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Do you like to see pubic hair on a model when you visit a website?

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Submitted by yote78 (5)
Never 11% 5 Votes
Landing Strips are OK 24% 11 Votes
Sometimes, for a change 24% 11 Votes
Most of the time 20% 9 Votes
I love them hairy 22% 10 Votes

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46 Votes Total

Feb 1, 2011

Poll Replies (29)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


otoh (54) Although I'm a bit old-fashioned in referring to all models, regardless of age, as girls - seeing some pubic hair is what makes a girl a woman - and therefore sexy.

I don't mind if it's trimmed or just a strip, but being there at all makes a big difference... just getting a glimpse as the model tugs her panties down over her hips is exciting.

I don't really mind shaved either - but if so, there needs to be another hook or angle in it - a simple nude shot with a shaved girl does little for me.

02-01-11  12:58am

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graymane (33) I would almost rank this as a moot question, since so few models have been, and most new still are, shot shavened.
I dislike Shaven pussies. I disliked them yesterday, I still dislike them today, and I will dislike them even more tomorrow.

I'm still waiting for all our "Hair"-Brain" porn-producers and internet porn purveyers to begin likewise stigmatizing the male performers into adopting the hairless a-go-go farce.

02-01-11  01:51am

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graymane (33) Yes I do
I dislike shaven pussies.
I disliked them yesterday
I dislike them today
And I'll dislike them even more tomorrow

02-01-11  02:12am

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otoh (54) As you say, graymane, almost a moot question as we don't often get the chance to see unshaved girls.

I'm obviously missing a point, because I don't really understand why my preference for seeing a girl with a natural and unshaved pussy is considered a fetish...

02-01-11  02:13am

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Capn (28) Natural or trimmed for me.

Always has been.

Always will be.

Cap'n. :0)

02-01-11  02:54am

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graymane (33) REPLY TO #4 - otoh :

Sorry about the duplication with my #2 and #3, otoh .... but I wasn't allowed to correct a mistake on my initial reply and got it screwed up trying...so this just happened in my attempt.
What I meant to convey as being somwhat moot really had to do with the fact almost all the girls doing porn have been and still are shaven. Even patches of hair is still rare.

02-01-11  02:54am

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rearadmiral (384) I seem to be in the minority here. I like shaved public hair, but trimmed (especially a landing strip) is also great. No full hairy bushes for me, thanks!
02-01-11  03:42am

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badandy400 (103) I like a little hair every here and there. I do not want to see it all the time. I would say 98% of the time cleanly shaved is the best way to go.

Hairy girls are a fetish now. It is a bit strange to think of it that way because it is natural. Hairy is no longer the norm in porn and in a large part of society, thus making it a fetish. Albeit a very light fetish.

The nice thing about this is that a woman can go back and forth depending on her circumstances with out much issue other than a little time. It is not like getting tattoos or breast implants that are obviously a little more permanent.

In case any of you hairy fans have not noticed, check out ITouchMyself, a fair amount of the girls in these solo scenes have at least a few weeks worth of growth.

While I can live with hair now and then and even a landing strip, all assholes should be shaved clean! It is not that I am interested in see it, it just seems dirty when it is hairy as well. Perhaps this is just me...

02-01-11  05:30am

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TheSquirrel (53) Despite being old, I am with admiral and andy on this one. I prefer clean shaven or landing strip.
02-01-11  07:12am

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otoh (54) TheSquirrel - given that you are a little older than me, out of interest - were you looking at porn, say, maybe 20 years or so ago, when it was the norm to be unshaved? If so, was shaved your preference then, or has it become so with the shift in the industry?
02-01-11  07:57am

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Denner (235) Talking about age:
Grew up with girly mags and models with hair, hair and even more pubic hair.
Today I like to watch them clean shaven or those cute landing strips.
Still like to watch Marilyn Jess, though - and did she have massive pubic hair.....

02-01-11  09:12am

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james4096 (126) REPLY TO #1 - otoh :

That's exactly how I feel. Just seeing a woman's dark bush is some kind of signal for my brain. Completely shaved chicks took some getting used to for me. Now I can appreciate the benefits of shaved pussy.

02-01-11  09:36am

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james4096 (126) REPLY TO #8 - badandy400 :

I think hairless assholes are something we all can agree with. Anybody feel differently?
02-01-11  09:41am

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #8 - badandy400 :

"While I can live with hair now and then and even a landing strip, all assholes should be shaved clean! It is not that I am interested in see it, it just seems dirty when it is hairy as well. Perhaps this is just me..."

