scene. Keep it special. You don't eat birthday cake every week. Also some people really dont' care for it. It's not that hard to find if you're looking for it.
05-18-11  11:25am

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pat362 (373) I picked there can never be too much but that's because none of the other choices came close enough to what I had in mind. I agree with those that say that's it's a like it or hate it type of porn. I like it and I agree that it's everywhere these days or at least it used to be. There has been a significant drop in new anals ie new girls willing to do anal. Not so much in Europe but very much so in America. 5 to 10 years ago was possibly the best time to see most girls do anal. The recession and the change in porn have seen a drop in new girls willing to go down the hershey highway.
05-18-11  01:08pm

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exotics4me (463) I went with a little too much. I think where it reached the point of a little too much is when I started seeing scenes that start and end with anal. If it's blended in with the various action, oral, vaginal, I'm okay with it, but when there's 1 minute of oral then straight in the butt, it's a bit too much. The only other negative with it, I think the anal gape parts aren't the least bit sexually erotic. While he is one of the more respected male porn stars, Kid Jamaica scenes, especially on the 21st Sextury network go way too much into the anal gape, he'll hold the woman there for a minute with the camera zoomed in.
05-18-11  01:46pm

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Drooler (220) If there were no anal sex in porn, I wouldn't complain. So I think it's just maybe a little bit overdone, and sensationalized as in "Her First Anal!" I mean, it's not like it's the first film she's directed or the first novel she's published or the first patent she's been granted.

Of course, that's not to belittle the actress, just the promotion. And there are a few anal scenes in my collection that are really hot, IMHO, though were they instead just a floor down, I'd like them just as much.

05-18-11  02:50pm

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graymane (33) Sorry, RearAdmiral! Not that I wish downpours on anal-lovers' parades, but I have to cast my vote as one who thinks anal has gotten too pervasive.
05-18-11  04:29pm

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #7 - HeatherMcXxx :

Probably because (most) guys are not on the receiving end--I doubt that it would be as popular if the situation was reversed!
05-18-11  04:31pm

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turboshaft (24) I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think a lot of us have become pretty desensitized to it, not to mention what the actresses must be feeling, or more accurately no longer feeling. : - 0

Now that you can find not just whole scenes but entire movies that are nothing but anal--where the pussy seems to be left alone as eye candy--it loses its naughty wow factor (or is that "Ow!" factor?) and becomes boring and passé. Today it almost seems more entertaining when a girl will not do it, and you start watching her just in the hope that she will do, if only once--how screwed up is that?

05-18-11  04:44pm

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anyonebutme (14) Personally have little to no interest at all in watching anything go into an ass.

Yea, so the majority of b/g porn I've long since given up on. Soft girl-only porn is soooo much better =D

Though I actually think that might be why b/g porn has turned mostly all anal, 'cause someone like me doesn't even bother to seek out non-anal b/g porn anymore, they're not getting a sale out of me either way. Producers are probably stuck catering to the all-anal crowd.

05-18-11  10:10pm

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slutty (111) I also have little interest in stuff going in the butt, I don't have anything against it per se, it just seems to often lead to acts I truly dislike (gaping, ATM) which just seem abusive to me. Also, I tend to find anal seems to have even more closups than the usual boy/girl stuff.
05-18-11  11:13pm

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Monahan (42) REPLY TO #16 - slutty :

Ditto that. I really don't get anal sex at all. But to each his/her own
05-19-11  09:36am

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mbaya (358) REPLY TO #7 - HeatherMcXxx :

Hi Heather,
In actual real life sex the appeal is that it is tighter. In porn, the reality that many women won't do it or don't like it makes it a good fantasy.

05-19-11  11:34am

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HeatherMcXxx (10) REPLY TO #13 - turboshaft :

Ha! I can assure you that you're accurate on that point. :) Thanks for the reply -- I appreciate it! :)
05-19-11  12:08pm

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HeatherMcXxx (10) As a porn star (who didn't do anal) once stated, "My butt is exit only." 'Nuff said. :)
05-19-11  12:12pm

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BenThruston (11) REPLY TO #7 - HeatherMcXxx :

Can't speak for others, but main appeals for me are the (often) emphasis on the rear in general and contrast to some other replies, love gapes. Either hole. No idea why, just intriguing.

Couldn't care less about it IRL myself. Not something that's a deal breaker. Not a deal breaker in porn really.

Anal porn...know you're getting ass shots, know you're likely getting women w/ nice asses. Not a sure thing in standard straight porn where overall pretty is more the emphasis (well..cept in black porn. Know you're getting ass there...almost to the point of sacrificing pretty, but that's a tangent)

05-19-11  03:51pm

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HeatherMcXxx (10) REPLY TO #21 - BenThruston :

Thanks for the thoughtful response. I appreciate it. :)
05-19-11  05:29pm

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RustyJ (145) Well, I guess never too much as long as there are other kinds of action involved too. Normally it does not bother me but too extreme doesn't always go.
05-19-11  09:39pm

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yote78 (5) Anal's okay, but I wouldn't miss it (well maybe just a little). I'm a much, much bigger fan of the other hole, in all its wet, pink glory!
05-25-11  01:57pm

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manholelover (24) Being a gay man...I'd say no at all!!!
06-23-11  11:19am

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johnywest (0) Pussy is for making babies. If it's not anal it's not porn!

For me, there is never enough anal. Lately I've been searching for vids that are 100% anal and still can't get my fill.
Why is it called the "A-hole" if it shouldn't be the main course? :D

04-06-12  01:18pm

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