Totally agree here! Yes, they should absolutely shave them, hell, zap it with electrolysis so it never grows hair again!

My guess is it looks too close to that hairy man mess we all inevitably see (come on, admit it) when we watch hardcore scenes and it gets to a closeup. The stuff nightmares are made of...

02-01-11  11:29am

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BenThruston (11) Sometimes for a change
Long as the hair isn't all on the thighs or nappy, I'm pretty much good. Seen some glorious crotch monsters before.

02-01-11  11:42am

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messmer (137) I am a hairy fan, same as I am a "natural" fan. Nothing wrong with women looking the way they were born .. well, actually I am lying. I don't like hairy legs.

However, here's a shocker: I am actually getting used to the shaved look even though my preference is still full or slightly trimmed bush, I dislike landing strips. They look plain silly to me.

And along with others I wonder how "hairy" ever ended up becoming a fetish. Shaved should be the fetish instead.

02-01-11  12:02pm

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mbaya (364) I like hair. Not bushy, but trimmed.
02-01-11  01:33pm

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #13 - james4096 :

I agree. But sometimes those assholes with the shaved heads seem to favor goatees too, making them not fully hairless assholes.
02-01-11  01:43pm

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Cpmx54 (0) I like totally shaved pussy. Seems to be quite unpopular on here, despite shaved being practially the norm, lol. To each his own. Either way, pussy is still pussy :)
02-01-11  02:34pm

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lk2fireone (196) Starting in the days when it first became legal to show pubic hair in the magazines (Playboy and Penthouse) back in the 1970s, the pubic hair was not "natural", but trimmed. Today, looking at the old photos from back then, you might think it was natural or bushy or whatever you want to call it, but most models back then were trimmed before their photoshoots.
02-01-11  03:38pm

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pat362 (373) I've always a big fan of pubes. I've noticed that's it's making a small comeback.
02-01-11  07:17pm

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james4096 (126) REPLY TO #18 - rearadmiral :

I lol'ed. Seriously.
02-01-11  07:23pm

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TheSquirrel (53) REPLY TO #10 - otoh :

Otoh - I was looking at porn from the age of 8, which is 45 years ago (and look what it's done to me). Shaved was definitely not the norm, it was all bushy, except in early days when they couldn't show pubic hair at all. I remember having a conversation when I was 17 with another school friend about trimmed pussy. Even then I preferred the shaven look, but he preferred the natural look. I was ahead of my time! It's possible my preference comes from those old 50's and 60's pics where they couldn't show pubic hair.
02-02-11  06:20am

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RustyJ (145) Anything goes but the natural from the belly button to the knees ;)
02-02-11  07:14am

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jberryl69 (Disabled) I just hate when I get a hair stuck in my teeth!
02-02-11  02:03pm

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slategrey (13) i prefer a little bit of hair but not to picky. Also like when models switch it up like how Charley Chase grew hers out after having it shaved in earlier scenes.
02-03-11  08:54am

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yote78 (5) I much prefer shaved, or at most, a landing strip or trimmed into some cute little shape like a heart. And yet...

I have to say that every so often, I really enjoy seeing a model with a nice full bush and, to a much lesser extent, hair around her butthole. So long as it's not too shaggy and unkempt, it's a welcome change once in a while. It depends a lot on the quality of the shoot, as well.

So long as it doesn't extend way down her thighs, and her legs and ARMPITS are not hairier than mine, I'm fine with it once in a while.

And although I agree that shaved is definitely the norm in porn and, to some degree, generally in the real world, I don't think that it's gotten to the point that I would call "hairy" a fetish.

And finally, I agree that shaved does give a model the look that she has not yet quite reached womanhood, I think that's really only a (small?) part of why most models are shaved. Equally, I think it's to give us a more unobstructed view of the goodies we all want to see.

(BTW, from my limited observations of porn involving male models, it seems that more men are shaved, or at least trimmed back, than have been even a couple years ago.)

02-04-11  06:32am

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nygiants03 (162) Trim for the WIN! I dont like the extremely bushy ones because all you see is a fro.... But I like some hair there so it doesn't feel like your with a little girl or something..
02-20-11  06:14pm

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elonlybuster (39) Depends on the type...
Shaved is always appreciated, I don't mind stubble, land strips are awesome. As long as it's not bushy I'm good to go.

02-25-11  06:11am

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